Diaper Report 3/16/22

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This is a report all of us may be making soon.

I will preface it by reporting that I know no one who died from the “virus” – whatever it is. Whether it was gain-of-Fauci’d in (say it like the Orange Fail) China or just another flu, maybe a little worse, definitely exaggerated – a lot.

Several people I know – including myself – did catch a cold, finally, toward the end of the “pandemic” (which ended in the manner of a light switch being flicked from On to Off about two weeks ago – right around the time a court ordered the release of pharma documents we weren’t supposed to see for another 75 years).

The sniffles – not the slumber room. Enough to make me grumpy – but not even enough to make me stay in bed, much less “overwhelm” a hospital.

Then there is the 23-year-old daughter of a friend of mine.

I just received the report from him, yesterday, that she is in the hospital – on account of the serious heart problems she just happened to develop shortly after you-know-what.

Those “safe” and “effective” injections which are so effective that the CEO of Pfizer is now saying a fourth one in less than twelve months is needed; so “safe” that 23-year-olds who were what 23-year-olds tend to be (healthy) before they were injected are becoming very sick very regularly. Myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart and its lining) have become childhood diseases – over a matter of months. The same months during which healthy young people were being “vaccinated” en masse for a sickness they were already immune from – by dint of their youth and health.

Here’s some more.

Could there be a connection?

Could it explain why – also about three weeks ago – the Little Docktor who urged the injections was removed from the airwaves, also as if a switch had been turned from On to Off? The same switch turned back On again – to illuminate a new “pandemic” that happens to start with a “P”?

Is it just possible the people who gave us the “virus” – who infected the population with fear about the “virus” – now fear a dawning awareness among the public not only about the con they were suckered into buying but also about the effects of the “vaccines” so many millions have been pressured to submit to? Including children who had no choice. Who were forced to roll up their sleeves – via parents who were pressured to “vaccinate” their kids else have to teach their kids, themselves, at home. Including college kids, who were told their choice was to quit going to the college or submit to being “vaccinated.”

Young people like my friend’s daughter, now very much hospitalized.

How many others have been? How many more will be? There have been other reports percolating upward about a surge in deaths among young people in the 25-44 age bracket. The data adduced by parties that are under a lot of pressure to not falsify the numbers – such as insurance companies that cannot just pretend they’re not having to make more than the usual number of payouts all of a sudden.

Unlike “the cases! the cases!” the bodies are real.

Something is very wrong.

Of course, the same people who insisted the hospitals would “overflow” unless everyone got “vaccinated” are going to claim all these cases of sudden, premature death and the weird uptick among the very young of cases of the sicknesses of the very old – such as heart disease – are all caused by the “virus.” But if this is the case, then why weren’t healthy young people developing heart disease prior to the en masse “vaccinating” of young people?

Why did it become a thing after that thing?

We know, for sure, that almost everyone who is getting sick now was “vaccinated” before they got sick – including former president Barack Obama, who weirdly advocates for the “vaccination” that didn’t prevent him from getting the very sickness the “vaccine” was supposedly so effective at preventing those who got it from getting.

He says, of course, that it could have been so much worse had he not taken the “vaccine.” Like the mechanic who only over-torqued and stripped two of the five lug nuts that hold the wheel to the hub of your car.

It could have been so much worse. 

Make sure to go back and have him do it again.

There is no reasoning with people who say such things. They are cognitively crippled – or something worse.

Back to my friend’s daughter. It may just be one of those things. Such things do happen. But what’ s alarming to me is that such things used to happen extremely rarely and now seem to be happening more and more – and closer and closer to home.

I knew the threat of the “virus” was being exaggerated when no one I knew was getting sick, much less dead. But I now know one person who is very sick, indeed – who ought not to be sick at all.

. . .

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  1. Three simple questions came to my mind.

    Is the government to be trusted?

    Should the media be trusted?

    Can the pharmaceutical industry be trusted?

    When the answer to all these questions was/is a resounding no, I declined the poison.

    • Ditto, Gray –

      And now these same usual suspects are insisting Putin Bad! and Ukraine Good!

      Which causes me to suspect Putin good – and Ukraine bad.

  2. Covid strikes back! BA.2 – variant of moronic, is spreading big time. Renewed calls for poisoning yourself and putting your diaper back on. And putting the satanic dwarf back in the news. See – the shine of Ukraine has already warn off.

    • It’s because the Ukraine war isn’t sufficient by itself to create hyper-inflation and destroy the world’s major economies. They need a revived scamdemic to further break down supply chains and create the necessary havoc for crushing the old order and ushering in the “new” one envisioned by the psychopaths in charge.

  3. Eric, Sorry to hear about your friends daughter. One of the biggest shocks to me is how some people despite seeing it all dont get it. I recall the story of a girl I went to school with – saw her teenage daughter was admitted to the hospital with The Rona. This is the first time i’ve heard of a child had it so bad that they needed to stay there. Few days later she posted online, a thanks to everyone for the wishes, how dangerous the Rona is even for young people, and how she’s thankful to be in place where her daughter was given the Jab…. and well just imagine how bad it could have been if she wasn’t double jabbed!! And then encouraged everyone to get the jab and have their children jabbed as well…
    As bad as I feel for that poor kid – i guess this is what darwins natural selection is all about…

    • Thanks, Nasir –

      And, yeah… some people cannot be educated, because they choose not to be. It’s isn’t ignorance – for as God knows, we all are to one degree or another. But stupidity comes into play when a person is able to know, ought to know, but refuses to know.

  4. Not sure which thread to share this, but this is what Putin said about Russia’s degenerate oligarchs:

    “The West will try to bet on the so-called fifth column, on traitors… to divide our society.. to provoke civil confrontation… to strive to achieve its aim. And there is one aim – the destruction of Russia.”

    “I am not at all judging those who have a villa in Miami or the French Riviera, who cannot do without foie gras, oysters or so-called gender freedoms”

    “But that is absolutely not the problem. And I repeat, the problem is that many of these people are essentially, mentally there, and not here with our people, not with Russia. And this, in their opinion, is a sign of belonging to the higher caste, to the higher race.”

    “Such people ready to sell their own mother, just to be allowed to sit anteroom of this highest caste. And they want to be like them, imitating them in every way.”

    “Any people, and particularly the Russian people, will always be able to tell apart the patriots from the scum and traitors and spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into their mouths.”

  5. This is science today, from “scientists.”

    “I’m wearing my mask still. … I am the only person indoors, and people look at me funny, and I don’t care.” —- Kimberly Prather, a professor of atmospheric chemistry and an expert on aerosol transmission at the University of California at San Diego. Prather was the person in early 2020 saying you could get the “one virus” from salt spray at the beach. She’s “literate in science” a.k.a a dangerous deceiver and liar.

    The short/medium term narrative to come is captured in this MSN/MSM link.


    • The 50 million in China locked down this week is a huge “heads up” that the PTBs will continue the absurdity when the Ukraine narrative wears thin. The new 21st century rule: China leads, the rest of the world follows. Plus, they’re still running the scamdemic as a background program even as restrictions have been lifted in the U.S. (images of masked freaks still populate the media, Pfizer asking for approval for a fourth shot, Obama getting Covid, et al). We definitely haven’t seen the end of Covidianism.

    • It’s the opposite for me around where I live. The indoor mask mandates were withdrawn recently, turning into “recommendations” to wear masks. I’m usually one of just a tiny handful of people without them in any situation; Costco, outdoors at the park, groceries, etc.

      We still have vaccine passports in some cities here even though the vaccines don’t slow spread.

      Anyhow, early on, the peer reviewed publications about the vaccine were quite definitive; it’s safe and it protects against serious disease. What we now know is that they’ve been suppressing inconvenient adverse reactions, hiding contradictory studies, and the journals have been engaging in selection bias by simply not publishing strong papers that show the lack of mask effectiveness or vaccine effectiveness.

      For myself, my employer required the booster to go on-site, and I can’t entirely WFH and I wasn’t willing to quit over this, so I got it. A month after the booster is when your immunity is supposed to be the strongest, and just then, I picked up a case of omicron. It positively kicked my ass. It’s now two months later and I still have a light cough and it took a month to get my energy back. I wonder if the vaccine somehow made it worse, or if I have bad luck, it’s impossible to tell. My unvaccinated kid got quite ill too, as did my vaccinated wife.

      • You’ve been altered. Genetically. Now it’s time for you to leave sites like this. No none can trust anything you say. You’re one of them now. Buh-bye.

        • Heh, that’s a good one. Yeah, I may have suffered some temporary damage to my blood vessels, but the kind of genetic editing where someone turns into a supervillain in the movies is science fiction. When cells are altered, they may get less efficient, die, turn into cancer, that kind of thing. Nothing exciting, and rarely good.

          As a scientist, what has me appalled is that I can’t trust the scientific establishment anymore. 20 years ago, journals were pretty willing to publish high quality research irrespective of conclusions, but today, the conclusion matters. It means that our scientific advancement is being hamstrung.

          The scientific method helps us to discover the truth, but you have to be honest, and the mistakes are as important as the successes. Suppressing mistakes ensures that people will repeat them, it’s very sad. The “science” is very frequently wrong until vetted and proven right, but our scientific authorities are now engaging in wishful thinking and ignoring inconvenient evidence.

        • I think thats harsh anon. The guy’s relating a real experience with a deep educational background He got the shot and he regrets it, Hpwever I suspect the damage caused is ‘temporary’. Clearly not one of the catholic school nuns hitting our hands with rulers for not getting it. Honest real world experiences are always welcome

      • I’m sorry to hear that, OL. I’ve had a rough few months myself, though seem to be getting back to normal, now. Not sure if I caught the Omicron (it would’ve been quite early in the wave, but possible) a few weeks after I had the Delta, or if I just had a strange immune reaction, or if it was something else entirely.

        Sure glad I didn’t take that jab, however. No telling what the hell that might have done. Now we’re hearing about variable ingredients. It just gets better and better.

        Hopefully you’ll not experience any further negative effects.

      • Hi OL,

        Your comments/experience remind me again about why I instinctively wanted no part of their “vaccines.” The same people who were obviously exaggerating the risk of the ‘Rona and creating a mass panic want me to take a “vaccine”? I am supposed to trust such people? Not, I. No thanks.

        The sad thing is – as you note – we can no longer tryst anything these people say. About anything. It’s up to us to determine what to do. And that is probably a good thing in that it incentivizes due diligence. But it is a bad thing also in that it we cannot each become an expert in everything and so civilization regresses as a result of the dearth of what you might call social capital, or the general assumption of trustworthiness when dealing with people and institutions.

    • puppet clown du jour. Catch the nauseating sally struthers style propaganda video he made the US Congress sit through today?

  6. Fauci moved on to tuberculosis – the Ukraine war apparently is causing conditions ripe for TB to spread. Like Frosty, he’ll be back again some day, likely around mid-November. As we approach covid season in the late summer, I wonder what else will come back (rhymes with pace viper).

  7. When you have poll showing 35% of lunatic Americans now claiming they would risk a nuclear Armageddon to save the nazis of Ukraine it explains why so many got the covid clot shots.

    • But when the US DESTROYED Libya for moving away from the petrodollar, and nearly so Iraq, not a peep, or perhaps a very tiny one. Completely forgotten about now.
      Let the guiltless one cast the first stone, or if you live in a glass house, don’t cast any stones at all.
      I think a great deal of the acceptance of war in the US is that it has not experienced a significant one on its own soil since 1865. That one being self inflicted. They think a nuclear war will be like a video game, played somewhere else. If 26 million Americans had died in WWII, in stead of half a million, and only a relatively tiny number on its own soil, perhaps they might understand why Russians are just a bit paranoid.

      • Libya – that debacle really got my blood boiling. What the heck were we doing there and how did things turn out for the better? Oh, right, they didn’t. Europe can tell you all about that and the refugees that arrived on their doorstep. Hillary Clinton’s “We came, We saw, He died” – what a sick b*tch. I don’t care if Gaddafi was a dictator, it was sick and twisted to let him be tortured. We had no legitimate reason to be there.

  8. Remember the late fifties? What a great time to be alive! How I miss the good old days of glue sniffing and paint huffing. All before the music died.

    The 1958 flu epidemic resulted in 1.1 million deaths worldwide. Nobody was even freaking out back then. That’s life. Living and dying is what we do and that won’t change, ever.

    Who says you have to wear a mask to live?



    Joe should mandate everyone wear a shirt and tie, illegal to have an open collar and expose your neck.

    If you want to buy a few groceries and 25 cases of beer, you have to wear a shirt and tie.

    Punishable by public flogging, women are exempt. Can’t be cruel. Let them drink vodka.

    “You want to get to heaven, you gotta d-i-e, you gotta put on your coat and t-i-e.” – Waylon Jennings, Waymore’s Blues

    Just another economic war going on in the world, expanded into Ukraine eight years ago, gone from ludicrous speed to plaid, that’s all.

    Putin has the Popeye ‘all I can stands and I can’t stands no more’ philosophy in spades, nobody can figure out what happened.

    Enough of this stupid shit, who in the hell do you think you are?

    Putin’s first question at the special super-critical meeting in the down and dirty situation room Kremlin style.

    All wars are economic wars. The army will be visiting your farm to haul away a fat pig and a heifer. Armies need to eat, won’t last without some food. Might as well go find and land a job, turn those combat boots into work boots, living in peace ain’t all that bad.

    A little hard work never killed anybody.

    Time to drink… again.

  9. I was just wearing an N95 mask.

    This was necessary, as I was jack-hammering the goddamned concrete-like dirt in the ditch I’ve been digging to lay my sewer line, in order to sell this place. (You don’t want to breath the dirt, here, due to Valley Fever.)

    A word to the wise: If you’re ever buying a house and it’s supposed to have sewer, make DAMN sure there’s actually an intact sewer line before you buy!

    • Just curious BadnOn,

      How did you get away with not being connected to city sewer, in the city? Was it an old house with a septic?

      That is a horrible job, running a drain line from the house to the street. As deep as you have to go too maintain the proper drop, in that hard rock caliche, I hope you rented some equipment. Also word to the wise, valley fever is everywhere, even up here in the dirty Verde.

  10. Oh yeah, did y’all read about they killed Bill Sardi?! Was on LRC yesterday, pretty sure. See how, once they get their hands on you, you’re done. Sardi was doing all the right things, got pneumonia and then had the double misfortune of having to be interred at the local human killing station (aka “hospital” as they still call it).

    • Wow, EM, I hadn’t seen that.

      What a tragedy. I’m going to guess that we’ll never know what actually happened, but I just read the story written by his twin brother.

      He was a truly knowledgeable man, and quite the research scientist. It’s honestly a little shocking that such a man would die of a medical problem at all! But, I don’t doubt malpractice being a prime factor. They apparently put him on a ventilator even though he had ordered that they not do so.

    • Hi EM,

      I exchanged a few emails with Bill – and he was kind enough to send me some supplements, too. Seemed like a genuinely nice guy – leaving aside his writing work, which I always found edifying.

    • Bill was suffering a LOT of emotional pain via combating family court taking his child away. Which, speaking from experience, damages one’s health.

  11. I knew something was very wrong very early during the ‘vax’ role out, when it was being ‘sold’ to an extent I had never seen before. It was simple to me ‘why are they going out of their way to sell this?’ Spidy sense was triggered bigtime.

    • Hi Chris,

      Wasn’t being sold on the “shots into arms” bit? 😉 The whole charade just seemed too forceful. When they started talking vaccine passports it was no longer about health (like it ever was) and became much more sinister. Why the American public hasn’t thrown Fauci, Walensky, Bourla, and Bancel overboard is beyond me. Fauci and Bourla even look evil. They don’t even try to hide it.

      • Hi RG. Been in sales for 25+ years. Have built a company of what I call like to define as Professional Salesman, for what that’s worth. I like to think I know a little about it. In the beginning, I was shocked at what I saw. Luckily for me, my family believed my theories/concerns. Not so much my friends and acquaintances, about 50-50.

  12. I’m very sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter, Eric. It’s a truly frightening phenomenon.

    I half expected that I might have peri/myocarditis from the ‘Rona, with the experiences I was having. Luckily, the cardiologist said my heart is fine, much of my symptomology has abated, and I’m hoping to get back to the gym, soon.

    I’m quite happy to be a skeptic, and also scientifically literate. I can only imagine the horrors that might have arisen in me from being transfected during this wholesale experiment.

    Unfortunately, all-too-many are finding out.

    • Hospitals are killing folks all over the US. If you follow the CDC guidelines,,, PCR test for covid,,, use remdesivir, and ventilator (a guarantee kill combination),,, mark the death certificate covid, the hospitals will receive more than $100 thousand per dead victim and has no liability as they are immune from lawsuits. Desantis in Florida just extended the immunity in Florida another year. I don’t recommend a hospital for any one ESPECIALLY if you are unvaxxed….

      • I was in very bad shape, Ken, whether or not it was actually a consequence of the ‘Rona, but even in such a dire condition, I resisted going to the ER. Most likely I would’ve just caught some other fine disease, and they would’ve just sent me home with a hefty bill after some abuse.

      • They almost killed my brother a couple months ago. same script. I told him to run, not walk, out of the hospital. he has asthma so corona hit him hard. he was down to dangerous o2 levels when he went in. He took my advise, ran out, and went on the alt. medicine we all know about, and was better in less than a week.
        He couldn’t believe that they followed the script I laid out to a tee, and even worse that they went nuts on.
        He says for sure I saved his life.

        • Morning, Chris –

          Very glad to hear your brother escaped the “run-death-is-near” and the rest. It’s a measure of just how bad things have become in this country that hospitals are becoming abattoirs and doctors tyrants in white coats.

          • Thanks Eric. When the docs/nurses went nuts on him to take remvisidere and that if it didn’t work go on a vent, he couldn’t believe it was exactly as I said it would happen. The fact that they doubled and tripled down on scare tactics on him, he figured it out quick and ran out with them literally running after him ‘you can’t leave!’ he was on external o2 to survive, it was that close.
            F-off murderers. I think they are worse than that.
            Within 24hr on alt. stuff his o2 levels creeped up, and kept getting better.
            Him and his wife believed he would have died for sure, 54yrs old w 2 teenagers.

            • Wow, glad he escaped, you helped save him. Can you believe that — they don’t allow you to leave — that’s when you know it’s a prison/death camp. That’s why they take your clothes, wallet, etc, … so you can’t leave. I’ll never go to a hospital again. IDK what to do if I ever get a serious injury and need a cast or surgery. We’re all screwed now. Now there’s no healthcare at all. We’re going to have to organize a list of local health helpers that aren’t in this scam to murder us.

              • Hi Harry,

                The last time I got a physical – about ten years ago – disabused me of any desire to ever deal with these animal farmers ever again. You sit forever in a “waiting room” that smells like death and old farts; after awhile, a sour old Frau orders you to come hither. She then directs you to be weighed and measured – just like a steer – and after that, you are led to a room where you sit and wait some more. After a (long) time, the Herr Docktor arrives and proceeds to lecture – and push. My BP was always slightly elevated at these inspections so they pushed drugs. No, thanks. This enraged them. You could almost see the steam pouring from their ears.

                I haven’t been back since.

                • That’s been my experience too, Eric,
                  I’ve always had “high” cholesterol and the doc tried to get me on statins. Since I subscribed to Dr. Douglass’ (RIP) newsletter I knew that cholesterol was vital for brain function among many other things, so I politely said no thank you and haven’t been back since. Maybe the constant push to get everyone taking statins is part of the PTB plot to dumb us down into cattle. Seems to be working.

  13. The scary-sad thing is, that no matter the consequences; no matter how undeniable the detrimental and deadly effects, the typical ‘Merican will remain in denial, and still love and advocate for vaccines of every variety. The old vaccines used to at least take a few decades before the detrimental effects (such as various cancers and blood diseases) would kick-in -so ya could understand why the average schmoe would miss the connection; and the fact that since the vaccinating of pets has become universal and mandated, that now pets are getting the very same diseases as their owners… But NOW- now with this non-vaccine turn-you-into-a-GMO-organism, the debilitating and deadly effects are manifesting so quickly and severely )And it’s only just begun!)…and yet the people still ‘believe’, because the TV and the “official authorities” and their sanctified ‘experts’ say so. And even if one loses faith in the Clot Shot (Fauci forbid! 😮 ) they will still maintain faith in all of the other vaccines, drugs(pharmakia), modern medicine, “experts”, ‘socialized medicine’/Medicare/Medicaid/breakfast cereal commercials, The CDC/NIH, etc.

    There is no escape from that matrix for the average person[a-non-grata] because the system from which it arose is so labyrinthine and pervasive that one is considered a heretic for so much as manifesting a doubt, questioning it’s efficacy, or [gasp] daring to actually blame the god-like ‘science’ and it’s ‘well-intentioned’ practitioners and politicians for ANY remotely negative effect one might experience (including death) while under the spell of their ‘miracles’.

    • Well there are basically 2 factions: those who worship science, and those who worship science while being a massive dick about it.

      I think I saw a documentary about this on South Park a few years back.

      • Not just diabetes and the like, Bad-O, but all the various cancers- just like in humans, have become just as common in dogs. It’s funny, but you can draw a direct correlation between the increase of vaccinations in humans and the exponential increase of the various cancers (Not to mention ‘lesser’ things, ranging from asthma to allergies to autism to arthritis…]- and ditto, the same effect in dogs.

        • I didn’t grow up with pets always going to the vet for one thing or another. Usually the animal had to be in bad shape to need a vet like getting hit by a vehicle or an animal fight, etc.

          Fast forward to me being an adult and getting dogs and found that the whole “industry” experience despicable. Start with the crap cheap feed that many animal owners feed their animals. Then look at the vaccinations they recommend or demand for the animals. Then look at how much it costs to have the animals tested for everything under the sun when they are sick. Then look to how sick they get in older age due to malnutrition and who-knows-what jabs over their lifetime, now they need more medicine to care for the diseases they got from the industry to begin with.

          I don’t see any difference in what I said about animals above if you were to replace “animals” with “humans”. Vax em early to make em sick later. Feed em a bad diet. Get them into the medical industrial complex. It’s good for biz! I would ask if anyone could tell me the difference between a drug cartel and Pfizer but I can tell you the difference, drug cartels don’t go to the US government and conspire to make everyone required to take their drugs. When is the last time a drug cartel member pulled you over for not having drugs?

            • A great deal of dog health problems arise from a preoccupation with pure breads. Which are created by incest. Not exactly a thing promoting health. Mongrels don’t get hip dysplasia to any significant degree.

              • True, John!
                I’ve had mongrels my entire life- would never have a purebred. It’s getting even worse with these ‘designer’ mongrels that are becoming so popular now-a-days.

                There are so many wonderful dogs out there on the streets and on death-row in ‘shelters’…it astounds me why so many people continue to buy pet dogs and cats from breeders and puppy mill pet stores.

                And what they pay for them! I’m thinking it’s more of a prestige thing. A furry Land Rover. And the most expensive ones from ‘the best’ breeders always turn out to be the ones that die before they even reach 10….

                And why are the purebreds always so aloof? Have you noticed that? Pet a mongrel and he’s happy and friendly. Pet someone’s purebred, and chances are he will ignore you…or at best briefly acknowledge you -like a polite child- and then walk away. Maybe I need to seek out more Italian mastiffs, ’cause these German and WASP dogs definitely consider a Dago like me beneath them! 🙂

                • This critique on dogs and their owners is directed on the irresponsible, not most good, responsible dog owner…
                  Are you the alpha male for your dogs? If so, good for you, if not, YOU are the problem.
                  The problem is that many dog owners are either stupid or just ignorant and unaware of their dog’s behavior and idiosyncrasies and allow behavior that is of no benefit to either dog or human.
                  Almost every friend of mine that owns dogs is impervious to the smell that their houses and furniture get from having dogs living with them, not to mention the hair, urine and fecal smell that their dogs and abodes secrete. Thankfully, being exposed to such disgusting smells can be minimized.
                  Some dog owners are so “brainwashed” that dogs actually control them. They put up with behavior from their dogs that they would not allow a human to do.
                  Rather than the human being the “alpha male” which is the normal, proper order of things, the dog is the “alpha male” ruling the dog owner who is too stupid or just ignorant to see that he is being manipulated by an animal.
                  Inconsiderate dog owners just laugh when their untrained, undisciplined dog “humps” the legs of visitors or begs for food by jumping on visitors, thinking that their dog’s behavior is “cute”.
                  One of my pet peeves is sitting at the dinner table as a guest and having their dog bump and nuzzle, begging for food. THAT is a major irritant, in my book. If I can get away with it, a good “push” usually stops that behavior.
                  A well-trained dog should NEVER beg for food and should be restricted from areas where and when humans are eating.
                  Dogs crapping everywhere is but another inconsideration that many dog owners overlook or ignore.
                  I have run into many dog owners who insist that their dogs won’t bite, despite their snarling unfriendly behavior.
                  Well-behaved dogs who know their place can be a pleasure, but unfortunately there are too many dogs and dog owners who need to “trade places”.
                  I do have an interest in this as I was mauled by a “friendly” dog and suffer nerve damage to this day as a result.
                  Thankfully, the dog’s owner finished it off with a .22 before I returned from the hospital…problem solved. That was in the day before the “disneyfication” of animals became the norm…giving animals human characteristics…

                  • A local UPS driver got severely mauled by two Pit Bulls last week – probably will never work again. I try to tell these fools that this breed was not developed for companionship.

                  • Meh, that alpha stuff is a bunch of hooey; the imagination of a guy who formed his thesis based on observing ONE wolf…in captivity.

                    Treat intelligent animals, like dogs and cats, like intelligent emotional creatures (which they are) and they will behave on a higher-than-animalistic plane (Often on a higher-than-human plane!).

                    If the human behaves like an animal…the animal does more so. It’s often these alpha types who are the ones who have these aggressive mal-adjusted animals, who act like animals because they were never civilized/tamed.

                    My Libertarianism carries over into my pet ownership. I don’t ask much of my pets…just treat them well and enjoy the interactions…and they never seem to do anything bad- just treat ’em like I’d want to be treated. As a result, I’ve always had large dogs, rescue special-needs PBs, etc. and they’ve been nothing but loving and gentle, and best friends with my house cats.

                    When ya see a bad dog…it’s usually because there’s a bad owner…but not because he failed to be alpha…but more often because he tried to, and thus lowered himself, rather than raising his dog.

                    • Nope, I have to disagree. The alpha male hierarchy is a well-established fact in the animal kingdom. Mankind is destined to have dominion over animals. Dogs are happiest when they know their limits and DO defer to their master. This is a large part of the success of domestication of just about any animal, not just dogs. The human establishing himself as the alpha male IS necessary in order to have what would be considered a “happy”, well-adjusted dog. It is the human owner’s responsibility to be the alpha male. Anything less, and you have dogs who run their owners…not good.

                    • Anarc,
                      That alpha hierarchy only applies to pack animals…when they are in packs…..and that (when they are in packs) is usually only when they assembled to hunt prey; thier usual mode of living is to be independent or with a mate, when in the wild. Former pets often form packs when relegated to being on their own, just as a mechanism of survival in a non-natural environment and having been deprived of learning the skills that their feral counterparts would have learned for survival.

                      No dogs run their owners. Dogs are natural followers. Dogs who run their owners are made that way by those owners. There does not need to be a power struggle in one’s home between humans and pets…unless the owner is psychotic and wants to be dominated by his pets…or is psychotic and wants to dominate his pets in an attempt to exercise power and control which he desires to have but is incapable of achieving over humans…and those are usually the ones who have the overbearing aggressive dogs, because the dog adopts the owner’s attitudes; they are always in ‘animal’ mode because their owners behave like animals with them, rather than taking advantage of the dog’s intelligence and emotions to enable it to act on a higher plane.

                • That’s a load of crap, Nunz. By that logic, mulattoes must be superior in every aspect to non-mixed race people.

                  I’ve known of plenty of tightly inbred show dogs that lived long, happy lives. The whole point of purebred breeding is to create consistency in type and temperament. Of course, there’s no such thing as perfection when dealing with genetic material.

                  • Message to Ninzio:
                    Dogs consider their human family a part of their “pack”. All one has to do is observe the protective attitude that the well-trained dog (who knows his “place) has when one of its human “packmates” is attacked.
                    You are attempting to insert libertarian principles into animal behavior. It just doesn’t work.
                    I stand by my statement: The human dog owner must be the “alpha male”.

                    • Anarc,

                      Aww…no worries about the spelling of my name- I rather liked it! 😀

                      But this whole “pack” thing is just poppycock. As I mentioned earlier, that whole notion comes from ONE guy who studied ONE wolf (not dog) in captivity, , and just let his imagination run wild- It is pure fiction; an just as with the ‘Rona BS or the now discredited ‘nutritional science’ of the past, everyone just jumped on the bandwagon and parroted that BS till it became de facto “fact”.

                      But in reality, dogs in the wild are NOT pack animals; Male dogs do not voluntarily associate with other intact male dogs in the wild; they stay alone or associate with females; and when with those females they are the boss.

                      The only pack/alpha male type behavior in real life among dogs, is, as I stated above, only seem among former pets who are turned loose and who are forced to survive in unnatural environments where they lack the skills of their wild counterparts and have acquired habits, like socialization, from when they were pets….but such is NOT the way of wild dogs or ev en wolves- it is an unnatural behavior brought about by humans…and even then the “alpha” dog usually drives away or kills his competitor(s).

                      Do some research on what I say…..it is like everything else we have been taught by the schools and media and fake science. There will be an oral exam later. (Believe me, that is much better than a anal exam! 😀 )

              • I would agree with you – some breeding practices, such as using the same stud dog excessively, only results in a reduced gene pool down the line. Yes, the good genes get cemented in and passed on and you get the looks or the behavior desired, but there’s less diversity in the other, undesirable traits that also get cemented in, kinda by accident, so you end up with potential health problems.

                • Ya know what the problem is too, Snap & Handler- The purebreds are often bred to conform more to looks than anything else. I can’t abide those dog show/AKC people…. between that, and the fact that it seems virtuallyall breeders are obsessed with pumping their animals full of a plethora of every vaccine known to man….
                  The mongrels who are often loose and not well cared for often also aren’t usually subjected to all the veterinary crap, like vaccines- I think that is why they do so well. If purebreds weren’t messed with so much by man…they’d likely be the superior dog.

                  • Most of us show people are aware of how unscrupulous the field of veterinary medicine can be.

                    It all depends on who controls the breeding program, Nunz. Not everybody shares the same philosophy on what constitutes a great dog. I know this old-timer in my breed that loves headstrong temperaments in her dogs, but they’re so difficult to have as house pets. They’re incredibly fun to play and show with, though.

                    • We went for 10 yrs or so without a dog, and then bought a 12-wk old purebred collie when we became empty-nesters. Thought I was buying the reject of the litter, because he was the last one, but I liked him and didn’t care.

                      Found out later he was held back as one of two best in litter. He grew into a stunning looking dog. Large, with a big mane. One lady gasped at the sight of him when we walked into the waiting room of the Vet one time, and that type of reaction was not unusual when out and about.

                      This was the dog we lost at 8 yrs. I learned too late that breeders only give their dogs the initial set of vaccines and never do anything later on, except maybe rabies.

                      I had gotten advice from an older good friend that the Vet would be my lifeline. She shoulda told me the breeder would be my lifeline – would have received better info.

                    • T’is true, Handler. I’m sure that there are some good breeders out there who shun the veterinary crapola and the AKC nonsense, such as the old-timer you mentioned…it’s just that those are the exception these days- which seems to be the case for just about everything that used to be good…..

                    • Hi Snap,
                      Aww…man, I love collies too- sorry to hear about yours- but I knew it was going to be a sad story as soon as I saw “collie”, because of just about all dogs, collies seem to have suffered the worst effects of human-directed breeding, thanks to their overwhelming popularity back in the Lassie days. It’s virtually impossible to find a collie today who will be long-lived and healthy…hip dysplasia is almost guaranteed; blindness has become common, etc. Such a shame for such wonderful dogs. EIGHT years! Damn…I can’t even imagine losing a dog that young…’specially after having it as a puppy… 🙁 (Every dog I’ve had, I got when they were full-grown…and it’s still unbearable when they die…can’t even imagine how much harder it would be if I had had them since puppyhood)

                    • The reply link disappears after a number of comments, I’m just posting here to the lot of ya.
                      You all, talkin about dog longevity, reminded me of a morning I took my puppy for a walk in an alley in the city. We saw an old woman, she mentioned how pretty the pup was, then said,”Someday, she’s gonna make you cry”.
                      That threw me for a small loop.

                      I think it was reading The Dog Whisperer’s book, he said, dpgs are on earth to teach us some things, like living for the day or something,… kind of the opposite of that old woman’s comment. …Nuff ramblin.

                      The fried egg under the kibble trick worked half-way ok. Not as good as I’d hoped, but kibble did get et.

                  • Hi Nunz, thanks for your remarks about collies; responding here because there’s no reply link there – anyway, they’re gentle, playful and good companions. I’ve had three. We managed to nurse one to 13 yrs old. She had dog-lupus, requiring lots of vet visits and medicines. Expensive, like a monthly car payment sometimes.

                    It will be interesting to see if they can keep this breed going. If I understand correctly, they will have to introduce some outside breeds into the line. They did it before to get the current standard, will they do it again? – the collie may die out if they don’t.

            • The ironic thing is, too, Snap, that pet foods and ‘treats’ are so expensive now (for quite some time) that you can give them real food- even real meat, for the same price it would cost to buy even the lousy pet foods…not to mention the ones which purport to be ‘better’ (Which arfe also lousy processed scraps from the human garbage…err…food industry).

              • Hi Nunz, I was kinda shocked to find out that a lot, if not most protein that goes into pet foods is not from properly slaughtered animals, but from just about any source: animals that died in the field, laying around for days, diseased animals, stuff laying around on the floor in the slaughter house, etc. It’s called Feed grade and is ok’d by the FDA, perfectly legal. Some of these sources might be okay for our pets, being that they descended from ancestors that ate fresh and leftover killed stuff out in the wild. But it seems some of these pet food ingredients are worse than what an animal would find out there.

                Susan Thixton posts aerial photographs of open tractor-beds filled with all of this material, waiting to be unloaded at rendering plants.

                What I’d like to know is, What did people feed their pet dogs 100 years ago, before pet food became so commercialized.

                • Hi Snap,

                  Growing up I used to believe that Alpo was basically horse meat. I don’t know if that is true or not, but Grandpa said it, so I had no reason to question him.

                  Dogs eat what we eat. I have two large labs and we feed them scraps. They don’t complain and they are the size of small horses. This morning I fixed eggs and bacon on French baguettes for breakfast. I added another two eggs and scrambled them for the dogs and mixed it with the bacon grease. Not a drop left in either bowl. Whatever my kids didn’t eat they gave to the dogs on top of the eggs they had earlier. They also had some leftover blackberries.

                  Tonight, they will have a pork chop with a mushroom glaze and a sweet potato. We do have some dry kibble if we are traveling or in a rush (I buy 4Health at Tractor Supply), but it is more of a substitute and not their main diet.

                  • Hi RG: I like it! We feed eggs and small amounts of fruit, but the main food is from Honest Kitchen basic – you rehydrate with water and add your own protein.

                    It’s a little expensive, but I’m distrustful of most commercial dog food after suffering through the untimely deaths and immune problems with 3 previous dogs.

                    Our vaccine-happy vet put our collie on Science Diet, or something when he went downhill suddenly at 8 years old. I looked at the ingredient list and the first one was – corn.

                    I said to the vet tech while writing up a check for the expensive stuff, “I used to feed stuff like this back when I was even more stupid than I am now”. She snickered, but I was pissed. At the time, I didn’t have any other resources to consult.

                    Since then we found a great holistic vet, and we are sticking with her.

                    She does not have a Dog Food Co’s display in her waiting room.

                    • Hi Snap,

                      I agree with you, most dog food is utter garbage. If an individual wouldn’t eat it – why feed, it to their animal? Corn is an absolutely horrible product and is in just about everything. It is cheap, can be manufactured quickly, and is heavily subsidized by our tax dollars.

                      I would say pet owners need to take the extra time to read what they are feeding their canine and feline friends, but most people don’t pay attention to what they are feeding themselves, so I have no idea how we go about changing this.

                • Hey Snap!
                  Ha! You nailed it! They opened a dog food manufacturing plant in the county seat of my county a few years ago; one of those deals where the local Nazis (gov’t) uses our money to build a building and lure in businesses with various perks and tax breaks- so that a few people can have some crappy minimum-wage jobs. Anyway…since that plant’s been operating, the people on the side of town near where it is have complained incessantly about the smell in the air! Trucks full of the rotting garbage you described coming in…and the crap sitting in the heat and then being processed. Literally every home and pice of property on that side of town and in the nearby countryside downwind from the plant is for sale.

                  What did pet used to eat 100 years ago? My 97 year-old mother always said [refering to when she was a little girl] “We never bought dog food or cat food; the dogs and cats got the leftovers and table scraps”.

                  • I think the dogs fed scraps are better fed than those that eat kibble.

                    But the holistic vets like Dr. Becker scare my off of feeding like that, saying they’ll miss out on essential minerals and stuff, like calcium. And then we’ll have a sick dog.

                    I really don’t know who or what to believe anymore.

                    • Hi Snap,

                      There are tons of natural foods with calcium. In my household we give the dogs yogurt. Usually a teaspoon or two a day is all that is needed. They also love cottage cheese. Chicken and fish have a good amount of calcium.

                      We also do buy Milk Bones. Sometimes we add a little natural peanut butter to it. They get a bone each night. That is how they know it is bedtime.

                      I listen to my vet as much as I listen to my doctor…which is pretty much never.

                    • Morning, RG!

                      It’s depressing to me that even my vet friend has become a tool of the same pharma apparat that most doctors are now beholden to. They are pressured – often, forced – to treat their patients no according to their judgment (in consultation with the patient) but rather according to some government-mandated script – the script having been “suggested” to the government by the pharma apparat.

                      I used to take my cats in for regular check ups but stopped – in part because I no longer wish to see them “vaccinated” . . . for anything. If we can’t trust – with reason – the “vaccinations” pushed on us, lord knows what’s in the “vaccines” being pushed on animals…

                    • Hi RG: I like how you feed your dogs; do you ever wonder if there’s an essential mineral they’re not getting from their diet?

                      This is what vets, even holistic ones, constantly harp on.

                    • Hi Snap,

                      Honestly, no, I don’t think about that. My household is pretty organic/non GMO. I feed my dogs what we eat. They don’t eat processed foods…with the exception of Annie’s Sweet and Salty popcorn…they love it, but it is a treat not something they have everyday.

                      If one eats a large assortment of natural foods you end up getting the majority of essential vitamins and minerals needed. The same rule applies to dogs. My dogs do get a bit of kibble, but my Chocolate Lab absolutely abhors it. He looks at me and I believe he is secretly thinking “WTH, lady?” If he does eat it he acts like he is doing the rest of us a favor. It is usually followed by a sigh or a huff. If I throw him a carrot with hummus or some left over green beans he is right there.

                      Both of my labs are pretty muscular. They are big boys each weighing close to 110 lbs. Their coats are shiny, they don’t suffer from bad breath, and they are active dogs. If their body was inflamed, their coat was dull, or they weren’t eating I would reevaluate their diet, but until then I don’t fret.

                      I raise my kids the same way. 😉

                    • Hi RG: your way makes a lot of sense, better than most methods, as reflected in the health of your dogs. Thanks for sharing!

                    • Hey Snap!
                      Yeah…I think those ‘eggspurts’ who say that dogs will miss out on ‘essential nutrients’ if fed real food (oh, the irony!) are FREAKING NUTS!

                      -As if the poor dog is going to get ALL of it’s needed nutrients from some junk (even the best dog foods are junk) made from highly processed scraps with some chemicals added for ‘nutrition’.

                      Dogs, humans, or anything else, if one eats a decent variety a real (vs. processed chemical-laden crap) food, they will get the nutrients they need.

                      These idjits who think that Fido is getting proper nutrition from a mono-diet of scientifically-formulated chemical stew and off-scourings of the food processing industry are essentially saying that Grandma can get all the nutrition she needs from drinking nothing but Ensure…..

                      Side note: For those of you who keep chickens: Dogs LOVE raw fresh eggs…and they’re great for them! Whenever I used to bring in fresh eggs, I’d always toss a couple to the dogs, and boy did they love it! I’m leery of giving them raw store-bought eggs though…as store bought eggs are old when ya get ’em…and commercial layers are fed absolute crap.

          • Zactly, Jump R.

            I’d never been in a vet’s office till I was in my late 20’s. Growing up, we always maintained our pets and helped sick foundlings and nursed ’em back to health without vets or drugs. (Only had to start going to the vet for the aforementioned inherited dog who had a vaccine-induced illness from the shelter she originally came from. Seems all of that shelter’s dogs had the same disease from their all-in-one vaccine!).

            Fast forward to today: My idiot sister: Buys purebred dogs…does all the shots and preventatives; regular vet check-ups, yada, yada….. Then she wonders why every one of those dogs end up with degenerative diseases and suffers for half of their lives, and they always become incontinent. She recently had a few-month-old puppy die of seizures. The vet ‘had no clue’ what it was. Sure, what’s he gonna say, “Those vaccines and drugs we pumped into your previously perfectly healthy pet…..”?

            And she gives them heartworm preventative. Heartworm….which afflicts dogs who spend a lot of time on bare dirt. Meanwhile, her dog only ever goes outside on a leash, briefly, on the lush grass, to use the terlit….but it’ll likely get heartworm and die but for the drugs we’ll sell you!

            Then these asshats will tell you how your pet ‘evolved’ 450 billion years ago from a piece of quartz….but apparently, that process doesn’t work too well, as now everything will die unless it enriches the coffers of a drug company and uses some products created by…err…I mean ‘evolved from’ another species…..

    • Well said Nunzio,

      Its downright depressing at times. We found someone who will board our dog without the required deadly jabs. She is a healthy 8 year old PB. The only shots she had were as a puppy. One course of bordetello, rabies, distemper and Parvo. She suffers none of the thyroid type issues of her fully vexed mom, who is now dead and buried in our back yard.

      And another way to describe the two factions. 1. Those who believe in science and 2. Those who believe in political science.

      • Same here, Norman. My late PB lived to be 17. Only shots she ever had were ones before I got her from the shelter when she was a year and a half old. Was always healthy, and never incontinent, even to the day she died.

        My previous border collie was older when I inherited her- so she had had the shelter’s vaccs as well as a few years of her previous owner’s…and the poor thing had epilepsy-like symptoms and other weird problems all of her life.

        Glad that you were able to find a non-pet-nazi boarder! The Pet Mafia is getting worse and worse. After ditching my old vet for not letting me in because I wouldn’t wear the holy rag, I couldn’t even find another who would neuter a new-arrival feral cat without all of the requisite health-destroying BS (I wanted to help the cat…not injure/kill it!). Luckily, I did end up finding a nice elderly vet who not only is CHEAP, but who never gave me any trouble with regard to not wearing the rag nor imposing pet sickness psychosis on cats and dogs. Such vets are becoming nearly impossible to find…even here in the sticks these days.

          • This is happy news, Nunz!

            I’ll raise you one, too. I have been making friends with a huge black and white tom; I call him Big – because he is. He sleeps in the garage now, venturing out each day to do his rounds. It took awhile to coax him into the garage – but now he’s there waiting to be let in every day at sundown. He has his own bed in an “igloo” thing I got for him, too… Right now, I’m the only one who can pet him – but he’s getting friendlier each day, it seems like!

            • Hi Ya Eric!
              Awww, I knew ya’d be along with a cat story! And thanks for putting a smile on my face that will last the rest of the day!

              Call me a cat racist…but there’s something about black & white cats…and orange cats too….they always turn out to be the best! (Actually, one of my house cats is black and orange…the best of both worlds- I swear, she’s the PERFECT cat! And she’s a 2A cat… I put my .357 on a dresser one day…she went up and curled up with it- got a pic!)

        • Hi Nunz,

          All the vets in my area “require” rabies shots. Even my long-time vet, who is otherwise great. She knows me personally. Knows my indoor cats are all indoor cats and so there is zero chance they’ll contract rabies. And yet, the rules are the rules. I lean toward not taking them in henceforth for th same reason that I no longer patronize doctors. They’re all too needle-happy and too much in the pocket of government.

          • In the 70s and 80s Did we give our cats rabies shots? I guess. As a teenager we had a beautiful barn cat named Trapper who only ate mice and probably did not have his shots. i used to keep my bedroom window open so he could come inside and he would occasionally bring a mouse then noisily eat it on the dormer outside the window. Once he brought a live mouse inside and the mouse ran in the closet. I pulled my shoes out then stuck Trapper in there. After the commotion died down the door was opened and he proudly walked out with the expired mouse in his jaws.

          • Eric, I don’t know specifically about VA.- but many states (if not most) including here in KY. actually have an opt-out form that the vets can have you sign if you want to refuse the rabies jabs, so that they will have zero legal liability.

            The scummy thing is, virtually all vets know of this…but most do not tell their customers! This may well be the case with your vet. With my old vet, it was actually an assistant who worked there who turned me on to the opt-out….the asshole vet would sooner have seen me walk out the door.

            Actually had one vet whom I called when looking for a new vet tell me “I don’t give a damn about no form, I don’t work on no unvaccinated animals!”.

            Meanwhile, even in the wild…rabies is VERY rare outside of filthy cities where critters live in very unnatural conditions…and would likely be gone completely if not for the constant manufacturing of the disease for the making of the vaccines!

            But do check into the opt-out. It could be that your vet is just ignorant of it (I doubt anyone tells them, these days)- or she might just be a scumbag, in which case, better to know who you’re dealing with. (My former vet was the latter- Once I mentioned the opt-out form…he just happened to have one on hand…. )

        • 17 is pretty old for a PB Nunzio, you’re lucky. ours was 13 when she died, and she had a great life. The transition from city dog to country dog was a little difficult. It took her getting sprayed by Pepe le pew more than once before she figured it out.

          We still have an old country doc down here near Cornjulio. He will remain anonymous as I’m sure he doesn’t need the business or the attention.

          • Man, reading your all’s comments about giving pets shots, I’m hesitant to give my often-outside dog any shots.

            I’ve been meaning to read up on that shit, just one more thing I’d rather not know a whole lot about, but should.

            Can’t get her to eat kibble for nothing, & it’s not the cheap kind.

            I am a bit overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to know.

            Also, what the heck is a PB dog?
            Peanut Butter lover?

            • Just had an, ‘oh duh’ moment.
              PB is, Pit Bull.

              My better half was in the grocery store looking at kibble, a guy mentioned how his PB would Only eat the tiny kibble. A PB! …Danged spoiled dogs are everywhere.

              • So much pet food is crap. Think of all the poison they try to feed us, then just imagine it being worse than that.

                We give ours diamond naturals lamb and rice for large breeds, seems pretty good. We gave her pedigree once and she started wheezing, think she’s allergic to corn.

                Try throwing an over easy egg in the bottom of the bowl. That will get any dog to eat kibble. We also put a little of whatever we are having; broccoli, brown rice, sweet potatoes in the bowl, half and half with the kibble.

                Of course if you really want to spoil them a little beef, chicken, salmon, or lamb. No more than a couple ounces with the hard food.

                Ours seems pretty healthy, but she had a golf ball size fatty cell cancer we had removed last year. The Vet recommended updating her shots, but didn’t insist and the lump hasn’t come back. So we’re hoping she stays around for at least 4 or 5 more years.

                She scares the hell out of people when they are at the security door. and does a great job waking me when I need to be paying attention.

                  • Quit your bellyachin’, bub
                    Sayin’ you can’t afford your grub
                    Sayin’ a dollar ain’t a dollar no more
                    Well tell me buddy, what’s new?
                    You can’t afford to buy bread no more
                    Well, this ain’t a charity store
                    You say your kids are hungry too
                    Well, we’ve good news for you

                    You can eat dog food
                    You really ought to try it
                    You can fricassee it
                    You can deep fry it
                    Flip it on over
                    Cook it any way
                    Eat along with rover
                    Three times a day

                    It comes in a bag or a can
                    Just the meal for a workin’ man
                    If you’re down on your luck just now
                    It’ll get you through the day
                    If you eat in the afternoon
                    You’re gonna feel like bayin’ at the moon
                    But you’re complainin’ too soon
                    This is all I gotta say…

                    Tom Paxton as covered by the Austin Lounge Lizards

                  • That is NOT a wolf diet. A wolf eats it all, including the offal and stomach contents. Which include at least partially digested vegetable matter. I have caught Coyotes raiding my sweet corn, and breaking open watermelons, leaving only the rind. Canines, unlike felines, are omnivores, more like a bear or a raccoon than a cat.

                    • I’ll probably never forget this line: “That is not a wolf diet”

                      Along with the rest of what you wrote.

                      Good observation there, man. Thanks for the input.

                    • Personally, Helot, I’;ll probably be saying “Peanut Butter doig” for the rest of my life! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

                • RE: “an over easy egg in the bottom of the bowl. That will get any dog to eat kibble.”

                  I am going to try that. Thanks for the tip.

          • Yeah, Norman,
            I’ve been very blessed in that all my dogs have lived good long healthy lives- The shortest lived one was my black lab/chow mix (far as I could tell)- she only made it to fourteen and a half…but then again, I’m just assuming that she was a year and a half old when I got her…she may’ve been older.

            My Peanut Butter Dog [ 😀 ] absolutely loved the transition from city to country. My current dog (Best guess: Pyrenees/Collie/shepherd – 120 lbs.) is c. 12 years old and having trouble with his hips because he came from an abusive home where he was kicked, and otherwise neglected and abused. I have a feeling that he’s not going to do as well as my previous ones…. 🙁 He’s on supplements and NSAIDs already….

    • Never mind that medical error has been the number three killer in the US for many years. 200k+ every year. And that doesn’t count the FDA approved poisoning deaths.

  14. When the “vaccines” first became available, I did a little research. Took more time to find the info than to evaluate it. Zero long term testing, zero Pharma liability. No thanks. That’s all one needs to know. All the other male bovine excrement is just that, bull shit.
    It’s not like Pharma has an excellent record of safety and effectiveness. They’ve paid out billions in both civil and criminal costs. The number three cause of death in the US that will never appear on a death certificate is medical error. 200k+ dead, every year. The Medical Industrial Complex didn’t have much reputation for benevolence, far less now. They simply cannot be trusted.

  15. Just this morning I was thinking how amazing it is that I haven’t had a cold/flu in more than two years now. I was an early adopter of the corona and haven’t been sick since Jan ’20.

    I think you’d have to be a fool to get that gene therapy poison to avoid catching a damn cold. How in hell could it have been worse for people like Obama? I thought he was in all kinds of good shape?!

    Never mind that the entire “could have been worse” is just a classic example of the non-falsifiable hypothesis fallacy.

    Just yesterday I was talking with the wife about how, even if I had time, money and inclination, for more college… FUCK THAT. Never mind the mandatory poisoning that they require but the entire eurofag agenda that they teach is out of the question. NFW

    These freaking people have just destroyed everything and they’re not done. Have you guys heard that Emperor Fauci has recently said as much? (we’re not done…)

    So, this is probably more of a fake-out lull in the corona hoax.

    • “a classic example of the non-falsifiable hypothesis fallacy.”
      Or, more simply put, you can’t prove a negative. While possible it could have been so much worse, it could also have been so much better. What didn’t happen is the negative that can’t be proved.

      • I went outside yesterday, carrying my lucky rock in my pocket, and a bird shat on my head. Imagine if I hadn’t been carrying my lucky rock, how much worse it could have been! 😀

        Ergo, lucky rocks are safe and effective! The science proves it!

    • Yep. And the asymptomatic spread. Even though I have been healthy for over two years certain members of the family still claim to be afraid I MiGHT maybe possibly have covid and not know it.

    • I recall an article about 6 months ago where a “double vaxxed” guy “died from Covid.” His doctor was quoted as saying that it was lucky he (the dead guy) was jabbed because it could have been so much worse for him. WTF?

      No propaganda is too silly or stupid for these fuckers.

  16. Two of my aunts died from/with covid, both were in their 90’s and in nursing homes so under any other circumstances they would have died of “old age”, which is coming for all of us. I’ve noticed how the MSM is spinning like crazy to label the sudden rise in cardiac deaths “long term effects of covid”…….right, nothing to see here, move along.
    Time for torches and pitchforks; hang these murdering s.o.b.’s from the nearest lampost.

  17. Sorry to hear about your friends daughter Eric,

    I am so grateful my kids and grandkids resisted the gene alteration. I feel all the work we put in raising them was worth it. Even as they will now be targeted with the rest of us who have had to much to think.

    Mom, Mom in law, most of our aunts, uncles, and cousins drank the full measure of koolaid, slurped it right up once it was offered up by Faux news crowd. It saddens me still, we invested a lot of time and energy IRL with many of them throughout the plandemic. Had them set up so they could have easily refused, with very little disruption to their lives. In the end it came down to the mass hypnosis and the madness of the crowd. They couldn’t allow themselves to miss out. On church, water aerobics, going out, traveling, or whatever. I feel they sold their souls. And for what? A cheeseburger?

    The whole exercise reiterates how utterly feckless and weak most women are, and most of the men that follow them, instead of leading them. Once we eliminated shame from our diet, it was all down hill from there.

  18. Should the frequency of conditions among the jabbed become undeniable CO2 driven climate change will be blamed for it or some other absurd cause that suits the purposes of power.

  19. Our country has changed.
    Back in the day they tried frightening the public with the swine flu and get everyone to take vaccinations. Didn’t work. People like my Dad were alive back then. When told what to do by others or government, they got a big F you and mind your own F’ing business from my Dad. We never feared this campaign at all. Those who got sick, got better. There was no death count on the news and even if there was we didn’t care. We were more interested in cars, girls and the freedom to pursue. We worked hard everyday and thought nothing of it other than the money and freedom we got from work. It wasn’t suffering to work hard like so many of today’s youth complain and play victim to. Anything or anyone that got in our way back then we told them to F off.
    Where have all the rebels gone? Today; the youth and my country are compliance regulators, in a state of mass psychosis.

    • Hi Hans,

      My experience dovetails with yours. I think the reason the youth of today (not all, but a lot) are servile safety seekers is because that’s how they were raised. Saaaaaaaaaafety seats until puberty. Helicopter parenting. Stranger Dranger. You and I and everyone else who became an adult before the early ’90s laughed at people obsessed with saaaaaaaaaaafety. Because we knew it was pathetic and sad and worse. We experienced the thrill of risk – and its rewards. And learned when risk exceeded reward, on our own.

      I am convinced that saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety seats were the death knell of this country.

      • I just learned about a 20yr. old boy who is just fine driving around the large-ish city all by himself who says he doesn’t trust himself to drive 45 minutes to a smaller college town & is having his mother drive him there.

        My niece & nephew, I think they both waited until they were 18 yrs. old before they even got a drivers license. It’s easy to imagine them both being like the 20yr. old boy who doesn’t trust himself.

        I’m imagining that X times a million. …Messed up.

        • I know how that happens. Start out as a small child wanting to do things. You are told ‘no’ over and over again. It’s not safe, it’s dangerous, blah blah. It wears on a child. Not asking results in punishment. Parents, school… over and over. The battle waged for even a small victory of getting to do something becomes more effort than it is worth. Eventually a kid just stops. It’s futile. The conditioning is there.

        • That is sad on many levels. Especially recalling our youths and how we were all eager to drive and capable of driving hundreds of miles at the age of 17. And nav when we had no nav? It was easy and we were sooo unafraid at that age. And how freeing that felt.

          • Amen, RS –

            When I was that age (17) all of us – all of us that I knew – had been on road trips by ourselves, often to places hundreds of miles distant. It was so freeing – at that age – to be on your own for a few days, in your car, with your friends, going where you wanted… that first real taste of being an adult…

      • It’s the parents fault. Almost all are scared of the ‘law’ or ‘laws’.
        I ripped out those stupid seats my wife bought (not the baby one’s), and told her if you want me to drive the kids somewhere, they will not be going in my car with a stupid seat, period. I forget the age timeframe. She stopped using them too.
        I am enjoying my rebel kids a lot. Saddens me that there are so few.

        • Of course there is fear of the law. That 1930s eugenics idea of taking children away from the parents never went away. No child seat? Wrong political views? whatever… they’ll use any excuse when there is a chance they’ll get away with it.

      • You got that right, about how children are raised. I dont know how my wife and I flew under the radar with my two boys, just got lucky I guess. One teacher did warn us about my youngest son’s bruised up legs, and we did keep him home from school a couple times to avoid being reported…back when they whole “required to report” mandate started. Proud of my boys, neither one took the holy jab, without any influence from me, just decided on their own. Damn proud.

        I chalk it up to making them detassle corn. If you can survive detassling corn, you can survive anything.

    • The schools became better at institutionalizing people as children and the safety cult has gained a great deal of power since 1985.

      Basically that ‘f-off’ attitude is fairly rare in anyone who isn’t old enough to remember the 1970s and for many of us just old enough to remember we’ve been hammered on since childhood. I know I have been. After us they started drugging the children that wouldn’t submit fully.

  20. Another aspect of the “plandemic” and the “jabs” is the fact that artificially sequenced DNA is appearing in the livers of those who took the “jabs”.
    The “supreme court” (I use that term loosely) has ruled that DNA sequences can be patented. Anyone who possesses such DNA sequences is now “owned” and is legally a “slave”.
    Once you take the “jab” you are now “owned”…

    • Except the Supreme Court said no such thing – in the Myriad Genetics case of 2013 the court held that naturally occurring gene sequences were not patentable because they are products of nature. But the court also held that cDNA was patent eligible as a human-made construct. Im not sure how a patented cDNA sequence means that I’m owned or a slave. Perhaps Pfizer will sue me for patent infringement?

      • I must disagree…you are wrong…
        The gene sequences that are evident in the liver are not naturally occurring gene sequences. THAT is what makes you a slave.
        In a similar vein, GMO crops (artificial DNA sequences once again) are patented.
        Farmers with non-GMO crops who own farmland adjacent to farms with GMO crops have been sued by Monsanto and others when GMO seeds blew on to their farmland and propagated.
        Now, tell me that artificially contrived DNA sequences cannot be patented.

        • Hi anarchyst,

          Hubby, daughter, and I sat down and watched Food, Inc. last night. Oh man, if you are already not eating non-GMO and organic food you will want to after this film. What Tyson Foods and Perdue do to the chicken and how little they pay their farmers is unreal. Smithfield is another one. I can honestly say, I despise Monsanto. They are the biggest creeps in the world. It isn’t about protecting their product but owning the entire agriculture business. They had a really good interview with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm. I am glad there are people like him who are doing what they do. I am happy to contribute to make sure these small, natural farms continue to exist.

          Buy local, grow your own garden, and stay away from anything with lab created ingredients. If we all did this the healthcare costs in this country would drop 1000x over.

          • Instead, we have a medical industry that virtually ignores nutrition as a health factor, much less the poison that food may contain.

            • True, John. My problem with the medical system is they know natural food, certain herbs and spices, fresh air, and moving around does all bodies good. They won’t even suggest it. Hubby’s blood pressure was creeping up a bit (well in to the 150s/80s). Well, we know better than to go to a doctor who would have pushed blood pressure meds. I bought him garlic extract a few weeks ago and nagged him to take it. He has been on it for about three weeks BP just dropped to 110/77. I should send him a bill. 🙂

  21. Of course, unlike during the pandemic hoax, when the MRNA enthusiasts applied zero critical thinking skills to that poison shot, all of the sudden they’ll employ hyper criticism of your suspicion of your friend’s daughter’s condition by bleating: “You don’t know that. Correlation is not causation!”

    I will never forgive these sociopaths and will not rest until we have Nurmburg trials 2.0 and I see the likes of Fauci, Walenski, Andrew Cuomo and Big Pharma executives hanging from the gallows.

    • Correlation is not causation unless of course it furthers the agenda and then it is.

      Anything labeled a vaccine cannot have adverse effects by definition and because that’s the definition it is all coincidence. It’s absurd. The mechanisms are obvious and worse than that they would have been caught in FMEA. A simple engineering process that’s been around since the 1940s. This should have shown the potential problems with the jabs and that there was no mechanism to prevent them, which would result in a very poor score recommending not to ship the product.

      But science doesn’t work that way. It effectively has no product safety measures. It has studies and peer review. These are not product safety processes. They can incidentally have some product safety function at most.

  22. On top of that your friend’s daughter has likely permanent damage to her reproductive system. Unlike others I don’t feel sorry at all for people who get sick from this fakecine. Good. There the same ones who vote for the authoritarian monsters trying to force this crap down our throats or submissively do what others tell them or both. They’re the ones with the ukraine flags on their profiles in full supoort of the global pedos war against Russia. They’re the ones who think men should be in girls locker rooms or at least are silent about it. The fewer of them the better.

    • Hi Mark,

      I incline in the same direction – regarding those who freely (blithely/stupidly) took the “vaccine.” But I have sympathy for those who had no choice, such as kids, who were made to get the shot by parents. How these people can live with themselves is something I cannot compute.

      • Our kids asked for shots after other parents made the jabs a requirement to attend birthday parties and similar events last summer.

        Austin. Only an order from the Governor prevents the return of diapering mandates, and the Texas Supreme Court is actually debating the legality of the order now.

      • I have sympathy for those who were forced (kids) too, but I would also add to the list those who were effectively forced by their workplace. Threatening someone’s livelihood might not be holding a gun to their head, but it’s pretty close and definitely within the same ballpark.

        I didn’t blink, but it was easier for me because I have no spouse, no children, fairly marketable skills, and if worst came to worst I could tap into some retirement money for a while. And my employer stopped at “strongly recommending” the Needle. And there were several others at my workplace who also stood firm.

        So many people didn’t have any of that.

        • So true, thanks for articulating this. This is the reason my kids got the clot-shot. They all work for biggish companies that required it and they have young families to support.

          Vaccines have always been sold as a universal good thing, and this trust in vaccines lured many into receiving this injection. Having had negative reactions to flu vaccines (my husband) and auto-immune disease develop in our dogs (getting annual (!) vaccines per the advice of our veterinarian), I developed a belief over time that these things were not always, if ever, a good or safe thing.

          Yeah, I was stupid. Wish I knew what I know now back when our kids were babes.

          • Hi Snap,

            I’ve decided to stop taking my cats the vet, much as I like her personally – because she (like most vets) has become an agent of the government, which pressures he with the threat of fines/loss of her business to pressure me to have my cats “vaccinated.” Now, as bad as we know the “vaccines” they force on humans are, can you imagine what it is those injections? I cannot abide having my little amigos shot up with drugs hey don’t need – such as a rabies “vaccine” for 100 percent indoors cats – which may result in their becoming needlessly sick/dying prematurely.

            • Hi Eric: I had a lightbulb moment not long ago when reading one of Dr. Karen Becker’s columns about cats, and she recommends keeping them indoors, and if possible creating a ‘catio’ for them – an outdoor space that is enclosed.

              The lightbulb moment was realizing 100 percent indoor cats don’t need vaccines.

              It’s got me considering getting a cat. Now, will our dog accept one, and where do I put the litter box? Small things, maybe, but important.

              • Morning, Snap!

                And – yup. This business of forcing “vaccines,” whether on people or animals, ought to raise red flags just by dint of the forcing. Most people love their pets as much as their children – and in both cases, will provide the best care possible for them. But what does it tell you when they have to be forced to accept “care”? It suggests there’s damned good reason not to accept it. In the case of indoor cats, it is ridiculous to insist they be “vaccinated” against rabies – to the same degree it would be ridiculous to insist everyone wear a life preserver, all the time – even if they don’t go near water – because they just might.

                I can see rabies shots for outside animals – and I would consider such shots for my animals (without coercion) if they were outside animals. But pushing me to “vaccinate” inside cats strikes me as an unjustified extortion that also imposes an unnecessary risk on my cats for no good reason.

                PS: On the litter boxes…

                Find an out of the way (quiet)place where the cat can take care of business without being bothered or even seen. A closet is a good place.

                • So, in a 2-story house, would placing a litter box in an upstairs closet work?

                  Or, would they mind going down into the basement? (It’s finished, and not gross).

                  • Hi Snap,

                    Young cats have no problem with stairs and such; but if you have older cats, they may need their box located where they can get to it without having to deal with stairs. Otherwise, easy peasy. Cats are much easier than dogs in this respect as you usually just need to show the cat where the box is and they will use it, automatically. It’s their instinct to cover up their stuff in sand/dirt (litter). The main thing is to keep the box clean by scooping it at least every other day…

              • Snapdragon,
                Cats and dogs can get along. As far as the litter box…, most dogs think of it as a lunch box. So, consider that.

                • William, good point about the litter box thing and dogs.

                  My main concern is that our dog would see a cat as prey; he likes to chase and catch voles out in the yard. He’s not that big, around 50 lb, but he’s a scrappy little farm dog.

                  We hardly ever see free roaming cats outside when we take walks, so I just don’t know how he would react to one. Would he want to play? – probably, but if not, we have a big problem.

            • I lost my last cat a few years ago. About 14 years old. The previous one, her mother, died at 17. Outdoor cats their whole life. Would panic if they found themselves indoors, as one did while I was building a new house. I thought she might kill herself getting out, running into windows and such. Neither ever saw a vet after being neutered. While indeed a horrific disease, rabies is very rare, and the vaccine doesn’t always stop it. Sound familiar?

    • Yeah, this 23 year old is probably one who supported the system making life hard for the un-anointed, if not directly throw us in camps or have us executed.

      My sympathies depend on the circumstances.

  23. I only know of 2 people who passed away during the covid soap opera. First was an uncle in his mid70s. He was very overweight and had MS but his death was attributed to covid. Second was a former colleague (late 50s) who’d been in the hospital for a month due to covid.

    I’d be willing to bet both were always masked, jabbed, & double boosted. In both cases it’s a shameful loss, though.

  24. I would love to see these scumbags from Fauci to the pharmaceutical executives to the politicians who unleashed this gene therapy drug sold as vaccine be charged in international court for crimes against humanity! Then found guilty and sentenced like the nazis in Nuremberg. They deserve nothing less!

    • I too, also called it gene therapy while trying to convince others to avoid The Shot.

      Saw this comment over at the usawatchdog link:

      “The corona injections are not vaccines. The word is “transfection.” Let’s start using it.

      See: Britannica dot com

      “transfection, technique used to insert foreign nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) into a cell, typically with the intention of altering the properties of the cell.”

      The term is accurate and demonstrates the transhuman agenda at work.”

  25. Sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter. Unfortunately, we are dealing with mass psychosis and are being played and forced/encouraged to take these “vaccines” by evil people with the financial means to do whatever they want.

    Intelligent people willingly become stupid, according to this little essay, posted today by Mark Crispin Miller. Long story short: we are dealing with a sociological-psychological problem, where being in a group affects one’s reasoning ability – essentially people in groups will believe anything. Solitary people are less likely to believe absurdities.


    • RE: “Solitary people are less likely to believe absurdities.”

      This bit seems kind of at odds with that line of thought:

      ‘Why Smart People Are Stupid, Part II’

      …”They have to accept the masks, the social distancing, the vaccine. Even if the story is utterly absurd, they have to believe in it – not because it conforms to facts, but because it offers community for those who have none.” …


      • Hi Helot: That’s a great essay, thanks for posting it. I agree with most, if not all the points made. So it does kind of refute the ‘solitary people make better judgements argument’.

        It was correct, I think in pointing out the free-floating anxiety out there before and during the early days of the plandemic and the social isolation that existed.

        People need to be around people, social creatures we are, so I’m certainly not advocating that we become hermits. I guess the danger lies in that social need to be with others takes precedence over reality.

        That is the crux of this whole scheme. These evil people who planned this dystopia knew all of this; how to manipulate populations into insanity.

        • And, this is where we are, like a point on a chart, “These evil people who planned this dystopia knew all of this”.

          ‘FDA, CDC Lying About Vax Deaths & Injuries – Mark Skidmore’

          … “The Orange County, California, school district is now requiring a heart examination, including an EKG in order to participate in athletics. Why does a 17-year-old healthy person need an EKG?”” …


          • Wow, truth telling and a dose of sanity from a State-sponsored University professor, even here in working-man’s Michigan. Nice analysis, kind of late. I guess better late than never. Information from influential people like this professor earlier on in this disaster might have saved my children from getting themselves injected with this shit. It’s also quite possible it’s my fault, as a parent. I guess I didn’t teach my kids to be skeptical of authority.

            • Seems to me that in most cases no matter how much a parent tried to teach their children to be skeptical of authority the school indoctrination centers combined with captured media & captured regulatory bodies were too much of a match. A.k.a. the cult of saaafety.

              It is no wonder that voices of opposition were censored & marginalized.

              The pushing of getting a flu shot with signs on every walkway near grocery stores with pharmacies & Walgreen’s in particular prior to covid-1984 looks quite ominous in hindsight. It was part of the set-up for the long-con.

              Which gets me to thinking, I know several old people with neuropathy, I noticed one of the side effects of the transfection shot is a type of neuropathy. I wonder if the regular flu shot has similar side effects described in some buried study? And, what else? Idk.

              • I’m a bit of a contrarian sometimes, and no doubt my kids have observed it. When my first grandchild was born, I was told I could hold her after I got a flu shot.

                “Nope, not going to” – all I got was a blank stare, and, guess what? I got to hold my first grandbaby and all the others that came after – without getting a flu shot injection.

                So yes, I may not have told them in black and white terms to not obey authority, but have demonstrated that I don’t always listen to suggestions or commands by Government or even family.

                Problem is, most of the time, I am compliant with most rules, it’s just easier.

                And you are so right about the schools. I would homeschool in a minute if I had to do it over.

              • Hi Helot,

                Of course, the antidote is to school kids at home. To not have them turned Woke by government schools. All the home-schooled kids I know are “squared away,” my Marine officer (retired) brother in law likes to say.

                • Not nearly as hard as people think. There are a plethora of lesson plans available, and since indoctrination isn’t part of it, it takes far less time than one might think. After all, kids WANT to learn. Teach them to read, and leave reading material lying around, and they will largely teach themselves. Math usually requires a push. Just remember, you only have to stay one lesson ahead of your student.

              • And, also – flu shots offered everywhere at drugstores, etc. – same thought occurred to me. It was all a set up for today’s dystopia.

    • Thanks, Snap!

      Also: Miller’s essay is brilliant; spot on. His point about those without community finding one… in mass psychosis. Dr. Malone touched on this as well. About how the first step is to instill generalized anxiety, then offer a twisted form of community as the salve for this existential angst… we saw it also in the crowds seig heiling the Fuhrer all those years ago, too..

      • Hi Eric, I subscribe to a daily list put out by Mark Crispin Miller, a professor at NYU. The essay is by Jonas Koblin, sorry I was not clear about the author.

        Miller provides a lot of interesting links. I never have time to read them all.

    • “Invade and occupy Afghanistan.”

      “Invade Iraq because of 9/11.”

      “Stay home to stay alive.”

      “Gene therapy for the flu.”

      “Start a war with Russia.”

      All brought to you by the same people.

      The stupid, it burns!

      What will it take for people to learn?!

      • The same scams have been run for hundreds to thousands of years and people never learn.

        Fed gov’s has been running the same scams since the 19th century. People don’t learn. With the latest war I am hearing versions of Wilson’s making the world safe for democracy. It’s over a 100 year old scam with that line.

        • Governments are dependent upon authority to kill you if you don’t obey. Sane action should not be expected of them.

  26. Sorry to hear Eric, I hope she gets better soon. What I don’t (or won’t) understand is why are they still pushing these shots when it is becoming obvious they are both ineffective and have severe side effects. I believe we need a Nuremberg 2 type trial with the authority to view all the data and exact an appropriate level of punishment.That said I believe in the future we will see ads for class action lawsuit’s for them just like for asbestos.

    • Indeed, per the latest developments, there is ZERO up side to taking one. Never the less, “experts claim the best way to combat COVID is getting vaccinated”.


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