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I’ve been invited to participate on Reddit as a “Libertarian Celebrity.” God help me.

Anyhow, here’s my first offering – a synopsized version of my defense of anarchy article.

I do like that Reddit sounds like something for adults… as opposed to something for 14-year-old girls (Twitter).

PS: We are damn close to making it into the green for the month; if a few more of you toss some coins into the fountain, we ought to be able to get there.

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  1. Removed by a moderator. A Reddit minion who works for freeeeee.

    I’m still shadow banned maybe your domain is now or your user id because spam.

    It’s catch 404 over there but get someone here to try again if possible in another sub verse.

    You could message the moderator too and ask him whose rod you have to stomp to get things kick started there. It’s obvious you never spammed them only your exuberant audience who soaped somebody’s box a little too long or something.

    The fact you are o

  2. Says it was removed. Reddit censors what they don’t like. Libertarian ideals -free speech – are not welcome at the site. Type “reddit censorship” into a search engine and see numerous results on the first page. I wouldn’t recommend wasting too much time there.

      • eric, I don’t grok it either. Is it an app? I’m sure I’d have to make an exception for it on NoScript which is no problem. I’m guessing you have to sign up???? ? ?

      • This is what I get:

        “Hello, /u/LibertarianCarGuy. Thanks for contributing! Unfortunately your submission has been removed:

        Submission content Do not create submissions to soapbox your political agenda. /r/PoliticalDiscussion is here to discuss and ask about current politics. It is not for here for you to soapbox or campaign.
        If you feel this was done in error, or would like better clarification or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to message the moderators.”

        Only thing I ever found worth anything on reddit is justrolledintotheshop.

        • Dear Brent,

          “Do not create submissions to soapbox your political agenda. /r/PoliticalDiscussion is here to discuss and ask about current politics. It is not for here for you to soapbox or campaign.”

          “Discuss and ask about current politics”, vs. “soapbox or campaign”.

          What kind of bullshit distinction is that???

          Reminds me of when Mao was asked about free speech on mainland China.

          Mao insisted that anyone can say anything he wants.

          The interviewer, needless to say, was incredulous, and said “Really?”

          Mao then added “Except enemies of the state”.

          As libertarians know only too well, that is now the way it is in post-9/11 Amerika.

          You can talk about why you support Sanders or the Donald. But talk about why you oppose both and you’re “soapboxing”, whatever the f**k that is.

          • It means the methods of communications are being co-opted.
            We are being controlled by mental clovers who will decide, Humpty-Dumpty like, what words mean, and when they mean that, instead of THIS…

            Mouse Utopia, we’re losing our minds because there are just too many humans. Something’s gone wrong, and we’re headed for extinction…

            Maybe that’s a good thing…? 😛


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