What These Drugs They’re Pushing Aren’t

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Plain English. A vaccine has historically – until just recently – always been understood to  confer immunity. To prevent infection and transmission. Hard stop. Period.

This is the basis upon which these drugs – which are not vaccines – were falsely sold to (and forced upon) the public. They were told they would not get the ‘Rona – and could not spread it to others. In other words, they were told they would be immunized.

In other words, the public was lied to. Fact. Hard stop.

The polio vaccine does not “reduce the symptoms” of polio.

If a drug does not confer immunity – if it does not prevent infection/transmission – then it is a palliative at best for that is what defines a palliative. Aspirin being an example. No one in their right mind would style aspirin a “vaccine.”

Yet people were told – lied to – that these drugs are “vaccines” and that they had a social obligation to take them for the sake of other people; i.e., so that they would not transmit their infection to other people.

The fact is these drugs prevent neither the getting nor the spreading and for that reason there is no moral case to be made for pressuring (let alone forcing) anyone to take these drugs for the sake of other people’s “safety.” Period. Because there is no benefit to other people. You are not “protecting” anyone else by taking these  drugs – and may well be hurting yourself.

These drugs are “vaccines” like a a device that doesn’t keep you afloat but smells good is a “life vest.” Anyone who insisted people at sea wear such “life vests” would be regarded – rightly – as an ignoramus criminally reckless and an asshole.

It is imperative that the assholes attempting to redefine what a “vaccine” is not be permitted to get away with it. Else they will get away with it again. They will oleaginously claim that all their drugs are “vaccines.” And they will then push these “vaccines” upon people who haven’t got high cholesterol or elevated blood pressure – on the same basis as they have been pushing these drugs that aren’t vaccines on people who aren’t sick and aren’t likely to become sick or get seriously sick if they do get sick.

The most effective way to prevent that is to stop using their words. Call these drugs what they are. Drugs. Not “vaccines.”

The facts about these drugs must be acknowledged and those who lied to the public in the most disgusting, cretinous manner imaginable be held to account for the mayhem they have caused

This is war. And there will be no prisoners taken when it goes hot.

Pick a side.

. . .

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  1. “The US has suffered nearly 300,000 more deaths than usual in more than two years of the pandemic that cannot be attributed to Covid, with researchers blaming lockdowns and delays to healthcare.”…


    Some of it might be due to The Shot, too. …Who knows?

    “We have heard that a half-million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?”

    Albright responded with chilling equanimity: “I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it.”

    That’s how they roll.

  2. I would never attempt to tell Mr Peters how to do a car review. He knows how to do that. I would never criticize Mr. Peters for advocating against Covid vaccines, because I have for over two years. But I have tried to correct Mr. Peters a few times on his FALSE statement that Covid vaccines are not vaccines. And here he goes, avoiding my correct advice, and writing an entire article with the SAME DISINFORMATION !


    By doing this he is spreading the disinformation way beyond himself. he os promoting the myth that Covid vaccines are not vaccines. That myth makes conservatives and libertarians appear to be foolish in any conversation about Covid vaccines.

    In fat, whether or not the Covid vaccines are really vaccines is irrelevant for a discussion of their safety and effectiveness. One could just call them Covid drugs and then move on to discuss their benefits and flaws.

    But Mr. Peters just can’t help himself by promoting the completely false statement that Covid vaccines are not vaccines. An obvious blind spot. We don’t expect him to be a medical expert but correcting misstatements would be welcome. That myth just makes it hard to take any other comments about Covid vaccines seriously. It reminds me of another common conservative myth: That 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is too small to have any effect on the climate. And an additional conservative myth that there is no greenhouse effect. Both myths embarrass conservatives and libertarians who repeat them. In addition to claiming Covid vaccines are not vaccines and sometimes claiming that SARS2 does not exist.

    I know this will create enemies for me, but in 2023 I decided to correct conservatives who promote myths in an effort to prevent them from correctly being called science deniers. We conservatives are losing the battle with leftists, who seem to prefer fascism and Marxism over democracy and personal freedom. We will never win that propaganda battle by repeating science myths that are easily refuted.

    How do vaccines work?

    Vaccines help your immune system fight infections faster and more effectively. When you get a vaccine, it sparks your immune response, helping your body fight off and remember the germ so it can attack it when the germ invades again.

    In simple English. vaccines cause your body to develop antibodies that will fight future infections, hopefully so effectively there are no symptoms of that infection.

    The Covid vaccines do this — there is no controversy about that fact.

    Those SARS2 antibodies fight infections inside the body. Pfizer only claims a tiny benefit from their vaccines over a two month period. No one has disproved Pfizer yet, so we can’t claim their vaccine has no effect. I don’t trust Pfizer at all. but the vaccine does cause antibodies to develop and it would be very unusual if those antibodies has no effect. Their supposedly small effet is not sufficient to offset the vaccine adverse effects, so the vaccines should never have been used by the public, much less forced upon people.

    The Pfizer vaccine creates antibodies and those antibodies are claimed to make a slight reduction in Covid symptoms. That means they ARE vaccines.

    We also know from history of epidemics that respiratory viruses mutate to evade antibodies. So any effect of a vaccines, even if 100% safe, will be temporary. Covid19 has nutated repeatedly, and finally to Omicron, which is nothing more than a coronavirus common cold. I wrote Omicron in January 2022 and predicted the Covid19 epidemic would be over by Summer 2022, because Omicron had become dominant, and there is no such thing as a common cold epidemic.

    That is exactly what happened. That doesn’t make me a genius of medicine. That is exactly what had happened with every respiratory virus epidemic in history. They all mutated into less deadly variants, and it just happened again with Covid. No thanks to the vaccines, however, because viruses did the same thing in the past with no vaccines. Within a year or two they all mutated into much less deadly variants.

    • Richard,

      Anyone who characterizes a drug that does not confer immunity – that prevents infection and transmission – is “spreading misinformation.” Reducing symptoms has never – until just now – qualified a drug as a “vaccine.” It is precisely why these scumbags had the definition altered. Why else do you suppose they did so? Does this bait-and-switch not trouble you at all?

      And let’s not forget – though you seem to, serially – that these drugs were pushed on people as vaccines. Not as “symptom reducers.” They were told explicitly, without any nuance, that if they took these drugs they could not get and would not spread the dread ‘Rona. Utterly false. How many would have taken these drugs had they been told – correctly, honestly – that they would not be immunized?

      You know as well as I that few if any would have – especially in view of the fact that no one had any idea, at the time, what risks might be associated with taking these drugs.

      PS: In an earlier comment you said I am a “fool” for not taking the “advice” of doctors. Yet you said just now that neither you nor your wife have taken these drugs that are not vaccines, which the very doctors you fellate advised everyone should take.

      Interesting, that.

      • The contortions to get from A. to B. are indeed a sight, “Their supposedly small effet is not sufficient to offset the vaccine adverse effects, so the vaccines should never have been used by the public”

        I don’t know anyone who uses the word, “disinformation”.

        A pattern, a template? I don’t know:

        science deniers
        science myths
        generic words about freedom
        Rappoport is a mental case.
        Calling vaccines a bioweapon is tin hat conspiracy theory nonsense.

      • “Reducing symptoms has never – until just now – qualified a drug as a “vaccine.” ”

        That is EXACTLY what vaccines do when they are effective. They arm the human immune system with specific antibodies that reduce the symptoms of an infection, hopefully so well that the patient has no idea he or she has been infected with the related bacteria or virus. That should be the first sentence, of the first paragraph, of the first page, of the first lesson, for a course called “Vaccines 101”. Denying that fact is beyond stubborn, it is embarrassing! It also brings to question any following statements made about Covid vaccines.

        I give you great credit for publishing my comment critical of your false vaccine claim. Other webmasters would prevent, or delete, such a comment.

        Saying a Covid vaccine is not a vaccine is almost equivalent to saying an electric car is not a car. If you started an auto review claiming an electric car was not a car, people would not take the rest of the auto review seriously.

        Please do yourself a favor and spend a mere ten minutes researching what a vaccine does, if you don’t want to believe me.

        I am trying to do you a favor by correcting disinformation, but your mind appears to be closed.

        Covid vaccines create antibodies in the bloodstream
        They do not prevent infections
        Vaccines never do.
        They create antibodies in the bloodstream that attack infections
        If the antibodies work well, the patient does not even know he has had an infection
        That’s what a healthy immune system does — it fights infections
        And a good vaccine will help the immune system fight infections.

        Your advice was to avoid doctors
        That is really bad advice, in my opinion
        I did not say the patient has to do everything a doctor recommends.

        People can try to be their own lawyer, their own plumber, their own electrician and their own doctor too. Very few people, if any, are qualified to do all those tasks well.

        My primary care doctor recommended the Covid vaccine because I was in a very high risk group for Covid. I explained to him that I had a severe allergic reaction to some vaccine at age 6, and never had another vaccine — it had been 63 years so far. Told him I was not going to break my 63 year streak of no vaccines with the most dangerous vaccine in medical history — that would be insane. … He debated me again six months later, and 6 months after that. I didn’t mind. I was informed with data, and he was Mr. “safe and effective”. … On the other hand, I can’t prescribe needed medications for myself, so I need to have a doctor to do that. That’s the main purpose for me having a doctor and visiting him every six months for a checkup.

        I know you are anti-drug and anti-doctor. That’s bad advice for other people. They can make up their own minds. … You won’t be singing the same tune when you are old, and your body deteriorates. It happens to everyone.

        Avoiding all doctors and all drugs is risky and foolish.
        Even when you think you are healthy.

        Do you not realize how many people have cancer with no symptoms?

        My wife and I are both cancer survivors, thanks to doctors discovering our symptom free diseases.

        Two friends survived stage 4 cancer thanks to doctors.

        My sister in law had a serious hand shaking problem that ended her career as an artist, until she had a new type of brain surgery using sound waves, with no cutting. Cured her hand shaking (inherited) and her lifetime “allergy” to very cold weather, called cold urticaria, which was an unexpected side effect of the brain surgery. She was the star of a medical article about the new sound wave brain surgery.

        A friend who once was the top runway model in Michigan, and ran the annual FashBash in Detroit, was saved by doctors in detox after she became an alcoholic.

        On the other had my next door neighbor just has his fourth foot surgery on the same foot, which means the first three surgeries were failures.

        His prior knee surgery relived his knee pain, and so did mine in the 1980s

        His wife is very happy after two pain relieving hip implants.

        My wife just had cataract surgery, as have many friends, all with better vision as a result.

        A doctor friend had a successful back surgery. Later in life he went for a second back surgery by the same doctor and ended up limping and using a cane for the rest of his life. Could not go up or down stairs.

        Doctors are not perfect.

        But neither are plumbers or car reviewers.

        Doctors and drugs are a large net benefit for society.

        • Richard,

          It is easy to establish the oleaginous absurdity of your position. Has any vaccine prior these not “vaccines” ever been sold as a “symptom reducer”? No. They have been sold as providing immunity. As preventing people from catching and spreading the illness; viz, the polio vaccine. It does not “reduce the symptoms” of polio. It prevents one from getting polio.

          These drugs do not prevent anyone from getting or spreading anything. But they were marketed as precisely that. And you are defending this lie. And also the greasy way people’s common understanding of “vaccine” was used against them.

          You also defend the egregious quackery of the medical apparat – while not taking the “advice” you insist other people are “fools” for not abiding by.

          PS: I need no “favors” from a supercilious hypocrite who defends the indefensible.

          • You are a person who is rude and incapable of learning. Vaccines are sold as relative risk reducers. They do not prevent infections. You chose to keep repeating disinformation for no logical reason. So your advice is to avoid doctors, avoid drugs and you completely misunderstand vaccines. That’s three strikes and you are out.

            • Richard,

              I care more about being correct than perceived as rude.

              Your continuing to screech “disinformation” doesn’t alter the fact that vaccines have always been understood to confer immunity; palliative “reduce symptoms.”

              As fas “three strikes and you are out” – well, I’m right here.

            • Hi Rich,

              “Vaccines are sold as relative risk reducers. They do not prevent infections.”

              You said “sold”. What did the average American pay for the “free” ‘vaccine’?

              It sounds like you meant “advertised to be a relative risk reducer”. No, that’s not how they advertised it.

  3. According to Der Fauci et al, I should not use Ivermectin, as it is prescribed for veterinary purposes…..So Then Why The Hell Should I Take Any Drug From A Company Whose CEO Is A Veterinarian—–

    • Total BS

      Covid itself might have been a bioweapon but we’ll never know that.

      The vaccines are not safe and not effctive
      Calling vaccines a bioweapon is tin hat conspiracy theory nonsense.
      They were rushed to market in 9 months, versus the usual 10 years with a 98% failure rate, thanks to funding by Trump, and they were a medical disaster for that reason.

      They were not created as a weapon and that fact is obvious because insiders at Pfizer and in the government took vaccines — if they were known to be a weapon those people would never have been vaccinated. Now you can claim they all got fake vaccines — some conservatives repeat conspiracy theories almost as if they do not want to be taken seriously.

      • Richard,

        Evidence is accruing that these drugs – which aren’t vaccines – wreck the immune system. It is why the “vaccinated” keep getting sick (and sicker) while those of us who didn’t take the drugs are not. You have no idea whether any of the “insiders” took these drugs. You assume they did.

        • Biden took his shot in public as did Trump. The insiders promoted their product and had no reason to think the vaccine would kill them. There is no evidence insiders avoided Covid vaccines. So the claim is mere speculation.

          The effect on the immune system is mainly, it seems, from multiple Covid injections rather than one initial shot or two initial shots (for the two shot mRNA regime).

          The harm to immune systems is a long term adverse side effect. In fact that was a very common side effect in all mRNA experimental vaccines when tested with animals. The animals survived the initial mRNA shots, developed antibodies, but in the long run became much more susceptible to the disease and would die from it. That potential problem was evades with the Covid mRNA monkeys –tested for a mere 2 months. Not long enough for long term adverse side effects to be discovered.

          “However, the immune response to the vaccine is very different from that to a SARS-CoV-2 infection. In this paper, we present evidence that vaccination induces a profound impairment in type I interferon signaling, which has diverse adverse consequences to human health.”
          SOURCE OF QUOTE:

          My guess is that the spike proteins created by the injections last a lot longer than was expected, end up in organs that were not planned locations. The antibodies appeared to be nearly worthless after six months, or even faster as the Covid virus mutates.

          The vaccines, like all vaccines, do not prevent infection. They were intended to reduce infection symptoms, and Pfizer claimed a 1% absolute risk reduction in two months of testing. That’s not much of a vaccine, but it is a vaccine.

          The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 — infects the nasal cavity to a great degree by replicating specific cell types, and infects and replicates progressively less well in cells lower down the respiratory tract, including in the lungs.

          You are most infectious (or contagious) in the first 5 days after your symptoms start. You can also spread COVID-19 in the 48 hours before your symptoms start.

          When you are infected with a virus or bacteria, your immune system makes antibodies specifically to fight it. Your immune system can also safely learn to make antibodies through vaccination. Once you have antibodies to a particular disease, they provide some protection from that disease. Even if you do get sick, having antibodies can protect you from getting severely ill because your body has some experience in fighting that disease. How long this protection lasts can be different for each disease, each person, or influenced by other factors. Antibodies are just one part of your immune response.

          The Covid virus first affects the sinuses and then the rest of the respiratory system. The Covid antibodies are in the blood stream. Antibodies in the bloodstream can not prevent an infection in the respiratory tract.

          • Richard,

            Biden took a shot. You have no way of knowing what was in it. Once again, you seem willing to trust these known liars and frauds. Only a fool does that.

            You write:

            “There is no evidence insiders avoided Covid vaccines.”

            Except Pfizer CEO Bourla…

          • Richard writes – in response to my observation that these drugs – which aren’t vaccines – appear to be causing the collapse of the victims’ immune systems:

            “The effect on the immune system is mainly, it seems, from multiple Covid injections rather than one initial shot or two initial shots (for the two shot mRNA regime).”

            So that makes it ok?

          • Hey Richard Greene…you can have my “jab” as well…
            As to Trump and Biden taking the “jab”, it was probably saline.
            It is no secret that congresscritters were given hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin therapies while us “unwashed masses” were told that they were off-limits to us.
            Here is a question for you…
            Why has congress exempted itself and the rest of the federal government (except military) from requirements to take the “jab”??
            Answer THAT…

      • Yeah…Prof Francis Boyle claimed at the beginning of all this that the mRNA shots would be dangerous. He believes that Covid came from a lab leak.

        • Hi Chief,

          Many galling things about this whole business – among them that people were pressured viciously to experiment – with themselves. No one could have known, beforehand, the nature and extent of the risks involved absent long-term/control group studies but were instead expected to just trust pharma cartels and government with established track records of untrustworthiness. This would have been bad enough absent pressure – absent coercion. No one is forced to buy a timeshare. But when you add threats of job loss, social-economic exclusion, etc., it becomes something despicable almost beyond description.

          Meanwhile, those who practiced due diligence were excoriated. An outrage.

    • We have Bidet and Kamala — UK has King Charles — together they are the Three Stooges. Al “the climate blimp” Gore, and John “why the long face?” Kerry, are in the running for Shemp.

  4. Alex Berenson just recently posted this a few days ago:


    Anyone that has read the EPAutos site over the last three years shouldn’t be surprised. We have talked about this since Day 1.

    Remember Dr. Sean Brooks that went in front of the Ohio school board back in August 2021 stating that three shots would completely erode the body’s natural immune system. I believe he stated the first shot lessens the immune system by 15%, the second by 35%, and the third, no immune system is left. The guy was vilified and dragged through mud. Looks like he may have been right.

    • I read in the comments on a Steve Kirsch Substack where some people think all the increases in deaths are totally due to people being overweight.

      From your link:

      “The Chinese report comes as Covid deaths are rising again in several highly mRNA vaccinated countries, including Australia, Denmark, and Japan – where they have now reached an all-time high, the population-adjusted equivalent of about 9,000 weekly deaths in the United States.”

      The phrase, ‘fat people’ & the word, ‘Japan’ do not, on the whole, go together.

      • I don’t know why Lew Rockwell links to these limited hangout folks like Kirsch and Eugyptius or whatever, sometimes behind a paywall, no less. It’s cognitive dissonance to not believe in the “one virus” a la Jon R. and parse every fake ass statistic about it like Kirsch, et al. Kirsch is a Johnny-come lately and probably a spook. I swear even alt-sites like this cognitive dissonance, promote it, and never want the scam to end because it’s good for business.

          • Great Kinks song circa 1980s but not applicable here. Living the lie is the enemy of the good. Kirsch does that. Choose wisely.

                • greene is a ccp shill…..

                  It’s important to recall that the United States and over 100 countries initiated lockdowns exclusively because of the “data” that was being transmitted out of Wuhan.

                  It was faulty, unchallenged Chinese data, repeated by authoritative figures like Fauci (all fauci does is repeat ccp lies, he will make billions of dollars), and his colleagues, that convinced the world to undergo lockdowns and embrace early, aggressive ventilation of patients, among other botched, unscientific treatment and mitigation measures.

                  zhang yongzhen was the chinese scientist that released the genome data for the so called sars cov 2 virus, this data was used all over the world to put in place masking, lockdowns, destruction of small business and now forced extermination injections.

                  The problem was he used fabricated manipulated data, scientific fraud to fabricate the sars cov 2 virus genome, he used their megahit software program. no controlled experiments were ever done.

                  Around the world virologists used 49 different software programs and could never duplicate his results. nobody seems to care………..

                  china runs the WHO. The WHO wants to force inject everyone. everyone except china.

                  Great Reset” Schwab’s son is married to a Chinese woman. The Schwabs are China lovers. The “build back better” part of the great reset agenda intends to turn the west in to China, China light or even worse.

                  the Chinese had a few faked lockdowns in three provinces over a very short period of time, they did not lockdown and destroy their economy, their gdp rose 3%, they invented the lockdown, which they recommended to their competitors.

                  ATTENTION: they showed people falling over in the street, play acting, to sell the lie.

                  then they were partying and mingling like nothing happened.

                  meanwhile in other countries there was social distancing, masking and lockdowns, poisonous mrna injections (never used in china) and soon forced injections, millions died from this, businesses were destroyed the whole economy destroyed and buried in debt,

                  the united states china’s biggest rival has a very negative outcome from this situation.

                  as they put in place their great reset, the billionaires behind it got 2 trillion dollars richer and all the politicians and their helpers were well paid with bribes, as the people on the bottom got wiped out. china ends up way ahead after the reset.

                  china supplies all the materials used to make drugs and vaccines (the quality of the stuff they are injecting is horrible, bringacoffin) for all the world so china will make huge profits from the hoax. the ccp and military own a lot of shares in pfizer

                  fauci personally has over 2300 patents on drugs and vaccines and millions of shares in big pharma companies, he runs big pharma, he is big pharma’s head witch. big pharma controls everything now, the government, media, the official narritive. fauci will make billions of $ off this medical tyranny.

                  armies of Chinese bot accounts on Twitter were instrumental in promoting early lockdowns in countries like Italy while bombarding political figures who refused to order strict lockdowns, such as South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, with criticism and abuse.
                  part of the cv19 hoax nwo/reset is installing a ccp model communist/facist/wef government worldwide, another win for ccp/china.

                  This chinese professor says china defeated the U.S. with biological warfare.

    • Mice and humans are not the same.
      The Covid vaccines were actually tested on monkeys
      But only or a few months, which is far from enough time
      Two months is only enough to see if antibodies developed
      They did.
      But not long enough testing to observe all adverse side effects and how long the antibodies would be effective.

      Long testing periods were especially important for mRNA technology because they had been notorious animal killers in past failed mRNA vaccine experiments. It seemed that the animals became much more vulnerable to natural (“in the wild”) infections in the long run — their immune systems had significant deterioration, and they were much more likely to die from the specific infection in the long run.

      All mRNA experiments pre-Covid were failures except for one. That one successful mRNA vaccine was useful for a very rare disease where the prognosis had always been death. There were something like 14 of 15 mRNA vaccines that were failures (I can’t remember the exact number pre-Covid) … so we have one more mRNA failure with the Covid vaccine.

      • Richard,

        People like you who continue to refer to these drugs that do not immunize against anything as “vaccines” are helping not only perpetuate a fraud but also helping to enable a broader one. If these drugs are “vaccines” then so are drugs that “reduce the severity of symptoms” for . . . you name it. Hypertension drugs, for instance. They do not prevent hypertension; they palliate its symptoms. Watch these scumbag pharma companies and their army of bought-and-paid for doctors begin pushing for “vaccination” against hypertension… and you name it.

        And that is why it is so important to call these quacks – and worse – on their use of “vaccine” to describe drugs that do not immunize; that prevent neither infection nor transmission. If the “revised” definition of “vaccine” is allowed to pass into common/accepted usage, then every drug that “reduces symptoms” becomes a “vaccine” – and vaccines can be and have been mandated, as for kids. Do you not understand that these vile pharma cartels want to redefine “vaccine” so that they can push more drugs on us?

        Wake up.

        • I am awake and you are asleep
          No vaccines prevent infections
          They create antibodies to help your body fight infections
          Hopefully, fighting the infections so weel you will never even realize you had been infected. You can state your own alt-medicine 100 times and it will be 100% wrong 100 times. With no effort on your part to spend even ten minutes researching vaccines online. I guess it’s more fun to argue with me?

          • Richard writes:

            “I am awake and you are asleep.”

            From the man who takes “advice” from quacks who push “masks” and drugs that aren’t vaccines! Who admits he wore the god-damned “mask.” And probably still does.

            You oilily state that these drugs prompt an “immune response.” Oilily, because that is not the same as immunity. Do you understand this critical distinction? If you did, you would acknowledge the disgusting shifting of definitions and the deliberate misleading of the populace. Instead, you defend those who did.

            • these vaccines are great….lol….


              The bureaucrats behind this killer vaccine KNOW what happened in previous animal testing with mrna vaccines. When animals were vaccinated against the virus and then exposed to it after vaccination against it, ALL OF THEM WENT INTO A CYTOKINE STORM. This is when the immune system attacks itself destroying every organ in the body. It is a rapid death. IT KILLED EVERY ANIMAL IN THE STUDY. cool, a vaccine with a 100% death rate.

              The only other RNA vaccine ever approved killed the horses it was supposed to save.

              Now you know why they SKIPPED ANIMAL TESTING. They will give everyone this vaccine and then release another virus. skipped animal testing, the useless eaters are lower than animals.

              The DNA-based use reverse-transcriptase (like HIV uses) to change your DNA to incorporate the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein into your own DNA so it can be expressed at semi-random times like the mRNA vaccines do. This is equivalent to planting random time-delayed grenades throughout your entire body.

              the bottom line is that the vaccine is UNSAFE and downright dangerous being an elixir mixed in hell’s real kitchen, and made up of “aborted fetus tissue”, “half mouse half human chimera tissue”, hydrogel: a biosensor which would monitor your body as well as send and receive information to the 5G Smart Grid.

              Autoimmune disorders of all kinds (allergies, psoriasis, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and many more) have exploded as vax mania gripped the world over the past 30 years. It’s not a surprise. Vaccines by their very nature disrupt the immune system.

              all you really need to do is look at the decline in overall health over the past 30 years and it’s pretty obvious that vaccines play a big role. 1/3 of American children have chronic, lifelong health conditions now. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the 72 shots they take.

              what about the vaccine industry’s little-discussed reliance on DNA from species such as birds, dogs, monkeys, cows, pigs, mice and insects in vaccine manufacturing. Noting Béchamp’s belief that “an organism’s microzymas are unique to it, and are not interchangeable with those of another,” Béchamp would disapprove of introducing microzymas “proper to one species. . .into an animal of another species”—which is exactly what vaccines do.

              How. . .foolhardy is it then, when vaccinal microzymas are not only from another species, but are already morbidly evolved and are accompanied by preservatives, formaldehyde, and other chemicals? There is no sanity whatever to this practice.

              we hear that muslims and jewish can’t and shouldn’t get the Vaccine, due to it containing pig ingredients. christians because it contains aborted fetus tissue. now we hear that it will infect or disable your testicles.
              researchers say: To protect fertility, some men may want to consider freezing their sperm prior to vaccination

              And this mRNA shot is pure madness if you care to look. The technology was patented in 1991 and has never been used on humans (so you get to be the first guinee pig, good luck with that, bringacoffin) because every single animal study has shown horrific results. Do not get this shot no matter what they say. It’s very, very bad.

              Vaccines to cure a Hoax virus that nobody can isolate, identify or photograph (yes, not even one virus), (the chinese dug out something from somebody’s lung, it was actually an exosome, these people are nuts they believe in fake science), changes your DNA in unknown ways and people line up for it. They must be crazy.

              mRNA vaccines hijack the body’s cells, invading ribosomes and causing them to churn out non-human proteins which invade the blood. These proteins cause the body to attack itself in a “cytokine storm” of inflammation and autoimmune disorders, resulting in neurological damage, infertility, tissue damage and even death.

              another reason not to trust blindly any company currently producing vaccines in the United States. Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
              “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

              MRNA vaccines intervene directly in the patient’s genetic material and, therefore, they change individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, something that has been banned and so far considered criminal.

              after unprecedented MRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat vaccine symptoms complementarily. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured by simply removing toxins from the human body, just as you can’t cure a person with a genetic defect such as Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, Disease genetic heart, haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc. ), because genetic defect is forever! dead or permanently disabled, gimped.

              the cv19 hoax created a great opportunity to force inject a dna vaccine or insert chips, nano wires, nano particles, 5g is being installed to connect you to the cloud and data mine you. goal: depopulation, steralization, behavior modification, total control and a cull.

              These new vaccines are not vaccines, installing gmo technology, chips, wires, etc. is not a vaccine, but they say it is to avoid liability, vaccine manufacturers can not be sued. if they say it is a vaccine it can be mandated (forced), these new injections are not vaccines but they say they are so they can be forced. if there is insurance involved, you save the insurance company lots of money. this is insurance fraud.

              who is responsible for cv19 hoax? nwo/cabal/ccp/globalists who is in it? the .0001% billionaires and their huge corporations, big tech, big pharma, big oil, big media (all the media), twitter, facebook, google, big banks, etc, china was chosen to lead it.

              Psychopathic members of an occult satanic death cult running the planet, planning your horrible future. religious fanatics ramming their poisonous vaccine down your throat….vaccines/germ theory = religious fanatics, the new covid religion. a satanic cult that believe in eugenics, slavery, transhumanism and fake science.
              pope is part of this cult.


  5. ‘Leo Hohmann’s Special Report: Medical Profession Implements WHO Digital Diagnosis Code for the Unvaxxed’

    “… Code Number Z28.310. This is the code for a very peculiar “diagnosis” since it’s not a diagnosis at all, but an invasion of privacy and likely to be used against many people in the future. This is the code your doctor will log into the computer system that is accessed by government and private health insurers informing them of your Covid vaccine status. […]

    If diagnostics aren’t entered properly, a doctor may not get reimbursed. Now that this new code is officially required by government and private insurance providers, doctors will likely now be “incentivized” to ask about your vax status,”…


    • Hi Helot,

      One more reason – as if more were necessary – to shun the medical apparat and care for oneself. I’m at the Giles Corey stage myself – in that I’d rather “more weight” than deal with any Quack.

      • Very bad medical advice to avoid doctors
        You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading that disinformation
        People are capable of deciding for themselves.
        A person who acts as their own doctor has a fool for a doctor.

        • Richard,

          “Very bad medical advice to avoid doctors.”

          The doctors who – almost in lockstep – not only advocated for but required “masks” any doctor who isn’t a quack knows do not prevent infection or transmission of respiratory diseases? Who refused to treat those who would not play Kabuki – who would not pretend that wearing a piece of cloth over one’s face and “social distancing” served a valid medical purpose – and urged that those who did not “mask” and play Kabuki be treated like presumptive lepers? Who did not stand up and say the “lockdowns” were unjustified and tyrannical?

          The doctors who cravenly and rabidly followed the orders they got from their employers – the corporations who own them – and pushed these drugs that are not vaccines on people, including helpless kids?

          Who ignored their Hippocratic Oath to first do no harm?


          They have lost all credibility – and anyone who trusts someone who has proved they cannot be trusted is the fool.

          The fools listened to these quacks and wore “masks.” The fools allowed themselves to be injected with these drugs. People like me were due diligent enough to avoid these quacks and not take their foolish and reckless advice.

          Show me how I’m wrong.

          • It is impossible to show Eric Peters he is wrong on any subject.
            He is sometimes wrong, but his mind can’t be changed.

            The masks are worthless but hopefully don’t harm medically
            Doctors in Michigan still require masks, or you get no service.
            You can slip them under your chin in the waiting rooms, but not when you are in contact with nurses, aides and patients.

            The vaccines had potential, but appear to have been bad news.


            They cut out a lot of cancer and save many lives
            They save lives, in many other ways, such as heart surgery, pacemakers and transplanting kidneys.
            They improve vision with cataract surgery.
            They improve hearing with cochlear implants.
            They repair broken bones.

            Doctors also recommend masks and Covid vaccines? Of the four doctors/dentist I visit in a year, only one ever mentioned the Covid vaccine.

            Patients have an obligation to learn something online before visiting a doctor
            Blindly accepting 100% of a doctor’s advice makes no sense.
            That does not mean you should never listen to a doctor.
            I’m not going to ask for medical advice from a car tester.

            • Richard writes:

              “It is impossible to show Eric Peters he is wrong on any subject.”

              Non sequitur. An attempt to invalidate an argument by not addressing it.

              Do I expect doctors to be perfect?

              Of course not. I do expect them to live up to their Hippocratic Oath. I expect them to first do no harm. To not be reckless with other people’s lives. I expect them to not be complicit with idiocy – and tyranny.

              A doctor who “masks” is either an idiot – or a coward. Why would anyone listen to such a doctor? Any doctor who pushes unvetted drugs on anyone – but most especially those who do not need them, as for example children – is a craven sociopath who disregards the safety of others for the sake of his job security.

              As far as the rest: Unlike you, I don’t need the advice or services of doctors – because I’m healthy. Which I am to a great extent because I question their “advice.”

              I imagine millions who took the not-“vaccines” wish they had.

              • Eric,

                For those who don’t already know or have forgotten, the CDC quietly changed their definition of VACCINE in 2021. Old definitions of VACCINE on their website referred to a vaccine as something that provided someone immunity to a particular disease. However, their NEW definition of VACCINE makes NO mention of immunity. Very suspicious.

                There were also vaccine experts such as Geert Vanden Bossche who warned that mass vaccination in the midst of a pandemic would result in new variants through immune pressure as well as vaccine resistant variants. However, such experts were ignored and corrupt governments and public health bureaucracies continued their obsession with “Vaccinating the entire human population”. And guess what? Countries with the HIGHEST vaxx rates also tended to be the ones with the HIGHEST rates of infections, indicating that the predictions made by Bossche and others has come true.

                And over in Europe, there were politicians asking a Pfizer executive whether their COVID jab was tested to see if it “Prevented transmission of COVID”, to which the Pfizer executive admitted they never performed such tests, oilily claiming that they were “Moving at the speed of science”.

                And just last week in Davos, journalists who weren’t lickspittles for the WEF asked Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla questions about his company’s COVID jab, and he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer a single one. That’s the first time I’m aware of that someone from any media asked Bourla REAL questions instead of FLUFF questions.

    • I’m proud the wife and I I did npt get a Covid vaccine — that is very rare among people like us over 65 years old.

      I want everyone to know that we were smart,

      Medical records were never private anyway.

      If there is ever an honest review of whether getting Covid vaccines made people healthier, or live longer, the only way to do that is to know whether or not people were vaccinated. If the vaccinations were secret such a study could never be done. Sometimes a lack of privacy can be useful for a nation. Whether this information will be abused is another question.

  6. fauci is a satanist….lol

    This system of Paracelsus is the foundation in which modern allopathic medicine is built.

    Did you know that the “father” of pharmacology was an occultist?
    He was a worshiper of Satan!

    Born as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim in 1493, he called himself Paracelsus. He was well known as a Swiss German physician, botanist, alchemist, astrologer, and general occultist. He founded the field of toxicology better known as pharmacy. For hundreds of years physicians used natural herbs and food for healing.

    Paracelsus defied this notion. From his studies on chemistry and metallurgy with the mix of occultic worship and astrology, he theorized that metals such as mercury, lead, tin, copper, and gold could “purify” the body. He believed that the stars and planets were the main cause of human illness and disease. He believed that ALL diseases should be treated with metals which are poisonous to the body.

    This was a very radical practice during his time. He treated many diseases with mercury better known as quicksilver. Many physicians who bought into Paracelsus method and used quicksilver (mercury), also known as Quack Salber, were known as “quacks”. This was a very rebellious way of treating the body at the time (Jethro Kloss, Back to Eden, 2nd ed., pp. 52, 53). Many died as a result of Paracelsus way of treatment.

    At 50 or 51 years old the story is told that Paracelsus was thrown out the window by other physicians at the time who believed him to be very dangerous in 1541. It is amazing today that Paracelsus is known as the father of modern pharmacy! Where did he get his inspiration? Baphomet, Satan!

    This system of Paracelsus is the foundation in which modern allopathic medicine is built. It has killed and poisoned millions of people. Pharmaceutical drugs never cure disease – they only try to manage it by inhibiting or manipulating a function in the body that is supposed to happen naturally.

    pharmacon = poison, pharmakeia = sorcery, witch craft, witches
    pharmaceutical = drugs made from petrochemicals (oil).

    • TE Covid vaccines are vaccines

      Did you ever read the list of ingredients for Beyond Meat “burgers”:

      Water, pea protein*, expeller-pressed canola oil, refined coconut oil, rice protein, natural flavors, dried yeast, cocoa butter, methylcellulose, and less than 1% of potato starch, salt, potassium chloride, beet juice color, apple extract, pomegranate concentrate, sunflower lecithin, vinegar, lemon juice concentrate, …

      I recommend the Greene Pyramid of Foods
      Wine and beer, in moderation

      Goal: A happy life
      (you’re going to die anyway, so why make yourself miserable along the way with kale salads and tofu?)

      Example of benefits: Father Lweis Greene lived to 98 on a diet of eggs, bacon, steaks and potatoes, and was still living on his own at age 98, and unfortunately still cheerleading about electric vehicles for the last 40 years of his life (he had been electrician). We were the first family in town with an electric lawnmower (okay) and an electric snow blower (a disaster) and a digital camera (a waste of $1000 he couldn’t afford).

  7. The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal.


    So if pilots are failing their medical, just adjust the rules to reflect the The New Normal? There’s a pilot shortage don’t you know. Let’s hope your pilot is using their Apple Watch to detect afib. Interesting that Apple made a huge deal out of afib detection in 2019 and now apparently it’s becoming a “common problem.”

  8. Big pharma, allopathic medicine, is a trillion dollar business….

    It isn’t science based, it is based on fake science so it doesn’t work very well…..

    The track record of allopathic medicine based on using poisonous drugs made from oil and poisonous injections, they say improves your health….

    In a June 2010 report in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, authors said that in looking over records that spanned from 1976 to 2006 they found that out of 62 million death certificates, 25 million deaths were coded as having occurred in a hospital setting due to medication errors.

    The total number of deaths due to the American allopathic medical system of drugging, unnecessary surgeries, infections, medical errors, etc., is nearly 800,000 people per year!

    This is more than people who die from heart disease with over 600,000 deaths per year and cancer with over 500,000 deaths per year.

    According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 100,000 Americans die from reactions to LEGAL prescription drugs each year, making this the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.
    The death toll from ILLEGAL drugs stands at only 10,000.

    – articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/ archive/2003/11/26/death-by-medicine-part-one.aspx

    Each one of the four vaccine producers “is a convicted serial felon: Glaxo, Sanofi, Pfizer, Merck.”
    “In the past 10 years, just in the last decade, those companies have paid 35 billion dollars in criminal penalties, damages, fines, for lying to doctors, for defrauding science, for falsifying science, for killing hundreds of thousands of Americans knowingly.”

    Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body. why would you?

    • allopathic medicine…haha…….

      The field of vi ro..lo..gy is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science

      • Big pharma, allopathic medicine, is a trillion dollar business….so questioning the premise it is based on…a fairy tale….is banned….violently……relentlessly……. 24/7/365…..the number one taboo….billions of dollars over one hundred years were spent on propaganda/brain washing, to own the minds of the public….this must not be disturbed….

  9. If true, he’s some Real live Heroes:

    Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58,
    Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59
    Kari Dee Burgoyne, 52
    Sandra Flores, 31

    “A Utah plastic surgeon, his neighbor, and two others are facing charges after allegedly giving people fake vaccination cards and destroying government-provided COVID vaccinations. […]

    the four destroyed at least $28,000 worth of Covid vaccinations and distributed at least 1,900 doses’ worth of fake completed vaccination record cards. The court documents allege the fake vaccination cards were sold either for direct cash payments of $50 per person per occurrence or required “donations to a specified charitable organization.” […]

    Moore and his co-defendants also allegedly gave children saline shots at the request of their parents so the children would think they were receiving a Covid vaccine.” …


    An alternate headline might be, ‘Teeny Tiny Sliver of the Life Saving Free-Market Gets Discovered by Goons & the Empire Crushes It’.

    • Edit:

      If true, Here Are some Real live Heroes:

      Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58,
      Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59
      Kari Dee Burgoyne, 52
      Sandra Flores, 31

    • I would be happy to donate to their legal fund.

      My favorite paragraph:
      “By allegedly falsifying vaccine cards and administering saline shots to children instead of vaccines, not only did this provider endanger the health and well-being of a vulnerable population, but also undermined public trust and the integrity of federal health care programs,” said Special Agent in Charge with the Department of Health and Human Services.”

      The integrity of federal health care programs. Ha, Ha, Ha.

      This is what happens when Joan finds a doctor willing to give her a free vax pass, but then she opens up her big mouth to her next-door neighbor Karen who has nothing better to do than call the cops. Just curious if any of the doctor’s patients have died recently? Stroke? Heart attacks? It looks to me like he is just extending their life span.

      • This is what happens when you engage in subversion for hire. The bigger the network, the more risk that some do-gooder will squeal on you. We had a doctor ready to go, in case was needed (fortunately wasn’t). But it was just for us – not to be spread around. Wish people could just keep their mouths shut. Perhaps worse, that such subversion would ever be needed in the first place. Murca.

    • Am I the only one happy that the psycho Prime Minister Ardern is leaving office? New Zealand you are getting a second chance, please don’t eff it up.

      • Hi RG,

        Jacinda Ardern may be leaving office in New Zealand, but now the question is who will take her place. Will it be someone who actually cares about human rights and civil liberties, or will be it another Klaus Schwab type trying to shove an anti-human agenda down the masses’ throats? Time will tell.

        • Yes, John B. It seems to be a slight of hand. A better smooth talker, to replace the old, so people forget about the old one and see a new, bright beautiful future under the heel of the boot.

          “You’ll get, nothing! And like it!”

        • The new boss is same as the old boss, except he’s psycho. At least from looking at his eyes. He wants to hunt down unvaccinated.

        • Mr. Kable and Raider Girl,

          I heard that too! It was quite a contrast to its former reputation hearing of all the strict and flagrant authoritarianism that was taking place there over the last couple of years. Good riddance to that infernal bitch.

      • Hi RG,
        Count me in as being thrilled, question is why now. Does she discern the tide is turning and a reckoning may be coming? One can only hope.

      • Hi RG

        New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, one of the best known and longest faces of the globalist menace that steamrolled all personal rights and liberties during the period of world history known as “covid fascism”

        while arresting countless non conformists just so she could impose universal lockdowns and to enable the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna to become stinking rich, said she would step down by Feb. 7 after more than five years as leader

        got her $1 billion bribe like the other leaders….now running for it before the crowds catch up to her…..getting scared….

        she is implementing apartheid against white male new Zealand in the name of “co-governance”, like all the G7….

        This labour government is the most dangerous and economically irresponsible government in 40 years. They have printed money to kingdom come…(like brandon)… and now their cost of living has skyrocketed. This is a dangerous government led by a stupid beearch who parades around the world stage………She’s a wef owned communist…..destroyed the economy and the crime rate is way up……


  10. Via Steve Kirsch’s Substack:

    “This video is so damaging to the narrative that even Twitter will not allow you to include it.” …


    “And be sure to view this article


    about how each booster makes you more likely to get COVID, not less likely. It’s from the Cleveland Clinic which is one of the top medical institutions in the world. It shows that people with more shots are MORE likely to get COVID. And even “Debunk the Funk” (who will say anything to discredit this paper) can’t debunk it! He didn’t like this study at all. Not one bit. Because it shows the entire medical community has been wrong about these vaccines. Very wrong.

    This is the one study NOBODY in the mainstream media or medical community wants you to see.”…

    ‘Very large Cleveland Clinic study shows more vaccines make you more likely to get COVID’

    The video above with all the medical doctors testifying against The Shot is pretty damning.

    In my own circle, every single person who got The Shot complains about them & their family being sick all-the-time with all kinds of sickness – and – they talk about the booster they got or the one they want to get.

    They just can’t connect the dots.

    It could be said that’s just anecdotal evidence.

    Or. It’s more likely, a representative sample.

    • of course….why do you think the people on the exempt list are on there…..

      ATTENTION: Places you can work where the jab is NOT mandated

      1. The White House 2. The CDC 3. The FDA 4. The WHO 5. Pfizer 6. Moderna 7. Johnson & Johnson

      ATTENTION: in australia all doctors are exempt from injection.
      i would bet the doctors in lots of other countries are exempt too, that explains why they don’t say one word about the injections, they don’t care and are probably paid well to cooperate.

      a scientist working on gene modification says he only has a piece of paper saying he is injected (faked)….haha….sounds like the scientists are exempt…
      NOTE: sounds like the exempted ones get a passport saying they are injected, but aren’t….so they can dine out etc.

      the nurses aren’t exempt, when the population is reduced 90% (the wef goal) less nurses are needed,
      same applies to enforcers, plus they will be replaced by robots soon, they are cheaper and follow any order. some of them are starting to push back because they are getting mandated now, joining with the little people on the bottom.

      The Governor of Virginia is making all Commonwealth employees take the jab or be fired.
      attention: but He has EXEMPTED POLITICIANS AND JUDGES, so it looks like that group are exempt too.

      NOW ALSO: Members of Congress, their staff, and federal court system employees are exempt from the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates,

      another exempt group: U.S. postal service

      NBA players exempt

      ATTENTION: 6 million foreign chinese students exempt (the ccp doesn’t control the leftist government…haha)

      NOTE: All illegal immigrants or non citizens are exempt because if they are injured big pharma can be sued, all citizens were sold out to big pharma, they have no liability.

      NOTE: if you have a lot of money you can probably buy a faked exemption like the exempt get. so again this is just bashing poor people……….

      NOTE: here is another exempt group, don’t get the extermination injections….the billionaire elite:

      gates and other .0001% rich families don’t vaccinte their own children,

      gates, his wife and their children have never been vaccinated….
      NOTE: gates uses hydroxychloroquine.

      elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated….musk is far too intelligent….copy him…

      the 17 elite nobility families are exempt of course:
      one example of the families: the queen of england and her family (they are at the top of the pyramid of power on the planet at the top of the elite nobility control group, controlling the whole thing), ATTENTION: they use homeopathic medicine.

      rockefeller who created our worldwide, fake, fraud, germ theory based, allopathic medicine, didnt use his own allopathic nazi death medicine, NOTE: he used homeopathic medicine.

      FAUCI TAKES 6,000 IUs OF VITAMIN D PER DAY. but he tells you to get poisonous vaccines

      NOTE: Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry told CNN that he would not allow the vaccine to be injected into his body


      exempt…..the liberal areas that got the placebos….lol

      NOT exempt…….Re: targeting of the non placebo nazi needles to conservative areas….data shows that is what was happening…this indirectly effects an election….

      Putin said he will not mandate injection of their military,

      (xiden and blackface are owned by china)……..canada and the US will mandate injection of their military, (helping china’s agenda) that will cause them to lose the next war, maybe.

      china only has about 3% of their population injected, they do not use the mrna injection and they do not inject their military…..then they are healthy for the next war. china doesn’t exter minate it’s citizens for the elite nobility. (it had enough them in the opium wars).

      whole parts of the globe weren’t complying: China, India, Russia, most of Africa, Japan, Indonesia, US Red states, Denmark, Sweden,….North Korea never did and has zero cases and no injections…

      India had a very low injection rate and only use Hydroxychloroquine now….

      nicaragua booted out the nazi needlers on day one…deported…

      note: nicaragua is doing great with no lockdowns or masks, no injections, no mandates, no deaths or cases, nothing, complete rejection of the whole wef/who/cdc covid narrative, a paradise for 2 1/2 years…lol…….so the leader didn’t get his $1 billion bribe like all the G7 leaders…..

      japan dumped millions of doses of the injections because they are contaminated with metal, Japan stopped complying, they are using ivermectin only now, no more killshot very smart………then their prime minister Shinzo Abe got assassinated

      it is hard to exterminate the japanese with the experimental gene therapy extermination injection, they are too high IQ. japan has no injection mandates, in the U.S. children are mandated 72 injections. japan will survive, the whites won’t.

      • Turkmenistan……in 2020 someone commented that if you said “covid” there you would be arrested….lol….they wanted no part in the covidian hoax bs narrative….

        move to Turkmenistan

        The authoritarian government of Turkmenistan apparently banned the use of the word “corona virus”. say it, go to jail.
        there are no cv19 deaths or cases in the country,
        Those who wear a mask are arrested by police, Reporters without Borders said.

        Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said in 2020 via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: he refused it, he has more ethics than these other leaders.

        • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
        • force them to wear face masks
        • impose very strict curfews
        • impose a police state
        • crash the economy

        Overall, the Belarussian approach has been the least authoritarian in Europe. Belarussian football went ahead as normal and fans were allowed to continue attending games.

        Theatres, cafes, restaurants and other social events continued and there was no shutdown of the economy. Victory Day Parades also went ahead on the 9th May.

      • @ anon – “elon musk and his family will not be vaccinated….musk is far too intelligent….copy him…”


        Authored by Allen Zhong via The Epoch Times,

        Elon Musk said he felt like he “was dying” after his second COVID-19 booster shot.

        “I had major side effects from my second booster shot,” the new Twitter boss wrote in a social media post.

        “Felt like I was dying for several days. Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I don’t know.”

        • Elon not so smart. Musk may only be a front man for some powerful behind the scenes investing group, and like Zuckerberg, not so smart.

          For someone as tech savvy as Musk, not knowing the dangers of the death jab is beyond me, and he has his own private jets, he does not have to get vaccinated to fly.

          • Trillion dollar lawsuits coming….he can lie and get in on the payout?….lol

            lawsuits….anybody…that is everybody…. that was effected by the lockdowns, masking, etc. should sue everybody involved….cash in…..

        • I saw that today….

          2 years ago he said him and his family wouldn’t be injected….what happened since then?….it is a witch hunt so maybe he is smart and just lies now…..he has enough problems already with allowing free speech on twitter……….at the same time fighting back by saying you did….. but it injures….it is nobody’s business anyways…just lie to them….

          saying you didn’t get the killshot has no upside….saying you did and it injures/kills is a better strategy…. fishing for a lawsuit?

          • the bus crashes story…..

            when a bus crashes….there is ten people on the bus….but fifty people sue to get in on the lawsuit payout……lol

    • This is not true

      UK statistics have had this result for a long time — each Covid shot results in more infections of OMICRON, not Covid.

      Omicron is a coronavirus common cold with 30 spike protein mutations versus Covid 19 Delta variant. Its infection fatality rate is the same as other coronavirus common colds — about 25% of all common colds. Omicron is NOT a CovId 19 variant with a similar (and much higher) infection fatality rate. A real Covid variant would have had only one or two spike protein mutations, not 30 mutations.

  11. Eric’s arguments regarding the clot-shots are correct of course, besides it’s just not that complicated to figure out. This naturally makes one realize the whole issue is a scam, a con, and a deception all rolled into one that was and is still being perpetuated by evil people in pursuit of profit. It really is just that simple.

    And it’s another excellent example of how flawed human nature can be. Think about it, people will gamble with other people’s lives in order to satiate their greed & lust for money. I mean, what’s wrong with this picture? Has morality completely vanished from society (warning: for your own well being, don’t answer that). This is nothing new to most here but just in case new readers visit the site today, well, maybe I’ll get a thumbs up or two.

    But why is it that our side always has to be armed to the teeth with all relevant facts on the subject in order to counter the dark side’s arguments to the contrary? Why is the burden always on us to do the heavy lifting to prove our case? Why are “they” never required to argue their claim in the court of public opinion? Why does the onus always seem to be on us?

    Part of the problem is that when we argue our side we come off sounding timid as if we are asking the dark side for a favor if it’s ok with them. We tell them they are wrong and that because they are wrong they should therefore acquiesce to our “request” that we be left alone. I say b.s. to that adage. We should not have to ask for their permission to not have the shot. As libertarians we should demand they simply kiss-off and leave us alone. Whether the shot works or not, whether it is safe or not, and whether they can prove their case or not is irrelevant. As a sovereign individual I, and I alone, have the absolute right to determine what goes into my body.
    Case closed.

    • Dave,
      “And it’s another excellent example of how flawed human nature can be.”
      Especially if one is a psychopath. They care about NOTHING that does not serve them. After all, they are insane.

      • Actually J.K. I’ll go you one better. I believe it’s gone beyond insane for most of those. I think they’re demon possessed.

        • Oh man, Dave Hiccup, I think you got That right.

          I went to the big city the other day, pulled up to a stop light with a buncha other cars. The guy in the car next to me was freaking out ( and, I mean, Freaking Out!) yelling at the totally & completely oblivious guy in the car in front of him: pounding on his steering wheel, yelling at his passengers, the whole works – like the guy in front of him just killed his mom or something – he just seemed to be fueled – like direct injection – by anger & hatred. He Was – Pumped Up! (I kept picturing someone’s wife or daughter or idiot male teenager being in the car in front of him.) It was a totally bizarre sight to behold. And, this guy wasn’t small or weak lookin’. And, he was puttin’ on his savage. Can you picture it?

          …As I was side-by-side with him, watchin’ his big fit (for awhile, I just couldn’t look away. Perhaps, as if my lookin’, would mello him out some, or something? A correction? I dunno, or, it was like Eric wanting to say something to the masked Mom with the masked up kid? But, this guy was in his own whirlwind of … hatred? and, had no clue I was even there.

          … I was glad I was armed. …I don’t often think such. I likely can’t bench press what Eric does more than once or twice – if that – but I ain’t fearful. This guy, he had my Spidey-Sense going off and my hackles Up.

          “Demon possessed”, that fits that guy perfectly.
          I imagine there are millions of them, & someday, like mice after the cornfield has been harvested, are they gonna get hungry & look for my house next to the cornfield. …?
          ..I hope they stay on the porch, or front stoops, waiting for the goobermint to bring/deliver help & they get a bit weak, so much so, they stay where they are. Like when the hurricane hit the East coast awhile back &…

          A million mice…

          (When the light turned green, we hit a split in the road & both cars went the other way.
          What was I to do? … Seems to me, there was Nothing I could do. We live on Bizarro World, in a country [countries] called, Idiocracy.)

          …Thinkin’ about this 1970’s film right now for some reason:



        • Hiccup,
          That has crossed my mind as well. Could it be that demons cause psychopathy? Or do psychopaths simply invite them in?
          What we know is a puddle compared to the ocean of what we don’t.

          • Our leaders at the top of the power pyramid on the planet are all satanists, worshiping satan (most of hollywood too now), this is supposed to be dangerous because you are inviting demons (spirits) into your body, so our leaders are all possessed, they are all insane now (insane, possessed = the same thing), this would explain why they want to cull 7 billion humans, that is not normal.

            so the reality of them inviting the demon of death (forced extermination injections) into the entire world population sounds logical, these bastards are all possessed. The government/church/medical system is one huge satanic religious cult now, and all the leftist/communists/satanists enabling it and collaborating with it are crazy.

            Derek Prince talking about getting rid of demons, one example is inviting in the demon of death at 1 hr: 03 min. in the video…

            This is a pretty interesting video.


            need to hire this priest
            a priest in rome said if these elite nobility/wef/ccp/.0001% globalist demons had been around in the middle ages, they would have been hanged, he says they would have been immediately seen as evil demons. today we are blinder, dumber. these leaders are deep into satanism they are all possessed, should be turned over to that priest to deal with.

    • Dave
      Thank you. It still amazes and disgusts me that this ever became an issue and that anyone anywhere ever believed it was their right to force us to cover our mouth and nose or inject ANYTHING into our bodies. Like most people I avoid conflict but when that personal boundary gets crossed it provokes an immediate rage response and my impulse is to tell even loved family members who try to push drugs on me to kiss off. And thats the polite way to say it.

    • The nazi needle was front running the pitch forks…

      It is dangerous having a pension plan, after the government thieves steal the money, they cull the population before they figure it out and get out the pitch forks…lol

      They went after the old people in the old folks homes first, the new Jews…..gets rid of pension liability….

      The cull was focused on the G7 which have pension plans….

      Catherine Austin Fitts says it is partly to cover up a financial crime. around 1995 during globalization money was looted, went offshore, all the pension funds were looted, there is no money left.

      Note: Dr. Marc Faber says all governments steal between 5% (honest governments) and 100% (crooked governments) of the money collected, borrowed.

      in 1998 they knew the math didn’t work to fund pension plans, wouldn’t be able to pay the pensions.

      ATTENTION: in 2003 they said between 2020 and 2025 there would be a huge drop in the population numbers. it is like managing cattle, if there isn’t enough resources to keep the animals, you cull the herd.

      Then along came the bat germ, they can now say there is no money because of the bat germ problem…..lol
      (this is easier than trying to explain where all the money went….that is the key right there.)

      She thinks the elite nobility and the billionaires are tired of managing 7.5 billion people and want to cull the herd, they say 500 million is a better number.

      the depopulation agenda (they say is necessary because of global warming):

    • Your case is just generic words about freedom that won’t penetrate most brains

      You need to present data on vaccine adverse side effects, all cause mortality, excess deaths and deaths WITH Covid. to demonstrate the unprecedented adverse side effect and no positive effect on total deaths. More deaths in the 28 days after a positive Covid test (aka Deaths WITH Covid) in 2021, with vaccines, than in 2020, with no vaccines.

      These websites provide some data:




  12. One potential good thing from all these ‘vax’ disasters, is it’s waking up some of our youth. At least the one’s I know. We now associate with all of these young adults (our kids friends), and they are saying stuff like ‘if i ever have kids, no shots of any kind allowed for them, and we will do our best to attempt to homeschool’.
    Most likely a minority, but that’s what I’m hearing.

    • Hi Chris,

      My teenager asked me the other day, out of the blue, if she had kids would they have to be immunized. I said absolutely not. It is parent’s choice. Although, the government is doing their best my taking that decision away.

      Uncle Sam overplayed his hand. Young adults (a few) are now starting to question what has occurred over the last three years. I am proud of them. We need more like them.

    • Hi Chris,

      Those young adults you speak of will likely be called ANTI-VAXXERS. There was a story a while back about a reduction in parents who support vaccine mandates (ANY childhood vaccines) for children to go to school. It couldn’t be because the government and Big Pharma started targeting ADULTS with vaxx mandates, could it?

  13. ‘In fact the “high-up muckety-mucks” attending DAVOS were looking for “unvaxxed” pilots.’ — anarchyst

    And now, so is the unpiloted Federal Reserve:

    ‘Today [Jan 18], Federal Reserve Board Chair Jerome H. Powell tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing mild symptoms. Chair Powell is up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.’


    How mortifying — another high-profile, political-celebrity vaccine failure. Following in the footsteps of “Biden,” Weeping Walensky, and dozens of others.

    Now watch them administer Paxlovid to Powell this week, and provoke a covid rebound next week.

    Then Jay [I can call you Jay, right?] will be obliged to miss attending the portentous FOMC circle jerk of Jan 31-Feb 1, in which the momentous question of whether to hike 25 or 50 bips will be discussed, and in manly fashion, decided.

    Say can I have some of your purple berries?
    Yes, I’ve been eating them
    For six or seven weeks now
    Haven’t got sick once
    Probably keep us both alive

    — David Crosby, Wooden Ships

    • keeping alive a fairy tale….lol

      fauci…the science…lol

      fauci has publicly stated believing in and spreading ideas exactly that have the same level of scientific proof as……. the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying

      The field of virology is about the same scientific level as the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, global warming, running your ice car on tap water, making gold from lead, pigs flying…100% fake science

      Jung had some weird ideas…freud warned him…if you talk about fairies at the bottom of the garden we will loser all credibility

      maybe freud was wrong….allopathic medicine has been doing that for over 100 years

      the Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud movie


  14. Keep in mind that congress exempted itself, most other high-up government officials and others from being mandated to take the “jab”.
    THAT, in itself, speaks VOLUMES.
    In fact the “high-up muckety-mucks” attending DAVOS were looking for “unvaxxed” pilots.
    If that doesn’t raise the hackles of every thinking individual, I don’t know what will.

  15. Since they changed the definition of “vaccine”, that’s what I’ve been saying! That now, fucken aspirin or ibuprofen are “headache vaccines”. Everything is a vaccine! The absolute downside of that is that vaccines don’t have the same liability for the people that make them or push them. We’re seeing now, that these bullshit fake-outs have zero liability for everyone involved, i.e., the people that make ’em, that push ’em, and that require ’em.

    Nobody can be sued or is liable for jack shit and you get to do the dying.

    Um… no thanks. Call me an anti-vaxxer all you want. I don’t want any of their drugs anymore and I stopped taking all of ’em. These fucken people are diabolically and murderously insane.

    Already rich beyond most people’s dreams, it seems they just have a sadist need to see people injured and murdered for shits and giggles. The extra money on top of their pile is just the icing on the cake.

  16. Albert, Klaus, Joe, Nancy, Trudeau, Trump, AOC, Mitch, any and all of them, are not there to make anyone happy, they’re there because they are in it for themselves.

    You have a private jet, a 100 foot yacht, a nice house on the French Riviera, and you think you own everything on the planet.

    Humans like that just plain suck.

    Some clarity is needed, my gosh. Clearly seen, you have to feign ignorance.

    WIIFM, what’s in it for me? is the first question they ask.

    The next WEF meeting is in Kiev, Putin is the big guy in charge, will attend all meetings, and he will speak at each one.

    Everybody pays attention to what Putin says now, so he should be the leader at the following WEF conference in Moscow.

    Klaus is out of the picture, happens fast.

    Somebody has to rein in those stupid fools masquerading as elites.

    Owl Gore, Chicken Little as a stark raving maniac, will go bananas again.

    Stop WEF or something.

    Putin can do it, I think he has.

  17. If people we’re coerced into taking a drug that kills them couldn’t that be construed as grounds to charge them with second degree murder or negligent homicide?

    I’m still a pure blood but I gots to laugh that I know 3 more who took the jab and tested positive (according to the test). Funny; they didn’t look sick either…

  18. But Eric, they are psychopaths, and fraud, deceit, and outright lies are their standard operation procedure.
    Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath if not a psychopath.
    Now we have a cadre of alphabet bureaucrats who are politicians, by the standard definition, which like “vaccine” has become a remarkably flexible definition.

  19. Covid vaxxes are like Madoff & FTX. They went from promise to fraud to collapse to jail.

    I hope very much that as we enter the collapse phase where the public starts waking up to the fraud, the jail phase will come.

    Never have been able to understand that when a corp commits a crime, a fine is paid, but the actual, physical perpetrators of the fraud are never held to account.

    If a corp commits a crime, the CEO and board should be the ones to be hauled into a criminal court. As it is, the govt imparts essential immunity on the real criminals. That has to stop if we want to see a change.

    • Dan,
      Corps are a creation of the state. One does not typically prosecute their children. So the state does not prosecute corps.


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