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It’s not Superman…

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  1. I remember in 2017 they were horrible in CA i would wake up early and see a perfect blue sky day only to have the criss crossing lines begin at 6 am, always following the sun. By 9 or so the sky wou”d be halfway full and by 11 the sky would be completely overcast. No one wou”d ever comment or sem to nitice this. It was disturbing. That year it was rare to have a completely blue sky day. Since then we have had about half as many of these fake overcast days. I cannot figure out why mo one else seems to wven notice this! Is everyone else blind?.

    • Hi Liberty,

      I’ve been playing catch-up on this issue; no doubt in my mind that they want to do things like this and the capability exists. That CIA-cretin Brennan gave a speech in which he affirmed both – so it’s naive, I submit, to simply dismiss this out of hand. Thanks for the links. I will check them out.

  2. RE: “lots of turbulence slow down arrival times and arrival times equals moolah”

    So, perhaps, ‘soften the ride’?

    I doubt it. Too much up front cost for too little return. However; I suppose it may be, slightly, an additional reason to look the other way in a, ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ sort of way? I just doubt it.

    “Oh look! The Mafia guy is beating up the baker & the baker’s wallet fell out of his pocket. Let’s go pick it up”?

      • Np, I had searched around online after that unreal snowstorm in Texas back in February 2021 and discovered that. I love old Jones interviews. That one looks like it was from maybe late 2000s/early 2010s. I don’t think Texas snowed on itself 🧐

        • The February 2021 storm in Texas was predicted a week out with below-0 degree temperatures forecast for Austin. A week?!? Really?

          The really crazy thing about the response of the authorities is that no one seemed to be home at any level of government after noon on the Thursday before the storm, which took place on Sunday night. Yeah, a double whammy holiday weekend of Lunar New Year and the Presidents Day Federal holiday contributed, but everyone who knew something bad was coming seemed to cross their fingers and hope for the best.

    • That’s a good video. How old the tech is, how matter of fact, and what is likely going on now. Folks need to read between the lines a bit on the benevolence the old man touts, though. It can and is being done but we can’t say anything because, ya know, liability. For more than one reason. Some real, others smokescreen.

      It’s interesting how, over the years, some folks continue to argue so strenuously against the notion of geoengineering, the elements of which are so documented and observable, along with data and pattern analysis. Yet, these same folks believe 100% in the moon landing/space shot hoax based on some grainy teevee footage they saw 50+ years ago that NASA subsequently “lost” and even with all the advances in tech since then can’t duplicate. To the point we’re left with these fake billionaire rocket launches that don’t even use the Canaveral Mission Control set. It’s just the rocket in the desert and some has been celebutard. Crazy.

  3. I don’t believe any of us can dispute that what is going on in the sky overhead is natural. It is definitely intentional, but is it dangerous? In my area of VA, it is pretty windy today. Turbulence is probably pretty bad. Could it be the government or the airlines themselves trying to soften the air (I am sure there is a better word for it)?

    • “trying to soften the air” – that’s a new one.

      The minor constituents of coal fly ash via Wikipedia:

      : gallium, arsenic, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, hexavalent chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, selenium, strontium, thallium, and vanadium, along with very small concentrations of dioxins and PAH compounds.[

      Yes, soften the air.

      In the testing Dane Wigington has done over at geoengineeringwatch.org a few more ingredients are barium & aluminum.

      Healthy stuff. And, as Dana has mentioned often, there’s zero benevolence involved with geoengineering.
      …Unless, you’re the kind of person who thinks massive amounts of regulations & taxes are a ‘good thing’? I don’t think you’re one of those.
      It would certainly be nice to think our overlords are kind & thoughtful & caring. …Right?

      From time to time I think of the part in this interview where the ex-KGB guy says ~ “They’ll not understand until the military boot is kicking them in their big fat bottom to get into the gates to the Gulag”

      ‘KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America’


      (That wasn’t meant as a harsh comment. Hope you didn’t take it that way.)

      • Hi helot,

        What is the point of geoengineering? To control weather. What is the point of controlling weather? If the goal is to reduce population on earth than wouldn’t the government and corporations want a quicker demise? Maybe, a vaccine with an S spike protein that destroys one T-4 cells or something.

        They may very well be poisoning us through the air (and water and food); I don’t dispute that. Let’s say they have been doing this for years (maybe, even a generation or two). Americans are living longer (okay, prior to 2021). If I want somebody dead, I sure don’t want them sticking around until they are 80, 90, 100 years old. We may very well be breathing in aluminum and barium, but it seems to me that the majority of our bodies are handling it. MRNA shots on the other hand…

        • What is the point of geoengineering?

          POWER. And, To control people.

          To control nations, and their militaries. To own the skies.

          To control the food supply. To control a narrative, take your pick of which one.

          Death & injury on the road to Power & Control is just, ‘collateral damage’ per Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright. (She might have made a good pilot over Dresden in WWII?)

          I sometimes think of the WWII films I saw back in the day where decisive battles were determined by… the weather.

          Or, indirectly through the weather, i.e. by cover & food supply as in the war against Vietnam. Or, as the buffalo was on the high plaines for the savage Indians. Or, as farms were to the Southener’s as Sherman made his march.

          ‘One Thing I Love about South Carolina’

          “You can see billboards like this if you go for a ride in the country.”


        • They just want us dumbed down and debilitated, RG. The powers that be need docile automatons to be willing wage slaves to keep their world of privilege comfortable for them. Same reason public schools are the way that they are.. stuff the kids’ heads full of garbage, make them fearfully obedient, ring the bell to move them along like they’re in a production line..

        • Hi RG,

          It may be they want ’em (the masses) stupid. Or at least, less intelligent. As by feeding them food that dulls their wits. Perhaps by seeding the clouds with something similar. It’s established fact that there is “estrogen runoff” in most tap water – which has had the effect of feminizing men. (I am glad we are on a well!)

          I think the take home point is – they are capable of anything and everything. It is no longer in doubt that they would turn the Earth into a dead husk if they thought it might make them wealthier and more powerful, give them more control over us.

      • Just to note I don’t believe our overlords are the least bit caring, but airlines with lots of turbulence slow down arrival times and arrival times equals moolah. I have figured most things in life usually have money involved.

    • Well, I think at this point the conversation is drifting towards fantasy. Controlling the weather is a chimera. In my opinion we can’t “control” weather anymore than we can control “climate”. If you change it one way then there will be consequences in other areas. We all know about unintended consequences. This particular happenstance, and yes I know once is happenstance 2 is coincidence and 3 is enemy action. It may well be enemy action, but the intended’s may affect the enemy action.

      • RE: “I think at this point the conversation is drifting towards fantasy. Controlling the weather is a chimera.”

        Perhaps, you prefer the word, ‘Manipulating’?

        I wonder, How much time did you spend looking at the facts at geoengenderingwatch.org?

  4. Looking at your town’s weather, I see temps of 68/47 Wednesday, 54/43Thursday, with predicted 45/29 today, with a wind advisory of 15-25 w/ gusts to 50. It looks to me like another engineered cool down. The anomalous winds are part of it, perhaps reflecting the pulses of the microwave transmissions done in order to exaggerate the cooling effect of the sprayed ice nucleation chemicals. Without these periodic interventions, “winter” in VA would likely consist of an uninterrupted string of sunny 60-70 degree days and 45-50 degree nights.

    Keep looking up. Compare to the weather history and “schedule.” Track what happens. Identify the patterns.

    • I’m just wondering what happened to the winters of my youth

      I’m not saying Jersey had tons of snow, but it’s now so sporadic, I wonder why we’re even here anymore, makes ya depressed to not at least see Satan’s dandruff

        • I dunno, John Kable. I didn’t think about sunny blue sky January’s one way or the other while growing up.

          …It, just was.

          We pretty much don’t have January’s like that anymore.

          The local weatherman called November, “The King of cloudy” And, so it is.

          January, on the other hand. … has become like, the Queen of cloudy.

          Anyway, any of you guys looking at the shapes of the snowflakes landing on your jacket sleeve or on your windshield?

          See anything other than:

          Blobs of snow.
          Six sided perfect stars.

          …Or, any combo of the above?

          I haven’t.

    • That was a great movie, don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but I found the ending quite fitting.


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