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Thanks to LG  and MB (please e-mail me; you’re both getting a signed copy of my new book when it comes out) and several others, EPautos is almost in the green!

See pie chart.

With just a couple days to go in the month, just a few more people chipping in will do the deed. Clover must be having a fit.

Let’s help him!

It would drive him – drive all of them (Clovers) – into a state of carpet-chewing/Hitler-in-the-bunker frenzy if this site really got rolling. I am working on that. But I need yours, too. I can provide the rants, the Clover-shivving.

You help me keep the lights on.

Thanks again to all of you!

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  1. VW is a murderer !!! – so says a paper authored by aviation researchers.

    And why is a lab whose mission is to advance our understanding of the environmental impacts of aviation, and to develop approaches to mitigate those impacts suddenly concerning itself with terrestrial vehicles.

    Or am I out of the loop, and VW has been producing flying cars?

    Steven Barrett — Research Group – Laboratory for Aviation and the Environment – MIT

    re: Impact of the Volkswagen emissions control defeat device on US public health: by Steven R H Barrett, Raymond L Speth, … yada yada cronyologist peers…

    – next peer reviewed paper coming soon

    – VW deadbeat pollution control device impacts on global warming, childhood asthma, and gender remuneration disparities. By Doctors Oprah, Oz, Springer, Cooper, Maddow, and O’Reilly.

  2. Han Chinese Turbo Boost !!

    China announces new policy, allowing all families 2 children

    The ruling party announced the upgrade to the nation’s posterity capacity by instigating a new two-child policy, which will especially effect the strictly governed gestational machinery of Han Chinese living in urban areas.

    Self-replication enthusiasts rejoice over relaxed human viable emissions standards

    – The Biomechanic gearheads were heard tinkering with their favorite love machines well into the night.

  3. Unlikely, but maybe they’ll pay in the future, for what they have so far enjoyed for free?

    Or make them humble, put them in the camel clutch.

    Any reasonable response to a trespass seems a defensive action, and thus adherent to the NAP.

    – –
    L Neil Smith Policy

    Permission is hereby granted to quote from TLE, provided that the author is fully cited, that the quotation is unaltered in any way, and that TLE is fully identified as the source (include TLE’s URL plus the issue number and/or the specific URL of the article). NOTE: articles are owned by the authors and you must have their permission for any other use.

    Permission is further granted to reprint articles from L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE, provided that the article is printed in full and is not altered in any way, that full recognition is given to the author, and that TLE is fully identified (include TLE’s URL plus the issue number and/or the specific URL of the article).

    – – – –

    Jane Friedman

    When do you NOT need to seek permission?

    When the work is in the public domain.

    When simply mentioning the title or author of a work.

    When you are stating unadorned facts.

    When you are linking to something. Linking does not require permission.

    When you abide by fair use guidelines. If you’re only quoting a few lines from a full-length book, you are likely within fair use guidelines, and do not need to seek permission. BUT this is a gray area.

    Don’t Do Us Any “Favors” — Don’t Steal Our Work! by Moira Allen

    Someone Stole My Article! What To Do When It Happens To You
    by Moira Allen

    • I wrote the editorial page editor a friendly note. Asked whether they might want me as a contributor. The paper seems to be simpatico, philosophically.

      But this stuff is an example, a case in point, of the ugly reality that is modern journalism. The Internet has made it effortless to enslave writers. To just take their work and use it as you please. Why hire an editorial writer or columnist when you can just copy and paste whatever he writes? It’s much cheaper.

      See my earlier rants. Musicians are in the same position but at least they can earn a buck performing live.

      The one light at the end of the tunnel is that someone like myself can survive financially if he gets support from the readers. The difficulty has always been getting enough of them to do so. It seems (my experience) the ratio is something like one out of 8,000 or so.

      Thus one must have an audience of at least 80,000 a month to get say 1,000 people supporting the site.

      That’s a steep hill to climb.

  4. Eric, your article about the 5k brand-new Renault, and how we can’t get it due to excessive regulations, was in the opinion section of my paper today. The website was listed so hopefully you get some more followers.

      • The editorial was said to have appeared in The Orange County Register on Monday. Did The Orange County Register ask? Anyway, I think it’s fair to say that that piece was read by many.

          • This is an ongoing pattern in the Opinion Section of the OCRegister.

            2 more:

            Government regulating away low-price vehicles

            The Electric Edsel – this guy nails it on electric cars

            – –

            Perhaps Brian Calle, the Opinion Editor, can serve as deserving cannon fodder in a rant against online pirates and their untenable notions of “free journalism.”
            – – –

            Brian Calle is Opinion Editor for the Orange County Register and the Press-Enterprise and Vice President of Freedom Newsgroup.

            He is also editor-in-chief of CalWatchdog.com and a Presidential Fellow and professor at Chapman University.

            He most recently co-hosted Fox 11’s “You Decide: SoCal” weekly news broadcast.

            Brian also serves as a Senior Fellow at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice; an Unruh Fellow at the Jesse Unruh Institute at the University of Southern California; a member of the International Executive Council for the Internet Marketing Association; and is an emeritus member of the Board of Governors for the University of Southern California.

            – I mean, look at all those accomplishments and honors, and yet Brian also just takes other peoples work when he wants to save a nickel, and brazenly uses them for freeeeeeee.

            Not even so much as a linkback, or a by your leave.


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