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GM used to make cars. Now it makes Face Diapers. Millions of Diapers. It’s easier to sell them, after all – when people are forced to wear them.

The Gesundheitsfuhrer of Michigan – Gretchen Whitmer – just threatened to close all car assembly plants in the state if people don’t don the Diaper.

GM seems to have found its new business model.

Perhaps it will combine the two and include a Diaper Dispenser in all new GM cars? Along with Diaper Assist – a camera-based system that ensures everyone in the car is Diapered up before the car will start.

Even better, the system will stop the car if anyone removes their Diaper.

Six months ago, this might have seemed farcical. Now it seems inevitable.




  1. I thought this comment I found online was worth reposting (I forgot where I found it, may even have been on this site):

    There are only 7 viruses: 1. Stockholm Syndrome 2. Cognitive Dissonance 3. Milgram Experiment 4. Normalcy Bias 5. Learned Helplessness 6. The idiotbox, I mean the teLIEvision with the con/scam artists in it 7. Statism Hospital are empty, viruses dont exist, people are clueless, mark of the beast is coming, people will love it… i have 100s of friends in hospitals, they are having sex orgies and vodka drinking competitions and doing tiktok dancing… half of the staff are sent home since nothing to do. They clap and dance because they get 39.000USD for each (non-existent) cv19 death certificate, and they also laugh/dance because the sheeple believe it and support them LMFAO. OH, fruits and goats also got tested positive for the non-existent cv19 rotf lmfao.

    I reiterate — not ONE person died from this lie-rus, it’s a complete total hoax.

  2. Now they’re shooting people that refuse to wear masks in Canada. A 73 year old was shot. Now the police are mentioning they found guns,,, of course.

    These mask wearing idiot employees are so stupid they will confront people who are not abiding by the ‘rules’. Note: Rules (Edicts) are now Laws.

    In Michigan a man was shot after a dispute with a store employee and another customer about wearing a mask. Ended up with another person dead, shot by the lady police officer after the perp was threatening her. The perp obviously lost his cool. Probably tired of all the insanity. Everyone has their personal limit on how much crap they can take.

    For those going without a mask, I’d be careful. Employees and other ‘customers’ are considering that a worse crime than a hold up and police are enforcing rules as if they were laws. Go watch “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” for more info.

    • I don’t care. I’m not going to be afraid anymore. I’m sick of it all. I literally don’t even want to know about all the stupid laws/etc anymore because they’re all stupid and null & void. I’m a nice person, and I treat everyone as an individual IOW if I ever talk to cops/etc I don’t throw them under a bus just because the whole institution is corrupt cuz there may be a decent soul here and there. So, hey, if someones’ going to shoot me or whatever for jaywalking, then OH WELL, I may try to defend myself too, but I’m not going to live my life in fear. This ENTIRE HOAX is way out of control, so I just say WHATEVER.

      • Hi Krazy
        None of these are laws… just edicts from psychotic nutcases. Psychopathic Law Enforcement is enforcing them as if they were law. We don’t have a Corona pandemic, we have a mass psychosis pandemic from the powers to be down to sweet grandmas.
        These people are dangerous. Tread carefully when among them. They are unpredictable.

  3. A couple of guys and I made plans to hit the shooting range and just found out masks are required. It’s cops who moonlight as range masters and they’re hard-ass. At best we would be ejected, at worst arrested (or shot). We debated whether to go or not and finally settled on this: I’ve got several old fashioned gas masks my friends are going to carry. I personally intend to shoot some old west style guns today so I’m donning all the regalia to look like I’m there to rob a train in 1870. Worthless, pure theater, but at least we can show it’s all play-acting kabuki bullshit.

    I find the atmosphere today so dispiriting that I’m not sure it’s worth it, to be honest.

    • Medical exemption and ADA. Use the tools of the monster against it. HIPPA does not allow anyone to even ASK what your condition is, and the ADA forbids them from declining service.

    • Last time I went to a range some idiot from the NRA was there to supervise. He was constantly telling us what a bad ass he was in Afghanistan. He wouldn’t have lasted 30 minutes in Viet Nam. It seems the card carrying NRA idiots have taken over gun ranges. I don’t give them one red cent. They started this crap years ago helping gov write many of the gun laws we have to put with today.

    • As a follow up to this morning’s comment, the three of us talked it over on the way and decided to simply walk up without masks and see what would happen (too hot to do the gunslinger outfit or gas mask thing). As it turns out, nothing happened. No one said we needed to put ’em on and we didn’t. Standard ear protection & glasses thing. We said good morning, set up and shot for about three hours, without a word being said. Maybe they’d been briefed on ADA & HIPPA, JWK. Dunno.

      BTW, Ken, I agree whole-heartedly about the NRA. I haven’t been able to support them for a long time.

  4. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    • Hi Anon,

      For those who haven’t read Solzhenitsyn – do so. His message is vital but his humanity is redemptive. I have admired this man for all my adult life. Read him; you will be better for it.

      • The Bolshevik Revolution Part II is alive and well and rabid at the mouth in the USS of A. They’ll come around this time with ‘contact tracers’ to give you the “covidiot shot” or else!

        And yes….everyone here should read or at least be familiar with Solzhenitsyn. Shame they don’t teach this in public school, but why would they? It’s run by the very Bolsheviks that are the mortal enemy of good and the natural order.

        On a side, we are well past peaceful means to stop the ‘red menace’ as we are already in the midst of the civil war. The idiot box won’t tell you that because they too are controlled by the Bolsheviks! So please, everyone…when you are shifting gears make sure you have a “freedom bringer” so you too can return some ‘contact tracers’ of your own.

        • Amen, Anonymous –

          Most of us here would just like to be left in peace; we aren’t demanding anything of anyone – except to be let alone. We object to Diapering because we aren’t sick – and reject the insane, totalitarian argument that we might be.

          We have no problem with anyone who wishes to dress up like Michael Jackson – and live like Howie Mandell – doing so. But we are unwilling to dress up as if we were sick – and live a life of mental sickness – because they say so.

          That is the Mason Dixon line of our time. One one side, live – and let live. On the other, live as we decree – or else.

          • And now a new study from Asia shows masking has nothing to do with transmission of virus. As I said months ago, the particles of virus get inside a cell well and since virus is not alive, it can only be of a size less than cellular. If a mask caught that size particle it wouldn’t be a mask per se’ but a breathing apparatus. That reminds me, I need to look for my gas mask. It should catch that but it’s no fun to wear although it might be worth it just to scare shit out of those who are mostly likely to demand a mask.

      • Hey Eric, I have most of Solzhenitsyn’s stuff and lent them out too many times to get them back. It is most annoying when one does not get their books back in a reasonable amount of time. I have a lot of missing Albert J. Nock titles too, along with many other libertarian things from the thirties and forties.
        Here, you can steal this for nothing. He is a bit dry so it is entertaining:
        Mask Wearers are Collaborators Who Could Destroy Us All 17:18

        • Hi Erie,

          I stumbled on Nock (and Leonard Read) as a young man and do my best to help young people (and people generally) stumble on them today. Ideas are everything – for good and bad. One of the reasons for our current predicament is the exposure of so many people to the bad ones while the good ones have been suppressed. I would not be surprised to discover that not one out of 100 people under 35 today have ever heard of Nock or Read – or Spooner or Mencken, to name two others.

          If Americans had read them… we’d still live in America, I think.

          • “If Americans had read them… we’d still live in America, I think.”

            Perhaps…but Americans do not read…they consume. They consume the rubbish beamed out from their idiot boxes because it is far too easier for them than to actually crack open a book and read and think for themselves.

            Speaking of reading…I remember all the “Reading is Fundamental” PSA ads being run on TV on all stations all the time many years ago, especially during prime time. You just don’t see them anymore. The Bolsheviks needed a dumbed-down populous to continue unabated to the “end” zone. To those sheeple I say to you…your sheer stupidity and apathy have made you already dead, you just haven’t been declared so yet. Enjoy your covidiot shots and your cursed generations there after.

  5. These gov’s etc are FLAMING MAD HATTERS, throwing threats around now… how can one single person in America not think the same thing as us? You can’t even make this stuff up — I guess the ppl just never read an article in their life IDK.

    • Hi Harry,

      It’s going to erupt. I myself am not looking for and do not want a fight. But I will not bow to this. If that leads to a fight, so be it.

        • Amen, Krazy.

          Like you, I’m basically a nice person in that I mean none harm and do none harm and do my best to be considerate and kind – but that doesn’t mean I kowtow to insane, sadistic/controlling people. Then I become a not-nice person.

          • HAHAHA me too, I’m the nicest guy in the world with a long fuse, but I’ve been abused toooo much in my life and seen the worst evil on planet earth face to face… now I’ll SNAP if appropriate.

            • Hi Krazy,

              Remember that ’80s Patrick Swayze movie, Roadhouse? He plays a bouncer at a roadhouse dive; there’s a great quote about being nice . . . until it’s time to not be nice.

  6. Just got an email from my kids’ school district. Masks are not mandatory, but recommended. Whether or not my freethinking children will be bullied because of not wearing masks (their choice), has yet to be seen.

    I think the school district here is trying to placate the seeming majority of parents who are willing to homeschool if some semblance of sanity is not restored.

    Except for the large cities (Tulsa and OKC), Oklahoma (local mayors and the people) has been pretty good about ignoring the diktats of unelected health bureaucrats.

    • Ah haha, the schools don’t want ppl to homeschool, because they’ll lose their victims and their money racket HAHAHAHAHA, so they’ll LET you not wear a diaper. How nice of them.

  7. Most anti mask wearers I know just talk the talk. While I have been ostracized by employees of different firms and the general public my pals just don the mask and go on. Later they bitch about it. Explaining the hoax tests, the hoax virus has no effect. You get the deer in the headlight look. That seems to sum up most Americans so we caved. The Mrs. made up some fake masks. If we need something we’ll mask up. We will still boycott Walmart and others as much as possible but it just ain’t worth it to be the sole dissenter that walks the walk. Any large mask protests and I’ll join but the only official sanctioned protests are BLM (Burn, loot, mayhem) and Antifa. Something else Americans seem to accept without question. They’re gonna wait until the house is burned to the ground before reaching for a hose.

    • What you say applies to me, unfortunately. Basically, I have to ask myself if what I need by whomever is invoking the mask rule is worth the indignation. Or, if my noncompliance with the mask order endangers my ability to faithfully execute my vocation. So far, I have come up with three scenarios: Mask to receive care for my soul (e.g. church), mask to receive care for my body (e.g. doctor’s office), and (minimal) wearing as required by my employer.

      Since I so loathe the mask, my sense of self-hypocrisy regarding me wearing it is a great source of self-conflict and subsequent self-loathing and resulting depression.

      I seriously think about “what hill is worth dying on” regarding all of this. I can totally see my company requiring corona vaccine as a condition of my employment in the near future. Since I have 10 years to work, I won’t make it.

      • Hi Tom,

        You write: “Since I so loathe the mask, my sense of self-hypocrisy regarding me wearing it is a great source of self-conflict and subsequent self-loathing and resulting depression.”

        Indeed. Which is why I will not wear one. I don’t cooperate with sadists. And that is what they are demanding of us. It ought to make us angry – and that anger is a much better fuel than depression.

        I’m with you, friend. I’m with all of us who are fighting this – in spirit as well as fact.

      • Everyone should decide for themselves. I avoid places that require a mask. Today I went into Publix Grocery. (NW Florida) About 95pct were masked. A week ago I would guess 25pct. They still don’t require a mask. Starting next Monday we stay away from Walmart as much as humanly possible. But I think all the big corporations are going to do the same. Then what? Do you risk jail or worse by being a lone dissenter? That’s an individual decision.
        Interestingly there is one country that rebelled in numbers on a second lockdown and succeeded. Serbia. It required a bit of a fight with the police but the protesters outnumbered them. So,,, yes,,, this shit can be stopped,,, but it requires tens of thousands, not one poor bastard sacrificing himherself.
        Americans are allowing their children and wives be strip searched and fondled by government agents at airports. I thought for sure sane Americans would bow up but no,,, just crickets. so logically, if Americans won’t even protest their children, wives, and oldsters being humiliated and sexually assaulted I seriously doubt they will protest masking up in large numbers.

        • Ken, do you ever feel as if you’re not getting enough air? Does wearing a mask bother you physically? If you answer yes to either question the odds of you having asthma are fairly high if you are, have been/ a smoker. The odds of having asthma with just those symptoms is high also whether you have been diagnosed. I’d advise everyone to have your physician make at least a cursory look into it. You might not have it all the time. Certain things cause many types of asthma. Mine is called occult, meaning the source(s) are unknown. But I know them. Factory cigs are about the worst, damne near kill me. Wood smoke and very fine dust. Some wines and fruits. Damn near any Chinese eatery because they use MSG. The older I get the worse it gets. I can’t even stand to walk behind or stand close to somebody who smokes cigs even when they aren’t smoking. I’ve spent my whole life turning circles trying to talk to people who smoke. For the life of me I have never understood why they had to be upwind of you. They have to share it I guess.

          Air fresheners and cleaners and smell-ums, women’s and men’s. I have a nephew that when he was young, a woman drenched in some parfum would cause him to instantly throw up. You couldn’t blame him. He was just a little kid and had no idea why he threw up.

          The older I get the less I cook bbq with wood. I cut the wood to the wife’s specifications, leave the pit clean and ready to pack just so and leave. What’s so crazy about it is she’d barely had any and for sure had never cooked anything on the pit. Soon, she became the pitmaster and I was more than willing to turn it over to her although in my ute I could cook with a pit. Now I’d just as soon do all the other work including carrying things but let her do the cooking. I used to like to smoke meats and still do but I have to do it so that I don’t get any of the smoke. Just having enough wind direction changes doing it and I will barely make the day and could care less about eating anything.

          Well, grocery stores, esp. places like wally that sell everything else too are the asthmatics worst nightmare. That still doesn’t mean I don’t have to go into one or some other store selling the same things. I am working on setting up an air purifier on my compressor so I can blow air into my welding hood. I might try to rig up a bubbler to add moisture. Right now I need to build a new BBQ pit and two steel doors among other projects that are hanging fire. I’d like to get the hood set up with it’s own air supply before I do.

          If you have any breathing problems at all, and something probably bothers you since you’re my age, ask your doc about it. A Script of albuterol and your clear to go anywhere without a mask.

  8. Slave Larry

    I hope I’m wrong but with Walmart surrendering to PC by requiring diapers in their stores nation wide starting July 20 the remainder of retail business will be following like lemmings. Then it will just a matter of time before most local and state godvernments will have to assert their authority and write it in stone. As a preemptive I will be wearing my gas welding shield with a dark tint every where I go. Its impossible to see the face of the person wearing the face shield but the wearer can see just fine.

  9. If by some miracle we have a legitimate election this Fall, perhaps there will be a political reset instead of a cultural reset. I cannot imagine the public will respond favorably to such blatant tyranny, and especially such utter disdain for the public that these psychopaths are displaying. Unfortunately, a legitimate election is looking more like a fairy tale every day. Looks to me like the whole nation is about to adopt the Chicago philosophy. “Vote early, vote often, and don’t let little things like death stop you. And remind your cat to vote too.” I could be wrong, I was wrong once before.

    • JWK, I saw a video where a family received a ballot in the name of a cat that had been dead for 12 years. I know a guy who received a ballot in the mail for a person who no longer lived at that address. Nothing would have stopped him from filling it out and returning it.

      I should get a record from the vet of all my dead and living pets and get a ballot for each. That would be enough to turn an election. Instead of ear tag numbers, we’ve even had names for cows. Wow, We can be our own voting bloc. We could easily determine the county commissioner and county judge and every elected official in the county. Now I have ideas.

  10. They are squeezing hard now from all sides, the last couple weeks they have been relentless. And the few of us that object they make look like kooks!

    Back when this started in March I was hoping it would all die down in two weeks or so, now its July and it gonna be closing schools and business yet again….

    • It’s like the Matrix now when all the Agent Smiths would pop up around Neo. If you venture out without a mask, the Agents of Covidiocy scramble to the unmasked yelling and screaming like a bunch of rabid zombies. The ironic thing is, when you watch these videos of the covidiots that come barreling down on the righteously unmasked, most, if not nearly all, are all morbidly obese. Their BMI’s are well over 40 percent, and they’re worried about an unmasked crusader? They should look in the mirror and try to stave off an eventual hear attack or diabetic organ failure.


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