Diaper Report 9/28/21

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What are they watching? The people walking around – again – with Diapers over their faces?

It can’t be what they’re seeing – which isn’t (once again) bodies stacking up like cordwood. Nor the faces of others, Undiapered – who for some reason seem to be alarmingly, persistently alive and not sick, even.

But it is hard to see such things when all you see is what’s on TeeVee. There, the “pandemic” continues to metastasize; there, it never waned.

The crisis perpetual.

If, on the other hand, you do not watch TeeVee, it is hard to understand why life refuses to return to a semblance of normal.

Aye, there’s the rub.

If a way could be found to unplug the Diapered from their TeeVees, they would begin to see they’ve been had. They are ok. Their kids are okay. That – perhaps – they can take off the stupid rag and stop looking so stupid.

But in TeeVee they trust, having been programmed to trust it.

The glowing box has become a source of comfort for them – and of ersatz community. It makes them feel they are a part of some great collective, since they assume everyone else is seeing the same things they say – and within the orbit of their circle, this is largely true. Most of these people have shunned those who do not watch – and for that reason, are not part of the collective. Such people are – to them – almost alien in the literal sense. A different, bizarre form of life that just doesn’t get it.

And we view them similarly.

How else can one view strange creatures such as the one I encountered yesterday while transacting my purchase at the supermarket? This being was not only covered facially, its appendages (claws, perhaps?) were likewise garbed in plastic – since its foreign biology had to be protected from any contact with this world’s biology. The thing’s eyes were hidden behind an impenetrable expanse of opaque black plastic, so I could not see whether it regarded me as I regarded it.

I kept my hand on my laser tube, just in case the thing decided to make trouble.

From its vantage point, I was probably equally strange an unsettling. Didn’t I know that a deadly virus was floating in the air, everywhere? How could I be so reckless with my own health – and that of others – by risking facial (and hand) exposure in a public place? It probably shuffled home to relate all of this to its mate, or whatever (however) it is these creatures couple with. One wonders about that, given the dangers – as they regard them – of proximity. Perhaps it is done via an exchange of DNA, carefully washed through a device of some kind, prior to implantation.

The creatures must have learned something from all that TeeVee watching that I and other Earthlings missed – as regards the shifting efficacy of their facial effacers. If one watches them, one will see that they wear them partially, situationally. They must have some kind of special infra-red vision – like an insect’s – that enables them to see “the virus” when it is afoot (and not) and install or remove their facial effacers, accordingly.

Years ago, I watched something that did tell me something. It was the low-rent (but worth every cent) documentary, They Live – starring the late, great WWF wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper. The plot centers on a construction worker who stumbles on a box full of what appear to be ordinary sunglasses and he takes a pair for himself.

When he puts them on, he sees.

They – the aliens – are everywhere.

The difference – today – is that you don’t need special sunglasses to see the “aliens.” But just as in the movie, they are everywhere.

. . .

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  1. I went to the city today, drove past a couple of bus stops, noticed quite a few idiots wearing face diapers in 90 degree heat while waiting, the odd thing to me was a number of them were wearing their face diapers below chin level.
    I wondered why, then it dawned on me, they have to pull it up to get on the bus, I imagine.

    I saw my first billboard with two people wearing face diapers, it was for a medical complex or something. I thought to myself, “They” are trying really really hard to normalize this sheet, for, forever.
    So, it was nice to see this bit:


    An aside, I used to really like reading stuff from Karen De Coster on LRC. I noticed her name no longer appears on the authors page & I can’t open her website. Does anyone know, did something happen to that firecracker?

    • I loved reading Karen De Coster, too. She used to have her own site, but I think it’s no longer.

      LRC has gotten junky – less unique content. I don’t think Lew manages it anymore. He’s also been pretty quiet. Tom Woods hasn’t had him on his show in over a year. He also did interviews with RT.

  2. Sitting here reading Frank Herbert’s Dosadi Experiment, which includes mention of the BuSab, the Bureau of Sabotage, which is state bureau with the sole purpose of throwing wrenches in the gears of government when they start running too smoothly. I think its more completely laid out in The Whipping Star. I want one.

  3. The neo-catacombs have arrived.

    Coping Covid is good bidness.

    Without a doubt, you have to hide for your own survival from the vaccine muddy waters, the pariahs of the Great Reset have to go somewhere to escape zomb-fied tyranny.

    There they were, gone… into the wilderness.

    Siberia and Outer Mongolia iwill be two places to be. Be prepared.

    “I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. So here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen.” – Martin Luther, dissident from way back when

    Tell them like it is, Marty.

    Hunt the stupid fool , who in God’s name wouldn’t want?

    You may kill Martin!

    Be an instant covid apostate, it’s your only hope.

    Also, wanted dead or alive posters will help.

    I’ll see them all in hell.

  4. So, I traveled to the outskirts of Memphis Monday, and was quite frankly shocked to see people walking BY THEMSELVES on sidewalks and wearing face nappys! Thankfully in my part of far Western Kentucky most people are breathing free now, well, except when we have to go to doctors offices that still mandate masks.

    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for the one-the-scene report! It’s depressing to see such Freaks on the loose, isn’t it? As far as the doctors: This is even more despicable given they know it’s a farce. Or – if they don’t – they’re criminally ignorant.

      I’m not sure which is worse.

      • It was depressing to see those sheeple walking like that, I guess they’re either stupid, ignorant, deceived, or some combination of. Fortunately, my regular doctor isn’t a Covidian and never was in favor of masks, but our poor excuse of a governor, the boy king Andy the Evil mandated them for quite a few months. Once that was lifted, my doctors office has been mostly mask free ever since.

      • Hi Eric,
        A good friend of mine is a nurse practitioner. Very smart and the nicest person you’d ever want to meet. About six months ago we had a conversation about masks. She claimed that she and her colleagues have always worn them when examining patients, and that because of that, she has never caught a respiratory virus at work. I know that the first part simply is not true. My wife used to work as a lab tech for the same medical mega-conglomerate, so I’ve spent quite a lot of time in that building. Outside of the surgical area, I had never seen a mask before 2020. I had never been asked to wear one for my own office visits, and my doctor never wore one. So where does she get this fantasy? I doubt less her claim that she hasn’t caught a lot of bugs from her patients. Her immune system probably is A+++ from her many years of exposure to various pathogens.
        There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight to the ridiculous diaper requirement to see a doctor here. I am getting a little panicky about what I’m going to do when I need one. I’ve searched and searched for independent physicians nearby who might not be under the spell of the “CDC guidelines” nonsense, but can’t find a single one.

        • Hi Roland,

          Somebody, it may have been Jim H, posted a link to Frontline Doctors on here a few weeks ago. It provides a list of doctors in every state. I cannot remember which thread it was on, but I will check later and see if I can find the link for you. I would print out the information for your state and keep it handy.

          • Hi Roland,

            I had a receptionist at the dentist office the other day tell me they have always required masks for the waiting area. I told her that was complete B.S and said I would be taking my business elsewhere.

            I think going forward, low IQ people will start to believe and parot the lie that its always been this way. Before this S***Show started the only time I’d ever seen masked people beside halloween was in Tokyo Japan in the late eighties, and that was because their air was dirty, not because some scariant boggy man marketed as a deadly pandemic.

            • Hi Norman,
              I’ve been fortunate, dentist-wise. During the worst of the initial mask-worship, I called with the intention of rescheduling my regular checkup, since I assumed they’d be requiring a filth-catcher. The receptionist told me that I should just call from the parking lot before coming in, and I wouldn’t have to wear one. The hygienist and I had a good laugh about the silliness of it all. Maybe they just didn’t want to lose my business. They did have plexiglass for the reception area, and still do.

              • Hi Roland,

                I had gone down to Los Algadones Mexico a month ago for some Ivermectin and Hydroxycloriquine. Got some estimates and second opinions on what I need done. Although some people were wearing masks the dentists and staff didn’t care that I wouldn’t wear one.

                At this point I’m about ready to spend a week down there, after the treatment I drive go an hour to Rocky point and spend some time on a beach, not in Kalifornia.

                  • Hola Michael,

                    It was easy peasy Japaneasy. As long as you have your passport and your eyeballs intact, you’re golden. They didn’t check my bag, or try to fondle me either.

            • For many years I’ve seen signs in several waiting rooms asking that if you are coughing or sneezing to please ask for a mask. Which is reasonable, and an effective use of one. Before early last year I had NEVER been in one where masks had been required for all. It is remarkable how some can adjust their memory to fit their desire.

              • It is downright surreal John. It can be blamed squarely on advertising, IMHO. Fear and greed seem to be the driving force behind most human behavior.

                Right now the globalists have the pedal to the metal, with the rpms in the red. I expect them to switch over to greed once they get 70-80% jabbed. You’ll know when they reach terminal velocity by how quick the propaganda shifts.

                The new narrative will probably sound like; ‘Rewards of all sorts await those who help our brave heroes round up and save these non-conformists. The others, not of the body. The ones causing everyone to get sick and die.’

                • I have no objection to greed, as long as there is no force involved, no subsidies, no free money, etc. When the state becomes a tool of greed. Fear on the other hand is a base reaction to threat. Per Frank Herbert’s Dune, “fear is the mind killer”, and that is exactly what it its. It drives one to the lizard brain, where nothing is possible but reaction. Fight, or flight, and it appears most are most satisfied with the flight. Hiding behind a mask, or a vaccine passport.

        • Roland,

          A little more than halfway down this web page is a list of physicians, covering most states, who offer outpatient treatment for covid.


          It’s not a guarantee of what their mask policy, if any, will be. But these are inherently out-of-the-box thinkers who don’t accept the CDC’s propaganda that vaccines are the only answer. Could be a good place to start.

          • Thanks very much, Jim. I can’t recall whether I’ve seen that list before, but I have checked both Frontline Doctors and the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons. Slim pickings, and the closest are about an hour and a half away. I’ve found a couple of candidates closer, and I need to just call them and ask. One is a pain management specialist who advertises on billboards and appears to be independent of the big medical groups.
            I found one local office that looked promising, but then saw their covid guidelines, which contained all the usual mask/vaccine/CDC drivel.

      • I still get a hilarious kick out of morons wearing the diaper, IN THEIR LATE-MODEL CARS, WINDOWS UP, ALONE. I guess they’ve never heard of a cabin air filter, nor the ability of their windows/gaskets to seal in air, nor the efficacy of MINE automobile, a 2020 Ford Fusion, to do same. Sheesh.

  5. Here’s my own personal report. I just got done driving from Lincoln Nebraska to Tampa Bay Florida. Went into two different hotels, various convenience stores at filling stations, other stores and rest stops along the way, truck stops too. Hardly anyone with a mask, definitely nobody cared that I wasn’t wearing one. In fact the only time I saw a mask one was an employee probably forced to by corporate.

  6. ‘Those are old numbers.’ — BrentP

    Source is a third party site, vaersanalysis.info. Their data from Sep 10 now is updated to Sep 17: 32,612 hospitalizations; 8,088 permanent disabilities; 6,981 deaths.

    Reason for using a third-party site is that VAERS official data is artfully concealed behind a data-fetching app called WONDER that requires an 11-step procedure, explained in a 9-page PDF.

    CDC’s intentional concealment of damning data — rather than just publishing the tables as vaersanalysis.info does — is deceitful, conspiratorial and malicious. I puke in disgust.

    And to your point about ‘adverse reactions in the tens’ for swine flu vaccine, dig this:

    VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.‘ — vaers.hhs.gov site

    In fact, I just read a paper which estimated that VAERS under-reports covid vaccine adverse reactions by a factor of forty-one (41) times.

    Nuremberg trials, anyone? Doctor Mengele at least kept accurate records of his depraved medical experiments, which can’t be said for the depraved US fedgov.

  7. ‘YouTube will ban any videos that claim that commonly used vaccines approved by health authorities are ineffective or dangerous.’ — MSN

    It’s official — we’ve gone full Soviet.

    Presumably one can no longer cite the official Israeli Health Ministry study which found that vaccine efficiency had dropped to 39% — ‘ineffective.’

    Or the official VAERS figures from the US, showing 31,486 hospitalizations, 7,863 permanent disabilities, and 6,756 deaths from vaccines — ‘dangerous.’

    Embrace the lies, comrades — for the Homeland.

    • Those are old numbers. The latest are much higher in VAERS.
      And once again the faithful are saying VAERS is uncontrolled, anyone can make a report etc and so on. And I keep challenging them to buy a new car with significant NHTSA safety defect reports from the public. So far I have not seen one person respond they would buy the car.

      Imagine if a popular car model had similar rates of safety defect reports to NHTSA as these jabs. It would be network news skewering for weeks. Worse if it was from the ‘big three’.

      Mainstream news skewered Ford over a few dozen Crown Vic fires and all the cars had been rear ended at interstate speeds when parked on the side of the road! Millions of Vics made and a few dozen reported fires in extreme collisions and it was worthy of their attention. CBS went as far in another report to skewer Ford on 60 Minutes because a kid got minor burns when his 1967 Mustang got rear ended when it was stalled in the traffic lane of an expressway. A severe hit to a 50 year old car and minor injury was worthy of 60 minutes.

      Speaking of 60 minutes, they did a report in the 1970s on the swine flu vaccine with numbers of adverse reactions in the tens. The tens! Today? Silence. Not a peep.

    • Ironically TASS/PBS’ Frontline did a piece on William Randolph Hearst last night. Hearst built an empire, controlled information, and outright lied about people and events. He used his wealth and control of information to manipulate people and their behaviour. What’s old is new again.

      • As Hearst would say today, “You furnish the vaccines. I’ll furnish the war [on the unvaxxed].

        “Life for the unvaccinated will be very difficult indefinitely.” — New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian, 28 Sep 2021

        • I think it is cute that they believe their threats mean something. The majority of unvaxxed don’t care that we won’t be able to sit in a 66,000 person stadium at EverBank field…..we will watch it from our boats on the St Johns River instead…..for free.

          Instead of fancy restaurants we will hang out at food trucks, outdoor breweries, or haul a smoker and a large group of people in our backyard. We will bring back the barn party.

          We can’t buy overpriced Chinese junk from a store, because we don’t have a vaccine passport….are we supposed to be upset by this?

          Just as the government tried to fight the War on Drugs, Prohibition, and everything else they have outlawed over the years the Black Market will prevail.

          • Hi RG,

            One thing that deeply worries me – I hesitate to speak of it – is that they will make all financial transactions conditional upon Proof of Jab. Without it, one will not be able to bank and so, to send or receive payments. I foresee online retailers such as Amazon imposing a similar “policy” – and if this happens, the game will truly be afoot.

            • Hi Eric,

              On a personal level they may try this, but as a business how do you establish such a protocol?

              I know several don’t agree with my stance of being pro business, but I think the government and businesses, themselves are going to have a very hard time to implement such standards when it comes to this. Is the bank not going to accept a deposit from 123 Elm Street, LLC if the manager/members of the business are not present with there vaccine passports? How does this work if the business accepts credit cards….merchant services isn’t going to deposit in the business’s bank account? How does a business operate if they have an Amex business card for each employee to buy vendor purchases such as materials and supplies…..Amex is going to require proof of jab before the card is used? B&S Supply Company is going to require a vaccine passport before the buyer (business) walks out with $6K in materials?

              I am not panicked about this. Let’s be honest, do we believe the oligarchy received the jabs? Watch how they transact business. We follow suit and setup accordingly.

              There is always a loophole. Lawyers and accountants make a lot of money finding them.

              • Hi RG

                I’m not panicked either. You asked how all this will work. Just as it always has. They wear us down, incremental steps applied with an ebb and flow. Three steps forward, two steps back. Nothing new under the sun.

                No illusion exists in my tiny pea brain. TPTB will eventually have their way. As it stands now, best case 50-50, we can never win on their terms. Not trying to be negative here, its just at this point we will never be stronger as a group.

                The evil ones continue to pick off the low hanging ripening fruit. Through hook or crook. The number of mud bloods can only rise, while the number of pure bloods can only decline. I have yet to see a way to reverse the clot shot. So there will absolutely come a time where the jab will be required for everything. No exceptions, no exemptions.

                If you created a safe space for yourself and family you may live on, unmolested to see how it ends, but make no mistake they will get 90-95% of the peeps to accept the needle rape.

                The thing I take comfort in is knowing that those of us who persevere to the end will have fulfilled our destiny, being an example of human dignity, freedom, and liberty. I think of it as being forged in fire. From iron into steel. that gives me some hope.

                • Call me an eternal optimist, Norman, but I don’t believe 90-95% of the public will fall. Will a large percentage? Of course. It may increase to 70-75%, but too many people are wary about this.

                  The more the government pushes the more some will dig in their heels. I still have faith in man kind (at least a few of them). 🙂

                  • I hope you’re right RG. I as well do still have some faith in mankind. I’m just jaded from seeing the the loss of freedom grind on my whole life.

                    I agree with you about many being weary of this agenda. Many are waking up. Most however don’t have yours or my resolve. Its amazing the trivial things some people sell out for. I like your optimism and will hope and pray you are correct.

                    Speaking of praying I’m not the religious type, especially as it is packaged today. There is that whole thing about no man or woman being able to by or sell save they have the mark.

              • RG – i hope you’re right. but there are very worrying things around the world. For example, in (i think) Kenya, they are restricting access to bank accounts without a Jab. and in Pakistan (yes Pakistan has also fallen as sad as it is for me to say) you cant get a mobile SIM without the jab. And they are implementing it. Yes some people find ways around, such as paying off someone for the relevant paperwork, but it will become harder and harder… and fewer will be able to manage without… and thats what is really worrying me. And if they can get a country like Pakistan in somehow (remember Pakistan they haven’t even given everyone the Polio jab)…. i worry at what they can do in the west… Im just hoping that people realise this winter whats happening…. and start properly pushing back…

                • Hi Nasir,

                  How do the businesses get around it? Is a proof of jab required if all of the cell phones are in the same of a business or just an individual?

                  • Im not sure for businesses, but a vast majority of cell phones there are taken out by individuals. Im assuming if there was a corporate account it would be for the big corporates (who already require a jab to work). Its very hard to get around. And to make matters worse, there is a national ID card system there, which is a computerised database of everyone (started with the billions of your money Bush gave Pakistan after 9/11 to keep us all safe)- and that will now keep details of the jab. The net is actually quite tight – and im shocked at how quick this was implemented…. infact quite depressing for me because Pakistan was always the backup plan if / when the west goes to shit…. now that plan is basically gone…

                    • There is always Croatia. I haven’t ruled it out yet. If I have to live under a dictatorship the scenery better be pretty. The President of Croatia has already stated that 50% of his population has been jabbed….he then stated “no more, we are done.”

                      Nicaragua and Cayman have no problem setting up a bank account without a passport. If you have dollars they are happy to take them, no questions asked.

                      There are 192 countries on Earth, a few will see this as an opportunity to bring in other nationalities and their dinero to better their countries.

                      There are still people out there that can think outside the box and will become very wealthy doing just that.

                  • RG – do like your croatia idea. Loved the country, i was lucky enough to travel across it about 5 years ago, just before it became extremely popular with british tourist…. it is beautiful…. a friend just came from there,hes like they completely dont care about the rona…. maybe it will be a good place to lay low…

              • Panic is for when your house is burning down around you. Not for the espousing of insanity by sociopaths. Their game plan will work or it won’t. I’m certainly not going to help them.

            • Eric, those are valid concerns and probably the end game of globalists. Near term the tyrants must get virtually a 100% vaccination rate. No ‘control group’ can remain.

              In your reply to Gary you accurately described the failure of doctors. My guess is the 99% towed the line for fear of persecution/loss of license to practice. The tyrants have succeeded in taking control of the whole medical system. Now they are ratcheting up the propaganda that we anti-vaxers are health threats. We are painted as ‘dirty’, much like the Nazi’s painted the Jews in the eyes of the German populace. It is now a small step to shun us and deny us medical care. It will then get ugly.

              • It came to me today that “Pandemic of the unvaccinated,” which is odd phrasing means, “Pandemic among the unvaccinated”, but rather the uninjected ARE the pandemic.

                Could be wrong, but they might be trying to NLP massage that idea into the “minds” of the NPCs, that the WHOLE PROBLEM is that SOME PEOPLE JUST WON’T LISTEN!

            • Bank in GOLD…or commodities in trade. This will give impetus to the use of alternate “Cryptocurrenceies”, which, BTW, bypass the Fed Reserve scam. Not necessarily a bad thing. Probably have to use VPNs and/or “Dark Web”, as expect that to do some becomes a Federal felony, with those caught and found, “guilty”, sent to a US Bureau of Prisons “Pound ’em in the Ass” facility.


          • ‘The majority of unvaxxed don’t care …’ — Raider Girl

            As a teenager I read John Howard Griffin’s book Black Like Me (1961), written by a white man who temporarily darkened his skin and then navigated the parallel ‘colored only’ byways of the Deep South, during the last hurrah of Jim Crow.

            We can get by as they did. But it should never be allowed to happen. We shall overcome.

            • Hi Jim,

              We will overcome. I have yet to be kicked out of any place since last September. Today, I walked into a small deli and placed an order for a lunch. I was unmasked, the people working behind the counter were unmasked, and there wasn’t a sign anywhere to be found. They also happily accepted the $30 in cash that I handed to them.

              We are all playing the same game – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

              Everybody can believe what they like and the truth is not to be spoken out loud. It is a stupid game, but one that must be maneuvered, nevertheless.

            • Reminds me, we all need a good laugh these days – be sure to see the 1970 movie Watermelon Man featuring a heavily made-up Godfrey Cambridge in whiteface as a regular white guy who wakes up one morning to find he has turned into a negro. (The film was inspired by Franz Kafka’s Metamorphasis as well as Black Like Me.)

              • Ya see WHY, in spite of our oft disagreements, I’m glad that you post? Yes, Watermelon Man, a friggin’ CLASSIC! Helped that his wife was none other than Estelle Parsons, who had many credits, the most notable being Blanche Barrow from the 1967 offering “Bonne and Clyde”. She too, was hysterical.

                Ah, Godfrey Cambridge, yet another GENIUS of comedy that, unfortunately, went before his time. Sad. RIP, talented sir.

          • We live in a world where freedom, where liberty, are things to defeat by doing end runs around the written word. Things will become increasingly restrictive in various end runs until the clock runs out and people stop caring about covid19. Then it will be the next thing.

            And like I pointed out a couple weeks ago if it was defeating government that’s relatively easy. It’s the tens if not hundreds of millions of people around us that want us that are the real problem. They cheer for these end runs around our liberty. They accept this rationale of end runs. We can see this with their ‘but it’s a private company’ (following government orders, etc) and other nonsense.

        • These psychopathic dictators, or really aliens, running the Australian states are really ill in the head. I’ve never seen such a power grab anywhere, and all in violation of Australian laws. The police down here in victoriastan now delight in sneaking up on people and throwing them down on the ground, especially concrete ground. I no longer use public transport nor do I ever intend to go back to the business district in Melbourne. I can do all I need to do without going anywhere near the nazi camps. I read Eric’s many reports on the US coppers, but the ones here in Victoria are now much worse. They really like to go after females, and even do so on camera but do not get shown on the mainstream news channels. A few immigrants who came here from eastern Europe are now going back to their formerly communist lands and finding much more humanity than here with the Andrews thugs.

          • Bullies go after the softest targets, that doesn’t change when bullies become cops.

            I view the modern western world as a giant junior high school where the administration empowers bullies for reasons of social and institutional control. These bullies can be official like cops or they can be people they simply allow to run amuck, such as criminals or marxist “protestors”.

            Cops are a mixed bag in the USA. More of the bad than the good but I have at times frequented a Chicago cop blog and the cops who run and frequent these things seem more aligned with our way of thinking. Far from perfect, they are cops after all, but they are against the jab mandates and other basic things. Then again cops aligned with the powers that be don’t need subversive online communities to discuss the evils of the political class.

            The reason cops are worse down under than the USA is IMO that the government has limits in the USA to what they can order them to do. It’s not that laws stop it, but cops know there is a point where they would be personally in danger either physically or socially so large numbers won’t follow those orders. The jab mandate is likely a tool to rid the police forces of the cops who will say no. At that point the social tools that keep cops in check in the USA won’t work and there will only be the physical.

  8. Eric – you seeing the fuel lines in the UK ? They tell us its down to a driver shortage – curios to know what your thoughts are on it…. if theres anything they’re not telling us…

    • Hi Nasir,

      Yes – and we’re seeing a major uptick in fuel costs, here. I can’t wait to find out how much it’s going to cost me to fill up my propane tank….

      • Hi Eric,

        Get the propane tank filled pronto. I topped mine off in July and it was $2.58/gallon. My investor/accounting publications are predicting crazy figures this winter. One had upwards of $6.49/gallon, which I cannot fathom. I sympathize with those who are on their city’s natural gas and have no control over pricing.

        May be a good idea to stock up on extra blankets and sweaters this fall.

        • Indeed, RG!

          And – thank the Motor Gods, I have a wood burning stove/insert that keeps the house toasty – for free. Assuming I chop the wood to feed it ! Now that my shoulder works again, I’m able to do that. There’s a huge old oak that needs to come down – and it should provide enough to allow me to not use the propane at all. I just need to get out there and split the thing up!

          • wow – its crazy. Europe has also had a spike in natural gas prices, which has put a lot of the low cost suppliers out of business. Meaning people are going to see huge spikes in prices for heating. thankfully I have a 2 year lock on my energy prices till the summer which I took out when gas prices were at their lowest ever…. but who knows what it will be when it ends !

            but its funny how here the mainstream debate is just around a lorry driver shortage – nobody seems to think something else crazy is happening behind the scenes…

            • Hi Nasir,

              The whole damn thing is phony. Watching the news pretty much every country is suffering a driver shortage. They are also facing an electricity shortage, a spike in gas prices, and supply chain issues. Every country!?!? It is bewildering, to say the least. There are too many coincidences for it not to be contrived.

              Also, I have to ask the question….where the hell have all the workers gone? I don’t know of anyone that isn’t working, who wasn’t already working before the plandemic. Granted, a few moms that were working PT have decided to quit and stay home with their brood due to the lack of organization in the schools.

              There also has been a lost of businesses due to the government shutdowns over the last year, but wouldn’t this create more people looking for work?

              The numbers don’t add up.

              • There is something we’re not being told. I mean if there was a shortage of lorry drivers here – that would mean petrols filling up at refineries…. meaning they will refine less… meaning the oil price should be going down…. which is certainly not happening….

              • Your comments reminded of this bit:

                Everything is Connected

                … “Thus we arrive at the same problem that we often arrive at in this research. We know the problem. Those who have been studying these narrative threads—following the research and collecting data about these agenda items for years—are able to see the true nature of what we’re facing: an all-encompassing plan for control of the planet and, ultimately, of humanity itself.” …


                When I read the whole bit I kept hearing the words in my head as if the Inspector in the film, ‘V-for Vendetta’ were saying them while seeing the other Dominoes of the bad guys all lined up.

              • There is no such thing as a labor shortage. There is a pay rate shortage. if you pay enough, people will come to work for you. The problem being, that pay rate is in direct competition with the state paying people NOT to work, and the decline in reward for working. Until we embrace the unavoidable fact of severe inbound inflation, we can’t escape this. In fact we can’t escape it, as long as we are addicted to the short term benefits of fiat currency.

                • Pay rate shortage…. Since the 1980s it has been ‘how can we get more kids interested in engineering?’. They do all sorts of nonsense to get kids to go into engineering fields. I say: “Pay more”. Nope can’t do that.

                  People seem to not realize that kids smart enough to be engineers, good at school, or simply have a knack for engineering can go do a lot of other things. Things that have better pay to effort ratios or simply pay considerably more for the same effort.

                  But nobody cares to listen to me. So it’s back to the carnival nonsense.

                  Now in 2021 there’s another big issue, the holy jab mandates. People don’t want to put themselves in positions where they will be coerced into taking the jab.

                  • Hi Brent, couldn’t agree more, the PTB have been using H1B visas to keep salaries down using the lie “we can’t find enough Americans to do the work” when what they really mean is they can’t find anyone willing to work for the measly salaries they pay

          • Eric, it’s too bad you’re not closer. Over the past few weeks we’ve begun to see the signs of emerald ash borer in our woods. We probably have at least 20 large ashes just along our driveway that are dying. We could give you enough wood to keep all of Virginia warm!

        • ‘Get the propane tank filled pronto. I topped mine off in July and it was $2.58/gallon.’ — Raider Girl

          Just pre-bought my winter supply for $2.45/gallon.

          Not possible for our European comrades, though:

          ‘European natural gas closed at a fresh all-time high after rising >10% today (both for UK NBP and Dutch TTF benchmarks). At the close, European gas was at the equivalent of ~$29 per mBtu (vs ~$6 in the US).

          ‘… or close to $170 per barrel of oil equivalent. Yes, you read that correctly.’ — ZH

          This is a looming tragedy that we can see approaching from three months away: a specter is haunting Europe.

    • Hi Nasir,

      It’s a revolving door – or rather, opening and closing cash register. These shysters/grifters work for some big cartel, then go to work for the government – often, the very agency that “regulates” the cartel. And then they return to the cartel as grossly paid influence peddlers. A sound reform that would make some difference would be to categorically forbid any person from holding a regulatory office who has ever worked for the industry he will regulate – and forbid them from ever profiting, after they leave office, by taking a job in the industry they formerly regulated.

      There should be no financial incentive to “regulate” anything. That might result in actual public service, if such a thing is even possible.

      • That would be good. Didnt the orange man say something about that sort of thing back in the day ?

        Having said that – I suspect they will find ways around it…Like a guy is a politician and his wife or brother is a lobbyist. I really think the only solution is less regulators, more buyer be aware in society. And yes if a politician does abuse office and well commit fuckery – they should be properly punished… biblical style…

      • It’s not possible. Governments are established expressly for the benefit of such. They are populated by sociopaths and psychopaths. Their benefit is the PURPOSE of the state. No sane person would assume the authority to kill anyone who refuses to comply. Only the insane are ALLOWED to participate.

      • Hi Eric,
        Two Federal Reserve governors just decided to “retire early” after it was revealed that they had made millions in the stock market using their insider knowledge of market moving Fed decisions. Nice work if you can get it; at the very least they should have to cough up the money they made and give it to a charity. Instead they get to have a cushy retirement thanks to their multi-million bank accounts.

        • Morning, Mike!

          Yup. This sort of grift is routine now. Most people expect it and so don’t object much – if at all – to it. It reminds me of the passivity toward official corruption in the old Soviet Union. People were too cynical to be outraged. Everyone knew the system was rotten and just did their best to protect themselves from its depredations.

          • Recall the 1984 movie by the late Robin Williams, “Moscow on the Hudson”. In the early part, as he plays a cynical and disgruntled saxophonist, working in a rather cushy job with a Moscow circus that gets a gig to travel to the USA (New York, no less), he hooks up with his “squeeze”, a 30sih woman with some nice “assets”. As they meet to “make whoopie”, he gives her a gift…a roll of TP. Yeah, imagine that, decent-quality TP, something we’ve long taken for granted in ‘Murica, and we don’t have to rely on the defunct Sears catalog in the outhouse anymore, was a hoarded, BLACK-MARKET item in the “heydey” of the ol’ Soviet Union!

            Turns out, this wasn’t just stereotypical propaganda, this was REAL. in fact, it actually contributed to the unfortunate crash in 1982 of a chartered Aeroflot Tu-104 airliner, as it was full of top Soviet admirals, on a junket to Leningrad, stuffing that aircraft with as much goods as they could grab while there, including…TP! The aircraft ended up not only being seriously over recommended takeoff weight, the weight distribution, well behind the center of mass of the aircraft when it was fully fueled, gave it such a bad takeoff attitude that it stalled and crashed. This otherwise avoidable mishap dealt a terrible blow to Soviet Naval leadership. All over their understandable desire to bring home consumer goods and creature comforts ih chronic short supply.

    • Now you insult our fine Latino brethren “South of the Border” by comparing that dingbat and the dysfunctional hellhole that New York state has become to THEM. Apologize (to them), Sir!

      Banana Republics, indeed. At least I LIKE bananas and can still get them at reasonable prices.

  9. Two fully-vaccinated second-marriage lovebirds died of Covid within one minute of each other in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    Sad. But the lesson the Lügenpresse draws from it?

    ‘It’s cases like the Dunhams that are spurring the push for booster shots in people with underlying conditions that contribute to a drop in immunity even if they’re fully vaccinated.’


    Got that? Now the MSM claims that ‘underlying conditions’ cause the drop in immunity — rather than the hopeless whack-a-mole game of trying to outrun a rapidly mutating respiratory virus. Just like flu shots.

    Now we know what it was like to live in Russia during Soviet days, when Pravda and Izvestia printed nothing but official lies.

    Get up and stand up, and fight back now
    They didn’t want to listen, but they’ll listen now
    So fuck the system
    You can bring it down
    So fuck the system
    We can bring it down

    — The Exploited, Fuck the System

    • Double down on failure. It’s the same narrative I’ve seen my entire life, especially from government. The media and most of the people seem to soak it up. Well if this didn’t work the solution must be more of it! Um no. It failed. More of it isn’t going to do anything. But their belief systems don’t allow them to accept something has failed and try something else.

      It’s so bad now people who try something else and succeed are ridiculed, attacked, and driven out of the public square.

  10. I’ve said for years but now believe it more than ever. The single best thing anyone can do for their health and their lives is to stop watching tv!

  11. What you have written is correct.

    TV is indeed the opiate of the masses, and too many Americans are too stupid & lazy to investigate anything at all for themselves.

    70% of America thought Saddam Hussein perpetrated 9/11 at the time.

    The govt can do only one thing well – spread fear and propaganda

      • This is what I’m talking about. And apparently they ran out of pretexts for enough killing abroad and have decided to point their best skill at their own populations now.

        And those bloodthirsty morons want us to believe that they are going to build back (from their own destruction) “better” and save the planet while they’re at it.

        We know better. They kill and destroy and never make anything better.

      • Not only best at, but the ONLY thing they are really good at. After all, they are each and every one founded on the notion they have authority to kill any who refuse to comply. Resistance pursued to its final conclusion leaves you dead on the ground over a parking ticket.

      • I would say they’re not even good at killing people.
        They do seem to kill a lot of innocent people though, so maybe.

        How much $ does the govt spend per person killed?
        they could be far more efficient.

        Not even getting to cost/person they actually intend to kill. That figure is way higher.

        I would cede they are good at wasting money, but I don’t think that is really unintentional.

  12. Tel-lie-vision…

    There’s far more to this psychosis than teevee, way more. Some form of mind control was unleashed in early March 2020 that I have yet to decipher. It hit hard and fast and consumed countless intelligent people I used to respect and trust. Some kind of mass hypnosis at play.

    • The “mind control” was already there, it just wasn’t exercised to its full capacity until March 2020. I would suggest that social media is FAR more addictive than the TV. My Xwife was a TV addict, but she did manage to turn it off and go to work. Not so with the Facebook addicts. A few years before my retirement 3 years ago, I saw a number of former “people” terminated because of their inability to refrain from constantly monitoring their social media.

    • Maybe Sundance is correct that it’s just a bluff. But I’m not counting on it.

      In any case, I already wrote to Joseph Hughes, Dep Asst Sec for Pandemic & Emergency Response at Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and urged him not to cooperate in issuing large-company mandatory vax regs.

      My next letter will be to Hughes’ boss, Labor Secretary Martin J Walsh, urging him not to cooperate either.

      Both these letters are copied to Senators and House rep.

      Keep pounding these people, and never back down.

      • I think it was funded but if it happened at all it was largely in areas you and I don’t frequent. I read an article today about the “success” of such teams vaccinating the “home bound” in some very “blue” parts of NC. Could just be pure propaganda, though. BTW, vax or test mandates went into effect for my county gov’t yesterday and today my trash didn’t get picked up on my street. This has never happened before.

  13. Classic movie, Eric, and still in my top 10!

    I have always felt as though it were a documentary, as you stated. Now, however, the signal emitted by the “TeeVee” only reaches some of us, and those of us left unaffected are left in a state of horror and amazement just like that which seized Roddy Piper in the movie. And often times, thoughts such as you’ve conveyed in this article enter our minds. It is all we can do to not burst forth with what might be construed as offensive commentary.

    “You know, you look like your face fell in the cheese-dip back in 1957.”

  14. Proud brother moment, my sister is preparing for unemployment rather than take the jab she is being mandated to take. She has until Dec 9. Way to make people unemployed right before the holidays, what a kind and generous employer.

  15. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I have found that if I stay away from the mask/jab debate I am having a pretty good rate of return on changing people’s minds when it comes to holistic methods. I am not terrified of getting COVID because I know what I have to do if I come down with the virus.

    The majority of people out there that are vaxxing and masking are doing so because they fear death or getting extremely ill. What happens if we offer another solution to people? The only option does not have to be the doctor’s office, hospital, or ventilator tube. One does not have to fear a virus or bacteria.

    Our country has an abundance of natural herbs and spices that can cure anything from MRSA to a simple cold, a change of diet can actually decrease cancer cells, and certain plants will reduce inflammation in the body. These remedies have been around for thousands of years, many with a multitude of studies collaborating their benefits. Did you know that resistant bacteria can actually adhere to a hospital attendant’s hands for up to five months even with frequent hand washing? The onslaught of antibacterial drugs and even worse, antibacterial soap, has made most viruses and bacteria resistant to a cure. How many people are dying at home with COVID? Now how many are dying in a hospital from a ventilator that may have been disinfected, but still holds large amounts of bacteria from the people who used (and probably died) on it prior?

    Many doctors or completely ignorant on anything other than what the Western Medical Complex has told them. Ask how many of heard of usnea, sida, ashwagandha, or Japanese knotwood? I guarantee many medical respondents answers would be….huh?

    Yes, the TV is pushing fear, but the TV has always done this. Death sells. It doesn’t matter if it is a natural disaster, outbreak, war, or a mass shooting. Fear = viewership = moolah. Currently, Georgetown University has 130+ students and faculty out with norovirus. Did we shut down the campus? Nope, still open. How can this be? The Salmonella outbreak in 29 states and 230+ people, which has resulted in 26 hospitalizations? Do we know what caused it? Nah, but we know it is really bad, because the news tells us. In the mean time we are supposed to stay away from cilantro, limes, and onions…..I guess Taco Tuesdays are a no-no…..at least, tonight.

    We need to offer people an alternative from the fear. Yes, we aren’t going to reach everyone. Some just love the drama, but others can be swayed if we have answers. The great thing is….we do.

    • Not only natural remedies, but plenty of regular medical treatments too. Hell, robitussin is probably good enough for many “cases.” We’re discovering that there was a general pass the buck attitude in the whole medical community when it came to treatment. “The CDC said to do this, so that’s exactly what we are going to do” was the edict from the front office. My inner conspiracy nut would like to believe there was intent, but it’s more likely that the entire establishment just has its head up its own ass.

      • Hell I used a cocktail of vit c, d, zinc, quercetin, & tamiflu until my hydroxycloriquine prescription came in the mail. At this point avoid the hospital at all costs.

        • Just got 1000 more 6mg Ivermectins for what I believe might be a long and terrible winter. I plan to put together little kits just like afldr’s for those in need (for free).

          ivm, zinc sulfate, d3, and azithromycin. Of course at-risk frail people need to take the stuff very early, like in day 1-4 of symptoms.

          Indiamart.com worked for me. Seems horribly sketchy at first but the pills are legit. 2-3 weeks to get em though.

          • Wow, that’s quite a stash. Thanks for the reference.

            Fifty of the 12mg ivermectin were mailed to me today from Asia.

            Will post the source later, after receiving and examining them.

          • David – ive also put together a stash of these pills from friends who come from Pakistan…. you cant imagine how cheap it is there…. then you realise why they are blocking it…. infact did you hear pfizer is also making a pill to cure covid – i suspect its a slightly changed version of ivermectin – which is under patent and will sell for like 5k per course !!

            • There’s so many easy cheap things that small % of at-risk people can and should be doing right now but there’s silence from the lie machine…. Wait until your lips turn blue and then report to the nearest death center so we can kill you with Remdesevir and a vent.

              Lose weight and get in shape.
              Get your blood drawn to find out your D level.
              Adjust accordingly, min of 5000iu/day, but maybe 10 or 15 might be needed depending on your weight and current level.

              And then zinc + C + prophylactic ivermectin dosage (only if at serious risk).

              America’s frontline doctors or the flccc protocol is easy to follow for dosages.

              Sitting on the couch with zero D levels and a BMI of 40 while watching phear porn 24×7 is not a solution.

                • thats true – brown (and im sure black) people need much more vit D. when first had my vit D taken in the UK, doc called me immediately and gave me prescription strength pills for 5 months. He said it was the lowest vitamin D he’d seen in a living person. Even after the high dose course for 6 months (were into the summer by then) mine was still low! so basically been taking regular supplements since…..

                  but you’re right – its so easy (and cheap) to test, supplement, and then monitor vit D.

        • There is a letter from spartacus floating around the net right now.
          Does the most thorough job of explaining covid function, vaxes, treatments, etc in one place.

          Early treatment is the key and antioxidants are important in this.
          And yes – stay out of the hospital.

          • Hospitals are extremely dangerous. They are full of sick people, and their aggressive sanitization leaves only the most robust infections agents alive.

    • Exactamente, Raider.

      Of course, in the public discourse, NOTHING but the jab and the diaper are effective at doing ANYTHING. No medicines, nutrition, vitamins, herbs or exercise regimen can have any effect. There is always “no evidence” that [you name it] is effective, and we will make damn sure you don’t ever see any evidence.

    • Fear is useful, unless one let’s it take over their life. If it takes over, your intellect goes out the window and you’re constantly in fight or flight mode. Under the control of your lizard brain, that part you inherited from MUCH lower forms of life. You stop thinking and react, often not rationally. Like taking a vaccine with ZERO long term testing and the worst adverse event record of any vaccine allowed to remain available. Having worked in construction for 25 years, fear was a frequent companion, its a dangerous job, but obviously I never let it have control. Else I wouldn’t have lasted 25 years.

  16. If you watch the magic picture box and the msm that comes along with it you are in the midsts of a global pandemic and everyone is going to die unless the diaper, stay locked away and take never ending jabs. If you don’t watch the magic picture box and don’t give the msm 1 second of your time it’s Taco Tuesday.

  17. TV sucks. Which is why I seldom even watch a video. Which is one of many reasons I love this website. I read. If you can’t put it into the written language, you’re a moron that doesn’t deserve my attention. I do on occasion watch one of Eric’s videos, because he has demonstrated that he CAN communicate with the written language, and so is NOT a moron.

  18. There are in fact viruses floating around us all the time. Always have been. Which is why we have an immune system. Which is why a virus didn’t wipe us out millennia ago. In no extinction event of any species has a virus ever been the designated culprit. Ever! They simply aren’t that dangerous. Unlike the DESTRUCTION of our immune system by the state promoted diet, and the resulting obesity and diabetes II epidemic. The state is FAR more dangerous than any other virus.

    • ‘There are in fact viruses floating around us all the time.’ — John Kable

      Julius Ruechel theorizes that SARS-CoV-2 will become an endemic, rapidly mutating respiratory virus like all the others.

      He posits that like annual flu shots, covid vaccines are only partially effective at best, and only for a few months before viral mutations inevitably erode their effectiveness.

      Flu shots are not mandated. Mandating equally ineffective, but FAR more dangerous covid vaccines, is a monstrous epidemiological error that is doing immense damage to public health.

      Fighting mandatory covid vaccines is THE civil rights issue of our time. It is high-tech slavery. It must be stopped.

      • I think Israel has pretty much proven that the vaccines aren’t effective at all. We have never had a successful corona virus vaccine for the very same reason blamed for the failure of the current vaccines, they mutate too fast.

    • >would you kill baby Hitler?”
      No. I would attempt to convince the British to ally with the German Reich, to prevent the Bolsheviks from overrunning Eastern Europe, and thus prevent the Cold War.

      • The real target is Woodrow Wilson. To stop him from being president. Without Woodrow there is no Hitler. There is no middle east carve up into artificial nations. There’s no federal reserve act. The european powers burn themselves out fighting WW1 and have to reach an equitable peace. There’s no prohibition of alcohol in the USA. There’s a lot of mistakes that haunt us to this day if Wilson or someone like him is prevented from being US president.

        Will the end result be better? I don’t know. But it would be difficult to make it worse by avoiding these mistakes.

    • No. I think it would be wrong to do that, because baby Hitler hasn’t done anything wrong yet.

      I think the ethical thing to do would be to go back in time, and keep a very close eye on him. Maybe buy a painting or something. The idea being to either steer him away from becoming what he did or, failing that, to manage to corral him some other way. Can’t kill him, until/unless he’s done something worth killing him over. But, maybe an early intervention would have saved a lot of heartache.

      But, how much of it was Hitler, and how much of it was giving voice to popular will? If you did succeed in removing Hitler from the equation, would someone else have stepped in to do the same things and been just as bad? It’s kind of in there both. What is a leader who has no followers? (yeah, yeah, a libertarian, hahaha–seriously, though, it takes two to tango.)

      • Tolstoy put an essay in the middle of War and Peace describing this exact thing. That leaders fall in front of movements that were already under way. As in Napoleon leading the French army into Russia. The French military was going to invade Russia, with or without him, he just took advantage of the situation.

    • Maybe convince baby Hitler that there are people a lot worse than the Jews. Buy him a ticket to Detroit or something…. Would work out better for everyone all around!

  19. It baffles my mind that people still watch TV, much less believe it. I disposed of it about a decade ago, and have no regret. I do visit the local ABC/Fox affiliate website daily, for local news. CNN is their chosen national news source, and its truly hilarious, if not so sad that there are some who still watch it. And believe it. Which means they’ll believe any thing.

  20. “TeeVee,” indeed, Eric. Fine post.

    TV: invented by our people, and seized by the enemy and employed as the most effective propaganda weapon yet wielded against us. Before that was the movie, ongoing. Before that was radio, ongoing.

    Anybody who takes the time to add 2+2 can get to the true cause. But most people still won’t accept the truth because they have been so subtly yet effectively programmed by tv and radio to reject any such notion.

    I’m going to offer here the 2 and the other 2. People who read with their eyes open may reach the sum for themselves. Or not.

    1. NBC radio and tv networks owner from more-or-less the beginning of those networks: David Sarnoff.
    2. CBS tv network founder: William Paley.

    1. Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, one of the poison “vaccine” makers. (For anyone who doesn’t yet know about the poisons in all “vaccines,” just look up the lists of ingredients, which include monkey kidney cells, mercury, formaldehyde, and more. By the way, any and all foreign animal tissue INJECTED into the bloodstream is poison. We can eat it, but we cannot take it in the arm.)
    2. Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson & Johnson, another of the poison “vaccine” makers.

    Those who don’t know any better will see the above criminals as “evil Whites” because TV has programmed them to think Whites are the villains of the Earth. But I guarantee to you that they are not Whites. Look, if you can see.

    • There is no shortage of evil whites doing deviltry. Evil is part of human nature and not limited to any particular ethnicity. There is nothing special about having white skin, or any other color for that matter. If you want to see what the “enemy” looks like, have a look in the mirror.

      • There is a sociopath in all of us. The difference between “us” and “them” is we restrain it, and allow our natural human virtues to rise to the top, charity, empathy, regret, sympathy, etc. They don’t. In fact they are so suppressed that they can’t even understand them. Unless they see an opportunity to satisfy their pathos with one or more. Psychopaths even worse, since there is no suppression required.

    • If you believe this is some massive Jewish conspiracy against the goyim, why would Israel be harming its own people with The Jab and lockdowns?

      • The same way supposed “Jews” largely financed Germany in WW2.…..

        People need to recognize this is WWIII and we’re up against Evil for ALL the marbles. Evil as I see it isn’t tied to any one particular book of fables.

      • Handler,
        Haven’t you ever noticed that there are quite a few different ethnic types all labeled as “Jew”? -Everything from pale-skinned red-heads, to (often)large dark-haired olive-skinneds, to small regular Caucasian-types with big noses? They can’t all be the original Jews! Trouble is, the ones who claim to be “the real Jews” want to get rid of the others (Whereas they’re content to just enslave and rule over most of us goy dogs).
        That’s what The Nazis were all about…and why Israel turned away Jews who fled Germany and who sought asylum in this fraudulent UN-created nation of Is-ra-hell.

        • The predominate Ashkenazis interbred with Europeans, hence all the various hair colors, skin tones, and facial types. Sephardic Jews have a lower percentage of European ancestry than Ashkenazis. They’re mostly dark-haired and olive-skinned.

          All these different types of Jews reside in Israel.

          • Nay, the majority of Jews never intermarried…… Most of the European Jews are Turks who converted during the Middle Ages to escape the persecution of the Crusades.
            There are clearly pure ethnic types, all calling themselves Jews…such as the Celtic type…. Ya don’t get that from olive-skins intermarrying….
            The olive-skinned dark-haired ones are probably the real Jews…but the Cabal is made up of Askenazi…..who seem to think that other Ashkenazi are somehow a different species.
            It’s like the equivalent of certain mulattos claiming that they are the real blacks, and wanting to get rid of the non-mixed blacks as well as the other mulattos who aren’t in their club.

            • There have been numerous studies proving European admixture among the Ashkenazi. They had to get the genes to produce European traits from somewhere.

              I’ve never heard of a Celtic type. Some Ashkenazis can appear Celtic if they get the right set of genes, though.

              The thing about genetic mixing is anything can pop up. I’ve seen light-skinned black girls with green eyes.

              • Yes, the Askenazi are definitely mingled…but then again, why not, as they were originally Turks, not ethnic Jews…hence the intermarrying- where the real Jews don’t do that.
                Heck, there are even black Jews in Ethiopia. (When in Addis Ababa, see Murray Mtumaymbawastein for the best deal on flies!).
                Yes, I have never personally seen a Celtic type myself (Then again, other than immigrated Dubliners in NY, I’ve never seen a Celt anything…) -but they do exist. I knew a guy who shared a plane with a whole group of ’em years ago. He thought they were some kind of Amish or something at first..till he spoke to them.

      • It’s pretty funny. I’ve spent a lot of time around these kind of bigoted a–holes both in person and online and for the most part they are comprised of a sorry lot of liars, cowards, and weaklings suffering from the worst cases of head-up-rear-end syndrome you’ll find.

        As it happens, the data coming out of Israel is what most clearly supports the stance most of us here take against the jab. Now, following the logic of the white nationalist chuckleheads, that would mean that Israel is lying and the “vaccines” must in fact be safe, effective, and do prevent the spread and mutation of the China virus. Indeed, in their view, Israel’s disinformation about the jabmust be a plot against members of the White Christian race to trick them into avoiding this important life-saving treatment, the Jews want it all for themselves!!!

        It is all clear now! I implore all white nationalists to get vaccinated ASAP! Don’t be tricked by Israel’s lies!

  21. I don’t go out to eat generally but had family in town and went to eat in town. 98% no diapers. Everyone inside looked like locals and completely undiapered. Did see one woman waiting ahead of the drive thru window for her order with her window down, by herself, completely diapered. She’s probably aghast at the thought of going inside such a diseased place, but the food is good, so its all good. As we have learned from this scam, ‘rona doesn’t get on food as long as it is take out.

    While dining, I watched as people came and went and only saw one person put on a diaper before entering. I figure that guy saw he was the only one wearing the vestment of the holy sickness once inside and took it off as when he departed, he was sans diaper.

    • Took the family out Saturday night. 100% of the wait staff was un-diapered and I would say 80% of the customers were barefaced. The one that got me was 1 table of about 10 people, had to be early to late 20’s and 2 of the people sitting there were completely diapered the whole time they even ate with the diaper on. Moved it to take a bite then dutifully put it back in place. I tried not to stare but it became like the car wreck you can’t look away from.

    • Reminds me of one of Eric’s most recent articles where at the beginning of the scam, a woman was wearing a face diaper before it was ‘cool’… to get a cup of coffee. So deadly was this plague, but she must get her coffee inside the store.

  22. From mask box:



    Wearing an ear loop mask does not reduce the risk of contracting any disease or infection. User is solely responsible for the selection of appropriate personal protective equipment for the setting and application. Change immediately if contaminated.”

    • Very good. I have used this fact in coffee shops. And what was the response of the sheeple?

      One was a ‘barista’: “It’s better than nothing.”

      On another day, a fellow customer quoted her (((lying scum))) saint Fauci: “It’ll block globs” — such as from sneezes and coughs.

      TV and radio have given them all sorts of replies (falsely) countering our facts.

      I have mixed feelings about it, the positive part being that we will be better off without the idiots in our way, even when the idiots are of our own people.

      • Please name these “lyning scum” that ((((you)))) refer to rather than using your secret decoder ring. I’ve known many lying scum in my time and many were just regular white guys. Collectivist thinking is the problem, not the solution.

        • The lying scum is named, saint Fauci. You should read more carefully before you get your panties in a wad. Likewise, I’ve known such in abundance and found no color distinction among them. White, black, brown or otherwise, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes.

            • In North Jersey and on Long Island, there are almost no cultural differences between the two. It’s really stark when you leave those areas.

              • True, Hatt!
                In NY, we used to get asked if we were Jewish…by Jews! Here in KY, no one really knows anything about Wops or Jews…. Can’t even tell a good Jew joke here, ’cause no one “gets” it.

                • Hi Nunz,

                  Ethnically/racially, my ancestry is Swiss-German. I have a (no longer valid – because fingerprints are now required and – soon – Proof of Jab) Swiss passport. My objection to attacks upon “the Jews” derives from my acute awareness of how tyrannical my own volksgenossen have been and can be. No one is my kinsman purely by accident of birth, of ethnic/racial background. I call them friend if they respect my rights as I respect theirs. I have known and know people who happen to be Jewish or black – and various other things – who I admire and just like a great deal more than others I have known who are my volksgenossen.

                  Collectivism is a disease.

                  • There is only one valid “collective”, and that is the human species. We are not that different from one another unless we yield to some sociopathic cultism. Which far too many have done.

                    • Amen, John.

                      I don’t understand this separation of people by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.

                      We are all in this together. Let’s put the focus on one’s integrity and forget about any other physical attributes or spiritual choices one makes during their lifetime.

                  • I agree, Eric. Thing is, as I have alluded to above, what really is “a Jew” or a ____? When speaking of people collectively rather than purely individually, we use labels, which can have varied meanings depending upon context.
                    And speaking of both collectivism and racism, “the Jews” seem to have a much longer and more extensive history of practicing/inflicting both than do the Germans.

            • “Italian” is an ambiguous term that rose during the so-called unification. Most “Italian-Americans” are Sicilians. And Sicilians have a considerable amount of Middle Eastern/North African ancestry. Ask a Northern “Italian” from Milan what he thinks of Sicily and its people….

          • I know he named Fauci, but if you have not noticed the triple parens decoder ring crowd generally have an easily recognizable agenda of bigotry and collectivism. Guess he thinks Fauci is a “crypto-jew” in the parlance of many of those guys who think that everyone they don’t like is one of the heebie-jeebies. Far from getting my panties in a wad, I laugh my loathesome spotted behind off at poltroons like that.

  23. The banality of evil:

    ‘Pfizer and BioNTech on Tuesday submitted initial trial data for their Covid-19 vaccine in 5-to-11-year olds and said they would make a formal request with U.S. regulators for emergency use in the coming weeks.’ — CNBC

    Medical experimentation on children, who cannot give informed consent, violates the Nuremberg Code when risks to children exceed benefits — as is clearly the case with covid pseudo-vaccines.

    Today I’m writing the Attorney General, demanding that manufacturers and their enablers such as Fauci and Weeping Walensky be prosecuted under the Nuremberg Code for their ghastly, Mengelian medical experiments on children.

    This is ritual child murder.

  24. TeeVee? Who watches TeeVee? Oh, yeah those brainwashed masses. Sigh. Maybe we should start jamming their signals or something.

    I saw something yesterday that I found disgustingly stupid. I was leaving the store, and when I got to my car, I noticed someone parked next to me with an R2R sticker in her back window. R2R means rim-to-rim hiking the Grand Canyon. She was just getting out of her car, so I asked her if she did the hike. She answered in the affirmative. And she was wearing a face diaper to go into the store. So let’s see, very likely she didn’t wear a bunch of protective gear to hike the Grand Canyon (I’ve been there, and it’s just too damn hot to wear anything but a light shirt, shorts, and hiking boots). But she has to wear a face diaper to go into the store. What’s wrong with this picture? And what’s wrong with these people?

    • I never did R2R, but I did:
      BASK, 1DNFNW
      19.2 trail miles
      5124 ft. elevation loss/gain
      many years ago, in month of April.
      Started down BA ~ 9AM.
      Passed up the mule train at Indian Gardens, made the river about noon.
      Water at Phantom Ranch, crossed the iron bridge, made it to SK trail head about 5PM.
      no bumper sticker, no T-shirt. 🙂
      no face diapers, here.

  25. NY Governor says Jesus wants you to take the vax:


    ““I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other… Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.”


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