Very Good Things . . .

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So many good things have come about as a result of the worst thing that has happened to us, ever. That being the “pandemic,” as its purveyors have largely succeeded in getting most of us to refer to it. Very much as they got us to use their verbiage to refer to the events of September 11, 2001 as “911.” Both of these usages being of great psychological importance. By using them, we are manipulated into agreeing with them. There is a “pandemic.” We agree that an emergency – 911 – exists. 

There are other such usages, such as the injunction to wear your (rather than a) “mask” and get your “vaccine.” That the “climate” is “changing.” 

These are all very bad things.

But a good thing has happened. More people than ever before have begun to examine these usages, to think about what is meant –  and once that begins, it is very difficult to ever stop it.

A good way to understand the process is by referring to the old sci-movie, They Live – which was about a society asleep at the wheel, programmed to the uses of a cabal of aliens who people couldn’t see unless they put on special sunglasses. Once they saw, they could not unsee.

It works the same in real life, no special sunglasess needed. 

People have begun to see – not only through the lies – but that the lies are deliberate, malicious and being used to further ends no less diabolical than in the movie. 

They live, indeed.

And more of us than ever not only see them, we no longer trust them. Will never trust them, ever again. Whatever benefit of the doubt they may have enjoyed, any presumption of well-intendedness, has been lost, forever. Millions of us now assume they are lying – about everything. Take nothing they say at face value. Operate from the presumption that they are malicious rather than mistaken.

The goodness of this cannot be overstated.

It is not cynicism. It is healthy awareness. The same awareness we learn to develop about poisonous reptiles, for instance. Children know to be cautious around snakes. Adults are beginning to relearn the same caution around human-in-form snakes. This awareness will be the undoing of the snakes.

Including the ones wearing white coats.

Prior to the “pandemic,” these snakes enjoyed a deference comparable to that which Catholic priests once enjoyed. One did not question Father’s interest in young boys. Even when something told you something was very wrong about Father’s interest in young boys. No, it cannot be that. I shouldn’t even be thinking that. And then it became impossible to deny that Father was doing exactly that.

And so it is with the white coats.

The god-like aura is dissipating and along with it, the deference these white coats previously enjoyed. The profession – like that of priest – is tainted, perhaps forever. Which is perhaps a very good thing if it means that reflexive deference and blind trust are no longer extended. A priest is not necessarily a bad man- and neither is a doctor. But neither are necessarily good men, either – entitled to deference just because they wear a collar or a stethoscope. When either acts in a manner that arouses suspicion of motives, be suspicious of motives.

This is very, very good.

Another good thing that has happened is dawning awareness that government schools are very bad things for kids. The “pandemic” put sunglasses on millions of parents, who for the first time finally saw – literally – what was going on in those schools. This can never be unseen, either. Millions have decided to keep their kids out of government schools, forever.

An exceedingly good thing. Family bonds are being renewed. Closeness, re-established. Children are being taught to think rather than what to think. This will enable them to see, as if someone gave them a pair of those special sunglasses.

But perhaps the best thing of all to happen as an unintended result of all the badness is the turning back toward ourselves – toward those we know, whom we know we can trust – because we do know them. Who have earned it. Our friends. Our families. The people in our own orbit. Like the neighbor who raises tomatoes, who swaps you for the eggs laid by your chickens. The guy who owns the gas station/hardware store down the road, who feels the same way you do about “masking” – and would never try to force you to wear one.

There is a lot of goodness, all around us – which they emphatically do not want us to see. It is why they have worked so hard to set us apart. Literally. Physically. The ordered isolation, the “social distancing,” the facelessness attending “masking” – all of it meant to achieve precisely that.

Because if we ever become aware of what they are doing to us and begin to come together, conscious of the power for good latent in that, it will be an extremely bad thing . . .

For them.

. . .

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  1. Forgive me for sounding pessimistic, but I beg to differ. While people’s trust in the elites may have dwindled, their egos certainly haven’t, and probably never will. There’s a lot of dildos here in Doitey-Joisey that are still wearing (and even requiring) the damned muzzles! And this is well over a year after our overlord dropped the statewide mandates. Antisocial media and “woke” culture have made a good chunk of the population so full of themselves, that they will never admit any fallacies, even if it means their death.

  2. At the beginning (around spring, when all their narrative was falling apart and “mandate” started to disappear) I felt like you.

    In summer, I visited my family and friends and compared to the summer of last year, they had somewhat ‘evolved’ (from scared covid believer & jabbed to knowing it’s like a cold) but never to the point of admitting the scam for what it is.

    However people behaved more normally, no face diapers except for few real psychos (who will need full therapy to live in the future), no more BS around, people even kissing and hugging as it should be.


    Until I went to the doctor and some stupid bitch (sorry no other word for that) demanded me to wear a face diaper (which i didn’t) and until I realized I was the only one not wearing a muzzle, nurses, dr, and patients all with the mar of their stupidity and submission.

    So, more people are aware and aware but where I live, the majority are stupid, no other explanation, just plain stupid.

    They will tae a 4th, a 5th and n dose if they are told by the scumbags in power and media because they are just some special kind of stupid.

    My faith in humanity will never be restored as long as among us are people like that and it includes former friends and family (which are now nothing to me).

    This is what this PLANDEMIC brought to my life. Most people are sheeple.

    And make no mistake they are working on the next crisis.

    Take some rest, enjoy the summer, be ready for war soon.

    • Hi Bill

      You make some very good points. The way these things work out, roughly 30% of a given population typically become cultists. Roughly 40% are in the go along to get along group. That leaves roughly 30% who oppose these types of operations. These figures come from studies into whats known as mass formation psychosis. The last two plus years has been an example of one of the most extensive, damaging and dangerous psych ops in human history. We will be feeling the impact for decades to come. You are quite right to use the word stupid. Its been used before. You many find this video of interest.

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  4. they lie 24/7 to keep the reality hidden, to hide the theft…

    Corruption requires opacity: backroom deals, insider trading, bribery, etc. cannot occur in the bright light of transparency,

    What’s Truly Important? The Global Revaluation Is Accelerating
    How much gold will you trade for a few eggs? It depends on how hungry you are.

    Those with the means to supply their own food, energy and water (what I call the FEW essentials) will survive, those who live or die on long dependency chains snaking through global rivals will not.

    • Those with the means to supply their own food, energy and water (what I call the FEW essentials) will survive,

      gates bought all the farmland to cut you off….

    • We think we’ve seen it all, but now even the WEF is being blatantly open about the destruction of private autos…just, wow, all I can figure is something mega enormous is happening shortly, worldwide, and our hands will be tied and limited to what we can do….

  5. My sister and her two boys were visiting last week. When my apolitical sister is talking about a national break-up, it is a pretty clear indicator that the message is being recieved. The older nephew is taking a gap year working at a warehouse for $35/hr in a part of the country where that’s a pretty good income. He’s talking about living out of his Jeep for a while before settling down to college, if that’s where he ends up.

    There are more people who get it than we think.

  6. Johnstone: Our Entire Civilization Is Structured Around Keeping Us From Realizing We Can Do This

    the recurring nightmare of every ruler throughout history. the Romanian solution..

    Thousands of protesters outraged by the deteriorating material conditions of the nation’s economic meltdown have stormed the presidential palace of Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

    If you’ve ever wondered why so much energy goes into keeping everyone propagandized in our society, this is why. If you’ve ever wondered why our rulers work so hard to keep us divided against each other, this is why.

    If you’ve ever wondered why we’re always being instructed to take our grievances to the voting booth even though we learn in election after election that it never changes the things that most desperately need to change, this is why.

    Our entire civilization is structured around preventing scenes like the one we’re seeing in Sri Lanka today. Our education systems, our political systems, our media, our online information.

    Religions that have been around for thousands of years because the powerful endorsed and promulgated them are full of passages extolling the virtues of obedience, poverty, meekness, and rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. From the moment we are born our heads are filled with stories about why it’s good and right to consent to the status quo and why it would be wrong to take back what has been stolen from us by a predatory ruling class.

  7. Hoyt Axton recorded this song:

    by Major Innes Randolph, C.S.A.

    Oh, I’m a good old Rebel soldier, now that’s just what I am;
    For this “Fair Land of Freedom” I do not give a damn!
    I’m glad I fit against it, I only wish we’d won,
    And I don’t want no pardon for anything I done.

    I hates the Constitution, this “Great Republic,” too!
    I hates the Freedman’s Bureau and uniforms of blue!
    I hates the nasty eagle with all its brags and fuss,
    And the lying, thieving Yankees, I hates ’em wuss and wuss!

    I hates the Yankee nation and everything they do,
    I hates the Declaration of Independence, too!
    I hates the “Glorious Union” — ’tis dripping with our blood,
    And I hates their striped banner, and I fit it all I could.

    I followed old Marse Robert for four years, near about,
    Got wounded in three places, and starved at Point Lookout.
    I cotched the “roomatism” a’campin’ in the snow,
    But I killed a chance o’ Yankees, and I’d like to kill some mo’!

    Three hundred thousand Yankees is stiff in Southern dust!
    We got three hundred thousand before they conquered us.
    They died of Southern fever and Southern steel and shot,
    But I wish we’d got three million instead of what we got.

    I can’t take up my musket and fight ’em now no more,
    But I ain’t a’gonna love ’em, now that’s for sartain sure!
    I do not want no pardon for what I was and am,
    And I won’t be reconstructed, and I do not care a damn!

    Might as well tell it like it is.

    Build Back Better is analogous to Reconstruction.

    “Does anybody know what time it is? Does anybody really care?” – Chicago, the group

  8. What there isn’t enough awareness of is the fact that these alphabet agencies have been buying millions of rounds of ammunition for seemingly no reason. Or how the ATF seeks to consolidate gun retailers by constantly, relentlessly auditing (again, for seemingly no reason) small, independent gun shops that had previously been going for 50+ years. One doesn’t need to wear their thinking cap too hard to figure the end goal of that.

    • Locale A Hole,
      You got that right. Heaven forbid the dude that was double boosted and died anyway…..At least the dude’s only dead!
      Just imagine if the individual was “Unvaccinated”……

      Holy Shit…then it could lead to “Double Dead”…….or even worse
      “Super Dead”!!!….


  9. “They Live” is one of my all-time favorites, up there with “Braveheart”.

    I hope ever more people care about thinking for themselves, as well as their “FREEEDOM!”.

  10. Today’s conspiracy theory is tomorrow’s or next week’s facts.

    The problem for our ruling class is that their power is derived from the trust we have in the institutions they control. They’ve foolishly squandered that trust with the COVID scam, the rigged election where a dementia patient somehow got more votes than Obama and Hildabeast, the January 6th nothing-burger, global warming/cooling/whatever carbon sucks and the war in Ukraine.

    They know they’re lying, we know they’re lying, they know that we know they’re lying yet they still continue to lie. Why is that? They’re demonic sociopaths. They must be forcibly ejected from power. Period. This doesn’t end until their rule comes crashing down like the Berlin Wall. Elections are pointless, as 2020 showed. The system only selects for its own kind.

    • Dear Sarah,

      I realize I am not supposed to talk to the Russian bots, but you do realize you are soliciting for a company that has been liquidated since September 2016, correct? Just out of curiosity are you still headquartered out of Western Siberia? You would do much better if you actually took advantage of Russia’s natural resources that can be found in that area, especially the oil. You could probably make much more than $92/hour.

  11. More very good things I might add:

    1. Police departments and police officers do not act in the interests of the people they’re supposed to protect. Note how Derek Chauvin was still on the force despite numerous claims against him for excessive force and other misconduct. Note how police stood down in the summer of 2020. Note how police failed to enforce legit offenses against traffic laws that endangered people for fear of catching the Rona (which actually is slim to none in traffic stops).

    2. As someone mentioned earlier, it is not a good idea to be too dependent on other countries for critical goods and resources. This is especially true of food, energy, and medical supplies, and especially true of countries where disease outbreaks and political upheavals have been known to happen on the regular.

    3. The “efficiency gains” made to our economy have made it unsustainably fragile. Just in time manufacturing and inventory management, global supply chains, and lean workforces have indeed increased efficiency (and “shareholder value”) at the expense of resilience and slack in the systems. These models work fabulously as long as everything goes according to plan—but fall apart as soon as something goes wrong.

    4. It matters less who sits in the White House, the Capitol, governors’ mansions, and statehouses; and more who sits on the bench. That was one thing that the Orange Man understood and acted on, for better or worse.

  12. Great rant, Eric. You are correct that we’re well over critical mass of peope who get it, who know that the government and the media lies not just occasionally, not intermittently, but pathologically and that any truth that does escape them is inadvertent or a red herring to feed some greater lie.

    The next step is for those same folks to form defensive alliances. Like the respect accorded to biker gangs, the enforcers will learn to show deference and respect once they experience karmic comeuppance. After those things happen, the term militia will return to its proper respectability rather than the bandit smear propagandized by the media.

    History is cyclical.

  13. They Live was a great movie. One of the best imho in the entire genre of dystopian Sci-Fi. Seems as if these world improvers are bound by some ancient code to show us their true intentions, before giving it to us good and hard. Problem being most people don’t have eyes to see.

    So many of the things they have done over the years were written about by great authors and made clear in great movies. At this point my gut tells me the next leg down is going to be more than the average person can stomach. Whatever fake non-sense they unleash will get the herd crying out for safety and order.

    Even still, very good things are happening right now. Wherever you are you can still find a modicum of freedom, although you have to hunt a little harder for it. The apex of summertime and the living is easy, doesn’t get much better than that.

  14. Maybe seeing that a doddering old fart like Biden “got the ‘rona” and barely had the sniffles for three days will percolate into the minds (if they still have one) of the covidiots as to how deadly could it really be? The variants du jour aren’t even as bad as the average cold, which will usually make you miserable for a week. Sadly I think a good portion of the cultists will never see the truth, they either don’t want to admit they’ve been suckered or they actually still believe the official BS. You can’t fix stupid.

    • Yeah Mike!
      That old fart pulled through so well BECAUSE he was vaxxed and double boosted. ‘Twoulda been worse if he didn’t take the shizer, might have been hospitalized or died! What? You don’t believe in the science? This is obviously a plandemic of the unvaccinated. Good thing that ancient hairplugged pedophile can shuffle around the White Hospice for a little while longer thanks to the warp speed. Can’t wait for PLAID!

  15. While it will be costly, the Psychopaths In Charge are exposing themselves, as the demons they are. A wild guess is that 25% just aren’t buying it any more. That’s enough to turn it over. Transition will be painful, but transition we must. Or die.

    • Wow, excellent John, the “transition will be painful” part. I think it’s higher than 25% now that a lot aren’t buying it anymore, hope I’m right. If higher, they just aren’t vocalizing it, but feel it.
      I guess I knew in my heart that it will painful, just never thought it through. Instead, I’ve been trying to prepare my family to be able to deal with the coming pain. I’m not doing as well as I would like, but better than most I guess.

  16. While I fully agree with what you’re saying here, I’m also absolutely floored by the headlining article on Lew Rockwell this morning:

    While I’ve known and suspected much of that. It’s just jaw dropping to see that summarized like that. Those of us that could always see the monster for what it is, well I just don’t know that even we knew how murderous and insane this has all become.

    And they still won’t stop. How much more blatant does it have to become before people demand it is stopped?

    • EM,

      Lew Rockwell’s summary is superb. He included a detail that I’ve been awaiting for months — namely, that even as the claims of ‘95% efficacy’ were trumpeted in Dec 2020, manufacturers already knew that initial efficacy actually was lower (due to pervasive fraud in trials) and would fade rapidly.

      That’s the smoking-gun document needed for the Nuremberg 2.0 trials, to obtain convictions for capital crimes.

      In the same vein, a burnt-out old souvenir mindlessly hangs himself and Big Pharma this morning:

      09:47 Biden Wants Next-Gen Covid Vaccines That Prevent Infection: Report Barron’s Online

      Talk about irony-proof: the old fool demands a ‘vaccine’ that ‘prevents infection’ next time.

      AH HA HA HA … off with his head!

    • Hi EM,

      Let’s think like a globalist here for a sec. Let’s put ourselves in their shoes. I am thinking outside the box here and my opinions could be way off for what they are actually contemplating, but I am willing to give it a whirl.

      Question 1 – Who are they focusing on when pushing these jabs? First and foremost, it is the elderly. Why? This group is usually the most expensive to take care of. They usually are no longer producers of society and are drain on the system…government benefits, hospitalizations and illnesses, housing such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities that are usually paid through Medicare/Medicaid, etc.

      Question 2 – Who is usually the second highest group when it comes to government assistance? The poor. The WIC program, Section 8 housing, EBT cards, free healthcare, etc.

      Question 3 – Who have the elites always hated? Let’s be honest. Minorities. This goes back to Margaret Sanger and her hope of destroying urban centers which are usually filled with immigrants and the poor. Look at how many wealthy elites supported her objective and helped fund it through Planned Parenthood.

      Question 4 – Who is unwilling to produce or can be easily led astray? The lazy and dumb. They are targeting those in indoctrination camps…college, public schools, etc. Academia are not producers. Their paychecks are usually received via government (hence, taxpayers). Indoctrination is expensive – the buildings, the “educators”, the supplies, the utility bills, the bus rides to school, the free lunches, etc.

      Now, who are they not targeting? Why not?

      The gist of it is that the elites hate people that are different than themselves. They consider everyone else beneath them and invaluable to society. We are faceless creatures to them. Very much like the Sky troopers in Star Wars. We have no names, no personality, and in their eyes, we are expendable. Who cares if thousands (or even millions of us die)? In the rich’s view we were leeches on the system that they pay for.

      Unfortunately, they refuse to acknowledge this is the very system that they created due to their greed and callous insight. They regret what they established and believe a population lessened by abortion, vaccines, the poisoning of our food supply, the desanitary conditions of our water, drugs, crime, war, and depression will oust a good number of the inferiors.

      • Hi RG, I don’t think they are questions. It makes perfect sense to me. I had been theorizing the same things about 1-2 months into the corona mess. Most of my peers didn’t believe me and considered me a kook. My immediate family raised their eyebrows a little, but since my record on alt theories is pretty good, they stayed tuned and it took a long time for them to piece it together themselves.
        For some reason i can’t explain I have pretty good vision and am trying to figure out how to teach it to my kids and their peers (if they care).
        Thanks for writing it down.

        • Hi Chris,

          I refer to it as business owner insight. I don’t think it makes us smarter than others, just more intuitive on what is occurring or likely will occur. A business owner has to be able to understand the whole gamut – dealing with customers, vendors, employees, market conditions, costs, generation of revenue, regulations, etc. We have to focus on the expansion of the business, as well, as the stabilization of the business. Every successful business owner is a multi tasker and has to be able to dodge (and lob) a thousand tennis balls.

          That’s why I was so disappointed in Trump. He had the perception, but surrounded himself with people that did not respect him. A man that can be bought with pretty words is a man that can be easily manipulated. He ignored his business instinct and delegated to untrustworthy people while not minding his back as the knives began flying. He should have known better.

      • Hi RG,

        Well yeah, I get all that. What I don’t get is how they can continue to get away with in-our-faces mass injury and murder. I know they loathe our existence, I just didn’t think that crimes that amount to mass murder can be so blatant.

        • Hi EM,

          What they are doing saddens me but doesn’t surprise me. The elite have been torturing the serfs since the beginning of time. What governments are doing worldwide has always occurred. In this day and age, they just don’t make it as obvious.

          Here is just a small list of occurrences from our own government in the last 100 years.

          Worldwide over the last 100 years: Chiang Kai Shek, Hirohito, Pasha, Hitler, Stalin, etc. The list grows even longer the further we go back.

          Future generations will look back on what is occurring around the globe right now and wonder why we didn’t do more. Why we ignored the signs and how could we have let this happen. I wish I could be here two or three generations from now and see how this time is reflected in history books. I am sure it will be astounding, to say the least.

          It is the very reason that one never lays down their arms. Peace is a pipe dream. The day that one lays down their weaponry in hopes of harmony or the preservation of life is the day one dies. Past history is an indication of future performance, at least when government is involved.

          • “Future generations will look back on what is occurring around the globe right now and wonder why we didn’t do more.”

            I doubt that future generations, if there are any to be, will even think about anything. Look at us. Most of us don’t know anything about the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, the Renaissance or anything else. Most don’t even ponder for one second about the Holocaust, the meanings, etc. People are dealing with the day to day, self assured and confident in their ignorance of everything.

            The only lesson that seems to have been learned is that of guns and gun control. People aren’t willingly laying down just yet, no matter how many MK Ultra preplanned shootings take place.

          • Hi RG

            in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, (all the money was looted), wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions. in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cu ll the herd.

            nwo/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist depopulation agenda:

            depopulation plan who is first:

            1st unborn babies

            2nd old people, the old people are the new Jews, they want to get rid of them.

            Dr. Vernon Coleman says the elderly are being deliberately culled and in many instances are being denied basic care because of Covid. the forced injections will finish them off.
            you pay $6000 a month to stay in those places to get culled. this is genocide.

            during the first covid lockdown, 345 non-Convid elderly in British hospitals and care homes died of thirst, a horrible death, says Coleman, you are next…..
            $6000 month and you can’t get a drink of water. Of those, 175 were under 65 years old.

            pension funds unfunded, no money for their pensions, cull them, then clean out their bank accounts. bailin remember.

            NOTE: at the top of the list are all the unvaxxed, they will be demonized, blamed for all diseases now, will be exterminated, off to the extermination camps, no escape.

            3rd the incurably ill and the physically or mentally disabled

            4th prisoners next, they cost $50,000 a year to keep locked up.

            5th indigenous people, maybe because they cost the government money, all bipoc were targeted

            6th homeless people, might cost the government money

            7th whites aren’t popular, so white conservatives next,

            8th then? all conservatives?

            9th anybody not in love with nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% globalist government?……

            they cull the weakest first because they are cowards, they should try and cull the strongest first and see what happens.

            the nwo/ccp/wef/.0001% cabal think they are a different race, all others are useless eaters,
            so eliminate all others except for 500 million for slaves and experiments…
            will you be one of the 7% survivors?

            nwo/ccp/un/.0001% planned future for the few remaining useless eaters, after their 7 billion cull.

            turning people into appliances plugged into an all-seeing internet, more transhuman robots than people, dutifully following orders but unable to produce anything beyond what is programmed into their quantum microchips, bereft of the sparks of inquiry, innovation and joy in a electric panopticon that’s sterile and joyless, you are better off dead.

            they implant an oper.. ating system in you and connect you to the grid, they also connect an AI robot to the grid, this is so you can train the robot to do your job. you won’t be needed then = soylent green.

            after the cull when they get rid of all the useless eaters as they call us the planet will be the exclusive playground of the top .001%,

            you have to be part of the club. you get to enjoy being on the wrong side of the lawn. there are too many useless eaters, that is what they call them.

            cull the herd. anyways they can use AI robots, they are cheaper.

            the satanist doctors relabeled a mild flu as the super killer bat germ disease, everyone will die…lol

            then they say they have a magic injection that will save you, people lined up to be saved.

            • RE: pensions and retirement accounts. The FED’s policy of meddling with interest rates caused returns on safe investments to plummet. They got away with it because of the arbitrary 2% inflation rule during a deflationary cycle from the massive increase in white collar productivity. It caused asset bubbles in everything but the kinds of investments you want for your retirement. Endownments were hit pretty hard too, if they didn’t manage their investments and take on more “risk” in the bubble markets.

              Pensions and Endownment funds aren’t generally all that sexy, so they don’t get the same sort of coked-up type A managers a hedge fund or trade desk types, and they weren’t ready for the new FED policy. Now they’re so far behind the curve they will likely need bailing out or they will default. Shame that it had to go this far, but here we are. I hope that the “sudden adult death syndrome” we’re seeing isn’t some nafarious plan, that they’re all just incompetent, but geez…

              • Hi RK,

                The pension and retirement accounts were used on the mass buyout of trailer parks, apartment buildings, and single-family homes by the likes of Blackstone. Most Americans weren’t happy with their .6% on a two-year CD or .05% on their savings account so they took the safe money out for a bigger ROI. The banking cartels and Wall Street did a fabulous job of getting the serfs to invest. See, Wall Street isn’t bad…look at how many investors are making double digit returns! I had family members crow about their stock portfolio as I paid off my house, rototilled gardens, and raised chickens. I have noticed the blustering has died down quite a bit lately.

      • Hi RG

        McDonald’s will have to be bailed out or nationalized. Going under will deprive the Depopulation Agenda of a serious number of dead due to the health effects of polyunsaturates , glyphosate in the bread and fries, heavy metals in the fish, GMO corn-fed beef and, shortly, no more chicken corpses fed contaminated grain; also, Heinz Family “secret GMO ingredients” in the ketchup and mustard.

    • Demand all you want. “They” cannot and will not do it for you. Sure, go ahead and vote for good civic leaders, or at least AGAINST execrable ones, but you are responsible for your own life and liberty. Obtain a weapon and carry it always. Wear a mask, seat belt, or helmet if you want, and refuse if you don’t. Get damned serious on eliminating taxes with the unattainable goal of zero always firmly in your sights.

      Get smart, get mean, get wise. Peace, brother!

    • Hi EM,
      When I see an article by Lew himself I always read it first. But lately in his pieces I’ve been having a lot of trouble telling where the quotations of others begin and end. Is it just me? LRC seems to have joined the many sites that are in desperate need of a good copy editor or two.

  17. Did you suffer in any way after the lockdown? Why, yes, many did, if not all.

    It was an assault on your psyche, your psyche was then battered, you have to follow all of the rules, mask mandate, vaccines that caused adverse reactions, social distancing, you’re all gonna die if you don’t do what you are told.

    One more beating after another improves your morale, you might begin to become very suspicious of the motive, if and when you stop to think about it. Nobody got the chance, the mass psychosis formed and never stopped, the propaganda was 24/7, do those things or else you are going to kill everybody.

    Always your fault, have to listen to wolves like Fauci and Wolensky and Pelosi and Biden while they all cry ‘wolf’ in unison.

    Another wolf at your door all of the time. To the point that it is absurd, makes you wanna power barf.

    Once a population knows it has been duped, that’s when anger forms and people never forget.

    The wolf in sheep’s clothing in the fable by Aesop was slaughtered by the shepherd. A fitting end for the wolf.

    No sympathy for wolves that attack sheep.

  18. “But perhaps the best thing of all to happen as an unintended result of all the badness is the turning back toward ourselves – toward those we know, whom we know we can trust – because we do know them. Who have earned it. Our friends. Our families. The people in our own orbit. Like the neighbor who raises tomatoes, who swaps you for the eggs laid by your chickens. The guy who owns the gas station/hardware store down the road, who feels the same way you do about ‘masking’ – and would never try to force you to wear one.”

    That sounds nice. Trouble is, longer-term it’s a recipe for poverty, misery and starvation. The great thing about the capitalist marketplace – which has brought fabulous wealth to all of us – is that it causes millions upon millions of people all over the world whom we don’t agree with, and who might actually hate our guts if they met us, to work for our benefit anyway.

    This is not an argument against having connections you can rely on if the SHTF. But no network of like-minded people will ever be able to support anything more than a miserable, hand-to-mouth existence for any of us.

    Do not let the evil bastards take away what the modern division of labor has brought us. If we succumb to fantasies of self-sufficiency, they have won. De-politicize everything and return it all to the realm of voluntary trade, which is the main enabler of human flourishing.

    On a lighter note, I had the strangest dream last night. Donald Trump was changing the oil in my car. He obviously didn’t have a clue how to do it. He was dumping in gallon after gallon of dirty-to-the-point-of-chunky-style oil from a filthy old bucket. Any interpretations?

    • Hi Roland,

      Okay, I love interpreting dreams…I am such a geek. 🙂

      Changing oil in a dream represents feeling a loss of power to a current situation. You are indecisive about some decision or relationship. The person who is changing the oil (whether it is you or someone else) points to corruption and manipulation. This person does not have your best interests at heart.

      You need to take time to thoroughly assess the problem that is burdensome to you with consideration, but don’t continue to waste time. A decision has to be made and needs to be made sooner rather than later. A few days of rest or relaxation would be recommended so you can clearly determine the best steps to take.

    • Roland,
      Thats a pretty good allegory for how the “experts” and “authorities” in every strata of this fetid culture operate. The know it all gods of the earth, in their half assed efforts to -do something- to maintain or repair the hive, blunder and bumblefuck their way through the simplest of tasks, always leaving the situation worse than before. At this point our betters puff their chests and declare mission accomplished and wander off like doddering old cretins to their next conference call with the collective. All the while never to be aware or even comprehend the absolute godamn clusterfuck left behind for the rest of us. The decisions been made! The science is settled!

      • Hi TCO,

        I am going to add your vocabulary word “bumblefuck” to my dictionary. 🙂

        The only part I disagree with you is that the doddering old cretins (well, except Uncle Joe and Diane Feinstein) are clearly aware of what they are doing. It isn’t about making the country a better place only their wallets. They have no issue with watching Rome burn as long as they are on the train heading out of the city as the fire and screams erupt around them. I keep waiting for karma to show up and find myself demoralized about her lack of appearance time and time again.

        • RG,
          Their capacity for sadistic manipulation knows no bounds, thats for sure. This doesn’t obliviate the fact that many in the professional and management structure are know-nothing morons with horse blinders on their face and whips at their backs.

    • Roland,
      The path back to a free market will be painful, no doubt, we are so far from it. But the results will by marvelous. The ONLY way to succeed in a true free market is to serve your fellow man. You must offer a product or service that people want or need, of sufficient quality, at a price people are willing and able to pay, with whatever externals they desire, such as environmental factors, or labor conditions. The free market was created by God. There is no flaw in it.

      • Right on John, and how I run my life, biz, relationships, and try to teach others. Simple stuff if you can keep out of the weeds, easy to say hard to do.
        Thank you.

      • John K.:

        “You must offer a product or service that people want or need, of sufficient quality, at a price people are willing and able to pay, with whatever externals they desire, such as environmental factors, or labor conditions. The free market was created by God. There is no flaw in it.”

        So, in other words…each person is a perpetual slave to the whims and fancies of the rest of the mob, compelled to cater to the capricious lusts of others which are completely beyond the individual’s control, and he is additionally a slave to the sum total of circumstances, which are also beyond his control, on pain of starvation and death should he even momentarily fail to satisfy the venal demands of the deranged chattering apes who surround him.

        That sounds not only “flawed” but altogether infernal. If a “God” is responsible for such a set-up, then such a “God” is manifestly sinister and abominable.

        • Freelance_Philosopher,

          No, not the mob, but a subset of it. I joke that there’s a million different ways to become a millionaire. From one person giving you a million dollars to a million people giving you a dollar, and all the combinations in between (which I realize is far more than a million combinations, but it’s only a joke).

          If you’re not willing to help others achieve their goals, you’ll need to be prepared to do everything yourself. Unfortunately humans haven’t evolved the sort of instincts that allow us to completely live apart indefinitely. We evolved as social creatures, part of a tribe. We are greater than the individual, yet by attempting to force collective action across the sum total of humanity is abhorrent. This is the paradox of communism: tribes are where humans live, yet tribes won’t scale.

          • RK, I think I pretty much agree with everything you say here. The problem with communism, though, is not merely that “tribes won’t scale” but that one particular tribe, more skilled in manipulating other tribes than the rest, has decoded the tribal propensities of the rest and weaponized those social traits against them, for the sole benefit of the “master” tribe… Communism is just one of many “false tribes” by which the one positions itself as the “chosen” over the rest….

            • A good example of the “tragedy of the commons” (something that is not taught in schools today) is that of environmentalism.
              Communist societies have the worst environmental records because “nobody owns anything” so it is “nobody’s problem”. Hence, the gross pollution continues in bolshevik communist countries.
              Although capitalism’s record was not perfect when it comes to pollution, capitalist societies have made great strides in cleaning up the environment.
              Private property has a lot to do with it, as ownership generally demands that the owners care for and maintain their property. Environmentalists HATE the concept of private property and would have all of us “unwashed masses” living in soviet-style apartments, prohibited from owning cars, being relegated to using bicycles, buses and trains for transportation. Travel to pristine rural areas would be prohibited for all but these anointed environmentalists who would still have their country “dachas” to enjoy.
              The first white settlers in the “new world” tried the communist way (the “tragedy of the commons” which failed miserably). It is only when settlers were given their own private plots of land that incentive to care for and improve one’s lot was achieved.
              One major mistake in capitalist societies was inferring “personhood” on corporations, something which should be abolished. This “personhood” along with the ability to gain and effect political clout above and beyond that of ordinary real persons.

        • FP,
          “So, in other words…each person is a perpetual slave to the whims and fancies”. Nonsense. Offering a product/service is hardly slavery. Offering one you can sell at a profit isn’t either. Nor is the desire for said product enslavement. Since no force is involved. You are free to make products or supply service no one wants and/or can’t afford, if you don’t care if you sell it. You are free to buy what you want and can afford, regardless whether it’s useful or not. If you mean that people doing stupid things and expecting reward is slavery, perhaps you are right. On the other hand, a free market where guns are not held to people’s heads can hardly be described as slavery. Slavery is what we have now. Plenty of guns pointed at plenty of people’s heads.

          • John K.: “Since no force is involved.”

            The requisite force is implied in your use of the imperative “must” in your first message. One “must” put out to the market (I call it “the Mob”) in order to sate one’s basic biological drives for food and comfort. That’s what we are irreducibly enslaved by: our ever-failing physical bodies. In the “free market” system you describe, that enslavement dynamic is simply expressed in one’s perpetual duties to put out to the market, one way or another.

            So, whereas a squirrel is merely a slave to its drive to gather and feed, the social ape “human” is a slave to a huge unwieldy troop of other social apes on whom he depends, and who are also in turn scrambling to persuade their fellows to provide them sustenance by way of putting out in the market. (This is because humans were long ago coaxed out of their natural habitat, into agricultural and then industrial collective society.) It’s a web of co-dependent slavery, but slavery nonetheless. The ultimate slave-driver at the root of the whole sad parade is the biological imperative that arises from our existence, in which our physical bodies very quickly revert to anguished dust if not sustained by constant influx of sustenance. Hunger is the force deployed against us by cruel nature. (Or, conceivably, by the cruel “God” that you hypothesize.)

            My point is that all existence is slavery. That inherent slavery simply takes a variety of forms, depending on the environmental, political, and economic structures in place at any given time. Even if it’s true that the “free market” that you descirbe (an untried ideal, much like “true communism”) is the best-case scenario, it is far from “flawless”. It certainly does not evince or bepeak a benevolent God. A “true free market”, notwithstanding all its advantages over the techno-feudalism we presently suffer, would still be a nightmare from which there is no waking. We social apes would remain hapless meat-puppets spurred ever onward by the grim bodily disintegration that forever dogs our heels, forced to put out to the fluid demands of the “market” lest we fall immediately to ruin and deterioration.

            • My use of the word “must” is not political. It’s economical. If you want to prosper in a free market, you obviously “must” produce a product people want or need, at a price point they can afford. If you don’t, you won’t have customers, and so, no profit. “Must” in this case is no more slavery than one “must” dress warmly to go outside in below freezing temperatures and stay warm. Both relate to a force of nature that is inescapable. Not the force of one’s ownership of another.

              • John K.: “My use of the word ‘must’ is not political. It’s economical.”

                I fully understand that, and I agree. The fundamental enslavement of the human animal is deeper than politics—it is the very core nature of bodily existence. My whole point is only to dispute your characterization of this best-case scenario as “flawless” and “godly”. Because it’s both flawed, and ungodly, no matter how superior it is to our current lot. I’m granting you that the elusive “free market” ideal you describe is the best case scenario. I’m merely adding that even in that best-case scenario, we market-navigating economic agents are still a precariat, being slave to mob-whim and circumstance.

                It’s the best case scenario, yes. But it’s also still shit.

                (It’s also unattainable in practice…but that’s an entirely different discussion.)

    • Roland:

      “If we succumb to fantasies of self-sufficiency, they have won.

      Usually when a comment is as pitch-perfect as yours, I simply sit back in satisfaction, glad that somebody else posted such a thoroughgoing sentiment and saved me the trouble.

      However, this is such an important point I feel compelled to voice my wholehearted agreement.

      Subsistence farming is not a good outcome. Not only is it an objectively objectionable existence, being precarious and hardscrabble even in its best instantiation, but it is also completely infeasible under current conditions, where every inch of the planet is under the violently-enforced “sovereignty” of some overweening administrative-and-tax authority or another. (Usually, a minimum of three such authorities, in fact.) In other words, even if one manages to coax some kohlrabi out of one’s backyard dirt, the government is still going to lay claim to a portion of it the second you try to trade it for your neighbor’s backyard cilantro. The “agorist” or “voluntaryist” utopia being pushed by the likes of “Ice Age Farmer” and “Corbett Report” and “Grand Theft World” is in fact so unrealistic, and insulting to the intelligence, that if I didn’t know better I’d say it’s actually deliberate gaslighting by those commentators, all of whom make their living not by farming, but by pontificating into webcams about the stuff they have seen on the internet.

      What’s more is: the logical endpoint of the “agorist” ideal leads full-circle right to unmistakable communism, so that it is impossible in practice, absent perfect uniformity of belief and effort. “Agorism” traces back to one Samuel Konkin, who professed to be a “left libertarian” but, of course, in describing his vision, he depicts what can only be described as a totalitarian “just-so” collective communal society of complete ideological conformity and coordinated purpose. As one dead-on Amazon reviewer (“LiveFreeOrDie”) of Konkin’s book (An Agorist Primer) put it:

      “I am pretty sure that ‘agorism’ can be summed up as follows:
      “1. Be self-employed in a rural place.
      “2. Only have other like-minded people as customers and/or suppliers.
      “3. Make sure that even then, they don’t turn you in for federal, state,
      or local tax-evasion.

      Voila! you are living free as an agorist.”

      That comment was made in 2013. NOW, in 2022, we live in a wall-to-wall dystopian psychodrome clusterfuck, where the vast majority of humanity is outright weaponized against even the most cautious wrongthinker, and that weaponized mob is trained to act as an army of spies to rat out any colorable violation of “health regulations”. Even the pettiest bureaucracy is keyed up to hunt down “biosecurity threats” (as defined by a centralized global technocratic cabal) with ruthless severity, disproportionate punitive reprisal, and no quarter given. Anybody who thinks they’ll be left in peace to till the soil and build a thriving community of freeholding neo-peasants is delusional, and reckless. Adherents of “Agorism” are sleepwalking into a calamity that couldn’t be more predictable. Any significant investment in an “Agorist” lifestyle only beings one that much closer to servile dependence and serfdom. Indeed, the vision of an “Agorist” neo-peasant subsistence farmer IS that of a serf—a turnkey tenant—just waiting for a landlord to come and pledge his “protection” in exchange for his tribute and his droit de seigneur in regard to the “Agorist’s” wife and daughters…

        • Amen, helot.

          None of us are ever going to be 100% self sufficient, but we should all be independent enough that if the SHTF we will have resources available to at least eke by. It won’t be perfect or even fun, but it is better than starving or trying to steal from our neighbors.

          At least we can go out with some dignity.

    • Hi Roland,

      I agree with you that poverty is bad – and general affluence much better. But tyranny is worse. Far better, I submit, to be free and sane and live among free and sane people – even if the life is harder – than to live an “easy” life of affluence under tyranny.

      • Not just harder, Eric, but impossible. Absent the magnificent division of labor (a gift from our creator, I believe), we would all be dead, or perhaps never would have been born in the first place.
        Looking around my home right now, I cannot find one physical thing that wasn’t made possible by people I’ve never met, and of whose political views I have no clue. Even the vegetables that my wife just brought in from the garden. The seeds, the tractor, the tiller, the chicken wire and electricity to keep the raccoons and deer from destroying it all: I didn’t make any of those things, and neither did my friends and neighbors. It required thousands, maybe millions, of people who don’t give a crap about me, working in pursuit of profit.
        This is certainly not an endorsement of tyranny. Quite the opposite. In fact, to give up on the vast private division of labor is to surrender to tyranny. It’s saying, “You win. I’m content to withdraw and live in misery.”

        • Roland,
          Whatever means we embrace to effect the transition from tyranny to freedom, it will be painful. Wealth will be lost. Convenience history. Survival in jeopardy. There’s no avoiding it. However, staying where we are, and going where we are going will be far worse, with all the same painful issues, with guns pointed at your head to boot. We’ve reached a point where we likely will have to back up decades, and start over.

          • John, it’s hard to argue with your assessment. I keep asking, “Why now?”
            My wife and I have paid – and still pay – the county ransom to fund crappy schools for other people’s kids. Last year, even in retirement, we had to fork over $16k in income tax to the federal and state crooks because of some unavoidable asset transfers.
            But even though we’ve been thusly pillaged, we should have had plenty of wealth to be comfortable, have some adventures, and still leave plenty for our daughter. But now, just as my ability to do hard physical work is waning, and the probability that we’ll need help from others is on the rise, the government pulls out all the stops to destroy everything that is good.
            Walter Williams laughed years ago that it was the kids who should be worried; that he probably would not live long enough to suffer the consequences of the U.S. government’s boneheaded spending and meddling. Walter turned out to be right, rest his soul. But it’s looking now like I might live to see the worst of it.

            • Hi Roland,

              The system aims to keep everyone who is working, working until they no longer can – at which point, it sucks them dry of the remainder of their stored resources. If just property taxes and FICA “contributions” were eliminated, a financially prudent person could achieve financial independence by 40 – in the sense that they could live very comfortably on very little income, say about $2,500 per month. much of that being money that could be set aside for a rainy day.

              No responsible person should have to work after 60. The reason most have to work until they die is because of government. Or rather, because of the people who think that other people “owe” them “free” government schools and retirement, etc.

              • Eric, I was just thinking about how much easier it would be to employ people if it weren’t for the withholding, the FICA, the FUI, the SUI, the workers comp, the 941s, the W-2s, the W-4s the I-9s, and on and on. A machinist agrees to work in my shop for $30 an hour. He works 40 hours, so at the end of the week I write him a check for $1,200 – and get back to running my business.
                I was one of the first users of QuickBooks 1.0 in the early 1990s. The main reason I bought it was to stay out of trouble with the IRS vis-a-vis my – at the time – one employee. I still use QuickBooks Online today for our church’s bookkeeping for the same reason. It is pricey, but keeping track of multiple employees without it would be a nightmare for an amateur bookkeeper, and risky.
                Think of the gazillions of hours and dollars employers are forced to waste on this non-productive crap every week. We shouldn’t have to do this.

                • Hi Roland,

                  Absolutely. I have thought about running a food truck; a few “mainstay” Chinese dishes, say. I know there is demand for this in my rural area. But the government and its endless ukases – permissions/rules – keeps me from doing it. I cannot abide bureaucracy – and the urge top smash in one of their faces would get me in more trouble than it’s worth!

                • Hi Roland

                  No, we shouldn’t have to do this. But the various Gangs (governments) have enforcer thugs with guns. They also have the benefit of the illusions/delusions that endow them with “authority”. Hubris is shredding those. Once they lose enough
                  of them, they will have to rule rather than govern. History has demonstrated that such a course will not end well.

                  One of the main reasons it costs so much to produce things inside the Empire, is the insane amount of regulations, rules and taxes. Lacking that, we could compete much more effectively. But that’s not part of the Usual Suspects plans.

  19. These last 2-3 years revealed more than the previous 20 about how important it is to be less reliant on large centralized beast systems.

    I’ve know for a long while it was good idea not to outsource ones self defense, food, energy, health etc. We now have a lot more normies who (get it). The scamdemic in particular really nudged me to get my crap more together in the gardening, livestock, self-defense and emergency preparedness arenas. We can always do better, but I’d be nowhere near the spot I’m in now had 90% of the planet not gone full retard for 2 years.
    I truly look at the last 2 years of evil and stupidity as a gift.

    • SSB I agree;
      I am Utterly amazed at the “volume of vacuousness”…..embedded in Stupidlandia (The country formerly known as …The United States)…..
      Glad I’m in my mid sixties and have no progeny…heck I’m just going to ride this Klown Kar express to the end…..and it won’t be long kids….most unfortunate.

  20. ‘Operate from the presumption that they are malicious rather than mistaken.’ — eric

    As the J6 hearings — a veritable witch’s cauldron of weaponized malice — wind up, from the benighted bush communities of New York and DC the Mainstream Media’s jungle telegraph pounds out an urgent question: Will Trump be indicted?

    This fraught decision falls upon ‘Attorney General’ Merrick ‘Garland’ – he of the beady black raccoon eyes – who bears a festering grudge against the R-party for denying him a seat on the Supreme Court (thank Dog!) in 2016.

    ‘Garland’s’ binary decision matrix, in fact, is brute simple: if Trump formally declares his candidacy, he gets indicted; if he don’t, he won’t.

    One need not be an acolyte of the Orange Fail to realize that the dominoes are lined up to cascade down as they did after the battle of Fort Sumter in April 1861: if ‘Garland’ (or his Democrat counterpart Fani Willis, prosecutor of Fulton County, Georgia) perp-walks Trump into the dock, then follows a culture-war bloodletting that will make the late unpleasantness seem like a Sunday school picnic.

    ‘Legal experts see fewer impediments for Ms. Willis to act than the institutional constraints faced by Merrick Garland, the United States attorney general.’ NY Slimes article link:

    While stricken Zhou Bai Dung [pronounce it] languishes comatose and confused on his cancer/covid sick bed, his vengeful mice-men roam at large, recklessly stoking mayhem.

    We are not in good hands, comrades.


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