What Have You Got to Lose?

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When you’re dying and have tried everything else, it is understandable to try anything – to keep from dying –  including experimental treatments that haven’t been proved to work and the risks of which are largely unknown.

Because what have you got to lose?

But it would be considered odd for someone not dying – or even seriously sick – to sign up for coffee enemas in Honduras to cure what they haven’t got and would be unlikely to die of if they did get it.

Such a person would be considered in need of treatment . . . by a psychiatrist.

Yet 100 million-plus physically healthy Americans (and counting) have lined up to be injected with a “vaccine” that could prove to be far more injurious to their health than a sickness they haven’t got and which if they did get it, they’d be unlikely to die from.

Medically, it makes as much sense as coffee enemas – or pre-emptive prostate surgery for a healthy 23-year-old.

But this business is about psychology.

The etiology of mass hysteria – and social pressure.

Of the side effects resulting from the desperate desire of hundred of millions of people to be allowed to resume a normal life. To work and play sans the Diaper and sans the Kabuki.

The population has been subjected to unprecedented deprivation – social/emotional/economic – for the past year-plus. In order to manipulate them. The constant stress has worn them down, made them ready. Made them willing (and many, eager) to put up with something they’d have never put up with a year-plus ago for the sake of being allowed to live as they did a year-plus ago.

Carrot and stick. The stick (Diapers, lockdowns, general alienation) first.

People have been trauma-conditioned to accept being Needled as the price of being allowed to live – even if it costs them their lives.

As it already has, in thousands of cases – including cases of previously healthy young adults (here’s one) who became not just sick but dead within days/weeks of having received the “vaccine.” It is very difficult to attribute these deaths to coincidence. They are abnormal deaths, unlike the deaths of elderly people – who normally die every year.

Enough worry has been aroused about the safety of the “vaccines” that injections of some of them have been halted.

But the question ought to be: Why were they mass-administered in the first place?

Keep in mind that 99.8-something percent of the population has not died from the ‘Rona – even accepting the wildly inflated numbers touted by the “official sources,” which count practically every death as caused by the ‘Rona. Including the deaths of obese 80-year-olds with heart disease. Which deaths are now regarded as abnormal.

It makes no sense to “vaccinate” 100 percent with something of unknown risk over a known extremely small risk.

It is also questionable whether “vaccinating” the very small cohort of the “vulnerable” – i.e., the elderly and those with underlying serious medical problems – is worth the risk.

Because no one knows what the risks – of the “vaccine” – actually are.

It is asserted by the “vaccine” pushers that the risk of taking the “vaccine” is low. But this is precisely that – an assertion. They cannot know. No one can know – because not enough testing has been done and because not enough time has elapsed to determine what, if any, the long-term side-effects will be.

It is possible they’ll prove to be minor – and perhaps nothing at all. But the point is that no one knows. This includes Pope Fauci XVII. The fact that people like him tell people not to worry – and to queue up – is itself worrying.

Isn’t the first rule of medicine to do no harm? Isn’t it inarguable that injecting people with something that could very well cause them harm is at odds with that dictum? Especially as regards the healthy. “Vaccinating” them is not unlike pouring a substance of unknown origin and effects into the gas tank of a car that’s running great, because a salesman assured you it’d be good for the car.

Most thinking people would hesitate. The dictum, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it being applicable.

What does the “vaccine” fix?

Allegedly, it suppresses the symptoms of a sickness that doesn’t even produce symptoms in most people. And most of those who have symptoms don’t require medical attention. These are facts are known.

It bestows a 0.0-something asserted benefit on people who are 99.8-something percent likely to not die from the ‘Rona, if they even get the ‘Rona.

This in exchange for an unknown risk arising from the injection that could prove to be much greater – and far more serious – than the trivial risk to 99-plus percent of the population presented by the ‘Rona.

Which makes it sinister that “vaccines” are being pushed so hard upon so many people, almost all of whom have the same need of this “vaccine” that a healthy person has for coffee enema treatments in Honduras.

. . .

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  1. Experimental mRNA gene therapy is a leading edge medical treatment for many forms of cancer. If an experimental treatment increases your odds of surviving for five years from 3 in 10 to 7 in 10, even if the treatment has a 1 in 4 chance of killing you, the risk/reward equation is in your favor. But to allow yourself to be injected with an experimental mRNA gene therapy with no clue of what the long term risks might be, for a disease that many people won’t even realize they have if infected, has effective treatment options if symptoms are severe and is rarely fatal for healthy individuals, can only be explained by insanity driven by hysteria.

    Massive profits for big pharma alone can’t explain the unrelenting government/media propaganda campaign and the social coercion being used in an attempt to vaccinate the entire population. It makes no sense unless there is a hidden agenda.

    • Exactly, Griff –

      It is one thing for very sick people to take risks to improve their chances of not dying. For healthy people who have a 0.0-something chance of dying to experiment with their health is, at the least, extremely bizarre. Either such people are not capable of understanding risk-reward or they are – as you (and I) have said – mentally ill.

  2. Heard a great term: transvaxite = dress up and act like you’ve been needled. Identify as being vaccinated.

    Except I refuse to even play that game, same as I refuse to wear a face diaper, in order to publicly proclaim I’m not in their cult. The needled act like the dumbasses they are, and I want not to be so much as associated with such childish imbecilic behavior.

    • I’ve thought about that, too, just pretend to have received the jab. The idea is so repulsive to me that I simply can’t. I will not perpetuate these lies in any form, as the effect of going along is that others are dragged down, too.

      • Amen, Anon!

        For just that reason I will not say, “I have a medical exemption” or “I can’t” wear a “mask.” I say, “I won’t wear one of those things.”

      • Anon, how to you pretend to have the jab? They have everyone on a list. I could say I didn’t have a cell phone but they can find out if I do. If you know something I don’t please tell me. I will not be getting the jab for any reason.

        People who get the jab for seasonal flu emit six times as much virus cells as those who don’t. Here’s a good irony. The last time I got vaccinated I was 16 or so and was working my butt off in the heat so the veins in my arms were stuck out and a wasp stung me on one of the big ones. It finally hurt so bad I went to the horspital and tried to get some relief. They gave me a tetanus shot. 2 days later my arm was fine and dandy but I couldn’t stand to sit on that big knot for two weeks where I got the tetanus shot. Looks like you might be allergic they told me. Really? Where’d you get that idea?

        • Re pretending to get the vax, I don’t know – put a bandaid on your upper arm? Tell everyone how miserable you felt afterwards? I agree that TPTB want an airtight scheme to try to enforce their evil designs so that may not work for long. The best course of action is to ignore all these evil mandates, resist the pressure, and persist.

          Thus, I have no intention of participating in any of the jab or other evil. I will continue to resist and demand to be respected as a human being, providing the same respect to others as I expect.

          • Hi Anon,

            It’s a given that most of us want very much to live and enjoy our lives; me included. That said, I will not bow to this – regardless of the consequences. I will not wear a Diaper, ever – even if it means I never see my mother or other family again. I will never be Needled, either – even if it means a confrontation (by them) which causes the end of my life.

            • Yes, it is so sickening that we must resolve this in our hearts regarding what we once took for granted – the right to breathe, and more importantly, to be left alone.

              Resistance is the only want things will be even semi-normal. A lady in Jersey Mike’s the other day went in w/o diaper, and while in there after making her sub, she was told she could not pay for it unless she put the diaper on. She put it on under her nose. Not good enough for them, so she said, “I don’t want it any more” and walked out. Left JM with a $10 sub. Hope they get LOTS of $10 subs left on the counter until they realize it’s bad for business.

            • Amen, Eric!
              That is where I have drawn my line as well. I took my last vaccine 45 years ago; As an adult now, I refuse all vaccines for myself and my animals because I do not believe in them, do not need them (obviously, as proven by 45 years of abundant good health since I stopped taking them) , and I believe they are all very dangerous- and their production in-fact artificially keeps the very diseases alive which likely would have naturally disappeared.
              And thus far in my life I have never worn a mask- and never will.
              If *they* can control us regarding such personal matters -what goes ON and IN our bodies, then we are completely-owned slaves, and if they want to force the issue via violence and physical control, then dying is a better option.

              • Nunz, I will vaccinate my dog for rabies since it’s fairly much rampant around here. He chased a rabid coyote into the barn a while back. It crawled up into my acrylic shelves and that’s where I killed it. I took CJ into the house before I moved the yote and kept him there so as not to have him lick any blood.

                I get my cats vaccinated for the same reason and for feleuk also since watching your cat die of that is heart-breaking. Since before I was married I have had no vaccine, amazing I’m still alive and neither has the wife.
                We’ve both had seasonal flu and here we are.

    • I saw a great comment this morning under a video about Biden’s gun-control orders:
      “All my guns identify as face masks. So I’m good.”

  3. Yes, I am a resident of The Villages, Florida, a 55+ community of approximately 160,000 residents (and growing).

    As a population of retirees, we are, in many ways homogeneous — moderately successful, predominately Republican baby boomers, mostly Caucasian, relatively active and somewhat “fit”.

    I say “somewhat” because (observably) obesity is the epidemic in The Villages. Because we Villagers own golf carts as our second mode of daily transport. it’s easy to see just who is at optimal weight and who is not.

    Anyway, Covid has caused a few deaths in “The Villages” proper (TV is different than Sumter County which has a Florida state, prison population) but not to the extreme exhibited by other states’ seniors.

    But then, one would not have surmised the above, given the near hysteria of my many friends with testing and jabbing.

    Early on, private drive-thru testing became the norm. Huge circus (revival) tents could be seen along the roadsides, some were golf cart accessible. Cars and carts began filling the queues from open to closing. The number of “positives” seemed to portend a Covid epidemic with thousands of deaths. The result? Minimal.

    Then came news of “the jab” with similar hysteria. It took the Florida National Guard to bring order to the cars and carts queuing for “jabbing”

    First jabbers reported feeling OK. The second jabs resulted in two to three days of adverse affects for a few.

    To this day, folks proudly respond “yes, I’ve been vaccinated”. Yet mask use remains prominent (even though all restaurants are open with no masks required).

    Me? I have not, and will probably not take the jab. I take vitamins and supplements, get several hours / day of sun, have a normal BMI, and mostly don’t believe the propaganda.

    By the way, I just read this, somewhere…

    It is also a fact that nine of the 10 states with the worst COVID death rates all deployed mask mandates, and some form of lockdown. Contrast that to the fact that Florida, which ended its lockdown restrictions on all businesses more than six months ago, just recorded single digits in daily COVID deaths for the first time since September. Meanwhile, the state of Michigan, with a lockdown so strict you couldn’t buy seeds to plant a garden outside, is currently struggling with record-setting daily death tolls and hospitalizations.

    In fact, Michigan is currently the coronavirus hellhole. Which also explains why Whitmer’s own staff is trying to escape (the state).

    • I was in Michigan two weeks ago. My uncle had the local news on when I was visiting. Whitmer said that the reason the cases are going up is because she has been doing such a good job managing the virus. I shit you not. This is the same person who directly killed over 5,000 nursing home residents by sending sars-2 infected young people to bunk up with them. Her goal is obviously different than what I think the average person’s goal is.

      • Hello Mattacks: I learned a long time ago that to preserve some sanity I had to stop ‘watching’ the news and instead, ‘read’ it. But I started watching it again in small doses last Spring, trying to figure out what was going on. We had to stop, and we did, in May 2020. It’s bad – like mainlining some psychedelic drug except it’s propaganda pumped directly into your brain. We live in Michigan and I can confirm, it’s challenging living right now – from close friends and family that believe the crap spewed out constantly from every source – to the weak, pathetic and ineffective legislature that is supposed to be a check on the Governor Witch’s power. Truly challenging times, these are.

        • SD, that just shows you just how powerful the propaganda has become; Those who watch TV (even the commercials and sit-coms reinforce the propaganda) are truly on a different wavelenght. They are living in an alternate reality, unable to see even the most obvious facts, and they are so complacent and unaware of their brainwashing, that they think we are crazy and make no sense-LOL!
          You can’t reason with them; they are beyond being reached by logic and sanity and what is before their own eyes, because the propaganda operates on an emotional level- so they “believe” and “feel”- and belief and feelings, in conjunction with the safety of numbers (i.e. being assured that what you believe is what the majority around you also believe is true and right- and that to be in any other position would make one a ‘kook’ who rejects what ‘normal society’ believes) is something only mavericks, visionaries, and true seekers of truth and justice embrace regardless of the cost- it is not for participants of the rat race who just want to show up and get a check, and have someone else take care of their kids and build smooth roads so they can continue to show up with minimal effort; and keep them ‘safe’, and just come home and watch that soothing TV which reassures them that what they’ve been told and what all the rats around them believe to be true, is indeed true, and it’s all documented and verified by experts and official authorities!

          (((“Wavelenght”? Meh…sounds like what a Dago exNYer like me would say, so I’ll just leave it!)))

          • Nunz, I think I’d take psychedelics mainlined into my brain before watching the news to take it as truth. Watching it to read between the lines pretty damned telling. On another note, it appears the banjo player kid in Deliverance did reproduce. It wasn’t the best of outcomes but nobody(at least me)expected it to be.


          • I think you’re right: “Safety of numbers” is a key ingredient in people’s response to this virus. I said it somewhat differently last year when discussing with my husband why so many young people, in particular, are buying this storyline about a new killer disease floating around out there – they just don’t want to be different, or ‘uncool’. We’ve both been ridiculed by young adults for questioning the nessessity of yearly flu shots, for example, or other invasive or potentially dangerous medical procedures or medicines. We’re the uncool ones, denying reality, apparently.

            • Snapdragon, I’d bet not one in 10,000 know the vaccine for the seasonal flu causes the jabbee to emit six times as much virus cells as non-jabbed people.

              And little good it does since it mutates every year. We are now seeing previously healthy people getting very sick from this new jab and the end is not in sight as The Amazing Rhythm Aces once sang.

              Now it’s becoming clear the jabbees are spreading the very thing they wish to avoid.

      • Anon, you win the prize. You are correct so step to the front of the class so you can be executed. Don’t dare say it out loud or you’ll be shunned from as many places as govco can see to it. There’s a great article, once again, from LRC this week-end with real numbers and the cause of those numbers.

        So few people have heard of Kary Mullis who was murdered just before this scam was pulled off that his videos are probably not still on YT. He called Fauci out as the liar and puppet he is. In this article the REAL numbers and the hundreds of thousands of doctors and specialist are listed that say covid is simply not real. The PCR test is always pumped up to the point that a false positive is inevitable.


        • 8,

          “ You are correct so step to the front of the class so you can be executed.”

          The condemned – But why am I going to be executed?

          The community – Don’t ask silly questions. Revel in your choices. How would you like to die?

          Condemned – Of old age.

          Community – Don’t be absurd. We have scheduled your execution for noon tomorrow. Now how would you like to die? Firing squad? Hanging? Lethal injection? If those choices aren’t satisfactory, we allow you to pick your own method.

          Condemned – I’m not really seeing much of a choice here.

            • 8

              No shit.

              You remember the doomsday clock?

              I bet it reads 12:15AM.

              But at least we live in a free country where we still have so many choices.

              So what if all the signs at the intersection are the diamond shaped yellow caution type.

              Those ambiguous words DEAD END make the choice clear.

              Full speed ahead!

              • T, that sign is turning colors, mainly red. I’m determined to take it down before it takes me down. I don’t recall voting for a totalitarian fascist country.

  4. A few people at work, “healthy” 20 something year olds took the jab as soon as it was available to them. After the first jab one of the guys was regularly coughing. Claimed it was “allergies” and then, after the second jab, had to stay home because he was siiiick for a day. This guy is healthy. But, he took the jab, is still coughing, and has mrna and who knows what biological agent in his body. The proliferation of this “vaccine” is causing this world to be a toilet to live in, figuratively adn literally. I am now the one who wants to practice social distancing, though I won’t wear a mask. That is pure dumb

    • I’m hearing anecdotal reports from unvaccinated family members of people who received the J&J vaccine that they have come down with side effects even though they haven’t been needled, just from living in the same house. As in, the supposed inert J&J adenovirus really isn’t. So yes, I too want to socially distance from the vaccinated dummies and want a vax-free passport to keep these morons away from me and my family.

      • Just as we should stay farther away from people who wear masks than from those who don’t. Everywhere they go, they are aerosolizing and blowing out the disgusting crap that has built up inside their masks. So instead of falling harmlessly to the ground, their spit floats in the air for 20 minutes or more for other people to inhale. Yuck.

  5. It seems as if most of the world has been so dumbed down by the constant 24/7 propaganda that they just cant think for themselves. Its crazy that the data isn’t even hidden – its in plain view. For example – the adverse reactions from the vaccines are public. In summary they run into 100s of pages with about half a million cases, some minor but many up to death (For the UK can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions). But you point out this link to people they look at you as if you’re crazy just because the BBC / CNN does not report it.

    Or the fact that the individual risk is extremely low in most cases as per Oxford Universitys risk assessment (here: https://qcovid.org) But again they dont believe it because its not on TV…

    Almost like those psy-ops they wrote about, how constant bombardment of disinformation means people are no longer able to even process objective information….

    • Before saying anything else, ask them to explain the difference between objective and subjective. If they can’t, little point in carrying on.

      There are very few capable of thinking or analysis any more. Incurious, passive receivers. Most can recite what they are told, but astonishingly few can process and understand the information. CNN, BBC, CBC, NBC, ABC…….. All just continuations of the school “educating” process. Even people who talk about the “12 years of brainwashing” that is school, usually can’t see that they are subjecting themselves to the same form of “programming” when they flick on the idiot-box for the next 60 years.

      • It’s truly amazing. That’s why I suggest not resorting to any conspiracy theories. You simply don’t have to. The “facts” per places like the CDC and WHO provide plenty of data to disprove the official narrative. There’s no reason to come with alternate ideas. Just point out that the facts don’t support their position. Those that need to hear it from CNN are already lost.

  6. When asked about Tucker Carlson’s recent comments the other day, Fauci said the reason you still have to wear a mask after getting vaccinated is that since the vaccine reduces symptoms, a vaccinated person might have COVID and not know it. So he’s admitting again that the vaccine doesn’t prevent infection. But then won’t the hiding of symptoms make the dreaded “asymptomatic spread” worse? Nobody asked.
    I said at the beginning of this that to a tyrant, the perfect disease would be one that had no symptoms at all for anybody who gets it.

    • And yet in spite of this now officially recognized lack of prevention of transmission, they are still being considered as a foundation for a “vaccine passport”? Not to mention being touted as a means to gain “herd immunity” despite providing no immunity at all. It’s all right out front for anyone to take a look at, but apparently its just too much easier to just take the medical experimental jab than it is to spend an hour or two digging up the outright fraud involved.

  7. Hank Aaron was vaccinated, then died soon afterwards.

    You would have to be extra super gullible to believe the vaccine is safe to take.

    Well, more than one person has died after receiving the vaccine, so there is a reason people are balking.

    You just might die too. If you want to take that chance, by all means, go to the vaccine clinic and get the jab.


  8. I was talking with a couple of normies last summer about the vax. Even told one Bill made a comment a few years ago about how one of the ways to lower the population of the earth was to use vaxes. The sentiments were to the effect of, “Wow. I didn’t know that.” And, “I’m going to let everyone else get it first before I get it.” Fast forward to today, and they tell me they got it. I didn’t even bring up our old conversations, but they’re trying to justify to me why they got it. It’s like deep down they know they’re sheep. These people were not forced by their employer or the grocery store to get it, they just got it… why? They don’t even know.

    “Well since we last talked I got covid, and I don’t ever want to get sick like that again.”
    “They read the side effects to me after they injected me. If I had known those before, I wouldn’t have even taken it!”

    Such complete trust in the corporate media, they just allow themselves to be injected with who knows what. Not 5 minutes of internet research.

    • The people I know that have taken the jab seem to fall all over themselves to justify doing it (I want to travel. I had to for work. I have an elderly parent. I had Covid and don’t want to get sick again. I don’t want to worry about being in crowds. I had the opportunity get it so I jumped on it before somebody else got my spot.). I’ve got to think that given all the news of death and side effects they’re starting to have serious regrets. An old friend used to say: “Who are you trying to convince, me or you?”

      I know a guy that spent months researching the kind of car he was going to buy. He told me he even set up a spreadsheet to keep track of all the research. When it came to getting the jab though, he did it without any inquiry. He also continues to wear a mask. It boggles the mind.

      • It’s amazing how well the programming is working for most people. I don’t think even those responsibile thought they would have this much success.

  9. Hysteria and psychosis is an understatement. I seen an example of it first hand. A friend of mine owns a convenience store here in the Shenandoah Valley. There were about a dozen of us inside doing business. All save one had exposed faces. That one diaperer who was paying suddenly noticed he was the only one obeying The Coonman’s dictate. He proceeded to yell at the cashier to “hurry up and get my shit bagged up” and literally ran out the store. What a good laugh and what a dumbass!

  10. Hey Eric,

    “Medically, it makes as much sense as coffee enemas – or pre-emptive prostate surgery for a healthy 23-year-old.”

    Trust me Eric.

    If coffee was illegal, coffee enemas would be THE recommended preventative for COVID.

    It would be very lucrative as well Eric.

    Just imagine if coffee had been outlawed before this virus that is so deadly you need to be tested to see if you were sick.

    Imagine the people lining up for the tests.

    That nasal swab would still be in the drawer. Right to the anal swab. And then, strictly for prophylactic purposes, over to the Folger/Fauci tent to have half a pot of decaf run up your arse.

    But how often should the tests and preventative medical procedures be performed Eric?

    Well it would probably be a good idea for people to get out of lockdown at least one a week.

    So once a week it is. Give the folks a chance to interact with the essential personnel. The really important ones Eric. The ones shoving things into people’s asses.

    Once a week, while you’re waiting on your contactless delivery from Instacart, you can go to the testing/enema station. Sure beats hanging around the house in your underwear.

    Remember the toilet paper shortage Eric?

    It wouldn’t be because people were hoarding now would it?

    Sure there would be a coffee shortage. But just for medical grade coffee. People would still have access through the black market for the stuff they drink.

    Congress would amend the Pure Food and Drug act to allow them to filter out the solids. Voilà, recycled coffee enemas, for those who not only fear the COVID but fear for the environment as well.

    And Fauci would be telling us that the Kona enemas are no better than the Folgers. They just make people feel better.

    • Eric,

      You mentioned, “pre-emptive prostate surgery for a healthy 23-year-old.”

      Maybe you didn’t know that preemptive mastectomies are a thing. Apparently if granny had breast cancer the granddaughter is at some type of elevated risk.

      And did you know that an orchiectomy is a treatment for prostate cancer? As well as chemical castrations.

      Now if you look at the 23 year olds today, many who have submitted to the Delilah in the manscaping ads and committed to the hairless life, what do you see? So to speak?

      What do women want? The simple answer is more.

      Don’t know about you, but I thought growing hair on one’s balls was a sign of becoming a man.

      Do you seriously think it is any kind of stretch that these modern day Samsons wouldn’t let their Delilahs talk them into having their balls trimmed off as well?

      For their own health and safety?

      Would the medical community advise against these preemptive measures?

      After all there are a substantial number of surgeons willing to remove even more than a pair of balls. So many that the president is pushing for special rights for the boys and men who elect to trim off their man parts.

      While the coffee enema may not make sense medically (if for no other reason than “lax” drug laws), preemptive surgery gets more and more popular and lucrative.

      If it makes dollars, eventually it will make medical sense was well.

      What is it that the Folger’s Fauci guy says? “Follow the science.” Is good to the last drop. Of your blood. Or money.

      • Morning, T!

        I don’t doubt that pre-emptive surgeries are going to become popular. It follows, doesn’t it? Someone might get prostate/breast cancer. Obviously, they need to be “safe” and do the “necessary” thing.

        • Hm, I think you guys have hit on the solution to the world’s toxic masculinity problem. Pre-emptive emasculation at birth, and voila, no more mansplaining ever again! Just need to keep a couple bulls around in case da wimminz get the urge to breed.

        • Remember that stupid movie star, what’s her name? Angelina Jolie. She had her boobs removed preemptively to prevent breast cancer. It already started.

          • Death prevents all disease from occurring.

            Preventative medicine? Kill the subject before they get sick! Successfully prevented the disease!

            It would take some better prose than mine, but I bet with a bit of word massaging and 24/7 CNN booster-ism, the sheep would bleat in unison that this is a brilliant idea to eliminate disease. Maybe throw in a couple of “For the children!” to paint those who question the plan as heartless bastards.

        • Eric,

          “ I don’t doubt that pre-emptive surgeries are going to become popular. It follows, doesn’t it? “

          It most definitely follows.

          It think the question is, “Would you cut off your balls for the woman of your dreams?”

          And what exactly is a preventable death?

      • Weren’t eunuchs historically in the role of servants to their rich overlords? You could be on to something here. Since most men of this country lack balls anyway, might just as well snip off their testicles. Then they can dance to Goodbye Horses.

        • BAC, now they’re pushing a drug to make your balls big and a poor friend is injecting himself every day to make his testicles disappear because of cancer.

          There used to be a cartoon of an old man who’s balls hung way down causing embarrassing situations. I thought they were funny but not so much anymore. I had to change from comfortable underwear to whitey tighties to keep from bouncing on my balls in a truck or piece of equipment. These guys trying to get the biggest balls they can will regret it some day. When you crawl out of a big rig you’ve been in for 14 or 16 hours on a hot day(or cold), you’ll wish your balls weren’t so big.

  11. I visited my favorite “it still feels like 2019” restaurant (Gourmeltz) today. Walked through the doors not one customer, server, or cashier had a face mask on, holding up their chin, or even around their neck. The place was cranking by 1pm. Kids and I sat for an hour enjoying our meal and smiling at the normal people that surrounded us. A few maskers came in to pick up food, but the rest of us looked at them like they were weird (kind of like the old days) before mask euphoria hit.

    Went to see my favorite guys at the farmers market….also very few masks in sight except a few older customers. Picked up some crab legs and shrimp for dinner tonight. Dropped a couple hundred in cash on new plants for the greenhouse, but I do have quite a variety of herbs now. I much rather give it to the farmers than a big box store.

    • We have eaten at Gourmeltz a couple of times when in the area. Loved the food and the atmosphere. Thanks for the tip!

      Also, last week tried a place in West Chester, PA, called Ron’s Grille that had excellent food – and lots of it! They had a mask sign on the door, but after seeing several people walk out w/o diapers, we went in. No one hassled us. Loved the atmosphere, too.

      • Thanks for the information, A. I always like hearing (and supporting) other businesses, especially restaurants, that are willing to look the other way when it comes to these mask mandates. I will have to check out Ron’s when I am in the area next time.

        • They may have an online presence so you can check the menu.

          I agree we should do all we can to help small businesses, especially now, and especially restaurants, with the thin profit margin even in good times.

          Wherever I travel, I try to look for the mom and pops so I can eat great food without hassle!

      • Hi Anon/RG!

        In my area, the Bread Basket does not bother patrons about the Diaper. Also Ben Gui sushi (great place). I think we should publicize and promote all such places to the extent we can…

  12. I thought this might be of interest. A federal judge ordered as a condition of pretrial release (i.e. bail) in connection with the “capitol riot,” that the Defendant “must wear a mask whenever she leavers her residence.”

    See the court order at the bottom of page 2: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.228286/gov.uscourts.dcd.228286.9.0.pdf

    What is the possible relevance of this as a condition of bail? There’s no explanation for this other than it is to humiliate and punish this woman prior to any conviction. The judiciary was once considered to be a check on tyranny. This is no longer the case.

    She’s now facing bail revocation for wearing a “mesh” mask.


    • Judges have been doing that to moms in custody battles recently as well, and I’m pretty sure the one scumbag in his fancy dress made of one them agree to the vaccine before it was even declared available..but if her representation is any good they should be able to turn that around as coercion..she would’ve agreed to anything to keep the right to see her kid.

  13. Around me it went from scarcity marketing/waitlists to open to all in one day. The same day Old Joe instructed the govking to make it so. Every kind of “community” organization you can think of is getting paid $ by the Feds to push it. The few people who I know that have gotten it have all had some kind of unpleasant side effect. They think it means they can go back to “normal” even as they continue staggering around in diapers.

    Shopped at two places undiapered today. Only undiapered in either place. No hassles from staff but the tourist season is underway and the out of town “side talkers” are back. “He must think he has it all figured out” and, to store employee “why is that man in here without a mask”, store employee reply “dunno, but see, we’ve got signs up, and he knows what they say.”

      • You’d think but believe it or not both instances involved diminutive 65+ couples with distinct Southern accents. Husband talking to wife and wife with husband talking to employee. It’s as if their politeness has been overcome by their allegiance to the scam and all it represents to them. Around here, one of the medical tyrants’ primary strategies has been to weaponize a kind of Southern, implicitly collectivist version of “nice.”

  14. ‘What does the “vaccine” fix?’ — EP

    *raises hand*

    I know, I know! Big Pharma’s need for sales revenue. And how!

    With Big Gov as the price-insensitive buyer, who could have seen this coming?

    (Bloomberg) — Many U.S. states and cities have a growing surplus of Covid-19 vaccines, a sign that in some places demand is slowing before a large percentage of the population has been inoculated, according to an analysis by Bloomberg News.

    The data indicate as many as one in three doses are unused in some states. Appointments for shots often go untaken, with few people signing up.

    In Charlottesville, a mostly Democratic area that is home to the University of Virginia, vaccine appointments are tough to snag even with two mass clinics right in town. In Lynchburg, 70 miles south and dominated by conservative Liberty University, open appointments are easy to find. The disparity has led to in-state vaccine tourism where residents in NoVA flock south to snap up shots that would otherwise go unused.


    Like army surplus after WW II, vaccines will be in surplus by autumn. Probably surplus vaccines will be sent gratis to Latin America or the Caribbean as foreign aid.

    And why not — it’s only PGB (printer go brrrr!) ‘money’ that ‘paid’ for them.

    • “Probably surplus vaccines will be sent gratis to Latin America or the Caribbean as foreign aid.”

      Already (possibly) happening for other reasons. The Swedes and Norwegians are stopping one of the Jabs because of blood clots. But no worries, they won’t be wasted because the plan is to send them to poor countries.

      • I’m thinking that those living in third world countries already have a much healthier skepticism about the beneficence of their overlords and will much more quickly refuse the jab.

        • A lot of third world countries have malaria problems. The people take malaria drugs.

          Funny that these countries don’t seem to be having “THE CASES!” like the west.

          Almost like they don’t need THE JAB for some reason.

  15. Eric, as you’ve pointed out many times, those who accept the muzzling of their faces would of course accept all of the other nonsense, including ‘the vaccine’.
    I’ve come to view it as the muzzles being visible indicators of the fact that the adults who wear them believe in fairy tales. They believe that something which allows air and dust and pollen to pass freely though can protect them from microscopic spores; They believe that they are at risk of catching an ailment from you which you do not have; they believe that being injected with dangerous and filthy substances and DNA-altering monstrosities doled out by businesses which are exempt from liability, and which are pushed by a mad [computer]scientist who has been in search of a reason toi vaccinate the whole world for the last 30 years, will protect them from the boogeyman (Well, in reality, it may turn them into a boogeyman).
    But the biggest fairy tale their mouth-muzzle signals belief in, is the fairy tale of government- which they believe has their best interests in mind, and which they believe they have an actual say in the affairs of, believing that they are informed because Mother Goo…err…uhh Hollywood has thus sprach, and because they have a certificate from the official government-approved indoctrination center which we are all forced to fund, affirming that they have drunk the Kool-aid, and have demonstrated that they can absorb and regurgitate the lies, whether they truly believe them, or just pretend that they do so as to be allowed to play with the popular kids and to not have to think and do for themselves.

    • Nunzio,

      “ But the biggest fairy tale their mouth-muzzle signals belief in, is the fairy tale of government- ”

      I don’t know what it is but it just won’t quit.

      Maybe it’s nothing and I’m under the weather
      Maybe it’s just one of those bugs going round
      Maybe I’m under a spell and it’s magic
      Maybe there’s a witch doctor with an office in town


    • Nunz, the last time the wife and I went to the doc, we saw our neighbors in the waiting room. I didn’t realize who they were although the man was in my class(of 26)and his wife is probably close to his age. He’s my height, about 5 9 and weighs probably 400 lbs. His wife is about 5 4 and probably weighs 250. No co-morbidities there. They were headed in for their second jab.

      Probably medicare pays for it or it might be free, I just don’t know and don’t care. I reckon they can jab the wife and I when we’re outta ammo.

      For a year or more, every time we’d go to the clinic, they’d ask what vaccines we’d had and always tried to push one off on us. We were really getting tired of telling them we wouldn’t take a vaccine on a bet. They no longer ask….thankfully.

      There were quite a few people there and I’d bet nearly everyone was there to get jabbed. It’s a sure sign nobody ever fires up their computer or reads anything but LSM on it. Our neighbors have 2 girls, both working in hospitals. No doubt they are all on board with getting the jab and they are obese too.

      • Eight, at this point, I guess I’ve become desensitized. I’m just waiting for all of these retards to get what they’ve allowed and signed up for. Sad thing is, we’ll suffer for it too, ’cause the looming health crises caused by these vaccs, which will shortly start manifesting themselves will surely be touted as some new strain of COVID or entirely new plague, and used to implement even greater tyranny.
        My old friend back in NY- He’s 5’7″ or 5′-8″ -now weighs 400 lbs (!!!)- His wife 350, and they have a fat kid. A family of three that weighs almost half a ton. And they took their jabs. Sadly, I just don’t care anymore. I imagine upon hearing of the maladies which they will shortly be complaining of, my reaction will be “Hmmmm”.
        I’m actually glad that I don’t have to be around these people- who the hell knows what they may be emitting, what we might catch from them. I’m grateful that my mother has managed to stay away from the doctor’s office and hospi’l for a year now- and thus has not even had (as Eric would say) ‘A case of the sniffles’. I’m glad that I haven’t seen the eye doc in a year now, because he insists on playing Corona Kabuki- as I don’t even want to be in close proximity to these people, nor see the strange rituals they perform imagining that their witch-doctoring wards off the flu- even though they never cared about practicing such rituals or about actually getting the flu in the past.
        It’s SIOCKENING what humanity has devolved into.

        • Nunz, and it’s not my generation that started it. It was foisted onto us. My grandparents could live off the land. My parents could only live ON the land. Oh, we did have gardens when I was growing up and my dad did drop me here at the farm before he went to work and had me plow and hoe and cut fence posts out of oak trees. I had my trusty axe and a galvanized igloo water cooler and a big trough if I wanted to wash off.

  16. On a positive note, college daughter’s paper on politics – she refers to herself as “libertarian”. She is surrounded by a very liberal environment, and has a people-pleaser personality, so I was delighted to see this. Guess the homeschooling paid off 🙂

    • Hi Logan,

      I have such a bad feeling on giving these shots to children. Also, who the hell are these idiotic parents that would force their children through this kind of hell? What imbecile believes it is okay to send their child out in the world to be experimented on like some kind of lab rat? It is revolting. Covid is not a danger to children. That Fauci, Gates, and the pharmaceutical companies believe these vaccines need to be tested and then given to children is downright sinister.

      • RG,

        “ That Fauci, Gates, and the pharmaceutical companies believe these vaccines need to be tested and then given to children is downright sinister.”

        Come again?

        It’s sinister to test a vaccine before it is administered?

        Wow. That speaks volumes.

        • OMG.

          Really? Is this what I get to look forward to? You following me around and analyzing every damn thing that I type?

          My post referred to testing the “vaccine” on children and then mandating it for all other children. I, obviously, assumed that most of the people on here had an IQ above average and could interpret what I was saying.

          Go bother someone else, T.

          • But do you recognize that

            “ That Fauci, Gates, and the pharmaceutical companies believe these vaccines need to be tested and then given to children is downright sinister.”

            was rather poorly worded?

            “My post referred to testing the “vaccine” on children and then mandating it for all other children. I, obviously, assumed that most of the people on here had an IQ above average and could interpret what I was saying.”

            Hmm. Guess not.

            • Seems I may have been wrong.

              It actually appears that you are saying that you knew it was poorly written, but then go on to suggest that you were counting on above average intelligence people to “interpret” what you wrote.

              Wow. That is really odd.

            • Anon,

              “ But do you recognize that

              “ That Fauci, Gates, and the pharmaceutical companies believe these vaccines need to be tested and then given to children is downright sinister.”

              was rather poorly worded?”

              I’d say downright wrong.

              Has RG offered any proof that Fauci or Gates is left handed?

              And I’d call into question the veracity of her claim that all individuals in the pharmaceutical companies are southpaws as well. Even the fictional individuals.

              I’m pretty got-damn sure left handed people make up only 10% of the population.

        • It most definitely is sinister, when they haven’t yet received nearly sufficient testing among adults yet. Those being administered do NOT have approval from the Pharma friendly FDA, only permission for use in emergency. To suggest testing on children should now begin is indeed as sinister as it gets.

          • Mr. Kable,

            “To suggest testing on children should now begin is indeed as sinister as it gets.”

            Sinister, not sinister. Not really my business.

            But I won’t be shocked and appalled when the children of the “good moms” start growing feet where their ears should be.

            Even better to get a chuckle out of. What will the “good moms” grandkids look like?

            Not a single one of you here at EPAutos will be bitching about mandatory masks for them. Even the blind will demand it!

            Look at little Ellen. Isn’t she soooo cute? She just got her permanent gills. And the dentist says her baby fangs should all be gone by spring.

            Oh the wonders of modern medicine. Permanent fangs and gills in the same year. Good thing, when little Ellen was born, the FDA had just approved the new dental vaccine. Her fangs should last her a good long lifetime of 40 years. 45 if the new gill softener gets put on the market soon.

      • RG, a friend has two young girls. She took the youngest one in at 18 months(because they told her to). That child got 3 vaccinations. A couple days later she was non-communicative and now enjoys(sic)a world of her own where she meets no one’s eyes and says nothing. I couldn’t believe her mother was that stupid. She told me her husband knew more about it than she did. Sounds like she should have been out plowing and he should have taken care of the children. They put the child in a remedial class. Oh yeah, that’ll fix the little autismed child up just like nothing happened.

        And people wonder why when we were kids there was no such thing as autism. Now it’s something like one child in 20 with it. Those are the people who need to wise up. I have a Niece in law, the daughter of a physician who thinks she knows it all since she’s now a PA and probably doesn’t know as much as I do about treating illnesses. No doubt her two children have had as many vaccines as she could find.

        • 8S,

          The “enlightened” ones will tell you that autism has existed for a long time, and that it was just as common years ago as it is now; the only difference, they’ll say, is that there was less awareness of it. They’ll then say autism something one is born with. To say that vaccines cause it will only elicit lots of scoffing from the enlightened ones.

            • I’m younger than you, and I don’t even remember hearing about autism until there was a TV feature or documentary about it. We sure as hell didn’t SEE it! As you pointed it, one child in thousands had it; now it’s one in 50, or 1 in 20. Someone should do a study examining the link between autism and vaccines.

              When I went to Navy boot camp, we had to get a ton of shots. It made sense, because the US Navy is a global outfit, and sailors needed to be ready for all sorts of exotic bugs one didn’t normally encounter here 40 years ago. We spent like a week or so getting all the shots we needed. We took so many that we literally went through an assembly line! We’d go to this station, get shot A; we’d go to the next station, get shot B; and so on. It was that many.

              I remember how, after having gotten all these shots, feeling a bit off; I felt a bit weak. You know how you feel when a cold is trying to take hold? I felt like that for a day or so. Keep in mind I was 18 and in the best health of my life; I used to ride my bicycle everywhere, was on the HS swim team, etc.

              What’s scary to me now is that school children get MORE shots than we US Navy sailors did! I understood our need for it, because, as the old commercial used to say, the US Navy travels the world. SO! Whose bright idea was it to give kids more shots than Navy sailors get? Who thought that they need more shots than someone who travels the world? I have to shake my head…

  17. Planet Earth has become one giant concentration camp. You’re inside the ma-tricks and that’s it.

    Shake those chains.

    The Danish health official who received the vaccine passed out and dropped to the floor during a live tv event. She was out cold.

    Go to youtube, the video clip was there yesterday.

  18. “They cannot know. No one can know – because not enough testing has been done and because not enough time has elapsed to determine what, if any, the long-term side-effects will be.”

    I would argue that the increasing number of deaths of otherwise healthy, younger to middle-aged people within a few days/weeks of the jab is a significant test.

    The subject of your post is timely for me. Spoke with a lady in Wally World yesterday who was waiting for a prescription. She was masked up, sitting in a chair near the cashier line (I think she had a leg injury). We began chatting, which started when she did a double take at my unmasked face. Started talking about our kids, etc. She then told me she was an RN – and apparently became an RN at a relatively early age (graduated college early). Sounded like a really bright person.

    Then she told me that she has had 2 jabs (required for work as a traveling nurse?). Still masking, and must be “tested” twice each week (one nasal and one saliva). I told her I expect that this type of scenario will never end. This woman seems very sharp, yet her response to my comment was almost one of resignation – “we can’t be too careful of what’s coming next in terms of diseases…” For someone who has been an RN for decades, I wondered how her previous education and experience played in to that comment (or didn’t).

    She is black, and I have observed that several of the recent notable deaths are of black people (Midwin Charles, Hank Aaron). I think there is a push to make blacks think the ‘Rona is somehow more of a threat, when in fact it appears that the jab is by far a greater threat – thus, “make sure you get the jab” despite the deaths of well-known people. Hank Aaron was a healthy 86 when he made his fatal mistake on behalf of the black community.

    Here’s another example, of a 27 year old black doctor from Chicago, now dead:

    Of course, deaths and reactions to the jab cut across all races and ethnicities. But it appears that TPTB are trying once again to add race to push their evil agenda.

    I feel for this woman as she has put herself into a trap that is now very difficult to extricate from. She may not get out alive. She has certainly given up her dignity as she continues to submit to twice weekly “testing” and diapering to work in her chosen profession.

  19. There has never been a more fact free psyop in the history of the species. There are virtually none to back up any of it. These “vaccines” are by definition a medical experiment. They have NOT been approved by even the Pharma friendly FDA, just given permission to be used in emergency. Which is supposed to require “informed consent” before participating. Which is NOT bein done in re the “vaccines”. There is a form that one fills out and signs, in concert with the professional administering the experiment. They are NOT being presented to those lining up for the experiment, even though such is required by law.

    • Even the “emergency use authorization” is supposed to be only when other treatments are not available.

      This entire scam is built on a mountain of lies.

    • “required by law.”

      A laughable concept. Their laws, their cops, their courts……… The ‘law’ is only for the citizenry.

      Here is how the law works,


      *The most outrageous moment was when police arrested our great reporter David Menzies, and took him to a filthy jail cell. The police commander told us that he’d let David go right away if we just let him search our rooms without a warrant.

      Sorry, isn’t that like demanding a ransom?

      After 10 hours, police realized no judge would give them their illegal warrant. And we didn’t cave in. So without apologizing, the police just left. And set David free.*

  20. On a slightly separate note -not sure if anyone noticed today but they came out and said that they will need a booster jab after 6 months. And then probably an annual booster….. all pharma company stocks are up on that wonderful note….

    • It’s, baffling, Nasir – news articles, CDC data, clinical studies, and anecdotes note that many recipients report feeling tired, sick, or debilitated for 1-3 days after each injection (x2), with longer and more severe effects after injection #2. I’ve heard this first hand in many a conference call, in between the usual braggadocio about it.

      Now imagine getting a third and fourth injection over the course of a year. Perhaps upward of a week of the year of feeling like shit from an injection allegedly to treat a disease they are unlikely to get or might suffer a bad cold and fever for max 3-5 days. Or worse, as is now being reported more and more, feel like shit for a week from your jabs, then get covid anyway.

      Where did people’s brains go?? Where’s the logic in any of this?

      Somewhere, in a board room at Pfizer and at Moderna, corporate executives are laughing themselves silly, probably themselves hurting from laughing so hard and all the while watching their stock options balloon.

    • Hi Nasir,
      I noticed that as well, and it was Big Pharma’s goal – “booster” shots forever. As fewer people were lining up for their annual flu jab Big Pharma needed a guarantee of a steady income stream and Covid fits that bill perfectly.

      • Do you follow Mike Yeadon (ex VP pfizer, respiratory illness guy)- he was talking about something quite scary – that because the variations of the vaccine will be considered minor changes, they will need no external review or scrutiny – and the pharma company can just make them as they feel. This has already been green lighted by the european regulators. now add this to the fact that its an MRNA vaccine which can change how your cells work – it starts looking almost like a bad movie….

    • This past year I have observed that the only thing yuppies seem to love more than wearing their mask for you and your grandma… is talking amongst one another about their stocks. So if the vaccines got their stocks up, I’m sure the industry’s got plenty of even more profitable future schemes in store to keep them all terrified, routinely injected and comfortably well-invested.

  21. I was with my two sisters last weekend; one a California liberal and the other a retired teacher Special Ed idiot. Both were masked and jabbed, and jab shaming my wife for not taking the vaccine they both had taken. Then the CA liberal got the sniffles and went for a Covid test. In the meantime, panic and hysteria took over from the special Ed teacher on how she is going to get infected (even though she has be jabbed).

    God save this country.

    • Did you make sure to then shame them for ruining what should’ve been a perfectly nice family visit with a bunch of unnecessary fallout from the careless experimental injections they took? I mean there are a lot funner ways to spoil a get together if they were up in the mood to take stupid risks.


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