Reader Question: Library Diaperers?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Tom writes: The bastards at the library would not let me in without a mask. They didn’t give a fig about the PA covid site. I am thinking of filing an ADA complaint and a complaint with the PA AG to give them a hard time. It”s very unpleasant in the library.A goon told me three times to pull up my mask. The jerks who run the library are exactly the types who will aid in enslaving us.

My reply: I’ve dealt with the same recently at a couple of stores – including the VA state-run ABC store. In my case, I am going to look into the state law – which I believe is still on the books – that makes it a criminal act to enter a business wearing a mask. Whereas no law has been passed, to my knowledge, requiring Face Diapers. In other words, does the law trump “policy”?

Stay tuned!

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  1. Job change requires I go into the Austin office. My co-workers don’t care if I wear one, but I can’t blame my employer for following the rules, as the fines add up. Looking through the Austin rules, it says no mask while eating or drinking. Per the US FDA, gum is food, and if I have food in my mouth I must be eating. I’ll also be carrying around my coffee mug all day, ala Bill Lumbergh from “Office Space”.

    I’ll try these if I need to go to the store, but most stores don’t seem to care, regardless of the signs they’re required to post.

  2. Here ya’ go, Eric…let the torts fly!,intent%20to%20conceal%20one's%20identity.

    North Carolina also has such a law but, without the exemption for medically MANDATED. It also occurred to me while reading your response as to why there are no longer I-6’s that the same people who are of The Cult of the Mask are the same ones that are part of The Climate Change Cult. They believe a geriatric conman shill for Big Pharma as much as they do a retarded teen from Sweden. What’s wrong with these people? Is it just a total lack of common sense?

  3. Good luck trying to use the government”s own laws against them. For instance, in IL every mandate after the governor’s”s first 30 days is grossly illegal if you follow the letter of the actual law. However, only one county court has officially ruled in alignment with this, and the corresponding lawsuit is being successfully fiddled with and delayed in appeal by the governor”s own counsel.

    So far there have been two painful legal lessons in all of this, one is that government can do whatever it wants in spite of the actual law, and two, such laws only apply to keep us peons in place.

    Concerning libraries, over in IL I’d be surprised to see any of them open in the traditional sense. However, in going through the rural MO bootheel, I came across the Caruthersville public library with no mask signage on the door and about half the folks inside with no diaper. It actually felt normal to go inside for once.


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