Diaper Report 8/1/20

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In the old Soviet Union and other such places, one had to worry about one’s neighbor even more than the government. The government could not be everywhere, after all. It had only so many official enforcers – and most of them wore uniforms. You could avoid them because you could see them coming; you generally knew your enemy.

But there was also the invisible enemy.  The people all around you. The ones who never said a word to you – but said words to the government.

Always anonymously.

We have such people all around us now. They are the ones you can thank for the recent doubling down on Diapering – especially at islands of sanity that have been reasonable about Diapering; businesses whose policy has been to leave people free to wear a Diaper if they wish to but not to make an issue of it if they don’t.

These businesses have been able to “get away” with this – loathsome language of inverted morality – because the government remains relatively powerless to impose Universal Diapering. “Guidelines” aren’t laws – and You Must Diaper signs plastered on doors by government Gesundheitsfuhrers have no force beyond intimidation. If a business owner who opposes forced Diapering doesn’t choose to harass his Undiapered customers, his Undiapered customers can safely transact business.

Unless “someone” calls.

And anonymously complains about the sight of an Undiapered.

Then the government sics itself on the business; paid (by those they victimize) thugs appear and threaten the owner of the business with fines and/or loss of their government permission to do business (i.e., their business license – essentially the same thing as a feudal serf’s being allowed to sell some of his potatoes, so long as the lord of the state says he may).

Well, “someone” called.

About the sight of Undiapered customers and the sight of the Undiapered owner – God bless him – of a small country store I regularly visit – often just to visit, because I’m friends with the owner and know the people who work there. They are good, honest, genuine people – the type of people that people who practice live and let live – not “social distancing.” Who aren’t sick (in the head) move to the country to be around – so as not be around the people who are sick in the head.

The ones who call.

Until just the other day, the owner (I will not name him or the store, for reasons that ought to be obvious) didn’t wear a Diaper, seeing no reason to – as he told me privately – beyond being made to pretend he has joined the Sickness Cult, which he despises as much as I do.

It took the wind out of my sails to walk into the store yesterday and see him with a dirty bandana over his face. A plexiglass wall now separates customer from cashier.

Because “someone” called.

A snitch. A craven – but vicious – “someone” who cannot stand the idea of others not doing as they’re told. One cannot know who it is precisely because it could be anyone. It’s as invisible a threat as death in the air only this virus is both real and very lethal.

Your neighbor is now your enemy – or might be. Which ends up amounting to the same thing. You will never again look at him the same way. Or he at you. Friends can’t be sure of friends. Even within families . . . “someone” might call. And you’ll never know who – only that “someone” did . . .because someone else came.

This is what it is like to live in a police state – where everyone is a member of the secret police.

Because anyone might be.

This is even more alienating than the sight of all the Diapered. The paranoia-inducing knowledge that you can’t trust anyone anymore. That it is necessary – to survive – to at least pretend to pay homage to required orthodoxies, everywhere – all the time.

Because someone might call.

No space is your own anymore, except that inside your head – and they are no doubt coming for that, too.

Busybodyism weaponized.

They can call anytime they like. On anyone. What power these awful little creatures have been given. Does anyone care?

Does anyone realize what it means?

We are living in a Sickness Star Chamber. No formal charges, guilt an automatic function of the indictment made by people whose faces you never see, whose names you never know. Against whom you have no recourse other than the one that is surely coming as people begin to understand what is being done and take the only measures remaining to them.

God help us.

My friend the store owner told me he’s told a few overt busybodies – people who commented about the sight of the Undiapered within his store – that no one was forcing them to enter the store; that if they felt uncomfortable there were other stores – some perhaps more to their liking.

They did not like this, of course. Because they do not like the idea of choice. Rather, everyone must be forced to make the same “choice” – theirs. And so they left – and made a call.

My friend said he asked the Gesundheitsfuhrer who came as the result of that call who called. He is not allowed to know.

Just “someone.”

So now he wears the required uniform of the Sickness Cult, a dirty bandana. Which is enough – even though it serves no health purpose. A dirty bandana cannot interrupt the transit of a virus and those who believe it can are just that . ..  believers. In the religious sense.

In the cultic sense.

The “face covering” – as these people style their Diapers – is nothing more than the visible affirmation of the will of the wearer having been broken. He is one of us now. We have made him so.

All it takes is a call.

. . .

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  1. the truly amazing part of all this is the global reaction. There is literally no where to run to even if you could unless youre worth billions and own an island. Quite amazing to see.

  2. No good deed will go unpunished!

    Anybody ever see such nonsense going on here? Anyone? Bueller?

    “Way up on Bear Creek, watching the sun go down. Oh, the water up on Bear Creek tastes like cherry wine.” – A.P. Carter

    Remember the Heaven’s Gate cult, the Nike sneaker wearers that all committed suicide? If you wear black clothing and Nike sneakers, you’ll live forever no matter what. You have to commit suicide first though, otherwise you can’t fly away in an alien spacecraft that is there just for you! Boy are you brainwashed by propaganda to obey. Too funny.

    They were all going to fly away in an alien spacecraft that was secretly traveling through space behind the Hale-Bopp comet. Just drink the phenobarbital and vodka mixture and you’ll be on your way to nirvana in Shang-ri-la!

    What could possibly go wrong?

    You have got to be one real gullible nut case to believe you will continue to live after you have committed suicide. What? You mean I am actually going to die? You’re kidding, right? lol

    Anyhow, it is analogous to the mask wearing fools believing they can stop a virus that is unstoppable. If I wear a mask, I will be free of any threat of being a covid victim. I will get to heaven without ever being sick and even dying. What a relief. No, you’re gonna die, no matter what.

    The face diapered are brainwashed which then renders them to be just plain stupid members of a cult.

    You cannot stop pathogens, never can and never will.

    Face diaper=chains, shake those chains. Humans have become a caricature of themselves, a chimera.

    There was a 20 thousand strong protest in Berlin against face diapers and the need for people demanding their freedom.

    Germans have had enough of the charade.

  3. I’ve learned more about the evil of humanity in the past month or two than I have in my entire life. History makes much more sense, since I’ll be living it now/soon against my will. I don’t have to imagine what it must have been like, it’s here. I’m in it.

  4. Communism and Fascism are both socialist. They act exactly the same when they gain power. The State is all, and the individual is nothing. Since the US has been trending socialist ever since FDR, it’s not a big surprise that we are no longer accounted as persons, but as members of “the party”. Whether the Red Party, or the Blue Party. How pathetic that both wings of our one party state constantly blather about what wonderful things they do for us, while destroying any quality of life we may have carved out for ourselves. Yesterday I read a couple of articles, one from the CDC, putting forth that the increase in suicides this year over last year exceeds the wildly exaggerated fact free death count from corona flu. I was not surprised, and had in fact suspected so for quite some time. The State doing what states do best. Kill people. It really sucks being one of the few who have taken it upon themselves to be educated, and to maintain their capability of critical thought, in spite of public education. But no reward would compel me to give it up. Once one has seen liberty it’s nearly impossible to give up on it. I will not comply.

    • The best explanation for why commies and fascists hate each other is the political triangle. It’s also why we see them both as statists. The triangle’s three corners are absolutists (fascists), communists, and individualists. Absolutism does not have equality of outcome which is the communists’ primary belief. Hence the conflict between the two.

  5. These people are the lowest of the low in the human race right now. Without them believing and spreading the cult of the sickness the overlords would have no way of pushing their evil agenda. I thankfully haven’t been acosted yet, and only questioned once by a 20 y.o. security guard at Fry’s (Krogers) but as soon as I asked him if he would like me to show him where it shows the exemptions he fled pretty quick.

    It’s truly pathetic how the safetyism cult has taken over and anyone who values personal responsibility and freedom is considered reckless and almost evil. Public schools, propaganda from the media, hollyweird and the state have done it’s job well. Sometimes I wonder how much more I can take before I say fuck it and move off the grid.

  6. One thing I forgot to mention about dictator Evers order, and you guys will love this, is there is an exception for the legislature and judiciary! Do as I say not as I do! I laughed out of the sheer absurdity of it all. There’s actually quite a few exceptions one could use with regards to this “order” though. Link below.

    The conservatives in the State senate (despite all their flaws, not defending them) have vowed to fight this tooth and nail come Monday. The state supreme court struck down dictator Evers stay-at-home orders in May and it will probably come to that again. It’s all politics here. His order went into effect the same day (today) as one of the conservative judges is being replaced by a liberal judge who was elected in April. This would tip the scales in his favor (the supreme court in May came down to one vote). Shocking I know.


  7. Well gentlemen, I have good news to report from my neck of the woods. Today was a good day. Today was the first day of dicatator Evers face diaper order here in WI. So naturally I decided to do some shopping to test the waters. I went to Aldi without incident. No one from a store employee or customer said a word. Next up was Farm and Fleet. The lady at the entrance saw me coming and grabbed her box of face diapers to give me one. I stated I had a medical condition and that was that. I did the same at Wally World without issue. I stopped at two other local grocers also and just waltzed right in at both places. No customers or employees gave me any grief at any of these stores.

    When I walked into Walmart there was one other dude without a face diaper on and I struck up a conversation with him. I told him it was nice to see I’m not the only sane one. We had a good laugh at all the sheeple (zombies as he styled them). Sadly he was the only other person at Walmart without a face diaper. I was done gathering my stuff at Walmart rather quickly but I continued to walk around for another half hour just so people could see my unadorned ugly mug. I particularly made it a point to walk past all the tatted-up tough guys and men in general. In hopes that they might take the hint. I walked past all the busy checkout lanes at the front of the store multiple times as well so everyone could see my ugly mug. I felt more emboldned and empowered at each store I entered. I almost felt like giving Menards a try again but didn’t.

    The last local grocer I went into, the owner is maybe not particularly anti-face diaper but talking with one of her employees I speak to often there, she feels as if it should be up to the individual. She doesn’t even force her employees to wear one if they don’t want to. I went out of my way to tell the young bucks working there not wearing a mask, good on them for not wearing one. They all smiled, and didn’t say a word (they’re probably under orders to not engage people), but I could tell they appreciated the gesture. I also sparked up a conversation with one other couple there who weren’t donning the face diaper and we shared a laugh as well.

    So, as Eric as stated multiple times, talk to the folks you run into who aren’t wearing the face diaper. I beieve this to be critical with regards to all of this as it provides positive feedback and makes it so we don’t feel all alone in this fight. Secondly, at least try to enter stores without the face diaper. Give them the medical condition excuse if you have to. Next time I venture out I’m not even going to use that. Don’t be afraid. Besides, after you do this several times you’ll feel almost euphoric. It has it’s rewards.

    • Excellent, c_dub!

      I will be doing the same today – again. Going shopping even though I don’t particularly need anything – in order to defy the Diaperers and to dispel the aura that Diapering muss sein. I commend you for engaging others Undiapered. This is critically important – a kind of moral imperative. Other sane people need to know they are not alone; that we aren’t all crazy. And, like you, I feel charged up and stand taller every time I do this.

      The exact opposite of the way the Diapered must feel.

      • eric, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are huge protests against the diaper in Germany. Why are we not doing it here? Are we that fat and content….in the aggregate? I may be fat but I’m far from content. I find it hard to sleep even now that I have finally had a semi-victory over my 50 year insomnia.

        This SHIT bothers me continually. There have been many things that the govt. has done I was highly upset about…..to the point of being one of the sacrificial lambs(this was a hard row to hoe)organizing protests over the Vietnam war. I was lumped with every group that was denigrated by govt., even though most of them were simply peace loving people.

        When you hear that you’ll never see someone you know and the funeral was closed casket it begins to affect you in a serious manner.

        It’s not up to the young since they collectively have no sense(I don’t say this about every one of them since I know some that are intelligent and don’t go along with the stupidity of the mainly, college educated or diseducated as I term them). It is up to us, You, Me and everyone but the older you are, the harder it is for the cops and others to diss you, to hurt you since it wouldn’t look good for a roided cop to beat my old ass.

        I realize my generation for the most part would seem to be the most ignorant but realistically, I see the generation 20 years younger being more brainwashed. The Gen X’ers such as yourself range greatly from very capable and knowledgeable people but haven’t had the hard push of the heavy hand of govt. as the surviving part of us have. We got to see the lies that continue to this day about the Kennedy boys. And we know first hand the price our enslaved parents paid when they were young.

        For reasons I don’t really understand, it seems the group that’s 20-30 years older than they were when they were 20 somehow have swallowed every lie up to a point where, in older age, they have seen through the lies. I was in a conversation with a man about 80 recently and he said “It’s not about gun control or keeping us safe, it’s about control”. Wow, and he said it where everyone could hear it and to my chagrin, the much younger bunch in the room with us were smiling that knowing smile of old fuckers who don’t know anything. Hell, I bet he’s never seen Okra or yellin Ellin on tv. He most likely watches the news to get the latest on the weather and doesn’t believe a thing about the other crap they spew.

        I met a woman my age recently a the grocery store and she was living over this entire debacle. Her son sends her what is called anti-govt. stuff on the internet she can read/hear. She knows what is going on. Her son is a preacher but obviously, he knows what’s going on. I can only hope his church members can absorb what he has to say since he must be morally forced to say it.

        But it’s the older crowd that should lead the protests. How proud can they be to gas people walking with strollers and moving in wheelchairs and the rest of us with a gimp, limp or just a hitch in our gitalong. After a hard day you can tell how hard it was just by watching me walk. I no longer run up into a piece of equipment or jump in a big rig or jump out.

        But I understand things better in some ways than I ever have in my life.

        I see a good thing about the price of cable and satellite tv in that it’s too expensive and people have been giving it up for a decade. It’s time for everyone to get up off the sidelines and get out there on the political field and take on our foes. I can’t say it any plainer than that.

        • By and large, it is the older crowd protesting for freedom. I was at a small protest on Saturday. It was more of a sign waving. Anyway, the youngest person there was in her late 30’s and the oldest in her late 60s. As for me, I am 56, early Gen X. The diapered masses, about age 20-30 flipped us off. I just… dont… understand. It really makes me angry that I pay taxes to support “eeeeeeducaaaation” considering the shit product they have turned out. I wish we could quit paying our damned taxes.

          • Hi Swamp,

            Yes, it is disturbing that those at least risk from the virus (essentially zero risk) are often the most hysterical and afraid.

            Kind Regards,

  8. I created a paper “mask” that says “Fucking HOAX” If I’m going to be forced to wear one of these things to go buy food, at least I’ll get my point across that I’m not part of this sickness cult.

    • I’ve got masks that have quotes from 1984. Thank you Etsy. I wear the mask but I can use it to promote a message. Is life so dear to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?

      • Hi Krista,

        I don’t Diaper because I understand what these awful people are up to. Not the poor dupes who don the Diaper. The people in the “mainstream” (i.e., the corporate press) and government who are pushing Diapering as a form of training. They are trying to break people. Just as they have already done with regard to what goes on at airports. Now the SOBs intend to take it national and everywhere.

        I will do everything within my power to get this across to people – and perhaps, just maybe, this time enough of them will finally get it before it gets to be too late and understanding no longer matters.

        • I have a lot of respect for that Eric. I have yet to go through the radiation scanner at an airport. I just have a different approach to things. I travel with my small dog – my Emotional Support Animal – and so I never have to go through the radiation scanners because of the dog. I have no problem using their stupid regulations against them. If they want to write stupid rules then I will use them. And right now with the masks, my way is to use the mask to educate people. “300 million people all with the same face.” Yes, that is a quote from 1984. Amazingly prescient.

          • Morning, Krista!

            I agree in re using their stupid rules against them – but (for me) certain things are unendurable. I will never fly again, if flying means either go through a scanner in the I surrender pose or stand there impotently while some creature paws my crotch – and then my personal belongings.

            I will also never wear that filthy rag of submission.

      • I suspect there will be a time between the mask “requirement” and the needle requirement where a mask is necessary to get something done. The quotes from 1984 are good, but if I find myself in a position to mask up or suffer, I think I’ll go with the CSA battle flag. Even the dullest among them will understand. I’m not even from the South, just live here now.

    • I ventured out to a local liquor store and a Sam’s Club over the weekend with a Guy Fawkes mask…a plastic mask of the sort you might wear on Halloween. Nobody said anything against it; the receipt checker at the door at Sam’s Club actually thought it was cool.

      If someone should give me some grief over this mask, I have a face diaper in reserve with “666” and “Rev. 13:16-18” written on it with a marker. I’ve had half a thought of at least hanging that one from the rear-view mirror so that its message is visible.

    • Florida Statute 252-36
      “Pursuant to the authority vested in her or him under paragraph (a), the Governor may issue executive orders, proclamations, and rules and may amend or rescind them. Such executive orders, proclamations, and rules shall have the force and effect of law.”

      The people of Florida, and probably other States, were very stupid to allow the legislature to pass this. IMO it is unconstitutional but I am sure the Florida Supremo’s would be okay with it.


      • If the law matters at all, this is surely an affront to the legally required/Constitutionally mandated republican form of government. The legislature is not granted the privilege of handing off their powers to the executive.

  9. A minor hurricane (probably be cat 5 by NOAA) is blowing through Floriduh tonight and tomorrow. Maybe it’ll blow some sense into the snot rag wearing lunatics.

  10. Florida Man is at it again.

    This week, he fired several shots into the ceiling of a Miami hotel, noting with alarm that “You all aren’t social distancing.”

    Now you know. When you hear warning shots, REACH FOR YOUR MASK.

    Or your revolver, as the case may be.

    • Hi Rich,

      I have had a conversation with the owner of my gym and told her that I – and several others – are willing to physically stand with her if a Diaper Decree is issued. That we will literally stand at the door and confront any goons sent by the Gesundheitsfuhrers. I understand fully what that may mean. And I am willing to do it because it is that important. I have had this same conversation with other like-minded business owners I know. I encourage all of you reading this to have similar conversations and consider similar actions, if it becomes necessary.

  11. Maybe have your friend post a notice that diapers rules now apply because of a snitch. Add, snitches not welcome.
    Went to the Menards (similar to Lowes and Home Depot) in Council Bluffs, Iowa yesterday. I ignored the mask sign and went right in. It was 100% diapering inside. Some other customer kept pointing at his mask and then pointed at me. I told him I’m exempt, but he just kept doing his little mime routine. Would not say a word. Finally, I told him to “shove it and leave me alone”. I continued on to go grab some 3/4 EMT conduit. Just as I got to the rack, I decided I rather go somewhere else less hostile. As I made my way to the door, I was intercepted by a uniformed security guard, who I ignored and just kept walking. Menards has actually hired security to enforce their dirty nappy rules! So the guy who I told to shove off must have ratted me out. Little bastard.
    Took my business to the nearby Home Depot. Even though they had multiple signs at the entrance, I walked in unmolested. Everyone else, like in Menards, was 100% masked up. But no one gave me the stink eye or said a word. The cashier was even quite pleasant and cheerful.
    The thing that bugs me the most, is that only two weeks ago, at most you would see only about 50% mask rule compliance. Now it’s 100% (except for me).

    • Charles,

      Menards is particularly nasty in enforcing their mask policy. I went in there several weeks after they implemented their policy (so late May) and was angrily accosted by a young Karen employee (I posted about it here on an earlier article). I got past the guy sitting by the swinging gate (said I had a medical condition) and he let me right through no problem. But then then the Karen came who was quite nasty. Told her I had a medical condition and that she was discriminating against me according to the ADA. She in no uncertain terms said “I don’t care, shop somewhere else”. I walked away from her and was accosted by another male employee. By that point I had enough. I asked to checkout (should have just left) and then proceeded to talk to the manager for 5 minutes to complain about how I was treated by Karen and to also get corporate’s information to file a complete. I haven’t been back.

      It’s a shame as I much prefer it to Home Depot or Lowes. Oh well. Not sure I’ll ever go back, at least not anytime soon.

    • Hi Charles,

      The Diapering is being pushed all of a sudden because it has to be pushed. Because it was becoming too relaxed. Too many people were walking about without Diapers because they weren’t afraid… because no reason to be. So – just a few weeks ago – the cases! the cases! – because it was no longer feasible to screech about the bodies piling up at hospitals and morgues. The cases! The cases! drove – drives – the Diapering push.

      They know they can’t let the Fear abate – and the Diapering of All is how they’re maintaining it.

      • Now that the case numbers are peaking or close, they are back to cooking the death numbers and claiming overcrowded conditions at ERs and at hospitals. The thing is, 1. ERs have always been crowded. 2. Hospitals have been reducing staff and cutting people’s hours, creating a perception that there are long lines at the ERs and doctors officers because.. COVID. Of course, none of this is true. The numbers are cooked and made up. The long lines are the caused by the equivalent of having 3 registers open at Wal-Mart when they really need 40 registers open. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. Anyone notice the huuuge price difference of “premium” from regular? Does that mean that the higher compression engines are to be banned?
    The reprobates that use those vehicles without masks must feel our punishment.

    • Been about 0.20 cents a gallon difference between grades for years which would come to a 0.40 difference. What kind of a difference are you experiencing?

    • No, they have been jacking with that for at least 2 decades. Difference between grades was 10 cents. Now it’s 20-30. My cars drink the high test. I see conspiracy’s everywhere, but not here.

  13. Even the Socialist Nazis didn’t require the armband all the time. The mask being the equivalent of the armband. But then like now most of the dissident information came from the same sort of disgusting weasels. I would dare say 90% or better of today’s Americans fit that description. The schools have been more successful then their wildest dreams. We are all Medical Nazis now fighting the war on a fake virus. Ratting someone out saves lives dontcha know! A person kicked out of a store for wearing a mask with a Swastika on it. Apparently it hit too close to home for today’s Medical Nazis as they don’t like to think themselves that way.

    Yesterday went into Home Depot,,, they asked for the mask. The one I have has a message on it that states “This Mask is USELESS”. Available at Ebay. Once in the store I dropped it and we walked around. About half the employees had the mask below their nose and some had it completely pulled down. The mask police lady chased after me to get a picture. Same for Walmart. The Black shirt girls laughed when I donned the mask. Of course the mask came down as soon as I entered so as to not infect myself. If they ask (which they didn’t) I just tell them truthfully that my glasses fog up and I can’t see.
    Looking around at today’s America one can easily see how the German Socialist Nazis were able to take the country. Only they were more honest about it. They used guns. Today with despicable tyrant governors and mayors, they simply use a fake virus. Much easier and lots cheaper.
    Trump allowing dipshit tyrants to destroy the country while he puts on his best “I Knows Nothing!” face and halo. He could have used corpgovs favorite Commerce Clause and overruled it all. Keeping Falsey on his Team is another tell that he is involved in this up to his ears,,, the whole thing designed to save the “Too Big To Jail”, to ruin the currency and destroy the nation… It’s working flawlessly.

  14. I sorta like cats and manuals.
    The latest arrival is a male that is quite loosened from feral in a very few days of being inside. He talks every time that he has your attention.
    His problem is that he has balls and the wife says that they must be cut off in order to remain in the house.
    Thank goodness that my chinky virus turned out negative or she would have me neutered too. Maybe a crazed bird dog would fulfill my waning years. She would like it with the top open at fifteen degrees F as I might. I am not going to buy a horse to follow any dog at my age.
    I do exhort the clovers to stay at the speed limit when someone tries to pass.

    • BTW, there are no mask mandates for dogs and cats. Our gombits are leaving us vulnerable. The bats that are out in twilight obviously wear no masks and they are blamed for the Holocaust.

      • OMG — all the pets — they MUST WEAR MASKS TOO!!! (Or we’re all going to die.) And we need more LAWS to make the bats wear masks too!!! Special workers must be hired to attach masks to all the bats on the entire planet. Definitely a top priority — nothing is more important than this!!!

  15. Yep. Propaganda is an extremely effective tool for controlling people, especially people who don’t think critically, and the state and its allies have been utilizing it more and more. That said, I’m not sure how much the diaper wearers believe it makes sense versus how much they just want to comply with the law, without thinking about it. I live on the border between Alachua County which has a mask mandate and Columbia County which doesn’t. In Alachua, I am usually the only person without a mask, but in Columbia, only about 10% of people wear masks.

    Tested out my new body cam yesterday. Before the mandatory face diaper policies, I had never felt like I might need to have video documentation of my version of an incident, but since I’ve been violating the diaper policies, I thought it would be a good idea. I didn’t have any incidents worth saving but it was comforting knowing that it was being recorded in case I wanted to refer to it. I did strike up a short conversation with the only other customer in Publix who wasn’t wearing a mask. He was just a guy who didn’t like masks and took the common sense position that people ought to be able to wear what they want to.

  16. Eric, I am so sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised as my experiences have mirrored this to a tee. All my rural escapes have dried up and all now exude heavy pressure to mask along with 100% compliance. A clerk at the Dollar General finally told me off for not masking, and although she didn’t refuse me service, I was the only one in the store without a face covering.

    Having made the trip to down to the south to make a “socially distanced” visit to my ailing mom in a senior home, it has become intensely clear to me about what we’re up against, and not only that we’ve lost badly but that our contrarian views are likely setting us up for punishment as enemies of the state. Three weeks ago this trip was still doable although you’d have been one of the 10% without a diaper. Now, even in places with no statewide order like MO, there are local health ordinances galore and 100% compliance. And in MS you have essentially a statewide mandate with localities threatening penalties to individuals. You are no longer allowed to function as a part of society without a diaper. My whole trip has turned into a miserable ordeal. And perhaps that’s the point, because at the heart of the matter, how can it be other than that those in charge really want us all to stay home, and all the businesses to die off. I truly believe that actual travel may be outlawed in the not too distant future. I hope I’m wrong, but look how far we’ve come.

    • I just returned home from a trip and saw a lot of what you describe. Some places are still ok. A restaurant in Farmville, Virginia had a sign up for social distancing but the word “mask” didn’t appear anywhere on it. And only 10% or so were masked. But the overall trend is disturbing. I’ve used the medical exemption to avoid it at some places and some people respond better than others. Those that don’t respond well can really create a stressful mood that negatively effects everyone around them — including me.

      • Hi CJM,

        Just seeing these Diapered Dupes everywhere is stressful. It is very much of a piece with the stress Jews in Germany must have felt when they saw armbands everywhere, along with signs about the Jews being unsere ungluck – the equivalent of Mask Required.

        • Here’s my misogynistic comment. We’re in the age of intelligence as related to sex. Now we’re all supposed to admit that the sexes have the same intelligence……so why is it it’s almost always women who are masked up and the ones to snitch or raise hell when someone doesn’t fall into line? In her defense, my wife refuses to mask. She doesn’t get as nasty a look as I do. hmmmm, wonder how that works?

          • Hi Eight,

            I know two women who are as adamant about not Diapering as you and I and other sane men are! Meanwhile, notice it was a couple of not-sane men (e.g., Leo) who stridently leapt to Diapering’s defense 🙂

        • Yes. I have been thinking about the Nazi Germany analogy. I think that this country is particularly despicable in this regard. I have had that feeling since the 1980s.


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