The New “Priority”

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When did “the health and safety” – italics for the latter – become the  “top priority” of a major American car company?

Why, just yesterday – when Ford Motor Company became a kind of hospital ward that incidentally builds cars. Management has decreed that all of its 30,000 salaried employees must now take their meds else be fired, the honest way of saying what Ford said.

Which was “suspended without pay.”

Which is etymologically like being a “customer” of the DMV’s.

This business of businesses believing it is their business to involve themselves in the health of people who do business with them is a very odd thing. It is like having your blood pressure checked at the shoe store.

But it is not a new thing.

Many businesses have long maintained it is within their purview to require employees not to smoke – even when not at work. The employee is screened – via pee tests – for signs of tobacco usage and if discovered, subject to  . . . “suspension without pay.”

The pee tests themselves are a commonplace thing in the American workplace – as opposed to American halfway houses, as they once were in what was once America. And they are based on the same fundamental thing as well as another, far worse thing.

The employee must in the first place establish his innocence without cause to suspect he is guilty of anything. Bad enough. But it doesn’t even matter that the thing he might be “guilty” of doing is entirely legal (e.g., smoking) and for that matter none of the businesses’ rightful business  . . . particularly if not done at work and without any affect upon the worker’s performance at work.

What’s next? Will businesses claim that they have the right to know which books you read? Whether you have guns at home?

Perhaps you begin to see . . .

But it wasn’t seen by Americans who accepted having to pee in a cup as a condition of being allowed to work. And now, here we are. It is no longer sufficient to be hired because you have the capability to do the job – and to be retained because you do your job.

Your job is now the means by which a job is done – to you.

Your “health” – as the company defines it – is now the “top priority.”

Note that it does not matter whether you are in, fact, healthy. It never mattered with regard to the wearing of “masks,” either.

Because the wearing – and the Jabbing – is not about health.

Ford – and it is not only Ford – is not measuring waistlines nor calculating the BMI of employees.

No corporation demanding that employees roll up their sleeves (or wear the “masks) is much interested in the rolls around the middles of some employees.

At least, not yet.

For now, all that matters – as regards the “health” of under-duress employees – is that they submit. Once they have, the definition of “health” can be – will be – expanded.

It will not, however, encompass actual health – or healthy “practices.”

Fitness isn’t a qualifying exemption – notwithstanding that being fit (no rolls) is an exemption, as regards this and most other catching sicknesses. If you take care of yourself, you are not likely to need care. Much less the Jab. Very few healthy/fit people who’ve caught this sickness fail to recover from it.

Almost no young people even get it.

This is – as it is styled – the science. As opposed to the political science.

And yet, not a word – much less a mandate – regarding actually healthy “practices.” It ought to raise questions.

If Ford – if any of these businesses – really gave a tinker’s damn about the “health”of their employees, then healthy employees would be rewarded rather than strong-armed to put their health at risk – pressured to accept the certainty of “adverse affects” upon their bodily sovereignty.

The death of their dignity.

For it is degrading to be made to roll up one’s sleeve. To know they can make you – and that they did.

A reasonable approach – or at least, one with some justification as regards health – would be to encourage (but not threaten) unhealthy people to consider doing something to become healthier – like lose the rolls.

But then, it is not “health” that is the “top priority” of Ford – or any other company pushing these drugs on employees.

Italics, to make the point.

For it will not be just this drug. It will be whatever drugs – and whatever else – they say.

Else be “suspended without pay.”

It is as much about “health” as the FICA tax is a “contribution.”

Both are, however, fundamentally the same thing.

It is not about how you are expected to do the job you’re being paid to do. They mean to tell you how to live. How you will be allowed to live.

Ostensibly, the sayers are acting in loco parentis – in our best interests. This of course being an insufferably insulting notion since it presumes adults to be idiot children incapable of acting in their own best interests. And of course, it is not in our best interests – as regards those of us who are not idiot children in adult bodies.

We are better off planning for our own retirement – and would be better prepared for it if we still had the 15 percent taken as FICA “contributions” in our hands, saved and invested – rather than the government’s hands in our pockets and nothing left to show for it but a ragged IOU. Which isn’t even that (your Social Security being a dole, not a right).

Just as healthy people are much better off taking care of their health than rolling up their sleeves to be injected with unhealthy drugs.

But never mind health.

That is merely the excuse, the superficially plausible (to fools) mechanism to establish who owns the employee. And what metric of ownership is more defining than being in a position to control the body – what goes into the body – of the employee?

The object of the Jab isn’t the Jab, per se. It is to set the precedent. To establish that employees are the chattel of employer overlords. Who will next degree mandatory doctor visits and obedience to doctor’s orders.

You will take this pill. That shot. Any shot – any pill – the doctor (who is the agent of the pharmaceutical estate that controls the state) so decrees, enforced by threats of “suspension without pay.”

To establish the new order of things.

It is as inevitable – if this is submitted to – as water finding its level.

Which is why it ought not to be submitted to. For it is much more than just your job that is being used to Jab you.

They mean to own you. Body – and thus, soul.

If we sign over the pink slip to them.

Let’s not.

. . . .

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  1. Locked in your house soon……there is a lot of countries with jab rate below 1%, no lockdowns, etc., probably a better place to live………

    Austria Moves Closer To Imposing Lockdown On The Unvaccinated
    Such measures will extend beyond vaccine passports, mandating that people who are unjabbed stay at home and only leave for “essential” reasons such as buying food.

  2. Can Ford be anymore ignorant?

    Manufacturing dissent right about now.

    Eventually, you will be mandated to pick a bale of cotton, then pick a bale of hay.

    Jump down, turn around… get vaccinated, get your mask on, you stupid slave.

    Your turn to be a permanent enslaved human robot ready to be harvested by all means necessary from womb to tomb.

    Meanwhile, you pay through the nose so the brainless idiots in charge can steal everything in sight.

    You’re being used and abused, it will all come to a screeching halt.

    Montreal was the slave trade capital of the New world.

    Souix tribal members were shipped to the Caribbean to chop sugar cane.

    The Cree captured them and sold them into slavery.

    The Choctaw made a good living tracking down runaway slaves.

    Everybody was in on the game. The slave trade was a huge industry.

    John Newton wrote Amazing Grrace.

    He finally saw the light..

    Actually, hydrocarbons have lifted humanity to an enlightening path, along with running water and electricity.

    Everybody is in on the Great Reset, i.e. the new world order of slave trading.

    Ford included.

    Don’t fall for it.

    You’ll always be in the dark.


    It will be a rhousand years of slavery.

  3. ….Be aware…be very aware. Notice how they announced January 4th as the drop-dead-date for taking their lethal shot? If the battle against the virus was so bad…why wait two months to implement the shots? They know their “mandates” are not legal or constitutional and are likely to be overturned…so they keep dangling the pressure, but with an ever increasing future date of enforcement. They are trying to wear down the resistance…and creating hardships for those who will not comply. But their math is off, as very few additional people will be forced into compliance. Liberty-Loving-People will gather together, care for each other, feed each other…and defend each other. That is when their direct, kinetic attacks will begin. Be ready.

    • They want to force compliance, to scare businesses into imposing mandates largely on their own. Unfortunately a lot of stupid businesses don’t realize this isn’t actually a law, but is in fact an unenforceable, completely illegal edict. But the mere threat of ridiculous fines is enough for many businesses. Won’t be much of a Christmas when you know you’re about to lose your job.
      It’s going to get very interesting in the US.

      • Hi NPC,

        Indeed. The only way this stops is if enough say no – even if it means they lose their job. Temporarily. As opposed to the permanence of the Jab – and submission to it.

  4. “Remember, remember the 5th of November”

    In honor of Guy Fawkes Day may we all go home and reminisce over mulled wine and a bonfire. Where would we be without men with balls?

  5. I found this article in regards to the BBB (Build Back Bankrupt) plan that, if passed, would increase the penalties for not following OSHA’s orders to $70K per infraction and $700K for serious infractions. This is absolute bull shit.

    This makes it that employers will enforce the mandates out of necessity or go under. The government’s own plan is to crumble the US economy. These people are sick and the people that elect them even sicker.

    What the hell is in those jabs?

    • A whole lot of chemicals and biomolecules designed and formulated to kill, disable, and maim people in a generally slowly unfolding manner.

    • Indeed, RG –

      And, what Brent said – regarding the wait until after the holidays. If the “pandemic” is so got-damned serious and people are dyyyyyyyyyying because of Jab Refusers, why not enforce the necessary emergency measures right away?

      This is all about power – and who’s boss. “Health” is just the shabby window dressing. Offered up by a government that is putting the health of millions of kids at risk, by forcing them to submit to the Jab, who are at essentially no risk at all from “the virus.”

      • Hi Eric,

        I am starting to believe it is even worse that. To issue a fine up to $700K on a small business (which is any business that has 500 or less employees) means we are not only dealing with a control issue, but something much more dangerous and possibly, deadly.

        The planned enforcement of it leaves no one unscathed and puts those that do not wish to take it literally into hiding. I just cancelled my teenager’s learners permit test with the DMV. I do not want him on any records as of right now. Sanity needs to prevail before I am willing to whisk my children out in public for government surveillance.

        • Does your son have a SS number? A Birth certificate? Did you enroll him in a public school? If you said “yes” to any of the three, TOO LATE, he’s already known to THEM.

          Teach him how to handle firearms and otherwise keep up with the obvious self-sufficiency and coping skills, and in the three or so years when he’s an ADULT, he’ll be able to take care of himself, even against “Gubmint” SNOOPS.

    • ….the people driving and financing the Diversity Genocide are not dumb, and they employee very smart, well-connected people in order to achieve their objectives. One must presume that with their extensive “gaming abilities”…they have planned this genocide out step after step, including predictable reactions and barriers to their plans. They want violence, so they have an excuse to suppress the people even more. They need compliance and more people taking their poison, or their plan falls apart with less population reductions and deaths than desired, and leaving the elite exposed. The Elite are desperately afraid that their cover is blown and their planned pressure operations will not work. They do not want to leave enough healthy people alive to fight back or write an alternative history…so they will attempt to create violence between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. They will use that as an excuse to go in and kill off the remaining healthy souls. Good luck with that…especially if you wear a Blue Helmet.

      • Hi RJ,

        I tend to place my bets toward the insight provided by the Rockefeller Foundation in their pamphlet titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”. They lay everything out for us. You will notice Step 4 is the discontinuance of most technology and a restructuring of civilization with a focus on small communities and local developments. Everything else is playing out as they stated.

        • Let’s talk about that, RG.

          The four “Scenarios” are not sequential steps. If you read the introduction carefully, you will notice that the authors intend the scenarios to be non-exclusive and overlapping. In other words, they merely describe different, parallel aspects of the same plan. More precisely, they describe the dynamics at play within and among different economic-political sectors or strata, during one all-encompassing Great Project.

          You seem to be referring to “SMART SCRAMBLE” but just because that’s the fourth scenario depicted does not mean it is intended to be the final, or even a subsequent, “step.” Quite to the contrary, SMART SCRAMBLE describes the process of how a centralized global authority will locate, infiltrate, and exploit any decentralized or localized nodes of society, under the guise of “philanthropic intelligence,” specifically in order to bring them back into the fold. Note SMART SCRAMBLE’s fixation on bringing homegrown tech “to scale.” To wit (p. 45):

          Scaling was further inhibited by the lack of compatible technology standards, making innovations difficult to replicate. Apps developed in rural China simply didn’t work in urban India.
          High-speed internet access—which gradually emerged in some areas despite weak government or philanthropic support—did help, enabling students in isolated pockets in the developing world to access knowledge and instruction through the written word and other media like video. But the development of tangible devices, products, and innovations continued to lag in places where local manufacturing skills and capacities had not yet scaled. More complex engineering solutions proved even more difficult to develop and diffuse.”

          “Scaling” and “diffusion” are code for standardization and integration into the Hive. The whole scenario is concerned with anticipating the possibility of breakaway, refusenik communities, and coopting them with fake philanthropy.

          It goes on: “By 2025, collaboration was finally improving, with ecosystems of research and sharing—many of them ‘virtual’—beginning to emerge.” In other words, the Rockenfellowship is “optimistic” that they can gradually throw the yoke on any holdout groups with a metaverse. Perhaps that sounds relevant to certain current corporate press releases?

          To the extent the Scenarios contain an “ultimate plan,” it is CLEVER TOGETHER. Not that is described a chronologically final scenario, but that it describes the harmonious cooperative spirit among the global stakeholder class (think Klaus Schwab and his WEF). But the Rockenfellows simply intend that CLEVER TOGETHER describes their internecine dynamics, while LOCKSTEP describes the dynamic between them and the compliant masses, HACK ATTACK describes how they will deal with the outright hostile refuseniks with violence, and SMART SCRAMBLE describes how they will seduce and lure the still-partially deluded outliers with carrots and flattery.

        • …yes…there is all of this information out there about what the elite want to do to us….but we are Tin Foil Hat Wearing Conspiracy Theorists….eh? It is so sad. Having worked for US DoD all over their Empire for 25 years, and having beaten them in a Federal Whistle Blower case…I have tried for decades to show my family and others how corrupt they are, and what they are doing to us and the country. Very few listened…and now all but one of my family members have taken the shot. My brother died of a massive heart attack about ten days after his first shot, but no one in the family wants to connect the dots, as my sister arranged for my brother to get the shot. Who wants to admit they helped kill their brother? I refer to this ongoing murder as The Diversity Genocide…as they will kill billions and claim everyone died of something different. For example…my brother had a heart attack 1.5 years ago, so they put in a stent and gave him blood thinners. Yet…the day he died, his brand new stent was clogged and clotted. As they tried to save him, they had to immediately replace that clogged stent. So they claim he just died of his heart condition, when we know that stent shouldn’t have clotted up so badly, so quickly. But who are you going to tell? Who’s going to do anything about it? They have dispersed responsibility…and can point to any number of “causes” for all the death, but we know what killed my brother. Welcome to The Diversity Genocide.

      • RG, the vast majority of that nonsense is scare tactics. They are already facing major lawsuits from various state AG’s and some major interest groups. Various states have already stated that they will nullify any fed mandates in their states. This is either going to lead to the fed’s or the states backing down, or the collapse of the system itself. Given who is involved in the states in question, I don’t see them backing down. Especially given what just happened in Virginia.

        It all hinges on what happens (or doesn’t) this winter. if they continue on this course, they are going to lose the House, and very likely the Senate. Their own people are warning them about what is likely to happen. Desperate people do
        desperate and stupid things. If it looks like they are going to lose, no matter how much they cheat, look for them to knock over the table. Then all bets are off.

  6. I walked away from corporate America 20 years ago and started my own one man operation doing the work that I love.

    Probably 2/3 of my clients are affected by the “mandate”.

    One of them told me I had to get jabbed as a contractor or lose my contract. I told them the Terms and Conditions of my contract required them to pay me the full amount if the instituted and early termination for any reason.

    They said they would “get back to you”, bit at this point they are still scheduling project work past the deadline so I have no idea how this will flesh out.
    Another major told me that I had have a “Covid Policy” and provide proof that I complied with my employers policy. My policy is simple – “try to jab me and I will stick that needle where the sun doesn’t shine on you, without vaseline”. So I am in compliance and they probably won’t bug me until they tighten the mandate further. They did not even ask for the policy, only a statement that i was “in compliance”

    I can get away with this because my “S” Corporation has two employees, myself and my wife. I used to me a middle manager engineer at a major Fortune 500 company and one day just got fed up, walked off and never looked back.

    My point is that this could backfire in ways the commies never thought of.

    If a lot of people turn into independent contractors they could alleviate the worker shortage and solve the problem. Things backfire all the time, the analogy is that the governments efforts to “save gas” drove people in SUV’s that used even more than their smaller cars. Other efforts such as aluminum truck bodies and ASS cost more to implement and use more energy to manufacture than they could possible save. So the FedGovs efforts ended up with the opposite of the intended effect.

    I know this is not practical for absolutely everyone, but faced with the loss of skilled employees employers could very well be open to this solution. My job is a technical one requiring years of experience, and that was ideal in normal times but in abnormal times

    Myself I am averse to anything that smacks of “compliance” but in this case I find it oddly satisfying to work around it this way while giving them the finger.

    This avenue could very well be open to more people than you might think.

    • I have been privately contracting for years, and I know people like myself are more mythical than real to the majority of my acquaintances. I work for cash or trade, I don’t have any bank accounts, I don’t carry anything issued from the government goons that personally identifies me and links me to their nefarious schemes, I don’t receive any government “benefits” and I’ve managed to live by the Grace of God, which is clearly against their religion.

    • Hi Alex,

      The way you are doing it is the only way I see to be able to get around these mandates. I, too, have an S corporation, although I am the only shareholder. If any client comes to me and says “be jabbed or be gone” I have no problem walking. I have built my business in a way that any one client does not affect the rest of the business, meaning that the revenue from any one organization will not cause my business to suffer if they leave. So far, I have not had any pushback and I would be surprised if I do. I am thankful I have pretty awesome clients.

  7. “What’s next? Will businesses claim that they have the right to know which books you read? Whether you have guns at home?”

    I’ve had doctors ask me if I had a gun at home, to which I replied, “None of your damn business.

  8. Right on cue, Pfizer announces a protease inhibitor called Paxlovid. Combined with HIV drug ritonavir, it’s said to show an 89% reduction in the risk of hospitalization or death from covid if patients got it soon enough.

    Now, Pfizer would be the same company that touted 94% efficacy for its BNT162b2 jab … which rapidly faded to sub-50%, with ugly side effects. So Pfizer’s credibility is zero. The burden of proof is on them.

    Setting aside the merits or demerits of Paxlovid, though, early treatment of covid is the therapeutic approach that should have been used from day one, instead of dangerous ‘seasonal covid shots’ falsely marketed as ‘vaccines.’

    Indeed, this Orwellian perversion of the traditional meaning of ‘vaccine’ has hopelessly polluted the public debate. When it comes to fedgov hacks in black (who face NO mandate themselves), it’s vaccine good, hesitancy b-a-a-a-a-a-a-d.

  9. Since I do not support these mandates, I am running out of companies to do business with. The bottom line is that some malevolent force of extremely arrogant and insane people want most of us extinguished from “their” planet and those that survive will be nothing more than slaves to some A/I machine. Non-compliance will mean punishment or death. We are nearing the point where we might need to say the heck with it all and fight these tyrants to the death.

    In the end, these tyrants will die of boredom after they have no one else to murder or control or serve them. All that will remain are the anti-life types and they will never propagate and thus pass on. Once you start killing off the humans, there will be no end to it and humanity will join the ranks of species that have died off never to return.

    • they have to be killed first. I suggest the fake right read about the Freikorps formed after WWI. when the German soldiers came home they found the communists controlled all the cities and major villages. so they used flame throwers grenades machine guns and tanks to root them out. they bludgeoned and shot rosa luxemburg and her male partner who started the communist takeover and threw them in an icy river. they fought the communist Poles Czechs and Germans. after disposing of around 50K they restored Germany. that is the only way to deal with the communists here or anywhere else. also in indonesia in the mid 60’s the people annihilated the communists there

      • you’re exactly right… communism/socialism has such a hard ideological hold over it’s adherants that nothing – no fact, no argument, no outcome – sways them from it… and so, like any cancer, it must be radiated out of society or the host will die. And that goes for the useful idiots ie: liberals, progressives etc..

      • It was some nasty shit back in ’65 or so, but Sukarno et. al in Indonesia did what they had to do. Communists and their “Fellow Travelers” may, just MAY be voted in (at times, NOT, like Eastern Europe immediately after WWII), but seldom, if ever, are they just voted OUT. Even the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union didn’t happen without SOME violence, but in the end, no one gave a damn about the corrupt “appartchiks” anymore, so the Communist system just melted away. It’s taken the Russian Federation these past thirty years to restore even a semblance of a market economy, and they’ve still got a ways to go.

    • Hi Jim,

      What is our time frame before they push this to the 50 employees or more, 25 employees or more, or 15 employees or more? My gut tells me they will stop at 15 and more. Twelve million businesses in the US have 1-4 employees. Another 1.8 million have 5-9 employees. OSHA, nor the federal and state governments, have the man power to be able to oversee this many businesses. Self employed individuals do not have to abide by OSHA.

      Also, I see the only way that OSHA shows up is if they are reported by an employee of the business. Example, Karen calls OSHA and files a report that she heard a rumor that the employee sitting next to her is not vaccinated nor is her employer followed the testing guidelines and she fears for her health. The employer then receives a letter, or worse, an unannounced visit from the overlords. Karen is stupid though, because the $14K fines that her employer ends up paying results in her being out of a job.

        • Great minds think alike, A. I just posted the same article above a few minutes after you. No doubt TPTB only end game is the complete and utter destruction of the USSA.

      • RG, the key is the record-keeping requirement (that is, retaining proof-of-injection for the work force). Employers will be compelled to keep in continual compliance with that requirement, independent of any “complaints” or reports. Only employers who are courageous ideologues will take the risk of falling out of compliance with the record-keeping requirement, and risking the disproportionate-by-design fines that will attach to violations. OSHA does not need much man power to send out form-letter “audits” requiring demonstrations of proof-of-compliance from everyone with an Employer ID Number. Virtually no employer in the country will “fraudulently” produce forged records for the benefit of their employees, and perhaps a scattered handful will shirk compliance, but only until the fines begin to rack up, and the employers realize they can be rapidly put out of business by OSHA with very little effort expended on the government’s part. By putting the burden on the employers, the government has ingeniously rendered the masses utterly powerless, and with nobody who has any incentive to protect them. Instead, every employer has pressing, exigent incentives to force harmful injections on their employees.

        • In effect, not that this is new information, the US government has unlimited powers, constrained only by whether the people in charge of it have thought about what powers they’d like to deploy or whether they have yet devised a given outcome they’d like to achieve. This is all interesting, given the usual pablum about the Constitution babbled by conservatives. Precedent is being laid for the next set of atrocities.

          • It would seem their “unlimited powers” are constrained by their inability to do good by the people. There seems to be no limit to their treachery.

        • You are correct, FP. People will fib to protect themselves, but they are not going to take that chance for an employee that could leave them in 12-24 months. Trust is suffering from an enormous deficit in this country. The Dems just threw the gauntlet down. Next up the jury box……

  10. Well the time is here for me at my job. 15 years and I get the boot out the door because of nothing I did wrong. Not the way I imagined it but what can I do? I’ll find another opportunity elsewhere, one thing for sure I’m not getting the jab.

    • Sorry to hear this. I have had this conversation with my husband, where he occasionally says, “I’ll just get it to get my life back.” Despite what he knows to be true, through his own research and mine. We know numerous people who have died within a short time of the jab. When he makes these comments, I know that he is falling under the spell of the evil creatures’ hypnosis. At that moment, he wants to believe The Lie.

      I remind him that if he gets the jab, which is NOT at all about keeping anyone healthy, he will not only NOT “get his life back,” he could be destroying it. Then no job, no life, and his employer won’t even remember his name if he has any complications from it.

  11. I find this song to be pretty apt for these times, been jamming this album for almost 20 years, now seems to be coming true.
    “A tyrant is a man who allows his people no freedom
    Who is puffed-up by pride
    Driven by the lust of power
    Impelled by greed
    Provoked by thirst for fame

    Divided and conquered
    Gripped by fear
    Wishful thinking that it can’t happen here
    It’s well underway but nobody knows
    A repeat of history
    That’s how it goes

    Tell the people that they’re under attack
    By man-eating foes from Mars or Iraq
    Mobilize outrage
    Muzzle dissent
    Send in the troops
    Strike the pre-empt

    Stars & stripes
    Learn how to fight
    We come together by the dawn of the light
    Oh so proudly we hail at the rockets’ red glare
    Stars & stripes
    Control the airwaves
    Fuel the reaction
    Use every weapon of mass distraction
    Turn active people into passive consumers
    Feed ’em bogus polls and harebrained rumors

    Cut back civil rights
    Make no mistake
    Tell ’em homeland security is now at stake
    Whip up a frenz,y keep ’em suspended
    Don’t let ’em know that their liberty’s ended

    Stars & stripes
    Learn how to fight
    We come together by the dawn of the light
    Oh so proudly we hail at the rockets’ red glare
    Stars & stripes

    Everything goes in the desperate states
    The veneer of democracy rapidly fades
    Wreak total havoc on all opposition
    In any event, fulfill your mission
    Totalitarian media sensation
    You will give ’em domination
    Never mind they call you liar and thief
    By now you’re undisputed commander-in-chief”
    Stars and stripes, by KMFDM

      • Yes it does, and in my opinion, is they’re best album. Another good jam befitting the times is “Armageddon Days are Here Again” by The The, from the album Mind Bomb

    • Weird! Rusty, I was reading your comment when, at the exact moment, on the Media Monarchy replay I’m listening to, James Evan Pilato thanked a listener with that same handle! You?

      • ‘fraid not, I’m sure its a somewhat popular handle, should one be of the right leaning persuasion and also enjoy adult animated comedies such as King of the Hill. Whenever Dale Gribble got in trouble or thought tptb were on to him he switched to the aforementioned alias lol

  12. This crap isn’t new. About five years ago my husband received a certified letter from the primary care physicians practice he had been going to for over 35 years purging him from their system because he declined to start taking statins (he has never had cholesterol numbers over 175) and BP meds (BP always in normal range) as “preventative” measures.

    At first he was very angry but after thinking about it he came to the conclusion that controlling his own health directive was the better way to go. Never asked them, but friends of ours who were patients of the same practice were “encouraged” to get the kill jab with probably the same threat of dismissal if they didn’t comply.

    Aside from my chiropractor, I have totally lost respect for the white coat crowd. They have two tricks in their repertoire – a scalpel and a prescription pad – and we’re not doing either.

    • Amen, LL!

      Doctoring has become mercenary and authoritarian – both contrary to what medicine should be about. The reason it’s not has many contributing causes but chief among them is the corporatization of medicine. It is now a heavily centralized and centrally controlled enterprise, with doctors reduced to order-takers who give orders, in turn.

      It’s sad for them as well as for us.

  13. Today my employer notified us that they’re going to comply with FJB’s OSHA tyranny. I promptly submitted my resignation. I have a rare skill set that only one other coworker has. And that individual retired weeks ago.

    I’ve done my part to stop the motor of the world.

    • As far as I’m concerned, any employee who caves to this coercion and submits to the (death) jab is a ‘scab’ and are enabling this wicked agenda to proceed as the WEF, aka: the infamous ‘Davos gang’, hoped it would and should be sacked by the union. Or, if not a unionised workplace, ostracized by those who prefer to live a while longer, thus refuse to be jabbed. At the moment: the exact opposite is happening and we’re looked down upon as ‘filthy unvaccinated pariahs’, for the ‘crime’ of choosing to exercise our God-given right to bodily autonomy.
      If NOBODY submits to this tyranny they wouldn’t be able to enforce it.
      The whole problem since it all started in March last year is there are too many pathetic and cowardly types who are simply too afraid to say no to any of these illegal mandates and diktats that have absolutely nothing to do with health. They have nothing to fear really they only wrongly believe they do. En masse civil disobedience was all that was needed – if EVERYONE just stood strong and simply refused to ‘obey’ these power crazed, psychopathic tyrants we voted for, but who all lied to us and betrayed us, none of what we’re living through now could have happened.
      Covid-19, if it’s even real (many experts doubt that it is), is nothing more than the common cold, or the flu which the hysterical government controlled establishment media, hyped up into something as ‘deadly’ or worse than the bubonic plague and the vast masses of stupefied TV programmed sheep believed it all, and trembled in fear over it, because they are incapable of thinking logically or critically… Now, thanks to them and their ignorance and lack of common sense, and a backbone: we really are ‘all in this (real life NIGHTMARE) together’.
      However, after 19 months of this nonsense, everyone should by now, be aware that this ‘deadly pandemic’ is nothing but a ruse – a scam / hoax, whatever you want to call it and realize they were duped. They bought their lies and swallowed the heavily promoted FEAR Kool Aide, incessantly drip fed to them by the lying media, which they all depend upon entirely for their misinformation.
      Therefore you’d expect them to be angry and react appropriately – i.e. an uprising of angry citizens… But no. Sorry, these compliant, cowardly slave-muzzled sheep must love their servitude to the tyrants that clearly hate them.
      There is never going to be sufficient push-back to expel this uncontrollable, greedy, life-ruining monster that has engulfed our whole society.
      Our ONLY hope now is chronicled in the last book of the Bible. Let’s all pray that it happens. And for those who don’t believe there is a God, now might be the time to revise your views on spirituality and repent.

      • Thank you, I can`t believe how many comments
        from people saying they had the ” rona ”
        What you had is what has mysteriously disappeared
        since the invention of the “rona” the f###ing flu
        or cold ! I can`t believe the number of morons
        who still believe what this tyrannical govern-ment
        tells them..Remember what William Casey, head
        of the CIA said about the murikan believers
        You an look it up, if able

      • “Repent” for what?

        For disbelieving a cartoonish hoax even less plausible than the scamdemic? (Namely, that some chick got knocked up by a Sky Wizard, had a human child, and then the human child died and came back to life. For some kind of barbaric blood atonement self-appeasement for–and by!–the Sky Wizard. No part of that story comports with reality, logic, reason, or morality.)

        The Wicked Bible was just the first stage of the Jewish scam currently coming to full consummation. Christinsanity is a dumbed-down “kids’ version” of millenarian Talmudic supremacy doctrine, designed to corral the sheeplike goyim into an inescapable mental ranch. Revelation was predictive programming to set up the goyim to bow down to a holographic “second coming messiah Jesus” on command. Then, when that hoax-Jesus has served its purpose, they will say, “O never mind that second coming…that was the ANTI-Christ. Here’s the real one!” And a new holographic “savior” appears to command the masses, who will then assent to doing the opposite of what the first “savior” commanded.

        (Repeat as needed until the dumb goyim are fully integrated into the electro-mechanical apparatus that will serve as their final place of eternal torment, and slavery to the demonic rabbis that will perpetually rule this toilet of a planet.)

  14. There is no doubt that every employee should be concerned, angered and offended about being coerced to be Jabbed. I think those those who have already endured the ‘Rona, and have any idea how immunity works, should be particularly peeved. My antibody response will be in full swing in 7 days. It will be a hard-earned reward.

    Kung Flu Khronicles:

    Day 7-
    I awoke after a nice sleep and pleasant dreams to feeling a little nauseated. This gave to some weakness and anxiety, but luckily, soon those feelings lifted.

    Later in the day, I actually felt downright peppy and strong. I took my dogs out for a little walk in the field adjacent to my house. First time in nearly a week.

    I still periodically have to cough up a little garbage, but there is no great volume of this. I hope I will be done with that part very soon. Well, shit, I hope I’m done with this illness altogether, very soon.

    My poor GF is still not feeling wonderful. I think she would feel better if she ate more, but her stomach took the illness especially hard, and eating causes queasiness.

    I know that every day, we move toward natural immunity and leaving this period in life behind as an unpleasant memory.

  15. Just today, I read about how the OSHA “requirements” for businesses with LESS than 100 employees are now published for comment. I also read about the coming roll out of state digital drivers licenses that will be QR code (cell phone) based and contain, among many other things, information on your vaccine status and social credit score. Add to that Ron Paul’s article about the digital “unique patient identifier” the framework of which already exists and just needs funding. The mark of the beast is on like Donkey Kong. I may start chanting down Babylon a few hours early today.

    • Soon, states and schools will require poison to receive indoctrination. What are parents going to do? No one is safe from FJB. They aren’t listening, and don’t intend to – the message sent yesterday is falling on deliberately deaf ears. Only his own party, members of which who stand to be tossed out next year if we make it that long, can stop this insanity. Except they are going for broke.

      • Going for broke, yep. Have you seen the recently FOIA’d gov’t emails about the 9/15/21 vaccine definition change and the OSHA staffers references to diapers, constant testing and ostracism as punishments with no basis in or even lip service to science or health? They’re not even trying to hide it now. Political hitters engaging in a pogrom.

      • Hi BAC,

        They homeschool, that’s what they do. People are going to have to learn to do with less. There will come a point where a two income family will be a rarity. It may be plausible if either Mom or Dad works from home, but the centralist government will soon erode. We will find solace in small local communities as a way of life. I expect 2022 to be a nightmare for this country, but each year thereafter will fundamentally improve although it will be to a different way of life than what we have grown accustomed to. A small house on several acres where the inhabitants have their own sheep, goats, and chickens and grow a lot of their own food will be the new normal.

        Expect the Singer sewing machine to make a comeback along with pressure cookers for canning. Local businesses will thrive on a town market selling their wares of milk, baked goods, meat, eggs, and fruits and vegetables. Business will be local. Those that have transferable skills will find surviving easier.

  16. Eric – im wondering. if they push people to getting a jab or job, dont you think a good proportion of people will get fakes (as they do with piss tests). Which will mean that eventually the system will become a complete joke and hopefully fall apart ? This is normally how these things say fell apart in the old communist countries…. Thats what ive started hoping for – though I think people in the west have to get used to the idea of paying a bit of “grease money” to get stuff like this done…. Personally im on the fence here…. part of the argument is to not even let this thing progress further. but then I also feel a sense of joy when there are “masks needed” signs which nobody gives a damn about, or when people come bragging how they go their fake vaccine passports…. making a mockery of the system. What are your thoughts?

      • Hi Swamp – No, but for the most part its an open joke from what I understand.

        Know people in SF with, lets say DIY vaccine certificates. Half assed it so much that he didnt even put the second jab on. I asked why he didnt bother – he told me most people know and dont care its a fake, they just have to act like they checked something…. if enough people do this as blatantly, dont you think its one way to make it fall apart (or am I being too optimistic)

        • Fake piss would be unnecessary if the requirement didn’t exist. The premise that a vax card is necessary is what needs to be stopped. If it is not, the use of a fake card will be easily and quickly curtailed with mandatory digital solutions.

  17. Part of the reason why employers are, shall we say, interested in their employees’ health, is that they provide their health insurance.

    Decoupling health insurance from your job would go a long way toward fixing that.

    But it would be one less thing that keeps employees locked in their jobs — or working for The Man in any capacity.

    • Yeah, why TF are employers expected to pay for their employees’ hospital and doctor visits? Are the employees now all the boss’s F-ing kids?

      Should the employer also buy their clothes for them too?

      Geez Louise, the sorry ass state of most “Americans.”… “I want my boss to pay my salary, and buy my clothes, and shoes, and help pay for my kids’ braces…”

      More more more, me me me. The childish ranks of the FSA.

      • In the late 19th and early 20th centuries large employers got visions of themselves as managers of human society. Combine that with human laziness, the desire to pass their responsibilities off on to others that has resulted in one horrible system after another for over six thousand years and there you go.

        Medical care provided by employers comes from two basic events. The first was the flexner report of 1910 which government acting on it allowed the AMA the leverage the lodge system out of existence. This left the ordinary person without the ability to use group purchasing power. Then came wage caps in WW2. The way around the wage caps? Benefits. Over time employers could leverage cost savings that individuals could not. There you go.

        • Yes, WWII, thanks to wage and price controls (both were largely ineffective, it was mostly a publicity stunt to convey the image that there wasn’t “war profiteering” in the US Home Front), is where the widespread use of “fringe benefits”, as if they were some “freebies” granted by the “generosity” of the employer, became widespread. It was a way to increase the purchasing power of the civilian workforce, especially in situations where a son would, upon high school graduation, still live at home and contribute “room and board”, ie. as Edith and Archie sang “Those Were the Days” in the All in the Family intro, “Everybody PULLS HIS WEIGHT!” from his own job, but was “In the Army NOW” (and not “behind the plow”), or the BREADWINNER was likely drafted into military service, often at severely reduced pay. So, when “Rosie the Riveter” had to go to work, it was often so they didn’t lose their home or fail to make rent! Although most folks were indeed grateful for the appearance of prosperity that “Defense” spending and war production brought, it still wasn’t all daisies and unicorns at the Home Front.

      • Hi Michael,

        Two reasons that employers offer benefits: 1) to save on employer payroll taxes and 2) for employee ownership. People can jump from ship to ship when they are looking at nothing but a salary. Now, add the benefits and the setup. Most people stop jumping and settle in no matter how much they hate their employer and the job that they are doing. Why? They don’t want to have to deal with the recurring nightmare of re-establishing their medical, their 401K, their child care dependent credit, etc.

        I have only worked for a handful of companies (okay, two – not including my own business) over the last 29 years that I have been employed. I did not sign up for the employer’s 401k plan, health insurance, FSA, term life insurance, etc. because I did not want those things to tie me down. I paid them personally or I just didn’t have them. If I was tired of working for a particular employer I walked in and stated that “I quit”. I didn’t have to worry about what would happen about my health insurance and should I cash out my PTO. They were not tied to the organization that employed me. I had a lot more freedom to move about, which was priceless.

      • Look- I have to disagree. You are working for them- they are demanding the lion’s share of your time- they DO owe you a living. There is supposed to be a give and take. Instead there is a system of debt peonage or serfdom- take your pick. Most people made really foolish decisions- it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve compensation. Smart people get it all up front and screw the company “bennies”.

    • Hi Bryce,

      Yes, that’s so. But there is this odd business of the healthy being persecuted. My friend Jeff, for instance. I lift weights with him; he works out with 275 pounds on the incline press. He does 50 mile competitive bike rides. Doesn’t smoke or drink. Yet he’s being threatened with loss of employment because he wants no part of a Jab that offers him no tangible benefit and which could very well cause him great bodily harm.

      He’s perfectly healthy. The problem is he’s not perfectly obedient.

      • Neither the “Rona” nor the “Jab” are truly the “bioweapons” employed thus far, and I’m dubious about the overall deadliness of either. It’s the FEAR PORN that’s the REAL weapon, Eric. When someone like your muscular, bicycling friend shows that he’s not “afraid”, and willing to stand up to their bullshit, then it’s the PTB that are AFRAID of HIM.

        Where the subjects fear their government, there is TYRANNY. Where the Government fears its citizens, there is LIBERTY. ‘Nuff said.

      • Eric, this is more about control than health. This Deadly Global Pandemic™ that’s been pushed by the mass media, is one of the most extensive, expensive and damaging psych ops in human history.

        It has several objectives. One, the subjection and total control of as much of the global population as possible. Two, to provide an excuse for when the corrupt fiat system finally implodes. To be followed by a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). That will allow further control of the global population.

        There are no doubt others, but the above will suffice for now. But is this the End of Days? I seriously doubt it (looks at someone and rolls his eyes… ^^) But we are no doubt in for many more “interesting” times, before this entire situation unravels. Lets hope we make it through this winter without any major “incidents”.

        PS You might want to have your computer person look at your back end, as I’m back to not getting auto comment updates. Also, one gets a 404 error when using the subscribe link. Thanks.

        • I think permissions were set to default and probably some other things by the sound of it. A couple days ago I (and probably most people) lost read only access edit-comments.php which while not linked from the main page any longer makes it easy to follow the comments. It’s essentially the comment moderation page but with read only access from our accounts. That’s how I’ve followed this site for years. It actually makes a wordpress site usable for discussions.

          I can still get to wp-admin but the comments and post options are missing from the left hand menu. Manually navigating to them gives: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

    • That’s a good point. Companies have paid for most of my health insurance for decades. I have used very little of it, save for one time I had to go under the knife. Otherwise, not at all. I bet if I asked my current employer if I could opt out of health insurance, they would say no. The only insurance I do use is vision since my eyeglasses cost me a fortune. Fortunately, since I started taking Age Loss Eye Support and Omega 7 supplements, I haven’t had to change my prescription in the last 3 years.

    • But they are not really interested in their employees health. That is the whole point here. They are only interested in being compliant to the Fedgov.

  18. Meanwhile, the little effort put into making cars is put into vehicles nobody really wants.

    But that is part of the plan. I think it will get to the point of they WON’T sell you a vehicle, even if you can “afford” it. Renting is where the money will be. And that will be all there is. The automakers are already more bank than car maker.

    Electric “mobility”……

  19. In what makes my top five list of fave movies, “The Caine Mutiny”, the skipper, LCDR Philip Francis Queeg (Humphrey Bogart) orders a series of inane, nonsensical drills on the Caine, for the “Health and Safety of the officers and crew.” Needless to say, they didn’t resulting in improved morale aboard ship.

  20. I remember when I first started working that companies had Personal Offices to handle employee issues of all kinds. Not long after that, that title was phased out in favor of “Human Resources”. That should have raised a lot of “red flags” but hardly anyone paid attention. Words have meanings and the whole thing means that we are just a resource to be used and tossed aside.

    • Indeed- the differences between personnel and human resources are the differences between consensual commerce and the feedlot/abattoir. One is concerned with a mutually respectful exchange of value, while the latter is the process of using up something and discarding it while you no longer value it.

  21. This just in:

    ‘The Biden administration announced Thursday that its vaccine rules applying to private businesses with 100 or more employees, certain health care workers and federal contractors will take effect January 4.

    ‘Eighty-four million employees working at large employers and 17 million health care workers will be covered by the rules implemented by OSHA and CMS.

    “Both OSHA and CMS are making clear that their new rules preempt any inconsistent state or local laws, including laws that ban or limit an employer’s authority to require vaccination, masks, or testing,” a fact sheet outlining the rule said in part. — CNN

    ‘Preempt’ is a polite euphemism for ‘top-down totalitarianism.’

    Some of the Founders foresaw, with approval, that states would nullify fedgov edicts they find odious.

    Let the gladiatorial games commence.

    Oh, and FJB.

      • Hi Allen,

        I don’t expect the Supreme Court to overrule this either, which is why the governor in each state is going to very important. They (if willing) will be the only one who can counter and disobey the unconstitutional mandates thrown at them. I expect only a few are prepared to step up to this tyrannical and illegal overreach. So far DeSantis seems to be one of the few with some cajones.

        • Hi RG

          Is it not an indictment of the state of things that DeSantis is the only one (Abbott a distant second) remotely doing anything? And getting resistance and being lampooned along the way? States and localities just need to say they are vaccine sanctuaries. Dare FJB to cross the line.

          There will be no relief from any court. Worse, this will likely result in precedent that this is all ok. I want to know where exactly is the line where invading one’s body is not ok? Is there a line?

          • RE: “Is it not an indictment of the state of things that DeSantis is the only one (Abbott a distant second) remotely doing anything?”

            Iowa & South Dakota are two others which I know of.
            I imagine there are likely others in The Red State Belt.

            • My home state has a well deserved reputation for corruption and power politics. The biggest pusher behind the vaccine movement is none other than the governor.Seeing his putrid face beseeching citizens to “take the shot” gives one a disgusting feeling. Moreover, he’s chosen a new health commissioner who was formerly a professor at a prestigious university and is now pushing the vaccine like there’s no tomorrow. The attorney general strikes me as a perfect cat’s paw, he’s power drunk and lusting for more chances to flex his political biceps. I’ve read the PREP act and I think a good lawyer could evade some of the strictures associated with indemnification of accidental OR deliberate maiming or killing of citizens who succumb to the jab. In the case of our governor who thinks he’s got his automatic Get Out of Jail card in his wallet and cannot be accessory to murder, I beg to differ. He can run but he can’t hide. I hope he has a future date with a length of manila……I hope he runs into a man by the name of Reiner Fuellmich……

          • Hi BAC,

            When it comes to TPTB there is no line that cannot be crossed when it comes to the invasion of one’s personal space and body. That is why the MFers need to be ousted. Right now, there are a few states that are willing to stand up to this tyranny, but will their citizens back them? If I were the state governor I would evict any OSHA departments immediately. OSHA has zero jurisdiction over state, municipal, or volunteer fire departments. They also do not cover the following: the self employed, farm employees and their immediate relatives, workplaces that are regulated by other federal laws concerning workplace safety, such as the Coast Guards or the Department of Energy.

            I am pretty sure a decent lawyer could find a loophole in there somewhere; otherwise self employment sounds like a pretty good idea.

        • The good news is we here in Virginia have sent the Clinton Bagman and his cohorts packing. Most importantly, we have a new State Attorney General coming in. There maybe hope that the BS is stopped but I’m made up my mind that I WILL NOT be shot up with that poison. Job or no job.

          • Hi Allen,


            What I’ve seen of Sears so far is encouraging – even more so that she’s a black woman and for that reason will cause WAL to fall to the floor and chew the carpet!

            • Hi Eric,

              Winsome Sears is the new Lieutenant Governor, she takes over if something happens to Youngkin. Jason Miyares, a first generation Cuban, is the new Attorney General.

              I am hoping that a man whose mother experienced the horrors of a socialist regime under Castro is able to instill freedom and liberty to the citizens of Virginia by allowing us control over our own lives. We shall see.

              I do like Sears though. She’s feisty and no holds barred. Any lady who owns a plumbing and electrical company, knows how to shoot an AR-15, can find Clark Bros on a map, and makes it a point to go after Jemele Hill and Joy Reid is A-OK in my book. 🙂

            • Imagine if you ran for Lt. Gov and the picture the media was given was you with an AR strapped around you? We’re only able to see what we’re shown about these characters. The Red Team LT. Gov in NC is similarly allowed to say things that we aren’t without being smeared or canceled. Some people think the Red Team is being clever and winning the WWF matches by placing black folks in such roles. I see it a little differently. The subliminal effect is to cement the R/D establishment position that only these people can comment on these issues in this way or say such things.

        • OSHA has no powers regarding vaccination. None. The only thing that comes close is blood borne pathogens which was specifically added by an act of congress. It consists of training and OPTIONAL vaccination. I worked at a company that was subject to this once upon a time. I just had to sit through a training class every year or something. Then there would be a sign up for hepatitis B vaccines for those that wanted them.

          Of course expecting the council of nine to rule with regard to the law is another thing. Furthermore the entire thing may be moot because of the time lines involved. Unless something is done right now by the time it works its way through the courts the damage is done. Which is the intent. They know it isn’t legal but once it’s done, it’s done and striking it down later doesn’t mean much. Yes it prevents a legal precedent but the same method will simply be used again, to get whatever done before it can be struck down.

          • I read something yesterday (the day after the big Red Team win in VA… hmmmm) where some Repugs in Congress were going to do something supposedly in their power to cancel Brandon’s executive order regarding jabs. So, maybe 90-120 days from now, after all the procedural mumbo jumbo, something that will definitely be defeated by the Dem majority but if it wasn’t could be vetoed by Brandon might be issued forth for some political kabuki theater.

          • “OSHA has no powers regarding vaccination. None.”

            Hey Brent, unfortunately, the “power” to do some evil thing is now completely decoupled from the “duly enacted legal authority” to do that evil thing. If mad scientist Dr. Maestro builds a brain-wipe beam that converts the populace into zombie-slaves, he has the power to do so, even if he is lacking in legitimate de jure authority to do so.

            (I picked this example precisely because it’s not as far removed from the reality in this case as one might hope. This is all quite literally a top-down process of hypnosis and crude-but-remarkably-effective mind control through use of electronic telecommunicative devices (TeeVee). If the puppet-hypnotist Biden on TeeVee says OSHA must do x, and the masses believe OSHA not only may but must indeed do x…the power is there, and has been brought to bear.)

            • OSHA’s (legal) powers are well defined. This is not one of them. They are attempting to grab that power. The basis of that power grab is primarily through timing. We will see how that goes. If they thought they had the power there’s no need to play this timing game. There’s hardly an emergency requiring this method 20 months after the fact.

              What you are describing is more akin to a thief or murder. Sure they can commit those acts, they have the ability to do them, but not legally. I use power here in terms of the legality, not the ability. In that legal sense we are looking at power grab which may or may not be successful, but the interim result may be they get what they want.

              Furthermore a criminal act is often committed on the basis of once it is done there’s no undoing it. Punishment later if at all doesn’t matter much to the criminal. This is the approach used by many vile people who have been in the US government. They are rarely charged with the crimes.

              • “OSHA’s (legal) powers are well defined.”

                Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Sec. of Labor is given unfettered carte blanche as to the nature of standards he is empowered to issue:

                “The Secretary may by rule promulgate, modify, or revoke any occupational safety or health standard in the following manner:”

                Note the “any”. That’s the extent of “definition” of OSHA’s powers.

                That Act then goes on to set out elaborate procedural methods that are entirely ceremonial, since there is no actual check-or-balance scheme. Merely “periods for public comment” and “advisory committee recommendations” and other such superficial kabuki.

                I’m not sure what you mean by “timing game.” They’re just bringing the hammer down with all feasible swiftness. You say, “There’s hardly an emergency requiring this method 20 months after the fact.” But unfortunately that is diametrically contrary to the prevailing official narrative and conventional wisdom. The government says there is an “emergency,” and there’s no means by which to challenge that declaration…so here we are.

                • OSHA has its legal powers over chemicals and physical hazards in the workplace. That is well defined. It has to weaseled to include a virus.

                  I have a better idea, don’t accept their game of weaseling words.

                  Sure, it may go through because we live in a culture that venerates the weaseling of words, the destruction of language, but lets not lose sight of the fact of what’s being done here.

                  • Well, OSHA isn’t “legal” in the first place without “weaseling,” since the Constitution does not empower the federal government to manage “chemicals and hazards in the workplace.” So, expecting the “weaseling” to suddenly stop now is an exercise in both Quixoticism and arbitrariness.

                    One of the most accurate and incisive quips I’ve ever heard is: “The law is just a prediction about what a judge will do.” This is the ONLY useful sense in which to discuss “law” or “legality.” Everything else is just idiosyncratic aspiration on the part of the beholder.

                    • I made no mention of an expectation of it to be stopped. I don’t know where you got that from. But I am glad you agree there is no power granted, that is entirely from a series of power grabs, this just being another.

                    • Hi FP,

                      My sense of it is they’ve pushed too hard, too fast – at a time when most Americans are already in a very sour mood on account of the near-doubling of the cost of gasoline and the epic rise in the cost of other necessaries. Fold into the mix that FJB is personally disliked by most. This is no small thing. Had the WAL managed to groom/promote someone with general appeal for this moment – an Obama type or even The One, himself – I’d be heading for ze hills, pronto. But instead, there is an obviously senile old man placed before the TelePrompTer. It echoes of Brezhnev waving listlessly from Lenin’s tomb. Thank God for it, too.

                    • Brent: Slight quibble. My point, to put a precise pin on it, was that the power was already grabbed with the passage of the OSH Act. What were seeing now is merely the exercise of the full extent of that power.


                      The reason they put the malfunctioning cyber-geezer in charge is to make absolutely clear that they no longer need to keep up pretenses of “general appeal.” That show’s over, and they’ve moved on the spin-off show that’s an absurdist parody of the first show. The “Biden Administration” is an open mockery, designed specifically to alienate and antagonize the remnant of “conservatism” and to bait that remnant into open revolt if at all possible. However, I think that’s a long ways off, “sour mood” notwithstanding. I still maintain that those with the strongest survivalist instincts will just keep grudgingly capitulating, in order to preserve their sorry lives, consumerist lifestyle (however diminished), and the lives of their helpless children. I think the government has poked MAGA-country in the forehead enough times, without reprisal, that they know the US can also be given the Melbourne treatment, despite the guns.

                    • FP,
                      Power is not grabbed all at once by the passage of one act. It never is. The first act sets the slippery slope in motion, each power grab is progressive (word chosen deliberately), a little at a time.

                      Through each step definitions of words and words are changed to suit the power grab. Like we see with the definitions of vaccine and herd immunity.

                      The oldest example of this technique I am aware of is the federal income tax. A tax passed as one only on the most wealthy people was slowly and deliberately morphed into a tax on ordinary wages and salaries of ordinary people.

                      They always grab the power bit by bit. If OSHA had the power from day 1 it would have been using it in the swine flu of 1976. It wouldn’t have sat on it for decades. It’s grabbing it now.

        • ‘the governor in each state is going to be very important’ — RG

          … along with the attorney general. Arizona ain’t takin’ any shit from the sorry likes of FJB:

          Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich says his office will file a lawsuit once OSHA publishes the final guidelines mandating all large employers have their staff be fully vaccinated.

          The Attorney General says the lawsuit is expected to be filed Friday morning.

          “When faceless government bureaucrats dictate what you must inject into your body, that’s the furthest thing in the world from a safe workplace,” said Brnovich in a news release. “The government doesn’t get to be your nanny, and it’s certainly not your doctor.”

  22. Dr Mercola explores the new frontier of ‘nomenklatura vs kulaks’:

    ‘[OSHA’s] original guidance stated that employers were required to record an employee’s adverse reaction to the COVID jab. Then, in late May 2021, OSHA suddenly revoked this guidance, saying it will not enforce the recording requirement if the injury or fatality involves the COVID jab, even if required for employment.

    ‘The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) did not traditionally cover preventative measures and any resulting illness or injury. As of Sep 9, 2021, when President Biden announced the federal mandate, adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination ARE covered.’

    ‘It’s clear that private employees will be at a distinct disadvantage in terms of compensation. If their employer requires them to get the jab to keep their job, and they get injured by it, the only recourse they have is to file a CICP claim, which is near-impossible to get.’

    Just as the hacks in black spurning vaccine mandate injunctions are exempt themselves, fedgov employees now are compensated for vaccine-related injuries … while the private-sector serfs they regulate are on their own if they suffer complications.

    The Fourteenth ‘equal protection of the law’ Amendment? Just a g.d. piece of paper, as the simian-visaged scholar George W Shrub once sagely observed.

    • Curiously, the 14th amendment was never lawfully ratified, and Lysander Spooner in his dissertation of “The 7th Treason” articulated about “The Constitution of No Authority”. He surmised that because no one living in his (or the current generation) had read and/or agreed to it, they could not have been a party to it. That in law and fact, you have to sign a contract of agreement that they never presented to the people at large. He perceived it correctly in stating that it is a subterfuge, and a game of deference from all personal responsibility. I see that here in New Mexico, which is rife with swamp creatures who claim the “Powers” of unlimited government to mask their overtly obvious criminal intentions and crimes against humanity. “Secret Ballots, Secret Votes” and if you ask the question of who the real perpetrators are, Well, that’s a “State Secret as well”. Lysander rightfully called them robbers and thieves because that is how they dispose of the life, liberty and property of those who are not part of their “Special” interest group.

  23. If Ford and others are so concerned about the health of their employees (this is nothing more than bowing to FJB, but that’s another story), then what are they going to do if the predicted long term side effects begin to materialize? If your employees get autoimmunity or cancer, or start to develop heart disease at an early age – ie, chronic disabilities? Not to mention the handful of employees who will die or suffer immediate adverse effects from their having received the injectable poison.

    Fucker Only Rolls Downhill, Fix Or Repair Daily, Found On Roadside Dead

  24. Employees became “human resources.” One manages a resource, much like a farmer manages livestock. The employer is compelled to reduce the cost of doing business, since there’s no opportunity to grow in the current business climate. One way to reduce costs is to reduce the number of employees to bare minimum, so that sick days or even vacation will create a void in the workforce. Wring all the fat out of the system. So now your human resources need to be proactively medicated, just like the cow at the high-density feed lot, just in case someone gets sick. Because the company might be able to withstand 0.5% or even 1% of the employees out sick, but not 1.07%.

    Except that a body needs a little fat in case there’s a hard time. “Well, we figured out how to avoid hard times!” Guess again. The hubris of these idiots is what caused all this, the virus is just one of many possible black swans.

    • “For want of a nail, a shoe was lost…”

      An interesting WWII anecdote – recovering on the Eastern Front from the debacle at Stalingrad, the Germans had stabilized their lines and even pushed the Red Army back in several places. Others, like at Rhzev, they managed an orderly and OVERDUE withdrawl from untenable positions. But, encouraged by ambitious generals like Kurt Zeitler, Chief of Staff of OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres, which effectively ran operations in the East), Hitler ordered an attack around a Soviet Salient near the city of Kursk, which could have been effectively executed about May 1, 1943, with the forces available. However, convinced that the situation required WAITING until, rather than an offensive limited in objectives by what forces were on hand, mounting an overall strategic operation that MIGHT bring about a collapse of the Red Army, AND to do so, in part, meant bringing on the new Tiger and Panther tanks, both well behind their production targets, and the latter, being quite new, with noticeable “teething” troubles that often plague an entirely new line of AFVs. Still, by the start of the offensive on July 5, 1943, some 200 Panthers were available on the northern flank of the Kursk “bulge”.

      Needless to say, the operation was an unmitigated DISASTER, insofar as the new Panther tanks were concerned. Of the 200 tanks, only about 115 were actually operational, due to mechanical troubles, with some even bursting into flame when started up! Furthermore, as the few FAMO heavy half-tracks that could tow a disabled Panther or Tiger tanks were already committed completely on the OTHER side of the bulge, as Hitler deemed it essential that no more Tiger tanks, if disabled, be captured by the Red Army, and any tank capable of moving a Panther was already committed to fighting off the estimated 4,000 Soviet T-34 tanks facing them, well, it got so bad that by the time Hitler had a stroke of common sense and called the ill-fated attack off (even though Soviet tank losses exceeded the Germans by a 5:1 ratio, let alone their huge losses of men) on July 12, 1943, only 43 Panthers were still in German hands. The remainder were mostly destroyed, some never having fired a shot in anger, by their crews, but a few were intact enough to be examined by Soviet tank experts. Their finding? They issued a warning to the Red Army, which otherwise freely used captured German equipment, to NOT attempt to use captured Panther tanks, as they had VERY unreliable engines and gearboxes. The Soviet Army disregarded that advice, and even printed a Russian translation of the included “Pantherfibel”, a humorous user’s guide, featuring comical artwork with quite a few images of a comely, undressed Fraulein.

      Just shows what goofy things result from operation on a “shoestring”.

  25. Since FoMoCo, and the Psychopaths In Charge all work for the same boss, of course they treat us the same. They share the same goal, of putting you on your knees, permanently.

    • Leslie Gore had all the right words in the early 1960s:

      You don’t own me

      And don’t tell me what to do
      Don’t tell me what to say

      I’m young and I love to be young
      I’m free and I love to be free
      To live my life the way I want
      To say and do whatever I please

      • Mike, Good luck on this next adventure. Here is a line I love from the song Amarillo by Morning:
        Amarillo by mornin’
        Up from San Antone
        Everything that I got
        Is just what I’ve got on
        I ain’t got a dime
        But what I’ve got is mine
        I ain’t rich
        But Lord, I’m free
        Amarillo by mornin’
        Amarillo’s where I’ll be

    • Tomorrow will be your first day of freedom.

      Enjoy it, and life!!!

      Those submitting to the lethal injection will have neither shortly.

    • Hi Mike,

      I am sorry to hear this. Have you tried seeking out other businesses where the mandate is being overlooked or maybe (for the time being) does not apply to them (e.g. a smaller business)? Also, have you tried seeking work as a subcontractor? If you work for yourself you will have a lot more leeway on how things operate.

        • Hey Mike,

          My jab-or-job day is 29 Nov. I’ve already told TPTB that I will not be submitting any documentation: no proof-of-jab, no request for exemption. It’s the documentation they want. Even the exemptions pave the road to the health pass.

          I haven’t vetted these sites yet, but these are ostensibly jab-free job boards (had to break the links to get past spam filter):

          htt ps://
          htt ps://
          htt ps://
          htt ps://

          Good luck!

            • Hey RG,

              My plan right now is just to work as much of my current contract as I’m allowed and when 29 Nov hits, treat it like vacation. I was planning on taking a couple weeks off around Christmas anyway, so now it’s just taking December off. With the contract work, I’m often “on the bench” for several weeks every year, so this isn’t super disruptive.

              In Dec, I’ll update my linkedin and probably hit the other sites and in Jan, I’ll start to look for more contract work.

          • Hi CJM,

            This really sucks – but at least now you know who you are working for (and good riddance). Best to say sayonara to people who aren’t decent people. Think of it as you would getting out a bad marriage. It sucks in the moment – but the moment passes. And then, it’s over.

            • Hey Eric,

              Yes, it sucked for about a day and a half, now I’m embracing it. I’m pretty sure I could get a medical or religious exemption, but those are merely different check boxes in the health passport system. The only “good” move here is to reject all of it. If enough of us do that, we’ll be ok.

              It’ll be interesting to see how many refuseniks there are out there.

              • Evil fed here, DOD accounting. I submitted a religious exemption yesterday. I did so with plenty of commentary giving them a middle finger for even asking the questions they did. I delayed filing it because I felt a vague, spiritual sense that I was painting a target on my own back. It’s similar to the dread I’ve been feeling for almost two years now. This isn’t worldly evil, I fear. It’s far deeper.

                If you don’t know Jesus Christ yet, get praying folks.

                • DOD Accounting?? Isn’t that on par with counting Unicorns? 🙂 Deeper, as in infernal? I’ve no doubt that you and Nunzio are going to get along rather well… 🙂

                  I see no reason to bring in external sources, when certain sections of humanity are more than capable of generating any amount of pure evil, all on their own.

                  • “counting unicorns” would probably be easier than making sense of my agency’s books. My job problems made much more sense when someone told me foreign nationals all over the world make accounting entries into our systems. English fluency not required.

                    • Life was so much simpler back on 9/10/01 when Rummy could just say a few trill went missing. Now we have to deal with one virus justified shimmy packs and the resultant inflation.

          • Mike, CJM, amazing hearing so many people taking this so seriously…. out here, im the only one I know in my circle (of so called professionals) who has not taken the jab… they all look at me like im crazy….

            • I hear you, Nasir. People are morons. Months ago, Israel’s studies showed natural immunity was far, far more effective than the vax. Then the reports saying if you have natural immunity, the vax is more likely to damage you with “side effects”. My symptoms in Mar 2020 matched COVID and I had lingering breathing issues so 1) I believe I’ve had it and 2) even if I haven’t, I’ll take COVID and my body’s reactions over the jab any day.

              • Hi Michael,

                Yup. I’ve related before that I am pretty sure I had the ‘Rona back in the late fall of 2019 – the last time I got sick, incidentally. It was an unusually severe (for me) respiratory thing; at its worst, when I exhaled deeply, my lungs made a crackling/gurgling sound. It lasted about a week. I got over it without meds of any kind. Since then, I’ve not had so much as the sniffles, which suggests that either I am immune – or the putative “highly infectious” virus isn’t. How they heck could I not get the ‘Rona after almost two years of the ‘Rona, having never once worn a Face Diaper nor “practiced” any of the bizarre rituals that supposedly keep you from catching it?

                Either it’s bullshit – or I’m immune to it.

                • Any reasonable interpretation of germ theory sez that if indeed about two years ago you did contract the ‘Rona, you should, for all practical purposes, be “immune”, as the build up of antibodies will give you further resistance. That is, you could have been re-infected, maybe several times, and not even notice it.

                  Since the evidence indicates that there’s no appreciable difference in communication of the disease between the Jabbed and the un-Jabbed, nor that the Jab prevents someone who does get it from being sick, I still ask…WHAT THE HELL GOOD IS IT? Where, pray tell, IS the evidence that’d substantiate any lawful mandates on either vaccination or an prevention measures, such as mandatory face-diaper wearing?

                  I like the way some jewish guy put it when he wrote an article, “31 reasons why I won’t get vaccinated”, and he saves the best for last…THE WHOLE THING STINKS.

    • Hopefully, if any of us know someone who is standing firm as Mike is, we will find the will and the means to help them out. I don’t mean carry them, I mean HELP them, in any way we can.

    • Mike, we’ve been fascist for a very long time. Take a good look at the so called New Deal, and what the tyrant FDR imposed on the country.

  26. ‘It will not be just this drug. It will be whatever drugs – and more – they say you must take.’ — eric

    During WW II, both the Germans and Japanese experimented with amphetamines to hike military productivity.

    Predictably, they elicited the same effects exhibited by today’s meth addicts: edgy, wired and psychotic, with periodic crashes.

    Not ideal, in other words. 🙁

    In Silicon Valley, some coders working long hours are microdosing with LSD and psilocybin — just enough to produce that ‘aha’ sense of engagement and wonder, without a full-dose retreat into couchlock and arm-waving ‘Dude, far out, the colors!‘ commentary.

    Corporations need motivated, productive — yet docile — workers. If microdosing proves to fill that bill, then what was once discretionary will become mandatory.

    Take your soma, serf.

  27. Another thought just occurred to me, if a person is, “suspended without pay” does that mean they are still considered ’employed’ and thus their health insurance is not cut off (some people might breathe a sigh of relief at that?) however; is there a string attached which says the health insurance payment Must still be made?
    Will a bill arrive in the mail? Will an IRS agent follow up on said unpaid bill? Will debtors prison await? Along with a required jab for entry? …Probably, not. …Right?

    • Maybe: I think the focus is on the word, “suspended”. Reckon it may mean that you can have your health ins, but must pay the full premium. Typically, the employer pays 2/3rds of the premium. I do know that a “leave of absence”, or being on “leave without pay”, allows for this. Bear in mind, the street price of health ins is about $30k per year.

    • Hi Helot,

      LWOP continues the health insurance for up to 12 months under the FMLA. The employee is still responsible for their portion of payments or they can choose to terminate the coverage.

      Now, the question is how does this affect employer contributions that were being paid on behalf of the employee? I work with several government contractors and when they were on LWOP the employer continued to make their (the employer’s) portion of health insurance premiums. If the employee paid a percentage (e.g. 25%) the employee was still responsible for his/her portion. My guess is this is based on the contract between the employer and employee and is probably not a “one size fits all.”

      What I find interesting though is that they are putting employees on LWOP status. So they really aren’t terminating them. The employees can still receive unemployment benefits, but they are doing so because of “lack of work” not actual firing. This means the employee can be brought back (if they don’t find a new job in the meantime) at a later date.

      My guess is big business knows this is going to go to the courts and they want the employees who are not complying with the absurd demands of the Biden Administration and OSHA still at their beck and call. Example, I am thinking of the airlines and the pilots they are putting on leave. Do they get eight weeks down the road and realize “Hey we don’t have enough pilots for scheduling….give Jim a call (who is on LWOP) and see if he is willing to assist us for two weeks.”

      I can’t help but feel there is a reason that they are doing this. Big business realizes even if they lose 5-10% of their workforce this is not immaterial and will affect the business’s operations and productivity. Do you keep those on LWOP on the back burner and shuffle around the rules to keep your business afloat?

      • I thought that employers were placing people on LWOP so they could DENY their unemployment benefits! After all, they’re not fired or dismissed; they simply aren’t working right now. That way, it’s a double whammy for the refusenik: they don’t get their pay, nor do they get unemployment. It’s an excellent way to hold a financial gun to someone’s head. Know what I mean?

        • Hi Mark,

          It is on a state by state basis, but with a few exceptions (e.g. NY) what is the harm in trying for unemployment benefits? Most of the time LWOP does allow for the application of unemployment assistance. I think the state governments are fear mongering by telling employees that they cannot apply.

      • Employers cannot afford to lose anyone right now. When there are material shortages things are found for people to do, because even a temporary loss of work means that person isn’t coming back.

        The illegal mandate via OSHA “emergency” rule was specifically delayed to get retail employers through the holiday season. That of course means there is no emergency. Dealing with a real emergency isn’t constructed around holidays.

        I read hunks of the ‘rule’ and it is just filled with misinformation and slight of hand. Outright lies as well. All to justify it. Including that it’s no big deal about the people who lose their jobs to the employers.

  28. The hypnosis is quite strong. Family member was diagnosed with “covid pneumonia” (as opposed to regular pneumonia, the latter which is easily diagnosed with an x-ray or CAT scan)…”covid test” was completed, analyzed, and reported to the patient in the space of 30 minutes while I had stepped away to get a bite to eat.

    Most “covid tests” (as the PCR tool is being labeled) take days to receive the “results.”

    Because of the “positive” PCR, the patient was told that remdesivir and monoclonal antibodies are available. Although he deferred these at first, by day 2 he had practically begged for them and is now receiving them. My concern is that the “cure” will cause more harm than the illness. BTW, he is also receiving steroids and antibiotics.

    I am also concerned that he will next beg for the jab, as he is quite anxious and scared. I’m sure pneumonia is a scary thing.

    Not sure what if anything I can do to prevent him from destroying himself over a “test” that is not a test. There was no other confirmation of the “diagnosis” of “covid.” And, of course, the FDA is removing the PCR from the “testing protocol” as of Dec. 31, but that doesn’t help him.

    I asked the doc if he hadn’t had the positive result what would their treatment protocol have been. She was refreshingly honest in admitting to me that remdesivir and antibodies would not have been an option, even though remdesivir is allegedly used in other situations…she also said not to worry about the white paper insert with the side effects listed…

    How I wish he hadn’t had the unfortunate circumstance of the unlucky draw. I am afraid it will ruin his life.

    • Wasn’t it literally last year (in 2020) that the WHO said the PCR was unreliable? I know, for sure, that numerous professional scientists and doctors called out how the cycles rendered it useless. Then, the CDC dictated that it was not to be used in isolation (though continuing to ignore the undeniable false positive rate) saying that a positive PCR result had to have some secondary confirmation (e.g., symptoms, etc). That was decreed last spring.

      Then wasn’t it mid-to-late Summer that they announced that they would discontinue the PCR? When they announced it, I read about it to determine “when” that was to happen. All they originally said was “in December” (from what I read). I reflexively said, “oh, so the 31st, right?” I later found out that was the case, completely unsurprising.

      In the meantime, the announced that they couldn’t detect whether a positive PCR was influenza or corona. For that matter they can’t tell whether it’s the original corona, delta corona, or any freaking corona. They have all-but admitted this.

      Yet the lie continues until next year. Every single thing they have said and/or admitted about the PCR test confirms that all of the numbers of cases and deaths are meaningless noise.

      How can anyone with a brain not see through this scam?

      • You just reminded me of something – I am going to ask today how many cycles were used to determine the “covid” diagnosis. Not sure how long it would ordinarily take to run a PCR analysis, but inside of 30 minutes to collect sample, return it to “lab,” and have result sounds like a vanishingly small timeframe.

        I am also going to request a list of all meds that have been administered, including any injections.

        • I’ve done these myself: depending on the number of samples you need to isolate material from the swab (let’s say 20 min), prepare the reaction mix (20 min if you’re fast) and run for at least 1.5h (depending on your machine). I hope that helps

          • Very interesting. When I went to the hospital today, I started with brief chit chat with the nurse for my family member. This was a new nurse whom I hadn’t met. She seemed really interested in his case, so I was encouraged. I then asked about how he would get into the patient portal for updates on his meds, etc. There were about 4 other nurses nearby in the hallway. Another nurse listening in told me how he (patient) would do this. Then, I gently inquired about patient’s diagnosis of covid, and how it seemed to be a short amount of time for the test to be run. The “helpful” nurse told me she is responsible for the PCR tests, and that they now do them in-house. Then, I dropped the bomb…asked how many cycles were run on the PCR. The “helpful” nurse’s face turned to stone. “What are you asking? He is either positive or negative, and his test was positive. HE HAS COVID.” The patient’s actual nurse stammered around and kept looking at bulldog nurse. She was clearly shook. She kept saying, “I don’t know what you are asking.” “Helpful” Nurse Ratched then said, “What are you questioning?” with the squinty, narrowed eyes. I said again, I want to know how many cycles were run. At this point, I noticed that 3 other nurses were standing frozen in the hallway. Sort of reminded me of the old E.F. Hutton commercials. Patient’s nurse said she would call the lab to find out how many “rounds” they used…I corrected her, “it’s called cycles, and they will know what you are asking for.” (I can’t believe she actually said that – there is no way she didn’t know what I was asking, IMO). She picked up the phone, hung up, then said she would call on her phone. I took that to mean I was being dismissed, so went in to visit the patient. To the nurse’s credit, she did tell me that they said they use 30-40 cycles (I have a feeling that it’s probably closer to 40 based on that response). I seem to recall that Fauxchi said anything over 25 cycles would be unreliable…and of course that FDA is dropping the PCR at the end of the year.

            Now I KNOW it’s all bs.

            • BTW, I call “bs” not just based on the alleged number of cycles used, but also remembering that a “diagnosis of covid” can be based on the doctor’s subjective judgment.

              30 minutes from collection to result (and I never even saw anyone at either end of the process so probably less than 30 min) means they probably just said, “Yeah he’s got covid” without even bothering to run anything.

              Cha-ching for them.

              And he got a call from the county health dept the next day…

              • ….it is my understanding that is can take up to 2 hours to properly cycle the PCR test, so ask yourself how many “tests” have been processed in the last 2 years? Ask yourself how billions of tests got analyzed? If they are testing 5 hundred million people a day worldwide, that is 1 billion man hours per day. Where are all the certified lab techs, certified labs and machinery designed to run these tests? Who is paying the billions per day to analyze these alleged tests? If there are that many tests being analyzed, how do you get that test back in 48 hours…or 30 minutes? The ergonomics just don’t work. I bet there are hundreds of millions of PCR tests sitting in baskets, or already trashed that have never been analyzed.

                • My thoughts generally, also. In addition, it gets worse. Because of the “covid” diagnosis, he is limited to one visitor per day. There are several family members that are not only “visiting,” but helping him with eating, bathing, toilet, etc., as he is very weak. They simply don’t have the staff to do what we are doing. Yet, because “covid” they are trying to limit him to one visitor per day, and expect us to be grateful for that! I said several times to the charge nurse (whom the security guy was trying to deny me access to after she had said no more visitors), that if this policy is resting on the “covid test,” then I am respectfully requesting another “test.” She tried to deflect, saying he would likely “test positive” for several months. I repeated my request. I think they don’t want to do it because it would blow the scam wide open.

                  • …in a less corrupt world…their scam has already blown wide open, they just won’t tell you! Ha! And you are spot on, I am working on avoiding any hospital, as there is a good chance they will kill you and blame it on the “virus”.

                  • This is just an expansion of what hospitals have been doing for a very long time. Restricting access, denying basic care, etc. The system has over a century of corruption now.

                    Hospitals have been culling people for some time IMO, I started to suspect as such 20+ years ago and the last two have confirmed it.

      • ….FYI…here is how the deadly, patient-killing “Covid” hospital protocols work. You go to the hospital for a twisted ankle. In order to treat you, they demand a PCR Test. They claim you are “positive” and lock you in an ICU. They take your clothes and shoes, and limit who can have access to you. The only acceptable treatment allowed by Fauci is Remdemisivir, which kills your kidneys. Facui has a financial interest in Remdemisivir and they will most likely deny you Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, High Dose Vitamin C & D or zinc. As The Remdemisivir kills your kidneys, they deny you dialysis and you heart / lungs fill with waste fluids. They call that “Covid Pneumonia”…(which doesn’t exist)…and then they put you on a ventilator. The Hospital gets $39,000 for each soul they hook up to that death machine. The ventilator enlarges your lungs and allows for more fluid build up. Then you drown in your own waste fluids. They tell everyone you died of Covid… and…kidney failure…without admitting that they killed the patient’s kidneys. Get your own Ivermectin, get on Vitamin C & D, and take zinc at levels right for your body. Do your best to stay out of hospitals, and be aware that they are now beginning to overflow with “vaccine” damaged people, and they are firing a lot of their staff…so the level of care is getting worse by the day.

  29. On the surface it seems to appear that by saying, “suspended without pay” means a person cannot: collect unemployment benefits, looses all sick days accumulated, and forfeits any and all vacation time earned?
    Unless the overlords say otherwise? Make exceptions? Idk. Talk about ‘The Golden Handcuffs’ & arm twisting.

    When I read, “They mean to own you” I thought again of the organizational shareholder charts in this video:

    Who Owns the World?

    And then, these two titles:
    ‘The Only Choice Left: Slavery or Freedom’
    ‘How To Fight Vaccine Mandates and Passports’

    Insert The Scorpions song, here, ‘Crazy World’


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