Diaper Report 1/30/21

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I’ve just been informed that my 84-year-old mom is about to be Anointed with the Holy Needle, which is interesting given she has already had the thing the Needle purportedly prevents about a month ago and thus has no need of the Anointing.

For any medical reason.

She caught “the virus” – and recovered from it after a week of flu-like symptoms, including a cough and some congestion. They tested her – the wardens of the facility wherein she is imprisoned for the crime of being elderly and – the irony is sickening – to “keep her safe” from “the virus.” As by not allowing her to see anyone except the people within the prison.

No family or friends, forever amen.

And she tested positive.

I – her son – have yet to get sick.

She – imprisoned – did.

But nevermind these inconvenient incongruities. Including this business of wearing Facial Codpieces that haven’t “stopped the spread” – notwithstanding almost everyone who has gotten sick was wearing one – because almost everyone is wearing one.

Except for holdouts like me, who haven’t gotten sick.

It’s a Meeerakulh!

My mom did get sick – notwithstanding all the PPE and Sickness Kabuki, including locking her down as if she were Hannibal Lector rather than an old woman with Alzheimers. Having gotten sick, she now has antibodies – and cannot get sick from the same virus.

She is immune.

It does not matter.

The Jab will be administered, notwithstanding her immunity or her health – which is currently good but may become bad as a result of the Jab – for the sake of a religious mania that no longer even tries to hide its faith.

Including tenets of the Faith, such as the wearing of the Holy Rag – which will still be required if I am ever allowed to visit her, post-Jab – even though I cannot give her a sickness I haven’t got and which she cannot get again – having already had it and recovered from it.

A warder at the prison for the elderly told my sister that “the CDC” at first said to wait 30 days after a person recovers from the ‘Rona before administering the Holy Anointing. But now it’s 60 days, per the same CDC – which changes its mind – and “guidelines” more frequently than a whack-a-mole chooses a new hole to pop out of.

Like Pope Fauci, who urges no Holy Burqa wearing and then insists on it. Then on two Burqas at once.

This isn’t “science.” It takes time – and careful weighing of facts, objectively, applied to suppositions which are maintained or discarded – to establish “science.” What the CDC does is issue proclamations, in the manner of the Pope. Thou shalt “wear a mask”  . . . now two or three of them.

As many as we saith so, just because. No matter the facts that “masks” don’t work – however many.

And because the CDC says so, my 84-year-old mom is going to get jabbed with a “vaccine” that serves no medical purpose but which may well prove to be the cause of her death, as the “vaccine” is known to be hard on healthy people, many of whom experience side effects worse than the actual getting of the virus, which in many and probably most people doesn’t even produce symptoms.

Involuntarily injecting the elderly – whose health is by definition not as sturdy as that of the not-elderly – with an experimental vaccine is an interesting concept given it is a criminal offense in this country to sell perfectly healthy unpasteurized milk to the willing.

It is even more so when the elderly person on the receiving end of the Jab is known to not need the Jab, having already been sick and gotten over it. Which is like giving the measles vaccine to people who’ve had it, only much worse because this vaccine is novel – as well as experimental.

The creature on the administering side of the Jab probably has a name tag that reads Dr. Mengele – or ought to.

It’s stupid and it’s cruel – possibly fatal.

The baseball legend Hank Aaron was elderly but healthy  . . until he received his Holy Anointing. Now he is dead. It could be coincidental. But he reportedly  died within two weeks of his Anointing. That is the same kind of coincidence as Jack Ruby just somehow deciding on a whim to waltz into the garage of the Dallas police department just as Lee Harvey Oswald was paraded right in front of his .38 snubbie.

If the Anointing does the same to my mom as it did to Hank Aaron – and as Ruby’s .38 did to Oswald – the blame won’t be laid on the Anointing or on those who performed the Anointing.

Instead, it will be attributed to “the virus” – my mom having “tested positive” a couple of months ago and that will be sufficient to establish the causality.

This is “the science” of our times.

. . . .

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  1. Everyone needs to just remove their face diapers en mass. What’re they gonna do? Shoot all of us? Arrest us? Just take them off.

  2. I am looking for an opportunity to use this one.

    Demand to know when they plan to lift the mask mandate. Don’t give up until getting an answer. Then hold them to it.

  3. Sister in law was given the choice of the jab or losing her job. She is low on the totem pole at a hospice care group and they have to keep everyone vaxed to keep medicaid funding. She is not in good health, obese, hormone issues, mid 30s. She had a previous hip/spinal injury that twisted her tail bone and her spine. After she got her shot, it made her joints swell up and it made her spine contort and put pressure on her nerves. She woke up one morning two days after getting the 2nd shot and couldn’t walk and had to take a wheel chair to therapy. There they said they have seen people who have joint pain/swelling after getting the holy jab. She was told that if she had not come in when she did to get anti-anflamatory medicine she would be paralyzed form nerve damage. She had underlying conditions to cause this but the fact still remains that it isn’t a harmless shot.

    • Glad for her sake and the sake of you and her family it wasn’t worse. I’m trying to approach this anecdote with compassion but how is this different than being told “to keep your job you must play a round of Russian roulette“ then playing? Would anyone go for that? Yes, sorry, the chambered round tore off part of your skull and your ear and knocked you to the ground but you lived! That stuff happens some time, you know… Good thing you made it to the ER. Now hurry up and get better, you’re on the schedule for next Tuesday.

    • brazos_bend2, read your missive including “to keep everyone vaxed to keep medicaid funding” and, just had to ask my office-mate, a consultant to the medicare (but not medicaid) industry.

      She responded that many medical facilities require a host of vaccines, stipulated in their employment agreements.

      But required by the feds, probably not.

  4. My Mom is a healthy 83 year old, lives with my sister, she swims daily and is not obese or anything. She does have some irregular heart beat issues once in awhile that she is on medicine for. She is getting the jab – I won’t even try and convince her not to – my family barely talks to me anymore any way because I refuse to believe all this nonsense. They even wear their holy rags when I stop over to visit. Eric – I did see this new article by a courageous doctors group – lets hope more docs start speaking up like these:

  5. Eric, I will keep your family in my prayers, as I pray for my own father, mother, and aunt who all frantically clawed their way to the holy jab. They have been living pretty much in isolation on a farm and still are desparate to show their allegiance to the cult. It makes no sense to me.

  6. Eric, that’s an awful situation. And nonsensical and cruel. But not unexpected.

    The time is going to eventually come where EVERYONE is going to be required to “voluntarily” get the vaccine or be forced into exile from the rest of society, even those who don’t actually need it.

    The End Times are coming.

  7. Hey Eric,
    I feel for you, your sister and your mother. Who knew she would be serving time in prison at her age? Same thing around here. A little woman from my church is living in a facility with three levels of care, she is in the assisted living part. For nine months they could not leave their rooms! Finally, the facility will let them go to town to eat out, see the doctor, etc. But…on their return, they have to stay in their room for ten days. So, they are being punished if they leave.
    So sorry about your mother having Alzheimer’s, it’s a terrible disease. My father-in-law also has it but I think it’s dementia…maybe severe dementia now and maybe overmedicating. He was ‘diagnosed’ around 2005, and has never exhibited all the classic signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s and I think if he really did have it, he would have already been dead by now. He would’ve died a long time ago. I have never known an Alzheimer’s patient to live as long as he has.
    I also wonder why so many people develop Alzheimer’s and other diseases now-a-days. When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, we would visit with my grandmothers, great aunts and great grandmother, etc. None of these old people had any kind of dementia. They were all still sharp in their long term and short term memory. I know some people probably (might) used to die of cancer and it just wasn’t known about back then. ( especially in the 1800’s and early 1900’s) But now-a-days seems like everyone develops some kind of health problem if they live long enough—which could be attributed to pollution, chemicals, processed food and the like. Maybe that contributes to the many allergies people have. Peanut allergies??? Never heard of that until I was grown. I do think some of these ‘allergies’ are in people’s heads, the hypochondriacs out there—the same ones making us wear masks
    Almost through—the other thing, I go to Lew Rockwell’s site every day–and I know some of your articles are shared there so you and all of your readers are aware of his site. I like to read what Jon Rappoport is saying. I agree with him, I don’t think there is a virus. It has never been isolated as John Kable mentioned above. The PCR test is a joke too as many know.
    I think all of this is just a dog and pony show that will last as long as necessary for ‘them’ to accomplish their goals, which I guess are to continue taking away more of our freedoms (very few left) and they have total control over all of us filthy peons.

    • I forgot. Not to sound mean or cruel—-but why are the elderly given priority on the shot? They’ve lived a good long life and are near the end of it now, so shouldn’t younger people, productive people be given priority? All the elderly around here have been trampling all over each other to get in line to get the shot—and of course some of the ‘essential’ workers that are not elderly but have been proud to announce they have received the shot. My 87 year old daddy got it the other day, so I guess he will live another twenty years now. These people act like they have won the lottery! I do not plan on getting the shot either. Who knows what is in it—then again it could just be normal saline.

      Oh—you forgot Larry King—he died about two weeks after the shot. He was about 200 years old though, correct, like Keith Richards?

      • Hi Elaine,

        Well, an aspect of this sickness is that young, healthy people don’t need the Jab – because they’re extremely not-likely to die if they even get sick (most won’t). So it’s kind of like a good swimmer putting on a life vest… to go for a hike in the desert.

        • I hope they won’t get the shot. I know my son is not planning on getting it–unless they make him. He’s a Navy helicopter pilot, test flies the new ones that come off the line for Lockheed-Martin in New York state. (he is the most handsome, smartest pilot in the Navy, lol)
          Anyway, the reason I’m back is, I remember when the kids were little, had upper respiratory infection, after about three days I would take them to the doctor (because had to have a doctor’s excuse for the government school to get back in, parent’s word not good enough) and he would say, “it’s viral, there’s nothing I can give them, just continue OTC meds and liquids”….or…he might give them an antibiotic—-just because possible secondary infection. Most likely he gave them an antibiotic to make me feel like he was doing something. So, when did, “it’s viral, can’t do anything about it”, go to, take the flu shot, take the COVID vaccine. Don’t forget shingles and pneumonia. Mysteriously they developed a vaccine for COVID after about nine months and after all these years there is no vaccine for the common cold? I figure they already had the vaccine ready and just waited for the proper amount of time to bring it out. I still don’t think it’s a vaccine—-just more BS.
          Here’s how bad the schools are, the propaganda and the brainwashing. A friend and her daughter (very smart girl—well apparently book smart), were over here the other day. She is a pharmacist (they are all Ph.D’s now), more BS, she said, “I can’t believe there has not been any flu this year”. I laughed at first, because I thought she was kidding. She was serious! She believed it!
          One more thing and I will be quiet. I went to BAM the other day. Sometimes I just like to hold the book and look at it and not go online to get it. There was a young man there stocking books. I asked where ‘Heidi’ might be located. He had never heard of the book Heidi. I have an old copy but in fragile condition, thought I might want to reread it but want a new book. I know Heidi is a ‘girls’ book , but I would’ve thought he would’ve at least heard of it. I remember Treasure Island, The Hardy Boys, all kinds of books, didn’t matter who they were written for. I guess I’m just old.
          I will try to stay off of here and find someone else to bother. Chilly, rainy Sunday, too much time on my hands.

          • Hi Elaine,

            You’re far from bothersome! All your posts have been thoughtful and well-composed and that’s the sort of thing that makes EPautos a refuge for everyone here, me included and even especially. So, thank you!

            I hope your son – kudos to him also; I am a huge aviation fan and the one regret I have in life is that I didn’t pursue becoming a pilot myself – does not have to choose between his work and the Jab. Many will face the same choice. I am grateful that I will not as I work for myself and will never require myself to take the Jab – or wear a Face Hijab.

            In re the Jab:

            Many things baffle me about it, but perhaps the main thing is the apparent enthusiasm – the actual wanting-to – of so many perfectly healthy people who do not have any of the risk factors that make the getting of the WuFlu appreciably more dangerous to them than any other bout of flu . . . if they even catch it. The fact is that for such people, the Needle presents more actual risk of serious repercussions than the virus does.

            And then I remember: Due diligence is a lost art.

            So many people act on what they are told. They do not look into it and then decide, based on what the facts are.

            PS: I am also a hard-cover/tangible book kind of guy. It is harder to delete a physical book and there is just something tangibly satisfying to me about the actual vs. the virtual!

  8. I kinda figured this was coming. I’m sorry, Eric.

    My mom is going to turn 89 in March. We live in the same apartment, and we both think the shot is poison. Neither of us has any intention of getting it. As far as her care is concerned, I will never put her in a facility, not after last year. There is an alternative, and I used to work at the HQ of one such company. Home Instead (the company I worked for), Visiting Angels, Senior Helpers, etc. Some of them even provide in home care for Alzheimer’s patients. If I need it, that’s the route I’m taking. It costs, sure, but it’s worth it.

  9. Accidentally walked into a madhouse Kroger yesterday, madhouse because a little snow was forecast. I never wear a mask there, but this was a record crowd. At least 250-300 people there, and I was the only one without a mask. But proof these people are wimpy/don’t believe: no one dared tell me to put on a diaper. Not sure what’s worse, the wimpiness (for instance, if someone walked into my house with a bag of HIV positive blood, I would tell them to leave), or the non-belief, yet still willing to play along.

  10. Eric – all the best to your mother, hope she stays safe. My dad also got the bug last month. For him it was a bit of a scare, and he ended up in the hospital for a week. Unfortunately the way he is its hard to get him to rest or anything – and even after he was feeling down, he kept at it – Prob thats why it got to the stage of hospital… That said hes almost fully recovered. The fortunate thing for my dad is hes no longer int he US or the west – but in Pakistan where you DO somewhat have a free market in medical care, and any drug known to man was used on him. Most are drugs that have been around for decades, and cost pennies a pill. And most importantly all medicine administered were by his family doctor and a recommended consultant, without any requirements or bans from the government…. if I tell you the cost of a week in the hospital you all will laugh (and this is probably the best hospital in the country, which is more akin to a five star hotel than a hospital)….. what you get in life when the government stays out of it….

    • Nasir,

      Well, I’ll bite. How much was it?

      The cost of a hospital stay here is absolutely and completely unjustifiable. It’s a little like schools and universities, but much worse.

      I always do the simple math in these situations.
      Let’s say you have the most labor intensive surgery. The surgeon makes $600,000/yr. He is assisted by 6 nurses who all make an average of $100,000/yr. That’s $1,200,000/yr, or $1.2 million/52 weeks/yr/4 hours/week = $577/hr for that team. Your surgery takes 8 hours, which costs $4,616 in labor. The surgery room rents for $2,000/day, which pays for the specialized equipment and overhead. Add $1,000 for whatever insurance is necessary. That’s a total of $7,616. We’ll round up to $8k.
      Now, you need a week to recover, so you get a room for $300/day (a good hotel) + 3 nurses who sequentially take care of you ’round the clock. $300k/yr = $144/hr, but they take care of 10 people, let’s say. No need to have 1 nurse sitting by your bed 24 hours a day. So, your share is $3,641/day/10 people = $365/day. That’s $665. Add $235 for food and drugs, which gets you to $900/day.
      You stay for a week ($6300), bringing your grand total to $14,300 for your brain/heart surgery. Ever hear of THAT bill? That pays for a relatively inexpensive car, so we KNOW people could afford such a bill.
      I’m sure I left out some ancillaries, but I’m making a point here. We KNOW the surgery and stay will likely be an order of magnitude more expensive.

      So what gives? Is that not a reasonable question?

      • Many years ago I read a publication that listed particular hospital care and the bill they typically put out. One example was a simple fracture in a leg. Billed out at $6000 dollars. At that time one could purchase a years tuition at a very good private school for that amount. And these health care providers should be able to treat such an injury in their sleep. Its far more ridiculous now since medical care is the most inflated cost there is.

          • So the 1 week stay was 2300 USD. This was at the country most posh hospital with basically room service and a butler. And this included a couple rounds of tests every day, medicine, X-rays, oxygen, food, Drs bills, and whatever else was needed. This included the more expensive remdisavir. When I looked up that medicine alone in the US is about 3K for a round. My dads situation is a bit more complicated because this kidneys are also on the edge, so there were extra costs to monitor that. I recon of we were a bit cost conscious we could have done it in much less than that….. But again thats what you get in a capitalist system – YOU have the choice to decide what kind of care you want. Its amazing the facilities you can get there in the medical field – can you imagine you can get a chest X-ray at home!! for 50 dollars (again with the same hospitals lab). The lawyers and regulators wouldn’t in a million years allow an X-ray machine at home in the west!! Infact once I fell ill in PK – had a chest X-ray (where I went in to the lab – again one of the posh types) – it costed about 5 dollars !!! (my dad and my uncles were making fun of me that I got ripped off that I got such an expensive X-ray)…. Infact the whole thing, medicine, tests, dr, medicine was so cheap I couldn’t even be bothered to do the paperwork for insurance when I got back to London.

            I really find it sad how people in the west are now getting ripped of for the most basic amenities in life…..

            • Hi Nasir,

              What you relate would shock most Americans, who have no idea and labor under the delusion that they live in “the best country in the world” – where, of course, they are also “free.” Cue that vile song played at Chimp and Orange Fail rallies. Proceed to leg hump the closest AGW.

              America is, of course, a corporatist system – defined by corporations being the government, which is run for their benefit. Thus Americans are forced to pay for “coverage” they cannot afford or care they cannot afford for the sake of the enrichment of a “health” cartel that mulcts them to a degree that would embarrass the Baron Harkonnen.

              • Eric- I think you hit the nail on the head. Theres really a delusion created by media and politicians in the west. and somehow in the west people have grown so accustomed to blindly accepting things as they are that if you challenge it – they think you’re the crazy one.

                And I think now its more obvious than ever. if you turn on the media in the west the world is ending with people falling over and dying left right and centre. And there are new killer strains of the bug in far flung places like Brazil and South Africa. But the minute you leave the UK – you realise places like Pakistan (or even developed countries like Japan) are fully open. Yes – those who are at risk or those who are afraid are free to stay home, wear masks, hazmat suites or do whatever they see fit. But if they are fine and accept the risk theres one more thing that may just get them, they can live life was they wish…. but try telling someone in the west (and even the very educated well travelled class) – they just dont buy it !

                Infact the UK has now banned holidays abroad (yes – I know it was last east Germany where you needed permission to leave). I really suspect this is because brits go to places like Dubai or elsewhere, take selfies, put them on instagram, (especially the social media “influencers”) and people see life is perfectly normal. The fear amongst the ruling class is that the British sheep MAY just wake up and realise they are being conned and screwed….

      • BaD,
        My 2 yr old at the time gave rsv to my 1 month old and we had to rush him to the hospital. He spent 5 days in the nicu and 2 1/2 more days in a pediatric unit. He had no surgeries, just was monitored and given breathing treatments 4 times a day. Final cost for that was $100,725. Now here is the kicker they accepted payment from the insurance company of approx $18,000 and consider the bill closed. This was also close to 10 years ago now.

          • It’s the way the system is deliberately designed. The Rockefeller system of medical care, which is what we have is designed to make it such that if we don’t always pay the cartel (insurance) we get nailed with a very high bill. It also designed to keep us working in a corporate system to be able to afford that insurance.

            So very few learn how things got this way so they fall for the next con to come along. Those who do learn are ridiculed for not believing the same as everybody else.

      • If you can spend 3 weeks in a US hospital for less than $100K, someone forgot some billing. But as others have said, that is $20k if insurance pays. What a racket.

        • Hi Anon,

          Medical care has become mercenary to an appalling degree; it’s as much a racket as the insurance racket with the difference – for now – being that they can’t force you to get medical care.

  11. My 90year old father, God rest his soul, died last November. Fortunately for him he refused to be installed in one of the elderly prisons, despite the admonitions of his doctors. He died alone at home, the lifestyle he preferred. He didn’t even like me coming around too often.
    If it does nothing else, the vaccine presents the bald faced lie that the Psychopaths In Charge actually are concerned about our welfare. Which is curious, since they have never demonstrated they are, unless it happens to coincide with their welfare. So the vaccine must be examined in that light. What about the vaccine promotes the psychopaths welfare? Plenty of answers, none of them good for us.

  12. My dad just got shot #1, then took off to Florida for a three week vacay. I tried to talk him out of it (the shot, not the trip) but he was adamant. Fingers crossed.
    My mother is NFW on the shot. She’s a retired nurse, so I usually take her advice on medical matters. But I wouldn’t get the jab anyway because I don’t get unnecessary medical procedures. I don’t let people draw my blood or do routine dental x-rays and I don’t participate in those endless cancer screenings docs try to push on everyone once you reach a certain age, especially if you’re female.
    But I just can’t figure out why the government and the healthcare conglomerate is pushing this vaccine on people who were confirmed positive, especially if there is a shortage of the shot. It’s pointless. Give it to people that want it and aren’t immune and leave everyone else alone.

      • Agreed, Anon –

        In which case, one asks – why? What is the reason – the real reason – for wanting to Jab hundreds of millions of people? It could be as “benign” – in context – as the lust for money. Pharma makes billions already but it stands to make billions more by forcing everyone to take its products – note the plural, as this will not be a single or even two Jabs but rather will set the precedent for ongoing Jabs for everything the corporate state says is a “matter of public health.” There is also the secondary profit to be mined from the sickness caused by the Jab.

        This is the most plausible explanation.

        The scariest explanation is that the “vaccine” is something else, as some suggest. An agent meant to cause an effect within the body – perhaps sterility, perhaps death. Perhaps merely torpor and stupidity, so as to more easily control the bipedal cattle. Or it could be a biological means of asserting ownership over biology – following the GMO (and EULA) model. They alter you with their “code” and by doing so, you become their property and they assert ownership over you.

        These are wild and scary alternatives but considering what the government-corporate nexus has proved itself to be capable of, I do not dismiss them out of hand.

        • I agree – all of the above. These people are not rational, and in my view, barely human (if at all). They have sold their souls to the devil, and the devil wants to rule the world. They are his minions.

          I don’t believe normal human beings can truly comprehend the depth of the evil that is set in motion here.

          • Hi Anon
            Since Christ cared enough to warn His people, It’s hard to believe that
            He left out any thing important. Or included anything unnecessary.
            He told us what Satan does. He did not tell us Satan wants to rule the world. But He did tell us what he does do. He lies and murders. If he were not stopped, there would be no flesh saved. He would murder everyone. And he has lots of help. John 8:44, Matt.24.

        • Adopted from the French, it is a technique originally revealed in 1796 by the ingenious English doctor and researcher Edward Jenner (1749-1823) in view of the looming threat of smallpox. The name comes from the particular manifestation of a virus that existed among cows, known scientifically as variolae vaccinae (popularly known in English as cowpox), from the Latin vaccinia, associated with the adjective vaccinus, understanding anything related to cows, coming from vacca, for “cow” specifically [snip]

          In December 1979, smallpox was eradicated, with one last case reported in Somalia.



          Note the word “eradicated”.

          Clearly, this “vaccine” is not a vaccine.

          • Thanks, Eight –

            It’s been a helluva trip since 2016. I got divorced that year, my dad died and I moved my mom to my area,so she’d be closer by (they used to live in AZ). Fast forward four and she’s in prison and I doubt I’ll ever see here again, the Orange Fail is gone and the Jab is coming…

        • Hi Eric,
          I think Big Pharma’s lust for money is the main reason. I’ve already seen stories floating around the MSM that you’re going to need the needle every year going forward, because the virus mutates. Well duuuuh… that’s what viruses do! Which is why the flu shot is hardly effective since it’s based on last year’s virus profile. I’ve never taken the shot and never will, especially this one; I might have had the flu or a bad cold over my past 73 years but never did it involve more than a couple days of rest and it was gone in a week. Still can’t believe how quickly the majority of people in the USSA have turned into quivering masses of wimps.

    • Hi Amy,

      I didn’t understand the EV push as long as I tried to understand it on the basis of the stated objectives – i.e., developing a more efficient/affordable and “environmentally sound” form of personal transportation. But then I viewed it from a different perspective – the actual objectives – and now I understand. The EV push is about controlling and reducing personal mobility – to get the average person to not own a car at all.

      The same method can be used to understand everything WuFlu-related. It is perplexing so long as you assume these people are actually interested in “keeping people safe,” leaving aside whether that’s any of their business. The words just air-fingers-quoted should always be read: Keeping people under control.

      In other words – power, for its own sake. Reduced – at last – to its most naked form, the outright degradation and humiliation of people; the object being to hurt them – which, as the character O’Brien explained to Winston Smith as he was torturing him, is how one asserts power over another human being.

      Understand this and you understand it all.

    • “But I just can’t figure out why the government and the healthcare conglomerate is pushing this vaccine on people who were confirmed positive”

      Why, it’s almost as if a test result the confirms positive is of no diagnostic value, isn’t it?

    • But I just can’t figure out why the government and the healthcare conglomerate is pushing this vaccine on people who were confirmed positive, especially if there is a shortage of the shot.

      Because it has nothing to do with a virus. A lot of people win by jabbing the masses. Pfizer and Moderna make shit-tons of money. DARPA gets to experiment with programming the human genome with the ultimate goal of creating a super soldier.

      And if millions or billions die, the guidestones crowd cheers with glee.

  13. Despite my attempts to inform them, Both my parents and my in-laws are champing at the bit to get the shot, they’re all about the same age as Eric’s mom. Better living through chemistry, I guess?
    While reading this I was reminded of a Bill Sardi article about how in 1994 there was a lot of flu deaths in nursing homes after the first year Medicaid covered flu shots, likely from bad vaccines (or, exactly the desired outcome, who knows?). It seems likely that my grandmother was in that batch, always healthy until they got their claws on here, the circular smothering and mothering to today, is sick.
    I got kicked out of a Goodwill Store this week for not bowing to the manager’s demand we face diaper muzzle up. When we first walked in a 20-something asked where our masks were. It’s crazy how people assume everyone has one. I told him we have C.S. and can’t wear them and I swear that boy leaped into the air, spun, and skipped – yes, skipped – to find his manager to tell on us. Like. He. Was. Happy. To. Do. So.
    One other thing I noticed, I think it’s been right on cue after The Monster was crowned, for a week or so now in the grocery stores they stopped playing those public service announcements like at the airports over the loudspeakers, they play music now.
    I didn’t notice the absolute level before, how tense and creepy those PSA’s made ya feel, until they were gone. I mean, I knew the PSA’s had an effect, I just didn’t really – feel it – until later when they were gone. Very, Twilightish.
    On the up-side, I found a lawnmower sales and service outlet that was mask free and very cool. I’m trying to justify buying extra stuff there.

    • “Better life through chemistry” is better justification for buying plastic bottles and doing meth.
      Anyway, after hearing horror stories about these elderly homes for years, I’ll be damned if I ever put MY parents there. I guess sometimes it’s just too hard, especially if they have dementia, like Eric’s mom. 🙁
      I just hope it never comes to that.

      • I hope you’re successful. Seems like our overlords have created all kinds of roadblocks for that. I used to want to create a good private old folks home, until I saw some of the regulations and how they likely apply even in your own house. Twisted stuff, that.

        I did a quick search of the slogan I heard often while growing up in the pre-meth, all glass bottle era, and am not surprised How humans got to the point we are at: “Nothing captures the optimism of the post–World War II era than Du Pont’s corporate slogan “Better Things for Better Living . . . Through Chemistry.” […] Singing the praises of Du Pont’s modern plastics and synthetic fabrics, this musical production gave voice (and dance) to the widespread technological optimism catalyzed by a wide variety of new products that caused dramatic changes in people’s day-to-day lives: plastics, synthetic textiles, antibiotics, pesticides, food products, refrigerants, […]
        But just as the Du Pont singers were proclaiming the wonders and promise of modern chemistry, the belief that the products of modern chemistry really led to “better things” and “better living” was called into question, as a dark side to some of these new synthetic chemicals was exposed.” …

        Crisco – that horrible replacement for wonderful nutritious lard, comes to mind for some reason. The 1940’s to 1950’s, totally off the rails from there.

        • Haha, good to know. I am a chemist, and like any tool, good or bad can come from chemistry. Much of it is truly good, though I wouldn’t cite Crisco as a triumph, no. 🙂 Methamphetamine was actually invented at the end of the 19th Century, BTW, but wasn’t really popular until WWII.

          I thought about reforming old-folks housing, myself, just as you have. I also have pondered on forming a private school with my GF, who is a teacher. I’m sure you’re right about so many BS regulations confounding any such attempts. :p

        • Hi Helot,

          Several people have asked, so I’ll explain why I’m in the bind I’m in with my mom. The facility where she is imprisoned is state-run and the state will not release her or allow her transfer unless I can prove my home or the place where she is to be transferred meets state standards. My home does not meet their standards. I could not make it meet their standards without doing a massive remodel which I cannot afford and even if I could, my home would then become open to their inspections and regulations. They could force me to Diaper, for instance – and to take the Jab.

          Transferring her is pointless as all facilities operate under the same state “mandates” decreed by the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

          The coulda-shoulda would have been to finish and move her into my little guest house a couple of years ago and then the state would not know a thing about her situation but I wasn’t able to anticipate this. She went from being lucid and independent to not very quickly, which educated me about how quickly Alzheimer’s can progress. In some people, it is a slow and gradual process. In others, it elaborates very quickly. So quickly you may not realize how bad it has gotten until a crisis happens, as happened in my case.

          It’s pretty awful.

      • Hi BaDnOn,

        Watch out for the following scenario: My mom was a fiercely independent person as recently as two years ago. She would shut down any discussion broached by me about considering a move to one of those senior communities – which aren’t nursing homes, just places where help is close by if needed and the residents live more or less as anyone who lives independently in an apartment or condo lives. Free to come and go as they like and to receive anyone they like within their private apartment.

        My mom could not stand the idea, wouldn’t hear of it.

        I would have been open to finishing this little “guest house” I have at my place and letting her live there for the rest of her life. It’s small but cute and plenty for one older person. But it is located “in the Woods” – my place up in rural Floyd County, far from anything except a gas station and (recently) a Dollar store. My mom can’t stand the country and would not hear of it.

        So she stayed in her apartment in the city – until she was unable to live in it anymore – by which time, the state got involved and the rest is what you know.

        I urge anyone in a potentially similar situation to have a serious talk with their parents about their plans – and try to get them to agree to something that can prevent what’s happening to mine from happening.

        • Eric,

          Damn, that’s rough, brother. Luckily, my dad is still around, and he’s a bit younger than my mom and in decent condition, so he’ll probably take care of her from here on out. I’ve already said I’ll take care of her if he is unable to, but I doubt it comes to that.
          I’m sorry that things have gone they way they have for you, here. I wish you and your mom the best under these conditions.

  14. That is truly some BS, Eric. I’m sorry, man. My mom is 85, and luckily still lives at home. No talk yet of her getting the jab. It is perplexing when people talk of getting jabbed when they’ve already had the illness. The immunity you get from having the illness is usually going to be far superior to that you get with a vaccine, and there’s no point at all in getting it, unless you want to feel sick again for a couple more days (at VERY least).
    Also, the silence is deafening in cases like that of Hank Aaron. Mainstream media won’t touch possible vaccine causation.

    • Their problem is that they have never isolated the virus, and so have not decisively proven the virus even exists, so a positive test presents no evidence you are immune. The test used to detect it is inaccurate, leaning to the positive side, which means that it’s likely you DIDN”T have the virus, and so are NOT immune. If the same protocol was used to determine death from vaccine as is used to determine death from COVID, there would be a LOT more vaccine deaths than there are, including Hank Aaron. Death from COVID, hardly any evidence required. Death from vaccine, maximum scrutiny. That being said, it’s much easier to look for truth and fact within this charade than to look for deception. A lot shorter list to examine. In fact, I’ve yet to find any.

      • I’ll amend that. The plainly visible truth and fact is that people are unbelievably gullible. Many, if not most will openly proclaim that politicians are all professional liars. In the next breath they will profess they believe them regarding COVID.

        • After hyping each stage of the scam, from the initial entrance of the alleged virus, to the mortality, to the transferability, to the alleged efficacy of masks, to the efficacy of a vaccine, TPTB will quietly let out a few nuggets of truth. Part of the psychopath’s MO is to revel in the fact that they are getting away with it, and that their victims know they are getting away with it.

      • Sue them even if nothing “bad” happens. You need your pound of flesh and that may be the only way to do it.

        See if they offer a “settlement”. I bet they would. At least use the screwy “legal” system to your benefit for a change. (I realize money will never replace a Mom).

        I think screwing with the system may be our only option anymore.

    • I’m not familiar with the Canadian legal system..but why didn’t she just choose to go with the arrest option? Would they have put her in jail instead, or would they have still kidnapped her on her own dime?

      • Hard to say. The RCMP have along history of “inventing law” and the courts almost always back them. I think prosecution rate of RCMP for extremely outrageous actions is 1/1000. The Saskatchewan and Manitoba cops used to murder indigenous indigents pretty regularly by taking the prairie, taking their clothes and leaving them to freeze. Basically zero prosecution despite it happening for decades.

        My guess, yes, still would have kidnapped her and made her pay for it. Anything ‘Rona beats rock, paper and scissors, human rights and legal protections (ha!) today.

        • Well goddamn. It’s one sick game after another for them. Rock paper scissors analogy is spot on. Probably all just isolated test runs on easy targets to determine how much terrorism the populace will take, under the guise of “doing something about it”


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