Going After Friends

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There is a scene in the 1990 film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Cold War thriller, The Hunt for Red October that bears on current times – and current situations.

The book – and movie – center around the defection of a Soviet ballistic missile submarine, the Red October, commanded by a disillusioned Captain Marko Ramius. Once the Soviet leadership realizes what Ramius is up to, they send everything they have in hot pursuit, with orders to sink the Red October to prevent it falling into the hands of the Americans.

One of the vessels sent after the Red October is the attack submarine Konovalov. Its commander, Captain Tupolev, tells his crew what their mission is: We’re going to kill a friend.

I had friends – or so I thought – at the coffee shop in Roanoke where I’ve been a regular for years.

Also during the months of “lockdown” when almost no one else patronized the place out of fear of being caught violation the decree of Gesundheitsfuhrer Northam that none but those decreed by him to be “essential” – which I was not decreed to be – were to leave their homes, or else.

Fines and worse were threatened.

I did leave my home, considering myself essential – and also because I do not like threats and the bullies who issue them. I also considered it essential to do what I could to defy the Gesundheitsfuhrer and by doing that, support the Donk – the name of the coffee shop – and also the principle that Gesundheitsfuhrers haven’t got the legal much less moral right to “lock down” people who’ve committed no crime, nor to shutter businesses that aren’t forcing anyone to do business with them.

The owners of the Donk expressed no “concern” over my nonessential self showing up every day during the “lockdown” to buy coffee – and tip heartily. They told me they appreciated my patronage – which is another way of saying they appreciated my ignoring the Gesundheitsfuhrer.

They didn’t object at all during those months that I came in without a Diaper – which they weren’t wearing, either.

This was during the weeks and months of Sickness Terror – when the Fear Organ was promising the Black Death and millions – literally – of bodies stacking up like cordwood. It might have been reasonable during that time to don the Diaper – and even to insist on it – as a precaution as neither they nor I knew much about the “virus” and in particular, how likely it might be to kill us.

Or anyone.

Now, we do know. We know that it is non-threat to practically everyone and the tiny percentage of people it does threaten are already threatened by every virus – as the elderly and otherwise compromised always have been. What may produce a fever, sore throat and bad cough for a few weeks in a healthy 35-year-old can lead to pneumonia in a frail 80-year-old.

The rest of us might get sick. Most of us won’t even notice. Almost all of us will not die. Virginia has about 8.5 million residents. About 2,000 deaths over the past six months are laid at the feet of the WuFlu virus. Most of these occurring in nursing homes, not coffee shops.

And now they Diaper Down.

Now, they’re ardent about not only obeying the Gesundheitsfuhrer but go beyond what he decrees, even when the decree is at odds with both sanity and legality, at least arguably.

They have defected.

Everyone must wear a Diaper now in order to be served. Even for the minute or so it takes to be served. On this basis, I was excommunicated from the Donk. Told that henceforth I will not be served unless I put on the filthy rag of – as they style it – “community”  regardless of the effect on my physical and psychological well-being.

Which is possibly actionable.

Just as it was possibly actionable for me to show up during the “lockdown” and buy coffee when I was under “orders” to “shelter in place.”

But the Donk took no action then.

Yet it takes action now.

Which is making me consider taking taking action. There are some top-dog Better Call Sauls in Roanoke who might be very interested in my case.

In a class action case against the Diaper Decreers.

All I wanted was to buy my cup of coffee in the normal manner – as I have been for years, without ever getting anyone sick.

I never made an issue out of the other people who Diapered. I just didn’t Diaper myself – because there is no good reason for me to do so and several very good reasons not to do so, among them not acceding to bullying to put on what amounts to a hijab and for similar religious reasons which I do not agree with.

But because I refused to obey a policy that forces me to put my health and well-being at risk in order to be served, I will no longer be served. I was told to go away in the same way that a person of an unacceptable appearance – as determined by the policy of the place – was told to go away. Before it became illegal to do so.

It is also illegal to refuse service or to provide second-class service to people on account of their medical status – which encompasses a wide variety of conditions, none of which the sufferer is obliged to explain in order to be served.

In time of war, one uses whatever weapons are at hand. These include legal weapons – such as the Americans With Disabilities Act, which supersedes “store policy” and hasn’t been countermanded by the fiat “guidelines” of the Gesundheitsfuhrers

I do not like to go down this road – per Captain Tupolev, who was a friend of Captain Ramius. I considered the folks at the Donk – the owners and the baristas – friends. I stood up for all of them in a way that few if any of their other patrons did.

But they didn’t stand up for me. Or anyone else who resents being treated like a suppurating leper by “policy” in order to get served.

This may, indeed, be actionable. And I may have to look into it. Not because I am looking for money (I don’t want a cent) or revenge.

Rather, to make a point – and take a stand.

. . .

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  1. I live in southern Oregon and I am amazed at people in there cars with masks on. Most all have California license plates.

  2. Eric, you’ve been the most articulate and eloquent spokesman regarding the face diaper kabuki, its purpose and the threat that it represents. I’ve been on the lookout for strategies for fighting back. So far non-compliance and opting out have been my primary modes of resistance, though sometimes I feel like it’s just pissing in the wind.

    I opted out several years ago of the wage/tax slave system and pay only a few hundred dollars a year on sales taxes and property taxes. I’ve also opted out of the power grid, the banks, the factory food system, the medical system, TV, and pretty much all of corp/gov. Does it make any difference? I think it must, else they wouldn’t demonize those of us who make such choices as hard as they do. Same goes for the disobedient.

    I think the courts are a valuable weapon in this war, but as a poor man my experience with courts has never been good. I’ve never in my life left a courtroom without feeling like I’d just been sodomized.

    The enemies of liberty are many and varied. Some are truly evil and powerful beyond imagination, but they are full of hubris and that leads to error and overconfidence. Sometimes I think the best strategy is to stand back and let leviathan self destruct. Just in the first half of this year the governments of the US have done yeoman’s work to induce people to go Galt and become preppers. They’re opting out of public education, being wage/tax slaves and using the medical establishment. People have moved out of cities in droves and become less dependent on the factory food system, and corp/gov systems in general. The rise in gold silver prices relative to the dollar has been a fabulous reminder of the wisdom of taking your wealth out of the bankers hands and store it at home in your own safe.

    I don’t discount the evil in the agenda, but in the end I think those pushing the agenda will fail, mostly because of the errors brought about from their own hubris. As for all the useful idiots who are trained puppets, let them go down with the Titanic which they so dearly love and admire.

    • Same here, Hank! I opted-out formally when I extricated myself from the pooblik skool system the day I turned 16, and have been able to live about as freely as one can in the midst of this Babylon- but I make no pretension that such does anything to retard the ovarall tyranny and agendas of the retards- it just allows me to resist those things as much as is possible.

      The only way our actions would make a difference on a broad scale, would be if a large segment of society were to practice the same things- but they don’t, which is why we’re in this mess -and it’s only getting worse, because most people are sheep who are so deluded by propaganda that they not only comply with tyranny, but actually advocate it and are complicit with the tyrants.

      • Nunz, true our actions probably haven’t made a lot of difference on a broad scale to society at large, but they are trends that are growing at a fairly good rate now.

        The way I see things now, midsummer 2020, is that parasitic leviathan has finally killed off it’s host, which was the working class. Through the actions and policies of the corona hoax the last remaining pillars of any semblance of a functioning economy have been mostly demolished. The Corona second wave will be the double tap head shot in case the first bullet to the heart didn’t finish it off. We are still limping along, plugged into life support, that is the Fed pumping trillions of liquidity to keep markets from falling off a cliff, but that is unsustainable. For the US, or even world economies to recover within a few years will be a miracle. My money is on things getting a whole lot worse before they get better, and probably for a lot longer than anything we’ve seen before this. How bad things will get is anybody’s guess, but I wouldn’t count out a depression of biblical magnitude, widespread hunger and real (bloody) civil unrest.

        From here the real victory will be just surviving what is coming. My hope is that the parasite dies with the host and the remnant can pick up the pieces and rebuild without leviathan on their necks.

        As for the sheep deluded by propaganda, I gave up television seven years ago, and as a regular television viewer I thought it was fairly innocuous at the time and that I was resisting its brainwashing. But now after so long without its influence, whenever I’m visiting friends and have contact with the idiot box again I’m blown away by the level of mind control and manipulation that it exerts. Truly a master work of hardcore social engineering.

    • Thanks, Hank!

      It’s sometimes tough going; like you, I often feel like a man shouting into a hurricane. And yet, I think that trying is important – if only to know we did try.

      My sense of things is that there’s more potential resistance out there than there appears to be. The Diapered Legions seem formidable but while there are without question some fanatics, I believe a large portion of the Diapered are absolutely sick of this and going along with it because they feel they have no choice.

      I do not condemn these people – many of whom would face the loss of their job and sudden poverty if they refused to Diaper; also many are shell-shocked and need the example of courage that people like us can provide. That is why I encourage Diaper Disobedience. Most people dislike being pressured to submit to some law or policy they intuit to be idiotic or tyrannical but they do it out of fear. By now showing fear we can infuse them with the courage needed to beat this thing.

      I went to shopping again today, Undiapered. It felt really good – and part of that was exchanging greetings with other Undiapered people therein!

      • I applaud your efforts Eric, to resist and also your writing, which is so inspiring. I know things intuitively. my senses alert my bullshit meter and I know garbage when I hear it, but you have a special knack for putting your finger on things and spelling out exactly why things are such bullshit.

        I agree with resisting the diaper kabuki, because as you’ve pointed out it’s the precursor to bigger things to come. The easier we make things for those behind the agenda, the more successful they will be in pushing it forward. All the chips are on the table now and if they win it’s likely game over for liberty and for humanity. The stakes are too high to allow them an easy victory. That being said, I think the monsters who push the agenda are wily and lay some clever traps that a lot of folks fall into, so we must stay alert for those and choose our battles wisely.

        I would encourage all your readers to stock up for the inevitable hard times that are looming, fortify their defenses, and work on building physical, mental and spiritual strength, endurance, flexibility and agility, as well as working on honing their self reliance skills. Not only are these pursuits a better use of time than sitting in front of a TV or computer, but they are also enjoyable and satisfying in their own right, and they just might also save your life.

  3. Eric, I always enjoy your visits with Tom Woods. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you’ve been his guest in a while. Are you good enough buddies that you can invite yourself on to talk about the Cult of the Face Diaper?

      • In his pre-podcast days when Tom was writing more articles for LRC I would email him if I thought I had something unique to say. I was always surprised at how quickly he would reply, and in a way that showed he had actually read my note. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few years ago when he spoke at my daughter’s university. I would love to go on the Contra Cruise, but I’ve never liked the thought of being cooped up on a boat at sea. Maybe a Contra Pub Crawl? 🙂

  4. Hi Eric,

    Have you tried going back to the Donk, unmasked, and when they refuse service, calmly tell them that you have a medical exemption. I know the Texas EO has such an exemption, I suspect the lawyers in Virginia also snuck in those weasel words.

    Having put them on the spot, shut up and wait for them to speak – or cave. If they still refuse service, tell them if they don’t want to be a named defendant in a lawsuit, they might want to talk with whoever made up their policy. Again, wait and see if they cave.

    You don’t legally need to tell them the condition. But FYI, Oppositional Defiance Disorder is a listed condition in the DSM5 manual, and while standing up to authority shouldn’t be considered a “disorder”, the description in the manual pretty much describes any libertarian who doesn’t meekly knuckle under to random authoritarianism.

  5. Hello Eric, too bad about the coffee shop. I don’t know if you’d be successful with legal action, but I do know lawyers would make money. “Science” has replaced God and scientists are the new clergy. If the “science” tells use masks are good, we must all wear masks. If the “science” tells us a vaccine is our salvation, we all must be vaccinated. To refuse is heresy and you must be ostracized and driven from the tribe. “Science” will make you safe from all dangers and provide for your every need. All you must do is obey.

    • Painfully, if you like it hot like I do. I don’t really want to suck up and swallow everything I’ve been exposed to the day before. But let’s not let logic enter into the conversation. I’m sick of this shit. Went to the store today to see too many people diapered. I just conversed with everyone that would. Every time I’m there the bag boy(he’s man, a man with honor), he removes his rag and we load the pickup and have a nice conversation. We don’t speak of what we both know.

      You’ll like this. Our fairly new $8.2M Law Enforcement Center has been shut down(there was never a need for it, esp in a county of pore people). I couldn’t help but laugh even though I’ll die paying for it. I think the maximum capacity that’s been int it is 4 and it’s normally 2 or less. yep, this pore little county really needed this monstrosity. Right across the street from it today washing out my coolers in the front of the pickup, my shorts got too loose and I lost them. I was hoping they’d take it as a sign. The sign said “Kiss this”….or something like that. I was trying to hold them and hang on to the pressure washer. Sometimes, you just can’t do everything at once. I can’t pay the taxes, one of those common themes of the pore. We aren’t making shit and since it hasn’t rained in months, we don’t have a lot of money to hope for. Cattle really can’t eat dirt. I know, I hate to say it but they can’t. Neither can I and I rub the hed of the steer I intend to eat. Well, the pore man’s life never gets better with people like the gubnah’s of various states including mine which is supposed to be red.

      I’m in the Army now, I’m not behind the plow(just churning dust). I’ll never get rich, digging a ditch(like this morning), I’m in the Army now.

      • Eight, our county got the same thing (but luckily, we’ve been having plenty of rain. But hey, I thought those long-horns could eat dust?)- but, uh…where was I? Oh yeah…the multi-million dollar “justice center”, in a county of 10K people…in a town of 1500….where the little Mayberry-esque store-front which they had formerly used for decades was perfectly adequate for the two or three miscreants they’d round up….most of whom should even be there, as their only “crime” was possessing a powder or some plant leaves.

        But “federal funds” ya know….. So now we have an ugly “justice center” (Right nextdoor to the funeral parlor, so when they George Floyd someone, they don’t have far to go)- and now they have to employ a Barney Fife to sit by the metal detector all day…..’cause “homeland security”- to make sure only the terrorists with badges get in, and not the mythical towel-headed ones…..


        There’s no fixing this. The only thing is for someone to nuke us…or just sit it out until it all crumbles under the weight of it’s own dysfunction. It’s invaded even the smallest most rural places now….no escape from it anywhere within our borders.

          • Nunz, I think our current population(according to the 2010 census which will be larger than the next one)is about 4500 people but I doubt that’s accurate. The Law Enforcement Center(big stone thing)is about 140′ from the car wash. I really needed to piss so I did. That’s how crowded the “town” is. We needed another law enforcement center that is across the intersection of the old “Sheriff’s Office” and jail, like we needed another hole in our head.

            I wouldn’t cry a drop if the entire courthouse and tax office were blown off the map along with the vultures that occupy them(and I know them, worthless fuckers).
            It’s been many years since you could pay taxes on a vehicle based on what you paid for it. The state just says it’s worth X amount of dollars without ever seeing it.
            You can take a junker up there and get charged what the equivalent would be if it were pristine and no mileage.

            But it’s still better than buying some new POS the insurance costs for are more than what a good vehicle that’s fairly old is worth. I’ve had it with govt. all the way from the county commissioners to DC.

    • Hi Anon,

      You don’t. You just do the Kabuki to get the coffee. Play your part – an NPC Player in the Sickness Cult. It is all about breaking people by making them give affirmation of their acceptance of the narrative. Especially the people who do not believe the narrative. They must be made to bend knee by putting that got-damned rag over their face… in order to get the point across that we made you do it.

  6. So, what about those who have “recovered” from The Virus (creepy music playing)?
    Is it not true those who have recovered from the disease
    a) no longer have a disease, so can’t give it to anyone else
    b) have antibodies (that is how they recovered) which prevent them from getting sick a second time?

    Assuming the answer to the above question is “yes,” what possible justification is there for insisting immune people wear a mask?
    It certainly is not about protecting anyone’s health.
    Fast forward to 2:20

    The only possible answer, as Eric and others here have stated, is CONTROL.
    And who is dying from it ?
    In California, where I live”
    65.9% are over 70 years
    83% are over 60 years
    Zero percent are under 18 years
    1.3 % are under 35 years

    Q: Whatever happened to “follow the science?”
    A: It was never *about* the science.

    • Hi Turtle,

      Yup. I’ve mentioned before – and will again – that I am pretty sure I had the Wuflu last fall. A bad respiratory infection, with some gurgling in my lungs. It lasted about two weeks, I was never incapacitated. I have no “after effects.” Which I would certainly be aware of by now as I am a serious runner and if my lungs were fibrosis-laden or weakened, I would not be able to run five miles without straining.

      In any event, I am not sick now and thus will not pretend I am for the sake of the sick in the head.

      Per the larger point: If we calculate the IFR based on the population rather than the cases! the cases! (which cases! are of dubious provenance) we are dividing 330 million by appx. 150,000 (and that over six months) which amounts to… yes, my point exactly.

      A totalitarian regime was been imposed on the basis of a “threat” half that of medical malpractice. If Diapering for all is necessary then every MD should be chained to the floor and fitted with an ankle bracelet, too.

    • Good point — if this were real, the ‘experts’ would be very interested in the ppl that recovered, to see why. And those ppl should be allowed & encouraged to sneeze/etc on everyone else in the hopes that others may somehow get some of their immune system’s intelligence.

  7. The only way an attorney would take such a case on contingency is if the defendant had Deep Pockets. Since the lawyer will be doing all the work, and advancing any expenses up front, he/she likes to make sure they can collect a big fee if/when the case is won.

    So if that is a privately owned little coffe shop, they probably couldn’t pay a huge judgement even if the jury were to award you one. Better to get thrown out of an establishment owned by a big corporation if you hope to get a good lawyer on contingency.

    And you better really have a medical condition that qualifies you for that ADA protection. Otherwise, you would be committing fraud.

    • They don’t care about deep pockets for an easy local case- Someone falls over their own two feet and they take the “personal injury” case on contingency even though it might net only a few grand.

      On a small easy case that won’t take up much time, if they are confident that you’ll win…they’ll do it on contingency- Hell, I got a lawyer willing to take my case against our electric co-op for cutting down some trees on my property line without my consent.

      When they won’t take a case on contingency….you may as well either not sue, or find a different lawyer, ’cause the lawyer is basically saying “You ain’t gonna win”.

      No need to establish an actual medical condition at this point either- swince the mask mandates and ADA, etc. don’t require any actual proof of disability- and even “psychological” conditions qualify for the exemption- the plaintiff just has to allege a condition- not prove it, since it is not like he is claiming damages for injurt or anything like that.

      That being said….I still think that going after those who are coerced by the bully rather than the bully himself, is counterproductive.

    • And just this week, we’ve had a federal court that ruled that a jury had no right to rule on a decision. In other words, they shot down the ability of a jury to not render the right of the jury to nullify the charge. We are in a bitch of a position. I just received my Firearms Policy Coalition Free Army status. I guess I should get on my bike and start working it hard. At my age, I’m out of air fairly quickly. Do they want to kill a man in his 7th decade? Why not when they want to kill 6 billion people? And you want to think you still have rights? Really? We are all just more feed for Soylent Green. I could never have guessed how accurate that movie would be.

      But there is one thing I’ve always known. I won’t be taken by anyone, anything, any bureaucrat nor anything else.

      If you want to bow down to whatever “choices” they give you, be my guest. And when it come to the nut cutting, you and I will be on different sides. I have nothing left to lose……do you? I love children but I won’t fight for your children who have a pussy for a dad. I’m sorry, your children deserve more but I am legally not able to help them.

      • Amen, Eight! “Live free or die”. Those are the ONLY real choices. (I have a feeling that the latter will be forced upon us….but it is far preferable the third choice- living but not free.).

        They’ve taken too much from us already. We hasve little left to lose. Let them be satisfied with the compliant clovers, but the only way they will have us, is dead. Don’t know what they think they’ll accomplish by killing off the best and most productive people, but I don’t want to be a part of that world- a world of automatons and slaves.

        Our culture has been debased enough already that we’re already seeing what that world will be like- a world in which no one can think, nor make real choices, nor even fathom nor communicate such things- where just appeasing the system so as to survive is what life becomes all about.

        We are incompatible with such a world.

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m not Saul (as in better call) but I am pretty sure the ADA covers psychological as well as physical problems. For example claustrophobia. And there is s second and even more reasonable argument. Which is that it is a health hazard to force a healthy person to put a Diaper over his face as it inhibits breathing and – unless regularly replaced – can increase the chances of getting sick.

      But the larger point is that Diapering is about training. The sooner people understand this, the better.

  8. What bothers me most is how this virus seems to have changed (or maybe just illuminated) people’s expectations of our government’s responsibilities. Apparently, it’s Trump’s fault it got in and people got sick and died. He should have protected us!!! But what was he, or anyone, supposed to do about a natural process that’s been going on since human beings first stood up?
    I, for one, never expected the government, federal, state or local, to protect me from viruses, whether it be cold, flu, HIV, or this one. Inform us? Yes, please. Share statistics and warn? Yes. Make recommendations? Sure! But in the end, it should be up to us to assess our risks and decide how to respond. This strong-arm “together alone” house arrest crap was paternalistic and insulting. It scared a lot of people and tanked the economy unnecessarily. Mandated masking is doing the same. I suspect they have no idea if fearmasks help or not. It just falls under the “Do something … Anything!!!” course of action. They’re cheap and easy to use and make it look like the government is, once again, “saving us:” Just wear your mask and all will be well!

    • Want to say thanks for making a point that it might be just “doing something!” here.

      I have these visions of conspirators sitting around thinking about how to make the actors (all of us) in the dog and pony show more interesting but I also don’t wish to give them credit for being that organized.

      In other words, “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

      Not that we should underestimate the depth of the real wizards behind the curtain will go to keep control but the majority of wannabe dictators drunk on power are just that, wannabes.

      • I do suspect an evil wizard when I think about our foreign policy, especially in the middle east.
        But for this virus response, I think it’s just group think. Someone with letters after his name said “masks could help,” and they all (governors) just fell in line. After all, wearing it isn’t actually difficult. Even a kid can do it and they only cost $3-$6 apiece. No trouble at all to just get one and wear it, right?
        It’s not like they’re making us make a doctor’s appointment, take off work and drag the whole family downtown for a shot.
        Oh, wait ….

        • The U.S.-dominated Mid East policy (really all our foreign policy) is evil. The constant drum beat for a new Cold War with China or Russia again is tiresome and embarrassing to most citizens who just want would be happy to live and let live. Not that the Chinese government is benign or any different, so no one should live in a naive Utopia.

          I do honestly wonder if forced needles will be a line in the sand. With the current group insanity I doubt there are many mentally sure and strong allies to count on. Just a lot of keyboard warriors who will fold the moment the agents knock (if they even bother knocking) on the door.

  9. To all you black-pillers out there: lawfare works. Borrow from Alisnky’s playbook and fight back using their own weapons. They block everything Trump does with courts, why not fight fair? Two examples:

    A Connecticut lawyer filed a lawsuit against his governor back in May The grounds look pretty solid. Of course, the govie is dragging is feet in answering:


    Patreon is in a world of trouble after depatforming a comic. His supporters read the TOS and took them to arbitration, then to court. Patreon’s plea for dismissal was thrown out. Remember, Trump signed an EO preventing online censorship. They’re likely going bankrupt:



    There are ways to fight back, gentlemen. But they’re not the old rules you grew up with. You will likely have to get dirty. No soldier worth his weight is worried about getting a little blood on his uniform. You can shower when we have our country back. If you’re not willing to fight for it, you don’t deserve it. The one who hate you are sure fighting like hell. They get up earlier in the morning than you do and work until after you’re in bed scheming on how to better fight you. How does it make you noble to sit on your hands and bitch? If you can’t fight, at least support those who ARE fighting. Or shut your fucking mouth and go crawl in a hole somewhere. “Hurr durr durr, this won’t work” Shut the fuck up. Tell me what DOES work. Or go away.

    • Bard, fighting that way is fine when fighting the real enemy- but when instead do it to those who are being coerced to do what they do by our real enemy, we are in effect just giving the real enemy more power.

      It’s like suing your daddy for making you wear a seatbelt while you’re riding in the car with him, when he is doing so under duress and coercion, because if he didn’t, it would give the pigs cause to pull him over and he would get the ticket for you not wearing the belt. The true criminal is the state which creates the duress and coercion, not your daddy, who is seeking to protect his own interests against the state, and who does not want to be mulcted because for your stand for freedom, when he may not care about that freedom and or thinks seatbelts are a good idea. If you sue your daddy, you’re really just helping the state tyrannize another victim. Doesn’t really matter whether you agree or disagree with that victim, the fact still remains that the real offense was committed by the state and it’s minions.

      • The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I don’t have to keep him as my friend when I’m done with him. The evil ones don’t mind pitting us against each other. Wasn’t that the point of Eric’s article? If the court system didn’t work to some extent, it wouldn’t still exist. Companies wouldn’t bother making you agree to a TOS and other legalities. So fight fire with fire.

        Again, if you’re going to shit on ideas that are actually working in real time, because they don’t fit some perfect version of your ideology, then stay home and be quiet. Unless of course you have an action plan that really works, in that case, by all means, spill the beans.

        “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite time in the future.” – George S. Patton

    • Good point — ppl should do whatever they can even if it’s not the perfect ideal. Legal stuff, however corrupt the system is, does actually help sometimes.

  10. Looks as if they have a cure for “Covid” !! The exalted mayor of DC has decreed that appearing in public diaperless will cost you 1000 bucks. Of course legislatures and federal employees are EXEMPT. Who knew that being on the feds payroll could protect you from a virus !!!
    It’s all about your health don’tcha know.

  11. Do it.

    If you decide to move forward on this, I will pledge to donate a minimum of $100 toward legal fees.

    • Any lawyer who didn’t have enough confidence in the likelihood of winning to take the case on contingency, wouldn’t even be worth $100. (Should be an easy case to win, as even the state decrees almost unamimously make provision for medical exemptions, as do many actual laws, without requiring proof of an actual disability- and even psychological factors are usually included under the medical exemptions).

    • Where I live someone has started passing the hat around to push a lawsuit (now filed in Federal court it appears) to get some legal clarification. Of course asking the Crown to pass judgement against itself is a dead end in the long run but there are a couple of potential positives. One is of course additional evidence pointing out the emperor has no clothes but maybe more effective is to get factions in the monster distracted and infighting.


  12. Eric,,, I don’t think you will have much luck with a lawsuit.
    Check out the lunatic insanity in the land of the slaves and home of the psychotics

    In Indiana

    In the entire state of Indiana they will force residents to wear masks anytime they are in public, with the threat of jail hanging over anyone who does not comply.
    The Governor of Indiana thinks six months in jail is appropriate for people who don’t wear a mask in public.


    Meanwhile in Floriduh.

    The mask police have formed a 39-officer-strong unit in Miami to look for violators showing their dirty faces in public.
    Anyone caught without a mask will be charged $50 for a first offense, then $100.
    A third offense comes with a $500 fine, and arrest.


    In the District of Criminals

    You can now be fined $1,000 in Washington DC for not wearing a mask in public.

    But the Mayor exempted lawmakers, judges, and federal employees from the order. So apparently federal employees are unable to spread the virus?


      • FL is not really a Republican stronghold any more. It’s barely hanging on, and due to the constant influx of northern refugees, it’s purple, rapidly heading towards blue. Miami is very much a Democrat stronghold.

        • Hi Floriduh,

          In my darker fugue states I sometimes wish the Germans had completed their Amerikabomber project and sent a Horten XVIII flying wing over New York carrying you know what. However bad the Reich was, this is going to be worse.

  13. Eric, the employees of the coffee shop are no longer acting as agents of a private employer, but agents of the state. This is evidenced by the fact that they were not doing this months ago when conditions MAY have warranted. What changed? Government decrees, that’s all. They are acting as enforcers of unlawful decrees, so do not feel any guilt or shame for pushing back!

  14. The court system will not be your friend. The judges and lawyers are likely the very diapered people going along with this plandemic as anyone can see from the lying and the manipulation the agenda is to bring the country
    You see, corpgov holds everyone by the short hairs. They can pull your business license for any stupid reason. Here in Floriduh, and probably everywhere, the governors dictates have the “force of law” as per the wording of the legislative act. He can continue the tyrant crap as long as he wants simply by dictating a 60 day extension every 60 days probably forever. Only the legislature can stop it but they are the ones that passed the law so it’s doubtful they will as the Federale’s are sending them mucho dollars. If the people want to stop it they would have to revolt and we can all agree 99% of Americans today have no backbone and would not fight.

    I imagine Virginia has passed similar legislation. This means the Donk was abiding by the law and you were the law breaker. Right or wrong does not matter to these folks. “IT’S THE LAW” Under the emergency act a citizen has no constitutional rights. That in itself is unconstitutional but do you thing they will care.

    Then we have the large corporations requiring the diaper. American Airlines kicked a woman off the plane that tried to use the ADA and the corporation didn’t flinch which tells me they have been give some kind of immunity.
    If she had a medical condition and files suit it might behoove us to help her as she would have standing. Yes you have standing but losing coffee rights is far different then your travel rights. Even she may have a difficult time finding legal help.

    As for friends,,, Another favorite old song seems to apply. Smiling Faces, by the Undisputed Truth. .


    • Very true. The court system is full of people who are all about procedure and so on. They will be true believers and members of the safety cult by and large. Remember it was lawyers and the court system that gave the safety cult so much power initially.

      Court is a waste of resources for a social problem. It won’t matter what any court says until the belief is dispelled.

      The particular situation is one where the only thing to do is walk away.

      The bigger battle I don’t know. I don’t know how to point out to these idiots that of all these millions of “cases” most of the people had to be mask wearers. But their shifting narratives will have them believe it was because they encountered and non-mask wearer. I don’t know how to contend with mass mental illness conjured up by a media and forces with so much power and reach.

    • “I imagine Virginia has passed similar legislation.” – No, Virginia has not. Did Floriduh really pass this, or was this something reported on the commie news network (CNN)?

  15. Eric,
    Jacobson v. Massachusetts case from 1905 is a good example of where the case you intend to file might lead to:
    Mr. Jacobson argued back then, mandatory vaccination was invasion on his liberty, which it is. The case reached the Supreme Court where a 7–2 majority vote ruled that “under the pressure of great dangers” mandatory vaccination is a ”reasonable regulation” and does not violate the Fourteenth Amendment. Sounds familiar? The cases! The Cases! Propping up the “danger” to “great danger” level necessary for the coming mandatory COVID shot.

    • Hi Witness,

      That case determined only that the State could fine him ($5.00) for refusing the vaccine. It did not authorize forced vaccination. However, your point is well taken; it is extremely unlikely that the modern court will show such “moderation” today.


  16. Those diaper kids better like their minimum wage job, because this corrupt global govt is wrecking all the good career jobs they WOULD have been able to get. So these bossy brats are screwing their own lives. By the time they figure that out it’ll be too late. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is why younger people should LISTEN TO THE ELDERS — but they don’t anymore — instead they listen to criminals & fake news. THE KIDS & 20-SOMETHINGS ARE SO SCREWED — they’re going to have horrible lives LOLOLOLOL

    • Millenials are the dumbest generation in human history. Honestly, they are a bunch of complete idiots. The gov. run school system and fluoride did this to them. The only work they are competent for is minimum wage.

        • Agree to a point, Ed. However, the kids spent less time with parents and waaaaay more time having Commie breakdown propaganda poured into their skulls via K-12 gubmint “skool”, which few escape. Even now on my show I advocate for the closing of gov education, and people look at me like I have 3 heads. Most people still have this image of the Yellow school bus, and MY neighborhood school is good, but the system is poisoned with committed hard Left top to bottom. I have sympathy with man younger generations, because they don’t know how much freedom they have lost, but unfortunately many just don’t know much of anything. Tragic…

          • So….if you felt that way why didn’t you take “personal responsibility” and home school them instead?

            I’m a conservative…..if we don’t like something…..we should strive to fix it with our actions.

            • Hi Ed,

              You are blaming – and punishing – the victim. These parents are forced to pay taxes to finance “the schools” – which leaves them much less able to homeschool because they have to work – to pay the taxes.

              How about exempting those who home=school from paying taxes to finance schools they do not use?

              • How about exempting ME from paying for schools I’ll never use? Never created any rugrats, yet I am ‘obliged’ to pay almost $900/yr in property tax for the most bloated, bureaucratic organization in NV. Plus a percentage of sales tax, too.

                • Amen, Vic – ditto.

                  I am obliged to send a check for $1,000-plus this week to the local extortionists in order to be allowed to continue living in the house I thought I had paid for… but seem to never be able to stop paying for. I’ll happily educate and feed and care for any children I produce – since I produced them. Why I am obliged to pay for the care and feeding of the children of people I don’t even know and whose decision to have sex I had no say in escapes me completely.

                  • If only I had to pay a grand something just well about an hour ago.

                    The schools are just the cover for the main purpose the effective government ownership of all land. And it’s not even really government but the ruling class that controls government. As Rockefeller said what is important about ownership is control.

                  • There were these people back on Lawn Guyland who had 15 biological kids! (Now that I live in KY I don’t know any such people- go figure!).

                    The daddy just worked at menial jobs, so they qualified for all of the entitlements….and the property taxes on their [rented] hovel didn’t even pay the cost of half a year of ONE kid’s “edumacation”- but maybe close to half- so people like myself who choose not to have sprogs have to pay for something we don’t advocate and will never use….so Linda Legspreader can get “free” communist indoctrination for 14.5 of her spawn!

                    If THAT isn’t pure redistribution-of-wealth communism, I don’t know what is! WE pay to create our future enemies.

                    • Amen, Nunz –

                      And (as now) the most vicious part is the gas-lighting part. I like kids. I am happy to help kids when I can. But because I question being forced to pay for the government warehousing and indoctrination of kids I don’t even know – more accurately, shoulder the load the parents of these kids should be shouldering – I am regarded as “selfish” and anti-kid.

                      It’s the damnedest inversion… short of Diapering.

          • Well-said, Bill!

            Sad thing is, even long before the leftism took over, the chief product of the schools was the instilling of a religious belief in authoritarianism. My 95 year-old mother went to school in NYC in the 1930’s, and she still carries the religious-like belief in, obedience to, and respect for “authority” as if it’s a sacred responsibility not to be questioned or even thought of, to the point of rejecting logic,

            Mention anything “we” do to some foreign country- and she’ll say something like “What about what they do to us? Like when they kill “our boys” or threaten our ships?”
            Me: “Oh yeah, but if they came here and invaded our waters or airspace or land, we’d just invite them to tea! Funny how they get mad when we do something to them, and try to defend themselves….”
            Her: “You’d better not talk like that! One of “our guys” will punch you in the nose or shoot you!”
            Me: “Oh, is that the “freedom” they’re “fighting for”?
            Her: “I don’t want to talk about it!”
            Now, or 40 years ago, the conversation is the same]

            Now they’ve added communism and rejection of our culture to the mix……..

  17. Eric,
    don’t do it! You will lose. The court will use your case to annul the Americans With Disabilities Act and replace it with Americans With Diapers Act. You will also have to prove your disability to the court. Just ignore the Donk, the people there are for show only, not worth the effort. Let them choke on their own arrogance.

  18. People are always looking out for number one. Perhaps the best thing you can do to help others is to help yourself. Take the money you would have used supporting some stranger and invest in your own welfare. Buy some storable foods. Install a shallow hand pumped well. Get a solar power system and irrigation going on a garden and greengouse. Install a gate and wall or moat around your property for the golden hoarde. And for fuck sake get a rifle and get good with it. The further down this shit chute we go the more obvious your allies and enemies will be. Most of these people will be willingly led to their own slaughter and desperately cling to drag you down with them. Don’t waste your resources or time on them. Anybody who doesn’t get it by now is willfully ignorant or complicit with this madness.

  19. Eric. They never were your Friends – only aquaintances. Fuck em. Find some sleezebag lawyer and sue the shit out of them. Any money gained can go to legal fees and the rest donated to the NMA or similar worthy organization.

  20. **”I had friends….”**

    Correction: You were being a friend…..but those whom you were lavishing friendship upon were not interested in reciprocating- they were merely mercenaries who were interested in your money. Fair-weather friends. Sometimes we need a storm to distinguish who are indeed our friends versus those who merely smile and act politely and merely accept our friendship when it is to their advantage to do so.

    Now, (to parody a Carl Douglas song) everybody is Kung-Flu Fighting, and it has become more clear where people’s true allegiances lie.

    It would be interesting to see how “they” would rule in a lawsuit; and it is tempting to use such a tactic….but as Libertarians who believe in free and voluntary association, I would personally feel that invoking the state to force compliance to it’s laws or punish those who don’t comply with such laws -laws which essentially destroy freedom of association- would be antithetical to one of our most foundational principles.

    One thing to consider in your particular case, Eric, is that since you are “in the public eye” and thus somewhat of a representative of Libertarianism, is what would such an action say to the average onlooker?

    I have to admit that the thought of doing the same often crosses my mind when I am denied service for not donning the sickness-psychosis costume -such as when my vet wouldn’t let me in while they examined my cat, even though I claimed a medical exemption (And could probably actually get one, formally, if I tried)- and while I may even start resorting to the threat of such in the future, I would never actually follow through with it.

    In fact, if we actually did such, it would likely be furthering the state’s agenda, by by creating the “need” for one to have to produce certification of an exemption. (e.g. they enforce the medical exemption aspect of the decree- but at some point shortly thereafter will require that one show “proof” so as to prevent “everyone” from just claiming the exemption)

    So while a lawsuit may seem expedient as a solution to the effects of a problem, it would really be counter-productive to what we stand for, on several levels- AND it would not address the real problem, which is the state’s mandate- It would essentially be like punishing someone via the state’s laws…for not properly obeying other state laws; and asking the state to assert more dominion over something over which they shouldn’t have dominion to begin with.

    Not that I would even look upon you negatively if you did pursue litigation- “all’s fair in war”- but I just don’t see much good coming from it- even if you were to win, which is very likely if handled properly. Ultimately, it would just lead to more government interference/power.

    • Likewise, Zane!

      This goes for all my friends here – including the ones I’ve not yet met in person. Stop by; I’ll put a pot on – or get out the jug.

      No Diaper. Not ever. I’ll burn the joint down and salt the earth first.

      • Yes I may take you up on the offer cannot even go to the moose club anymore first they threw out the smokers (me) now the diapers cannot even belly up to the bar!

      • Eric…..I have enjoyed your car reviews over the years. It seems now politics are overtaking your site.

        Honestly, I can see that masks are annoying.

        The constant tirades over a piece of cloth worn temporarily in public is, to be frank, BORING !

        As a reader, I find the fear and outrage over masks as signs that the U.S. is ruled by Pol Pot laughable.

        You are so insistent upon this I fear you may actually be going daft.

        You need to get over your terror and misplaced outrage.

        What’s next ? A campaign against wearing pants ?????

        • Hi Ed,

          I’d like very much to stop having to write about Diapers – and write mostly about cars again. But cars are becoming an irrelevance as Sickness Psychosis – manifested by mass Diapering – spreads across the land.

          I’m sorry you’re bored by my “constant tirades over a piece of cloth worn temporarily in public”…

          Were you aware that Diapering is being urged in private? And not “temporarily” in public? I see this push to make everyone Diaper as the groundwork for making everyone accept the Needle. If it is accepted as a necessary and reasonable thing to force everyone to put on a Diaper then I cannot fathom any objection to forcing everyone to accept the Needle – and to carry proof (perhaps within their bodies, administered by the Needle) that they have been Needled.

          People who wish to not Diaper – who are not harming anyone by that choice – are being systematically turned into a kind of Untouchable caste, pariahs to be excluded from life.

          This is extraordinarily ominous in my eyes – and far from boring. It is arguably the most important thing to be discussing – and fighting- right now.

          So I’ll keep writing about it – and fighting it, using whatever means I have.

          • I don’t get the “ terror of the needle “ meme.

            Vaccines are useful medical treatment that have greatly reduced mortality rates and vastly improved the quality if life. I point to vaccines for tetanus, smallpox and polio to name a few.

            There are no laws to “forcibly” administer vaccines as they are an invasive procedure. In fact, to be vaccinated a individual must consent to vaccination. Laws already exist to protect that individual right.

            No laws exist to compel vaccination.

            If you don’t want to be vaccinated, then do not consent. That is your right and it will remain ever thus.

            Masking up is temporary and will soon be in the rearview mirror.

            • Hi Ed,

              Two aspects:

              One this idea that people must be forced to accept a medical procedure – any medical procedure. Whether you think it’s “for their own good” – or even is – is beside the point. It is a basic human right to maintain the integrity of and control over one’s own body. Even if it means “risk” – something that is almost always subjective.

              Two, vaccines have side effects. Forcing a healthy person to accept a vaccination with the definite risk of these side effects in the name of a much gauzier assertion of “risk” (to oneself) of a virus is to superimpose someone else’s valuation of risk over the victim’s right to say no. It is the same right people have to say no to mandatory seatbelts and helmets and forced-buy health insurance.

              In personal terms: I am a healthy guy; I take no meds and have no conditions. My immune system protects me from bugs. I do not need the Diaper. And you don’t need me to Diaper – because I’m not sick – and so can’t get anyone else sick.

              I wish I could agree with you that Diapering is temporary. I do agree it will “go away” – for those who submit to being vaccinated (and tracked). The rest will either be forced to Diaper indefinitely or simply excluded from life.

              Perhaps worse.

              PS: Laws do exist to compel vaccination. Ask any parent in CA, for instance. And hat will probably occur is not an outright law that one must vaccinate. It will imply be decreed that the unvaccinated are not allowed to work, to shop and so on.

              PS PS: Do you really trust the motives of the pharmaceutical industry and the government?

              • Eric,

                Thank you for the thoughtful reply.

                In California vaccines for children are required only for the purpose of attending school. The parents who don’t wish to vaccinate have the choice to instead home school.

                So no…..no one is being “ forcibly” compelled to vaccinate. Freedom of choice remains.

                As far as “ it’s the vaccine or the MASK” forever and ever….. straw man argument.

                We can eternally play the “what if” game. You know….. if my Aunt had balls she would have been my Uncle…lol

                Too much fear…. I believe over nothing.

                • Pfffttt….yeah, they have the choice to homeschool- but still must very much pay for the pooblik skools.

                  Guess the vaccines don’t work too good, if the vaccinated kiddies are so susceptible that they can not be in the presence of the unvaccinated……

                  • No reason choices have to be of equal value or quality….choice still exists for the individual.

                    This is freedom…..Right ?

                    • Uh….no…..

                      I think you’re missing something about “equal”….and value…and freedom…..

                      To offer a set of narrowly defined choices, and then to call it “freedom” because one is allowed to pick one of those choices; and is even forced to pay for the choices of others while he is not able to avail himself of the benefits[sic] of what he is forced to pay for, be it due to prohibition or because that particular choice is not his choice, THAT is the very opposite of freedom, equal value and true uncoerced choice.

                      Freedom is voluntary association in a free market. Government mandates, manipulation, and economic controls are the very opposite of that.

                    • Ran Paul forced Fauci to come clean and admit that vaccines average 7 years in the making and only 6% ever get to market.

                      This vaccine they’re rushing is going to do just what it’s designed for, to kill a lot of people.

                      the Gill and Melinda Gates foundation killed half a million children with one in Idia and even more than that in Africa. They are eugenicists and desire for 90% of humans to die. Ted Turner even admitted it on a video I saw when he gave his number as 2 B. These people are psychotic. They desire 7 B deaths by the next 2 years when they say there will be 9B. They will quit killing whenever they get ready.

                      We are cattle getting ready for slaughter.

                      I am already hearing of food shortages for the long term. I already have a private date to get my steer slaughtered and will be able to slaughter another later on.

                      They can give me the vaccine when they pry that thing out of my cold, dead hands.

                    • Hi Ed,

                      The “freedom” you speak of is the Sophie’s Choice kind. She was free to pick which of her children would live. Do you consider that freedom? Mind, I am not trying to goad you. I am hoping to spark a thoughtful conversation…

                • If you don’t get a covid vaccine and the tracking device chosen to show you have had it you simply won’t be allowed to do many things.

                  That is if small pox vaccination precedents aren’t simply used to force it.

                  You’re making the income taxes are voluntary argument. Or the idea that all laws are voluntary argument. There’s a choice, you can obey or face the penalties under the law. See, it’s a choice.

        • Hehe…..so far, here in KY. virtually the only place I’ve been hassled about not wearing a stupid-mask was at my [former] veterinarian’s office. Walmart asks…but doesn’t compel. Small businesses don’t seem to care…at least down here in southern KY. Grants, I don’t go to restaurants or coffee shops….

          ‘Course, things may be different in Looval.

        • Hi Roland,

          This news about Kentucky is horrendous; I expect the same here in VA – and this may be the moment it begins. I sense that while many people are Docile Diaperers and willing to submit to practically anything if they are told to do it, I can personally vouch for lots of people who are on the cusp of having had enough.

          Me among them.

          One question is how may current cops will agree to enforce this. And if a significant portion refuse, will the Gesundheitsfuhrers then hire an SA-like army of Gesundheitssturmtruppen?

          Probably so – and then it gets really unhealthy.

  21. A couple thoughts- the first one is that this is war and you’re entirely justified in suing them for abridging your religious right to go about unmasked and their refusal to serve you based on your religious practices. Crom would not approve of submission to fools. Since according to sociologists every deeply held belief is a religious one, we are more than justified.

    My second thought is to act like a Christian and forgive the friends who have wronged you, and save the lawsuits for large corporations, creatures of the state with way too much unaccountable power. Such targets are more likely to pay.

    The girls in the coffee shop were probably threatened by some kook. And they were weak, just like the Russian who allowed the kulaks to be starved or the Germans who allowed the einsatzgruppen to murder Jewish peasants. Their weakness is a lesser sin, to be shunned but eventually forgiven for your own sake.

    • Hi Ernie,

      I bear them no malice; I’m simply saddened by their actions – especially given their previous non-actions.No Diaprs – for them – during the first several months of this manufactured “crisis” – and now that’s it clear this “crisis” was manufactured… they act as though Diapering is as essential to life continuing as breathing (which of course Diapering interferes with).

      • Eric,

        Doesn’t a business have the right to conduct business as it sees fit?

        For instance, No shirt, No shoes, No service ?…..No mask ?

        Aren’t the employees obligated to follow company procedures ?

        • You suffer from the typical uniformed “it can’t happen here syndrome.” If you objectively cannot see what is going on here then you are either completely ignorant or you don’t mind it so you are perfectly ok with forcing others to do what the government says. Here’s a question for you. Do you own your own body? Because if you answer yes then forcing you to wear what they deem as a medical instrument or device against your will is forcing you to do something you don’t consent too. This is no different than someone forcibly making you buy their product or forcing you to take their medication.

          If the public health official says everyone needs to take xyz medication or else you can’t leave your house is that violation of your own body? I suggest you and every other stooge pushing this propaganda stop pretending to be anyone’s personal doctor and what you should subscribe for them to do. This sort of mindset literally leaves open pandoras box for any policy that the mob deems “reasonable for the community” or “public health” to be carried out. This is in fact why the founders wanted a natural rights based system not a 51% majority mob rule system. As flawed as the system is it is based on principle not the whims or subjective opinions of others in society to decide what is deemed appropriate that that fleeting moment.

          • Nick,

            Society also “forces” you to wear pants.

            Why aren’t you raging against that “forced” requirement by the government ?

            • Hi Ed,

              It isn’t humiliating to wear pants. The thing to understand about Diapering is that it is training… just as scanning and groping is about training (not “stopping terrorists”) at the airport.

              Both are about inculcating acceptance of presumptive guilt and degrading the individual. The Diapering is meant to get people ready for Vaccinating.

              It is mortifying that so many people do not see this.

              • It IS humiliating to be forced to do ANYTHING!!!!

                Like being FORCED to wear pants…. and drive on a specific side of the road…..and come to a complete stop at stop lights….

                Again I don’t get your inconsistency in reasoning…..

                You imply being “Forced” to do some things is OK….. but you draw the line elsewhere for no obvious reason.

                You credibility is suffering.

                • Driving on a specific side of the road is about the most stupid thing you’ve said and that says a lot. I’ve run countless stop signs with a DOT ossifer behind me and never had one say a thing. That’s because it’s the safest way across the road when NO One is coming your direction. Are you out of your mind?

                • Reading comprehension and logic aren’t your strong suit, are they? Suggest you peddle your wares at Fox News or Yahoo!, where you’ll find folks more receptive to seventh grade reasoning ability.

                • No one has to force me to stop at a stop sign or wear pants. They are things I would do because I believe that that to do them is in my own interest and the interest of others- and I would do so even if government did not existor care, because they make sense.

                  Donning some stupid mask which does NOTHING, and when I am perfectly healthy, just because someone demands that I do, THAT is humiliating and an act of worship, and a way of turning innocent people who have not harmed nor pose any harm to anyone into criminals.

                  It is no different than if they were to mandate that we must walk around with our finger up our ass!

                  We are not cattle to be manipulated at the will of someone who fancies themself our owner.(Well, some apparently are….).

                  I change the oil in my vehicles and don’t stick forks in electrical outlets either, despite their being no mandates controlling such actions.

                  Maybe you’d better smell your finger, Ed.

                  • Excellently said, Nunz – thank you. Being expected to perform a stupid ritual is degrading precisely because it is an effort to compel the individual to act in a way he knows to be stupid and worse – a kind of endorsement of something he very much disagrees with. Being ordered to wear a Diaper is not different in principle than being ordered to wear an armband. It is all about submitting and becoming a member of a movement.

                    • eric, nunz, Society doesn’t make me wear pants when I’m lying under a trailer welding. I suppose “some” society has different norms. I often make my walk to the gate that ends at a county road in my undies and boots and AR. People just wave or don’t even notice.

                    • Sadly Eric, as you know, this mask BS is just training for the “armbands”(internal) which will be coming shortly.

                    • Hi Nunz,

                      Yes, of course – hence my determination to expose the con. The more of us who join this crew, the better the chances of success. Fate is fluid; men decide its course.

                • Ed,

                  No one is forced to wear pants. It generally makes sense to wear them – which is why most people do. It makes sense to drive on the side of the road opposite oncoming traffic – so as not to be hit by it.

                  Diapering, on the other hand? It has to be forced because it is foolish. It is also worse, because the Diapered is made to look as though he agrees with what is objectively foolish – and thereby made a fool of.

                  That’s the nut of the point, you see.

            • Society is not a government decree. Society is, however, an abstract concept. You are conflating social norms and mores (wearing clothing) with laws and orders (wearing diapers).

              It’s simple, you are free to wear a diaper and take the needle. You are free to recommend others to do the same. You are not free, however, to compel others to these things. You are not free to compel by proxy either. Approach me with a needle in your hand and you will find I have needles too, but my needles have a much smaller gauge than yours does.

          • Thanks for the back-up, Nick!

            Ed may be well-intended; many are. They do not see the malevolence behind the mask. That this is about training people; about getting them used to the most intimate violation of their persons imaginable. Or rather, getting them acclimated to what will be the most intimate violation of their persons imaginable.

            It baffles me almost to speechlessness that people – anyone with an IQ over 100 – assigns any credibility to the cretins who were insisting that Diapers serve no purpose beyond theater, that millions were going to die, that the hospitals would be “overwhelmed”… that the sky is falling, basically. And if the sun god isn’t appeased, the eclipse will last forever…

          • Well said Nick. You don’t have to wear pants and there are clothing optional places also. I don’t know anyone but myself who objects to wear clothes but I’d be embarrassed to do it in public. There’s a difference right there.

            I’m about to go for my morning walk and I might not wear anything but my boots and AR. My skin will light up the AR and give it that glow like a picture of Jesus.

        • Hi Ed,

          “Doesn’t a business have the right to conduct business as it sees fit?”

          Yes – and I never said otherwise. I did say the policy is despicable.

          • Let’s see….you agree business has the right to set rules and restrictions…

            But you get agitated if a business ACTUALLY exercises their rights.

            You know, that is how liberals think….

            • Ed,

              I am agitated by tyranny. Which is coercion. And we are being systematically coerced. Not by these stores and restaurants, but by the government which is applying extreme pressure to get them to force customers and employees to participate in a submission ritual.

              Why are you defending that?

              Would you defend a “policy” requiring employees and customers to wear an armband, say?

              As I have previously explained: It isn’t the Diaper-wearing, per se. If it makes a neurotic person feel better to walk around with a Diaper over their face or a bedpan draped around their neck, they do me no harm and I therefore defend their right to do so and I think it would be mean to deny them entry into a store on that basis. People have a right to be odd, which doesn’t hurt anyone else.

              But when oddity is imposed – as Nunz wrote above – it is mean. It is an attempt to make the person look and feel ridiculous. With Diapering, it goes beyond that because it is about making the person look like he agrees with the hysterics who are turning the country into a lunatic asylum on the basis of a weaponized neurosis over sickness.

              If you can’t see that – and the difference between that and a “shirts and shoes required” policy – then I am at a loss.

            • Hi Ed,

              Let’s see…expressing opposition to certain business practices, while recognizing their right to do them, and refraining from seeking government force to impose my will on them, is thinking like a liberal?

              Uh no, modern liberals don’t have a principled theory of rights at all, don’t respect property rights and act as if imposing their will on others through government force is positively virtuous.


            • Ed, you and I both know that these businesses are not exercising a “right” by requiring masks on their customers. They are being FORCED TO DO SO under threat of having their permission to earn a livelihood (e.g., a license to do business) revoked if they don’t. They are acting under duress. To say that they are doing this of their own free will is akin to saying that the man on the street who has a mugger’s knife pointed at his guts is making a “voluntary donation to charity.”

    • Well, I’m not an expert in religious affairs, even though my grandfather was a Baptist minister. However, he drilled it into my head that forgiveness is required only if it’s asked for…You gotta confess and ask the guy upstairs for it …he doesn’t just hand it out. I doubt these folks are gonna ask Eric to forgive ’em. Just my 2 cents.

      • Amen, Bluesman. An often overlooked requisite for forgiveness is REPENTANCE. If the one who wrongs ya doesn’t acknowledge wronging ya; doesn’t ask for forgiveness, and most of all, doesn’t right the wrong or stop doing what he did to wrong ya…..then forgiveness just becomes an exercise in self-deprivation.

        • Hi Nunz,

          Indeed; well-said – as regards repentance. I’d add that in addition to saying, “I’m sorry” the offender show by actions that he is sorry. Otherwise, it’s just words.

          • eric, I got the best lesson possible when the county, state and feds robbed us of nearly everything we had. I was surprised to have clothes left to wear and they would have taken them no doubt had they been ostentatiously expensive.

            But you know, you can make it through just about anything and we did, instead of just dying. A friend of a friend said we were the most resilient people he knew, that nothing seemed to stop us. I guess he would have killed himself and his wife if the roles were reversed. He made the statement after I got back in from feeding and watering the hogs in a terrible blizzard that had been going on for a few days.

            I didn’t reply since there was nothing I could say except “Well, we thought about suicide” but we didn’t and that’s the only way out except to just keep on working.

            We kept a keg box on the breezeway and people were always stopping by and having a free several beers(28 degree). People came by and hung out and even brought things since we were generous, just our nature. I even had one friend who constantly went to gun show and bought and swapped guns and would look for hard to find guns and bring them to me for what he paid.

            After we were finally left in semi-peace, we had two local friends who’d come by and two far away friends who’d show up once or twice a year. Both the far away friends are dead and the local ones are sick(wife has COPD and still smokes, never stopped)and they haven’t been by in years and now don’t even communicate since I said when this whole kubuki started it was a false flag to destroy the country and cover for the Fed who we knew was going to go bust just like in 08.

            But for nearly 20 years, we don’t worry about any visitors. The guy who used to bring me guns died soon after we became untouchables in a tractor accident and he would have(I am sure)kept being our friend.

            We realized within a year, people are not true friends. They are fickle shits who will accept the things you can do for them and the money you can give or loan them when they are in need. But a single charge, that was false, was all it took to make us untouchable.

            Well, it will certainly change your perception of “friends”.

          • Exactly, Eric! Repentance isn’t just being sorry- it’s about quitting the thing one was doing wrong…and doing it right from then on out. Just saying “I’m sorry” is not only just a cheap “out”; not only just words…but without actual repentance, usually just means “I’m sorry that I got caught” or “I sorry that I’m experiencing negative consequences as a result of my actions, so I’ll say the magic words so as to alleviate the consequences I am experiencing”.

  22. Eric, I understand fully but I wouldn’t take it out on them. However, legal action might be a way some of us fight back against the tyranny and the Left’s use of social media. I was watch Tucker Carlson last night (I love Tucker), and he had one of the doctors that you linked the video to that was taken down by Google. At the end of the segment she said she is being attacked viciously on social media and has hired a lawyer and will start libel suits against all individuals they can find who are writing against her. She has the resources to do this and I love her fight back spirit.
    Another fight back item; my daughter-in-law told me that South Washington state is closing the schools this year and having only on line classes. She is pissed. So, grandpa and Nana are going to have in person school at our house and we’re going to teach the kids not only math and science but history including how marxist theory was one of the most destructive lies ever foisted upon man. So this school district wont be teaching their propaganda this year. Hah take that!

    • Das ist sehr gut gemacht, Hans!

      Like most Libertarians, my most basic instinct – my most basic operating principle – is to live and let live. But these Diaper Freaks are making it impossible to do either. They won’t let us live – which places us in the position of endless submission and diminution… or… we fight back.

      I am a person who will do almost anything to avoid confrontation. But I fear that may soon become impossible – and when it does, these creeps will learn a lesson about what happens when you refuse to leave peaceful folks alone and just do your own thing and let them do theirs…

  23. Also, I’m sure they didn’t want to alienate their other customers. I see you as a hero for being able to think for yourself and for being willing to take a principled stand to defend our rights. Unfortunately, the way I think most people see it is not that the mask snitches are assholes, but that we are the assholes for not complying with the law and going along with what they consider to be community standards and showing that we care for them by wearing a mask.

    • Thanks, Greg – for the kind words, solidarity and the rest… I feel compelled to take this stand because I feel certain that if I don’t I will not be able to live with myself; the right thing is sometimes more than just the only thing to do.

      It’s very interesting to me that the owners and baristas weren’t Diaper Maniacs until just a few weeks ago. Why not earlier? The answer is a painful one.

      • This is worth a donation to EP Autos. I want to see a winning case set precedent. It’s cheaper to go after small targets.

  24. I’m guessing that another customer complained that you weren’t wearing a mask, and even though they themselves might not have cared that much, when other customers complain they might not have wanted to put their business in jeopardy. Virginia is making surprise inspections and has established a website at Dept of Health for reporting businesses that don’t enforce compliance strictly enough. Still it’s very disheartening that they didn’t stand behind you after all of those years.


    Just my two cents, but I’d save my energy in pursuing legal action, for a better target. I’m afraid you’re going to have more and better opportunities for legal action in the future. And I think your case would be stronger if the business was actually on your side (as I would have hoped the coffee shop would have been) and you could have taken legal action together directly against the state when they intervened.


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