Diaper Report 8/14/20

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Yesterday I attempted to buy some booze at the government-controlled monopoly distribution outlet, the ABC store. The acronym stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control and it does what it says.

It controls the alcohol.

In Virginia, you can only buy alcohol stiffer than beer or wine at a state-controlled dispensary, the ABC store. And the state has decreed no sales to the Undiapered. But I almost succeeded and would have had it not been for a Corona Karen – not an employee of the store but a Sickness Psychotic who happened to be in the store as I entered, ignoring the Diapers muss sein sign.   

The guy behind the counter greeted me in a friendly way and I headed directly toward the aisle where the whiskey is, needing some to take my mind off the spectacle of weaponized Michael Jacksons everywhere.

And then I heard  . . . her.

The sound of mental illness, formerly confined to places for the treatment of such pitiful creatures. Who have become dangerous because they are on the loose – and people listen to them.

The Diapered Karen – middle-aged, wearing Hillary stretch pants – loudly uluated to the guy behind the counter that an Undiapered was present and what about the sign?  Whereupon the guy behind the counter’s demeanor changed. He told me I had to Diaper to stay – or must leave.

I tried the ADA exemption but it did not fly. The Diapered clerk said no exceptions – and then threatened to call the Hut! Hut! Hutters!

I left – but wish I hadn’t. Because I don’t think I was breaking any laws. “Guidelines” issued by Gesundheitsfuhrers (and Coonmen) are not laws, and I doubt enforceable. It might have been interesting to take up the challenge.

But we live in interesting times and I had made the error of driving into town in my old truck with its almost as old registration and out-of-date inspection sticker, my having gotten sick of paying the “fee” associated with the former and not having had time to deal with the latter. If I’d had a registration-up-to-date press vehicle and my camera – which I had left at home this time – I might have stuck around.

Instead,  I just left – telling the literally cringing Corona Karen who had backed up into a corner and drawn herself up as if about to be attacked that I was sorry she’s neurotic and ought to consider therapy on my way out.

The good news is that the government doesn’t control all the booze. A friend – a fellow Undiapered – knows where to get some that’s made by people who are not the government and do not sell their product through government dispensaries or anywhere else that involves cash registers and IDs, let alone Diapers.

So, it’s good news in a lemons and lemonaid way. I will never buy booze at a government dispensary again. Instead, I will buy it from people who cut the government out of having anything to do with the transaction – and support them thereby, and starve the state thereby.

ABC stores are tax stores. Booze in VA is more expensive than in most states, where you can buy it at non-government dispensaries. Because the state has a monopoly, which it enforces with the usual violence – and because it’s the only legal place to buy booze other than beer or wine, you get to pay what the state says, plus tax (as Elvis used to say).

Lots of it – as opposed to not a cent of it, when buying  . . . privately.

It takes some mental reorienting – motivated by the mental illness of society – to decouple from the traditional, previously normal habits. But this is a good thing, in the long run. It is a way back to sanity, via decentralization. The less we have to do with anything the government has control over, the less control the government has over us.

Next stop that day was Kroger, where the Diapering was as pervasive but not as enforced. This store relies on social pressure rather than overt pressure to get people to perform Sickness Kabuki.

Which I never perform unless actually sick – and then of course it isn’t Kabuki and I am home in bed. 

At any rate, I was almost alone Undiapered. Except for one woman I found surreally experiencing a walk amongst the walking dead. I always stop to speak with such people these days because it is so important to let them know they aren’t crazy – by confirming they aren’t the only sane one in the store. In every instance, the people I’ve approached have been voluble – and awake.

They get it. They know all about Sickness Kabuki – and aren’t interested in performing it. And they’re alarmed and appalled by the spectacle of so many people willing to perform it.

These people who’ve put on the Diaper haven’t been forced to. They’ve been told to. That’s all. And because they’ve been told, they do.

What will such people do when they are forced to to do other things? Will it even be necessary to threaten them with something heavier than social pressure and Goebbelsian signs?

The sad answer is – probably not.

America hasn’t been the land of the free for quite some time. Because it long ago ceased being the home of the brave.

. . .

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  1. No revolution was ever started by fat people. But, and it’s a big butt, there are a lot of people that are going to get hungry, and there’s not much a hungry person WON’T do. Including lynching those they blame for their hunger. It’s quite possible that the Psychopaths In Charge are creating the tool of their own demise. Peaceful rioters are showing up at the residences of politicians for the shallow reason of whether or not to reduce or eliminate police. How many such would occur if folks had a real reason, like “my kids are losing weight”?

  2. Hi Eric,
    I just spoke with a friend who also refuses to diaper. He said he entered a store yesterday and was immediately stopped by the “mask hole on duty”. When told he must mask up to enter, my friend replied “I have a medical condition.” The mask hole asks “And what would that be ? ” My friend told the mask hole that he was in violation of the ADA for even asking but that since he seemed like a nice guy, he would tell him. My friend lowered his voice and said “It’s hemorroids , and when ever I cover my mouth, it causes me to breath through my ass hole causing severe pain.”
    He then walked on in the store while the mask hole just stood there.
    Wish I coulda been there for that one.

  3. We have our new form of soviet gulag here in Victoriastan, in the city of Smellbourne. Smelling of bad breath due to masking. Our police now equipped with submachine guns. Due to the forced closure of my retail store, I am temporarily unemployed. Due to the large fines and the increasingly hostile and militaristic attitude of the state supported goons, I do wear a mask. One with a valve and “Andrews face nappy” written on it. Never worn over my nose. And I pull it away from my mouth to speak. The straps have stretched so it fits loosely. The mask is cloth and is 15 years old and is NOT made in chinkland. I wash it periodically with boiling water. The worst part of this is that the police have no lawful authority to hand out fines, and the Public Health and Wellbeing Act specifies no force is to be used to enforce any parts of the law. But the willfully ignorant public do not know this so they continue to live in fear.
    I used to have a drink of beer once a week at the club. That is gone. Gone also are my periodic wines. Gone also is my interest in sport due to the rich blacks and other athletes supporting the burners looters murderers movement. I have found better uses of my time and money.
    Word has been circulating around that Victoriastan will continue the lockdown till a vaccine is found, and then you will be kept under house arrest until you are forcibly vaccinated, if you refuse to voluntarily vaccinate, aka suicide by vaccine. These sources work in state government. As Victoriastan is the testing ground for the world, expect this to go nationwide and then worldwide. Andrews and his gang are leading the way to revival of the soviet gulags. His chinese mates are most proud of this belt and road initiative madman.
    That’s the report from convictland.

    • Let me tell you this. The continued use of hand sanitizer will set you up for attacks from antibiotic resistant germs. Any cleaner of any kind that kills 99.5% of germs leaves only the strongest germs to survive. After a few uses you have created an antibiotic resistant climate on your body that leaves you open to the smallest infections and diseases. That is why I never touch the crap. Normal hand soap is much better at dissolving the lipids that hold the virus together and is far more effective than the hand “sanitisers”. And a helluva lot cheaper to buy. The public health dicks never tell you this just like they never tell you that normal sanitary procedures will defeat this conjob virus.

      • Hi Mark,

        Why doesn’t the follow-up question ever arise after these “outbreaks”of “cases” …. which is, how many people died? Might as well tell people the bogeyman is going to “get” you…

      • Oh, no- this is bad, very bad!

        Bikers have never before contracted diseases from casual and hedonistic contact with a myriad of acquaintances and strangers when they gather for a week of frivolity!

        How will they manage?!

  4. Bravo Eric. Through all of this insanity I’ve been hoping more people will be repelled by government and start ignoring all the licenses fees and restrictions. The more difficult these jackasses make it to go along to get along the more people will just say to hell with it and go their own way.

    I’ve been making my own hooch for years. Its easy.

    Get some alcotec 20% turbo yeast.
    A gallon of fruit juice or cocktail.
    A gallon sealed container.
    Buy or make an airlock.
    Boil in 1 cup sugar.
    Add 1 teaspoon to tableapoon of turboyeast depending on how fast you want to ferment.
    Cap off with an air lock to keep oxygen out.
    Place in a dark area. Must be warm.
    Wait 2 weeks. Or until bubbling slows to a crawl.
    Pour off the hooch into another container through a paper coffee filter leaving the majority of yeast solids in the fermenting container.
    Chill uncapped for a few days to let the yeast smell go away.
    Enjoy -slowly- it may be up to 20% alcohol and put you on your ass.

    Best of all this recipe is easy once you’ve done it. It’s remarkably cheap. YOU know the ingredients. YOU can keep the sugar low. And best of all those greedy gunvermin fuckers get very little if any revenue when you brew your own.

    • If you want to try this method, which I have, use organic juice only. Non-organic shelf stabilization chemicals (juice you buy that is not refrigerated) may retard and/or outright stop fermentation (the point of those chemical additives). Really, the easiest, fastest way to make fruit wine involves several pounds of real fruit mash (pick ur own strawberries/blueberries in season are best, grapes are trickier) and 5lb bags of sugar and a 5 gallon glass car boy ($50 fermenting bottle) with $1 rubber stopper bubbler. Internet and books provide more info. I did it for a few years a few years ago. It’s ok but you will tire of the cloudy, yeasty taste over time. Home distillates may create some legal issues, be careful out there.

      • You don’t necessarily need to buy organic. Check the ingredient list. Potassium sorbate is probably the most common added ingredient to stop fermentation; it’s sold at homebrew stores to be used for that purpose. If it’s not among the ingredients, you can most likely ferment it. Anything with an ingredient identified as a preservative is also best avoided.

        I used to make a pretty decent melomel by adding 15 lbs. of honey to 5 gallons of grape juice (just Welch’s or something similar, not from a wine kit), which was then fermented with White Labs sweet-mead yeast. The yeast (or an equivalent from one of the other suppliers) should be available at your local homebrew shop; the other ingredients are readily available at wareehouse-club stores, etc.

        • At least go with refrigerated non-GMO/engineered juice. I’ve read that drinking wine fermented from GMO fruit grown with recombinant spider DNA can turn you into a werewolf. 😉 Ultimately, for the time being and not in an SHTF scenario, to make the effort and expense worthwhile, home brew is a volume game. Otherwise, for all the time, effort and $ to brew up a gallon of juicy juice you can buy a bottle or 2 of top shelf Bordeaux.

  5. Warning: this is a huge “rant”, so if you have important things to do then you are welcome to skip my post:

    I can’t even read/listen to the news right now, I need a break, possibly forever. Because the things my state govt is doing is so outrageous it’s ridiculous.

    A quick basic summary of last session: $23-30 million in BLM damages to Portland, taxpayers have to pay for this (why not make BLM pay for the damages they did out of their ~$500million donations they got? no discussion about that), unemployment compensation system not working — lots of ppl aren’t getting their checks (total garbage system), federal ‘virus’ aid money for businesses & individuals is being WITHHELD by state — state is waiting for presidential election because they think if a democrat is elected then they can just KEEP the aid money (real nice eh? that’s called embezzling nevermind just plain cruelty but media always portrays the govt as “helping the poor” etc), they voted to spend money on the state fair’s horse barns & chicken coops even though the state fair was cancelled this year — one senator objected to this and they told him to be quiet & banged the gavel alot because he didn’t shut up right away (can you believe they even have a meeting ‘leader’ [I forgot what fancy title they call it] that tells people to shutup and bangs a gavel as if they’re a judge in a courtroom? this is some kind of clown show!), noone at the state EVER talks about the riots in Portland — they always evade the issue — they pretend it’s not happening, they’re discussing moving teachers to the ‘front of the line’ for receiving unemployment compensation (so they’re better than everyone else — because they’re democrats in the ‘club’) — they didn’t tell the public about this yet (if they ever will), no plan to stop the ‘shutdown’ because they want to push nonstop fear of the ‘virus’ to the public and blame that and the riots on trump [somehow, i’m not sure how that works], plus they keep advancing a huge agenda of horrible crime bills [I could make a huge list here like letting forest fires burn, abusing the ’emegency clause’ to get bills passed without having to have an election so the ppl can vote on them, past huge projects like a bridge that spent $millions or billions but nothing ever got done — obvious grifting scams, recall attempts fail even though have huge win margins much more than the state govt got elected from in the first place, carbon tax scam, corporate tax scam, mail in elections are a fraud nightmare, they made a law that renters don’t have to pay rent due to ‘virus’ and can’t be evicted, nonstop “healthcare” bills that never improve healthcare for anyone they just funnel more money & power into the govt, they let power companies install radio meters almost everywhere even though the PUC(public utility commission) is supposed to make sure the people get to vote on things like this and regulate the cost of things like this, trying to remove lots of dams including power dams for NO REASON, etc].

    I went to my state legislature website to see if I could find out for myself what happened in the session they had Monday. https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/Pages/session.aspx
    I dare you to go to that website, and try to make any sense of anything there, and try to find out what’s going on. First item on that webpage “legislative concepts for bills”, takes you to another page with 13 pdf documents, here’s a small quote of the first document…

    Provides that unemployed individual receiving unemployment insurance benefits who has earnings from less than full-time employment may earn greater of $300 or one-third of individual’s weekly benefit amount before individual’s weekly benefit amount is reduced. Declares emergency, effective on passage.
    Relating to unemployment insurance benefits; creating new provisions; amending ORS 657.150; and declaring an emergency.
    Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:
    SECTION 1.
    ORS 657.150 is amended to read: 657.150. (1) An individual shall be paid benefits for weeks during the benefit year in an amount which is to be determined by taking into account the individual’s work in subject employment in the base year as provided in this section.

    Can anyone understand that? Who writes this stuff? It’s incomprehendible! It’s written like they were drunk & retarded. Apparently all of the laws/bills are. How can our country function like this? How does anyone ever know what the laws are? Why doesn’t it say something like this:
    “status=emergency, for people receiving unemployment compensation, if they [also] work part-time and they earn >= $300 and they earn >= 1/3 of their unemployment compensation amount then their unemployment amount is reduced by __.” [They don’t say the amount because it’s in another law somewhere, so this update should be in that SAME law, OMG this is so disorganized]. Now compare what I said to how they wrote it. Night and day. I wrote it like one would write a computer program — simple, straightforward, easy to understand, using “if” & “then” & “and”. But they write things so that you can’t understand it.
    And since it amends an existing bill, why tell us that — just replace the existing bill, putting the date of update on the bill, and archive the old version of the bill. What is this — a blockchain of bill amendments? How can anyone keep track of this stuff, or ever look up the history of a bill/law? EVEN IF these legislators can keep track of things and know what’s going on, how are the people supposed to, especially when they don’t have the TIME to sift through all of this disorganized crap?
    So this document goes on and on not making any sense to me. Then there’s the 12 more documents, all just as poorly written.

    Second item on that webpage “2020 2nd Special Session Bills”, opens another page where you have to find the date of the session you want to see, so I scrolled back to Monday, and then it’s got 5 items for senate and the same 5 for house, and “publications” which seems to be a waste of pdf’s and time. The 5 items are basically procedural events, but they open more pages with more things to click on, ugh, so confusing, they have TONS of repetitive/redundant data like the name of the govt person and the date and basically checkboxes of the procedure they went through (total nonsense), finally somehow you can click on the bill which finally gives you info on the actual bills, and there’s various documents for each bill which alot of them looks to me like more unnecessary paperwork. There’s no way the people can navigate this website or keep track of what all the bills are, IOW what’s going on. GOD ONLY KNOWS how much or OUR money they spent on this website too — I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a $billion or so, plus they gotta pay the maintenance fees or maybe they have full-time hired employees to manage the website at $150,000-$200,000 a year salaries.

    UGH, it’s all madness. I can’t even stand that website, I don’t even want to go back. I can’t even keep track of what’s going on, I’m just a peasant with no say in anything anyway. What is the point of all of this if we the people have no say in anything and don’t even know what’s going on? The entire way they operate (the constitution) is a disorganized inefficient joke. This govt is HOPELESS, the whole system is a big pile of garbage filled with corruption. The legislators operate in almost total secrecy, and they keep the public from being able to know what’s going on, and they don’t tell the public what’s going on, and they don’t let the public have a say in anything even when it’s THE LAW — they break the laws, they bend/twist the laws all the time, one senator (whistleblower) tells us this often. This is no way to run a state or country. This is all rotten to the core. Everyone is getting paid way too high salaries, they have too many aides, there’s bribes and grifting scams all over the place, it’s a pile of gremlins ripping off the public. Plus, the global cabals have infiltrated getting their agents in everywhere so there’s all global agendas going on everywhere in every state now. So much for WW2 — what was the point? They all should’ve just stayed home — communism didn’t take over, something even WORSE took over.

    As one person, how am I supposed to fix any/all of this? All I can do is tell my “representative” so they can ignore me or put my email/letter in the ’round file’. I have no say over any of this. America is a decentralized dictatorship, by design. How do the people put up with this crap? They probably have no idea what’s going on. They probably watch the TV news show, there’s only ONE in my area/region and it’s a propaganda show, but they pepper it with stupid minor local news like “cat stuck up in a tree” kind of stuff, so people THINK they’re reporting what’s going on, but they never tell you anything big going on or ever report any crimes going on in the govt — it’s like everyone is living in The Truman Show, we’re all Truman Burbank.

    But the sheeple are too busy being afraid of dying from a ‘virus’ that doesn’t existand harassing customers that come into their stores, telling them they have to wear a mask — why? — no reason — just because they were told to by their boss, who was told to by their boss, … and the state legislators told us all to do that, because they were told by their national boss, who was told by the global secret cabal bosses. Stores used to want customers to feel welcome and were eager to sell stuff to make money, now the stores are a hostile environment where you get harassed by the door guard & store employees. Maybe the stores should turn off their shopping ‘muzak’ and instead play a dark ominous soundtrack like the ones on horror movies. What next — maybe they’ll have hired armed guards at the doors soon, that are retarded bully types, that’ll kick your kids in the face and spit on you and make fun of you and point their guns in your face.

    BTW the state website has links to faceboot & fritter, like every other website in the world now has, so if we the peasants want to have a say in anything we can tweet our complaints to each other, but the legislators don’t read our tweets, so what’s the point, plus those social websites censor/ban anything they don’t want us to say, so it’s just basically a controlled-speech zone where we can whine to each other with no purpose.

    Why do we even have a senate and a house of rep’s? What is the difference? That’s just complicated and confusing for no reason. And why do we have two main parties? Why wouldn’t they both have the same goals of serving the country’s people? There aren’t two philosophies in life or running a country… why would there be two parties that disagree on everything? It’s so ridiculous. And when you actually look up what each party says about their “philosophies” on how to run the country, as if this is something subjective to begin with, anyways, the republicans basically say decent things that make alot of sense (however vague, it’s okay), and the democrats basically say alot of strange things that … well I’m going to put it bluntly… they try to make up nice-sounding things that are a cover for horrible crimes… IOW everything they say is a big fat LIE and it’s kind of obvious unless someone were totally retarded (which apparently a high % of the population is nowadays). So IOW you have a NORMAL party and a CRIMINAL party, so why don’t they just call it that? That’s what it is. It would be super great if we could split America into two — one side is the democrats and one side is the normies, but the democrats will never suggest that or vote for that.

    • Hi Truman,

      Your rant is more than welcome here – as are you – because both express sane sentiments civilly in a time of madness and incivility. I, too, often simply cannot stand to even look at the legions of Face Diapered Michael Jacksons outside the asylum. If I didn’t have my woods and my trails and the ability to just shut off – and out – the world out there, I think I’d have lost my mind by now.

      Welcome; you are among friends!

  6. The noxious state-owned retail liquor monopolies of Virginia and Pennsylvania were based in part on the notion of freezing out organized crime, much as state lotteries muscled out the untaxed numbers game.

    Back in the 1920s, families such as the Kennedys and the Bronfmans indeed got stinking rich from smuggling booze. But a hundred years on, liquor retailing is not a mob-run business anywhere. Too little profit in it, compared to the high margins in trafficking gov-prohibited drugs.

    Many states have compensated struggling businesses by loosening delivery and takeout rules on everything from bottled liquor to mixed drinks — the same kind of convenience that cannabis dealers in NYC routinely offer to their customers.

    But the last thing that would enter the mind of a Soviet apparatchik at a Soviet-style state liquor store would be customer convenience. After all, the business model is that of the motor vehicle division: our (limited) hours, our (high) prices, or do without.

    Nice guys, huh?

    • Hi Jim,

      Yup – and as I wrote, this prods me to be done with them, forever. Just like I am done with the Donkey coffee shop and any other business – or person – who pushes this loathsome business on me or anyone else.

      The time has come to choose sides.

  7. Got into a discussion at work with the IT security guy, and he said that even though these new “Contact Tracing” apps don’t appear to have security issues, he agreed they don’t provide useful information, but also said they won’t do any harm. My come back was that they DO cause harm, in that it causes another form of fear and distrust of others to be introduced based on meaningless information.

    • It’s not the security issues that I’m concerned about with regard to the concept of contact tracing, but rather the complete abolition of our privacy and anonymity all in the name of a supposed health crisis. Make no mistake that Corona trumps your right to travel freely and even your HIPAA protections. Should you have a positive result on one of those dubious tests, AGW”s will now have the ability to know your medical history and can track when and where you go anywhere, then penalize you accordingly under the law. It’s already bad enough when you have to worry about your Nazi neighbor snitching on you for leaving the house showing your naked face.

      The broader lesson here is that big gov can simply claim a health emergency, then they can render the constitution and your rights under the written law completely null and void.

      • The tracing apps are worse than that. If you are anywhere close to somebody who tests positive the health commies are going to come a knockin at your door for the greater good. Leave the phone in the car. Or at home. Or pitch the damn thing in a lake.

        • Great point; I had to think further to envision how far this could go. This is the real danger about reopening schools and offices etc amidst this scamdemic. Just get one person to get a positive but likely bogus test result, and everyone proximal to them will also becone known to the health stasi and will therefore need to self isolate. Imagine how screwed up your life will become when you become blackballed because the coworker in the adjacent cubicle is afflicted..

          What’s really scary though is how a lot of the youngsters will evolve into good soldiers because of this. Over at the university an hour from me, they’re actually reopening with these caveats – that students test for Corona twice weekly, and that they are mandated to use the smartphone tracing app to monitor the results so that they are allowed into campus facilities. The whole thing is beyond appalling, to think that anyone in their right mind would be willing to put up with that. Yet many of these kids were born after 9/11, so this is all they know. I shudder to think what would qualify as “right mind” to someone in the new generation.

        • I still have an old flip phone in my desk drawer, and I know that with Verizon, all I have to do is hit *228 to activate it, and deactivate my “smartphone “. I only use it for calls and occasional texts anyway. Pretty sure that no matter what you disable on the smartphone, it’s probably still tracking you anyway. Probably time to go back to the old technology.

  8. Good morning, Eric. The taxation on the purchase of alcoholic beverages is shameful. Excise taxes dramatically increase the price, but that isn’t enough for the government. They charge sales tax on the entire price, including the part attributable to excise taxes.

    Of course, double taxation isn’t unique to alcohol. The most egregious case is the roughly 7.5% of your pay that is skimmed off the top for Socialist Security and then subjected to income tax as if you had actually received it. Just to make it worse, if you make over a certain amount while receiving Socialist Security — i.e., getting some of your money back — most of it is taxed yet again.

    I like your solution to the liquor problem. I might start making my own wine, which would not only avoid taxes and save money, but would be a nice hobby to replace my VW dream and give me something of value for barter purposes when the SHTF.

    • Cigarettes are even worse. Don’t smoke anymore, but always notice the prices when I travel. South Carolina, generic smokes are about $3 a pack. MA, NY, CT, Rhode Island etc. they are about $13. MA even has the balls to add sales tax on top of that, making them close to $14. Consider that even in SC, maybe 50 cents or so is federal tax, therefore, in Massachusetts, home of the tea party, you’re lookin’ at a 500% tax, or thereabouts. Our forefathers started a revolution over what, a 2% tax on tea? Un effin believable

  9. These people playing Sickness Kabuki have no idea what they are in for. This is just the beginning submit to this and there will be no end. For the first time I am afraid. This country (world) is done.

  10. Starting to see the proliferation of plastic face shields on top of diapers. Taken in view of Fauxchi’s increasingly louder calls for national diapering, and Creepy Joe’s promise to put all of us in a national face diaper maternity ward once he is cemented in place as Der Furrier. It just won’t go away; Karens and these order-following ciphers can’t let it go.

    Somehow it’s gone from flatten the curve to eliminate the curve. The latter is impossible. You just cannot face diaper and plastic shield away a respiratory virus. These retards are so crazy or arrogant that they honestly believe we can control or conquer millions of years of biology with nonwoven fibers and polyvinyl sheets fastened into face coverings.

    It’s unreal. With the majority of the western world going full-on authoritarian, I don’t see any way out of this. It has been appointed, for a country to die once. The death knell looms (November 3), and it’s not from a virus, but from collective submission to half measures and theater of the absurd, coupled with berserkers running amok in our cities.

    • Hi BAC,

      I’ve yet to see a shield on top of the Diaper but it’s inevitable. These people are diseased. Riddled by fear and hysteria, which they flaunt because it is socially endorsed – virtuous – to appear and behave like a mental patient. Nunz sent me a video about a guy who just packed up and went off-grid. It is a very tempting thought. I would probably do it if I didn’t have this platform and feel an obligation to fight, to the extent I am able. I owe this to the people, long gone, who did the same for me – and those who will come after me.

      • Hi Eric

        I might have considered going dark, but I have teen and tween kids. I have been teaching them in the ways of The Force, and they stand with us in opposition and defiance of this pervading mental sickness. I’m just saddened that their future appears to have been stolen, and replaced by a grim and bleak outlook, created at the hands of the criminally insane, their Amen Chorus, and their willing diapered acolytes.

        I’m grateful for this platform and forum. Knowing that we are not alone through it all is reassuring. Some days, though, I just want to take my ball and walk away.

        • Ditto, BAC –

          I feel especially for people with kids – and for the kids themselves. It is so damned sad to see their lives abrupted – for no legitimate reason. I feel a weird mixture of fury and extreme depression when I see a kid Diapered. How can this even be happening?

    • I saw a face shielded customer in town.

      When someone tells me that a I should be wearing a mask I have been replying that they are not completely effective and they give a false sense of security. Adding, “to be really sure you would have to use a tightly sealed plastic bag over your head”.

      Spread it on Twitter and other social media as it might solve multiple problems.

  11. I don’t know if this has been mentioned here yet, but there’s a great video up (for now) by a doctor on YouTube that demonstrates the complete practical worthlessness of face diapers. (He doesn’t address their moral worthlessness.) Dr. Ted Noel vapes through different kinds of diapers to prove that air–and therefore viruses–goes right through and around them in every direction. Share it with a cultist. “Quick Demo of How Masks Don’t Work” is the title. There are 3-minute and 16-minute versions.

    • Thanks for the info, D. As of 9:30 this evening, the video is still up. Very well done, as it graphically demonstrates the uselessness of face diapers.

    • My underwear is made out of the same cotton that I see wrapped around these morons faces. Somehow the stink of my farts still passes through, but I’m sure it’s good enough to prevent a microscopic virus from getting in or out………..right?

  12. Thanks for continuing to stand tall, Eric. I have been tracking my retail shopping and dining results throughout this steaming pile of nonsense here in Indiana. Results: 8 successes – no problems other than being told about mask requirements to which I answered simply “medical exemption” and kept walking. 2 confrontations:
    1. Play It Again Sports refused me service.
    2. Was confronted by a manager at a Goodwll who did not want to accept my “medical exemption” and told me I was selfish. We had a bit of a confrontation during which I kept my cool and made clear to her that she knew neither my condition nor my motivations. Ended well – she left me alone and I had a great conversation with a couple of ladies (one “in compliance” and one not) about the ineffectiveness and control aspect of masking. Keep up the fight brother.


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