Diaper Report 11/17/20

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The Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virginia has “mandated” new lockdowns and wearing of the Holy Rag, aka the “mask”- which any old rag qualifies as. Which, you’d think, would make it pretty plain that “masking” isn’t about medicine and maybe people would finally begin to stop “masking” for exactly  that reason.

The good news is some are – even after the Gesundheitsfuhrer’s latest “mandates.”

Almost no one at my gym was hiding their face – the real reason for the wearing of a mask –  and I saw two other faces at my local supermarket, which isn’t forcing people to hide their faces.

Even the Stalinist sign that used to stand near the front door proclaiming “Masks Must Be Worn” in ominous black block lettering is gone. I shopped without incident and so did several others.

The gym owner, whom I know, isn’t demanding that members perform Sickness Kabuki, either.

Maybe the fear is beginning to lose its force. Leaving force to do the work.

After all, you can only tell people they’re going to die for so long before they figure out they’re probably not going to.

Besides which, who wants to stay alive if that’s all we’re allowed to do? Does looking at your family through a Zoom call for the next forever seem like much of a life to you? Get-togethers cause for Hut! Hut! Hutting!?

Your kids looking like Michael Jackson’s kids?

People have bent to the emotional blackmail of performing Sickness Kabuki because they have been pressured into believing they’re doing the right thing. But how can it be a good thing to pretend you’re sick? To expect a country to live like a giant sick ward? To hurt people who haven’t harmed anyone on the mere evil say-so of a Gesundheitsfuhrer?

It’s all pretty sick – and far from being good.

Coronamonomania has been out of control for months but maybe – just maybe – people are beginning to realize that there are other things to worry about besides whether 0.03 percent of the population might die.

Among them the death of life for the other 99.7 percent of the population.

. . .

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  1. Iowa has gotten worse. I think I failed to go far enough resisting. I went to my hard to obtain appointment at the DMV, they wouldn’t let me in. I said I couldn’t wear a mask safely, they got a supervisor who said again that I couldn’t come in. I wrote down her name and told her she was violating my civil rights and committing a criminal act. She said we could do our thing online. Their servers have been down, but she said they should be up now. We left. I’m not so sure we can do our thing online, but we’ll see. I’ve been thinking to myself, “should I have walked inside anyway? Big Fail.”
    Then I went to the bank lobby. The teller told me, “muffa mullla butt” and handed me a mask. I said I can’t wear one safely, she said she would process me this time, but that next time I had to use the drive thru. I told her she was violating my civil rights and was committing a criminal act. Crickets. I got my money and left.
    At all the stores I go to, the ratio has been (before the recent Edickt from Da Govna’ to wear a face diaper it was about the same, damn sheep) about 99 to 98% mask wearers, unless I stop in a small town, thank goodness for them, the ratio is the opposite.
    I’m surrounded by gullible cowards. I read about how things went down in Czechoslovakia when they welcomed Communism and how the unitedstate is going the same route, it sure does seem that way, at least from this view in Iowa. Sad thought.

    • Hi Helot,

      Even if 99.9999 percent of the people of this country voluntary submit to imbecilities and tyranny it does not mean we ought to submit to it.

      My self respect is worth more to me than being able to get a cart of groceries.

  2. Leftists are Satan from Paradise Lost: They’d rather reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.

    They’d rather rule absolutely over a population of broken, impoverished, miserable wretches in a dystopian wasteland than be the employees of a functional society of prosperous, happy citizens.

    • Hi Ice Age,

      Your description is pretty accurate. Coronamononiacs insist everything be subordinated to their fear of getting sick, no matter how abstract, no how attenuated or hysterical. That you are healthy and not likely to become sick does not matter. That you would like to live – go out, see people, engage in normal commerce, etc.- doesn’t matter. You must defer to their fears, accept whatever restrictions/impositions they demand you accept.

      I say the time has come to tell them no – forcefully.

  3. I moved to Virginia two years ago for a job and have been ignoring the Comrade Governor’s mask mandate ever since it went into effect. Rest assured I will continue to do so.

    I’m usually the only one in my local Kroger not wearing a mask and when I leave with my groceries, I always ask myself, “Am I the last man?”

  4. I saw a meme on facebook that said “Not to brag, but this is like the 10th end of the world I’ve survived.”
    Pretty much sums up this situation. When the media and government constantly promise us “people will die!!!” (if we don’t enact their legislation or elect this person or fund that program) and then people don’t, in fact, die, it’s no wonder fewer and fewer of us take them seriously.

    • Heh, yeah, Amy- just like all past empires: They use fear to gradually take away all liberties…and by the time the people wise-up and figure out that we’re not all gonna die…the empire has acquired enough power to just rule by overt force, and the only thing to be feared is the government…and then it is too late to resist, because the people have been rendered powerless.

    • Indeed- I survived the inevitable nuclear holocaust of the 60’s, the inevitable Soviet conquest of the 70’s, the coming ice age of the 70’s, the unstoppable AIDS epidemic of the 80’s, the emergence of rap and hip hop in the 90’s, the imminent global warming of the 00’s…

      I’m sure there were innumerable other world ending events!

  5. In the 14,000-ish town near us, the city council will consider a mask mandate – for the third time in as many months – at its meeting Monday. Previous attempts have drawn protesters.
    This has become exactly like a school-tax increase: they will keep putting it on the ballot until enough people vote “correctly” to pass it.

  6. “Coronamonomania has been out of control for months but maybe – just maybe – people are beginning to realize that there are other things to worry about besides whether 0.03 percent of the population might die.”
    Not even that many Eric. That’s the percentage that might die if they catch corona flu. It’s even lower in places less determined to diagnose any death as caused by COVID if COVID was present. In my home State of Missouri, that percentage was steady for months at 0.016%, which I calculated every day by dividing deaths by case numbers. In the last week, that percentage has fallen to 0.014%. An unforeseen effect, by the propagandists, of forcing the case numbers up with expanded testing. Rarely are case numbers, and deaths published in the same article. The propagandists have realized that in spite of public education, there are those among us who can do simple math.

  7. I’m one of seven directors of a small rural mutual insurance company. Our monthly meetings have been completely unmasked, but tonight there was a card table full of hand sanitizer and masks blocking my path as I came in the front door. I suspect this was because the company manager was exposed over the weekend to someone who later “tested positive,” so now the staff thinks they have to “do something” as she quarantines at home. An employee told me I had to put on a mask. I said “No I don’t” and kept walking. I’m her boss so I can do that.
    It was the one meeting a year when we invite agents and employees to share their thoughts about how things are going, and I was the only one in the room with a bare face. People stared at me as if I had three heads.
    They fiddled with and pulled their masks off and on for about two hours as they sipped their soft drinks and bottled water, oblivious to the absurdity. Then after the agents and employees were excused and the board settled in for its regular meeting, everybody took theirs off and sat at normal distances around the table for the duration. I suppose that unlike curfewed bars, where the virus comes out at 10, here in the boardroom it calls it a day at 8.
    This is the goofiest damn thing I have ever seen.

    • Hi Roland,

      That account made me furious. If an employee of mine had the audacity to “tell me I had to wear a mask” she would have instantly transformed into an ex employee.

  8. I am currently in SC right now visiting family. My mother and I headed out to a local store that sells a bit of everything, but basically to aimlessly walk around and buy some new cookie sheets and Christmas decor. I love my mom dearly, but she is a mask wearer, she hates it, but will still don it in public. I refuse to participate in this BS campaign, which I know makes her uncomfortable. We walk into the store and no one says a word to me. After 10 minutes of realizing no one was going to bother us she took hers off. Another older lady (in her 70s) was also not donning one either. She and I nodded and smiled at each other. Us rule breakers have to stick together. 😁. Everyone else looked like a zombie. It is like being in a bad sci-fi movie or an episode of Walking Dead.

    Fun fact – stores will say nothing as long as you have about $200 of merchandise in your cart. I have tested this out at Target and the pottery outlet and so far I am 2 for 2.

    • RG, I have found that the secret to success in life is to act like you know what you’re doing. This attitude has served me well going into masked stores. I make sure I always have a shopping list in hand. I stare at it and charge right by them. Get the hell out of my way; I’m going to spend money. It also helps to carry a tape measure. It tells them that I am in a hurry to get back to an important project and they’d better not screw with me. Works so far.

      • For even better effect, a clipboard and hi-vis safety vest or lab coat or hard hat is like having a virtual key to the city! A big ring of keys opens even more doors…even though none of the keys are for that door!

        • If you want everyone to scatter, make sure the vest says “Safety Inspector” in big letters.

          You’ll have the whole place to yourself. I don’t know about shopping centers, but it sure works in every factory I’ve ever been it.

          Everyone knows who upper management is, hard to pull that one off.

          But here’s the kicker: they love to write upper management and the safety people up for any observed safety violations. Such as not wearing a mask.

          It’s one of their favorite little ways of getting back at them for all of the little slights.

          The Saaafety Cult will not go away until/unless some company gets sued and loses millions of dollars for over-doing it. Which will be hard, because their main job is covering management’s butt from potential lawsuits.

    • A few months ago when Walmart was implementing their black shirts health ambassadors (haven’t been back so they may still have them) I was walking around with a fairly decent amount of stuff in a cart. As I was standing in the check out a wannbe dictator manager type decided to say something. I said “No thanks then.” and just walked away leaving the full cart right there in line.

      • I went to a walmart maybe a month or more ago for the first time since march. I didn’t see any health ambassadors and the rat mazes had been removed. Walmart is probably the retailer I’ve punished the most since this crap started if I include getting gas at a grocery store by work I’ve otherwise stopped going to get lunch.

        • I went to Walton’s World Of Weirdos & Third-World Bazaar yesterday. Didn’t know what to expect, as I had read that all Walmarts were voluntarily practicing “limited access” as of last weekend, in which they’d only allow a limited number of people in the store at once- and have suppli…err…customers wait outside on line, and only admit one person for every one who exited.

          I had gone expecting to see such a line, prepared to tell the “health ambassador” “You expect me to wait on line to get into this dump?!”- and then just walk away and go shop at an independnet grocer…

          But to my sdurprise, there was no line; no cattle chutes, no ‘health ambassadors’- just walked right in like I always have. Sad thing is, I didn’t even notice if there were any other maskless shoippers- as I can’t even bear to look at all of the maskoids; and seeing all of these people with the rag on everywhere one goes has normalized it to the point where I don’t even take notice anymore 🙁

          Who would have thought that imposing such tyranny on the masses would be so easy?

      • I believe the degree of totalitarianism at Walmart–or any store for that matter–is determined by the political/moral slant of the city it’s in. In some of the stores I’ve been to, there are no cattle chutes and no black shirts standing at the doors.

        Basically, if the area is loaded with liberals there will be lots of black shirts on patrol. But if it’s a conservative city (meaning enough of the people won’t stand for it), there’s far less tyranny.

        • Hi Jim,

          I agree – although even in conservative areas, businesses are under immense pressure to at least pretend to be “concerned” – because all it takes is a single Corona Karen to sic the local health department/OSHA on them to create huge hassle. That said, I have been encouraging business owners I know to resist this for the simple/selfish/practical reason that if they don’t, it will not only never end it will get worse and their businesses will be toast regardless.

  9. Since the updated “mandates”:
    * Sunday: local convenience store was 2/3 unmasked
    * Sunday: local restaurant that previously had no signs up, had one up. But they didn’t say anything about my bare face.
    * Tuesday: another local restaurant said nothing about bare faces.

    I’ve also seen three people open carrying in the last 7-10 days. That’s not super common where I live. It stands to reason that crime would increase as the economy gets destroyed by government. I suspect I’ll see more open carrying in the future.

    • Hi cjm,

      I love convenience stores, it is about the only place sane people go. Small ice cream shops are another.

      The open carry is to keep the Karens’ away. Nobody is dumb enough to approach an individual with a 9 mm strapped to their hip. I rarely wear mine in view, but there is a certain satisfaction about seeing the anguish on people’s faces when you walk past. The problem is you don’t know if they are uncomfortable with the sight of the gun or seeing your bare face. 😉

      • Morning, RG!

        I’ve resumed carrying – concealed – not because of Karens but because of the powder keg that could ignite at any time and without warning.

        I rely on something else for the Karens – and Kevins:

        Pure, radiating hatred.

        Emanating from 6 ft 3 and 221 pounds of angry redneck-looking dude who has been hitting the weights like never before in my life.

        • Hi Eric,

          At 6’3 and 220 are you worried about someone saying something? I would think most people would avoid you even if you looked happy. 😉

          I have always carried since I got my CCW 3 or 4 years ago. At this point in my life it is a pacifier. It is unlikely I would be able to get to it if someone was to come up and attack me from behind, but it makes me feel better having it.

          I don’t hate anybody. Honestly, I don’t. There may be a few (or several) I don’t care for or would wish to avoid, but I don’t wish ill will on anyone. Meeting and knowing someone usually changes ones perception on that individual. I usually try to find some type of common ground with everyone I am introduced to. It rarely ever is a political meeting of the minds, but even if we both like pepperoni and sausage on our pizza it is a start.

          Many people are unsure and easily swayed. I tend to be drawn to tough confident people, but I don’t consider impressionable persons bad. If anything I feel pity for them and try to put myself in their shoes. It is usually a lack of confidence in their own abilities and misinformation, which can usually be changed by education and assurance in them as a person.

          • If you have not you should consider taking a hand-on self defense class. If you feel vulnerable you’re actually one step ahead of most people who walk around in a no-joke zombie state unaware of anything around them. But vulnerable is a matter of perspective. It indicates (to me, a random nobody on the Internet) that you’re not really working on being situationally aware, you don’t feel in control. Some people strap on a gun and no longer feel vulnerable but that’s just as bad. That’s a feeling on invincibility, which leads you to lower your awareness, too. So some training on how to read people, judge environments (e.g. recognize chokes, traps, always know entrance and exit points) and pointers on how to view common resources differently would be empowering. Mixing a firearm into your education and training is just another tool and sometimes it’s not the right one even if you have it. That’s what the AGWs have been over-trained to see, always walking around in Col. Cooper’s condition orange at a hair trigger to condition red. So obviously it’s not healthy to do that either.

          • RG, when you carry, you should ALWAYS have your rod in position which allows you instant and easy access to it in a split second, ’cause if YOU ever were to be attacked, not only would your gun not save you if you can’t access it immediately, but it might even allow your attacker to get it!

          • Size with regard to people messing with you only matters in an open context of one on one. Institutional conditions and team play change things dramatically.

  10. I’m at the local gym M-F and nobody is wearing a mask. I saw one person come in to check out the gym (prospective new member) who had a mask on, but he took it off when he got some glances and snickers.

    “Our” governor just announced some new restrictions. Bars have to close at 11:00 P.M. How arbitrary and idiotic. At least no mask mandate here, but I fully expect more rules to be handed down. Then I’ll be even more of an outlaw!

    • 11PN?! The flu must get up late in your state! In NY, I hear they’ve ordered the bars closed at 10, and in Joisey, 8PM! They must have detectives hot on the trail of the flu! From what I can deduce, the flu avoids BLM riots, but frequents churches and small private gatherings; goes to church, but avoids strip clubs and liquor stores; is repelled by paper masks and bandanas. I’m beginning to think that this flu is of a lot better character than any politician, and would definitely be better company than than those pols!

      • I’ll bet Tony Soprano’s “Badda Bing!” is still open 24/7. The local pols bought off by the Mob won’t give up their graft.

      • Why do people keep talking about survival and percentages and cases, cases, cases when there isn’t even a virus to be tested for? CDC said months ago none had been Isolated, i.e. found. If you can’t even find it how the H do you test for it? Why do people keep saying things that tell us it exists when it don’t. Cry wolf. But sooner or later nobody will show up. I hope. roger

  11. Sorry for the repetition!

    Seems to me that there is only one viable solution to start ending this entire circus…


    Replace “senator” with ” Gesundheitsfuhrer of Virgina” and PROBLEM SOLVED!

    If you think that’s too much… Well, than just keep calm and slave on.

    I do wonder where on Earth are all those “patriots” trigger happy boys & gals?!

  12. But the hospitals are filling up! They’re running out of ICU capacity! Health care workers are overwhelmed and fatigued! People might, gasp!, have to stay in bed a day or two and drink Gatorade and watch TV to recover rather than go and spend days in the hospital.

    Just do what you’re told. Wear your mask. Isolate yourself. Cancel your holidays. Shutter your business. Stop having fun.

    Or else…


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