Remember When it was Just Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Chevrolet?

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If you oppose forcing people to submit to medical procedures that may injure or even kill them – or simply oppose forcing anyone to submit to any medical procedure, period – then you might want to consider not buying any vehicle made by General Motors.

This once-upon-a-time car company seems to believe it is become a hospital ward – and we are all patients. That it has the right to make employment conditional upon acceptance of company policies requiring all employees to submit to any medical procedure the corporation’s muckety-mucks decree they must submit to.

Mark the italics.

If it is accepted that GM – if any company – can make employment conditional upon submitting to a “vaccination” it will have set the precedent for requiring employees to submit to medical procedures, generally.

If the justification is accepted for mandatory submission to “vaccinations” then the justification has already been accepted for mandatory submission to health checkups, psychiatric evaluations, the mandatory answering of probing questions into one’s personal affairs – as any such thing can be asserted by control freaks to present a potential risk to the “health” of employees and thus, GM – any employer – is entitled to know and to impose whatever it decides to be necessary as regards such things.

As the condition of being allowed to work.

It will no longer be – ask your doctor. It will be – go see the doctor. And – do as the doctor says.  Period.

Take whatever meds he says you must take. Submit to any procedure he says is “necessary.” Answer all of his questions. These to inevitably include questions regarding whether you own any firearms – which the same Leftists pushing the Jab also have already defined as a matter of  . . . “public health.”

Else find another job.

People are fools if they do not grasp this.

They were fools for not grasping – decades ago – that submitting to pee tests as a condition of employment would inevitably lead to this.

Many people thought it no big deal. They didn’t use arbitrarily illegal “drugs” – so what’s the trouble? The trouble, fool, is the acceptance of the premise that it is something other than despicably degrading to presume everyone who happens to work at a given company (especially companies where employees don’t handle dangerous machinery or fly airplanes) is a dangerous Dope Fiend absent any cause to suspect the individual worker of such.

Very few people would object to an employer with legitimate reason to suspect that an employee has some kind of drug (or alcohol) problem that could result in problems for the employer asking that employee to establish that he hasn’t got a problem with drugs or alcohol. The problem – the incandescent danger – is the imbecilic insouciance toward a general presumption of guilt, of whatever the assertion happens to be.

Because here’s where it leads.

We’re all presumptive sickness spreaders – and that presumption will never end, if this stands. First as regards this sickness. Then the next one.


You’re a fool, if you don’t see it.

Healthy employees faced with the choice – submit, or find another job. And that job may be very difficult to find – without submitting, somewhere else. 

If GM and the other companies making the Jab a job requirement are not backed down. Because if not, expect the Jab to become universally required – by all employers. Even the self-employed won’t be safe – because these Freaks will proceed to make any financial transaction conditional on Proof of Jab. Banks won’t deal with you – which means you won’t be able to receive payments or make them, except via cash – which you can also expect the Freaks to try to outlaw, too.

Their intent is not to treat you. It is to cure you of any semblance of personal liberty – to make choices for yourself – that may still enjoy. For you to have one choice: Compliance – with everything.

Or have (and own) nothing.

And be very unhappy.

Do not expect the government – this government, at any rate – to do the backing down. It will double down, using the risible argument that “private companies” have the right to impose such indecencies. It is risible, in part, because corporations like GM are “private” to the same degree that you are a “customer” of the DMV’s. Corporations are by definition government-created entities, favored by government with special status that limits their liability, including liability for damages caused by the corporation.

As for example the corporations using the government to force people to roll up their sleeves, who used the government to shield them from liability for the crippling injuries and deaths their products cause – while making billions in extorted profits in the process.

It is also risible, in the second part, because corporations are beholden to government. The flip side of their government-granted favoritism is the threat always hanging over them that the very same government may rescind its favoritism. The incestuous bedfellows screw each other as they work to screw us.

There is a cure for this.

Stop buying what these corporations sell. They can fire us – but we can fire them. We don’t have to buy their products. Let’s don’t.

GM would be unable to force its employees to submit to the Jab if enough of GM’s customers made it crystal clear that they will never buy another GM product until GM stops tyrannizing the people who work for it – which threatens the tyrannization of everyone.

Once upon a time, there was baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

Wouldn’t it be great if those times make a comeback?

They can. All it will take is enough of us to say No.

GM isn’t the only car company. There are other car companies that haven’t become the adjuncts of the coercive state, which together seek to reduce us to a status worse than that of the cows in the field.

We are not their livestock.

Let’s make that clear to them.

. . .

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  1. God – i dont get how people in the US are putting up with this vaccine mandate. Just had the CEO of united on talking about firing people not taking the jab….. the commenters are like just go ahead, fire em… crazy how they just say it now…. i mean if you were talking about firing people for any other characteristics, imagine what it would be. But not an eyebrow raised…. im just wondering when people will actually start pushing back…

    • All the unjabbed can do to push back is tell employers to take that job and shove it. There’s no business that can survive suddenly losing 20% of its workforce unless it is in bed with government and customers can’t go elsewhere.

      If there is a breaking point it will be when the jabbed can’t get what they want and need. In threads elsewhere where I’ve seen the ‘go ahead and fire them type comments’ I’ll sometimes comment back that they won’t be able to get the goods and services they need and want. So far no counter arguments given, no replies given. Silence is often telling that something was not thought through.

    • Nasir, Americans have become even bigger pussies than the French! Just to put up with the pure bullshit that most people put up with here on a daily basis…..and they’re so blind they call it ‘freedom’ and say it’s the best country on earth.

      Like Von Goethe said: “There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free”.

  2. Boycotting won’t be hard. The gargantuan Chevy dealer by me is now one big empty lot. How do you not go bankrupt carrying the mortgage on the fancy new buildings and the property taxes?

  3. Me Chinese,
    Me play joke,
    Me put Covid
    in your Hoax,
    with a knick-knack
    give a Biden a bribe,
    90 percent of the US just died.

  4. Ford chugs the Electric Kool-Aid:

    ‘Teaming with its battery partner, SK Innovation of South Korea, Ford said Monday it will spend $5.6 billion in Stanton, Tennessee, where it will build a factory to produce electric F-Series pickups.

    ‘A joint venture called BlueOvalSK will construct a battery factory on the same site near Memphis, plus twin battery plants in Glendale, Kentucky. Ford estimated the Kentucky investment at $5.8 billion. The single largest manufacturing venture in the iconic company’s history will create an estimated 10,800 jobs.’

    ‘Ford picked the Kentucky and Tennessee sites in part because of lower electricity costs, Farley said. Battery factories use five times the electricity of a typical assembly plant to make cells and assemble them into packs, so energy costs were a big factor, Farley said.’ — AP News

    Ol’ Jim ain’t stupid: he zeroed in on that cheap TVA hydropower, maybe even got a special deal on it.

    Too bad about Ford’s EV victims customers, who pay spiraling retail rates to power monopolies already rubbing their hands in glee. Just wait till tripled natural gas prices get passed through into electric rates.

  5. Since GM is run by Mary from “personnel” rather than someone from engineering, it’s easy to see why things have gotten to this point.

    The trend from having the CEO come from the departments that made the company the money (not just GM) to being run by MBA’s and HR people is why most big companies are run poorly today. They have no clue what the company they are running into the ground actually does for a living.

    • Wikipedia: Mary Barra graduated from General Motors Institute in 1985, with a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. She then attended Stanford Graduate School of Business on a GM fellowship, receiving her Masters in Business Administration degree in 1990.

      Mary knows better … but made the expedient decision to suck up to government regulators, rather than resisting them. That’s the only way she can guarantee getting bailed out again, when GM goes bankrupt the second time (Bring it, Lord!).

      It’s been a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time since American corporate leaders like ol’ Sewell Avery stood up to the new breed of fascism:

      ‘Sewell Avery, the chairmen of Montgomery Ward, refused to comply with the demands of unions and the War Labor Board’s order for compromise. “To hell with the government!” Avery yelled in April 1944 at Attorney General Francis Biddle, who had flown to Chicago in hopes of placating him. “I want none of your damned advice.”

      ‘Biddle ordered two National Guardsmen to lift Avery out of his office chair and carry him out of the building. “You &*/@$# New Dealer!” Avery bellowed. In an iconic photo, two soldiers hold Avery in a sitting position, his arms crossed, as they remove him from the premises.


    • Rich,

      I have turned down some (very lucrative) job opportunities, because the management had no background in the technical side of things, and had no background in the industry (upstream, downstream, or at a competitor)

      If they don’t have the first clue how the product works, what goes into it, or where it fits into the broader picture…how can they possibly make good decisions for the company?

      I wish more people would ask these kinds of questions when choosing their employment situation.

    • Famed auto moguls Lee Iacocca and John DeLorean were both ENGINEERS by education, and worked “in the bullpen” with a slide rule et al. Both men were considered somewhat “mavericks” in their day and went against what was their respective corporate cultures of their times.

      • Didn’t keep Iacocca from taking the Chrysler bail out though. Of course he was handed a worse than bad situation, wherein they were “balancing” their books by the weight of their credits vs the weight of their debits. Seriously, they were using scales as accounting tools.

        • Iacocca was a DEMOCRAT and had no issue with taking Jimmy Carter’s bailout guarantee. One of the few transactions that WORKED in Uncle Sam’s favor, as Chrysler repaid its loans ahead of schedule, and that earned the Government over $50 in guarantee “fees”. More or less, he got the Government to tell the UAW to back off or else there’s be no Mopar jobs to bargain over.

  6. If we don’t somehow stop this vaxx horse hockey than everything else they’re doing won’t matter.

    The new governator of NY just said “The vaccine is from God.” and “I need you need to be my apostles.”

    “”My”” apostles?

    • I love it when the left invokes Christianity, something they don’t believe in, to change the mindscape of the gullible. It warm my heart every time. (Vomit emoji, rolling eyes emoji, followed by seething red faced emoji).

    • ‘Ho’chul’s insane rant belongs in an updated version of Charles MacKay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.

      Mackay’s debunking includes alchemy, crusades, duels, economic bubbles, fortune telling, haunted houses, magnetisers, murder through poisoning, prophecies, popular admiration of great thieves, popular follies of great cities, and relics.

      ‘Murder by poisoning’ is the category that fits the witless, deluded ‘Ho’chul, who washes the stinky feet of the vax makers then dries them with her hair, as the Gospel commanded her.

      Jesus wept.

    • Thomas DiLorenzo did post an article today about New York state being a somewhat ‘foitul” (Archie Bunkerese) place for religious extermists…i.e., NUTS who think they’re doing God’s work. He quoted a 13 y.o. article that he’d posted also on LRC. However, in that, he DIDN’T mention this farm kid from Palmyra, NY, not far from present-day Rochester, called Joseph Smith, who was considered a Prophet, a charlatan, or a deluded fool, depending on one’s POV.

    • I am just curious. If we are boycotting GM – is for just for new cars or am I considered a traitor if I buy the 1970 Chevelle SS with the 502 big block that I have had my eye on for the last three years?

      • The OLD “Bowtie”, like the “Pentastar” of YORE, is a relic of the PAST. If you can find a Chevelle SS with a stroked “Rat” motor, more power, LITERALLY, to ya!

      • The idea of Mary Barra trying to build a Chevelle – even a six cylinder Powerglide one – is the funniest thing I heard all day.

        A big block Chevelle not only makes you a non-traitor, it makes you an anti-traitor.

        • Even a gutless Chevelle with a Chevy Six and a PG two-speed (or better yet, “Three on the Tree”, green loop-pile carpeting, and those UUUUGLY green vinyl bench seats has more heart and ‘soul’ than most offerings foisted on the public today. What’s more, you can FIX the damn thing!

          • “What’s more, you can FIX the damn thing”

            Theoretically. I actually used to own a 6 cylinder 72 Chevelle. By far the most reliable car I ever owned. Not much fixing needed to be done. Tune ups? Yes. Repairs? No.

            • I know the GM products had that Delco distributor with the “Window”, and a hex fitting on the point set so you could finely adjust the dwell angel while running…get it j-u-u-u-s-t right. If you invested in a $3 point file, and a decent timing light, you could keep that thing in tune easily. Did the six banger have the same window? At least Chevy put it in a more CONVENIENT place than Mopar did with the Slant six. The key there was to simply get the engine to #1 cylinder, TDC, line up the timing mark on the crank pulley at 0 degrees, then just yank the distributor, set the points, lube the cam, file the rotor tip or put on a new one, sand the cap contact clean or replace it, then just slap the thing back in where it was (remember to have the rotor tip point marked before you yanked it). Usually the best way was to take the plugs out first so cranking the engine by hand was easy; you had to clean and gap or replace them anyway.

              Yep, maintenance on those six bangers was a SIMPLE procedure, and if not abused, those engines ran FOREVER. Sure, they were usually dogs off the line, but you bought such a car as transportation, not to hot rod. IMO, that was the SWEET SPOT of production as the mix of manufacturing technology and reliability versus maintainability.

              What did we do to FUCK THAT UP?

  7. ‘[Vax makers] used the government to shield them from liability for the crippling injuries and deaths their products cause – while making billions in extorted profits in the process.’ — eric

    Amen, brother Eric. This is straight-up gov-sponsored looting.

    Vax makers got immunity from liability under 2005 legislation called the PREP Act, coupled with a March 10, 2020 special decree from HHS. That decree can be reversed, and I adamantly demand that it should be.

    My non-negotiable demand letter:

    Xavier Becerra, Esq
    Department of Health & Human Services
    200 Independence Ave S.W.
    Washington DC 20201

    Re: Void Liability Protection for Covid Vaccines

    Dear Mr Secretary:

    On March 10, 2020, your predecessor in office invoked PREP Act liability immunity for manufacturers of covid vaccines. In light of emerging evidence, the time has come to reconsider that decision.

    In Pfizer’s human test lab — Israel — where about half the eligible population got a booster shot, on Sep 14 the nation’s per capita case rate reached the highest on earth.

    It is now obvious that leaky so-called vaccines do not and cannot ‘stop the spread’ or induce herd immunity.

    But the FDA has dishonestly changed the very definition of ‘vaccine’ from ‘produces immunity’ to ‘stimulates an immune response’ to accommodate these failed pseudo-vaccines.

    Show me the incentive, I’ll show you the result: VAERS data through Sep 10 tally 31,486 hospitalizations, 7,863 permanent disabilities, and 6,756 deaths from covid ‘vaccines.’

    Clearly, a deadly fraud has been perpetrated on the public. I call on you to explicitly revoke the liability protections granted by HHS for covid pseudo-vaccines.

    Strip the manufacturers of these defective, dangerous products of their undeserved liability shield, so that their tens of thousands of American victims can seek restitution for the immense harm done to them.



    c: Senator X; Senator Y; Rep Z

    • Excellent Jim!

      That’s how it should be done, not that many of these payrolled puppets will listen, but it’s a beginning. I think I’ll follow through with a letter of my own, though, since I am in Phx, both my Senators and my Rep are Demoncraps. Good practice at pontificating to the wind, however.

    • Not to mention its a direct violation of amendment seven, which allows suits at common law. Since no exceptions are presented, there are none.

  8. The best way to throw a side-kick to the jaw of Leviathan would be to work outside the realm of the Holy Dollar. That’s what cryptocurrency was originally for, though it still hasn’t fulfilled that role. We do get to see what happens in China, now that they’ve outlawed crypto transactions. Should be interesting.

    • Hi BaDnOn,

      Does this involve their own digital yuan? I keep having nightmares that the Petro Dollar falls and is replaced with this. I hope I am very wrong.

      • Hey RG,

        It is said that the digital yuan is exactly what it’s about, but general loss of control over transactions is also something the CCP just can’t have. And yes, the dollar and its caretakers are trouble enough these days, but we sure as hell don’t need the yuan to be the reserve currency.

        We need to start practicing with alternatives NOW.

      • RG- just wondering, why so afraid of the crypto yuan? From what I understand, it will be backed by gold (or maybe thats some other yuan). Given where the world with with the dollar, whats it matter who controls it…. they are all corrupt bastard anyways….

        • Hi Nasir,

          I am worried about a few things in regards to the digital yuan becoming the world’s reserve currency: 1) China puts capital controls on their money that enters and exits their country, 2) the Chinese have no issue acting on a whim and would happily freeze access to the yuan if a country or group were to act against what the Chinese wished, ahem, Taiwan, 3) lack of transparency from the Chinese government , 4) counterfeiting of the digital yuan, 5) other countries pushing to create their own digital currencies to compete with the yuan and dissolving the use of coin and cash, most important the need for anonymity, 6) no way to address inflation

    • BaDnOn,

      That’s a great idea. I wish we could do it more.

      The more, the better.

      But, most of us get paid in dollars, taxed in dollars, and pay mortgage/rent in dollars. So, for practical purposes, for most of us some kind of dollar-denominated income source is going to be essential for the foreseeable future.

      Doesn’t mean we can’t reduce our exposure. I think we should. Additionally, it will be good practice for the likely event of some kind of attempt to go cashless, or attempted total financial surveillance with digital dollars. Won’t happen tomorrow, but probably will be attempted at some point.

      I think some type of manufactured good with a very long shelf life would be best.

      Hopefully by the time this actually happens, some kind of broad-based consensus on an alternative will have been reached.

      • Publius,

        Yes, it’s true. I know we are quite far from the implementation of any alternative, but it’s worth some serious meditation. Currencies have always been issued by governments, who use them for control of trade as much as anything else, and they also usually ruin them through inflation, from what I’ve seen.

        But you’re right. Perhaps a manufactured good, like ammo, soap, or materials such precious metals or catalysts can facilitate transactions. Anything that is more-or-less universally valued and easy to carry. Cryptos are great through-the-wires media.

  9. We’re in an SHTF situation anyway, so I don ‘t think boycotting GM will be much of a problem, given that what dollars you’re unfortunate enough to keep on hand won’t be worth much in the coming months. That’s the purpose of COVID mania. To cover for the already collapsing house of Federal Reserve cards. Hence the “great reset”, to foist that collapse onto the backs of the former middle class, and leave the bank cartel debt free, and in control. What they propose to control after a general collapse is the only question left. And the answers aren’t pretty. It’s going to be a hard road. Wish I was younger.

    • I wish I were 18 in body, but with the wisdom I have now. But while we’re in fantasyland, why not the wisdom I’ll have when I’m 64?

      Too soon old, too late smart.

    • Have you seen the shenanigans by the Fedsters that were front running the Fed’s purchases? First they get “forced” to sell at the top now they get to retire to “spend more time with family.” Now they’re going after Ol’ Jerome, Capt. Transitory, because inflation is here to stay, with that harridan Warren calling him a “dangerous man” today. Markets headed South. Watch out below.

      • She blames the Fed. Fine and dandy. But she is not serious if she does not address Congressional over-spending, most of which she voted for (and continues to advocate).

          • Based on how the front runners guys operated their grift, I’m guessing Powell probably wants out in February. Warren’s reasons were pretty funny, actually. He “loosened” too many regulations.

  10. Doesn’t matter if Government/General Motors is forcing everyone to vaccinate, buying a new vehicle is not gonna happen, out of the question. If anything is bought, it will be an old/older pickup truck. Unless there is no gasoline, then you won’t have to drive your car for any reason.

    Natural gas has gone from 1.87 USD back in 2018 to 6.24 USD today. Back in the early 2000’s, natural gas was over eight dollars for a thousand cubic feet, spiking above 20 USD. We all know why is was that then. A new high efficiency furnace lowered my NG bill by more than half. The gas company came out and changed out the meter, didn’t matter.

    BTU, Peabody Energy, was 80 cents per share some months ago, it is 14.11 USD today.

    I wish I could be in Australia, best place on earth to live free.

    Shake those chains.

    The Machine is making its evil a maniacal full measure of more fun!

    The diabolical democide continues and you are watching it happen again today.

    Somethuns gotta give.

    • ‘Natural gas has gone from 1.87 USD back in 2018 to 6.24 USD today.’– drumphish

      European natural gas prices are up another 12% today to new all time highs. Help us, Vlad, we’re dyin’ here, man.

      The last thing this hideously distorted joke of a bubble economy needs is an energy price spike jammed up its rectum.

      But it happened before: in July 2008, crude oil spiked to its record high of $147 a barrel — seven months after the economy had already entered recession in Dec 2007.

      Talk about a pincers strategy: collapsing real estate was jerking the rug out from under home moaners, while runaway gasoline prices put the screws to everybody as the nightmarish meltdown accelerated.

      Surely this could never happen again! /sarc

      • Was much worse in the late 70s. Unemployment, inflation, and interest rates were ALL in double digits. At one point the prime interest rate was 25%. Guess what happened just a few years before then. Nixon closed the Gold window, and we went full fiat currency. Who would have thought it wouldn’t work, just because it never has.

        • Hi John,

          If we were to use the CPI that was used in the 1970s to determine inflation, today’s rate would be about 13%. This is going to jump significantly in the fourth quarter of this year. It always surprises me on how long the markets take to correct themselves. The holding down of the interest rates by the Fed is going to be this country’s downfall. When the Stock Market pops (in the near future) this will make 2008 look like child’s play.

          If Saudi decides to alter the Petro Dollar to the Yuan (or the Russian Ruble) which is a possibility, there is nothing out there that will save our financial industries once the US dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency. The Fed has used every weapon in their arsenal. The quantitative easing should have been tapered years ago, interest rates should have been allowed to naturally rise, and the zombie companies that are still infiltrating the Stock Market should have met their demise already.

          I wish Nixon were alive today. I would have some choice words for the jerk. How, Kissinger, who created this entire mess, is still alive flabbergasts me.

          • Back in the heydey of evangelist Hal Lindsey, when he’d written his eschatological Tour de Force, “The Late, Great Planet Earth”, there was endless speculation among the Evangelical Christians as to the identity of the “AntiChrist” or the “False Prophet” as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. I’ve heard speculated that ol’ Henry was either. To me, he’s like “Vigo the Carpathian” from Ghostbusters II:

            Vigo the Carpathian. Born 1505, died 1610.

            Peter Venkman:
            105 years old, he hung in there, didn’t he?

            He didn’t die of old age, either. He was poisoned, stabbed, shot, hung, stretched, disembowled, drawn and quartered.

            Peter Venkman:

            Guess he wasn’t too popular at the end, huh?

            No, not exactly a man of the people. Also known as Vigo the Cruel, Vigo the Torturer, Vigo the Despised, and Vigo the Unholy.

            Peter Venkman:
            Wasn’t he also Vigo the Butch?

            • Called it! But they’re both Jews, and although there’s no specificity from the scripture itself, legend sez that the False Prophet is a Jew, but not so the AntiChrist. And here I thought I used to be married to the latter.

  11. Funnily enough I’ve always considered myself more of a Chevy guy than a Ford guy…but I’ve never bought anything made by GM.

    Almost bought a Cobalt once…glad I dodged that particular bullet. Was interested in buying a Cruze but they discontinued the MT version and then disappeared it into the memory hole.

    Guess I’m going to have to keep on boycotting them.

  12. I”m still waiting for the shoe to drop at my office. Considering all the woke garbage they have bought in to I would have to say it is iffy if I’m still employed come Jan 2022. I will not take this poison, and I’ll be damned if I allow my children to take it. My wife, I have said my peace, if she chooses to give to her employer it is to her own detriment. I can’t stop her, but I would guess this might be the beginning of the end of our relationship. Because the tensions this will cause are going to be extreme.

    • I am sorry, Antilles. It is near impossible when both partners are on two different sides. Hubby and I got into a tiff recently about this. His response to me was (I am paraphrasing) “why are we fighting this, it is inevitable, they are going to make us take it or make us outcasts”. This is from someone who shares the same opinion as me that these shots are dangerous and that there is an ulterior motive occurring. Of course, my response was “so what if we are outcasts”. My argument was “okay, go get the shot….now what? What have you accomplished? You can get on an airplane, attend a concert, eat at a restaurant, but the other three of us cannot. Do you think they will leave you alone after the first or second jab? Maybe by the time the 8th and 9th shots arrive the oligarchy will get bored of their game or more likely, another virus and another vax.” Basically, my gist was “it won’t end.” If one doesn’t start there is nothing for one to regret.

      I can see how peer pressure affects many people. They need to be accepted. Their insecurity overwhelms their own gut reactions and they ignore them. Other people do not suffer from such delusions. The more the elites (and “apostles” to quote Gov. Hochul) push the more some of us dig our heels in deeper believing we are right. We will outrun, outmaneuver, and out manipulate these freaks until the day we die.

            • Thanks for the link, Hat. I have not read any of Claire’s work, but I did just scan through her most recent blog concerning healthcare. I agree with her. I believe the Medical Industrial Complex will soon fall or will be overrun by new, inexperienced personnel and will be under government control.

              I have a client (a doula and massage therapist) who is working on setting up a clinic on holistic medicine. I, wholeheartedly support her efforts and will do my part in helping her achieve success, because I believe in a few years this will be the only thing available to us. We will go back to the days of the Old World and old teachings.

              • “Modern” medicine has not fallen far from the snake oil tree. The FDA used to be called the Department of Chemistry. Now all ailments are drug deficiencies, or need surgery. Of course only state approved drugs, don’t you know. Approved by the FDA, which gets about half its funding from Pharma, and a LOT of former FDA worms get Pharma jobs after their period of promotion is over.

      • RG,

        My B-I-L & S-I-L took it and are now pressuring my wife to go and get it J&J because and I quote “it’s a real vax unlike the mRNA ones.”. She is going to give it eventually even though like you and.your husband we are both in agreement that this is poison, this is not going to help, and may harm us and there is something deeper going on. My fear is when she gives in she will attempt to get the kids jabed and that is going to be wwiii in my house.

        • Hi Antilles,

          I am sorry she is being pressured by her siblings. My husband’s issue is he is concerned about making a living. His boss is pretty anti vax so there is no pressure there. The customers will likely be the culprits. But, I told him if they start enforcing it we head out of Dodge and go elsewhere. I have no problem packing up and moving to someplace saner.

          What would be your wife’s reasoning for jabbing the kids? If I recall your kids are pretty close to mine in age (they are teenagers). They should be astute on where they stand with the jab. No good comes from pushing teenagers into anything. Many parents have tried. 🙂

          If you believe something is off….do you think that she may have already received the shot or just her considering it is causing tension?

          • RG,

            Just her considering it has caused lots of tension. I am pretty intense in my absolute disdain for the poison jabs. The fact that she would even consider it after all the conversations we have had about it is disappointing to say the least.

            My kids are 12 & 10,. The 12 year old would have to be physically restrained to take this jab. He would attack anyone attempting to give it. He has never even taken a flu shot. And for a 12 year old he isn’t small or easy to handle physically. The 10 yr old who is not as physically imposing as the older one would put up a fight as well.

            I want to leave and go someplace where they respect personal liberty. I’ve wanted to leave this state since I stupidly came back to it in 1999. I think my wife is open to the religious exemption route but her sister is pushing her to get the j&j before they run out. I foresee a lot of nights out on the couch if she gets any of those poison jabs.

            • Vile that other family members would put this kind of pressure on their relative. It reminds me of that old anti-drug PSA from the 80s: “it will make you feel good.” We’ve cut off in-laws and cousins over similar behavior and have no regrets whatsoever. Antilles, you and your wife are one body, joined by the Lord, and should stand firm against this, together. Have each other’s back. Do what is right, and not what is expedient, and intra-familial comity is of no moment. Nourish your wife back to health, you need each other. We are all worn down, but need to persevere.

            • Hi Antilles,

              I know how you feel. Hubby has been pretty adamant with me against these jabs, but every now and then he seems to waver, which upsets me. It isn’t that I don’t believe he can make his own decisions like a big boy, but I have poured over journals, medical publications, and studies for the last 21 months looking at this virus and these jabs from every angle imaginable. I share the research with him and we seem to be on the same page most of the time. Then I hear about so and so that he works with got it, and the next door neighbor, and his uncle, blah, blah, blah, blah. Personally, I don’t care if everyone else in the whole world has it. If I don’t want it, I am not getting it. Period. I love my husband dearly, he is a great guy, but the hesitation on something so serious does bother me.

              As I told him last week, if he gets the jab, no snu snu. Probably not very decent of me making threats, but that is how very uncompromising I am in regards to this shot. WTH is in it? We don’t know.

              • As long as its YOU, and not the disembodied Bea Arthur, haunting a poor, defenseless computer, (or a FemBot), calling the shots. I still say, give me DEATH (by Snu Snu!).

                  • Although Bea Arthur was damned funny, (“I’m on my WINE (whine) break!”), her *ahem* looks and that froggy voice had me feeling sorry for the late Bill Macy (her TV husband “Walter” from “Maude”). As for “Dorothy” and the other old bats from “Golden Girls”, if THAT’s what I have to look forward to some years in the future (I’m 62 now), provided I outlive my “Beloved Snips” (she’ll be 54 in four weeks, so odds are it’ll be her that plants me), I’ll just forgo “dating” in the old folks’ home (“It’s a ‘retirement community’, Dad..”) and save my shekels for a quarterly outing with a reliable “escort”. Would I being paying for “nookie”? No, I’d be paying for her to GO HOME.

          • RG – i do worry about this thing hitting work and the income of people. A good friend of mine in Canada, him and his wife are dead against the jab. But it is going to cause him issues at work. Now the other day I was talking to him and he did admit that he is really worried about having to take it. He put his voice down on the topic because he said that if his wife hears him even considering it – she will be pissed. But his view was that he still has to pay the bills, and he said thats something his wife doesnt quite get – hes a guy whos been working his whole life and couldn’t imagine stopping and being not able to provide. And I know the guys financial liabilities and responsibilities – and I dont know what to say….. and i feel many will have to make that decision… personally im also very worried about this…

            • Hi Nasir,

              I can only give you one woman’s perspective on this…mine. My husband and I make a pretty decent income for what we do. It has provided us many experiences, travels, and pleasures over the years. I am blessed with a good life and I am grateful for it, but none of it is worth more than the safety and health of my husband.

              There is no data on the long term effects of this jab. We don’t know what complications could arise over the next year, five years, or twenty years.

              We are fortunate that we have very little debt so we don’t require a large paycheck, which allows us a little more breathing room than many.

              Providing means different things to different people. To some it is big houses, fancy cars, and expensive vacations. To others it is meeting the necessities of life….housing, food, and clothing. I have been on both sides. Honestly, I am at a point that a small farm in Florida that we could use as a homestead to live away from the general society would be my first choice. The older I get the less I care about the material items. I am happy that I experienced them, but I have no interest reliving it. Simple is what I want. Little stress and lots of freedom. He will still provide, but it will be by rototilling a garden and maintaining farm equipment, not trying to reach for a dream in a world that no longer exists.

              • Raider, if that Florida farm is the dream of you and your hubby, by all means pursue it. The way the world is changing affords you opportunities to make a living from it and reaching BEYOND it in a way that could not have been fathomed even when I graduated college…almost 40 years ago.

                During the Depression, although a lot of people knew hunger, there was very little, if any, actual STARVATION. Assuredly there were diseases that were hampered by malnutrition, and for many kids, growth was stunted, as it had been endemic in countries that suffered famines a lot more. But not only were there a lot more farms, even in the towns and cities, folks had gardens and fruit trees, and kept chickens. So, in effect, there was a subsistence agriculture that had always gone on, in part b/c these folks had known hard times before, or at least their parents and grandparents had, and they understood that at least, especially if there was no outside work to be had, you at least sustained yourself off your land, such as it was. This too, led to the so-called “Victory Gardens” in WWII, as not only did Americans grow a great deal of fresh produce and raise chickens for eggs and meat, it saved on gasoline and TIRES, and railroad freight capacity that’d otherwise be used up instead of transporting war materiel. Plus, there was one OTHER benefit…by keeping people busy with manual labor, as with gasoline and tires being rationed, folks just couldn’t go drive off to “recreate” where they pleased, or go visit friends/family on a whim, they needed SOMETHING to expend their energies on, and deal with the frustrations involved and the oft anxities of “war nerves”, especially if they had sons/husbands/fathers away at war.

                Now, though, I’d keep the subsistence farming and husbandry on the “down low”, especially if you’re WHITE. These days, extolling the virtues of self-sufficiency and preparation gets you labelled as a “prepper”, a “conspiracy theorist”, a “racist”, and a “terrorist”. If things do degrade into a SHTF situation, your preparation will cause those that didn’t to be ENVIOUS, so be prepared to defend yourself against robbers and thieves…especially those with BADGES.

        • This is a common misconception. The J&J is not a traditional vaccine, nor is the Russian Sputnik V. They are viral-vector vaccines. Instead of using mRNA to get your body’s cells to production the coronavirus spike protein, they use a human adenovirus to do the same.

          Now, they claim the adenovirus is “replication-defective”. What if they were to use an adenovirus that was not “replication-defective”? They could essentially create a contagious vaccine; you’ll be vaccinated merely by coming into contact with someone who got the jab. Creepy.

          • More to the point, the spike protein itself is pathogenic, and responsible for most of the vascular symptoms of both covid and what seem to be the vaccines’ side effects. I wouldn’t trust any method that induces production of the spike protein within the recipient’s body.

            Absent the odd and conspicuous furor from would-be lords and kings, I’d be prepared to *entertain* the prospect of a protein-subunit shot (wherein the body doesn’t make it, but it’s harvested from cell cultures that produced it, no way to replicate in the recipient’s body), but not something that manufactures a pathogenic material inside my own body without any robust method to control where the initial genetic load is spread and delivered to cells’ ribosomes.

            • Has the possibility that the “would be Lords and Kings” are getting a saline PLACEBO when they “Vax Up”? At this point, with all the manipulation, double talk, and prevarication, I don’t dismiss it as a POSSBILITY.

        • Holy crap Mike, I’m sorry. That is messed up though that she is considering herself the lucky one here.
          I cringe for the life I’m leaving my kids and would do anything to defend them but right now I’m only 1 man. I come here because I see that I am not alone in my struggle.

      • You must have edited this comment. Got an email update referencing “snu snu”. I say, give me “Snu Snu”, or give me DEATH…BY “Snu Snu”!

    • You will eventually be proven right. There is no sense, logic, reason, or science involved in this circus. It’s pure propaganda, boiled down to its essence.

  13. I believe it was a commercial. When I read your headline the song started playing in my head. Thanks a lot. Funny thing though, after I thought about it a bit I recall loving all those things. Now I loathe them. Scratch scratch, spit spit and Chevy are easy to hate. Hot dogs and apple pie require some effort. I have to constantly remind myself how terribly unhealthy they are.

  14. Expect more of this, as the new executive order guidance came out last Friday for government contractors – that is, any company with a contract with the US government, regardless of company size. The guidance calls for mandatory vaccination for almost all employees, regardless of whether they ever set foot on government property or if they work on any aspect of the contract. Under the guidance, it is sufficient if you work in the same building as someone who works on any aspect of the contract. No testing opt out allowed. Oh, and masks required in those same places of employment under the same guidance. Only option is medical or religious exemption, both of which are somewhat discretionary. GM is a government contractor, their hands are (mostly) tied – they could try and challenge in court, but they won’t and would likely lose anyway.

    Next up, coming this week I believe, is the guidance from OSHA on the same for employers of 100 or more people.

    This won’t stop until it’s stopped. If Bidet really meant what he apparently said about 97-98% vaccination rate, then the next shoe may drop in the coming weeks as the current crop of requirements won’t do much but force a lot of people into religious exemptions or to the unemployment line. Next up, requirements for all public school kids – a major problem in the making, and kids in some states apparently don’t have civil rights sufficient to afford them even a religious exemption.

    People have drawn their lines in the sand, now what are they going to do when that line gets crossed?

    • Lines in the sand should be carefully marked, with full awareness of what the cost of enforcing that line will be. Never the less, liberty is life. Far more have died under tyranny than have fighting it, a hundred million or more last century, so there’s really nothing to lose fighting it. If your immediate answer isn’t “I will freely go along” you’re quite likely to become a target anyway. Whether you abide or not.

  15. I’m not saying that I’ve got special knowledge of what was in the syringe and needle that was jabbed into the Phony POTUS’ arm…but who’s to say for that virtue-signaling stunt the gal didn’t just inject him with SALINE? I mean, really, the President’s medical care is supposedly by nature a matter of National Security, but that crap got blow with LBJ pulling up his shirt and showing his gall bladder surgery scars. Or when OM supposedly got the ‘Rona, and then came out the ghouls wishing him to “ESAD”.

    I like what Ben Garrison, the guy who along with his wife, “Tina Toon”, draws those cartoon which give me a chuckle and cause me to give the “thumbs up” 99.5% of the time did re: ‘Rona, which obviously he and wifey have just gone thru, never mind that apparently the couple have suffered what’s tantamount to a mild case of the flu, which hasn’t been life-threatening, nor even stopped them from WORKING…it’s NO ONE’S GOTT-DAMNED BUSINESS! And yet, when Googling it, what do I find, but some Leftist trolls chortling over his misfortune, wished the ill or even to die. I don’t know what form of derangement and evil hatred causes one to publicly gloat over someone being ill and wish they’d perish, but you can bet that IF these types have the ability to main and/or kill and GET AWAY WITH IT, they will. And it’s one thing that it’s not hard to run into such ghouls on the Internet, but apparently they’re running things in the White House and the Halls of Congress ALSO.

    Which is my answer: as long as I can do my job or deliver the product/service in an acceptable manner (and as the fictional Captain Queeg told his officers in the ward room of the Caine, “only SUPERATIVE performance is ‘acceptable’ on this ship, gentlemen, I kid (shit) you not…”), nor do I pose a bona fide health risk based on “THE Science” (and not some ninny’s unreasonable fears), then mine health and what Rx I take, if any, is no one’s GOTT-DAMNED BUSINESS! There’s a reason for HIPPA, folks, but I guess politics, along with the fear-mongering, manipulation, moral panic, and virtue-signaling is more important than just getting some work done, and then, at the end of the day, when it’s “5 o’clock SOMEWHERE”, popping open a cold one and saying, hey, woman, c’mon over here…”, which the KILLJOYS would stick their noses into as well.

  16. RE: drug testing. Because I drive a company vehicle I’m subject to “random” drug testing. The only random thing that triggers a drug test is a traffic accident. I’ve been rear ended a few times, and had to get tested. I don’t know of anyone who failed a test personally but I do know that it has happened, it’s a big company with lots of drivers after all. But I also know several people who got DUIs off the clock and are no longer employed by the company. And I’ve seen managers drive home after company sponsored events were I’m certain they shouldn’t have.

    Point is, drug testing doesn’t really prove anything unless you’re an alcoholic and chronically drunk. But it makes the insurance and fleet guys happy because it looks like they’re doing something. Making COVID vaccination mandatory does the same thing. Gets the company off the hook too if someone tries to sue after getting sick on the job. Old Uncle Joe is just taking orders from the insurance companies who are still doing very well despite “all” the hospitalizations.

    • That’s what it comes down to, RK…likely the “insurance mafia” long ago had a “sit down”, ala Tony Soprano, and let the trucking firm’s management know in no uncertain terms they’d lose their coverage, or at least the premiums would rise to a very expensive level, unless they had their drivers pee into those cups, and anyone that “misbehaved” even off the job had to be GONE. In today’s litigious culture, any CEO, CFO, or company counsel that on whose watch a big lawsuit happens, ain’t watchin’ no more. So, if it’s gonna be YOU or THEM, well, it ain’t gonna be ‘them, right?

  17. Companies get another “policy” tool in the box to use to coerce employees into toeing the corporate line established by the Lundbergs who run the place.

    Get fired for a policy violation and you don’t get unemployment in many states. In a few, you are *permanently* removed from eligibility for unemployment insurance.

    Of course, the management still has to show up at the unemployment insurance appeal hearing … for now. I’ve heard anecdotally that the hospital in Houston with the forced vax policy is not showing up for hearings when their employees appeal, but that isn’t a guaranteed win for the employee in Texas, where the system heavily favors the employer.

  18. Some encouraging news:

    Our friends have 2 grown sons (in their 40’s), with families of their own. Both have reported that their employers have backed down after enough employees threatened to leave if the jab is forced. One of them works for a military installation in the CONUS.

    On the down side, our teenage son is interested in joining the military. We visited the recruiter yesterday. We all asked a lot of questions, but I wasn’t going to leave without asking about the mandatory jab policy. The recruiter stated that he and his wife took the jab “willingly.” He took Moderna, she Pfizer. I asked if they had had any ill effects, and when they took it. He said he was sleepy, but no other ill effects. I didn’t respond, but I believe it is a matter of time. Although our son is anti-mask and anti-jab, he seemed swayed to “go ahead and do it” in order to join. (He still has a couple of years.) Praying that our son will choose a different path when the time comes. Things aren’t likely to get any better.

    Just. Say. No.

    • Forgot to mention an interesting twist: No “mask required” signs on the outside (street side) of the recruiter’s office, nothing mentioned at all. Once we were inside, we walked through an open door, where sat 6 recruiters at their desks, not a mask in sight. Eventually, the guy we spoke with put a mask on. After a few minutes, we told him it wasn’t necessary for him to do that for us. No one else ever put a mask on.

      As we were leaving, we noticed a sign on the open door: “Masks required for all, effective 2 Aug 2021. Vaccinated or unvaccinated.”

      It was an encouragement that 5 of the 6 didn’t bother to do this, and of course we didn’t either, nor were we ever asked to. (However, this may also be to encourage “marks” to think they will actually have a choice once the papers are signed.)

    • Ask your son why it should be that people who force others to do things at gunpoint in the name of tyrants should themselves be free to have a choice. Maybe that will wake him up and prevent him from becoming a tool of evil.

    • That is reassuring to hear about the grown men and their peers taking a stand against their employers.

      I don’t know how old your son is, but as he gets a bit older he will see a little bit more on how the world operates. I am encouraging both of mine to be self employed. One is able to move around the system a bit more freely and can disregard the rules they don’t want to follow.

  19. “A limited audit authorized by the Dodd-Frank Act found that between 2007 and 2010, the Federal Reserve committed over 16 trillion dollars to foreign central banks and politically influential private companies. Imagine what a full audit would find.” …

    The Biggest Federal Reserve Scandal
    By Ron Paul, MD Ron Paul Institute Sept. 28, 2021

    This part, the Fed “committed dollars to … politically influential private companies” is a huge factor which makes the corporations of today, at best, quasi-government entities, rather than the private property entities they are portrayed as.

    QWhich seems to imply, are there really other car companies that haven’t become the adjuncts of the coercive state?

    I wonder, Which ones? What came to my mind was some of the images which popped up when I did a search on the phrase, homemade 4×4. (I had to avert my eyes quickly as I have a chicken run project to do & don’t have the time to be drawn into such endeavors however so very cool they may look to be.)

    • Before we had even newspapers with their editions stored in micro-fiche, and, of course, the INTERNET, where everything is “FOREVER”, there were many things attributed which are in keeping with the known attitudes and views of the man quoted which haven’t been documented. Among them are two famed one’s attributed to IJN Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto:

      1. “Sleeping Giant” quote – famously recited at the end of the 1970 movie, “Tora! Tora! Tora!”. Given that Yamamoto was criticized heavily by Army general, political rival, and, at the time, PRIME MINISTER, Hideki Tojo, as “defeatist”, if indeed he said that, it would have been in confidence to a trusted aide, and not in the Asahi Shinbum, as he wasn’t stupid enough to give cause for Tojo to have the Kempeitai arrest and likely murder him.

      2. “Rifle Behind Every Blade of Grass” quote – again, Yamamoto would never had said something like this publicly, for the same reason. We’d have to rely on the memory of those he confided in, and how the hell does one document that? However, given that the Admiral more or less nixed committing a fleet of IJN Naval Infantry (their equivalent of the USMC) to follow up if their attack at Midway proved successful, to invade the Hawaiian Islands, the anticipated CIVILIAN resistance being a factor in that decision, it’s likely that factored in that decision.

      However, whatever the Admiral did allow to be quoted ended up being either misunderstood or, more likely, deliberately twisted for public consumption, was his “dictate terms of peace in the White House” quote, which wasn’t a jingoistic boast, but, rather, an expression of frustration at the futility of mounting a landing on the US West Coast, i.e., the Japanese Army would have to roll across the ENTIRE USA and take Washington in order to successfully conclude such a campaign. That’s also where probably the “rifle behind every blade of grass” quote came from. When pro-2A folks cite it, out come the trolls saying that the Admiral NEVER said such a thing, expecting that his every word was somehow preserved for posterity.


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