The Languid Parler

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I am thinking about giving up on Parler – the touted alternative to the leftist-controlled social media outlets, most especially Twitter. Because few people – even those who gripe about the leftist who control Twitter and who suppress Wrongthink – are willing to stop using leftist social media.

I created a Parler account – EPeters952 – about four months ago.  In the course of those four months the number of people who’ve Followed me there isn’t even 5 percent of the people who follow me on Twitter.

Or Facebook.

It is as frustrating as knowing that so many people who object to the Face Diaper wear them anyhow – even when they don’t have to.

It’s easier to Diaper.

Just as it’s easier – apparently – to continue Tweeting and “liking” things on Facebook than it is to create a Parler account and stop Tweeting and “liking” Facebook.

I’ll continue to post on Parler for now. But not forever, as I don’t like wasting my time – or for that matter, yours. If we get more readers via Twitter and Facebook then it is not worth spending time on Parler and my time would be better spent working on stuff of interest to people who read it.

. . . .

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  1. Folks,

    Pres. Trump was SUSPENDED from Twitter earlier today! Word has it that he’s setting up shop on Parler. That would explain why the site has slowed to a crawl, if it works at all. If it’s true that POTUS joined Parler, then it’ll be languid no more!

    • This is pretty damn scary. The MSM is literally shutting down any alternative views that do not correspond to their narrative. Unless, you toe the liberal line your thoughts will not be recognized and you will be banned. We are China.

      Unfortunately, I believe Wednesday, we walked into a trap. I believe this week’s episode was necessary to prove that half of America still had a voice in this country, but we just brought Hell down on us. The media will keep this narrative going until Biden takes the Presidency and I expect some very progressive and draconian laws to take effect immediately. They already started shutting down our voices whether through social media or in person meetings. This way people cannot contemplate, discuss, or rebel.

      We are in for some very scary times.

        • Hi MM,

          Yes, I saw that. I am sure it is just the start. Every voice that does not line up with the MSM and left wing social platforms will be annihilated.

      • RG, I’d say punch out of the traditional social media. I “deactivated” my Twitter account, as why I ever had it (not all that much activity), as I don’t want to give any attention or monetizing power to the leftist gay boi running that operation. If Twitter, Fakebook, and the rest of the social media “giants” act like partisan publishers, we can’t wait for the next election cycles to get politicians to do what we can accomplish in the MAKRETPLACE – WALK AWAY. The Loony Left, in their irrational mantras of “De-Fund Tha Pol-Leece”, gave us the right strategy – cut off “dey moneys”!

        It’s the same as to why me, having watched “beis-bol”, which, once it got “woke”, was no longer, “Vewwy good to me!”, and the Negro Felons League, since I was a kid, found that just finding SOMETHING ELSE to occupy my entertainment attention wasn’t all that difficult. American sports were supposed to be non-partisan and an ESCAPE from the cares of the world, but once that got “infected”, what was the point? I truly don’t miss either at all.

        Once my “little goil” is done with her Mormon mission in about seven months, I won’t need the FB account at all, as it’s the way she gets to “Facechat” weekly. A different experience than when I did it in Italy 40 years ago; we were allowed to call home on our birthdays and/or Christmas (and they took a LOT of “gettoni”!). But when that’s done, I’m punching out of that too. In the meantime, my Fakebook activity will be MINIMAL, so as to not promote any “monetizing” activity.

        Search engine is similar…DuckDuckGo. Not only am I keeping Google out of my net activity, I get more faithful results.

        Finally, the simplest solution to make it harder for Big Tech to snoop…VPN. IMO, anyone that isn’t sucking on the hind teat of Big Tech and the Deep State should consider it as necessary as bread and water.

    • The Purge has begun. Google just did it to Parler. They are cutting all the wires. Even if Trump declares martial law, they are making sure nobody will hear about it.

      Dig out your HAM and FRS radios. It may be your only option soon if your social credit score is too low.

      No Fly List – No Talk List – No Life List? It’s moving that way.

      • Not only that, POTUS WAS SUSPENDED FROM TWITTER! That’s right; his account was closed down earlier today. Word has it that he’s joining Parler, which would explain why the site has slowed to a crawl-if it works at all now…

        • Powell, Flynn, Garrison and others too. And warnings for those are questioning why.

          We have so crossed into The Tyranny Zone. They control the narrative.

  2. I think if the folks running the social media sites keep doing what they are doing, they will likely slowly fade away like other older sites like myspace. Keep changing it, bit by bit, so it’s no longer what it was once. Most of the users get to the point of “why am I even here”.

    Back in the day I liked facebook because it was simple and the design was pretty simple. That is no longer true. It’s not customizable at all in useful ways, and it’s system of what it shows you frankly sucks. Why is it so hard to just let me see new to old? Why would I want to keep seeing the same three day old, 12 or so posts I didn’t stop at the first time?

    I haven’t posted on Twitter since about Halloween, and I don’t miss it. Though I really never got what it was about to begin with. I don’t think I will bother with it anymore.

    Parler seemed like it was going to take off when I joined it about the same time you did (thanks for following me there too). But it seems to have lost steam. I think at this point I will just copy my same posts to all of the different sites, none are worth a custom post.

    Maybe all of the social media has jumped the shark. Frankly I want the decentralized web back anyway, so maybe that’s not a bad thing. I would rather find more sites run by individual people like you Eric. You have even written whole articles on a comment I have made even. Facebook would never do that in a million years.

  3. Well, it could also be that a lot of us have given up on social media altogether. I closed my farcebook account months ago. While I have a twit login, I rarely use it and never go there directly, only when following a link. I also have logins for Parler, Minds, MeWe, etc. But I rarely use them. As I’ve gotten out of the social media habit, I’ve started feeling a lot more calm and relaxed. My daughters have my phone number, and I’m in the same apartment complex as my mom and sister, so I have no reason to go to social media anymore. Good luck, I hope it works out for you.

  4. Cognitive dissonance is strong, even among those of us that think of ourselves as relatively educated about the digital prison being built around us. We are somehow unable to recognize that we are participating in our own entrapment and enslavement by continuing to feed the beasts of Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and the rest. I understand how costly and difficult it can be for some of us to go without these. But this is where we are. Painful choice time is here. It has been here for some time. Our entrapment and enslavement could not be accomplished without our unforced participation. Can we be honest enough to acknowledge our complicity? Are we going to have the courage and integrity to make the painful choices going forward? If even we, the small remnant that have insight into the true nature of the situation, don’t act correctly, what likelihood can there be of a better society emerging? For those of us of a spiritual bent, have we forsaken the concept of doing the right for principle, because it is spiritually edifying, although temporally painful?

    • Exactly, Jody! That’s how we got here- a steady diet of convenience. It’s a more powerful weapon to most of society than bombs and guns.

      Speak as we will of privacy and liberty- most, even right here on this site (except for a handful of us) faithfully carry their tracking device, which not only spies on it’s owner…but harvests names and numbers and photos [etc.] of all of their ‘contacts’, etc. We’re livid when our enemies inflict such things upon us- but don’t bat an eye when our friends do it…or we do it to ourselves.

      • I think this was Aldous Huxley’s premise. That totalitarianism could be accomplished by keeping the masses comfortable. A pharmaceutical and technological feat. As long as we are comfortable, are we capable of resisting?

  5. Tom Woods moved his supporting listeners “facebook” group to MeWe. Probably just a matter of time before these alternatives have more users.

  6. Like JWK I found Eric on , stopped the social media crap years ago. Every so often I just message a particular article to some friends from website. I must have missed an article about this new social media, first I’ve heard of it. I am also thinking I need some clover magnets, Time to send a gift while thinking on it.

  7. still not sure how parler operates not as easy as twitter. as for FB I belong to a number apolitical groups that focus on certain history items I’m interested.
    I use twitter primarily to share stories about my profession that I find online and have about 1200 followers. leaving twitter I doubt if many would follow to parler

    • Hi Barry,

      Good for you. It will give you plenty of time to start new projects or endeavors. I was never part of social media, but I couldn’t fathom how people had so much time to spend on it. On a good day I feel like I am juggling seven different things, couldn’t imagine adding something else to the mix.

      • Right, RG??!!!
        This is virtually the only site I participate on- just stopping to checkit when I come in for a break,or when I’m [supposed to be] doing computer work…and even that consumes huge chuncks of time! We must be doing something wrong! Where does everyone else get all of this time?!

        • Hi Nunz,

          This is the only site I have ever posted on. You guys are so lucky….or not. 😉

          Listening to my sisters and aunts talk about Facebook gives me a headache. It sounds like the mean girls of middle school. Nobody cares about anyone’s new hairstyle or where they went for vacation.
          At least this site is fun. I can get in a political argument every week. 😁. No one in my real life will even debate me on current events.

          • Hi RG,

            I esteem three things about the comments area of this site: The first is that it’s not limited to a certain number of “characters.” People have all the room they need to articulate their arguments. Second, I am constantly impressed by the degree of thoughtfulness and erudition so many bring to the discussion. Third, there is no suppression of thought here.

            These three things will, hopefully, never change!

            • Seriously Eric – this space is brilliant – a true “safe space” to say whatever one wants. honestly i gave up with social media, and though have accounts on Facebook -i never really post, just to keep in touch with friends/family around the world (as I get older I realise that I do need to keep in touch with people). But apart from happy birthdays and liking some of the more interesting stuff people do – dont post pics or anything there anymore. As RG said this is probably the only place I really post now days, or spend time reading comments….

              I think my fear with even the new more liberal (in the real sense of the word) social media is that whats to say once we’re on board, they dont go the same way as all the big names ? I mean looking at dorsey, I really think the guy has some internal conflict- personally I dont think he is able to manage the company the way he wants. And its not easy running a big listed company the way you want completely after a certain stage – I know because I once worked with someone who founded a big name listed company in the US in the 90s, but after it listed he slowly lost control when outside directors which certain investors wanted came in. Once it was at a stage he said screw this – cleared 9 figures and moved to something else.

              Which brings me to my next concern, even if Parlor today is good and free – what happenes when they get a big investment from a VC with directors. OR what about when google or Facebook buys them (which they have done to other platforms). I doubt any founder despite any principles will say no to a potential 9/10 figure check…. because of this im really off social media, and doubt ill sign up to something else.

              I did try parlour, but it kept asking me for a phone number. got around it somehow – but then could never logon again. and really would rather be spending time here then figuring out why !!!

              • (As usual) My thoughts exactly, Nasir!

                And regardless of whether particular platforms are viable or not, there just ends up being too much repetition. You see some of these guys and they’re spread all over the place- Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, Parler, yada yada…. I can understand putting links out there wehich funnel back to one’s main site…but so many of these guys are just all over the place, with content spread all over the place, -and your supposed to visit them at one platform for this..and another platform for that….

                I guess they’re trying to make a buck buy generating pennies for clicks and views and subscriptions, etc. but really, who has the time or inclination to be bothered? (Especially those of us who do not subscribe to any of those platforms!).

                Just one centralized site on which one does everything, and has control of their own stuff- like this site- is all that is needed.

                The technocracy- heck, society, is seeking to silence our voices- but those who care about what we care about and who thus learn the work-arounds will find us- the rest will not care anyway.

                If we’re counting on numbers, we lose, because the majority will never care; we will never be mainstream- and to become so, we’d have to sacrifice the very things which distinguish us. We have to rely on quality instead of quantity.

            • Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE, Eric.

              It’s interesting how those who are mechanically-minded, whether they be a degreed engineer with significant experience in the military sector as I have, or simply someone that turned his passion for twisting wrenches as a kid into a profession, and so on, tend to libertarian and/or conservative politics. It’s a matter of seeing the world as it IS, not as one’s Pollyannish views want it to be. And also being confident in one’s experiences and views to discuss personal experiences and FACTS, not bullshit theories from ideological mush-heads and brazen con artists who largely never worked a Gott-damned day in their lives with their hands and/or strong backs!

              Just for “shites and giggles”, I spent much of today at a storage unit, receiving family heirlooms sent via a moving company from my sister’s place well up in the foothills east of Sac town. The two young fellows were VERY professional, and they paid me a huge compliment, both noting that how could (1) I be sixty-one and (2) work as hard as I did horsing my stuff around? The older guy flat out asked me if I wanted to pick up extra work on the weekends, noting that I worked harder than kids one-third my age! They’ve been “buckin’ fizzy” with folks getting the “Duck outta Fodge” with respect to Cali(porn)ia, which big sis and her hubby are likewise in the process of doing. My two younger “schwestern” have already fled the once-Golden State for Texas, one in 2017, the other just a few weeks ago! Me…well, I’ve still got a few years before I want to “hang ’em up”, but my real estate interests are not where “Gabbin Nonsense” can get his mitts on them. And since my pension is not under California’s control, I can and will take it wheresoever I want. It’s just a matter of sitting back and watching this motherfucker implode. If necessary, I can say “fuck it!”, turn in my retirement papers, and if I have to have this estate sale guy I know peddle off my shit, well, compared to getting out with my ass intact, a small loss.

              • Excellent, Doug!

                I’ve been doing allI can to make it as feasible as I can to remain in situ – here in SW Va – but if it becomes untenable, maybe rural Texas is the place to go. I’ve been scanning real estate there; trying to figure out which areas are ok. I hope it doesn’t become necessary, aber

  8. I ‘left’ the Book of Face (still have the account to keep in touch with far away family members if I have to, but I don’t get on it) and while I have a Twitter account, it’s business related and I really don’t pay attention to it.
    I tried a couple others (MeWe, Minds) and am on Parler, but it’s so mind-numbingly TRUMP IS GOD!!!! that it is a painful echo chamber and if you don’t worship at the alter of Herr Hairpiece, you get flamed.
    I found you from Lew Rockwell, who I think I found from reading Jeffery Tucker or someone similar.

    • Hi Gabe,

      Welcome. You will find very few Trump is GOD here. We have a few who believe he made some good policy changes as President, but most either abhor him or “hey, he is at least better than that other guy.”

      • Well-said, RG!
        I think most here would agree that Trump is the ever-so-slightly less evil, in the sense that Hitler was a hair less evil than Stalin.

      • It’s better to admit that NO ONE who had a remote chance of getting elected to the White House would be ideologically perfect IAW the general Libertarian views of this site’s owner and most of its adherents.

        However, there was a HUGE distinction with OM versus any alternatives, hence why the Lamestream Media and the political establishment went apeshit once he got the GOP nomination, and, after they got arrogant and complacent, downright DERANGED. If there’s one thing that Trump accomplished, he showed how dangerous and downright PSYCHOTIC these Deep State pols really are. Indeed, the only difference between them and Hitler, Stalin, and Mao is that none of them has managed to scramble to the top and kill off their “fellow travelers” to keep it all for themselves.

  9. From the Parler privacy policy:

    Your Contacts. If you permit us to access the address book on your device or give us permission to import your contacts from an email account associated with your account, we may access and store names and contact information from your address book to help you follow your contacts, and your contacts to follow you.

    Information from Cookies and Similar Technologies. – We and our third-party partners, such as analytics partners, collect information using cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies. Cookies are small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters. We may use both. 3session cookies and persistent cookies. Asession cookie disappears after you close your browser. A persistent cookie remains after you close your browser and may be used by your browser on subsequent visits to our Services.

    We may use the information we collect:
    For marketing and advertising purposes, such as developing and providing promotional and advertising materials that may be relevant, valuable or otherwise of interest to you; ●To send you text messages and push notifications; ●To facilitate transactions, redemptions, and payments; ●To verify your identity and determine your eligibility to join our influencer network; ●To find and prevent fraud and respond to trust and safety issues; ●For compliance purposes, including enforcing our Terms of Serviceor other legal rights, or as may be required by applicable laws and regulations or requested by any judicial process or governmental agency; and ….”

    Same ol’, same ol’……

  10. Many years ago, I worked for a few weeks as a “temp” in the mail room of the headquarters of a major pharma co. that’s been in the news lately. An actual Rastafarian from Jamaica was the No. 2 in the group. He talked all the time and was funny as hell but took the time to slip in some interesting and serious (in retrospect) information about his philosophy. As the years have gone by, I have noted that Rastafarianism is akin to libertarianism in a number of ways aside from some the more cartoonish things one would be aware of via pop culture references. It is a small group that has rejected (and is rejected by) “mainstream” society, questions the legitimacy of gov’t laws if not gov’t itself, is skeptical of official narratives, and often maintains a “dread” outlook. One of the interesting things they do is promote their philosophy via the de-construction of the meaning of words, sometimes even playing with emphasis or spelling. One example would be to avoid the “tell-lie-vision”. Another would be to be aware of the dangers of “cellular” telephones. In light of this, one would be wise to be aware of any media that “feeds” you rather than you feeding yourself. Or why OM only “tweets.” Or what the original meaning of a “facebook” was originally (or that before facebook it was called LifeLog). Also, Rastafarians refer to scientists as “occult practitioners.” I used to laugh at this. No longer.

    • Hehe, that’s true of most sub-cultures, Hatt. What you describe could be just as applicable to the Manson Family! 🙂 (Seriously).

      I used to be into Reggae back in the very late 70’s…at a time, when even in NYC, one was poked fun at for listening to even mainstream “nigger music”!
      This’un brings back memories:

      • Ah sub-cultures. “Once in a while, you can get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right” – (from Scarlet Begonias, written by Hunter and sung by Jerry, performed by the Grateful Dead.). You got me thinking about those famous shows at Nassau Coliseum. The best were before my time, though.

          • Not from the Island. Nueve Jersey. Both North and South. Till a decade ago. Back in the day was out on the Island a bunch, including shows at the Coliseum, because my wife’s got family there. I do like BOC’s “don’t fear the reaper” and “Godzilla”, though.

            It’s funny, I’ve got a brother (born 1960) who does your same Archie Bunker routine. You know what I mean. We’re on the same terms as you and your late sister, though not really due to that. He’d say you were a “commie pinko” for the other 95% of what you say on here ‘bout ‘Merica. I don’t know how you reconcile your frequently explicated views on, let’s say other races and tribes, with your seemingly deep understanding of freedom. It doesn’t add up.

            • Aww, Joisey! Well, I won’t hold that against ya, Hatt!

              My views on other races? What views do you think I hold about other races? Do you make assumptions because I use politically-incorrect words? Hey, I call my own people Dagos! 😀

              And when I leaqve the US, it’s a pretty safe bet I’ll be living where most of the locals are either brown or yellow. (Well…yeah, I didn’t say black… I’m not crazy! I mean, I’ll bet you avoid Camden, Newark and Patterson too! 😀 -Well, if you’re in Camden, Look up Bluegrey who posts on here…he’s certainly O-K)

              I do love Archie Bunker…and I don’t discriminate; I hate all people equally.

    • Although in general I roll my eyes at the “Rasta” dudes (just another way that negroes act like they are, when they don’t have to conform to genteel, White, Christian society), why anyone would mind that most of them just want to kick back and smoke that ganja escapes me. As long as they keep it to themselves, who cares?

      • As long as they keep their mouth shut. Nothing short of a South African Dutch accent annoys me more.

        “Yah, Mon, (Laugh), Vital, (Laugh), unintelligible, (snicker). Much like Amerispeak, lots of filler and zero content. Speaking for the sake of speaking because they are too stupid to know they have nothing to say.

  11. I’ve never done FaceCrook or Twitter or any of that nonsense, and I see no reason to start with “social media” now. It seems that with anything on the internet, any time something good turns bad and an alternative pops up, the alternative either languishes….or turns into something as bad as what it sought to replace. But good or bad, I have no use for social media. It’s just another instance of virtualizing every aspect of life, which, would be bad enough even without censorship and control- but then when you figure-in the existence of surveillance (Running the gamut from the NSA to your OS[if you use Windows] to the entities running the social media platforms….I can’t believe that anyone would get within 100 yards of this stuff- much less Libertarians).

    Eric, you’ve got a perfectly good website here where both your voice can be heard, and where we of like mind can fellowship- why bother with all of that other crap? Yeah, you may get ‘the numbers’ on the big-name sites…but the numbers are like ‘the cases’- they are greatly exaggerated- not in the sense that they are not actual people- but in the sense that many are likely just representative of a person’s passing fancy in that it is of no consequence to click on something that briefly tickles one’s fancy; one can click away…peek in once in a while or just ignore- it’s free and convenient- a new shiny object to look out- but how many of those “followers” convert into actual fans/participants who will come here, or who are serious about liberty?

    I see the whole boondoggle of social media as being a numbers game- like “missionaries” offering Kenyans a cup of tea to get them into their ‘church’- Give ’em the tea, and they’ll keep coming…but tea’ll never make them Christian nor get them into the Kingdom of God. You get the numbers…but the numbers are meaningless- ’cause in the end, our fellow lovers of liberty are pretty darn rare, and they will definitely not care if they have to go through a little more trouble than merely clicking on an icon to find like-minded people.

    Heck, when I find someone/something I like, if I see they have social-media icons plastered all over their stuff, I immediately become suspicious of them.

    • Hi Nunzio,

      I agree with you 100% when it comes to the objection and abhorrence of social media, but Eric probably does need the numbers, because donations or adverting dollars are needed to maintain the site. Running a website is muy caro. He also does a lot of work on keeping the site current and writing articles almost every day. That is a lot of time and energy and he should be compensated for that.

      • Hey, RG!
        Oh, I agree with ya on that- but I don’t think those numbers from social media translate to new participants/supporters here. It’s more like when you see something on Youtube that catches your interest, and watch maybe one video or part of a video, and then bookmark the video creator’s page (or “subscribe” if ya do that sort of thing and have a YT account)…but then never go back and watch another of that person’s videos- It’s just cheap easy thrills…some gawkers, etc. but likely few people who hold real interest.

        It’s like being in a candy store: If you’re told everything is free; take as much as you want, you can just go in a scoop up everything. When you go in and have to spend your own dollar, and only have one dollar…then you carefully pick the stuff you really want. These social media sites are the free candy spree!

        • Totally agree, Nunz, but if he posts an article and gets an additional fifty sets of eyes to look at it, true, only two or three would actually stay, but that is still the potential of an additional two or three people contributing and then recommending his site to their friends. The best way to build is through referrals.

  12. “working on stuff of interest to people who read it.”
    Which I appreciate, greatly. I have found any and all social media I’ve looked at to be a tedious conglomeration. Perhaps I should have looked a little harder, but I prefer reading what someone actually has to say that means something, rather than their pictures of their vacation, a repeat of the latest CNN BS, etc.
    I would donate to your site, but then I may have to give up internet service. I’m a poor old fart, and my ex wife didn’t help the situation on her way out.

  13. I tried to get on Parler but there were technical issues and I never followed up.

    I also got on MeWe and have a few friends on there but activity is minimal.

  14. Facebook wasn’t like this just a few years ago. Heck, you could buy and sell guns intrastate through it. I am on Parler, I’ll make sure I’m following you.

  15. The whole social media thing reminds me of jr. high and high school, some places were considered cool to hang out at, until they weren’t. In between those two times is where we seem to be at, or something like that. Anyway, I saw this posted on Craigslist, found it interesting & slightly funny. I was tempted to try Facebook Marketplace, but if this is true, I’m defiantly not.

    Facebook Marketplace Sucks!!! I miss craigslist!! (Platteville)
    Craigslist used to be awesome. I loved looking for vintage trucks, tractors, tools, etc. A few years ago, I noticed a significant reduction in the number of posts for all the said items on here. I had no idea what was going on. I was not on Facebook at the time and had some friends tell me about how Facebook marketplace was gaining popularity. I had no interest in getting a Facebook at that point, but eventually the pickings became so slim here that I bit the bullet and created an account just so I could use marketplace. I soon realized how inferior marketplace was. The bullshit begins with the daily feed. On craigslist, not a big deal. Simply go to farm and garden or cars and trucks, and scroll down until there’s nothing new. Easy. Simple. Effective. Marketplace on the other hand is hot garbage. It lists it’s “recommended” items based upon what you have previously viewed. There is no way to filter the results down to the newest results. It just shows whatever it feels like. Even if you try to use the various categories, it doesn’t let you see only the newest posts. In order to find anything, you need to use the god forsaken search function, which wouldn’t be that bad if it actual worked worth a rat’s ass. I try to search for a Diesel pickup truck. I type diesel into the search bar, and what do I get? A BUNCH OF FUCKING GAS TRUCKS! It’s not like they’re even using Diesel as a tag word in the description!!! The ad would say Diesel NOWHERE in the fucking post, and I’d still get them clogging up my search. Furthermore, if you are searching in the vehicle category on marketplace, you can filter the category by price, year, etc. That’s a great feature. Only problem is, once you try to use the search function with the filters on, it just get’s rid of the filters. And if you try to turn on the filters after doing a search, the search you made disappears. WHY CAN’T THE TWO WORK TOGETHER!!! Craigslist had these features for years and they worked together flawlessly! The search function on CL worked too. I would actually see what I want! Because the search function is so terrible, if you see anything you might be even remotely interested, you must save it immediately or you may never see it again. Many times I’ve tried to search for something I’ve previously found, only to not find it. I would assume it sold, and then I’d run across it again months later. THE YEAR IS 2020!!!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE LARGEST TECH COMPANIES IN THE WORLD WITH ALMOST ENDLESS KNOWLEDGE AND RESOURCES AND YOU STILL CANNOT CREATE A SEARCH FUNCTION WORTH A FUCKING SHIT!!!!! THAT’S SAD AND PATHETIC ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!! Lately, Facebook has also been trying to push small items with shipping. The kicker is, I go on there too look for stuff locally. I want to look for full size, real tractors and trucks. If I wanted to look for stuff to ship, I’d go on ebay, but alas, I still get the kid’s toy tractors for shipping mixed up with the real tractors I’m looking for. Yes you can turn off the shipped stuff, but you have to turn it off every time you do a search, which gets very annoying and you cannot turn it off from your feed with no search. Selling stuff on Facebook sucks too. Recently, I sold one of my old parts trucks on Marketplace. What a pain in the ass!!! First off, you cannot even type the make and model of vehicle into the system. It makes you click a pulldown menu, and choose the make and model. The truck I was selling was not built by a major band, so I wasn’t even able to list it as the actual make of the vehicle. Also, when you put your price in, it automatically does this bullshit Kelly blue book price search, and Kelly blue book will shit it’s fucking cookies and not let you post the ad if you try to put in a price it feels is too low. IT’S A FUCKING JUNK PARTS TRUCK!!!! IT ISN’T WORTH THAT MUCH!!!!!!! IT’S MY FUCKING TRUCK, JUST LET ME LIST IT FOR WHATEVER I WANT!!!!!!! And then, Facebook encourages buyers to send these shitty computer generated messages to the seller, so you are constantly getting the classic, “Is this still available” question. If someone is that interested, they have fingers, they can type!!! Anyway, I’m just really pissed off that craigslist became a ghost town just because of this shitty, inferior platform. I would love to see CL make a comeback, but unfortunately, I think it’s too far gone at this point. Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for reading, and I’m curious if anyone agrees with me on this.

    • After writing that I’m reminded of one of the coolest places to hang out in the 1980’s, The Mall. And not just, The Mall, but a video arcade called, The Land of Oz. It was a tiny slot of a store, about six feet wide by fifteen feet deep and man was it ever packed full of tweens and teens. Lines were ten deep at times waiting for a turn to push in a token to play the latest video game while many were looking over the shoulder of someone really good and getting the top scores, which meant getting the prized goal of entering that persons two initials.
      It’s hard to believe how popular that place was. Yeah, social media is a Lot like that arcade in the 80’s. Parler, is that like Atari? I don’t know.

    • Once Craigslist became “Thieflist”, i.e., a place where you went to buy back the shit that burglars stole from you as well as other scammers, it was done. As well as all the “social ads” which were an ill-disguised marketing tool for prostitution rings. Best avoided by anyone that wants to stay out of jail and/or being robbed, scammed, or given a nasty social disease.

  16. Hi Eric,

    I don’t know how others found you, but I found you off Twitter. It was a one time post from someone who copied your article for that particular day. I think it was about late August and I was just scanning the #nomasks tweets that day. I don’t have any social media accounts, but I do scan other peoples posts on Twitter or Facebook if they are open to the public. If I have to register for something, it is a no go.

    • I found Eric on LewRockwell,com which I highly recommend. I don’t do any social media. Any I’ve looked at are tedious at best.

      • Add me to the list of find Eric on Lew Rockwell; found a few other good people there as well, especially (and sadly R.I.P) William Norman Grigg and Walter Williams. Also Fred Reed and Eric Margolis among the still living; great site to find wrongthink.

    • Same as JWK. First ran across Eric on LRC. Back in 2012, when Karen Kwiatkowski announced that she was running for congress, most people in this part of the district were wondering who she was. I said, “I know exactly who that is, I’ve been reading her stuff for years!” (she’s also on LRC).

      • Yep. I also found Eric via LRC. A salesman will always tell you that a “qualified lead” is worth 100x more than a “cold call”; and the more so the more specialized the thing you’re peddling.

  17. The podcast No Agenda has It is based on Mastodon, about 2500 users who are heavily engaged. It is also “federated” with other Mastodon servers, so even if you’re not a member of NA Social you can send DMs, follow and be followed. It works in a similar way to email: my email server isn’t the same as yours, yet somehow the magic packets know how to get the message through. What’s interesting is that I don’t really need to “follow” people on nasocial (although that’s a feature), because the group is fairly self-selecting. But the federated timeline (basically a fire hose of everyone) is a sewer of porn and woke. I don’t ever look at the federated timeline…

    If I really gave a crap, I’d figure out how to set up Mastodon “instances” for groups of like-minded people. So instead of Parlor or Gab or Twitter, Eric could set up and invite people to it. Tom Woods could do the same thing. Then, through the magic of federation, people on EPsocial could follow TomWoodsSocial people, and NAsocial people can follow EPsocial people. Heck, even church groups and clubs could set up their own Mastodon instance and let members in. There’s really nothing special about a Mastodon server, they’re just web servers with some extra back-end stuff.

    And it’s trivial to set up different profiles for different services. There are versions of me that hang out on photography and drone forums where I will never bring up politics or libertarian ideas, just like there’s situations in real life where politics and religion aren’t welcome. Why should I only have one profile for social media? A bar is not a church or a newsstand. And having to self-sensor myself on Facebook because my saintly mother (who laughed when I mentioned Jeffery Epstein’s suicide -it runs deep with me) follows me is wrong.

  18. Just have your web guy set it up so your posts go to Twitter, FB and Parler.

    It’s super easy to do and you don’t have to think about it.

    Doesn’t cost anything and you can just decide a year or two down the road if you care that your stuff shows up there.

    I’ll assume without checking that you auto post to all the major platforms for traffic purposes. Just kick back and engage with the people that engage with you- if Parler gets you just a little extra ad revenue or traffic then why not?

    I also wish it had caught on better, I’m sick of constant bans on social media. For me, the place is unmanageable, I get thousands of notifications per day, despite settings changes and I just don’t care to keep up much.

  19. Eric,

    I’m sorry you haven’t caught on over there. I was echoing your posts, since I have 1,600 followers over there, or more than 3x than I had on Twatter. That said, you only had 515 followers on Twitter when I got booted from there. If you can, post to both for now; just copy and paste your tweet to Parler.


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