What Won Yesterday

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It looks like the standard-bearer of the Woke Authoritarian Left (WAL) will not be anointed as Virginia’s next governor. Of course, this may change as new “ballots” are discovered – but for the moment, a respite.

Not because the other guy (apparently) won. Rather, because it appears that WAL suffered a significant repudiation. Even in Northern Virginia, where the WAL appeared to be in full control – of everything.

And got too publicly cocky about it.

The Clinton’s buck-toothed  donkey lost – again, apparently – not because a sufficiency of voters were enthused about Glenn Youngkin, a Republican cut from the same cloth as Mitt Romney. Rather, the Clinton’s donkey lost because he brayed too loudly, too openly about such things as parents of kids in government schools needing to shut up, sit down and let the WAL put boys who dress like girls freely enter the actually girls’ bathrooms and lecture kids of both sexes who happen to be white that they are intrinsically oppressive to “people of color. “

The backlash has elected – apparently – the first female (a real one) person of color to the office of attorney general – and sent the Clinton donkey braying uproariously its wounded outrage.

Youngkin is not likely to restore the Bill of Rights in Virginia. But that misses the point of this election.

WAL lost – in a state presumed to be its fief-perpetual. WAL may have lost another state – New Jersey (as this is written early post-election day, the NJ race is too close to call) which is a loss for the WAL even if the WAL’s candidate – the sitting governor – clings to his office.

The tide is turning.

The country resonates with chants of Let’s Go Brandon! It is driving the WAL batty because it is a barometer of that changing tide. The WAL has been using the strategy pioneered by the WAL’s founder – Vladimir Lenin. He knew you win by presuming you are the majority, which you achieve by belittling and demoralizing the actual majority.

He literally seized the name – majority – for his minority cabal of original gangster Woke Authoritarian Leftists, styling them bolsheviks, which in the Russian language means . . . majority. Which conferred upon his radical minority a false legitimacy. The Bolsheviks – as their party became known – seized control as the representatives of “the people.” In fact, they represented a tiny minority of the populace. Indeed, many of them weren’t even Russians – as the imprisoned Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn would note in his Gulag Archipelago.

Today’s WAL has been using the same technique – with great effect because its membership controls what is styled the “mainstream” media, which includes social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Which the WAL has used to create a false impression of majority-hood.

By suppressing the majority.

Those who offend the WAL’s sensitivities are disappeared – not by goon squads hauling people off into the night but via the less overt method of cancelling them. Their mouths are electronically muzzled (an interesting parallel there with the Face Diapers also pushed by the WAL) and their persons isolated thereby, causing them to believe they are at odds with the . . . majority. This stifling effect ripples through the general population, making the majority feel themselves a displaced minority, obsolete and in the way.

Salt into the mix some opprobrium – make the majority feel ashamed of their contrarian points-of-view; impute to them “racism” and  “sexism” and general small-mindedness.

It worked – superficially – for quite some time.

But at the same time, a percolating resentment waxed. The majority began to re-connect by forming new connections. Many examples of this trend can be adduced but one will suffice to make the point. A single guy sitting behind a $150 neon sign with a $200 Go Pro video-recording his interviews has acquired more viewers than CNN. That guy being Joe Rogan.

Like Youngkin, it misses the point to say Rogan’s not “conservative” or “libertarian.” The point is he’s not WAL.

Same as regards Youngkin.

In spite of formidable odds – the total weight of the WAL machine (and money) was hurled into Virginia – the WAL lost (apparently). In spite of all the advantages of a multi-million-dollar network, one man with a Go Pro and neon sign has managed to out-media CNN.

Most people may not be libertarian – yet! – but they are not Woke. And the more the WAL’s tyranny of the minority is rejected, the more the majority inches toward the libertarian point-of-view. This evolution is inevitable for just that reason. As people reason it out, they begin to see.

The rejection of the vicious authoritarianism of the Left implies a repudiation of authoritarianism, as such – because authoritarianism is always and inherently vicious. Psychologically normal people begin to see that.

Take heart!

And Let’s Go Brandon!

. . . .

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    • Good to see that Tulsi is still unafraid to stand up to her party’s establishment.
      The way she was sidelined in the presidential debates was obscene.
      Young, well spoken, attractive, (kinda) white and an actual woman. Must’ve pushed too many buttons.

      • I agree, Escher –

        Tulsi is one of those rare Democrats who isn’t a Jacobin. RFK, Jr. is another. While neither represents my ideal, they are infinitely preferable to the WAL death cult that controls the current Democratic Party.

    • Unfortunately, Sweeney, the Dem leader he defeated, has informed us that 12,000 votes have been “found” (yeah, right!), and that they have to be counted. Ditto for Gov. Murphy He’s not conceding. As a native of NJ, I’m not surprised by this sort of chicanery…

  1. Good job Virginia. Way to live up to your noble traditions. The tide is turning, and this battle has not even really begun. Make no mistake, voting is still a sham completely under the thumb of TPTB. They just realized their not ready for open and armed rebellion, yet. They also seek to preserve the illusion that voting still matters. Everywhere, across the country except Cal, New York, Chicongo, and a few other shitholes the dems would never win another election if it was an honest and fair count.

  2. I listened to a minute or two of the Repub governor victory speech. Sounded like a democrat. Saying we’re going to increase funding for schools and teachers. Said he was going to lower some sort of tax… for veterans. But he mentioned school choice and charter schools so that’s nice. He said a lot about doing things, but nothing tangible. But I only could bear to listen to a couple minutes. All this seems fake. Still. Happy for Virginia and this little victory, even if it may just be a psychological one.

    • Nobody makes $440 Million these days by being a good guy….

      Libertarians voting for anyone other than Libertarians (and even then with many reservations) is ironic [O-K…so maybe Libertarian hipsters can do it :D] because we speak of how ridiculous it is when they speak of the illusory “social contract” and how such a thing can not exist because we never consented to such a scheme…and then they go and vote, which is the giving of consent- not only to be ruled by the candidate one votes for if they do indeed win, but to be ruled by whoever wins, because by participating in such a scheme they are agreeing to the terms of that scheme, which means to accept the authority of those who win and all of the BS they foist upon us.

      • Not disagreeing with any of the excellent points on either side of that issue bud. 🙂

        But it’s ok to let oneself be happy about something for a short time. Not believing a lie, just happy it isn’t worse.

        • Yeah, Brandon (Are you that guy they’re all saying “Let’s go” about? I don’t know what that’s about…must be from TV).

          O-K, re the VA. election: I’m slightly less disgusted than if the other asshole had won.

          Hey, I just found out that burner phones are going away as of early 2022. I’ll be a man without a cellphone, ’cause I won’t have a smart phone, nor pay $300 a year for the two or three calls I make every year. THANKS DONALD! (He championed the 5G network- Now they’re discontinuing 3G to make more room- and all of the small burner phone co.s are going away or have been purchased by the biggies). It never ends! (I wouldn’t care, but if I ever break down in the middle of nowhere….).

          • “I’m slightly less disgusted” There. That’s the spirit Nunz 🙂

            Do you actually not know what that’s from?

            I must admit Nunz, it is one of my favorite memes. I would prefer people just said fuck joe biden, but I suppose if kids are around or if in polite company the meme phrase will suffice. It also serves the benefit of belittling the state media. So I really do like it. But the word may end up being put on the domestic terrorist list.

            Cheap smartphones and plans exist. Tracfone. Just keep the thing off and put it in a faraday bag when traveling. Take it out and charge it once a month.

            By the way, somewhere you made a comment that most people just vote in their best interest. I posit there is a difference between best interest votings. One side votes to take the money and liberty of others. Versus the other party that generally votes to preserve their own money and liberty. Both voting in self interest, two different moralities. This is generally.

            • Brandon,

              Where the “Let’s go, Brandon” thing came from was a NASCAR race. At the race, the fans were chanting FJB. The reporterette, being a good lib, tried to spin it to say that they were cheering for driver Brandon Brown, who’d just won his first race; she said that the fans were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon”, not FJB. The rest, as they say, is history… 🙂

            • **”That’s the spirit Nunz “**

              For my next feat of enthusiasm, I will be waving a flag. (Gadsden).

              No, I really do not know what that “Let’s go Brandon” thing is all about- I just see everyone saying it all of a sudden. (Are we supposed to be able to see words? I think I may have an ear problem).

              Don’t. Make. Me Google it!

              Oh, and I agree- The crowd which votes merely for personal benefit- whether that benefit be actual largess or the infliction of their ideology on others, is a completely different beast than those who, like many here, vote to try and preserve liberty and restrain evil. The general public- the unthinking (m)asses- the maskholes practice the former.

              • Hey Nunzy, Marky’s comment above summarizes how it came about. You can see the words too. I’ve seen the phrase written on two truck trailers. I hope the phrase stays for a while, because of what it means. Saw a woman was kicked out of a stadium for wearing a shirt that had the phrase on it.

                Congrats on the flip-phone, you hipster.

                • Ah, right you are, Mr. Jin! MM ‘splained it! (Hey, we’re both on here at the same time- How’d that happen- what with the different time zone and the inbreeding and all?)

                  [And thank you, Mark!]

                  Now I “get” Eric’s Boo-urns parody!

                  Hey, it can be confusing what with all the Brandons these days! Don’t people use normal names anymore- like Phineas or Buster? (If you ever have a kid, name him Buster- it would make it very difficult for him to become queer!)

                  **”Congrats on the flip phone”**

                  Thanks. Hey, you know me- always willing to spend some coin to be on the bleeding edge!

            • Oh, and PS. I ended up calling Tracfone…and they still offer one (ONE!) dumb-phone, which they’re sending me for free (Saved a sweet $14 there, woo-hoo!) and it’ll cost me only $80 a year to keep it alive. Not a burner phone, as they have my name and CC now…but at least it’s not a smart phone, and it’s not $300 a year. (Which would come out to about $100 a call for the amount of calls I make)…no faraday cage required…and the battery is removable! (Unlike all the smart phone offerings I saw.

              So if you see the cool guy with the retro 90’s style flip-phone….. (Looking at those smart phones…they’re huge! How does anyone carry one without breaking it? (unintentionally). They don’t look all that smart to me.

              • Nunz, I have that Tracfone flip, and unfortunately it’s not quite as dumb as one would want. It’s an Alcatel “MyFlip 2” phone running KaiOS, an operating system based on Firefox OS. Google has invested millions of dollars in KaiOS and the phone includes Google Assistant that cannot be uninstalled, plus who knows what crap installed by Tracfone. At least the battery can be taken out of it so it’s dead to the world when not being used.

                There’s info at bananahackers.net on rooting KaiOS phones to gain control of them, but I got the thing pretty recently due to 3G service going away soon and have not had time to really look at that aspect of it yet.

                • The one I’m getting is an LG Classic Flip, Jason. I’m sure it’s just as bad though. I’ll definitely check out that Bananahackers site- thanks!
                  I’ve often wondered if there ain’t some kind of radio relay service service- kinda like ship-to-shore radio…but inland- where ya could radio an operator and he/she/it would patch you through to a desired phone number. Doubt it though…even if such existed, it’d probably be more desolate than a Scottish pay-terlit now, and therefore long gone. But something like that would be ideal just for ‘mergencies. -But then…the flipster in the glove compartment with the battery out’ll work (Well..when ya put the battery back)- I’m actually surprised that such an alternative still exists..it’ll probably be the last iteration of it though. At least they say 4G will be remaining active for at least another decade… (I’d like to say by then, hopefully I’ll be dead…but no one in my family has died that young…so it ain’t looking good..or is it bad? 🙂 )

                • I’d love to! Just like to have one in the glove compartment, for like: The time I blew my tranny in the middle of nowhere. On a Sunday…17 miles from the nearest small town, where everything’s closed on Sundays. Would probably still be there if i hadn’t had a phone. Had to wait like two hours for the tow truck truck to come from the city as it was…..

                  People are nice here though- almost every car that passed (about 10 of ’em!) stopped and asked if I needed anything. I would’ve flet like a real ass if I had had to say: “Ummm..err…can I use your phone?” and then sit there for half an hour making calls till I found somebody that was open and willing to come.
                  I actually had given up my cell phone for several years after moving here… till the rainy day my alternator took a dump. Luckily I was only half a mile from a small store that had a phone they let me use.
                  But if the option of a cheap dumb phone went away, I certainly would do without.

                  • Same here. I hardly ever even turn the thing on, but since these days there are almost no pay phones around and no emergency phones on freeways any more I keep the sail-fawn for emergency use.

                    • The absurdity is, Jason, that a phone with a 2.something-inch screen would have an operating system and interweb access! (Actually, the absurdity is that a phone would do any of this stuff that these tracking devices do- to the point where it’s like actually making phone calls is almost an afterthought and the one thing that the phone is not good at!)

                      Hey, way off topic, but since there seem to be a bunch of fart smellas…err…smart fellas here at the moment, does anyone have any idear what this music is:


                  • Just do it. No excuses. You know it’s simply a link to the Beast system and you’re always worried about “what if” regarding the “trac-ing.”

                    • You’re right… It’s my one indulgence…and one I really would like to give up. Every time I use one of those damn phones (Like two or three times a year) I come yay close to smashing it on the ground- seriously- I draw my hand back…and barely stop myself before doing it. (I actually did it once before moving here….freaking Motorola POS! I slammed it down and then stomped all over it as I said in a maniacal voice “Die! Die! Die!”- then had a glorious few years sans anything but a landline)

                  • At one point, a coupla years ago, I started thinking about these one in a million scenarios for carrying the tracking device and said “F it.” My circumstances allow me to do so. So I do so. YMMV.

                    • Yeah, I liove in a very rural area…..when the vehicle stops going…it’s game over if ya don’t have a phone.

                      Though about getting a moped to stash in the back…but that would seriously get in the way..and then when ya need it, after sitting fror years, wouldn’t work.

                      Only had three occasions in the last 20 years where I really needed the phone; The aforementioned tranny, alternator, and the time (just last year) I was taking my new tires to get mounted, and was using the spare…and it blew!

                      Sucks…but those rare occasions when ya really need it….

                    • Hey Brandon,
                      I’ve recently discovered Rainman Rays Repairs, too, who is just a guy working in a shop, who videos his jobs and talks. I find it oddly satisfying. For some reason, after watching him, I have less stress when I have to do repairs (I’m so burnt-out when it comes to doing mechanicky stuff! )

                      I gotta find that song though! Although…from past experiences, it wouldn’t surprise me if the few seconds the Wizard plays at the end of the vids is the only good part [Finds song…prepares to listen with great satisfaction…after 5 seconds some [c]rap beat starts…then several ex-cons start spewing ebonics and profanity….I vomit]

                    • Nunz, I also really enjoy repair videos. There is so much good content out there. Car stuff is generally what I consume when trying to avoid political stuff. You still get some of the satisfaction watching a repair and generally learn something. I bet if I had a project car I could work on in my spare time, I’d enjoy it immensly. But whenever my daily needs something done, it is not fun, it is stressful, not enjoyable, no matter how small the job. And I don’t think I’d enjoy it if I had to do it for a living.

                      I totally know the feeling when it comes to songs that have a couple of seconds that sound really good, and then the rest of the song is either meh, or pure trash. It’s like, why buy the song when I only really like 15 seconds of it?

    • Some cynical observers think that this last election was a bone thrown to us by TPTB, so as to: 1) make us forget about the epic steal of 2020; and 2) to fool us in to thinking that our vote matters. These folks say that, come 2022, when control of Congress and many state offices is on the line, that we’ll see a repeat of 2020.

  3. I don’t view this as a win for the Rs, but as a repudiation of non stop covid mania, CRT, and generalized govt overreach.

    I don’t think anyone will learn the lesson of yesterday though.
    Rs will see it as success.
    D’s will not believe their policies are to blame.

    D’s are already saying they lost because they didn’t pass enough laws.

    • Yeah, the Ds are getting ready to double down; they’re saying that, because the “Infrastructure” and “Build Back Better” bills weren’t passed, the voters were upset with them.

      • Hi Mark,

        The infrastructure bill just passed the house last night and is heading to Biden’s desk….what’s the inflation rate on 1.2 trillion dollars of funny money?

  4. Hey Eric, et al.

    Congrats getting the slightly unworse candidate into office. Hopefully it yields decent results.

    ‘Rona Update:

    I’m on Day 6 now. Day 5 began a little rough, and I ran a little “short of breath” standing there, talking to my GF. After eating a bit, though, I improved some, and by the end of the day, my appetite and euphoria had greatly increased and things were going well.

    I entered this day in that state of being, and felt nearly normal. This illness is quite strange, however, and after a few hours, felt drained and anxious. I’m wondering if, sometimes, when people say “short of breath” it doesn’t really have to do with breathing. My lungs feel clear. My coughs are waning. The nasal drainage is decreasing. My oxygen saturation is normal.

    I think the weakness and “shortness of breath” are sometimes low blood sugar. I deliberately haven’t been eating a lot of sugar-containing foods, as my (naturopath) doctor had suggested. Only a piece of fruit in the morning, then mostly meat and vegetables.

    She had also told me to not be alarm if I experienced times of weakness right when I feel like I’m doing better.

    All in all, the illness has been fairly mild. I haven’t been “bed-ridden” at all. Maybe couch ridden, but I’ve been able to do small house chores. The worst thing about my illness, by far, is the uncertainty. I, like most people, have been bombarded by horror stories for 18 months, and don’t want to be one of them. I’m unfortunately an anxious person by nature.

    Every day brings my GF and I closer to health, but the days drag and sometimes I wish I had rosier thoughts. I had hoped that my arsenal of antiviral vitamins and supplements would bring a quite short sickness. Guess not THAT short. :p

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Glad to hear that you and your GF are doing better. When I felt ill in June 2020 it lasted about 7 to 8 days. It was mild, but aggravating because one doesn’t feel back to normal. Don’t be surprised if you go through a bit of brain fog…took me several months before I felt pretty normal although the illness was gone.

      Keep doing what you are doing. Has your girlfriend been successful with the antibody treatment?

      • Hey, RG!

        More or less. It certainly helped her suffering. She’s still pretty drained, but she hasn’t been stuck in bed all day. She has been feeling dizzy, though. Probably affecting her inner ear, I reckon. It’s her 8th day, and I’m hoping she’ll be completely well soon.

        Goes to show you, though, if you qualify for the antibodies and you want to go that route, don’t hesitate. Go get ’em right away.

        Certainly is aggravating, though. You’re right. Anyone thinking this is like a normal cold or flu, it’s not. After the fever broke, the usual similarities between this and a cold or flu seemed to depart. We both still cough here and there, but it’s mostly about the strangeness remaining, now.

        • I appreciate that you’ve been sick a week or so but you’ve also provided the public blow by blow. So, can you describe what it was after the fever broke that was so dissimilar from the flu? The “strangeness.” Over the years, I remember going to the doctor because a flu or sickness lasted more than 14 days (the old standard, I think, to seek medical care) and the doctor laughingly reassuring me I was gonna make it and this was normal for flus and things.

          • Anon,

            Like I was saying, there is this intermittent weakness/anxiety which may be low blood sugar or something else. The body feels heavy, the muscles feel spent. Then it just… Disappears, and I feel fine.

            WIth a flu, normally I have the sickness, with fever, nausea, vomiting, and then I steadily recover. Fatigue with a cold is much different, wherein I just feel tired, like it’s time to go to bed. This isn’t like that. Hard to explain. Just hope I return to perfectly normal soon.

            Truth is, I shouldn’t complain a bit. I’ve had people explain how they were stuck in bed, and to get up to get breakfast used them up for half the day. I’m doing much better than that.

    • Yep. They all belong to the same club. The big money behind Carlyle and it’s involvement with the defense industry, which is where GY’s $440 Million camer from pretty much tells you everything ya need to know. Just another actor playing on the side of ‘conservatives’- like Mittens, GWB or DJT.

      The NRA wouldn’t endorse the guy because he refused to fill out the candidate’s 2A survey- i.e. he doesn’t want to be on record for anything specific re 2A because he either has nefarious plans cincerning it…or is remaining open for what his handlers will tell him to do.

      Better than McAuliffe? Maybe 0.5% -but now the good people in VA go back to sleep. Had the Mick won, those same people may have actually started taking their lives (and money) back, instead of passively sitting there believing in the lies their new champion tells them as he sells them down the creek, only with more comforting words than the Donkey.

      It just pains me that Libertarians get involved in this crap. I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong- but it sure looks bad..and sure is a bad example for the less informed who may be starting to come around.

  5. Hijinks:

    ‘In Union County [New Jersey], for example — one of the state’s largest counties that votes heavily Democratic — 95% of the votes had been counted and reported in the governor’s election as of 11:23 p.m. Tuesday. But the county clerk’s office stopped counting votes at that time. — nj.com

    Wait, WHAT? They stopped counting on election night? With the candidates standing by for results?

    When have we seen that before? Oh, yeah … just last year in Atlanta, when they ‘stopped counting’ and sent the election observers home. Then, as recorded on video, the county employees hauled out bins from under the skirted tables and started feeding ballots into the machines in the wee hours of the night.

    Something’s rotten in Union County.

  6. I will refrain from posting a link, but Anglin’s take on this outcome is up on Unz.

    He embeds a “Tweet” of hearty congratulations to the Governor-elect from none other than Mike “We Lied We Cheated We Stole It Was Great Fun” Pompeo.

    Anglin: “When Mike Pompeo says you represent ‘American values,’ I know you’re a worthless human being, and probably some kind of cannibal or severe sex pervert.”

    That’s a gonzo-bingo right there.

    Anther Tweeter-of-well-wishes is Ted “O Canada” Cruz, who evidently joined the gubernatorial victor in wholesome celebrations into the wee hours. Good people. Good team to be on.

  7. Hey Eric – Great news that WAL has had a setback in Virginia! Did the folks at the polling place suggest that you diaper up? Did they give you any grief?

    • Jack BETTER contest it, there’s no way he’d legitly lose to that Creepy looking Dirty Carpet Bagger from Masswholetwoshits, ESPECIALLY when a Trucker (R) who spent $200 total on his campaign defeated the Senate President (D)

      Got 17 days to contest and recount Jersey, this is the real test for Jack; he either fights or shows his true colors and folds like a bitch.

      Also, congrats Eric on the win, better this Rino than the WAL

  8. “The Bolsheviks – as their party became known – seized control as the representatives of ‘the people.’ In fact, they represented a tiny minority of the populace. Indeed, many of them weren’t even Russians…”

    Aaaaand… what were they? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Somehow, that’s one thing that is still denied around here. (The “Moon Landing” charade is another). (Although a few of us here are onboard with one or both of those)

      • Yessir, I am just curious no one thinks how it was possible to get thru the van allen radiation belts without being in a capsule lined by several feet of Lead. Curious minds would ask a few other common sense questions about this moon landing hoax.

        • Hi Anon,

          My understanding is the radiation present in the Van Allen Belt is not especially lethal provided one doesn’t linger within their influence. Apollo made provisions for that.

          • But apparently NASA can’t figure that out today, despite the thousand-fold increase in technology- as they had stated a few years back that it was the Van Allen Belt problem that was the primary hindrance of them ‘returning to the Moon’……..

            • Oligarchs in Spaaaaace has not been nearly as popular as gov’t space shenanigans. Wonder why. Have you seen any of the footage? High camp. Then arguing in the media about who went 5 or 10 feet into “space.” To your point about modern tech vs. the 60s, couldn’t Bezos or the other guy just buy the old plans from NASA and recreate the whole thing? Maybe not, though, because Kubrick’s been dead for a while now.

            • Nunz, back in the 1960s it was radiation…. whatever. Go through it, see what happens. Today it’s Safeeeeeeeeety. except for experimental jabs from big pharma in which case they don’t care.

              I have a 1964 Space planner’s guide from the Air Force. A long ago declassified book. I’ll just say it doesn’t mesh with modern sensibilities and leave at that. Anyway the radiation exposure chart vs. aluminum shielding pound per sq ft for the Van Allen belt is on page IV-8.

              The text makes it clear that the idea is to avoid the internal regions of the van allen belt. Talks about protected areas of the space craft for traversing the region, etc. Basically it all comes down to what risk, what level of safety.

              And we know that what would be accepted in the 1960s is several orders of magnitude greater than today. Anyway this article explains routing and just how little Al it took for shielding. https://science.thewire.in/the-sciences/apollo-11-van-allen-radiation-belts-translunar-injection/

              It seems to match up well with what’s in the space planners guide for shielding.

          • What i have read about the radiation belts are they are possibly some tens of thousands of miles in diameter and that distance to travel would be enough to make it lethal.

            Also why did the Soviets/Russians did not attempt this? As did the chinnese and Europeans, much later. Any thoughts?

  9. Excellent news, Eric! I thought of you immediately when I read the VA (apparent) results. And not a squeaker, either! As you point out, it’s not that the Repub guy is that great, but that the winds seem to be shifting in the right direction.

  10. Eric,
    Congrats on a win last night. NJ is still within the margin of cheat so not likely to flip but a statement as been made.

    That ugly bastard Juan Williams last night attempted to explain away the loss that people of Virginia were duped by this *guy*. He meant to say racist. No Juan, your own teammates left your team and crossed over to vote for the evil opposition republican because they got a free taste of your Marxism to come. Hey Juan….FU and let’s go Brandon!

    • ‘NJ is still within the margin of cheat so not likely to flip but a statement as been made.’ — Hans Gruber

      No kidding. Pre-election, the Lügenpresse focused mostly on competitive Virginia, because a Dem win in NJ was thought to be inevitable, like Hillary.

      NJ currently balanced at 49.65% R vs 49.60% D is the strategic equivalent of General Lee marching east from Gettysburg, crossing the Delaware like Washington, and laying siege to New York City, deep in enemy territory.

      When states as different as NJ and VA concur that D-party tyranny has gone too far, it sends a beautiful message to the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer axis: we despise you and everything you stand for.

      • Hi Jim,

        Not only that, but it puts moderate Dems in the House of Representatives fearing a loss in their districts, which shuts down the Biden agenda. Watching what happened in VA and NJ puts Abagail Spanberger (VA), Elaine Luria (VA), and Mickie Sherill (NJ) having to decide – pass Biden’s agenda and lose your seat or fight the agenda and save your ass?

        This also gives Manchin and Sienma a little more breathing room to fight against the infrastructure and Build Back Bankrupt bills. The Dems now know they are in deep trouble so do they press forward or simmer down and shut up for awhile?

        • RG,

          This also gives Manchin and Sienma a little more breathing room to fight against the infrastructure and Build Back Bankrupt bills. The Dems now know they are in deep trouble so do they press forward or simmer down and shut up for awhile?

          Bloomberg mentioned that this morning; they said that, thanks to last night, Manchin had a lot more leverage this morning…

          • Hi Mark,

            If Manchin is watching what is going on around him he needs to catapult and become an Independent. I doubt he will, because he will lose the Dem funds for his reelection campaign, but if he had integrity he would become his own man.

            If he folds on this BBB plan WV will vote him out.

        • Wouldn’t it be cool if the NJ vote ends up like the Florida presidential poll in Nov 2000, with a statewide margin of only a few dozen or hundred votes?

          A recount could go on for weeks, providing high drama for all, and rich material for conspiracy mongering on both sides.

          Show me the hanging chads!

      • You don’t think that the WAL can’t manage two states at once. They rigged an election in six or more states in 2020 and a bunch in 2016-19 as well. They decided to tone down their cheating this time because they were afraid people would start burning shit down this time around. The cheating is still unerway, if not complete in New Jersey at the time of this writing.They are much less likely to resist and burn shit in the garbage state.

  11. It looks like the VA House of Delegates will flip too! Granted, it’s a narrow 51-49 majority, but the WAL no longer controls the House in VA… 🙂

  12. Eric – any idea what the new guys stance is on diapering / the jab / the rona (sorry maybe I should just google but want your view).

    • Hi Nasir,

      He hasn’t been especially specific – but the Clinton Donkey was. It – the Donkey – intended to mandate the Jab for all private employers. And I’m certain it favored Diapers Forevermore.

      • So I wandered into video from the american enterprise institute on jab mandates last night. A bunch of so-called conservatives. It was about how various restrictions of the unjabbed, mandates, and so on were favored by the majority. It’s just insane. So called conservatives.

        Also my comments keep getting removed on it. I’ve never seen the automatic delete so aggressive. I almost think a person is pulling the trigger as altered.

        • Hi Brent,

          I’m not surprised. AEI is as “conservative” as Gary Johnson was libertarian. I wish conservatives were – in the main – more conscious of the Judeo-Christian concepts of free will and the sanctity of the individual’s right to choose that forms the very basis of conservatism and without which it’s meaningless.

          AEI represents state conservatism, a very different thing. A thing very similar to the obedience to the state demanded by the WAL.

  13. You mean to tell me the Libertarian candidate, Princess Blanding, lost the election? I mean com’on man, You could have had “Governor Princess” as your leader!

    And they wonder why the LP is a joke. Stop sending in the clowns.

    • Hi RK,

      She was the Liberation candidate, not libertarian….big difference in what libertarians thought and her proposals.

    • The large L libertarians suffer the same delusion as the Rs and the Ds. That the system is great, if only WE were in charge of it. Fortunately, those who adhere to such nonsense clearly expose themselves. They would just as readily put a gun to your head and force you to accept their nonsense as any R or D would.

    • Yes, real libertarians don’t vote. The system itself is a sham. The Libertarian Party, I’m convinced, was conceived to slander and discredit libertarian values.

    • Ok guys…no libertarian candidate ran in VA this year. Princess Blanding was part of a new party called the LIBERATION Party, not attached to the libertarian party. The Liberation Party is for reparations, looking at issues through the eye of systematic racism, more money to black universities, etc.


      I am now wondering how many libertarians pulled the lever believing they were voting for something very different.

  14. Congratulations Virginia. It’s a small step, but it is a step in the right direction. Don’t suffer the delusion that your fight is over. Tyrants don’t give up easily, or painlessly. They have to be dragged away, kicking and screaming, perfectly willing to kill you to maintain their position They are psychopaths. Don’t expect any action resembling sanity, though they are good at putting on a show resembling it.


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