Diaper Defiance is Spreading

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In Spain, they’re not only taking off their Face Diapers, they’re standing up to police who are trying to enforce Face Diapering. There was a huge rally of the Undiapered in Madrid, attended by thousands, who are tired of being told they’re sick and ordered to behave as if they were.

And when police tried to Hut! Hut! Hut! a woman who wasn’t wearing a Diaper, people came to her defense, forcing the Diaperers to back off.

Resistance is spreading.

It is all really good news – which probably explains why it isn’t being reported by the American press.

Which seems to want to report nothing but bad news – even when it has to be made up.

In order to efface the good news.

The most egregious example of this, of course, being the daily hyperventilating over “the cases!” the cases!” and “hot spots” of “cases!” The implication – never directly stated but heavily implied – is that a “case” is tantamount to death, or at least, an illness so serious that it will require medical attention to recover from it.

But the fact is that almost all the “cases” being reported don’t even have symptoms.

This is a disease so deadly people only occasionally get sick from it. And of those who do get seriously sick, almost all of them, according to the CDC, “had one or more underlying conditions such as chronic lung disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypertension.”


In other words, unless you are already very sick or very old – in other words, already vulnerable to everything – you’ll likely only know you are a “case” if a test says so.

And these tests have such a low threshold that “up to 90 percent of people who have tested positive should actually have been negative, as they are carrying only tiny amounts of the virus, are not contagious, pose no risk to others, and have no need to isolate,” according to the latest “science.” Which isn’t being widely reported because if it were, Americans might get sick of being ordered around and ordered to wear a Face Diaper – as the Spanish already are.

British doctor and author Malcolm Kendrick has reported something even more damning – the conflation between what epidemiologists call the Infection Fatality Rate and the Case Fatality Rate. The IFR rate includes everyone who tests positive and the number of the total who end up dying. The CFR rate is much more specific. It is the number of people with symptoms serious enough to require medical attention  – i.e., hospital admissions – juxtaposed with the number of that total who end up dead.

The IFR rate – which is very low – is being presented as very alarming, based on the number of positive tests.

But the CFR is where doctors get “cases” from.

It’s in the acronym. The word has a specific meaning, which the media – as per custom – inverts to mean its opposite. (See, for another case in point, the media’s “coverage” of the “peaceful” protests.)

If “the cases!” “the cases!” reported by the media corresponded to the medical cases – i.e., the CFR rather than the IFR – then the mass hysteria wouldn’t be, as millions of otherwise healthy would be dying. There would be reason to be afraid – though not to Face Diaper, as Face Diapers – the disposable things most people are wearing, to say nothing of the old bandanas lots of people are wearing – stop a virus like a chain link fence stops mosquitos.

Instead of reporting the difference – which would reduce the hysteria – the media continues to screech about “the cases! the cases!” (i.e., the number of positive test results) without reporting the key fact that most of these aren’t “cases” in the medical sense because there aren’t any symptoms other than a positive test. That a positive test isn’t a death sentence – or even a weekend spent in bed – for something on the order of 90 percent of these not “cases.”

Yes, of course, people have died. The media does report that – with pertinacity – but without context.

It has become politically incorrect to point out that elderly and very sick people tend to die in large numbers every year – because they are elderly and very sick.

It does not mean the not-elderly and healthy are going to die . . . before they get elderly and sick, at least.

But the media is doing its best to convince them that they will die if they test positive – by shystering the meaning of “cases” to mean what it doesn’t – in order to keep people afraid of what isn’t.

Which people in Spain are getting tired of pretending is.

Hopefully, that will soon spread.

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric,

    You left out something significant about the CaseDemic – the false positives from PCR testing. These tests look for any traces of virus – including dead virus scraps in people who had covid and their body eradicated the attack, usually without symptoms.

    So, “cases” can include people bolstering herd immunity.

    • What else would you expect from the 2nd circuit court? Its so far left that its coming back the other side. ^^
      CAFE is yet another example, of why government needs to keep its big/ignorant nose out of the economy.
      What the Progs can’t get passed through their bought and paid for politicians, they get through lawfare.

      • Hi BJ,

        The premise underlying CAFE is that car buyers’ desire for “efficient” cars – at any cost – is ignored by the car industry, which must be coerced via regulations to provide it regardless of cost. In other words, the car industry must be forced to build that which people are otherwise unwilling to pay for.

        In other words, take your medicine!

  2. Being in an area with lots of college students, every night on the “news” there is a hair-on-fire report that x number of kids at fill in the blank University have tested positive for the WuFlu. “The cases, the cases!” I have yet to see a report of even ONE death, nor even anyone being hospitalized. This is such a complete crock yet this supposedly well educated population mindlessly submits to it.

    • Its part of the sacred Narrative, that they have been taught to worship. Most are victims of the public “educational” system, who then went on to the even worse “higher education”. Picking up a crushing debt burden, to have ones head filled with Marxist BS is not a good life choice. Its no wonder our country is circling the drain.

    • Hi Mike,

      Ah, but they are not well-educated. Perhaps they have acquired a specialized skill. But can they think critically? Reason? The answer is – no, many cannot. I mean here college-educated people. Even people with advanced degrees. They are not stupid people in the low IQ sense but their minds are gimped in an important way. The government education system has been purposefully contrived to achieve this. To prevent children from attaining what was once called the age of reason. This meant the point at which a young person became an adult, usually in their early teens – defined by their ability to think as an adult. Which meant the critical faculty had been awakened. They could reason. They understood the “terms of the debate,” consciously. That the meaning of words mattered; that abstract principles were the basis for considering particular things in the context of the broader whole. That feelings weren’t facts. Etc.

      If that faculty isn’t developed, then you end up with mental children who can be terrified by things like “the cases!” – which to a thinking person means nothing (bad) as such, if these “cases” are not synonymous with serious – as in life threatening – symptoms and the likelihood of death.

      A thinking person will note that there are tens of millions of “cases” of bad breath and long toenails. And?

      • They may have memorized lots of stuff from Herr Marx, but they are too stupid to know to shake the flashlight when it quits working. Perfect Ingsoc Outer Party members.

  3. There are about five places near me to get free testing on demand, no need for a doctor’s prescription, symptoms or even an appointment. I have vowed not to go and urge others not to go. I don’t wish for my name to end up in a government database or become another number for “The cases! The cases!” used to tubthump for more curtailed freedoms and ridiculous rules. Some “positives” even end up forcibly quarantined and face arrest if they disobey. These are people who are not sick.
    I have no faith in the accuracy of the test or the honesty of public health officials about the stats, nor do I believe asymptomatic people are capable of spreading it, at least not to the point to justify locking up healthy people.
    If I ever suspect I have this, I will be polite (as I would if I had the flu) and keep my distance from others, wash my hands, cover coughs, etc. But unless I land in the ER unable to breathe, I am not taking their test.

    • Not just that, Amy May- but why would anyone give their DNA to the government or it’s minions? That may well be one of the very reasons for this whole scamdemic: To assemble a DNA database for the majority of people of earth!

    • Hi Amy,

      It is very sound policy to avoid getting testing, especially if you’re not sick. It’s a kind of neurosis, isn’t it? Hypochondria. Healthy people obsessed with sickness. Besides which, the tests are known – admitted by “the science” – to be vague at best and unreliable at worst. They “positive” people with slight amounts of “corona” (any corona, apparently) in their systems, which as I understand it most of us have because most of us have at one time or another had a cold.

      And – as you note – the tests are being used for sinister purposes. A “positive” test can mean quarantine/lock-down of you, everyone you know – possibly the taking of your children.

    • Hi Amy, I have news for you. Even if you don’t have the covid hoax, you will one day test “positive” regardless. If you don’t willingly go into the “quarantine zone” you will be seized at around 3 am and forcibly taken there. They will check you in, but they will never let you check out. It’s part of their population control plan that I heard about during my time in the fedgov (inc).

      Does anyone remember the closed military bases due to “budget cuts” under “W”?

      They didn’t really close. They have been repurposed. Many will discover their new purpose.

  4. Hi Eric (or anybody else),

    There are some other websites that devote a lot of emphasis to fighting against face diapers, and a few of them have some good resources or references. However, I haven’t been able to find any other website (libertarian or otherwise) in the country which has as many active posters steadfastly resisting mandatory face diapers. I was thinking about cross-pollinating a little bit. Has anyone else come across another site as active as this one?

    • Indeed, what is shown in the video is thousands. Everything the media report is a lie or a spin. Without exception. They usually get close on the local weather, beyond that there is no hard news outside the internet, and you have to consume mass quantities of that and figure things out for yourself.

  5. Placer County in Northern California has just voted to suspend emergency status and will enforce no state laws. I’ve been resisting the diaper since the beginning, my wife has refused 100%. Yesterday I walked into my bank and nobody said a word about seeing my (gasp) face! I was most pleased to see two others like me. Believe me when I say there is none more formidable than right thinking libertarian Californians. We’ve been surviving and thriving behind enemy lines my entire life!

  6. I have not put on a mask at all since the beginning of this psyop.

    I heard of some group of about 1000 people in Ohio who decided to do something about this fake pandemic. They decided to file a class action suit in federal court against the governor and “health” department officials for the obvious lies that they based their draconian measures on to ruin people and psychologically damage kids and adults alike. Maybe people in other states should do the same? Personally I think the whole system is in cahoots with the NWO’s agents ( mostly democrat governors) to carry out our utter destruction which is to literally kill most of us and keep the rest of the survivors as a class of slaves in a future caste system borrowed from the hell hole that is India where such caste system is in use. Kamala Harris’ brahmin ancestors are the beneficiaries of such a caste system where people born in such systems really do live and act as how they are expected to do based on the caste they are born in. Systemic racism is what is in India and the fools that are rioting in the streets will be getting a caste system. Kamala Harris’s as the Democratic party’s choice for president of the USA does not augur well for its people. Yes I did say president.

    I personally think the whole system has failed us. Government, clergy, corporations and all other entities have directly or indirectly conspired to attack us in this most tyrannical manner. We the people have been betrayed and sold out to the so called New World Order to be treated as slaves. No one asked our opinions. The majority of the sheep just diaper up and think it’s all fine and dandy. Anything short of a revolution will not change this ugly state of affairs. The fall into the precipice is ineluctable unless we wake up and get ready to resist. We are being led to the precipice and will be pushed into the raging fires of the hell they have created for us.

  7. “The cases the cases!” I never call them cases. I call them positive tests. Let’s get our terminology right. Like you said, a “case” is when someone is sick. Since the tests are inaccurate, I don’t even call them “infections” but positive tests.

    And my 88 year old mother says all the time, “But the people who died are all old people!” Despite her also being an old person. At least she gets it.

    Just a heads up – I heard about someone who’s trying to rally the troops and have a “no more mask” day on September 15th – https://www.dodbuzz.com/september-15-no-more-masks/. Not sure how well advertised it is or if there will be much participation, but it’s a start.

    • Jim,
      I went to this site and couldn’t really understand what they were trying to do. At first it looked to me like someone was trying to organize an anti-mask protest, but when I read more, it actually sounds like they were complaining that FEMA was going to stop funding masks for schools on Sept 15. In any event, I couldn’t find any information about an actual protest that was going to take place. I would love to see a mask protest in the U.S. like the Madrid protest that Eric linked to.

  8. Ppl don’t need to go to the streets and hold up signs, that’s what VOTING is for. The tyrants didn’t LET you vote. So you need to drag the tyrants into the streets and hang/burn them. That’s the only appropriate response at this point in time. Actually, why do you even have dictators that make decisions for you anyways? That’s what the people should be asking themselves.

    • **”why do you even have dictators that make decisions for you anyways? “**

      Larken Rose makes a great point by saying something to the effect of: That if you vote- regardless of who you vote for or what they do, you are consenting to have someone rule you.

  9. This guy/site is great IMO, makes some great points, backing up what I’ve said myself, I quoted two sections below.

    “…Scientifically speaking, a “virus” has never been isolated. What we know for certain is that so-called “viruses,” which the scientists who are bought and paid for by mega corporations refer to as “non-living particles,” are nothing more than bits and pieces of cell debris from expired cells.”

    “…Indeed, the only things that can be seen under a scanning electron microscope within and without of cells are cell debris from expired cells. Also, some scientists and doctors purport that exosomes are excreted from cells to gobble up poisons and carry them back to the cells to be transported out of the body. There are no such things as “viruses.” In fact, it is an utterly nonsensical and ridiculous claim to assert that non-living particles called “viruses” have infected the entire world. Even more ridiculous to assert that such “non-living particles” can “live” on shopping carts at grocery stores. It seems people’s minds have returned to the dark ages of sorcery, witchcraft, voodoo and evil spirits.”

  10. Last week seemed like peak diaper in KY. I would literally be the only one in a store of 200+ without a face-maxi on.

    These last few days have given me some hope though. I’m seeing more and more people who look reasonably healthy just not wearing one.

    Hell, my wife even got somebody to take his off at Kroger a couple nights ago. The guy was pissing and muttering under his breath about “being over it” and she said. Well, take it off! What are they gonna do? Nothing! He did, and we had a great unmasked convo with the guy. On this note there were a dozen or so people in the store out of about 50 who didn’t diaper up.

    Americans need to seriously grow some balls and turn off the T.V.

      • Seriously!

        In other news two Sasquaches bumped into each other while trying to find good a tree to piss on in the forest.

      • Between Frankfort and Shelbyville. Probably more livestock square mile than people where I live. The store we were at was kroger in Frankfort. I’m not real familiar with Lexington, most of my work is in East Louisville and surrounding counties.

        The more rural areas seem less convinced of the saving powers of flying diaper god. Where I see it the worst is the higher income neighborhoods.

        The more A.F.W.L. (affluent female white liberal) the more karens, the more soy drenched cucked “men.”

        But hey, they’re just flattening the curve, slowing the spread, masking up and caring about grandma , don’t ya know!?

        • Wouldn’t that be better as AWFL? The acronym rolls off the tongue better as “awful” than “afwul”… just saying. I’ve never seen it before but it needs to catch on.

  11. “[T]hey are carrying only tiny amounts of the virus…” Actually, they’re not carrying any virus at all. What’s being detected and amplified by the PCR process are fragments of inert genetic material from inside a virus’s shell, not live viruses. The PCR test detects viral remains. (That’s assuming you believe that the lab reporting the results correctly sequenced the virus’s genetic code and is even detecting the right virus.) The actual live virus hasn’t been found more than three weeks after people become symptomatic, but the fragments of RNA can be detected for up to 12 weeks after symptoms appear. Even with “live” viruses, the PCR process can’t detect quantity. It can’t tell you what the person’s viral load is. Without that, there’s no way to tell whether that person is infected. Just as Kary Mullis always said, the tests are worthless for diagnostic purposes.

  12. So, If you search “No More Masks September 15th”. It shows that FEMA is no longer reimbursing for PPE after this day. Here in Florida Gov Desantis has asked to review all local mask ordinances By September 15th. This is being widely declared Mask Independence Day!! Actually, I just made that up. But, I have seen several links stating that this should be the day we push for the demasking of our formerly proud republic.

  13. Hey Eric, glad to know you have not yet died from corona virus.
    Just got back to the UK after a trip to Pakistan. Not following the government “advice” to avoid all non essential travel and going back home for the summer was probably one of the best decisions ive made lately….. was just such an eye opener. Everyone knows theres a virus, and government says all the standard lines, but nobody takes it too seriously !! Was so refreshing to see people get on with life… and, despite all the not giving a shit – Pakistan hardly had any corona virus cases!!

    THOugh right when I get back to Heathrow, from the minute I land bombarded all over with messages, sighs, announcements of how deadly it is, and how we have to be careful. How I have to wear a mask. Numerous rent-a-cop type airport “security” people came to me and shouted to “put the mask on”, which I did, letting it slide down as soon as I passed them… that said, my daughter who hates the mask- figured out ingenious way to avoid it – at the airport lounge in Qatar while transiting we had to wear it. They kept telling us to put the mask back on. So she got a glass of juice from the bar, put it on the table next to her, and whenever the person would tell her to put own a mask, she would tell her she’s drinking juice !!! So proud of her for figuring out a loophole to a pointless government rule at 8, all by herself!!!

    • Hi Nasir!

      Good to hear from you – and glad you’re also well. Glad almost all of us are! But it’s depressing reading about all this Diaper Hectoring (and Hut! Hut! Hutting!). It is painfully obvious that Diapering is entirely about normalizing submission to the “new normal” – which has nothing to do with physical sickness but rather everything to do with acclimating the populace to being herded like cattle.

      • I remind my kids almost daily, who are forced to wear a mask at school, that the mask requirements are obedience training for future, harsher requirements to come.

        It kills me to think of them sitting in class all day with that damn thing on their faces.

        • You are making a big mistake. You don’t have to send them. Take them out and home school them. Have a doctor show that they cannot breath and that this pos of a mask is making them ill. Take them to the doctor saying that they are ill due to the mask. The doctor should give you a note and then you ask for a disability accommodation that they either be allowed in school without having to wear a mask or that they find an alternative such as remote schooling. My kids are at home doing “remote” schooling. I did not want to send them if they had to wear a mask and social distance etc..

        • Do what I do. We had some custom made windows done on the 125 year old house. One of the screens was torn and the guy was apologetic and vowed to replace it which he did.
          Anyway he was going to throw it away, which I stopped. I am a believer in recycling so I made my mask from it. It is the nylon type of screen and meets all requirements for the few places that I go to that demand a mask. It is as effective as the labeling as the 3M N100 masks that say on the box that they are ineffective for virus screening, so what’s the difference? You don’t care, but they allow for free breathing and I look silly.

    • Hi Clay,

      This makes no sense – again. Droplets? Unless person is sick – and sneezing – there are no droplets. Do you spew droplets when you breathe?

      In any case, the whole thing is premised on an outrageous thing – the assertion of sickness. Not the fact. This is a critically important distinction to make – and insist on – because if people can be forced to wear a Face Diaper because it is asserted they might be sick then we’ve opened Pandora’s Box to limitless proofless micromanagement – and punishment – of everyone’s life.

      Wear a Diaper because you might be sick and might spread sickness?

      Stick out your arm and get needled – on the same basis.

      Forget cash. Someone might not pay their fair share of taxes or be using their money to do illegal things. Cashless is the way to go!

    • The operative word, of course, being “volunteering.” By all means, have at it. Just don’t expect or demand me to join your sickness cult.

    • Hi Clay,

      Yes, another rushed together observational study claiming that masks, “may, might, is likely to, could”, etc…Well, “it’s likely” that the mask mandates are motivated by politics, not science or health. Do I have evidence for this observation? Yes, I do. Until recently both the CDC and the WHO were flatly against general mask use. The fact that they now recommend otherwise, absent ANY new, credible evidence, strongly suggests that this is about politics.

      Here is the CDC analysis of RCT’s from 1946 – 2018, released in May of 2020.


      “In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20”.

      Note the RR of 0.78, which means that the studies showed a statistically insignificant negative effect (more likely to get sick).

      Here’s an article from the BMJ,


      From the article, according to the WHO,

      “there is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can prevent them from infection with respiratory viruses, including covid-19. Wearing masks in the community can also give people a false sense of security, it said, and lead to them neglecting other measures, such as hand hygiene and physical distancing”.

      What caused the change from May to now? It certainly wasn’t science or new evidence. There have been NO RCT’s (randomized case trials) published on this issue in the era of Covid, let alone any that contradict the 7 decades of research on the topic. Fauci, the self serving little weasel, recently explained that it would be unethical to even conduct a randomized case control trial on mask use. So, he either genuinely believes that (which is anti-science) or he’s creating cover for his political flip on the issue, option B seems much more likely to me.

      The numerous observational studies rushed out on this issue, and trumpeted by opportunistic politicians and their ignorant accomplices in the media, do not constitute evidence that people “should” wear masks. Observational studies CANNOT provide evidence of causation, at best they can show correlation which, if strong enough, warrants a randomized case control study. But, these studies don’t even show that, which is why they are riddled with “might, may, could, is likely to, etc…” What these words mean is that the studies don’t even show a strong enough correlation to warrant an RCT. That they are being trumpeted as “evidence” is pretty compelling proof that this hysteria is about politics, not science.

      Many people insist that if masks may help at all, then we have a moral obligation to wear one; emphasizing these crappy studies lends support to this seemingly sensible, but actually monstrous, idea. First, this supposed moral duty can be invoked at any time, for any amount of time, over any potential threat, for it is always true that I “may” pose a risk to someone else. There is no end game to such thinking. Second, this framing simply assumes that mask wearing is merely a trivial inconvenience that causes no harm. It completely ignores trade-offs and risk assessment (necessary aspects of life to non-crazy people). Masks do cause harm, physically and psychologically. The physical harm is usually trivial for most people, but can be significant for asthmatics, etc… The psychological harm is potentially devastating. The mask is an outward symbol of the “lockdown”, a means of determining the virtuous from the selfish. The mask is a symbol of compliance, both to authority and a particular narrative. That narrative insists that only selfish, bad people refuse to mask up. It breeds fear, mistrust and anger. It promotes simplistic, rigid moral posturing. It renders reasoned discussion a near impossibility. If left unchecked, it may destroy civil society.


    • When reading about a “scientific study” or even reading the “study paper” itself and qualifiers such as “may,” “might.” and “could” are used, you know the “study” couldn’t prove shit and most often the authors resort to assertions, especially if there is political motive. In other words, it’s not science. It’s just bravo sierra wrapped up in a lot of pseudointellectual verbiage. Further investigation of study design and statistical treatment of the resulting data will reveal the depth of the malarkey. Sad to say, that today, very little science is being accomplished in almost any field.

      • Anytime I mention there is not one study that remotely even suggests that diapers work, someone will bring out one of those “may, might, could” essays. Let’s label it as it is. A study requires data. None of these are studies. They are opinion essays. The first thing I look for is the “may, might, could” language which they all have. Of course no amount of facts can change these people’s faith in virus scientology. It’s like Bezmenov said,
        “As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter anymore,” said Bezmenov. “A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures; even if I take him by force to the Soviet Union and show him [a] concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it, until he [receives] a kick in his fan-bottom. When a military boot crashes his balls then he will understand. But not before that. That’s the [tragedy] of the situation of demoralization.”

        • Matt., that is because current society has been raised on a steady diet of “may, might have, could possibly…” and “So IF we surmise “a” then it follows that “b” must also be true”.

          THAT is what has replaced actual science, and has permeated edumacation for decades now, masquerading as “fact” when it in actuality it is nothing but indoctrination in faith-based religion which is used to justify the narratives they want us to believe.

          So with COVID….so with evolution, cosmology, psychology, astronomy [See discussion under “Diapering Under Duress”], and virtually every other theoretical “science”- it’s ALL peppered with “May have, could possibly, might….” -but few seem to notice or pay attention to the little words, as they are bedazzled by “the experts” and the need to conform to what everyone else readily accepts without thought or question.

          Just the recognition of those “little words” does wonders to start the process of opening ones eyes, and to make one start to distinguish between actual science vs. prognostication, fanciful musings, and science-fiction. “But the computers! The models!”…..

          • Nunzio, I was with you up to Astronomy, and then the bells on my leg started ringing… ^^ The first three have serious issues (especially the third…) but astronomy is the only legitimate science in the list. Unless you can provide something, that provides more insight, concerning what we observe in space. We are going to have to struggle along with our current, limited knowledge.

  14. “And when police tried to Hut! Hut! Hut! a woman who wasn’t wearing a Diaper, people came to her defense, forcing the Diaperers to back off.”
    That is perhaps the very best news you are reporting Eric. Tyrants don’t back off because you disagree with them, even if you can prove beyond all doubt that your argument is correct. It takes forceful resistance, whether civil disobedience or threat of physical violence. Sometimes actual violence. I don’t recall any tyrannical government in history reversing course except by financial collapse, as in Rome and the USSR, or violent resistance, including civil disobedience, or the threat thereof.

    • “Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion [that violence never settles anything] is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”
      R.A. Heinlein

    • Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

      They’ve been saying for 20 years now, about as long as they’ve been pushing driving as a privilege and not a right, that “government has a monopoly on legal violence”. This of course flies in the face of the second amendment, and millennia of human history and lore.

    • Morning, Nunz!

      It is becoming clear that the “home of the brave”isn’t here. It is over there. The average American is poltroonish almost beyond articulation.

      PS: It’s a damned shame you’re not closer; would be a fun thing to pass an evening on the lawn chairs discussing cosmology!

      • Hi Ya Eric!

        My opinion of boobus Americanus was already pretty low….but seeing all of these legions of ubiquitous diaperoids lately has not only disgusted me, but also made me realize just how grim the situation is- that so many would just mindlessly comply, and accept such an intrusion as “normal” so quickly.

        Yeah, pity that we’re not neighbors! I’m not very social, but I know I’d enjoy hanging out with you! I’m grateful though, that at least with the advent of the internet, that we can at least know each other. I just KNEW that there had to be others like us “out there”! (I haven’t abandoned our “lawn chair”….just pecking at it as time permits!)

        • Hi Nunzio, Eric, I think more Americans are protesting than in say they UK – where they have great pride in following whatever the government tells them to do !! Yes there has been some resistance lately, but I think theres much more in the US than in the UK

          • Hi Nasir!

            Oh, that’s depressing, because there isn’t much resistance here at all. The few people one sees out and about sans masks, are usually old people who look like they likely have COPD or some other “legitimate” medical exemption.

            Even the few people I know in real life who are somewhat liberty minded, just say “Oh, ya have to wear a mask” and comply 🙁


            Very glad to hear that you had a nice respite in Pakistan, though! Must’ve been a chore to talk yourself into coming back!

            • yeh was brilliant getting out – would highly recommend to anyone who can. And yes it really does make you think – is it worth being in what they tell us is a “developed” nation, given the intrusion in every aspect of your life? As of now I’m under house arrest for 14 days because you know I could be really be sick (despite taking a covid test before leaving Pakistan) and someones sweet little granny could die because of selfish me who went on holiday against government advice. Sooner or later I hope more and more in the west will realise these things and ask themselves this question…

              • Just don’t come to Australia unless you have slanted eyes and a chink passport. Only those chinks displacing the natives from the universitiess or who work as a spy for the communist chink party are welcome.

      • That is good to hear. In my part of NC it seems the diaper is pretty pervasive, but I do live near Raleigh where a lot of folks drink the Governor Pooper Kook-aide. I really would have hoped by now a lot of us would have stopped the insanity as the evidence mounts that they do not work.

    • Hi Hattarasman,

      “You can’t know someone is a rapist just by looking at them…” accompanied by that got-damned insipid strumming guitar backtrack that is the backdrop for practically every ad nowadays.

      And they ask my why I drink.

      • Aside from the fact that the video is obvious propaganda regarding a flu-like virus at worst, the mere fact that “Comments are turned off” is reason enough not to disregard it. They know that if the video allowed comments it would be mercilessly mocked!

        I’ve seen a recent ad from Uber which shows masked people “protecting each other. It then ends with “No mask, No ride.”


        F-you Uber. That’s what you want? That’s what you get. No ride for me!

        • You guys in OZ seemed to be more freedom loving in the last few decades. Even the photos/videos I have seen during the plandemic, you guys seem to be ignoring it. Probably the reason for the victorian government and their current tyrannical temper tantrum. You should have never given up your guns. Here we have the opposite problem. Even people with guns are remarkably compliant with the tyranny.

          • Matt, because the rot is so advanced, and the communism has corrupted the legal system so thoroughly, people with guns tend to keep their heads pretty low. I’m not admitting anything but I’m pretty sure there are a LOT of good guys carrying with or without permission these days.

            Until the time someone steps up, then things will likely change. Kyle Rittenhouse stepped up- and interestingly the nonstop rioting and agitation stopped- I’m sure the oppressors are aware of the danger of losing all their illegitimate gains. That kid is going to be a folk hero.

  15. Stafford County is a D.C. suburb, which means you’re smack in the middle of liberal country. It’s not surprising that everyone there is diapering since the initial (unspoken) motive for the mask was to identify as anti-Trump. They’ll almost certainly keep them on until the election.

    • Hi Jim. Unfortunately, the DC influence has indeed spread this far. When I first arrived in the DC area in 1975, Springfield was the end of the DC suburbs. By the end of the 1980s, it had extended to the Occoquan River. In recent years, the Rappahannock became the dividing line, though the southern part of Stafford County was still pretty solid. Now even Spotsylvania County, south of the river, is infected.

      It’s ironic that I type this while sitting on land that was part of the farm that George Washington grew up on. The youthful Washington probably walked across what is now my front yard. Would he have bothered with the sacrifices he made, would he have suffered the ordeals that he went through, if he had known that it was all going to be thrown away for nothing?

      • I wonder that, too! And yeah, northern VA must have one of the fastest growing populations in the nation. That place never stops expanding.

        • Hi Jim,

          I grew up in Northern Virginia (Fairfax County) and saw the growth – cancer-like – of the area. It is due to the growth not only of government but of corporations and other “businesses” parasitic on government. Probably two out of every three workers either works for the government or for a company that works with the government.

          No surprise, Northern Va votes for more government – for the same reason that cockroaches “vote” for more food left uncovered in the pantry.

          • ALL the members of the MIC are prominently represented in Northern VA! Just a quick drive down 28 past Dulles or in and around Tysons Corner will confirm this. You’ll see beautiful, big buildings emblazoned with names like Northrop-Grumman, etc.

          • I lived in Fairfax for 20 yrs, 1970-1990 and we travel back there when we can to visit family. I95 is a nightmare and politics saturates everything. Although we love our family, I can’t imagine ever living there again.

      • Hi Mike!

        Until 2003, I lived in Loudoun County, just a few miles from Dulles Airport. In my youth, in the ’80s, Loudoun was as rural as where I live now (Floyd County, in SW Virginia) is. Vast open tracts of land, forests and a sprinkling of Brady Bunch-type homes.It was actually a nice place to live. But it became intolerable by the early 2000s. The traffic alone was suffocating. It sometimes took half an hour to travel the five miles from my house to my ex-wife’s townhouse, just down Route 7. I couldn’t take it anymore and so I fled.

        Now it may be time to flee again. But to where?

        • IDK where, but if you’re even in OR for whatever reason (visiting/etc) you’re always welcome at my house (near Bend), I assume my email is in your user list.

        • Hi Eric. The transformation of this area over the last 45 years is breathtaking. The first time I traveled from National Airport to Quantico in 1975, I-95 was two lanes in each direction once you got outside the Beltway. Garrisonville Road, 234 from Quantico to Manassas, and Plank Road in Fredericksburg were country roads. Woodbridge hardly existed; Springfield was pretty much the end of the world.

          The same thing has happened along I-66, the Route 7 corridor, and the major arteries in Maryland. All of that money stolen from Iowa, Maine, Louisiana, etc., to grow the fedgov has fueled the sprawl. And there’s no end in sight.

          Where to? Wish I knew. As your experience shows, a great place can turn to shit over time. Even if you do identify a place to move to, you could well end up in the same situation. For that very reason, I have decided to make my stand right here.

  16. I go to NYC every two weeks for medical treatment. Two weeks ago, 90%+ diaper compliance – joggers, bicyclists, dog walkers, police, everyone. Today, 70% diapering. Almost no joggers or cyclists with them on. Few police officers with them on. This, in the epicenter of the virus, leftism, government obedience, and militant diaperism. My friend who lives on the upper west side confirmed the recent diminishing of diapering. I’m seeing it in CT too. If it’s wearing thin in liberal lala land, maybe perhaps it’s on its last legs.

    More good news – Astra Zeneca’s vaccine isn’t working. And the vaccine pushers appear to be acknowledging it ain’t happening any time soon. If we can hold out just a while longer, we might just emerge ok.

    • Hi BAC. My experience here in southern Stafford County, Virginia, is the opposite. Diapering has become near universal. On my weekly shopping trip yesterday, the only undiapered person I encountered was the guy who runs the tobacco shop. He’s been very good since the beginning of this farce: he doesn’t even have a diaper muss sein warning on the door. Everywhere else — wine store and two grocery stores — mine was the only bare face.

      Your report is encouraging; I only wish that mine could be also.

      • That’s been my experience here in Charleston SC too, Mike. For whatever reason the diaper is damned near universal now, whereas during most of the farce one would see plenty of people without them. Now I’m almost always the only unmasked face anywhere I go.

        As I mentioned before, it really wears on ya, and has done irreparable damage to casual but previously friendly relationships.

        • Hi Bill,

          It has also done some good – in that now you know who is worth your friendship… and who isn’t. I regard the militant Diaperers as I would have militant Nazis – and those who “go along” as even worse, because they don’t really believe it but aren’t willing to fight against it.

          • **” I regard the militant Diaperers as I would have militant Nazis – and those who “go along” as even worse, because they don’t really believe it but aren’t willing to fight against it.”**

            ^This! The “believers” are just retards who are incapable of logical thought, and do whatever the TeeVee says, because they actually believe the narrative; while those who just “go along to get along” have demonstrated that they essentially have no principles- as they will simply and unresistingly comply with virtually anything as long as doing so allows them to conveniently get whatever they want. Makes no difference if it’s letting themselves be groped at the airport…or covering their face with a mask. They have no loyalty, dignity nor respect to their own autonomy- and much less for ours?

        • Bill B. wrote:
          “That’s been my experience here in Charleston SC too, Mike. For whatever reason the diaper is damned near universal now, whereas during most of the farce one would see plenty of people without them. Now I’m almost always the only unmasked face anywhere I go.”

          You know, I cancelled my plans to spend my 70th birthday in Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC because of the tyrannical masking requirements. (fines and jail time threatened in both places). The populace is so inundated with propaganda and emotional rhetoric that most essentially are drones. Instead, I’ll be roaming around in rural north GA without a mask.

          The context of all this “Submit or die” rhetoric, IMO, is an attempt to divert attention from the fact that economic chickens are coming home to roost and tons of companies are whistling past the graveyard, hoping that they will be rescued. All of the companies that make woodworking tools and such are starting to have extremely serious supply chain issues. The PtB essentially shut down the whole world economy and the citizens around the world just let it happen. It’s extremely bad everywhere. A lot of the political motivation in the U.S. and England is to punish the populist movements that brought us Trump and Brexit….how dare individuals wish to oppose global tyranny!!! I know this was predictable, and predicted but I surely do not enjoy being right about this….

        • Hi Bill

          I am vacationing on the outskirts of Charleston currently and we have had a few restaurants that refused to serve us without our duck bill in place….we just turn around and leave. There have also been a few that have no issue with it. The stores won’t let us in so I am saving tons of money. The family and I drove through downtown yesterday and was pleasantly surprised on the number of people out and about without them on. Most of the outer islands have no mandate for outdoor mask wearing and I still see fools with them strapped to their faces.

    • Hi BAC,

      Holding out is everything.

      People can get a shot in the arm from history. In 1940, it appeared that Hitler was unstoppable. Many gave in to what they cynically decided was inevitable. The brave ones resisted. They held out.

      We can, too.

    • And there is so much disappointment here in Oz that AZ vaccine has failed. Meanwhile I am so thrilled. Vaccines won’t work against remnants of a few molecules. AZ has the government contract here is Oz to distribute these sterilizing agents on behalf of evil Gates.


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