Diaper Report 6/28/22

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This is an update – about my friend the nurse, who got sick coincident to being pressured to take the Jab, else lose his job.

The sick irony of his working in what is styled the “health care” industry (this latter is more apt) being he was healthy prior to being injected as the condition of his further employment. For going on three years of the “pandemic” – as this operation is generally styled – he was sound as the pound (back when the pound was sounder than a dollar). Though he worked with the sick he himself managed not to become sick. It cut no ice with his employer that, not being sick, he couldn’t transmit sickness and therefore did not need the “vaccine” being urged upon him.

No, that’s not the right word. If only it were. People like my friend and millions of others have been told they will take the “vaccine” – else lose their job. For many, the choice – though obvious – was extremely difficult. To risk one’s health – and lose one’s dignity? Or find another job?

For some, it was – it remains – even more difficult in that it is not just a job but a career that is on the line. The years – decades – spent building it; the money spent on it. To be placed in the position of having to choose between starting a new career – perhaps not too many years away from the point at which you had hoped to retire – and starting over, perhaps well into middle age – is no easy thing to choose, even when you are aware that by making the choice to stay and submit to the jab you may be risking your life.

So far, my friend has only compromised his health. For several weeks now, he has been not-right, with a weird rash all over his leg and weird pains in the back of his head. He hasn’t got the strength to work out anymore. He barely has stamina enough to go to work. He tells me his appetite is weak and all he wants to do is sleep.

The good news here is he’s better off than the thousands of people who’ve gone to sleep forever as a result of having been “vaccinated.”

But it’s still bad news, in that he is no longer the healthy guy he was, before. Ironically, he hasn’t been able to get any “care” from the “health care” system, either. He had an appointment to see a White Coat a few days ago. He arrived on time. She made him wait, he says, for more than an hour – after which time, he gave up and left. One can only stand being around sick people for so long.

What ails him, exactly, remains a mystery – though the probable correlation strikes me as persuasive. He wasn’t sick. Now he is. In between, he got “vaccinated.” Perhaps it is not because he got the shot. Or rather – to be more precise – because he was strong-armed into submitting to one.

But it’s suspicious.

Well, it is to me.

My friend doesn’t even want to think about the possibility that the “vaccines” – which don’t immunize – may have done more than merely gotten him sick. It is possible they have ruined his health. There is correlative evidence that the “vaccinated” are more susceptible to sickness. All manner of them. Even the “media” – as the PR organs of the pharmaceutical cartel are styled – has had trouble suppressing the ugly data about “all cause” mortality sharply increasing among every demographic, subsequent to the mass “vaccinating” of tens of millions of previously healthy people. In other words, more people are actually dying now than they were during the height of the “pandemic,” when the people who ginned it up morbidly assured us that bodies would be stacking up like cordwood in the hospitals and maybe even in the streets.

Well, now they are – though not yet in the streets.

It appears the “vaccines” not only don’t prevent the spread of the sickness people were told they wouldn’t get if they got the jab. It renders their immune systems less able to ward off sicknesses which – absent the Jab – they might never have gotten or if they did, got in a trivial way, i.e., sniffles and coughs as opposed to coffins.

And then there is the sudden – the coincident – increase in heart problems among the young, formerly the least likely to suffer from such problems as it usually takes time – decades – to wear out a heart.

Try to imagine reconciling yourself to the loss of your health – because you were worried about losing your job. Even your career. These are thoughts that many – such as my friend – may not be able to deal with right now.

Bad enough to be sick and not know why.

Far worse to know – and what it means.

. . .

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  1. Is this why the pro injection crowd couldn’t be educated on the danger of the killshots?

    The demoralization process:

    Lockdowns , forced masking, destroyed businesses, enforcers bashing heads, fired from jobs, all living halted, forced injections, isolation from people,

    , exposure to true information does not matter anymore. A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures.

  2. Margaret Anna Alice seems to totally get it & puts it all down in black & white. She’s heroic for doing so, imho. There’s so much more in her link, these seem to be the questions thinking People wonder, the willfully blind, not-so-much:


    Why are governments, public health agencies, the media, Big Tech, and “experts” stoking fear instead of calmly assessing the data and attempting to dispel panic—like every responsible authority has done for genuine crises in the past?

    Why are all of these entities speaking in unison with a single voice as if everyone has been handed the same script?

    Why are they covering COVID 24/7 on every available outlet, drumming up the death tallies and case counts and behaving as if it were the only newsworthy story on the planet?

    Why are people all suddenly parroting the same phrases like “social distancing,” “New Normal,” “Build Back Better,” and the Orwellian double-think gem “together apart”?

    Why does it seem like everyone has suddenly lost their capacities for critical thinking, reasoning, logic, and scientific analysis?

    Why are they encouraging discrimination against those who refuse to comply with unscientific and nonsensical guidelines?

    Why did they turn the world into an open-air prison?

    Why are governments patterning their policies after Biderman’s Chart of Coercion?

    Why does it feel like we’re being subjected to a permanent Milgram Obedience–Stanford Prison–Asch Conformity experiment?

    Why are Big Tech and Big Media silencing people—especially scientists, physicians, and other knowledgeable individuals who are most qualified to speak about these matters?

    Why are California and the federal government threatening physicians with loss of their licenses for spreading “misinformation,” which happens to be based on scientifically demonstrable evidence and clinical experience?

    Why are such extreme measures being taken for a disease with an infinitesimal fatality rate that primarily only affects those who are already likely to die—namely the elderly and those with serious comorbidities?

    Why are governments rewriting human rights policies and revising statutes to allow the forced quarantining of healthy individuals?

    Why are ordinary, working-class Canadians who are bravely protesting authoritarian policies being vilified by the media and their leaders?

    Why are they pushing for International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments that would grant an unelected bureaucrat and accused genocidal war criminal control over the entire world’s public health policy?

    Why is the WHO drafting a pandemic accord that would give it the ability to set a “OneHealth” policy for all member states and seize supranational powers in times of declared public health “emergencies”?

    Why are Australians and New Zealanders being bullied, abused, arrested, and quarantined like they’re living in a police state?

    Why are so many colluders willingly serving as implements of tyranny?

    Why aren’t people worried that the ten stages of genocide are unfolding before our eyes?

    Why do people think relinquishing their liberties in exchange for “safety” is temporary when it has never been so in the past?

    Why are so many people belligerently bamboozled?

    Why are values such as independent thought, integrity, ethics, freedom, transparency, and individuality being denigrated while groupthink, obedience, complicity, prejudice, collectivism, fear, rage, and hatred are being promoted?

    Why are governments and employers mandating vaccines and pushing for vaxxports when they have been proven both unsafe and ineffective?

    Why does it feel like we’re living in a dystopian fairy tale?


    Why aren’t health authorities making dietary, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that would bolster people’s immunity—like encouraging them to eat healthy; reduce their stress levels; get proper sleep; exercise; enjoy sunshine and fresh air; and practice other habits that help prevent illness?

    Why aren’t they focusing on the conventional practices for preventing respiratory illnesses such as washing your hands and staying home when you have symptoms?

    Why are we being commanded to “Trust the Science” when scientific inquiry is a continually evolving process and requires transparency and diverse viewpoints to progress?

    Why are they suddenly telling us asymptomatic spread exists, when there was no evidence for such transmission and no studies demonstrating that this has occurred with past coronaviruses?

    Why are they pretending like there’s no such thing as natural immunity?

    Why did they previously redefine “pandemic” to exclude “simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness”?

    Why did they change the definition of “herd immunity” to inject the idea that it is acquired through vaccination when it was previously understood by immunologists and virologists to be achieved naturally when a virus spreads throughout a community?

    Why did they change the definitions of “vaccine,” “fully vaccinated,” “cause of death,” and “case,” for that matter?

    Why did they censor Bakersfield doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi when they provided sensible, experience-based, and reassuring textbook information about COVID transmission, treatment, and herd immunity at their April 22, 2020, press conference?

    Why are they using PCR tests to calculate case counts when their Nobel-Prize–winning creator said it “allows you to take a very minuscule amount of anything and make it measurable and then talk about it in meetings and stuff like it is important”?

    Why did Fauci—or as I like to call him, Dr. Mengelfauci—first tell the truth about masks not working, then lie about them working, and then say he lied when he’d originally told the long-established truth that masks are ineffective for respiratory viruses? And why did he lie about so many other things?

    Why are they telling us staying six feet apart will magically protect us?

    Why are they counting deaths with and not just from COVID?

    Why are they putting infected patients in nursing homes, where the population is the most vulnerable?

    Why are nursing home residents being isolated, tortured, neglected, eldercided with midazolam, and deprived of the visiting rights even prisoners enjoy?

    Why are they instituting policies the WHO previously warned against—from lockdowns to masking to disinfection to border closures—because they are known to cause mass-scale harm, poverty, and even death?

    Why are they closing schools (and later, pushing injections on kids) when children are at the least risk of contracting and spreading COVID?

    Why are they requiring children to mask, social-distance, and follow other ineffective rules that impair their development, inflict psychological and emotional damage, and even cause physical harm?

    Why are they continuing to use ventilation for COVID patients when it was found early on to be causing deaths?

    Why is so much data not shared or being hidden from the public?

    Why are they financially incentivizing the administration of a drug found to cause multiple-organ failure and with no clinical efficacy for COVID?

    Why are hospital staff getting away with “bagging” COVID patients with plastic equipment covers to “protect” the workers?

    Why didn’t they immediately start searching for treatments and researching the effectiveness of repurposed drugs per standard operating procedure?

    Why aren’t they providing recommendations for at-home care and instead telling people to wait until their lips turn blue and then go to the hospital?

    Why are disinformation campaigns being launched against early-treatment protocols?

    Why are the doctors who prescribe these life-saving treatments being smeared and stripped of their licenses?

    Why is scientific fraud being committed to discredit a Nobel-Prize–winning medications?

    Why are people okay with skipping long-term clinical trials for a novel gene therapy that has never been deployed on humans?

    Why are they embarking on a coercive global mass injection campaign when such a feat has also never been attempted—let alone with a genetic inoculation lacking long-term clinical safety data?

    Why aren’t people bothered that pharmaceutical companies have zero liability for these products thanks to emergency use authorizations?

    Why aren’t people being told they are experimental subjects and that the Pfizer clinical trials won’t be completed until March 31, 2023?

    Why are they advising pregnant women to get injected with an experimental product when they excluded pregnant and breastfeeding women from clinical trials?

    Why did Pfizer and the FDA ignore the devastating injuries suffered by twelve-year-old Maddie De Garay as a result of their clinical trial for adolescents?

    Why did the FDA want to hide the Pfizer clinical trial data from the public for seventy-five years?

    Why isn’t the media shouting from the rooftops about the 1,223 deaths, 158,000 adverse events, and 1,291 side effects reported in the first ninety days of Pfizer’s clinical trial and only recently disclosed to the public due to the FOIA request resulting in their release at a rate of 55,000 pages per month?

    Why, for that matter, aren’t the media, government, or regulatory agencies concerned about the 1,314,592 adverse event reports received by the CDC through June 24, 2022—including 29,031 deaths and 50,400 child reports?

    Why has the CDC never monitored its own adverse events reporting system for COVID injection safety signals—only discovered recently thanks to another FOIA request?

    Why isn’t anyone concerned that they keep moving the goalposts for the injection—first promising that it would set us free, then saying it’s not working because of the evil unvaxxed, then saying it loses efficacy after a few months and you need a booster shot, then saying you need second booster, then saying you need it every four months?

    Why are there so many breakthrough infections?

    Why are the boosted contracting COVID more than the uninjected?

    Why does the immune system appear to suffer progressive destruction with each additional shot?

    Why are cancers exploding in the injected?

    Why are birth rates dropping around the world?

    Why are there so many miscarriages, stillbirths, fertility problems, and disabilities in the babies of injected mothers?

    Why are so many people developing myocarditis and having heart attacks after injection?

    Why do they make it so difficult for medical staff to report adverse events?

    Why are children, millennials, athletes, and other healthy people suddenly dying and becoming disabled?

    Why are pathologists finding that 93 percent of people who died after injection were killed by it?

    Why are embalmers discovering mysterious wormlike strings in the corpses of the vaxxed?

    Why did such a cosmically unprecedented mass fatality rate start in 2021—so bad that they’ve had to make up SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) to cover for the reality that massive numbers of people are unexpectedly dropping dead?

    Why did life insurance companies pay out as much as 163 percent more for 18–64-year-olds and 258 percent more overall in 2021 over 2020?

    Why did a German insurance executive get fired for reporting alarming numbers of vaxx injuries?

    Why aren’t people being given informed consent about the risks of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), blood clots, Bell’s Palsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome, cardiac diseases, and the innumerable other debilitating and fatal side effects?

    Why aren’t the vaccine manufacturers making any efforts to improve their products to reduce mortality and adverse reactions?

    Why is it okay to keep pharmaceutical products in circulation despite historically unprecedented rates of deaths and injuries when, before 2020, such drugs would have been recalled as soon as a tiny handful of serious reactions had been reported?

    Why aren’t the vaxxed more curious about what they’ve been injected with?

    Finally, why are so few people asking these questions, and why are they censoring us for asking them?

    After assessing and meticulously assembling thousands of pieces of evidence over the past two years, I have concluded the only logical answers to the above questions are:

    PROFIT: accomplishing the largest wealth transfer from the middle class to the super-wealthy/super-rich in history;

    POWER: setting the stage for The Great Reset and a global technocratic one-world tyranny; and

    DEMOCIDE: reducing the population to “save the planet.”

    ‘A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation’


  3. This face diaper sheet is getting beyond bizarre, have you seen this photo? I can only hope it’s fake:


    Related, I could easily see this caption in one of EPA’s articles, the Yuri Bezmenov interview was something else, now. And, it keeps popping up all the time. I’m glad I watched the full interview. I’d rather know, than bury my head in the sand… I guess that’s why I don’t understand the willfully ignorant crowd:


  4. NY Slimes sends off Dr Vladimir Zelensky with a contemptuous smirk:

    Vladimir Zelenko, 48, Dies
    Promoted an Unfounded Covid Treatment

    In fact, Dr Zelenko’s zinc / azithromycin / HCQ protocol saved hundreds of his patients in New York’s deadly first wave of covid in Spring 2020.

    His protocol has since been confirmed by mountains of research.

    Where do the know-nothing journos of the Slimes, who tout useless vaccines and reject prompt treatment, get off calling Zelenko’s heroic efforts ‘unfounded’?

    Smash the Lügenpresse.

  5. ‘Shots For Tots’ (They Finally Came For the Babies)
    thay are already mandated 72 injections is this # 73?


    from zh comments

    1996: Over 50 children die in Nigeria after Pfizer tests an experimental antibiotic on children without obtaining proper regulatory approval or consent from the children’s parents. 30 Nigerian families sue the company, accusing Pfizer of using their children as ‘human guinea pigs.’

    Never forget what they did.
    This was a fake pandemic based on intentionally fraudulent pcr testing and the fact no illness was required in order to be called a case. All pcr-based case and death data are highly inaccurate to the point of outright fraud.

    Mild Flu and pneumonia were rebranded as covid.
    They declared a world wide pandemic when there were only 83 (pcr positive) cases outside of China, over 6 billion people. They ramped up the pcr testing to unprecedented levels (45 cycles), until the jabs came out, justifying mandates and terrifying as many as possible into getting them.

    The jabs have killed more people than covid. Since they were forced on us, our death rate has increased 40%.
    Now they’re jabbing little kids.

    Yeah, 95 % ‘effective’ turned into not safe, not effective, and it is worse than 0 % effective, it actually damages your immune response. Maybe permanent damage.
    How about a 99.8 % survival rate with no vaccine and no mask, plus the added benefit of no risk of blood clots or Myocarditis or immune system or neurological damage.
    And an even better survival rate with vitamin C, vitamin D and Ivermectin.

    Roe vs Wade was overturned to camouflage the drastic decline in pregnancies.

    For those who haven’t killed their babies in the womb there’s mRNA vaccines to get rid of the little buggers.

    Things are going to get very interesting when toddlers start dropping dead and parents are gaslit by their doctors, who tell them that it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the covid shot.

    They’ll have to live with murdering or crippling their children, but most leftists won’t care because it was for the greater good.

    Pfizer’s 2022 revenues are expected to be $54 billion on vaccines alone, most of it pure profit.

    Mercola explains why they’re so desperate to get the clotshots into babies:
    Once the vaccine is on the childhood vaccination schedule, the vaccine makers are permanently shielded from liability for injuries and deaths that occur in any age group, including adults

  6. Highest death rates in the history of the life insurance business as “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” (death by vaccine) sweeps across the USA

    if the rationale (for gun control), is based on the tools and devices used to murder mass numbers of innocent humans, then the COVID “clot shot” jabs certainly need to be the priority.

    Doctors and vaccines kill more young adults than all the guns combined

    Millions of patients who are prescribed psychotropic drugs experience the worst of side effects, including increased thoughts of suicide and homicide, leading to massive increases of mass shootings and deaths across the nation. They’re like walking zombies with aggressive panic disorders heightened by mind-altering drugs.

    Now, most of these same sickly, mentally-disturbed patients are having their vascular system clogged with prions, that go straight to the brain, causing more mental breakdowns, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and murderous rampages.

    Now, most of these same sickly, mentally-disturbed patients are having their vascular system clogged with prions, from the clot shots, that go straight to the brain,…..and they are driving cars…..lol….


  7. More anecdotal here, but my sister has gotten the Jab and has been sick with *IT* twice, my ex gf just got *IT* yesterday and she’s been Jabbed, my dad had it a few weeks ago (according to a CVS test kit) and he has NOT been Jabbed. Although he is 63 years old and drives a truck, doesn’t eat the greatest, and has an irregular sleep schedule. He’s only 155 lbs at 5’8″ though. But it was a 101 fever and a few days of rest. He’s more than recovered.

    I actually visited him the day he got *IT*, and I had 99.3 fever for about an hour or two. So I probably had *IT*. But I soon felt fine. Like, a few hours later I was A-okay. I lift and run 20 miles a week at age 35. No problem.

    Other than my dad, I don’t know anyone who has had *IT* bad enough and not been Jabbed.

    • Also Eric, and anyone else, I urge you to read RFK Jrs book. It’s a doozy. Plus, it’s fun to buy that book knowing (or at least hoping) that you are pissing off the cashier at the bookstore or the Amazon employee that picks/packs it… assuming THAT isn’t a robot nowadays.

  8. FDA doubles down on abject failure:

    ‘On June 28, a panel of experts convened by the FDA voted 19 to 2 to change the boosters that have been used since December 2020 to protect [sic] against COVID-19.

    ‘While the WHO suggested including [omicron] BA.1 in the next vaccine, Dr. Peter Marks from the FDA disagreed, preferring instead to focus on BA.4 and BA.5. “The current vaccines [sic] appear to be the least effective against them,” he said.’ — Time.com

    Oh, the humanity.

    Marks admits that the current injections, based on a strain that existed 2-1/2 years ago, no longer work.

    But by the time they’re reformulated for BA.1, BA.4, BA.5, BA.whatevah, those bugs will be ancient history too.

    How can you be a doctor and fail to understand this simple fact? Only if you’re taking paper bags full of hundreds from Big Pharma to deliberately lie and kill people.

    ‘Dr’ Peter Marks should be indicted for first-degree murder.

    • Look at the sweet new deal that Pfizer is getting from our wallets! An additional 105 million doses of new and improved jabs! That comes out to be about $30.47 per shot.

      I love our government (sarc). If it doesn’t work, just order some more.

      I am curious who are the 105 million people that will be lining up for this?

  9. Greg Hunters interview with Dr. David Martin is one of the best plandemic information videos circulating. Martin has a lawsuit in federal court that is due to be heard in the first week of July. Personally I don’t see it going anywhere as most of the Judges are either bought off or have the covid mini lobotomy which eliminates or interferes with the ability to reason. Which, is why IMO, most who have had the kill shots refuse to even consider the shot as the culprit for what ails them.


  10. My best friend of more than 30 years has been experiencing what he calls ‘long covid’ for months now. Extreme fatigue is the major symptom, some shortness of breath, preventing him from normal physical activity. He is even considering not going on his annual camping trip to the Minnesota boundary waters. He had to give up his boxing training (just for exercise) and can’t play tennis anymore.

    We never discuss it much. He and his wife got jabbed since they were afraid for their immunocompromised daughter.

    It is very hard to know if his symptoms are a result of the shots, or if he actually was infected with the virus. Maybe both. I don’t know if he has been boosted or not.

    There are two areas of life we never discuss; religion and this Covid thing.
    There is no point in bringing up the idea that his long covid could have been caused by the injections, its a done deal. Kind of like faith in god. Once the line is crossed, there is no real shot at going back. And why blame my friend for doing it to himself when I cannot know for a fact if he did? Anecdotes are not evidence of anything, except the personal experience of one person. I know many hundreds of jabbed people who are completely fine, too.

    What I find so sad, is how little trust there is left in our medical institutions, now. Bad enough prior to Covid, now, how can I trust anything? And, without the experience, research capability, and training of a clinician or researcher, laypeople are left with guessing whose advice to follow.

    Since I am now 52 years old, and have no chronic illnesses-yet- I figure its a gamble to disregard my own doctor’s advice. I can check whether his advice is accepted practice, but how do we judge the efficacy of accepted practice? So much of what we intuit as the right actions to take are actually not the right actions, and so much of what we think is correct is actually not. This is why we have the scientific method in the first place. With so much data out there, it is possible to find support for almost any viewpoint on any problem, so it comes down to which authority you and I will choose to follow.

    In my opinion, caution should be the default position when anyone or any institution tries to change some fundamental way of living, or makes any kind of far reaching change in any process that heretofore has been providing a net benefit.

    We are all guessing because the ultimate “goodness” or “badness” of any decision or chain of decisions is unknowable. We do what we believe is best for ourselves, based on any number of assumptions, biases, and beliefs, none of which may be true or even matter. Good health may more luck than anything we consciously do. We humans have a real problem with attribution bias.

    Vaccines are good, no doubt about it, certain ones have done wonders. Certain others have been disasters. Adding certain chemicals to water has increased life expectancy greatly, while adding other chemicals to food has contributed to mass obesity. We’ve become such an all-or-nothing People, I blame politics for that. Nuance is lost on the great mass of the public.

    My friend is sick, that much is real. He may never recover. The few people in my life I am close to also make decisions that I think are bad ones (me included). I’ll do whatever I can to help him, as he would do for me.

  11. Eric,
    I’m sorry for your friend. The fact he was coerced into taking the jab is evil.

    The airline pilots that succumbed to the pressure of taking the jab are now losing their jobs due to health status. I guess we’ll all be on standby waiting for the next plane that does not arrive.

  12. Eric, do you think people are waking up to the damage the clot shot is causing ? Another story in my close family – Sister in law got a lump on her thyroid after the jab….. now its growing and they need to operate fairly soon. Despite many tests, doctors dont have a clue what it is, if its cancerous or not. The only thing they say with 100% certainty is that it had nothing to do with the jab….. But people are waking up and though they wont say it (because so many have taken it) they are thinking it.

    On a slightly more positive note – my brother (the one in SF who I’ve never agreed with on anything as far back as I can remember) is on side with this jab thing. He has gotten his – lets say “replica” pass made…… Im wondering, why dont people who are really pushed into it for work just get such paperwork. Not sure if you heard, they recently caught a CEO of spains largest pharma company with a DIY vaccine pass 😀 (yes ofcourse I recommend just staying away from it and greatly respect those who do – but not everyone is in that position for whatever reason – and as a last resort isn’t a plan B possible out there)

    • In re “they caught a CEO…with a DIY pass” – that is intentional. We are supposed to see the ‘example’ being made of this high-level pharma (no less!) exec getting “caught”, so none of us plebs would ever try it.

    • I know for a fact a good % of the “marks o’ the beast” paperwork are fabricated. If I had to guess overall it’s around 10%.

      We’ve seen cancers rapidly increase here within a few months of any booster campaigns. Several friends and relatives with odd types of malignancies and a few deaths(murders).

  13. Eric,

    I’m sorry your friend is having these continued difficulties. I know well how he feels, quite unfortunately. I sincerely hope that, like me, he recovers. In my case, it took months to recover from the “long-covid”. I know that his problem was likely generated from the jab, which is a little different, but I have hope for him.

    • Hi BaDnOn –

      I have hope also, chiefly because this friend of mine is strong and otherwise was healthy as a Clydesdale. He has “reserves,” so to speak – as I think you do, too. The people I suspect most likely to not recover from these shots are the ones who haven’t got those “reserves.” Ordinary people who weren’t in better-than-average shape before they got “vaccinated.” And though I am not a religious man, I pray for the kids who’ve been “vaccinated” and hope their futures haven’t been ruined.

      • I have read elsewhere that ivermectin is also being used effectively to reduce/eliminate some of the jab side effects.

        It can’t hurt, and may help, your friend.

      • Eric,
        Yes, I had “reserves”, if you mean a certain store of energy to use in a day. They began as very small, when the long covid hit, sometimes barely enough to walk from place to place in the house. Then, my capacity gradually increased over months ’til here I am. It’s a rough road. I wish your boy all the luck!

  14. After reading Eric’s article, and comments from Raider Girl, the truth is becoming more and more obvious. Governments only do one thing well, and that is killing people, and they’re quite good at it. You’re doing right RG. More people die under tyranny than do resisting it. Times may get tough for you, but I assure you, you will have plenty of company. That handcart to hell we’ve all been riding on for the last several decades is tipping over the edge.

  15. Iatrogenic injury and death is a very real thing. My advice is to eat well, vigorously exercise and get/stay healthy. That includes more fat and protein and less carbs. And for God’s sake do not eat the shit that poses as food out there, such as processed foods, corn or soy anything, seed oils, etc.

    The medical/pharma racket will absolutely kill you or destroy your health. Stay the hell away from those monsters at all cost. Healthy people usually don’t get ill and they tend to heal themselves. Medical intervention may be necessary at some point, but go in assuming they will cause you harm if you are not very careful.

  16. ‘It appears the “vaccines” … render immune systems less able to ward off sicknesses.’ — eric

    Physician, heal thyself:

    “After I finished the five days of Paxlovid, I reverted to negative on an antigen test for three days in a row,” [vaxxed and double-boosted] Fauci said Tuesday.

    “And then on the fourth day, just to be absolutely certain, I tested myself again. I reverted back to positive.”

    Fauci said he started taking a second course of Paxlovid after experiencing symptoms “much worse than in the first go around.” — via ZH

    Nice to see this dogmatic, peculating old fool briskly hoisted on his own poisoned petard.

    It was his hubristic fate to be smacked down, many sensed.

    Psycho Killer
    Qu’est-ce que c’est?
    Fa fa fa FA, fa fa fa fa FAH fa
    Better run, run, run, run, run, run, run away-y-y-y-y

    — Talking Heads, Psycho Killer

      • Hi Mike,

        I think Fauci is 81. It may partially explain his obsession with sickness and its corollary, fear of dying – which is not unreasonable when you’re 81. But, of course, Fauci’s real obsession is power – which is a sickness that afflicts all bureaucrats.

        • It’s a sad real-life application of the old joke:

          A man passes on and his soul is admitted to Heaven. St. Peter assigns him a guide to his Eternal Reward. After a while, accompanied by a bright light and angels softly singing and casting rose petals, he sees…the BIG GUY. The “newbie” in Heaven nudges his guide and softly asks:

          “Is that…HIM?”

          “You betcha”

          “But why is He wearing a lab coat, stethoscope, and eye mirror?”

          “Oh, don’t worry…He ‘thinks’ he’s a DOCTOR.”

  17. Driving vaxxed…….
    People die in road traffic accidents, experienced motorcyclists drive off the road, drivers lose control and end up in oncoming lanes, all for “unexplained” reasons.

    “The emergency departments at the hospitals are filled up and no one understands why:

    Healthy young people die without any obvious cause. SADS they call it. Insurance companies report unlikely increases in payments after able-bodied people in their prime suddenly die.

    In Portugal, the general death rate this year is up 25 percent compared to the average of the last five years – and that is not due to covid.


  18. Sad story about your friend Eric. I think this will be all to common in the coming years.

    RG, Kudos girl. As TJ said, ‘Principles have no real force unless one is well fed.’ Glad you had the foresight to be able to make a stand against tyranny. Many didn’t prepare and like Erics friend were forced to comply through coercion. May your resolve be strengthened when you need it most.

    It seems rather ironic that our bought and paid for whores we call a Government, makes war on tobacco, guns, and ICE engines. While the Big Pharma roams the halls of the bordello on the Potomac working tirelessly to force everyone into using their toxic product.

    IMO big Pharma has killed and maimed more people in the last thirty years than even our military adventurism. If you add up the vcxx deaths, with all the autism, cancers and disabling effects caused by Pharma, Throw in all the poison pills they have pushed then pulled form the market. Then the suicides from MAOI’s and weird cocktails, turning people into chimeras in a human grocery store, Pharma is clearly public enemy #1.

    As we bitter clingers hold on to the hope of liberty, it seems like the lambs go servily to slaughter while the wolves run free.

    • Norman,
      Your opinion is correct. About 250,000 Americans die each year from a thing that never shows on a death certificate. “Medical error”. Indeed it does shame the US military, which has still killed more people in the last twenty years than any other.

      • Hi John

        Number of deaths for leading causes of death U.S.

        1) Heart disease: 655,381
        2) Cancer: 599,274

        3) The medical industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

        4) Accidents (unintentional injuries): 167,127
        5) Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 159,486
        6) Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 147,810
        7) Alzheimer’s disease: 122,019

        8) over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs

        9) Diabetes: 84,946
        10) Influenza and Pneumonia: 59,120
        11) Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 51,386
        12) Intentional self-harm (suicide): 48,344

        The medical industry causes 440k deaths a yr in America alone due to “medical errors” (partially defined as an unintended outcome even under correctly administered care)

        and over 100k annual deaths due to legal drugs. This is only from the reports we know about.

        now they can say died of cv19, for everything, just number 3 and 8 will give them great numbers as an excuse for masks, lockdowns, forced injections. the lockdowns have caused number 12 to sky rocket.

        reclassify deaths to avoid insurance claims…..insurance fraud

        another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccines in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
        “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

        The covid “vaccine” is an experimental biologic which is being marketed as a vaccine so that it can be legally mandated (force injected). Experimental biologics (unlike traditional vaccines) cannot be forced on people without consent which is why pharma will be permitted to regulate them as vaccines.

        they want to say they are vaccines because if it is a vaccine they are not responsible if you are injured or die, you cannot sue them, plus it can be mandated. sounds like insurance fraud.

        anything they want to inject in you, chips, nano wires and any other technology they will say it is a vaccine so they can’t be sued when you are injured or die. vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability.

        vaccinelawfare provides information to both attorneys and lay people so that these mandatory biologics can be resisted fully based on legal precedent. Genetic manipulation of billions yielding mass mutagenesis is the covid agenda unless we resist.

        • Please note that firearms-related deaths are less than all those categories you cited, at under 40K annually in the US.


          While obviously ANY death related to firearms is a tragedy and usually PREVENTABLE (i.e., guns typically don’t fire themselves), their supposedly being freely available doesn’t make them even in the top twelve of causes of death. Furthermore, a breakdown of those fatalities shows that most of the deaths fall into two general categories: gang-related homicides, and suicides. Funny how there’s been numerous Federal and State laws, most of which “infringed” on the 2A rights of LAW-ABIDING Americans, but did NOTHING to count injuries and fatalities due to juvenile delinquents, felons, and self-harm (or murder) causes by the insane.

  19. It’s sad so many define their existence with an occupation. Words uttered in the manner of “I’m a nurse at St. Satans butchery” make me ill. No wonder these drones get locked into a career with their suffocating debt and a big ball ‘n’ chain house filled with plastic landfill. “They” knew the slaves would do anything to maintain their status and the hoarde of packrat trinkets collected over decades. Damn fools work their whole lives away just to croak early or sell it all off and move into a home for the infirm shortly after retirement. Get rid of your excess sh*t, it’s a trap!

    Some fight club quotes for your enjoyment.

    “The things you own end up owning you.” – Tyler Durden

    “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” – Tyler Durden

    “We’re the middle children of history, man, no purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day, we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.” – Tyler Durden

    “Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.” – Tyler Durden

    “Everyone smiles with that invisible gun to their head.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Author

  20. They knew vaccines didn’t work 100 years ago, but it is the most profitable business on the planet so they won’t stop, plus it is a handy tool for creating a market of sick people to sell poisonous drugs to (and for the 2030 depopulation agenda)….

    they always use the doctors to get you…..

    nazi germ theory issues:

    modern germ theory medicine is nazi medicine, so all the lockdowns, forced isolation, masks, forced injection, depopulation, make perfect sense

    “The infection theories were only established as a global dogma through the concrete policies and eugenics of the Third Reich. Before 1933, scientists dared to contradict this germ theory; after 1933, these critical scientists were silenced.”

    Not one experiment has ever proven germ theory right

    results: The medical system today failing totally in their treatment of chronic illnesses and have killed and are killing more people than all wars so far have made possible.

    Every school medicine practitioner is conscious of this, but only very few dare to speak about it. Therefore it’s no wonder either that among professional groups, it is that of the school medicine practitioners that has the highest suicide rate, far surpassing other professional groups.

    weaponizing medicine: everybody believes in this bs, so it is easy to cull them.

    the school medicine practitioners need the paralyzing and stupid-making fear of diabolical viruses, in order to conceal their historical origin as an oppression and killing instrument of the vatican,

    In the medieval times the Church’s pandemic plague church doctors that could declare you a witch, wizard, pagan or heretic and take your life and property!

    today we have the covid occult satanic death cult religion: we think you are positive, off to the camp, forced injection, a huge cull.


  21. Oh. My. GOSH! Wait…wait…. So the hospi’l wouldn’t allow the guy to work any longer when he wasn’t sick, because he wasn’t injected- but now that he has complied, they have no problem with him being around compromised vulnerable sick people though he is now sick with something which they can’t even diagnose, much less ascertain if it is contagious or a threat to people who are already in a weakened position?

    We are back to the Dark Age…..

    If it weren’t a V.A. hospi’l, I’d be livid- but being it is…it is kinda fitting (At least for the patients).

    But this just illustrates how this all has absolutely nothing to do with some flu or ‘pandemic’ or concern for public safety- as it is a perfect example of how the goal is just to get everyone vaccinated, regardless of whether it destroys their own health, or poses a threat to others.

    They’re essentially saying “When you were healthy, we could not allow you to be around sick people because you weren’t vaccinated…but now that you are vaccinated, it is perfectly fine for you to work while sick, even though no one has a clue as to the nature of what you have or the risk it may pose to others…and even though the quality of your work will likely be compromised”.

    • Hi Nunz,

      Yup. This is up close and personal for me, too – because this guy is a good friend of mine. He is also the first person I personally know who has (probably) been injured by the “vaccine.”

    • Hi Nunzio

      Monkeypox next….lol


      The WHO is calling it “a multi-country monkeypox outbreak!” Belgium has introduced a mandatory quarantine. The CDC has gone to “Alert Level 2!” “Enhanced precautions” are recommended! In New York City, the nexus of probably the most paranoid, mask-wearing, quadruple-“vaccinated” New Normal fanatics on the face of the planet, the Department of Health is instructing everyone to wear the masks they are already wearing to protect them from both Covid and monkeypox,

      They are renaming monkeypox because people made fun of it and called it money pox…..lol

      from zh comments…
      They shed spike protein after the shot. Avoid freshly vaxxed. If you get exposed take ivermectin. I had the biggest full body inflammation event I could imagine after being exposed to one all day.

      So is it really Monkeypox or a Vaccine Side Effect?

      Autoimmune mucocutaneous blistering diseases after SARS-Cov-2 vaccination: A Case report of Pemphigus Vulgaris and a literature review

      During the George W. Bush administration, VP Cheney got all hyped up about a weaponized smallpox threat so he ordered vaccination of the military. It didn’t go very well and had to be discontinued due to the serious adverse effects caused by the smallpox vaccine., they are going to use the smallpox vaccine for monkeypox.

      Misdiagnosis of recurring chickenpox would make a lot of sense, given the data demonstrating immune system damages from the vaXXX. Call it the funky-monkey, and weaponize it politically to advance the agenda.

      Monkey pox is a deliberate misdiagnosis of shingles, which is one of the 1,291 documented side effects of the COVID Clot Shots. Don’t let the lying inbred scumbags tell you otherwise.

      from Mr Snyder

      The jabs have harmed everybody’s immune systems and cancer rates are up 9000%.
      We don’t have any fertilizer so world food production will be cut in half this year.
      But that’s OK, because we also don’t have any diesel so they wouldn’t be able to get the food to you even if there were any.
      There’s going to be a nuclear war in Europe sometime in the late summer or early autumn, they’re deciding right now at the Davos meeting.
      The US Treasury is secretly getting ready to print bills in denominations of $1000, $5000, and $10,000. Wilson, Carter, Roosevelt. The second one.
      The global fascists have killer drones with glowing red eyes that are drawn to you by the beating of your heart.
      By 2030, 135% of registered Democrats will self-identify as LGBTQIA++.
      The US government has revealed that there really was a Martian invasion of the US east coast on 30 October, 1938.
      That’s all I have for now, but the day is still young.

      Since viruses have never been proven to do anything, never been proven to be pathogentic, and never been proven to, ahem, exist – I find it highly unlikely this one will have an impact on mortality.
      Please see Andrew Kaufman, Stephan Lanka, Jon Rappoport, The Contagion Myth, What Really Makes You Ill, Herbert Shelton, TC Fry, Antoine Bechamp, Terrain Theory, ec etc etc etc.
      Pasteur was a fraud and germ theory is absolutely unsubstantiated.


      • We don’t have any fertilizer so world food production will be cut in half this year.
        But that’s OK, because we also don’t have any diesel so they wouldn’t be able to get the food to you even if there were any.

        oh oh….start growing your own food, go fishing, hunting….

        I had neighbors a long time ago, they were originally farmers, they grew all their own fruit and vegetables, canned them for the winter, raised rabbits and chickens, went fishing and hunting, froze fish and meat for the winter, baked their own bread, about all they bought at the store was sugar and flour, they cut all their own wood, cooked and heated with wood only, they recycled all their garbage, only went to the dump with flattened cans every 4 months.

    • Hi Nunzio.

      I look at vets as two classes. Those who have been drafted, and the current mercenaries.
      The drafted are not responsible for their condition. I look at conscription as slavery. Those who have been injured while being slaves, should be well cared for. Mercenaries on the other hand, are responsible for their choices.

      The current VA is a disgrace. Even more so than the rest of the medical industrial complex. As the system continues to collapse, matters are going to get ever more dire. Anyone falling into the grasp of the medical industrial complex is taking their lives into their own hands. There is a good chance it will not end well for them.

      The Empire spends trillions on its so called “health care” system. With results that continue to get worse. Some studies expect that to reach the area of 6.2 trillion by 2028. I personally do not expect the Empire to exist in its current form by that time.

      As all cause deaths continue to pile up, and more research comes out about the real risks of the vaxx, I expect very Bad Things™ to happen, to distract people. Other wise we could end up with our own version of the French reign of terror. Which wouldn’t be good for our so called “leaders” and those who control them.

  22. Hi Eric,

    I sympathize with your friend. Many will disagree with me when I say we all have choices. The problem is sometimes neither choice is what we want though.

    I received notice yesterday that if I do not register to the the IRS’s ID.me requirement I will lose my ability to efile payroll reports, returns, W2s, 1099s, etc. for clients. Basically, the complete shutdown of my business. Apparently, this goes into effect August 1st for tax preparers. Register or lose your ability to use MeF. Of course, any preparer who files 10 or more returns a year must efile.

    Figuratively, I have a gun to my head. I have two options…submit or shutdown. I refuse to submit. I am not providing them the information that they want. I have already had a few people that have told me, “they already know everything about you.” Maybe, they do, but I will be damned if I make it easy on them.

    After almost 20 years in business it is likely that I will have to shut my doors. To say I am upset is an understatement. I feel absolutely defeated. It wasn’t the free market that killed my business, it wasn’t that I didn’t deliver a good product, or that customers didn’t pay me for it. It was regulations set forth by my own government that will be the end my livelihood.

    I will hold on and do what I can get away with: bookkeeping, filing payroll reports and docs via paper, etc. but in reality I am fucked. Twenty years of work slammed shut because I refuse to give the government a selfie or sit on a computer for an interview by some third party to verify who I am.

    Many don’t understand why I am doing this. I am being told I am overreacting. I believe each of us has a right to privacy and the information being required far extends the data needed to verify who I am. The problem is if you give them an inch they will take a mile. It won’t end at a selfie and your cell phone number, but soon will be…are you up to date on your shots, what is the name of each person in your household, are they up to date, how much food are you buying, do you recycle, why do you need a chicken coop, etc. I refuse to participate. They can go to hell.

    • This is terrible RG. ID.me is a weapon just as threatening, and being deployed just as aggressively as the injections. And more importantly, the two are intimately related, as you correctly observe. Once they got your ID.me profile (actually a low-resolution “Digital Twin” that allows for damn-near real-time surveillance throughout all of meat-space), it’s quite obvious the next step will be to require proof-of-injection to use the ID.me certificate. It’s a unique biometric vaxx-pass by the side-door. One can “request” a religious exemption from an HR department, but the ID.me AI doesn’t give a damn about that. It can just act as a hard-stop denial-of-access at any time, with zero recourse. You know, it’s a “private company” and therefore not constrained by the Constitution (as every good “libertarian” knows) and it’s also not an employer, so it need not abide by “employment law” constraints.

      “It was regulations set forth by my own government that will be the end my livelihood.”

      This is much. much worse. The government has molted off it’s “regulatory-state” skin, and has now transformed into the “public-private partnership state,” where they don’t even need to put any actual regulations on the books to coerce behavior. The Machine can simply implement diktats algorithmically at “point-of-service”. So no law need be passed; no delegation by the legislature to a regulator need be enacted; no regulation need be promulgated. The IRS bureaucrats can just casually sign a contract with a shadowy “private company” after a lavish three-martini-and-two-hooker lunch, and now the software is in charge of hundreds of millions of people.

      Plus, bear in mind that the one selfie won’t guarantee perpetual access. The algorithm can, at any time, deny service and say it needs “a little extra verification to ensure maximum security,” and demand another selfie on-the-spot. This is essentially an omnipresent robot minder that can demand to inspect your person and your surroundings at any time.

      RG, I strongly agree with your resolve not to go into that maze. To me, it’s not even a matter of “bravery”—it’s basic-level self-preservation.

      • Freelance_Philosopher, brilliant layout of the facts, what it will mean for us, and the devious manner in which it is implemented. A truly frightening scenario. I was not aware of the ID.me system and will research it further, so thanks for sharing this. It’s just one more reason why China’s red health code as a control mechanism will be enacted worldwide. True tyranny enforced algorithmically.

        You can’t appeal to, or try to reason with, a machine set to operate as programmed. If a human is on the end of the thing, they’ll simply say, “it’s not me enforcing this; it’s the machine.” They will have no ability to override any settings, and therefore wil not be able to affect any outcomes.

        In short, the end game is that they’re gonna kill us all. It’s just a matter of how and when.

        • Hey DC!

          I won’t lie and say I’m not flattered and appreciative of your gracious words, but frankly reading things like RG’s note triggers my fight-or-flight-freak-out mode so much that I am incapable of pleasantries! It’s a lot like seeing a black-masked effaced freak on the street suddenly after a few days without—it is a jarring reminder of our fast-approaching, inescapable massacre and mechanized processing that causes my heart to free-fall into my groin. (Ever read Watership Down? I’ve basically felt like the Jeremiah-seer “Fiver” ever since March 2020, and reminders like RG’s note put me right back in the paralytic mindset.)

          “If a human is on the end of the thing, they’ll simply say, ‘it’s not me enforcing this; it’s the machine.'”

          In Technopoly, the prophetic Neil Postman called this phenomenon “agentic shift” in that bureaucrats are empowered to disclaim all agency whenever they obtain their decisions from a computer. He noted it as a key component in the inherent totalitarianism in reliance on computers in matters of human action.

          “They will have no ability to override any settings, and therefore wil not be able to affect any outcomes.”

          It’s worse than that. With ID.me, humans are alienated from any human interface altogether, so there won’t even be that moment of agentic shift. There will be no human agency in the equation whatsoever. “Customer service” will be by chatbot and robo-phone, all tied into the very algorithm that has produced an aggrieving outcome. It’s AI-all-the-way-down.

          “In short, the end game is that they’re gonna kill us all. It’s just a matter of how and when.”

          It’s going to be a grinding, wearing-down process of incremental administrative attrition. Standards of living will be scientifically “dialled down” by engineered inflation, even as recursive, automated ultimata are imposed on all modes of livelihood and sustenance. Increasingly, refuseniks on the margin will be referred to the mechanized courts to be fined and processed for failures to comply with pseudo-medical and electronic diktats. Just imagine when ID.me is required for everyone to file a tax return. Then the Machine can bootstrap any dissenter into court for felony tax evasion. Hell, by then in all likelihood the Machine will require an injection even to enter the courthouse, so refuseniks will be denied the right to defend themselves. Then a warrant can automatically issue for arrest, setting the Machines human AGW enforcers into motion. The Machine can further issue a mandate that an injection can be forced on you during processing into jail.

          We’re just rats scrambling through a maze with no goal and no exit, and the corridors are rapidly filling with acid, even as the walls are moving in, and new walls are emerging from the floor to close off pathways.

          • I appreciate your reply, Freelance. You always go far beyond me in depth and the ultimate impact of these things, something I think I’m pretty good at. Still, I’m not on your level. When they eventually show up with the gun, I’ll probably plead with them to just end it for me. I didn’t bargain for this and do not want that kind of world, and clearly the only other choice will be an escape via death.

            • Man, you two are… sumthin’ else. Coming across as, Peas in a pod.

              F_P: “We’re just rats scrambling through a maze with no goal and no exit”

              Not everyone, F_P, …not everyone.

              DC Miami: “When they eventually show up with the gun, I’ll probably plead with them to just end it for me.”

              The word, ‘Defeatists’, comes to mind. Why yield so easily & readily?

              From what much of you guys write, it’s like you’ve both given up & given in, before the starting gun has gone off.

              …That’s kinda,… sad. …’Cause, you guys seem like fighters, not, give-uppers. Free will, is funny that way, I guess.

              I’ve seen your Spark in some of your comments. … Why, snuff them?

              Pink Floyd – Time


            • Hi DC.

              The very least you can do, is if/when they come for you, is take at least one or two with you. Pleading with monsters is pointless and pathetic.

      • Hi FP,

        The ID.me has scared me since I first heard about it. It is the main factor in the establishment of biometric passports. I refuse to be part of some type of human AI experiment. I agree with you, it isn’t bravery, just preservation.

      • RG,
        I’m very sorry those mofos are doing this to your business. I think you’re making the right choice by telling them to eat shit. The Universe/God <3<3<3 LOVES a courageous individual and abhors a coward.

        I believe in a few years (as long as you don't like drink margartias all day) that you'll be better off than where you were.

        • That is my problem, Michael. So far, I have drunk margaritas every day. 🙂 I did get out of PJs before 6:30 AM this morning though. 😉 I am so terrified that I showed up at work super early trying to get everyone completed and off my desk…just in case. I will probably be a mad woman for the next month.

    • Hi RG!
      I was on the edge of my seat reading your post, thinking to myself that I might be about to read something which would make me very sad. My apologies! I should have thought better of you! Now, although I feel terrible for what they’re doing to you and how they have just destroyed your business, I am rejoicing, knowing that you are ‘the real deal’ and truly but principle, liberty and privacy on such a high shelf!

      Sadly, in today’s world, I think we’ve all been there and have all had to make such choices, whether forced to by evil government entities or corporations or customers. It seems devastating at first….but we quickly learn that standing on principle and not being a sheep, and not being a part of the problem….[takes breath]…not letting them control you, feels very good, and you know it’s the right thing- and so the next time it happens (And it will happen again, and with increasing frequency and consequence- before long, they will be coming for our driver’s licenses/cars…) it won’t seem so bad.

      You get used to it. It feels good to remain free and to tell them to GFT.

      RG, I’m sure you will prosper at whatever you do….and you might even find that not having to deal with the Wolf in an industry that his carnage makes possible, is liberating.

      Condolences for your biz…and cheers for your liberty! It helps us all whenever someone else refuses to comply, just as it hurts us when people so willing give up their liberty and comply. That right there is the difference between a free society and an enslaved one. Unfortunately, most people choose to comply and further the enslavement- but coming here and seeing people like uyou and others here who take a stand is truly uplifting!

      • Thank you for the kind words, Nunz. It has been a disheartening 24 hours to say the least. I didn’t get out of my PJs until 11 AM this morning. I will not change my direction, but it saddens me it has come to this…my livelihood vs my privacy.

        I abhor the bastards, except I have no idea who the hell they are.

        • RG, it probably doesn’t make you feel better, but I can tell you I’m frozen in vicarious panic-mode in regards to your situation, so I might be taking it harder than you are, given that you actually changed out of your jammies!

          See how artfully “They” led tax-preparers down this primrose path by a series of bootstraps! You mention, “Of course, any preparer who files 10 or more returns a year must efile.” You can bet yer bottom bippy that this current escalation was 100% planned when that seemingly innocuous requirement was rolled out. Just as is the forthcoming requirement to prove bovination-injection status.

          It’s truly a diabolically genius exploitation of the “sunk-cost fallacy” inborn into the human psyche. Each “reasonable, harmless” incremental step is justified by the “reasonable, harmless” step that preceded it, and the human being led by the nose-ring just shrugs with each new bootstrap, and pays to play, until she finds herself in a cybernetic iso-pod being probed for that last bit of bioinformatic data…

    • RG:

      I’m with you. I’d refuse too. That’s just too much to ask by the IRS.

      Can you simply prepare the tax returns for clients and then have them sign and mail them in? Perhaps you could increase your business with more liberty-oriented clients if you let them know the reason you can’t e-file it.

      • By the way, what happens if you mail more than 10? Will the IRS penalize the taxpayer and reject it?

        Perhaps you should challenge the whole rule in the first place. Sometimes a fight is just what the doctor ordered here.

        • I just went on to id.me. I’m wondering if you might be overthinking this. I was under the impression that it was only id through a biometric picture. It looks like you can just answer some questions to verify your id instead. So long as those questions are not too intrusive, I might consider it.

          Alternatively, I don’t see how the IRS can mandate that you provide pictures or personal info to what appears to be a private company. This may be a basis for a challenge too.

          • Mr. L: “I don’t see how the IRS can mandate that you provide pictures or personal info to what appears to be a private company.”

            This is incrementally being imposed on medical providers and pharmacists as well right now, as well as any individual taxpayer who uses IRS.gov to manage “quarterly estimates” and so forth. Social Security is quite obviously right around the corner.

            They just do it as a matter of administrative “policy.” No law or regulation needed. In the administrative world, they see it as no different than requiring a “number two pencil” to fill out form KY-90.

            Somebody might challenge it, but the burden will be on the challenger to prove an infringement of some “right”. This means paying a lawyer some $400 per hour to pioneer a novel cause of action in federal court, against the full power of the IRS, Department of the Treasury, and Department of Justice. Putting on my defense-lawyer hat, I would say the first big hurdle to such a challenge would be to show even standing to assert a lawsuit, since the government will take the position that there is no cognizable harm in simply registering with a “trusted and certified” vendor and contractor to the government. They will have reams of technical proof and armies of “cyber-security experts” to prove to the judge that all your data will be “secure” and that this is all for your own good, since it “protects you from identity theft”!

          • HI ML,

            ID.me is more than a few questions to verify your identity. First you have to prove to them (whoever them is) that you are who you are. It is a 17 step process. The first step is to provide them an email (which they will verify), then you have to provide them a cell (not a landline, but a cell line), which they will verify, next comes your full name, address, DOB, and SSN. Then you have to provide them a government issued ID with a picture on it (state DL or passport). After that you must take a selfie from said cell phone that you have verified. If you do not wish to provide the selfie you must sit through a Zoom interview with a third party representative which is about ten minutes long after providing a second picture on government ID. This paperwork goes to whom and where? How do they protect this information? Who has the security clearance to see this information? What happens if the individual is hacked? Who is to blame?

            This is a way for the government to have all information in one spot. The IRS just shredded thirty million documents per a recent IG report. We are supposed to look them on the protection of anything and everything about us? Not only that, but the IRS is not the only government (or business) entity that is collecting this information. The VA, state unemployment offices, SSA, etc. This info is being collected and sent to a giant hub somewhere. The party collecting the information is a third party vendor who is HQ in Tysons Corner. How convenient. Twenty miles from the FBI, CIA, and NSA. Not a coincidence.

            Unfortunately, I am unable to still prepare tax returns because all tax preparers are required to have a PTIN and an EFIN. The PTIN has to be renewed annually via the IRS website (hence ID.me). If I prepare a return without an PTIN not only am I looking at thousands of dollars in penalties, but also serious jail time.

            I do not wish to stop working and will continue to do so until they shut me down, which seems to be relatively soon. Even if they let me finish out the tax 2021 tax season I am doomed come January when they will not renew my PTIN. I also have a feeling that my software company will wish to identify tax preparers who have (and who have not met the IRS’s new guidelines).

            I would love to challenge it, but the problem is most of the public (nor other accountants) do not see that anything that is being asked is unreasonable. They may feel that it is an invasion of privacy, but these were the same people that rolled up their sleeves to continue on with life. If they don’t get a crap about their health they sure aren’t going to give a crap about their personal information.

            A one hundred acre homestead in South Dakota looks very promising right about now. Maybe something a little closer to home (around Appalachia) were internet still doesn’t exist and no one owns a cell phone.

            • “If you do not wish to provide the selfie you must sit through a Zoom interview with a third party representative which is about ten minutes long after providing a second picture on government ID. This paperwork goes to whom and where? How do they protect this information? Who has the security clearance to see this information? What happens if the individual is hacked? Who is to blame?”

              RG, thank you for this detailed break-down! I didn’t know about the “Zoom alternative”. So…if you decline to provide a single selfie…you must provide 10 minutes of selfies at 60fps!!!!

              Basically, the process you describe is: TRAINING THE AI TO BE ABLE TO IMPERSONATE YOU. You are giving the AI (not to mention to Israeli spooks who handle the AI) every single scrap of personal data it needs to be able to use your identity for any online transaction…and thereby every scrap of data needed to FRAME YOU FOR ANY CRIME OR ANY CONDUCT THAT CAN LATER BE DECLARED CRIMINAL.

              Just try proving, “It wasn’t me!” when it can be electronically PROVEN that it was done by somebody who was authenticated with your biometric features, linked to your SS#, and your DL#, etc., etc. Anybody with an ID.me profile is naked and exposed to bulletproof framing by Unit 8200. This will come into merciless play when the next wave of “domestic terror” and “cyber terror” programs are rolled out.

              This is going to take government-by-blackmail to whole new levels.

          • Jail time, John. 🙂 Did I mention I don’t look good in orange? I will continue to do what I do until they shut me down. Once that happens, I end my career in accounting and go hunt buffalo in Montana or start touring Bahamian islands.

            I am already losing my business; I have no intention of losing my children or ruining my marriage. Will I flout dumb rules? Absolutely. I am not committing fraud by not wearing my seat belt or driving too fast or collecting rainwater. I will be committing fraud by filing returns once my credentials have been taken away from me.

    • ‘After almost 20 years in business it is likely that I will have to shut my doors.’ — Raider Girl

      That’s appalling. Sickening. Abusive.

      I’m sorry.

      ‘Electronic Filing Identification Numbers are currently issued on a firm basis. All preparers in the firm are covered by one EFIN,’ says the I-R-fuckin-S.

      Conceivably you and your established client roster would be welcomed under the umbrella of another preparer who holds the EFIN and is willing to be assimilated into the borg.

      It’s honorable to down tools and quit, when faced with unacceptable demands.

      It’s equally honorable to lie, cheat and deceive like hell if feasible, to counter mindless tyranny.

      Here’s hoping you find the right way for you, or something entirely new.

      • Hi Jim,

        I am a pain in the ass and have been calling my owns shots for so long, there is no way I can work for someone else. To use another preparer’s EFIN they would be boss and I would be a sub or an employee making about a 1/3 of the money that I am making now They would also have my clients and the boss would be able to decide if I kept them or not.

        I guess I could always start charging consulting fees on how individuals and businesses could self prepare their own returns. 😉

        • RG,

          I hear you.

          Self-preparers like me are only forty percent of all individual filers these days, and tend to rely on our own devices.

          Maybe the universe is telling you that there’s a more rewarding outlet for your skills.

          Pension consulting? Writing a book? Portfolio management? Property management? Software development?

          Or maybe something totally different … what you always really wanted to do, before real life intervened.

          Doubtless your fertile mind will serve up a dozen ideas.

          Keep us posted!

        • “And now for something completely different.” – Bullwinkle

          In essence, in the final analysis, the ineluctable conclusion is that you are being reduced to slavery, digitally.

          Total Information Awareness is happening.

          Welcome to the Hotel California.

          The nutjob Pastor up in Calgary, the Polak with a heart, sends the right message.

          The Machine will run and hide, long before that, Nancy, AOC, Fauci, Clintons, Pete (Mr. Mom) and the rest of the motley crew of useless eaters will be dead and gone. Good riddance to all of them.

          You’ve duped, hacked. It is not nice to fool Mother Nature.

          Klouse will no doubt find out the hard way, one day, someday, and soon.

          Nobody cares what the Machine does, doesn’t count anymore.

          Two Minute Hate time.

          • I believe Bullwinkle Moose’s line was…”Nuthin’ up my sleeve…PRESTO!” after, “Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat!”

      • Agree, Jim H. No need to obsequiously submit to their evil demands. Better to live free.

        RG, hats off to you for following your instincts. Perhaps there is a way that you wont’ have to give up your livelihood, and yet remain on the perimeter. There are some good suggestions on this thread.

        Either way, stand strong. There are many of us out here with you who are facing similar situations, and your example is an encouragement to many.

    • RG…

      God-damn them. And this. I was having a decent day until I read about this. Your situation reminds me of the situation a local friend finds himself in after the government destroyed his business – the Bent Mountain Bistro – using the “pandemic” as pretext. I burn with hate for the people responsible for what is happening to people like you and him. Good people, working hard to provide services people want and need – ruined by filthy, useless-eating vermin who produce nothing. Worse than nothing, in that they destroy what others have produced.

      That said, I am proud of you! Immensely glad to hear you won’t kowtow to these bastards. It is people like you who give me hope that the bastards will – ultimately – lose.

      I know I don’t need to tell you any of this – because you already know it. Just know I am honored to know you. Best wishes to you and your family. Hang tight. All of us.

      • Thank you, Eric. 🙂

        I have no idea what direction I am heading in. I will do this until they say I can’t. Then…who knows. I am almost 45 years old with no freaking plan. That’s a bit terrifying for me. I saw it coming (the destruction of the accounting field), I just didn’t expect it so soon. Once digital currency finds its way in, the banks and the accountants will drop off the face of the Earth. It will all be centralized and ran through the Federal Reserve. Those signing up for ID.me only have a few years left, not decades. A few more years of work isn’t worth my sanity and privacy.

        • Absolutely, RG!

          And: I am already considering “next steps” myself as I don’t doubt they will eventually find some way to make what I do conditional upon some intolerable thing I will not kowtow too, either. I think the key to it is probably going entirely off their radar. As in figuring out how to live on a piece of land that no one knows about – or knows you’re there. Or are too far away from them to be worth bothering about. This is part of the reason why I am considering that travel trailer. A portable home easily hidden on acreage – and easily made self-sufficient, too. Maybe the first thing to do is buy that acreage so you have the place to retreat to. Ten is probably plenty. The next thing is banding with like-minded people who can help one another. One of the reasons I am where I am is precisely that.I have friends in low places – and that will matter when things get rough.

          I wish it weren’t so – and hope, even still, that it won’t get as bad as I suspect it may. The tragedy is that all of this is entirely gratuitous in that people like us only wish to be left in peace and would “comply” with most of their tyranny if they simply let us live our lives.

          • Parallel, & in tandem:

            ‘Fourth Letter to My Vaccinated Friend’

            … “This anger still simmering in my depths like a cauldron of bile comes to a full boil when I look around and reflect on what the world has become, what you and millions of others have let it become, by your compliance in an insidious crusade bent on destroying everything we hold dear, right down to human life itself.

            […] the overwhelming, gut-wrenching, mind-bending, white-hot sense of betrayal I feel—not just by you but also by everyone else who hypnotically went along with these crimes against humanity—remains larger than my psyche’s capacity to absorb and assimilate it all. I feel like you and I and so many of us were just going along our merry way on a ship cruising gladly upon the low swells of an untroubled sea, when suddenly it had been torpedoed because somehow, somewhere you, among others like you, became traitors against all that is good and right with world and radioed the coordinates to the enemy who blew it up. And here I am—here we all are—flailing in the flotsam of its remains and getting sucked into the vortex of the shattered, sinking hull. And that hull is gigantic. It is planet Earth.

            […] The goal has been to usher in a universal digital identification program to track and trace every last one of us. It’s been all about control and getting all our biometric and behavioral data on a software platform to exert that control. You refuse to believe it.” …


        • Move to Ferengenar. At least those goofy little trolls from “Star Trek” recognize the value of the accounting field in one of their “Rules of Acquisition”…

          #255: A wife is a luxury; a good accountant a NECESSITY.

          The only downside to Ferengenar is that females aren’t permitted to wear clothing. Judging by the sight of their males, they’re obviously masochists.

    • Hi RG

      Catherine Austin Fitts interview:

      getting rid of small businesses owned by conservatives…

      First the control group voted for the reset, then they injected $5 trillion into the economy that went to the insiders

      Then they used cv19 to shut down the economy run by the outsiders, destroying the small businesses

      The insiders now have $5 trillion to buy up more assets, take all the business the small businesses had, this is part of the centralization of everything for control. The globalists own the big corporations,

      why high interest rates? the small businesses, now the outsiders want cheap capital to get their businesses running again, so the control group raise rates to squeeze out the outsiders.

      This isn’t a turndown it is war.

      Did you come here to live or to be afraid? Fear being a transhuman slave.


      • Hi Anon1,

        The correct title should be “Getting rid of small businesses not owned by sheep”. 🙂 Many conservatives will remain in business, just like many conservatives remain in politics. They refuse to believe they are part of the vacuum. They will follow the rules and regulations and when the overlords yell “Jump” they will, proving they aren’t conservatives just passive socialists.

        • Hi RG

          The conservatives are weak wimps, the leftists are ultra aggressive will lie 24/7 to gain/maintain power, the conservatives have to fight back/push back against the leftist/communist/globalists. Yes the conservatives wimp out and conform, go along with the globalists. Look at the G7 governments, full of WEF graduates, creeping communism…..facism?

          On the left you have the communists and nazis they are both socialists, one is a bit further left then the other…..conservatives are a bit to the right from the others. There never has been a really right wing party.

          Re: getting rid of small businesses, they started with the restaurants in the lockdown, now they are getting around to small businesses like yours.

          The insiders now have $5 trillion to buy up more assets, take all the business the small businesses had, this is part of the centralization of everything for control. The globalists own the big corporations,

          • A right wing party?

            Maybe…… very small government, open free markets, very few or no taxes, gold standard currency, property rights for people, ie allodial title of property, no huge corporations, freedom of speech, right to protect yourself, ie being armed, free open market for health care options, a different open education system, ie no government run brainwashing factories (government schools), the right to own a small business without government interference, rule of law brought back, etc.,

            • This sounds a bit like the mid 1800’s. on the gold standard there was deflation, prices for things got cheaper, your money bought more every year, your standard of living went up, now with fiat currency, prices keep going up a lot faster then wages, your dollars buy less every month now, you get broker everyday, eventually your last $1000, when you go under, will buy you your last loaf of bread or gallon of gas…..lol

    • Hi RG,
      I applaud your integrity, it sucks that Uncle is determined to put you out of business, along with most other small businesses. Much easier to keep track of a few hundred large corporations than thousands of individuals. I passed on getting the RealID driver’s license for the same reasons though not sure that matters much. I found out that all of our DL pictures go into the nationwide facial rec. database; I assume most states do the same.
      I still file paper returns with the IRS and have my withholding set so I end up owning a few hundred at filing time – no waiting for a refund and no interest free loan to those bastards. Once again I admire your gumption and will be pulling for you to find a way to use the skills you’ve honed over the years of your career.

      • Thanks, Mike. 🙂

        I refuse to get the new Real ID, either. I don’t see myself flying again or accessing any government buildings, so it was rather pointless. Thankfully, I just renewed a year ago, so I am good for another seven years. The great thing is the last picture they have of me is when I was 32. They just keep renewing with the same pic each time. 🙂

        I am sure they probably have each of our pics in some nationwide database but let them pierce the information together – no reason to make it easy for them by supplying all the data for them in one lump sum.

    • Stand your ground, RG. I lost a six-figure job with a large financial services company because I refused to answer a mandatory vaccination questionnaire. My health choices are none of their business.

      • Hi Myles,

        It sucks to say the least. I am sorry to hear about your job loss. Hopefully, you were able to find something better.

    • WOw RG – lots of respect for that. Fuck em, hopefully something better will come your way soon. I have no idea what this ID.me thing is – but is it not possible for a work around, I mean getting one say without getting one, a replica or DIY pass of sorts?

      I find this sort of thing amazing that on one end they want more and more people in the country from the southern border, so much as the ability to vote without ID, but yet hearing things like this to do some honest work…. Interestingly there is no coverage of this on the media.

      • Hi Nasir,

        So many thing to loathe about this ID.me thing – among them the as-usual cloying name. It is characteristic of these Woke-Left things. “Inclusiveness.” “Equity.” Our “fair share” Und so weiter…

      • Hi Nasir,

        The ID.me will be rolled out nationwide very soon. The problem is most people already have so much of their personal information out there (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) that it makes it very easy for anyone who wants to find out something about someone to locate them.

        Government (and businesses) are going to hold Americans feet to the fire. Do you want food stamps? You need an ID.me account. Do you want to enroll in Social Security? You need to have an ID.me account. Do you want health insurance? Setup your ID.me account.

        We will all have to become gray men (and women). Live off the grid, out in the country, with the means of supporting yourself. One part of the country will be 2030, the other will be 1830. That is where we are heading. It is downright frightening. The problem is there is no promise of those that live away from technology and government overreach will be safe to do so.

        It really is a sick experiment.

        • Hi RG

          most people already have so much of their personal information out there (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)….

          this will be uploaded into the social credit algo to determine your ranking….low ranking = no job, no bank account, no access to CBDC which will be the only money, no access to transportation or having a driver’s licence, doomed…

          there was a story about a guy who lived in a cave, had no money, he ate road kill, dumpster dove for food and some people gave him food…..the future for the resistance?

    • Raider Girl I thank you for your resistance to government overreach. If more people resisted we would be in a much better world than we are now. Thanks again.

  23. I remember when it became mandatory in various forms. I thought, “the government is gonna go ahead with the needle rape of millions of people.” Even after saying they would not do that.

    My shocked face: 😑

    But, like any rape, needle rape apparently has big consequences. Apparently, as long as Big Pharma (and friends) continue to get obscenely wealthy, the govt. doesn’t care about those consequences. There’s no way that they don’t know.

    And now, they are needle raping infants. I guess if liberals can’t outright murder the unborn, the next best thing for them is needle raping them after they’re born. The collection of people doing this are clearly psychotic. Criminally insane and murderous to boot.

    Well, either that or the actual incarnation of evil. Then again, maybe actual evil is necessarily psychotic and insane?

    • EM,
      Every day, I become more convinced that possession by demons is a real thing. There has to be some central organizing influence that facilitates all the insanity we face. It sure as hell ain’t God.

      • Hi John

        How do like our new antichrist satanist leaders so far?

        The control group at the top of the world pyramid of power are satanists, they are deep into the occult, this is very dangerous, you will end up possessed with demons.

        These monsters think/say they are the new gods, a long time ago there was a warning about an antichrist taking over, the antichrist is multiple as in antichrists, there is 3000 monsters at the top controlling this reset, they are the antichrists, replacing a good god, with satan.

        The new olympians, the guardians, that is what the globalist/satanist/one world government trash call themselves, the new gods.

        politicians are controlled by this control group at the top, they are satanists, the politicians are now possessed

        the government/church/medical system is now one huge globalist/communist/satanic occult cult

        need to hire this priest

        a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.


  24. Come on, man. Pfi$er shareholders need to make money!

    To paraphrase George Wallace, “Vaccines today, vaccines tomorrow… vaccines forever!”


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