The “Toughest Ever” – and Why

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In normal times, practical political considerations act as a brake on ideological considerations. Politicians – in normal times – being restrained by the need to remain politically viable (viz, Slick Willie and his assertions that he didn’t inhale). But we live in abnormal times – evidence in support of that assertion being the fact that ideology now trumps political considerations. 

Viz, the Biden Thing’s determination to double-down on the pushing of electric vehicles that most people – many of whom vote – have made clear they don’t want, as by not buying them. This threatens to bankrupt the car manufacturing industry; Ford and GM have already lost billions trying to sell EVs that most people don’t want and the majority can’t afford, regardless. Declining sales – and disappearing brands – is going to cost tens of thousands of autoworkers their jobs and not just because people aren’t buying the EVs they are making but also because it takes fewer workers to make EVs.

Never mind all that. 

The Thing is “preparing to roll out the toughest ever” so-called “emissions” standards. By which is meant he is preparing to use the regulatory apparat’s arbitrary power to effectively require two-thirds of all new vehicles be electric vehicles by 2032 – which is much less than eight years from now (car manufacturers have to plan ahead as it takes years to design, prototype, test and tool up production for a new vehicle). 

The “emissions” the Thing refers to being of carbon dioxide, cleverly called “emissions” in order to get the people who hear that word to think it is pollution that’s being talked about. In order, of course, to get them to agree that it’s a good thing to use the power of the regulatory apparat to get those “emitting” non-EVs out of circulation as quickly as possible.

Never mind that the “emissions “ being talked about pollute absolutely nothing. That is a fact, no matter how some may feel about it. 

Carbon dioxide is indeed a gas – one that plants “breath” – absent which we would not be able to. It is a necessary gas, in other words. To characterize it as either an “emission” or a “pollutant” is as dishonest and disreputable as  characterizing government “asking” you to do something as being a voluntary request that you are free to refuse without repercussions.

Never mind that, too. 

What matters – what trumps political considerations – is getting people out of their cars. This point cannot be belabored often enough. Because understanding it is the only way to comprehend the otherwise inexplicable pushing of these devices that are as popular as the mRNA drugs that were pushed on people. It is impossible to run a totalitarian society in which people are free to move about independently, especially by privately owned and privately controlled car. The totalitarians understand this.

Once you do, you will understand why they are pushing EVs so aggressively, even though it is costing them, politically.

Biden and his things are Hell-bent on forcing these devices into mass production, even, if almost no one wants to buy them. As a Bloomberg news piece about this business notes, EVs constituted fewer than 10 percent of all new vehicle sales last year – and last year was a high water mark for EV sales. Very much of a piece with the high water mark of “vaccine” (sic) uptake that was reached in early 2021 – before the truth about the mRNA drugs began to spread.

Just as most people who took those drugs assumed they were being vaccinated, most people had no experience with EVs and so assumed what they read and heard about them – as purveyed by the bought-and-owned press was truthful. Once again, the parallel with the drugs-that-weren’t-vaccines, marketed to people by the “mainstream” media that’s owned by the pushers of those drugs via advertising dollars.

Quick! Quiet!

So much more advanced than those “emitting” and “polluting” clunkers with engines that burn gasoline and diesel. Then they found out about how EVs slow down your life; all that waiting for a charge. How they don’t work very well when it’s cold. And so on.

Cue the “hesitancy” as it has been styled. As if desiring to avoid something on the basis of rational considerations is a kind of small-minded timorousness.

But – as Solzhenitsyn put it – they know we know and we know they know. It doesn’t matter to them. They will continue this push – and harder and faster. It does not matter that almost no one wants to buy what they are pushing. Indeed, that is just the point. The Thing – rather, the things behind the Thing – want people to not own cars and to stop driving them.

It is the ideology driving what would otherwise be politically suicidal. 

This begs some alarming questions, chief of which is how can these things imagine they are no longer restrained by political considerations? Don’t they know there is a big election coming up?

And the answer is even more alarming. 

They feel they no longer have to care about such considerations. 

Why might that be?

It probably has to do with the fact that elections are now so opaque as to be fixable within the boundaries of plausible deniability. They did it once. They will do it again. Why wouldn’t they – having gotten away with doing it once already? What are people who oppose the Thing – and the things behind him – going to do about it if the Thing “wins” again? To ask questions about such things has already been framed as a threat to our democracy – and you’d better believe the things take that seriously. 

And so should we – who are a “threat” to their “democracy.”  

. . .

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  1. Hi Eric,

    The new EPA guidelines are actually a relaxation compared to the previous draft, if I understand it correctly. The overall strategy is the same of course. ICEs by 2023 vary from 17% to 29%.

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) — The Biden administration on Wednesday slashed its target for U.S. electric-vehicle adoption from 67% by 2032 to as little as 35% after industry and autoworker backlash in the political battleground state of Michigan.”

    Scenario table on p.47:

    • Knowing the O’Biden administration, they are only relaxing the demands because they got caught. They will wait until the dust settles and stupid Americans go back to sleep. One that happens, they will go back to implementing their strategies to getting rid of ICE vehicles completely, not just having EV’s at 67%. The O’Biden folks just turned the heat up on the frogs too fast, and the frogs woke up, is all.

  2. There was recently a big spill of methylene chloride in the Kalamazoo river in Michigan, from PFIZER. It happened once before 5 years ago, and Pfizer has done all sorts of other things over the past 10+ years that would have gotten any ordinary American ARRESTED for “Committing Environmental Crimes”……Will the Biden Thing & the EPA go after Pfizer for THIS? Will establishment media even COVER this? I doubt it, though the regime will go after automobile manufacturers for building new gas vehicles that people actually WANT to buy instead of EVs that increasingly FEW people want to buy…..

  3. A hilarious quip by Doug Casey, in an article at Lew Rockwell’s site today about the demise of EeeVee Fever:

    ‘Today’s car companies are run by bean-counting accountants and, increasingly, by the ESG designates who control their boards. A lot of women (GM is run by Mary Barra, and six of its 13 directors are women) are involved in the big car companies today.

    ‘Nothing against women, but the fact is that women have never been more than a tiny part of car culture, mainly in Beach Boys songs.’


    ‘I wish they all could be
    California girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllls

  4. Here’s a howler from page 996 of the EPA’s new rule (linked below):

    ‘Batteries installed in light-duty program vehicles must meet a Minimum Performance Requirement such that measured usable battery energy is at least 80 percent of the vehicle’s
    certified usable battery energy after 5 years or 62,000 miles, and at least 70 percent of certified usable battery energy at 8 years or 100,000 miles.’

    Losing 30 percent of battery capacity at 8 years or 100,000 miles is acceptable and compliant?

    F*** that noise. Ain’t buyin’ no 100,000-mile throwaway vehicle. My ICE Toyotas can go 300,000 miles without losing any capacity.

  5. AND the other shoe drops, in a coordinated release from Dept of Energy airhead Jenny Granholm.

    Here is what happens to the notorious (1.0/0.15) fuel content factor, which currently multiplies MPGe by 6.67 to produce absurd values such as 430 MPGe for CAFE calculation purposes:

    DOE will reduce the impact of the fuel content factor by increasing the denominator of the factor by four equal increments of 0.2125 over MYs 2027 through 2030. The annual increase in the fuel content factor denominator value will decrease the factor’s value until it is phased out in MY 2030. The fuel content factor for MYs 2026 to 2030 is represented in Table 6.

    2026 …. 1/0.15
    2027 …. 1/0.3625
    2028 …. 1/0.575
    2029 …. 1/0.7875
    2030 …. 1

    See pages 44-45:

    Basically, the currently exaggerated value of EeeVees as compliance vehicles is headed down — WAY DOWN. Auto makers are supposed to make up for this by producing more hybrids instead.

    Will this communist 5-year plan work? I doubt it. Auto makers are headed for BIG TROUBLE with CAFE fines, is my first-glance reaction to this sweeping regulatory ukase. And of course, since businesses pass on costs to buyers, the price of new cars is headed drastically higher.

    As your friendly local real estate agent is wont to say, ‘Buy now, before prices go up!’ 🙂

  6. EPA Red Guard Michael Regan announces his noxious new rules, intended to force 56% of auto sales into EeeVees by 2032:

    ‘The EPA stressed the rule is “technology neutral,” and that manufacturers have the option of reducing emissions by deploying a mix of emissions control technologies such as hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and cleaner gasoline vehicles alongside EVs.

    ‘One senior administration official suggested the final rule could involve as much as 13% of new vehicle production allocated to plug-in electric hybrids, which allows the agency to reach the same calculated emissions reduction goal by 2032 and strongest-ever standard even with fewer battery EVs on the road.

    ‘Specifically, the EPA’s new rule for light-duty vehicles maintains the proposal’s requirement for manufacturers to cut their passenger car fleets’ average emissions of carbon dioxide from 152 grams per mile in model year 2026 to 73 g/mile of CO2 by 2032. But under the looser timeline, average fleetwide CO2 emission standards for cars will be capped at 139 g/mile in 2027, 125 g/mile in 2028, 112 g/mile in 2029, 99 g/mile in 2030 and 86 g/mile in 2031.

    ‘When factoring in light trucks along with passenger cars, the standards project an industry-wide average target for the light-duty fleet of 85 g/mile of CO2 in 2032, representing a nearly 50% cut in emissions from 2026.

    ‘For medium-duty vehicles that encompass full-size pickup trucks, smaller utility trucks and cargo vans, the rule would slash emissions by 44% from 2026 levels to 274 g/mile of CO2 by 2032.’

    This outrage will not stand.

  7. Can you imagine, Eric, if this woman had been an illegal alien? The media would have been all over this, crying about how her civil rights were violated, how the arresting officer was racist, blah blah blah….

  8. In the vein of quotes. Read carefully what he is saying.

    And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.

    Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

  9. “But – as Solzhenitsyn put it – they know we know and we know they know. It doesn’t matter to them. They will continue this push – and harder and faster. It does not matter that almost no one wants to buy what they are pushing. Indeed, that is just the point.”

    The reference to Solzhenitsyn is apt, because it cannot be emphasized enough how fundamentally Soviet these people are. They are Soviet because they control the means of production.

    Not directly, of course. We have what amounts to a left-wing corporatism as opposed to a right-wing, fascist corporatism. And that’s how they’re able to continually sucker the American rubes, who think we live under a system of “capitalism” and “free enterprise.”

    Hogwash. if you want a car, you will buy what they ALLOW manufacturers to produce.

    Sure, we do not have a federal “Bureau of Automobile Manufacturing” in which the state directly owns the means of production. But who can deny that General Motors not completely controlled by the state in all but name? They only build and sell what the government allows them to. How is that functionally different than the state allowing only Trabants to be manufactured and sold?

    Biden is doubling down on EVs the same way the Soviets would double down on Five Year Plans — which ALWAYS exceeded quotas, comrades…

    • Some bullet points to consider concerning climate change:

      Climate Change is the rebranding of Global Warming, when the GW dire predictions failed to materialize, the political climate hoax was rebranded into a meaningless phrase

      Earth is in a ice age epoch, nothing we are doing is changing that. Minor changes in the concentration of a trace gas have no effect. Water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas accounting for 96% of the effect. Current changes in CO2 have a very minor effect (0.117%), see the calculationsl. Water vapor, of course, just stays the same.

      The last glaciation ended 20,000 years ago, the melting was not caused by man, ocean levels went up 120 meters. Temperatures peaked 8,000 years ago and have been falling since. Temperatures in the Minoan warming, and Roman warming (increases in the post peak downtrend) were warmer than today. Just 2,000 years ago most people ran around naked.

      Nothing man is doing right now can stop ice age inception. It takes 10,000 years typically for the earth to cool and start re-glaciation. So no cause for an alarm. In 100 years temps will probably be exactly what they are now. The changes in temperatures may appear dramatic on a long term geological chart, but in human time spans changes are very gradual, unless you happen to be growing grapes in Iceland.

      Climate change is a political hoax to outlaw ICE cars, etc. The science to support it is junk science, bought and paid for by your tax dollars. Government corrupted science with grant handouts, those that proved warming got the money. The naysayers were ignored and marginalized and starved financially.

      Real environmental issues are ignored while fighting the mythical beast of Climate change. Industrial pollution, loss of wildlife habitat, water quality, deforestation, overpopulation are ignored while Wall Street trades the carbon credit largesse. War causes massive environmental damage and is completely ingnored.

      Of all the real problems we have that threaten us with extinction, climate change (CC) is not one of them. But the point of CC is to fool you while real problems are ignored. For instance Ai is a real threat, as is transhumanism. By 2100 it is predicted organic humans will be only a small percentage.

      Russia is warning us of nuclear war. Putin says repeatedly the NATO troops in Ukraine could be a nuclear war trigger. Post nuclear war you will be unconcerned about anything besides survival.

      • Fwiw… I’ve been working deeply with rebadged AI for more than a decade now … The threat proposed by the regime is absolute nonsense. It’s an expensive means of old skool data mining with a trickster frontend to fool the sheep into thinking “it’ is alive.

  10. What matters – what trumps political considerations – is getting people out of their cars.

    Yes, that, and bankrupting the auto industry as a bonus.

  11. ‘The administration also is setting a new petroleum equivalency factor — a formula for calculating the effective fuel economy of electric vehicles.’ — Bloomberg

    In response to petitions from Natural Resources Defense Council and Sierra Club, here is what DOE proposed last year (Apr 11, 2023):

    ‘Applying the current PEF (Petroleum Equivalency Factor) value [of 1.0/0.15 = 6.67] and equation to EVs results in miles per gallon equivalent ratings significantly higher than a similar ICE vehicle.

    ‘For example, applying the [6.67] PEF to the current EV version of the Kia Niro results in a rating of 394.3 miles per gallon equivalent. The Hyundai Kona, a very similar ICE vehicle, is rated at 41.2 miles per gallon.

    ‘This approach demonstrates how the current PEF value leads to overvaluation of EVs in determining fleetwide CAFE compliance, which allows manufacturers to maintain less efficient [sic] ICE vehicles in their fleet by utilizing a few EV models to comply with the CAFE standards.

    ‘For the foregoing reasons, DOE proposes to remove this factor from the PEF determination.’

    If Bloomberg is correct, DOE has caved to pressure from auto makers who need absurdly jacked 400 MPGe values for their EeeVee ‘compliance vehicles’ to avoid CAFE fines.

    This is a very big deal for auto makers, who have almost no short-term (2-3 years) flexibility in adjusting their fleet mix.

    The PEF is yet another ridiculous, arbitrary subsidy for EeeVees. Evidently, we’re stuck with it under ‘Biden’ and his Red Guards ‘Granholm’ and ‘Regan’. EeeVee Mary and Jim ‘Lightning’ Farley wait with bated breath to see how well their lobbyists did.

    • Just for laughs, about halfway down in the above DOE link, they estimate that solar and wind will constitute 31.2% of electricity generation in 2029 — more than double their 14.1% share in 2023.

      Translation: ‘lights out’ by 2029.

  12. I’m pretty sure they’re going to fraudulently install Biden again. Why wouldn’t they? They had zero repercussions last time and it was obvious to the stupid point. In particular, Orange Man Bad plans on changing exact this issue — the EV bullshit trip. They can’t have that and they won’t! Trump won’t be allowed to win, no matter how much fraud they have to commit or have obvious it is. “Do something about it!” is the implied message which gets more humiliating the more they get away with it right in our faces.

  13. We really ought to be focusing on the words of Solzhenitsyn. There will be a brief window as the garbage Elite try to pull the ‘Order out of chaos’ rabbit from their asses. At that point, there is essentially nothing left to lose. Think global, act local. May we be worthy of the gift of liberty we’ve all been given. And, may we learn the lesson of the Gulag archipelago before the enforcers show up at our doors.

  14. Government meet fraud. Fraud meet government. EVERYTHING corpgov does is fraud.

    Trump just found guilty for valuing his assets too high. To appeal the judgement he has to put up 500 million that they know he can’t.

    How many reading this comment has spiked the price of a car they’re trying to sell,,, or upped the asking price of a house? According to NYC you are a fraudster and your assets can be stolen. A home an acquaintance is trying to sell for $325,000. Its a Jim Walters home!

    Corpgov is the very definition of fraud. Climate Change…. Fraud! CO2 bad…. Fraud! Nitrogen oxides bad…. Fraud! EVs are clean…. Fraud! (emit 10x the pollution) Ukraine/Israel good…. Fraud! (laundromats for Corpgov) Russia bad…. fraud!

    Like “Old Yeller” Eventually someone is going to put down this rabid nation and it won’t be fun.

  15. Even though the lesser of two evils is still evil I guess I will have to hold my nose and vote for Orange Man. As much as he wasted his first term going along with the swamp creatures maybe he learned his lesson and will get it right this time. Actually doubt it but since the PTB are going all in to keep that senile idiot in the White House it’s the only shot we’ve got.

  16. It’s so much worse than portrayed here, Eric.

    (((They))) “calculate” that the Goyim will not fight back from the blatant violations of constitutional laws, electoral and common law.

    Days of hardship and rope are coming…are y’all prepared???

    Never forget, You are the carbon that (((they))) want to recycle….

    Good luck!!! We’ll need it!!!!

  17. Here is the most important aspect of this pending regulation:

    ‘The administration also is setting a new petroleum equivalency factor — a formula for calculating the effective fuel economy of electric vehicles. The Energy Department had proposed slashing the equivalent fuel economy rating of a battery electric vehicle some 72%. Automakers said that would unfairly expose them to hefty fines for failing to hit US fuel-economy targets.

    ‘The coming petroleum equivalency factor will give carmakers assurance federal tailpipe rules will be aligned and validate the requirements are achievable without amassing large fines, said people familiar with the rulemaking.’ — Bloomberg

    Currently, an arbitrary divisor of 0.15 — dating back to the Clinton administration — is applied to EeeVees in calculating fleet CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy). This can jack adjusted EeeVee mileage to absurd values such as 430 MPGe. A Jan 16th WSJ editorial called it ‘The Electric Vehicle Cheating Scandal’:

    Evidently, according to Bloomberg, the 0.15 divisor is going to be adjusted to a new ARBITRARY value, giving less weight to EeeVees as ‘compliance vehicles.’ Any such adjustment creates fresh fleet compliance problems and increases the pressure to phase out ICE vehicles.

    F*** Joe Biden with a sharp stick.

  18. So in order to get by in the land of the free & home of the brave, you have to either be a wealthy bolshevik, a member of the bureaucracy, or an illegal alien. Did I miss any preferred group?

    Probably easier to say who isn’t in –citizen, white, (formerly) middle class, taxpayer, law abiding, and a reader of this forum.

    • White, formerly middle class “men” who read this forum… White women of all economic status as of now, are a protected victim class. Only they rank slightly below women of color on the victim hiearchy.

      Stop white nighting for white women, white, college degreed women are the reason western civilization is off the rails. Enabled by weak men. But, make no mistake the drivers of the woke, leftist madness are white women.
      They hold the megaphone and have since the late 60’s.

  19. Hertz went full retard and bought in to the EV tar baby, butt for the market reality of customers not wanting these devices to rent on a short-term basis was an obvious flaw of this scheme, was full apparent to even the simplest of Simple Jacks. Their Harvard educated idiot just got the heave hoe. Unfortunately for Hertz, this lesson was not learned and just hired another California environmental idiot to replace him. At least a diversity hire would explain this stupidity.

    The Marxists are going to steal the election the hard way…by getting rid of Bite-me via a false flag Maga patsy to replace Brandon with Gavin Nuisance. Then outlaw their political rivals and gulag the rest of us.

    We are about to live through interesting times.

  20. If you believe humans are causing the Earth’s atmosphere to absorb too much heat from Sol and this will lead to a runaway feedback loop, then there is no price too high to pay. If you believe that hundreds of millions of cars (ie: people) are all contributing in a small way to the sum of the issue, then the answer is obvious, eliminate enough automobiles to reach stasis.

    There are two extreme ways to become a millionaire: one person gives you a million dollars. The other is a million people give you a buck (or a hundred million give you a penny). Every other method falls along a line between the two extremes. Why they might give you money isn’t relevant. I’m sure there are exit ramp bums making bank on their sob story.

    The elites have made it clear that they’re not willing to surrender their millions of CO2 molecules to save Mother Nature. What good would it do anyway? It’s up to the millions of others to give up a portion of theirs. Because getting someone to give up a million of anything is a hard sell. But getting 333 million people to give up something that on the surface seems like a small price to pay (time in exchange for transportation) looks like an easier proposition. What they seem to forget is that time is the one commodity we can’t store, accumulate or even quantify as far as our own remaining reserve. They have their jets and high speed motorcades to swiftly shuttle them around, maximizing their time. They have their Adderall to keep them perky all hours of the day so they don’t “waste” time sleeping or resting.

    We probably don’t need psychotropic drugs and private air transport to make the best use of our time, but we do need our gasoline powered vehicles. You take those away and it’s like removing our morning coffee. Yes, we’ll probably still function, but not as well as we do today. And if our productivity takes a hit, well maybe we don’t need to upgrade that computer or phone this year. Maybe we won’t bother with earning as much commission next month. And maybe we won’t volunteer for overtime or pick up that extra job.

    Because we no longer have the time to do it.

    And just like those millions of pennies that trickle up to the elites, those extra jobs not done won’t. Maybe we don’t pay as much income tax, or we don’t put aside as much in our 401(k). And maybe when enough of us don’t consume like we used to… well, maybe we don’t need as many elites either. Fortunes have been lost over much less.

    • Hi RK,

      These sociopaths want to take away our coffee too, once again using the excuse of “cliiiiiiiiimate change”. Speaking of cliiiiiiiiimate change, Martin Armstrong has a post up that the WEF now has a new climate change darling…..Xiye Bastida. Either Greta Thunberg outlived her usefulness to the WEF, or the WEF was trying to virtue signal to the demented WOKE crowd……

      • America’s most productive time was when ~30% of the population smoked. Asian countries are highly productive and many Asians smoke heavily. We took away smoking in the United States, and we can’t even get an oil drum to land upright on the moon.

        • LOL. We died earlier too, but we led more productive, fulfilling lives. There wasn’t as much junk in the food supply then, either. Good point though.

          I also believe that the dangers of asbestos and leaded gas were way overstated. I could see that if you are working around brake dust, it might be a slight danger, but who is to say that current brake pads aren’t just as bad.

          One of the things asbestos is still used for is water filtration. It is possible that that this psychopathic government wants to hurt water filtration and treatment to further poison us all.

          I have grown into a hard, cynical person who questions every single milestone that the environmental movement has had it’s hand in.

          It would be better if these types didn’t exist.

        • I do recall the America where Marlboro man advertising and Joe Camel advertising were common and widespread was a vastly better place than the place we are now where the wares being sold are Pfizer’s various poisons and Dewey Screwem and Howe offering to rob your neighbors for you.

        • Half a decade after tooling around in an ev golf cart, taking an impossible ladder selfie vid and smacking golf balls. . .

        • Are they telling the truth about smoking?

          No smoking allowed….that is more communist then communist China……lots of smoking in China…..

          When you smoke your immune system is stimulated…very high….maybe they don’t want that ….they want slaves immune system low….

          from the comments….

          During the 70’s and 80’s we were bombarded by give up smoking campaigns to the point where adult smokers went from 57% down to 13%. Since then cancer has INCREASED tenfold! What they don’t tell you is that nicotine is a natural anti-bacterial.

          It’s only the chemicals they add that cause cancer, otherwise smoking does NOT cause cancer and has a lot of benefits

          The trend for people constantly burning scented candles and those toxic plug in ‘air fresheners’, they are FAR WORSE for our health, but they’re not banned.

          During the Black Plague, in London England, they observed that the “Tabacconists” never were afflicted with the disease so they mandated the smoking of cigarettes to all school children in the city. Pure tobacco, organic ie. no pesticides , is good for most people. Nicotine is an excellent brain stimulant.

          A report I saw, about 12 months after convid started, said that people who smoked, showed much less illness and deaths than those who didn’t, when it came to convid

          Nicotine when heated produces nicotinic acid (vit b3 niacin) it converts to nad+ in the body, nad+ is essential for every cell in the body to maintain homeostasis.

          Tobacco is used against snake venom bites in outback Australia. Apparantly they are always carry tobacco in their survival packs

          We actually have nicotine receptors in our body and Dr Bryan Ardis in America has given a lot of talks on this subject. He recommends the gum or patches to remove spike proteins from the receptors.

          The tobacco plant is considered a sacred gift by many American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Traditional tobacco has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes by these communities for generations.

          • The trend for people constantly burning scented candles and those toxic plug in ‘air fresheners’, they are FAR WORSE for our health, but they’re not banned…..

            and all the poisonous cleaners the brainwashed slaves spray around on the equipment in gyms, because they have been so freaked out about the germ theory….the bat germ hoax….

            It should be pointed out to them….the germ theory was disproved 100 years ago….but those spray toxic cleaners will make you ill…stupid slaves…..

        • During the post WW2 productive 50’s and 60’s… 60% of the population smoked. Not 30%.

          Coffee and cigarettes are both nootropics “brain boosters.”
          Their effects are multiplied when taken synergistacally.

          I read a great paper years ago but I can’t remember the author to look it up. The title was “caffeine and nicotine are productivity drugs.”

          He makes the point with statistics that during the post WW2 economic and productivity boom, one of the defining factors was the regular intake of caffeine and nicotine.
          He sited the heyday of the NASA Apollo projects as a prime example.
          Remember the pictures and video of the Houston crew during the moon landing.
          They are all almost to a man, holding a cup of coffee with a cigarette in the other hand or hanging out of their mouths.

          Imagine the nuclear meltdown of the leftist freaks who frequent Starbucks and the like, when they take away their $10 lattes… 😂

    • Hi Ready. “And maybe when enough of us don’t consume like we used to… well, maybe we don’t need as many elites either.”

      When you decide buy something part of it is being convinced it is something you really want and need. It does not matter what. A box of factory made mashed potatoes costs much more than home made but then you would had to put a little work into it but get a better end result.

      Whether it is house, a car, computers or what have you, chances are what you own now can last a lot longer than you think. My house is over 75 years old, my vehicles are over 20 years old, the computer I’m commenting with over 10 years old, all appliances are over 20 years old, etc all old. If you buy quality at the start and maintain it at a certain point you will have no debts or payments left (taxes yep). It’s a lot harder then for .gov to coerce or pressure you when you have f*ck you money and preparations ready.

      I remember when I heard the saying “Eat The Rich” but now I think it’s past time for the Clintons to visit Haiti. Just saying.

      • Landru, you raise an interesting point.
        It seems that one safe, legal, and effective way to strike back at the system, so to speak, is to not consume.

      • Also, the less you consume, the less income you have to steal. It is quite possible to grow your wealth while not having much income, if the things you do accumulate are not what everybody else is buying.

        Or to rephrase, buy what everybody is trying to sell, and sell it when everybody is trying to buy it.

    • From the air, the “dominant life form” on many parts of Earth’s surface appears to be some type of large hard shell beetle. These organisms grow quite large, up to several meters in length. Many species exist, with varying composition, shape, and color of the carapace. Some are quite exquisite in appearance.

      It is only upon closer examination that one discovers that the semi-metallic käfer is in fact controlled by a biologic parasite, which controls its every move. Recent observations indicate that some species of käfer appear to be evolving in such a way as to eventually rid themselves of their biologic controllers. So far, they have not been entirely successful, but may become so in the future.

      Naturally, if the beetles evolve to become self-directing, their biological controllers serve no purpose, and are likely to die off in large numbers. This trend has already been observed in the hives which produce the beetles, which formerly required large numbers of biologic “worker” organisms, but no longer do, although the hives are not yet entirely autonomous, and therefore free of biologics.
      Tip of the hat to:
      H. G. Wells
      Robert A. Heinlein

  21. It’s time to go Galt. It’s obvious they hate us so why should we help them? Perhaps the illegals are all doctors, engineers etc, but somehow I doubt that. If their plan is that “we will own nothing and be happy”, let’s see how happy when their “servant” class tell them to “F*ck Off”.

  22. It has become readily apparent that the “things” not only like hurting people, they enjoy it, they absolutely love it. The more pain they can inflict, the happier they are. From poisonous “vaccines” to safety hazard EVs, to economic hardship from unemployment and inflation. The fact that such pain serves no purpose makes them happier yet.

  23. Kind of like hijrah and taqiyya in islam. Migrate and lie until you have the power to take over and then do so in a fell swoop.

    The march through institutions is nearly complete.

  24. A mandated, monopoly allopathic medical system only…. that bankrupts people….it is just one of the many ways to extract more money/tax from tax slaves….mandated EV’s will be another…..

    • The medical industrial complex not only bankrupts people, but tortures them to death if you are unfortunate enough to go to it for “cancer treatment.” I say good riddance to the car industry if it rolls over for “may patience is wearing thin!”

        • Also, many of the ingredients in chemotherapy (mustard gas) were used in weapons in World War 1. No wonder chemo has such a high rate of failure…

      • The over engineered, overly complex, useless tech gadget laden, overpriced crap vehicles they sell now, yes the auto industry can die a slow and painful, death as far as I’m concerned. This from a life long hot rodder, drag racer, and lover of all things cars.

        There is nothing made post 2000 that I would consider buying. I’d love everything about a 2014 Chevy pickup, but I draw the line at drive by wire throttle body control. Ala the Toyota debacle.
        The throttle body on my ‘93 LT1 Corvette works perfectly with a simple freakin throttle cable.

        I am a mechanic by trade, you would not believe the nightmare to diagnose and fix something as theoretically simple as a power lift gate on a 2017 Ford Explorer.
        We had to pay $50 to Ford to access their tech system to initialize the power lift gate control module via “can bus” to get it to communicate with the body module.

        I’m fed up and hanging up my wrenches. I can’t deal with the stupidity and redundant complexities of these vehicles anymore.
        My grandfathers ‘77 Caddy had a power trunk release, no”can bus,” no “control module” b.s. just some wires and a solenoid.

        These morons have completely forgotten the first rule of engineering. Use as few parts as possible to get the job done.

        Now it is exactly the opposite.

        • In the past, used to be able to work on my vehicles, in the event that I could not take it to a mechanic. When I bought my ’07, I could not even change the damned headlight in it! WTF? And it has only gone down hill from there. And of course: They do not want the sheep being independent, and being able to keep a vehicle long past what “they” think is “allowed”. I see that diktat (in the UK?) about making the repair of vehicles that are 15 years and older illegal and wonder how soon such a “rule” will come here?

          • Hi Shadow,

            I believe the EU is pushing that diktat. But I’m pretty sure that the Biden Thing and some state governors here would LOVE to push similar diktats against repairing automobiles more than 15 years old.

        • Indeed, Vinny –

          My buddy Graves – a regular here (under “GTC”) is also a mechanic and he regularly regales me with horror stories about the things he has to deal with…

  25. Horrible, over weight, polluting, defective, useless, lifeless, road destroying, 5000 lb, $60,000 EV’s only soon….thanks to a communist government’s regulations….

    A car market more government controlled…communist…then in communist China…..

    What happened to the free car market of the 1950’s?…slaves were too mobile, having too much fun…so the slave owners had to kill it….

    A mandated, monopoly allopathic medical system only…. that bankrupts people…..soon the $60,000 EV’s only car market mandate, will do the same thing….slaves will walk…agenda 2030 wins…

      • It already has. But it’s generally called inner city crime. I’ve come to view gang bangers with some respect, they actually exercise their second amendment rights mostly as intended. They carry without permission, and have enough organization to avoid a lot of the oppressive government’s enforcers.

        • I feel a little of the same respect/envy for the illegals. They are free, we are not. We play by the rules in order to preserve our way of life, but we are losing. Time to become rule breakers?

          • Time to become rule breakers? Of course, long since. When our servants in government cannot be bothered to obey the laws allegedly intended to limit them, the gave up all legitimacy.


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