Do You Wear Depends?

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If you’re not physically sick and find yourself being pestered by someone who is mentally sick about your “failure” to wear a “mask” to “stop the spread” of a physical illness you haven’t got – but which they worry you might have – ask them a question in reply:

Are you wearing your Depends?

These being the adult diapers designed to protect the incontinent from spreading . . . something else.

They will probably draw themselves up indignantly and say no – of course not. Why would they? They have no need for Diapers as they are in control of their bladder – and bowels. It would be absurd for them to wear a Diaper and more than that, degrading – because of the implication they might piss their pants or shit themselves, otherwise.

Exactly so – as regards the facial equivalent of the same thing.

To insist that someone who isn’t sick must wear a Face Diaper because it is possible he might be sick is to treat him as if he is sick. Which is the same as saying he is disease-ridden, someone who presents a threat to anyone nearby, if he doesn’t wear a “protective” device.

Is this not also degrading?

Some will say it is noble – because it is a sign of caring. You are showing – literally – that you take other people’s health seriously and are being respectful, etc. But this is only a valid argument if, in fact, there is a threat to other people’s health arising from your not wearing the “protective” device.

If that is not the case, then the wearing is cruel as well as degrading.

It is cruel because it perpetuates a dangerous lie. Several of them. The first being the one that insists a physically healthy person can get other people sick. It is simply not true – as a matter of straightforward logic and English, of the plain meaning of words.

The assertion that someone might be sick is an entirely different thing – both in terms of logic and of English. It is a possibility – not an actuality (by definition; else “might” would not apply).

Does an assertion of possibility impose a moral obligation on the object of the assertion to act in some way or to submit in some way solely on the basis of the assertion of possibility?

If it does, then on the same basis, one could assert that since someone might lose control of their bladder or bowels they ought to wear Depends – even if they are continent; even if they have given no reason to substantiate an assertion of worry that they may piss their pants or shit themselves.

Why is the same assertion regarding Face Diapers any less ridiculous? Any less degrading?

But 500,000 people have died!

Except they haven’t actually  – at least, not of the ‘Rona. That’s another lie.

And at least that many probably shit themselves last year, too. And shit is dangerous as well as disgusting. It carries disease and can spread disease. It probably represents at least as much a threat to the average healthy person as the 0.0-something percent threat of death posed by “the virus.”

Doesn’t the public have a right to be “protected” against the risk of the Undiapered? Why is that asserted risk ok?

Don’t you care about (insert here)….?

The second lie that is enabled by accepting the Diapering of Faces is that they are palliative as regards viruses. Depends actually work – because urine and feces are substantial enough to be contained by cloth.

Viral particles aren’t. If this virus were not such a minor threat to healthy people – who typically have a 99.8-something percent chance of not dying from it if they even get sick from it, assuming they even get it in the first place – then it would be an outrage to give them the false sense of security the purveyors of facial cloth-wearing have perpetuated. It is they who do not “take the virus seriously” – not the people who are smart enough to know that serious equipment is necessary to prevent the spread of viruses and are honest enough not to pretend otherwise.

The third lie is that this virus is generally dangerous. It is known that it’s not. Insisting that children and young adults who have almost zero chance of dying from ‘Rona – and healthy adults who have a fractionally higher, but also almost-nonexistent risk of dying from the ‘Rona – have the same risk of dying as morbidly obese 80-year-olds with diabetes and COPD is the worst sort of fear-mongering.

Forcing Diapers on everyone’s face is just the same as forcing everyone to wear Depends.

It’s as ridiculous as it is despicable.

Tell the next Face-Diaperer who asks about your “mask” precisely that – after asking him about his Depends.

He’ll probably soil his pants.

 . . .

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  1. This whole mask hysteria is EXACTLY like the seat belt mania. Both are based on readily refutable academic theories, both are pushed by force and supported by the kind of people who want to be ruled and think they will rate higher in a ruler’s heirarchy than others.

    Masks generally do nothing against a “virus” and seat belts do nothing to save lives. Both have limited utility and applicability in certain situations and are generally useless otherwise. Masks are filters- designed to keep something from getting into your breathing/gastric/mucosal areas. Seat belts are restraint devices designed to restrain a human into a seat. Masks are useful in keeping bloodborne pathogens and large particulate matter out- if in an area of elevated risk like a sanding booth or an operating room. Seat belts are useful if in an environment where chaotic physical interaction is likely- urban traffic, racing, flying in a plane.

    To mandate either is to deny the liberty and judgement of sovereign humans and to deny their beliefs. It is a repudiation of your liberty and humanity and every decent human has a duty to defy and mock them.

  2. At least she does not have to hear people say “Haha!”

    *”Despite her worry of possible anaphylaxis and experience of pain from the injection, Charles proceeded to exert pressure on her mother to receive the vaccine, apparently coercing her into taking the jab after “weeks of convincing.”*

    “No cause of death has yet been announced.” – Nor is it likely to be as it is almost certainly because of the “NOT A FUCKING VACCINE”.

    • I heard of a similar story “across the pond”, where some former politician’s brother had died after being stuck. Despite this, the witch STILL had the nerve to shrug it off and continued to “encourage” the public to receive the vaccine.

      I swear, I’m really beginning to think that these dildos are literally POSSESSED by the devil himself!

  3. This whole face diaper mess really annoys me. I take many supliments for my health I don’t believe we should be taking all the synthetic big pharma drugs. I always been healthy , take care of myself and then I’m forced to wear a Chinese mask to fit in with the norms. I’m all set with that. These people are deranged!

  4. We’re in big trouble guys. I know many, many people who are aware that the reaction to Covid is a scam and they’re getting needled anyway. What has become of us, the sheeple?

    • I know, right?! Last year, two of my friends SWORE that they would NEVER receive the UN-holy jab, so of course, it was inevitable. Now, anytime someone says they’ll “never” do X-Y-Z, I just say to myself “Let’s just wait until the next round of ‘stimulus’ checks.”.

  5. If society’s going to deeply meddle in the very private affairs of what one does with one’s face in the name of “public health” (Cinch your two face masks tighter and place them over your nose!), I can easily make the case that every woman’s menstrual cycle must be publicly registered and monitored with an app, and that all women be obligated to permit an inspection as to whether the proper protection has been implemented. Any leakage on surfaces puts all of us at risk. All prudent measures must be taken.

    You wanna go there, Corona Karen? Ok, let’s all go there in the name of public health! If it save just one life. . .

    • Mister Liberty,

      “I can easily make the case that every woman’s menstrual cycle must be publicly registered and monitored with an app, and that all women be obligated to permit an inspection as to whether the proper protection has been implemented. Any leakage on surfaces puts all of us at risk. All prudent measures must be taken.”

      But then Raider Girl would just have them form a corporation that has privacy rights.

      Then we would have LLCs, C corps, S corps, and the new P Corp. Maybe the V Corp as well. Choice is always a good thing.

      • I am not quite sure I like living in your head rent free, T.

        Yes, I am a privacy advocate and I also believe individuals should have the right to protect their assets as they see fit.

        Just as you were discussing the other day it boils down to choices. No one has to set up a corporation or trust, but the options are there if an individual opts to.

        You do believe an individual should make the best decision for them, right T?

          • Personally, no, I would set up a corporation that was owned by a trust. 😜

            But, others have the choice to do what is best for them.

            • RG, speaking as someone who once watched a teen sibling walk across the waiting room floor just to pocket a pap smear pamphlet to take home for later, I’d advise discontinuing the discussion.

              For all their gynocological imagination it sounds like they still require your validation to really get them there, and what kind of whore would you be if you provided that type of niche sticky keyboard service pro bono anyway? I’m sure there are some OnlyFans girls out there who have the period fetishist sociopath market well-cornered anyway.

        • RG,

          “I am not quite sure I like living in your head rent free, T.”

          You want me to pay you for head? Or rent?

          Or did you want to give me some money?

  6. Good article on Gab today. The gist of it is that everyone knows masks don’t do diddly squat, but wear them anyway to demonstrate your loyalty:
    This whole “masks don’t seem to be having much effect, but wear them anyway” bureaucratic calculus may seem like a frivolous controversy to Americans preoccupied with the pandemic, but for Americans who are equally worried about the State’s steady encroachment into the lives of families, mask mandates are the worst kind of noxious administrative abuse — another iteration of government coercion that constricts a person’s freedom while accomplishing next to nothing. It’s government rule-making for the sake of rule-making whose chief purpose is to demonstrate that it is the government’s job to command and each citizen’s duty to readily obey.

    • Hi Amy,

      That pic of the kids masked makes me cringe.

      This is a good article. There is another one down in the comments section by Sally that discusses masking and child development. The study was conducted on macaques separating them as babies with one group being able to see the facial expression of other macaques. The second group was not allowed to see expressions, they found their sensory skills were hyperinflated. Rather than the focus being visual sound and touch became more important. Each group of macaques were found to have different neurological effects depending on how they were raised.

      I think we are putting little kids on a psychological course that we will never be able to fully restore.

  7. So just got an email – Incase you dont have a car – the good people at Uber are offering free rides to get your holy jab (as long as ofcourse you mask up !)… i guess this is what they talked about when they were mentioning owning nothing and being happy…

      • I mean it’s not like they stand to profit from all the fear right 🙄

        They’re just generously taking people to get their vaccine because they actually believe the vaccine will help things to go back to normal and those people will find jobs and cars of their own and go back to dining out right 🙄

        • Better picture of where they were at by the end of 2019:

          “We’ll be profitable by the end of 2020”

          But now that they’re getting comfortable they’re happy to comply, time to argue the opposite of what they argue a year ago and call all those pesky contractors their employees, hand out benefits, etc

          • Moose – I think it gets back to the conversation and post Eric made about the (dick headed or whatever) donkey who took the government money and started imposing masking…

            why be bothered to make a real economic profit when the powers that be have your back !! I mean Uber (and others like it) have clearly been selected to do the job of making the world work after this great reset – and basically they now probably know it. At this stage it doesnt matter what they do or dont do… they will forever be supported one way or another

            • Yeah, how quickly their positions both went from disempowering the Man to disempowering their fellow man. I expect that out of the Uber technocrats, but for all of Roanoke’s charms that big little city sure can be intensely disappointing. The appeal-to-authority mentality is strong there and no matter how intelligent folks are they’re still easily led on by politicians exploiting their emotions. Damn shame cuz it’d make a great voluntary society if it weren’t for the govt turning them all against each other lol.

              • Hi Moose,

                Roanoke, like Austin and Asheville, has been over-run with liberals from up North. Thirty years ago, it was much more traditionally Southern and conservative. The incomers brought money, which raised up the kultur – thirty years ago there weren’t sushi shops and coffee joints – but they also brought their attitudes which means their politics. Roanoke is very Woke now. I live at a distance from it – up in Floyd – but the canker spreads and even here, one can see the beginnings of The Change. The town of Floyd is now controlled by them; it is only the outlying areas that are still healthy. I love it here, but recognize that – much to my regret – I may have to beat feet rather than spend the rest of my life here, as I had planned. The problem of Where to Go Next besets me.

                • eric, I know of a house a few miles from me I suspect will be up for sale and probably already is. It belonged to a farmer till he died recently. It’s not on a paved road but not far off. I wouldn’t be surprised if has already sold with the farm acreage around it but it has pasture on two sides.

                  It would be a change for sure but taxes are low in this county. People live all over the place between me and Snyder too. They can find a spot on land that can’t be farmed and are secluded and generally, gated at the nearest road.

  8. The need for all of us to wear Depends exceeds the need to wear a mask, by far. Even if one were to stupidly agree with “asymptomatic transmission”, one would still need to have the virus to transmit it. While each and everyone of us is just a trip too far to the rest room from pissing and/or shitting ourselves.
    There is no more disingenuous person on the planet than one who insists you must wear a mask “to keep others safe”. Because if that is the intent, we all must wear biosafety gear with an independent air supply. Just wearing a mask which could prevent SOME transmission, which of course they don’t, just doesn’t match the virtue they signal. The CDC did extensive testing several years ago to determine their effect on transmission of influenza, which concluded that they had no discernable effect, and those masks were the correct mask, worn properly. Which would be a rare thing among the general public.

    • Mr. Kable,

      “ While each and everyone of us is just a trip too far to the rest room from pissing and/or shitting ourselves.”

      But what happens after a successful trip? You’ve made it and hit the lever or the infrared sensor has made that flush for you.

      As Eric points out our waste is, “dangerous as well as disgusting. It carries disease and can spread disease.”

      It disappears like a whirling dervish? Not really.

      “More than 6.5 billion gallons of sewage spewed from antiquated sewer systems into New York waterways on 1,900 occasions between April 2017 and March 2018, according to a report from the state comptroller’s office.”

      That would be over 50 times each and every day just in New York.

      My understanding is that each and every government sewage treatment plant in the world does this as a matter of routine.

      The solution, we are told, as always is bigger government and higher taxes.

      So I’d agree with your statement that, “The need for all of us to wear Depends exceeds the need to wear a mask, by far.”

      Even the CDC (Center for Disease Continuation) has said that, “The virus that causes COVID-19 has been found in untreated wastewater.”

      • But Climate Change is the cause de jour, don’t you know. We can’t be spending all this money to protect ourselves from an actual immanent threat like contaminated water. Which goes aa well for the chemical poisoning of the planet by DuPont and Bayer/Monsanto, with practically no regulation at all.
        I suspect a lot of very sick evil people are supporting the climate hysteria to distract the environmental folks from the rape of the planet they are currently engaged in.

        • It ‘ill be alright Mr. Kable.

          I hear they are finally dumping all that nasty Fukushima water this week.

          No more radioactive water to worry about.

          Time to refocus. Better get back to worrying about COVID. Something with lasting repercussions.

          • I recall months later when the water at Ca. had significant levels of radioactivity. I think it was a million tons they just dumped. It should put a new outlook on surfing. Fishing won’t be catch and release. It’ll be catch and cut the line.

            If you have a boat you trailer the neighbors will be asking if you have some sort of new system that makes your boat glow at night.

    • I hope so, Dan –

      And if so, it is imperative that the SOBs responsible for terrorizing the population and all the attendant misery be held accountable.

    • It won’t end until individuals that decide to end it outnumber those that don’t. There’s a long way to go. Even in Idaho where we have been considered “anti mask” and very “vaccine hesitant”, there’s a lot of people voluntarily wearing masks. At some stores it’s over 50%.

      Why would the state let it end?

      • It won’t take that many. Perhaps a third. Those that oppose are far more likely to be outspoken and vehement in their opposition than those willing to abide. Many of those wearing masks are not avid supporters, just willing to go along.

        • People willing to just go along aren’t going to change shit. The Soviets and Nazi’s were mostly people willing to go along. That’s why the avid supporters of collectivism murdered so many people even though they were outnumbered.

          There’s a reason that God really despises the lukewarm more than the hot or cold.

          Fuck the lukewarm and fuck their short memories.

          • Amen, Ancap –

            I share your anger. I also understand the reluctance to feel it toward the “ordinary people,” who aren’t bad people – superficially. The nice old lady next door. The people you know down the street. The guy you work with. Nice people. They are polite, they keep their lawns cut. They would give you a ride if your car broke down. But they also would do nothing to help you if the Hut! Hut! Hut! crew came to make you wear a Diaper, either. While wearing theirs. Like Ned Beatty in Deliverance, they “don’t want any trouble.” And thereby ensure it.

            • Morning eric. I spoke with several new to me people yesterday. They were all wringing their hands about the dems but they knew nearly nothing about them. I tried to help them by giving them some sites where true, informative articles are posted.

              The main problem with lukewarm is not that they forgot anything, they never knew anything. They hear things on the news and from other people and don’t dig for anything beyond that.

              I spoke of the hopefully not to be new AFT director as the idiot calls it. I gave them his background. If I could have I’d have shown them the picture of him standing with a rifle in his hand posing like a badass with nothing but ashes and skulls behind him. They were certainly surprised to hear about it. They can tell you what CNN says and maybe some truth someone told them but they don’t go out of their way to educate themselves and it’s that standing around with finger inserted is the problem. Now there are more and more people who voted for Biden and regret it. Where did they get their new before voting? Those are the dangerous ones. Nobody believes in Intifa and BLM but they don’t really know what those idiots stand for.

              Totalitarian isn’t a word they’re familiar with. Intifa and BLM fools didn’t vote. They see the entire system as corrupt and they’re right. The big corporations want to control the country and make the laws and they’re trying as hard as they can to make it happen.

              At this point the only hope we have is for the elections in 22 change Congress greatly for the better and no damned RNIO’s which they can’t tell you who they are either. I’ve never been one keen on voting. It’s almost always been the choice of “the other party” after one had screwed things up. I was disabused of being a democrat when LBJ made everything much worse. It didn’t make me want to vote for Nixon as the whole country did. I knew what Nixon was. For the most part if I voted, I’d vote for independents if I could find them.

              I was on the road and worked 6 or 7 days a week from 5am till 7 or 8 pm. I let the election of 16 sneak up on me as far as early voting for the same reason. I didn’t let that happen in 2020. You couldn’t find a Biden sign in west Texas except for 2. Everyone was voting for Trump so when he lost, I knew it had to be fraud and as it played out that’s exactly what happened. If I live to 24, I certainly won’t vote for a democrat for any reason.

    • It’s coming to a bad end. We are being groomed to have no sense and it starts with the children.

      Now Bo Jiden has made a guarantee to Ukraine we’ll keep the Russians, who are about to kick their ass, that we’ll be there to help. Putin warned us to keep our ships out of the region but now there’s two there, just waiting to start a war we can’t possibly win.

      Remember 1939 when the British made a “guarantee” and it started WW11? Same thing except this could lead to a nuclear holocaust if someone doesn’t give a black bag with the red button that does nothing to Bo Jiden. That sumbitch is quite literally losing brain connections by the hour.

      He had the black caucus in the Oval Room(it’s on YT I think)where he began rambling about something that didn’t make sense and finally waved his arm as told everyone there to get out. It was unbelievable unless you consider the course.

      This past weekend, over 100 CEO’s from the top corporations in the US had a zoom call. It was a plan to simply take over the govt. for their own gain. We are being attacked from all sides now including the Lame Stream Media who made the Russian hoax about Trump out of whole cloth. Project Veritas had a camera in the room where they sat and spoke about everything they said just being something they made up. When Charlie Chester, the technical director of CNN was approached with the video by Project Veritas he was visibly upset and wouldn’t answer a question. Of course there was no question to answer really since they had him and a bunch of others speaking of it as if they were in a locked, secured room but they got them in their favorite bar so the bs just spewed from them. Then they began to speak of what they were going to do this year. Nobody knew, not even Chester. It’s frightening as hell.

      • Man Eight this Russia thing is scary. Its very different to all the other fights the US has picked… what I find amazing is how delusional those at the top are if they thing they can win a fight like that against Russia… Or maybe they are so selfish they dont one bit care – only realise some will make a LOT of money (if they get out alive)

        And yeh that black bag with a red button – you think biden would remember what its for – i suspect he may just think its to call his nurse…

        • Nasir,

          “ Its very different to all the other fights the US has picked…”

          You sure about that?

          “We” do war for wars sake.

          It makes a few a lot of money. Culls the herd of those most able to resist oppression.

          After all, the cheapest commodity in the world is human life.

          • well – its different in the sense that in other cases the US wasn’t as likely to get its own ass kicked pretty bad in return. But yes in the other senses you refer – its no different….

            • Least we forget, the US didn’t defeat Hitler, Russia did. They suffered over a million dead taking Berlin, while the US suffered about 450k in both theaters.
              What I fear most is that the utter unconcealed insanity of our current Psychopaths In Charge is so deep that they might actually prefer sterilizing the planet to giving up their position and power.

              • well John – unfortunately history always shows this is the case – these psychopaths will do anything to cling on to power for just one more day….

        • Hi Nasir,

          I say this tongue in cheek, but: Seeing the blue afterburners of a Tu-160 high above DC, the Tsar Bomba on its way, would not make me cry…

            • Hi Publius,

              Yup; but it’s nuanced. A very good friend of mine runs a roofing business. His workers are almost all illegals – hard working ones, too. He can’t find local (legal Americans) to work for him. The problem being, in part, that the illegals can live on what he can pay while the legal Americans can get paid not to work.

              The illegals are better off here than where they came from, where poverty is a real deal – not like it is here. The “poor” here generally have homes with floors that aren’t dirt, have refrigerators and cell phones and plenty to eat. Poverty south of the border is not like that. No trabajo – no eat.

              • It comes from all ends.

                The “illegals” qualify for a considerable amount of state and local government benefits as well as socialized government services. They also may have lower employment costs avoiding much of uncle’s mandates if the employer hires them as contractors and thus need not be concerned about their status. As a result their actual net pay they get can be higher despite the employer paying less.

                Meanwhile americans need to make more to pay the taxes and reach the minimum level of living and safety dictated to them. On welfare, without paying taxes is like making considerably more money out in the world on one’s own.

                • Hi Brent,

                  Yup. Illegals can more readily “get away” with not paying the various mandated insurances and – of course – taxes. It is a shame American citizens cannot “get away” with the same as readily.

                    • I have been suggesting something like that for a while now. Hide your assets, burn your papers, hang out around the border wall until someone puts you on the gravy train.

                      Drive without license or insurance, ignore the tax man, take all the freebies you can.

          • Eric,

            That’s hilarious.

            Like my open letter to the terrorists, NYC is still there. Get your shit together. You’ve been been dicking around for decades. Bruce Willis took it over in no time. You guys have hair and a full beard. Get a new barber!

        • During the Obama years, I was on a tech forum where some hipster doofus claimed that the California National Guard could defeat Russia in a war. His reasoning was, get this, that Russians couldn’t withstand adversity.

          The Siege of Leningrad and the Battle of Stalingrad never happened according to this idiot.

          • Horst, I’ve read books about the Nazi’s rolling into Russia kicking ass. They ran out of supplies and then got more supplies only to roll in when it was so cold none of their machines worked.

            Moscow was a destroyed city with lots of people(mainly dying)but determined to eat their dead if they had to to defeat the Germans. I’m not sure a German made it out of there alive and the Russians weren’t in much better shape when it thawed they got more food from the Allies and more ammo and rifles. They certainly cleaned house on their way through Germany. I think the Russians are the epitome of “resilience”.

            Our soy boys and girls wouldn’t stand a chance and neither would the old people who might have with 40 years taken off their age. I’m still a good shot at 70, as are many, but I couldn’t walk 10 miles if my life depended on it. And that’s the story of my generation almost down to the last man. We’re worn out or either never learned a damned thing about survival and shooting.

            And that’s the reason those who went to the middle east and survived are such a challenge to Biden. They can still do it, not as they once did, but they have guns just like some of us oldsters do too. We’d only be a hindrance in a battle where you had to move. I think the Russkies would probably not stand still waiting for us to get windage and elevation right for them. And it’s not Russians I worry about. Biden is a Chinese plant as are many politicians and bureaucrats. It would be a civil war more than anything else.

              • Hi T,

                I’m an ardent amateur historian; especially as regards the WWII period and also Russia, generally. These are some tough folks and not to be trifled with. Napoleon discovered this. So did der grosstest feldherr alles zeitung. Putin, whether one likes him or not, is a man to be respected and not messed with lightly. Biden is a pathetic ward-heeler in comparison.

                • I see Putin as a guy one ought not fuck with. Like many of us in some ways, he’s a polite but firm man who looks out for his own, and extremely patient, though that has its limits. He’s tolerant, and will even put up with you slapping his face for a while. But God help us, because no one else will, if we smack him with a stick or even shake one in his general direction.

                • Eric,

                  The walking on the dead always seemed like something I could do without. With regards to the ostfront.

                  I had studied the “killing fields” of Pol Pott before I discovered Dan Carlin.

                  My family never mentioned either one. Even though they experienced both.

                  What dumbasses we humans are.

                  • Morning, T!

                    Yup. Humans – some of them – are capable of great ugliness. Other, great heroism. Many are just carried along. I am grateful I was born just in time to experience the remnants of America at is apogee. Not quite in time for Apollo, but close enough to have seen and experienced a dying piece of that world.

                    • eric, that was an exciting event and I watched it on a tv at the SUB at TTU. People cheered since it appeared to really be a great step for mankind.

                      Too bad Nixon had to take the US into a war on it’s own citizens. I can never figure out how Buchanan says he’s Nixon’s guy when he formed the DEA and took the US off the gold standard. It’s been on the way down ever since. I believe wages have dropped continuously since 73 that was fomented on the big lie there wasn’t enough petroleum. I might have believed that too but I knew drivers who hauled gasoline. They ran out of places to stash it.

                      They’d let truck stops run out of fuel leaving truckers to scavenge it anywhere they could.

                      A friend got caught with empty tanks in Ms. There was no reason for it since tankers were lined up as far as you could see at N.O. since I witnessed that myself.

                      I started hauling oil field equipment because every yard for one of those companies had plenty of fuel. I recall the friend who was stranded in Ms. bought a couple cases of oil and mixed with 100 gallons of gasoline to get back home……slowly.

          • And the French and the Germans are not the sum of their experience with invasion. I’m fairly certain that they have successfully invested in the means to put an end to such invasions. Which is probably why they keep electing Putin. I suspect that Putin has a disposition similar to my own. I have a very long and slow burning fuse, but God help you if you light it and hang around to see it go off.

          • Wow Horst ! – what was that dude smoking – a Californian can withstand more adversity than a Russian !! Thats proper delusional !!

  9. EP I’ve made it a game of clicking on all the meticulously hand-picked images in your articles and trying to guess their file names before they load..

    “Shart? Ahh, ‘shit pants’, yep”

  10. I literally laughed out loud reading this. Which doesn’t happen often.

    This is a masterful, rhetorical/logical jui-jitsu maneuver! Flip the script, use these karen-stasi’s tactics on them. Idiots and naive children can’t be reasoned with.

  11. Most amazing is that people think these things actually work!!

    Wearers get the disease all the time. I wonder if people who didn’t, who actually are mask commies, actually think everyone around them is a carrier and the ONLY reason they didn’t get it is because of the mask.


  12. Forget trying to use logic on the face diapered, even the kind about crotch diapers. If they were receptive to even a modicum of logic, you could convince them it’s not a threat in the first place or that asymptomatic spread has long been debunked. I’ve taken to just ignoring them rather than engaging. Something about trying to teach a pig to sing…

  13. Fort Detrick was featured in a magazine last summer, the article was ostensibly to present how hard they are all working to combat this alleged illness.

    However, the article noted that “SARS-CoV-2” was being analyzed in Level 3 labs (not the highest biosecurity, which is level 4), and that among the precautions taken, masks weren’t listed.

    The same article also said that “SARS” is much more deadly than “Co[n]vid-19.” Why no lockdowns, masks, etc., for “SARS”?

    • Since I was reading this mag in a public place (waiting room), undiapered (of course), I wrote several careful notes and questions, including the above, in the mag. Hoping many saw and were inspired to question the drivel being foisted by the mag and of course, TPTB. Didn’t see the mag in the waiting room when I went back a few months later. Maybe someone kept it for future reference? I can only hope.

    • SARS was no big deal because smartphones weren’t widespread back then, social media could be easily avoided, and there was no Trump out in the mainstream to hypnotize people into a frenzied state of TDS.

      This was all in the works for a long long time, while they waited for the masses to adopt the technology, they rolled out false flag after false flag, militarized the police, made eroding liberties an everyday thing and got people comfortable with being dehumanized. Now that they’ve got the serfs completely dependent on govt and the Internet of Things, making up a fake pandemic to control them with via smartphone is a piece if cake.

  14. Freaking hilarious! You sir are a comic as well as a scholar. The diapered donkeys are losing ground fast up here. More and more they are becoming less and less.

    The way I see it we will never return to normal. TPTB will never give up this scam. Thanks for the comic relief Eric. Some times laughter is the only medicine.

    • It is more truthful than funny. I’ve never seen so much persistent absurdity in my life be accepted, unquestioned, by so many!! It’s just so easy to shoot this thing full of holes.

      The most important thing I have taken from this scam is that once you get the lies out and the attendant fear is achieved, even after announcements from the very lying bodies counter the initial lies, the lies still rule the day – like asymptomatic transmission, PCR testing being completely falsified, surface transmission, etc.

      It’s really pathetic how people cling to such irrational fears. Every human has turned into Howard Hughes.

        • It was obvious what was happening after a friend sent me a couple YT’s of Kary Mullis where he outlined how he made the PCR test and what it meant. He said any magnification over 22 showed positive for the RNA strand he was seeking or showed nothing. He said anything above what he used would be worthless.

          So the vaccine makers made a test that always exceeded his number by a substantial amount, giving a minimum of 90% false positives with a test that he said he wouldn’t use to find a disease. He was killed nearly immediately in August of 2019. He supposedly died of the flu.

          • Hi Eight,

            As others have noted – and I agree – were it not for TeeVee “coverage” of the WuFlu, if people were just going about their lives, all would be normal. Because not remotely enough have died to make a blip and those who have died are mostly people one would have expected to die, most being elderly or already chronically ill. It’s only because of deliberate, non-stop fear-mongering (and social pressure to Diaper) that people believe “death is in the air.”

            • Yes eric, so true. There is a site I found and could probably find it again that showed the amount of deaths in the US for 30 years or so. 2020 certainly wasn’t the highest by any means.

              Nobody seems to be aware that vaccinations for the seasonal flu make the person who took one breathe out 6 times as much virus. Gets who really gets their asses kicked during the seasonal flu?

            • Larken Rose just dropped a great video on that yesterday encouraging folks to think about just that.. what if they hadn’t heard about it on the news and had to rely on their own interactions with the world to inform their reality? Surprising number or views and only a handful of dislikes.. more people are coming around, better late than never I guess.


              • Excellent, Moose!

                I’ve been trying to do the same on a smaller scale for the past year. I point out to people I know that I’m not dead or even sick – and so aren’t they. That we’re all ok. That the “pandemic”is on TeeVee – like the series, The Strain. Last year, I made a point of personally swinging by the regional hospital to see all the “bodies stacking up,” the waiting lines of the dying – the refrigerated morgue trucks. The place was dead. Because no one was there. I have two friends who are nurses – one at the local VA. They give me the straight scoop. Neither joint – the VA or the major hospital – has ever been “overwhelmed” or even close to it.

                • And see, those same noketown liberals will tell you their healthcare friends in cities told them theyyyy saw it, so it mustttt be true!

                  Have also heard it from local friends about “people they know” in healthcare. Uh, ok? I’m supposed to take their word about the word of someone they know who in all likelihood knows little to nothing about how the body works, or what the PCR test was intended for, and is probably just a fun beat away from being another dancing essential idiot in a TikTok video? They’re entitled to their blind faith but I can’t help wondering wtf they take me for by expecting that to be the thing that persuades me. I know a doctor guy! He’s seen sick people who match a very broad variety of symptoms who also test positive using a test that will find anything and make it appear to be something..they call that the thing they’re looking for an THEN you know it’s true!

                  Which brings me to another great Larken video from last July about the big scary bear around town..


                  • Hi Moose,

                    The funny thing is, I have two good friends who are “on the front lines” – nurses. One works at the regional hospital, the other at the VA. These are the two big “health care” joints in the Roanoke area and they serve the surrounding region, into NC. Neither has ever been “overwhelmed” with Walking Dead or dead piling up. This is solid info from reliable first-hand witnesses. From what I’ve gathered, the same situation obtains across the country. There is no medical “crisis” – only a pandemic of fear.

                    If “60 Minutes” or other forms of what used to be journalism still existed, there would be investigative reports about this.


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