Reader Question: Mandatory Jabs?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mark asks: Given how the vast majority of sheeple adopted the Holy Rag, do you think a similar percentage will volunteer for the Holy Jab? Moreover, will that number (i.e., of voluntary vaxxers) be sufficient to prevent mandatory vaccination for COVID? TPTB would prefer that people get voluntarily vaxxed, and if enough do it, then it won’t be necessary to mandate the COnVID vaccine, aka the Holy Jab. How do you see this playing out, and why?

My reply: Well, a couple of things.

One – and of course, this assumes a vestige of the rule of law remains – it is questionable whether the government can force anyone to take an experimental vaccine. The Holy Jab is just that. But, it is probable corporate employers can make it a condition of employment – as well as of service. It will be a requirement for kids to attend schools/college. In this way, probably two-thirds or more of the population can be coerced to take the Holy Jab.

I expect the latter to occur; it is already occurring (viz, airlines indicating they will require Proof of Jab to allow you to board). Outliers who evade the jab will be systematically marginalized, as not-wearers of the Holy Rag are already being marginalized.

The only way out of this, as I see it, is to beat back the wearing of the Holy Rag – the key to undoing sickness psychosis, upon which the Jabbing depends.

This is why I am so adamant about not wearing the Rag for any reason – even if it means consequences.

Because the wearing of the loathsome rag entails worse consequences.

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  1. I got an earful from my mom last night about how Pennsylvania has completely screwed up distribution of The Jab™ and their lousy web site for registration, and how “horrible people” are line jumping in other counties, and how so-and-so had to drive the whole way up to a pharmacy in Ebensburg, etc. I mentioned that there’s rumor that rich Californians are flying to Aspen to line jump, taking away precious elixir from the locals, just to egg her on.

    Then dad complained that he couldn’t get the tax forms from the federal office down in the Penn Traffic building (which hasn’t been a Penn Traffic department store since the flood back in ’77) and was audibly upset over this fact. I pointed mom to and told her to print them out for him.

    They still don’t understand why I “throw my vote away” by not voting D or R. They still cling to the idea that there are experts in Washington, the CDC, or the state who are competent and dedicated public servants. No way they are political appointees who got the answer key to the civil service test in modern spoils system that games the meritocracy. Especially mom, who worked in medicine, is fiercely patriotic, and has completely ignored the last 25 years.

    A stressful call. Then the battery on the cordless phone went dead, as it always does after about 40 minutes. Thus endeth the call, thankfully. A pox (a real one) on the houses of these government bureaucrats and media whores who are making my parent’s declining years more stressful than necessary.


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