Diaper Report 12/9/20

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An interesting thing to report today, in view of the threat made by el Presidente (s)Elect Biden to Diaper everyone to “stop the spread.”

My mom has apparently “tested positive.”

Here’s why this is interesting:

My mom has been locked up in a prison for the elderly – aka a “care” facility – since March, just before the mass hysteria really got going. She is allowed no visitors and all of the staff  are Fully Diapered at All Times, as el Presidente intends to require of all of us, all the time – if the (s)election stands.

The question arises: If the Holy Rag possesses the miraculous warding-off powers that its wearers claim it possesses, how is it that my mom has acquired the “virus”?

There are at least three possible answers I can think of:

The first is that the “virus” is incredibly catchy, as we’ve been fear-porned to believe it is. So catchy, indeed, that even in a practically Moon Suited environment, where people are hermetically sealed within and allowed no contact with the outside world, wherein the only people allowed inside are staff who never show their faces and – one presumes – all the other Kabuki Rituals are “practiced”  . . . it can still be acquired.

The counterintuitive problem with this is how not-catchy the “virus” is outside the Moon Suited environment. I have not caught it – and I have been not “practicing” any Kabuki, including the wearing of the facial equivalent of a vial of Borat’s Gypsy Tears around my neck. I work out at a heretic gym almost every day, among many other heretics, almost none of us “practicing” kabuki. No Holy Rag. Plenty of hard breathing – and shaking of hands, when a friend shows up.

This has been going on for months, surely enough time to catch the “virus” – if it is so very catchy, as we’re told.

No one at the gym has caught anything.

Obviously, this is anecdotal. But it is also not nothing. If the “virus” is as catchy as claimed – as well as dangerous, as claimed – by now at least one person at this gym out of the hundreds of members who are in regular, close, unKabuki’d contact with each other inside the same building should have not only gotten sick but also become very ill.

Neither has happened.

But my mom – and supposedly several other inmates at the old folk’s prison – have “tested positive.” In a facility that rigidly “practices” all the Kabuki.

Two, the Kabuki is just that. A medically meaningless show. A thing performed to condition.

If “masks work” – as those who practice the ritual say they do – then why did my mom “test positive” for a disease she shouldn’t have gotten? If condoms had the track record for not-stopping pregnancy (or AIDs) that the Holy Rag has for not stopping the acquisition of “the virus,” their makers would have been sued into van-by-the-river poverty long ago. Yet the manufacturers of the Holy Rag are making bank because people are forced to buy and use the medically useless devices even in the face of clear evidence of their uselessness.

Which is more than anecdotal.

We have the “case” of Britain, where the wearing of the religious garment has been a requirement for the past six month-plus. And yet, we learn this week that the cases! the cases! are more now than ever.

The answer – assuming this is about medicine rather than something else – is clearly not more Kabuki, which is the equivalent of primitives doing a rain dance in the hope that the skies will darken and the water descend. Everyone who cares to know this knows this – including OberstGesundheitsFuhrer Fauci, who said so on TeeVee (his saying so now forgotten, being inconvenient).

Also the Silent Surgeon General, who was silenced after having said the same. Those who care to know can also read the box, which states very clearly the the facial adornment possesses the same power to “stop the spread” as Borat’s Gypsy Tears have to ward off the “plague of AIDs.”

Sidebar: Given how deadly – and incurable – AIDs actually is, why aren’t those who are very likely to be “sick” with it – including “asymptomatically” – required to wear some sort of pre-emptive palliative such as a locking codpiece? Or at least some article of clothing to warn others of their presence? How come no raids of the places where that virus is spread?

This is not to say that all of that ought to be done. The question is why is it not being done to those “asymptomatic super spreaders” while it is being done to the rest of us, on much lesser evidence?

The answers to these questions are also of interest.

Number three: The state needs more money.

My mom is generating lots of cash for the state of Virginia, which not only seized her earlier this year, they have seized all of her money, too. The Social Security which once paid for her apartment now pays for her incarceration. But it may not be enough money.

A “positive case” can cure that problem.

A single “case” is worth $13,000 in Medicare “reimbursement.” The person need not be even sick, merely a “case.” My mom plus the apparently five or six others in the state-run prison for the elderly – Catawba Hospital in Virginia – who have reportedly “tested positive” ka-chings to a large sum.

It certainly makes more sense as the answer than more Sickness Kabuki.

But more Kabuki is on deck – and not just for the imprisoned elderly. Because the ka-ching is enormous, and not merely in the form of money mulcted from us to the makers of the Holy Rags and from our businesses to corporate cartels but most of all in the form of the endless manna of power over us that is generated, dynamo-like, merely be ululating the magic words:

The cases! The cases!

. . .

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  1. This is sad and evil stuff, it ain’t no dark winter, it is a new dark age. Welcome to the maelstrom of the malaise, the snafu gone fubar. All of this stuff is bad, never any good from the get go.

    Finally dared to enter into a barber shop today after eleven months of living with a mop on the top of my head. Plenty of fear involved with having your hair cut while the corona madness was taking place. Someone else’s hair might have the dirty filthy virus, so you stay away.

    For me, I was just too lazy to get it cut and it saves money. Always ways to not spend. My niece has a barber’s license, so the preferred person to cut my hair is my niece. Last time I had it cut was before the lock down bs, then she had her new baby girl, so I just avoided having the haircut until today.

    I have decided that if I am going to wear a mask, it is an evil act, not good. So I go to the barber shop to have my hair cut with no mask on covering my ugly mug.

    Everybody else in the place has a mask on, nobody says a word.

    I get my hair cut with polite conversation, pay my niece the barber, on my way.

    No hassle, no demands, nothing said.

    See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    Not hard to see it is all pure evil. No surprise there, you should be taken aback, though.

    What we are all witnessing is an experiment on the human population without consent. You can’t do that!

    It is pure evil. It will manufacture dissent.

    You can’t allow pure evil to prevail, that is also evil.

    It’ll be another dark age if this new age slavery isn’t nipped in the bud like right now.

    Time for more beer.

    • Amen, Drump –

      The tragedy is so many people not only can’t see the evil they believe the opposite – that they are doing a good thing, “stopping the spread” and “protecting the community.” This sort of evil often has epochal consequences.

  2. The diaper freaks defend Fauci by claiming that when he said on 60 Minutes “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask,” his intention was to dissuade people from buying up masks that were needed by medical professionals.
    Baloney. You don’t say it that way unless your intent is to ridicule people. You say, “Yes, masks are very effective, but right now please don’t buy them because doctors and nurses need them.”
    He even followed up by explaining that the only benefit to wearing masks is that it might make the rubes “feel a little bit better,” and hinted at the moral hazard when non-experts believe that they provide “perfect protection.” And the unwashed “keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” Stupid non-scientists!

  3. I’m not as prepared to accept AIDS as a deadly disease as I once was. I find it highly improbable that it has any more significance than corona-chan.

    I’ve made it a point since the scam-demic kicked off to remind people how the AIDS fear porn was pushed on Gen X. I have asked countless dozens of people if they knew even ONE person who contracted HIV which then turned to deadly AIDS.

    Not one person I know has any first or even second hand knowledge of any such things. Including IV drug users former prostitutes, homosexuals, promiscuous people in general. Not even one.

    Hatterasman has it right. It’s another psyop scam that stopped working so they moved onto new spells.

    • Hi SS,

      Yup; I was in college at the peak of the AIDs hysteria. I remember the attempt to instill fear in everyone – including straight people – that sex was practically suicidal, just as today they are trying to get everyone to believe that to breathe freely is suicidal.

      Or homicidal.

      I’ve never been much for fear, myself. Especially of the bogeyman variety. I’ve never understood the attraction.

  4. The governors should mandate a diet of bread and water for 30 days. Maybe people would finally wake up.

    The mask mandate was until December 14, now it’s 1/18/2021.

    This mask psyop is getting real old.

    • Blues!

      This made my day. Thank you!

      Note: The Teleprompter reader says the man “called out” the Face Showers. Well, when you call someone out, this is what you get.

      • Hey Eric and BM,

        Well, that guy claims to know the “science” and, concerned about his preexisting conditions, wants everyone to mask up. Funny, I guess it’s ok to ignore the “science” that shows that his beard renders his mask useless.


        So, we can rank his actual values based on his behavior.

        1) Displaying hipster douchebag creds by maintaining awesome beard and sporting a bitchin’ plaid shirt.

        2) Signaling his superior virtue, first by wearing his entirely useless mask and, second, by confronting strangers, about whom he knows nothing, and berating them for not being sufficiently concerned about others.

        3) Concern for the welfare of others.

        4) Learning the actual science.

        Note, he may not value 3 and 4 at all but, from his behavior, we know that he values 1 and 2 dearly.


        • Indeed, Jeremy –

          And: Much as I abhor violence, I – like many, I suspect – grow weary of being not let-alone. I would never accost a stranger and demand he perform some bizarre/degrading ritual and if I did so, would expect to lose teeth.

          These creeps shouldn’t be surprised when they do.

  5. Eric-
    Sorry to hear about your Mom.
    Aren’t there legal limits on solitary confinement?
    If not, there certainly should be.
    Hospitals are evil. End of story.

  6. “Sidebar: Given how deadly – and incurable – AIDs actually is, why aren’t…”

    Because homosexuals are a protected class, and the goverment (among others) wants to spread degeneracy. A few years ago, California made it no longer a felony to deliberately expose someone else to HIV. Considering there are ‘bugchasers’ and people who find it sexually gratifying to give others HIV and other diseases, this is clearly a mental illness. Not just mental, but mind and body?

    You mentioned a gay friend who wanted you to wear a mask. That may have been a minor form, but the crazy people want the crazy to spread to justify themselves. Just like people cutting off their genitals, or kids being given hormones because of a chance comment about boys or girls when they first learn to speak, or the crossdressing monstrosities reading books to children at libraries, or the people pushing cannibalism and pedophilia as ‘art.’

  7. I know how we can stop the face diapering in it’s tracks:

    Take a photo of a turtle or some other sea creature dead – tangled in a discarded face diaper.

    Since we are now consuming billions of them annually, you know they’ll find there way into the oceans.

    If it worked for plastic straws…

  8. The cases climb high,
    higher than Everest.
    A mountain of lies,
    unleashed by the devious.
    Wear a mask and live in fear of this,
    We are the elite,
    you must listen to us.

    Diaper up,
    slow the spread,
    It will stop the cases,
    so (((they))) said.
    Cuomo, Coonman, Sleepy Joe,
    Listen to Fauci,
    It’s the SCIENCE ya know!

    Covid 19 a virus so deadly,
    It even killed the flu,
    Guess that flu shot,
    isn’t so necessary!

  9. In the nursing homes etc all sorts of scammers get the government medical information and start billing the government for “services”. All sorts of stuff that was never done etc and so on. Only if the family is watching and has the time and energy to protest does any of it seem to get caught. As far as I know most of the protests about these bills go nowhere, the bills just go away somehow with as far I know the government paying. That’s been going on for decades.

  10. “Sidebar: Given how deadly – and incurable – AIDs actually is, why aren’t those who are very likely to be “sick” with it – including “asymptomatically” – required to wear some sort of pre-emptive palliative such as a locking codpiece? Or at least some article of clothing to warn others of their presence? How come no raids of the places where that virus is spread?”

    Answer: because man-on-man anal intercourse has practically become a holy sacrament for our socio-political elites, that’s why.

    Justice Kennedy — a Republican, no less — declared anal sodomy a “Constitutional right.”

    I’d love to hear what James Madison would have to say about that…

  11. The Grand Puba of Fear in PA, Gov Tom Wolf, has tested + for corona.

    It is delicious in that this should show us that:
    1. The PCR test is useless
    2. Face swaddling doesn’t work (assuming Wolf hasn’t been attending dinner parties like other politicians)
    3. Little to fear since he will survive with only a 0.2% overall chance of dying

    But instead of changing his tune, he will no doubt double down on his charade parade of terror

    • Governor Jeep, the common man (remember he campaigned with his Jeep portraying a working man, just like us, image a few years back). The guy who a few weeks ago was caught on a hot mic referring to public face diapering as “political theater.” Doubt he diapers outside the public eye. This is not to defend diapering, but rather that I’d expect this douche bag to issue a mea culpa, pleading that he broke the rules just one little time, and you see what happens when you break the rules.

  12. Eric,

    If you’d had your frontal lobe swabbed daily, you would’ve probably been “positive” by now, perhaps several times. regardless if it was physiologically consequential.
    Sorry about your mom and that entire situation. Elderly homes had a horrific reputation before COVID-1984.

  13. Very sorry to hear this.

    I assume the facility also regularly tests their diapered staff. Were any staff members among the cases here? If not, there’s either a testing breakdown/problem or this is suspicious, as in option 3; this facility needed corona cheese.

  14. Sorry about your mom’s test result, Eric. Hope she remains okay.

    On another front, It turns out that EV fever is merely a subset of decarbonization dementia (DD). Naturally, the bleeding edge of DD is found in the DPRK (Democratic Peoples Republic of Kalifornia):

    ‘As the California Energy Commission crafts its next update to building regulations, climate activists are urging the agency to ban gas hookups in new construction. Another influential agency, the California Air Resources Board, voted last month to support all-electric building policies.

    ‘Forty cities and counties have prohibited or discouraged gas hookups in new construction over the last year and a half, according to a Sierra Club list.

    ‘Bob Raymer, senior engineer at the California Building Industry Association, expects state officials to prohibit gas hookups — but not until the next code update in 2026. California law requires a 100% carbon-free electricity supply by 2045.

    ‘A UCLA study didn’t argue against electrification policies. Rather, it called for financial incentives to “help” low-income households buy electric appliances and for strategies to help avoid skyrocketing evening electricity demand.

    “It’s a no-brainer to require electrification of new construction projects,” said Eric Fournier, a research director at UCLA.

    ‘A coalition of businesses that advocate for climate policies, including Ikea, McDonald’s, Nike and Starbucks, called for an all-electric building code.’


    Starbucks has been on my ‘avoid’ list for years. But I’ll gladly add Ikea, McDonalds and Nike to the roll of corporate enemies.

    Regulated-monopoly electric utilities are angling to put themselves in the catbird seat to extract non-negotiable rents in perpetuity. Only the naïve fail to see the coming fleecing.

    It becomes more urgent every day to pre-emptively expel California from the United States. This would bar sister Kabala, as a citizen of the newly independent DPRK, from usurping the US presidency.

    • Here in Riverside County, I get propaganda from SCE promoting electric everything, during the same week SCE threatens to cut off power “preemptively,” just in case the wind kicks up.
      Let’s see. If I fall for Edison’s propaganda, I could spend lots of money to have a) no heat, b) no hot water, and c) no hot food, even if the Santa Ana winds don’t *actually* blow.
      Or, I could do nothing, and a) keep warm, b) take a hot shower, and c) cook and eat a hot meal, using *CHEAP* natural gas which So Cal Gas hasn’t yet threatened to shut off because of the “possibility” of high winds, there being no way high winds can affect underground pipelines.

      “It’s a no-brainer to require electrification of new construction projects,”

      Yes. It would make sense only to those with *NO BRAINS*.

      • If anything they should be switching as much as they can to natural gas…… I had a tornado in 2008. It was nearly a week before the power was finally restored, but I had hot showers the whole time because of natural gas. No hot food because the former owner had stupidly changed the stove top and ovens to electric…..

  15. Sorry that you mother has been drawn into this shitstorm. My parents have been spared so far, but it’s been pretty hard on dad.

    Really just want to know why no one is willing to admit they’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Perhaps the virus is 100% deadly to people who are full of shit?

  16. Jon Rappoport, who has done yeoman’s work exposing the WuFlu fraud, previously exposed the whole AIDs fraud in his book AIDS, Inc. in 1989. The cast of characters is almost exactly the same today with WuFlu now, led by the pied piper Fauci. Interesting tidbit: Fauci was a big pusher of the drug cocktail AZT as a treatment for AIDS. Many celebrities who were sick, such as Arthur Ashe, took it and died shortly thereafter nonetheless. Magic Johnson initially signed on then broke with Fauci and quickly got off AZT. He’s still alive.

  17. Hope your mother’s experience is similar to most who “test” positive, in which case she will be fine. It has recently come to light that PCR test cycles of 35 or more render the test useless, as it produces a high percentage of false positives. The CDC standard is 40. Gee, I wonder why THE CASES THE CASES THE CASES! The only “facts” we are presented regarding COVID appear to be made from the musings of the insane. No evidence required. Florida has lately decided that labs be required to report the number of cycles used in testing. If properly enforced, this could bring to light a great deal of the THE CASES fraud! What if labs are held to the 34 cycle standard, and case numbers suddenly take a huge nose dive in Florida? If such happens, will any CIA infiltrated Mockingbird Media report it? That’s the problem with lying. Ever greater lies are required to hide the first lie.


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