The Pressure to Diaper, Dissipated

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I just got pressured to Diaper by one of the barristas at the coffee shop where I go almost every day to  . . . get coffee and peck at my keyboard. I have been going there for years. They know me and – so far – haven’t hassled me over not Diapering.

Today, that changed.

I was asked “what it would take” to get me to put on the Diaper. I didn’t say I wasn’t sick and so had no reason to put on a Diaper. Reason isn’t on the table anymore.

Instead, I recited the ADA Mantra – which is the federal law exempting anyone with a medical condition from having to wear a Diaper. This exemption is posted – fine print – in all the “orders” issued by the Gesundheitsfuhrers.

The barrista retorted with “company policy.” I retorted with federal policy.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of medical condition or handicap – while another federal law (HIPPA) prohibits businesses from demanding you state your condition or provide any medical records to substantiate it.

What comes around goes around, sweetness.

The barrista – someone I’ve known on a friendly basis for years – got noticeably angry, despite my being noticeably not sick. But it apparently annoyed him immensely that I wouldn’t join the cult – which is what this is really all about.

The cult of fear and obedience.

A rational person – a fair-minded person – would admit that forcing a not-sick person to put on a Face Diaper has nothing to do with health. How could it? You can’t give germs you haven’t got. As for the getting of them, what rational person is worried about that? Germs are part of life – unless you intend to spend your life in a bubble wearing a biohazard suite and even then, you still might and probably will get them. And get a cold. Maybe even be in bed a few days. The important question is – will you get dead?

Not unless you’re already almost. Teetering on the edge of six-feet-under because of things other than germs. The germs being almost incidental – and irrelevant to the rest of us.

But no one seems interested in that, preferring to marinate themselves and others in their sickness sickness.

The Diapered, besides, ought to be unworried about you being sick since their Diaper prevents them from getting sick.


But, as I say, this is not about sickness.

It is about conformity. There must be no scene of dissent. The creatures who are PTSD’ing the populace – the cases! the cases! – must maintain the appearance of terror in order to continue terrorizing the population.

Walking around without a Diaper is like walking around in 1930s Germany without another kind of uniform. You stand out – which makes those who stand in feel like the pathetic sickness-heiling sheep they know in their hearts they are.

And they resent you for not  sickness-heiling.

That is the other reason for the Diapering Push. The people who are economically pressured to Diaper – their employers require it – feel frustrated when they see anyone who doesn’t have to Diaper.

Of course they don’t have to Diaper, either. They could quit – and they could sue (the ADA applies to employees as it does to customers). But both are harder to do than simply not doing it because you don’t work for one of these adjuncts of the government – coffee shops, restaurants and stores, etc.

Which, I think, infuriates them all the more. They are pressured to Diaper – so damn it, you should have to, too.

And that’s sicker than a barrel of WuFlu.

It’s like the general opprobrium heaped upon the “tax cheat.” Instead of cheering when someone manages to avoid being mulcted, they clamor for his crucifixion. Because they are nailed to the cross, everyone else must suffer the same fate.

This is the major motive force now impelling the Diapering.The government, per se, cannot realistically enforce Diapering. But government’s adjuncts can, by making it “policy” rather than a legal proscription.

But – thankfully – there is the ADA and it’s got teeth.

They may indeed change the law such that businesses can deny entry/service to the Undiapered but as it stands, doing so is an actionable violation of federal law, with serious civil fines applicable.

Use it as you would an AK-47 you found on the battlefield – because we are at war. It is a war against health in the name of a sickness.

But it is much more than that, too. It is a war against human decency and normal human interaction. A war designed to make us all into pathetic NPC characters in a sick game controlled by people whose loathsomeness defies articulation.

They know the critical importance of creating and maintaining the visual that “we’re all in this together” – by getting every human being to don the Diaper and thereby surrender everything that once made him a human being.

It will take not caring about the feelings of the Diapered; it will take using the law against the Diaperers. It may even take physical resistance. The willingness to take a stand.

Whatever it takes is precisely what’s necessary.

Remember: Refusing the Diaper is an act not of rebellion for its own sake. It is an act for the preservation of sanity for its own sake.

The whole thing hangs on this balance.

Addendum (7/15/20): I went to the same coffee shop today and got my coffee without incident. No Diaper Tantrum.

Stand up to these people. Or else they will stand on you.

. . .

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  1. What really burns me is how our “masters” (Fauci et al) went from begging us not to buy/wear the face diapers at the beginning of the outbreak, to now demanding that we do so or else. Then again, they probably figured that the sheep would be too stupid to connect the dots. Sadly, they were right.

  2. Diaper or No Diaper…That is the question…

    Good evidence and science reveals it is a combination of Pathogen (COVID) present in concentration to start an infection, a susceptible host, and a method of transmission-respiratory vapor through the air, or surface contamination with droplets.

    Face coverings or Level-1(ASTM) masks prevent large water droplets from being exhaled until covering moist(20-30 min), then full transmission occurs. Level-2(procedure) and Level-3(surgical) masks are effective against the wearer transmitting infection by water vapor to a higher degree, for a longer period of time(up to 120 minutes with level 3). None of those filters can prevent a virus of 0.3 microns from being spread unless they are in water or respiratory secretions… and non functional once wet.

    N-95 is a 95% 0.3 micron filter, N99 is a 99% filter and N100 is a 99.97 filter of (n)on oil based particles.
    Kn-95 (FFP2) is a 94% filter. The medical grade versions have different ingredients, and are designed as single use…the virus is very small, but most often contained in water or respiratory secretions…1 micron average size. Particles under 3 microns engage in Brownian motion (random movement seeking maximum equal dilution). These are fancy compact furnace filters…(Filtrete for your face!) If no tight border seal or facial hair, then no effective seal.

    So no mask eliminates risk, only reduces it…for a very short period of time…”diapers” are given to the sick, to theoretically prevent them from spreading the virus, which they do poorly…they are treating everyone as if they are sick. If you keep your immune system up, avoid small inside spaces with sick people(why temperatures are taken), and avoid the COVID conga line at the Big Boxes… you may not become ill.

    But should you avoid becoming infected in the first place? Another question…ask the Swedish people…seem to be doing ok with minimal intervention, letting people get ill and recover, but guarding the weak and vulnerable…

    In the SRC(Socialist Republic of California) the LA County Health Director, with a degree in Social Equity and an MPH has decreed that any indoor spaces will have non-family members masked, along with a number of other rules. Anyone with a State Permit or Professional License or Business License can have that rescinded or their business red-tagged if they do not follow the diktats of the commissar…And my business already got a Courtesy Call (reminding me to follow CDC guidelines…or else!) from the Health Department.

    Not sure how I got on that list…

    If you are in an indoor business turn and filter the air with H13 or higher filtration at least 6 times an hour, treat your obviously non-sick customers with respect, urge the sick ones to go home and come back when not sick….problem solved. Environment controls much more effective than petty diktats…

    PS: Save the N-xx masks for health care staff…they encounter the sick routinely, up close and personal, and lack of masks and PPE are crushing the Healthcare sector.

    PSS: Tried to link to my sources…tagged as spam…you have to take my word for it!

  3. While I agree with much of what you wrote, Eric, I think there is an angle that you are missing. For many years, the government has been working toward using facial recognition software to track every person. A mask prevents this. If wearing a mask is socially acceptable – indeed nearly required – then we gain a level of freedom in anonymity that was previously unavailable.

    • And you’re missing rights that are now privileges you lose when you were a face mask. Think about it darlin.

  4. Dang, Meijers folded and is going to require masks. Seems almost all major retailers are falling in line with this nonsense.

  5. William Self:So you are saying that these businesses, most of whom don’t even know that there is an exception, are so crafty that they have taken time to research alternatives to a mask just so they can compel you to wear something. They don’t have the time or desire, nor expertise to play Doctor. Having a business owner interfere with a Doctor’s advice and recommendations as to your breathing disability demands a lawsuit. Of course he could have consulted with the Formula 1 team you mentioned to get their advice for your health care. Instead of dreaming up unrealistic arguments try it and when it works spread the word to help all breathe better and release some of the mental torture we are all subjected to.

    • Hi Woody!

      As you say, pushing back against this torture is imperative. Forced Diapering is about instilling demoralization via humiliation and general obedience to petty orders. The people behind the attempt to force everyone to Diaper know that if a large number of people don’t Diaper, it will make the Primary Lie – that WuFlu is generally dangerous – impossible to maintain. People will see that the Undiapered aren’t getting dead or even sick.

      The other aspect of Diapering, of course, is political. When not forced, we can see who is sickness psychotic – and likely liberal. It is a convenient way to know your enemy.

      • Dear Eric,

        Small victories are possible via good will, boldness and good fortune.

        The other day I could not enter my local War-Mart before being scrutinized by a man wearing a polo shirt with SECURITY emblazoned on the front. After I greeted the man, he warned my unmasked face of their mask mandate. After we exchanged a few words of friendly banter I excused myself and proceeded into the store with a bare face. (Undoubtedly it helped to be in late middle age and walking with a cane, so obviously I had a disability exemption.)

        Once inside the store it was nice to be normal. You could smile and make eye contact with your neighbors. Happily, some were bold enough to unmask once inside.

        May the good guys win.

  6. Check out this, it shows just how much nonsense.

    • Put a https in front of the, for some reason Eric’s stuff thought it was spam. Very cool site. it shows how many people have died in your county and how many are still alive. In my county (Santa Clara County CA) it’s .008%. What’s funny is it said that 180 died yesterday, but today, it’s 173.

      • Hi William,

        In my state – VA – the figure of claimed dead is appx. 1,500 over five months in a state with a population of appx. 8.5 million. The extreme measures imposed four months ago were all premised on postulated worst-case scenarios that never materialized. And now they are doing a reboot – especially as regards Diapering – on the basis of the same and now known-to-be-specious postulations. Yet it seems most people are willingly going along with it. More than willingly. These “little helpers” are virulent – insisting people like you and I and other sane (and numerate) people also go along with it.

        Not this clown.

        I am not saying that to be “tough.” I am saying it because there is no choice. There has to be a line. If Diapering cements, there will be no line they won’t cross. They will come into our homes. They will put things in our bodies. It will not end, ever – until we are dead or abjectly reduced to utter peonage.

        I do not want to give up my life or my property or my work. But I understand these things are already gone if I give in to this. They may already be gone. But I will not just bow my head and don a Diaper on the way to the cattle chute and “special handling.”

    • Sorry Bluesman,
      Peggy is a very cool person but her stuff won’t pass. Here’s how I replied about 5 replies below.
      You’re absolutely right. That’s how it works. A business or an employer must “accommodate” those with disabilities. If you can’t wear a diaper then they will ask you to wear a face shield, like a grinding shield. I had noticed that Mecum is doing an auction this week and at least half of the auction workers were wearing “face shields”. I also noticed that Mercedes F1 racing principal (Toto Wolf) was wearing a shield, (F1 started racing a couple of weeks ago). The ADA stuff isn’t going to work, employer- employee, business-customer, have to “accommodate”.

  7. Eric. Can you clearify the ADA exemption because what you are saying is not what I got out of it. I understood it to say, if you are unable to wear a mask, the store can require you to wear a suitable face covering which will not compromise your condition. – be that a scarf, gas mask, whatever.
    Also, if a store requires one to wear a mask, it is its right to do so – just as would requiring all customers to wear yellow shirts. Now, if this is a store which serves the general public, maybe the ADA would apply but I don’t think so. I hope you are right and I cannot be refused service because options are running out. So far, most stores have allowed me entrance but there are more and more to which I am saying, “Fuck it. I’ll buy somewhere else.”

    • Hi Doug,

      As I understand “the law,” every retail business, while privately owned, is a “public accommodation” and thus cannot “discriminate” against the disabled/those with medical issues. Regardless, these businesses are now adjuncts of the government and their Diaper Decrees carry no weight with me. I ignored the Diaper Dictators at Kroger today; unless they have someone to physically bar entry, I’m going in Undiapered – as I did.

      If that becomes impossible, I will buy locally from a store whose owner I know personally who despises the Diaper idiocy as much as I do. Whatever becomes necessary.

      I will never wear the Diaper. I will not perform Sickness Kabuki and degrade myself for the sake of these bastards.

      If just 25 percent of the population felt and acted the same, this Diapering business would be over in a week.

      There should be Diaperless flash mobs of still-sane Americans descending to . . . shop, egads! All at once. They’d never be able to stop it without some very bad visuals.

      Anyone in my area – Roanoke – up for some freedom assertion?

      • eric, it’s been my experience small stores don’t care and many of them have never even made any employee mask up. Of course I’m speaking of west Texas where people are polite and there aren’t a lot of Karen’s. The big stores don’t dare jack with you. They are the first you’ll sue and they know it. I could just show my inhaler but I don’t have to and don’t want to carry it around. If they want to mess with me and go to court with HIPPA laws, I’d be glad to do so. I’d get out my phone and record the whole bidness and be looking for a lawyer the next day or maybe just later that day. Soon, I’ll have to go to one of the big drug stores, since they’re the only ones to participate in Good RX and get a new inhaler. I don’t look forward to it but it saves so much money I don’t really feel like I can do otherwise. I’ll buy albuterol pills at my regular pharmacy but damned inhalers are ridiculously priced and when it comes to a difference between $80+ and $25, I’m going to bite the bullet and save that much money. Since buying a steer and an $800+freezer, we’re broker’n a stepped on cookie. I was going to buy some things I need but aren’t food. Well, food trumps everything else.

      • Hello again Eric.

        Here is what I found regarding the ADA and face masks:

        If a person with a disability is not able to wear a face mask, reasonable modifications MUST be made so the person with the disability can participate in or benefit from the services provided.
        A reasonable modification means changing policies, practices, and procedures, if needed to accommodate an individual with a disability.
        Examples are:
        Allow a person to enter unmasked.
        Allow a person to wear a scarf, loose face covering, or full face shield instead of a face mask.
        Allow customers to order online with curbside pick-up or no contact delivery in a timely manner.
        Allow customers to order by phone with curb-side pick-up or no contact delivery in a timely manner.
        Allow a person to wait in a car for an appointment and enter the building when called or texted or offer appointments by telephone or video calls.

        Obviously the first option is the most desirable but a person CAN be ordered to do something else. There also has been no guidance by the ADA if a person must provide medical documentation regarding a face mask however the Dept. of Justice has NOT allowed establishments engaged in brief interactions (such as grocery stores, retail stores, etc.) to ask for documentation. This does not apply to doctor’s offices and hospitals however.

        • Doug,
          You’re absolutely right. That’s how it works. A business or an employer must “accommodate” those with disabilities. If you can’t wear a diaper then they will ask you to wear a face shield, like a grinding shield. I had noticed that Mecum is doing an auction this week and at least half of the auction workers were wearing “face shields”. I also noticed that Mercedes F1 racing principal (Toto Wolf) was wearing a shield, (F1 started racing a couple of weeks ago). The ADA stuff isn’t going to work, employer- employee, business-customer, have to “accommodate”.

        • I think so, Harry!

          And I’m serious. I’m no organizer but I am prepared to do whatever I can, including offer up my place as a base of operations. Anyone in my area who’d like to help, please contact me – or just come by. Email me for the necessary details.

          • Wish I was in your neck of the woods, I’d be there.

            Also, be careful about open invitations. Agent saboteurs abound. It’s their SOP. They infiltrate all groups that are against them, and they will set you up to fall.

      • Eric,
        I have been thinking’s about the same thing, the flash mob. Get like 10 diaperless to walk in a grocery store at one time. Then have another 10 at the store down the street to do the same 15 minutes later. That way when the first store calls the AGW’s the second store would do the same, and then do it again at another store. You get what I’m trying to say? The cops will be going all over town. If I lived in your neck of the woods I’d be all over that. I think I’m going to try to start a Farcebook group and see what happens.

        • Hi William,

          I would love to get something like this going – and encourage others to consider it as well. I reiterate my call for people in my area – SW Virginia – who’d like to do something to counter this creeping sickness of the mind – to contact me via email and let’s see what we can organize. Others willing to take the lead in other parts of the country are free and welcome to use this site as a focal point for getting people together, too.

          This is truly a civil rights issue. No different than a black woman asserting her right to sit down in a public bus.

    • Hi Copperhead,

      This video is top shelf, especially as regards the part about social pressure and the sheep-like desire of so many people to avoid standing out against any orthodoxy presented by the mob.

  8. Eric: You are who you say you are, unlike Trump, who you rightly pointed out folded. Thanks so much for this forum to express our ideas.
    C: You need to realize that the ADA is unusual in that you, as an injured individual, can directly sue the business. The restaurants in my area are having to pay $25-$50k to settle these lawsuits concerning access. YES ACCESS. This is restricting you from recieving your civil rights.
    BAC: You seem to be trying to make law that does’t exist yourself. ADA and HIPPA are real laws with teeth. If you saw the suffering of family owned restaurants having to go thru the drawn out torture of being sued and forking over their hard earned money where there is no insurance, you would understand. Remember, we are in this together. Unity and brotherhood will get us thru.

  9. Went to post office and grocery store today (central Oregon):

    Noone hassled me at post office for not wearing mask, but I was ready with disability info in case they did. Was long line too, but no ppl stared at me (that I could tell, good for them little slaves). Employees not wearing masks (YAY good for them).

    Food store – no hassles either, I actually called manager before leaving home and he said they’re not checking anyone at the door — and he said they fully respect anyones’ disabilities. Sadly only saw a couple other ppl not wearing masks, more ppl are wearing masks [than my last few store visits] so they’re obeying the fraudulently elected governor’s illegal “requirement” (not a law) like a bunch of good little slaves. And they have their upgraded (and stylish) masks with wider straps so they have a better seal, … evidently they’ve never heard of the biological rated dual respirators or NBC (nuclear/biological/chemical) masks so they have no clue that their cloth masks are USELESS for biological agents. LOL what a bunch of ignoramouses, the IDIOCRACY PROPHECY is in full effect — we all thought it was just a silly movie LOL.

    2nd food store, I didn’t go today, but I called them too, and they said they’re respecting anyones’ disabilities too.

    BTW, is anyone else noticing there’s huge SHORTAGES in their store(s)? The 2 stores I go to are ALWAYS cleaned out of frozen vegetables, other popular frozen items, pasta, and some popular prepared items & condiments. They have produce & other stuff though thankfully. I asked the manager and he said it’s partly due to lack of supply, and partly to extra demand, but this week they had a shipping problem but will be okay again next week… but it’s kind of a vague answer because they’ve had shortages for the past 3 MONTHS… so what gives? Are all the hoards of migrants using up a huge portion of our nation’s food supply? The crooks don’t even consider things like that — they just import 10’s of millions of migrants not caring if our nation HAS ENOUGH FOOD for them! OMG. I can’t take it anymore. Every dam day it’s just more bad news and negativity… yet the good ppl never do a dam thing about it. MY FREEZER IS PRACTICALLY EMPTY. I usually spend 33% more than I spent today, but couldn’t buy main staples I usually buy. What the heck is with the food companies — don’t they want to make money?????? So much for capitalism — all the companies just want to go bankrupt nowadays — that’s their business plan now! And the crooks are so worried about 1 person dying [not — cuz it’s a big fat lie], but they don’t care if half the nation starves to death!!! MADNESS!!! They make no sense whatsoever, are totally destructive wrecking the economy, jobs, and food shortages somehow… but it’s all okay because it’s to protect us from a boogie-man LIE-rus. SIGH.

    I will not be sorry/mournful when I get to leave this world someday. WHAT A ROTTEN WORLD THIS IS. I feel sorry for the nice people that have young kids — I saw someone in the parking lot (months ago actually), and they had an infant child… what kind of life is that poor kid gonna have in this rotten world where every country is a goddamn SH**HOLE run by mad evil sicko dictators? And the poor parents must feel sad for their own child — the poor father looked so depressed… you could just feel the seething aura of depression… enough to make a grown man cry.

    • KH,

      Conservative Treehouse addressed the supply situation when it first started; I’ll try to remember as best I can what was said…

      IIRC, prior to the COVID craziness, we’d eat out some of the time; some of the time, we’d go to the bathroom away from home; and so on. The ratio was about 50/50 to 60/40 at home/outside of home. When work, school, and the restaurants closed, we naturally got more food, toilet paper, etc. from the grocery store, and we used less outside the home. Since demand dropped at institutions and increased at home, this caused supply shortages at the grocery store.

      On the other side of the supply chain, some vendors supply grocery stores, while others supply institutions. That is, some farms supplied grocery stores, while others supplied institutions. Some toilet paper makers supplied the grocery stores, while others supplied the institutions. When demand dropped from institutions, the vendors supplying them couldn’t immediately supply grocery stores. That’s why you saw some farmers dumping milk; they didn’t have their institutional customers (i.e. schools, restaurants, an companies) ordering from them anymore. The same applies to toilet paper makers.

      For toilet paper, it’s more difficult to change from supplying institutional customers over to grocery stores. Why? When you were at work or a restaurant and used the bathroom, was the toilet paper there the same as what you bring home? No, it’s not. The paper is different. The roll is different. The size of the roll is different. That is to say that the TP company supplying your neighborhood restaurant can’t all of a sudden turn around and supply the grocery store. Their machinery, raw materials, everything is different. That said, more people were buying TP at the grocery store now, so we had shortages.

      It’s a different story for the farmers though, because most of the foods have been kept stocked. If you’re a farmer and can no longer sell to the restaurants, it’s easier to sell to the companies supplying the grocery stores.

      Hope this helps…

      • A friend own a liquor store. She buys TP from the distributor. It’s a different brand from the store but it’s the same stuff. It’s not like there’s TP manufacturers everywhere making TP for specifically this thing or that. We buy Sam’s TP, their top of the line. We’ve found rolls where they changed to another outside package before they got rid of every roll in front of it. Clearly it has said “Charmin”.

        I used to work for a major corporation that made their own brand and brands for others. Sometimes we’d be making a product for the corporation and then simply change the brand stamp for another company.

        Then there were times some companies wanted specialty products of all srots. We’d change up the line, run however much they’d ordered and then change back to something else.

      • Thanks for the info, very nice of you to take the time. Yeah I get the TP thing, but if ppl are buying more food at stores since they’re not eating at restaurants, where’s all the restaurant food going? Can’t the stores just buy the restaurant food and put that on their shelves — or maybe that’s too hard because it’s not in their computer inventory system… but stores should be working on that. Why isn’t the govt trying to help the stores & restaurant food producers to connect with each other to make that food available? All the govt cares about is making sure there’s enough MASKS for everyone so we can all walk around insulting & humiliating ourselves with stupid useless shenanigans… but they don’t care about the FOOD supply problem.

        America SUCKS — the people should vote on everything important, instead we have rotten dictators making bad decisions for everyone, and they’re all billionaires involved in racketeering & conflicts of interest etc. — what kind of sane society puts a small number of ppl in charge and lets them make money on businesses and taxes etc… we let these govt ppl set their own salaries for gawd’s sakes. This country is a JOKE.

  10. If you want to shop at Walmart, you’ll be forced to wear Face Depends.

    Actually, I am of the opinion that this is just plain nuts if not crazy.

    ‘The time to speak up has passed, now is the time for senseless bickering’

    Something I read somewhere, well, it was in a bar on the bathroom wall. lol

    I am beginning to believe that the freak show is just beginning and is going to be much worse as time goes by.

    In France, a bus driver was beaten to death for ordering people to wear a mask before boarding, it was a fatal mistake.

    I have a silicone mask of General Akbar, I think I should wear that. I have another of a monster being, it would scare the bejesus out of Donald Trump. You had to vote for Trump, Hillary is evil, wicked, mean and nasty, anybody with a pea-sized brain can see right through that.

    It is far more important to wear gloves if you want to prevent being stricken with the much maligned corona virus. At another website, one comment from a poster stated that anyone who refuses to wear a face mask is a terrorist. I replied that wearing gloves makes more sense and if you didn’t wear gloves, you are a terrorist too. When I returned to the website a little later, the story and comments disappeared. There it was, gone.

    In 1918 in Phoenix, Arizona, every household had a sick person with the Spanish flu. Masks were required no matter what in Phoenix, anyone just wanting to enter the city was forbidden if they didn’t have a reason to be there.

    If you didn’t wear your mask, it was a 100 dollar fine or about 7500 dollars in today’s dollars.

    Of course, the Spanish flu was a real pandemic which killed anywhere from 20 to 100 million people. The human population was 1.6 billion in 1918, so a lot of souls shuffled off from their mortal coil.

    It was bad. Six percent of the world’s population dying in a year and a half is not a healthy situation.

    Phoenicians donned a mask for their own good, probably.

    Hey, wait a minute, I don’t need no stinkin’ Face Depends. har

    I’m almost old, I need more than a face diaper, I need my sanity in the worst way more than I need to wear a Face Depends around my thick skull.

    Sanity matters!

  11. Our local establishment posted a notice that patrons will not be asked about their ADA reasons for not masking up. I encourage all small businesses to do the same. It was nice having a pint without seeing any face diapers (except the staff which must follow the dictates of our fuher).
    Coles Corner WA

    • A Diaper, Brandon… words matter. And – screw them and their fines. Let them try to collect them. We have nothing left to lose. Know this. Diapering will not be enough. It is never enough. At some point, you either take a stand or you bend over.

      Are we sickness step n’ fetchits? Oh yessa boss!

      Or not?

      • By god eric, just what I said here and said to Sam’s after they fucked me a few minutes ago. I cut Wally loose long ago over their gun policies. I can cut Sam’s and Lowe’s who I found out contributed to antifa and BLM out the same way I cut the others. They can all kiss my ass. I have walked off more than one job when somebody tried to make me a stepand fetchit. I won’t permit it again, ever.

  12. Over the weekend, I walked into the local fish market to procure some salmon and scallops.

    The market opens at 9 and I was there at 9:02 in order to be the first patron and thereby minimize the prospect of mask mayhem. The owner, along with the manager and the employees, have been decent to me and have told me that they respect my decision not to diaper notwithstanding my town’s mandatory mask order.

    Nevertheless, I am mindful of the pressure brought to bear upon businesses to force their patrons to submit to the mask order, and, in connection therewith, I do not want to conduct business at a time when there are a potential plethora of Pavlik Morozovs present. Said otherwise, I do not want a confrontation with a cuck who will call the Board of Health on the business.

    So, I approach the counter and ask for a nice piece of salmon and a pound of scallops. Two or three minutes after I entered the market, a diapered septuagenarian woman followed suit. She stood 6-8 feet away, to my right until I turned to walk towards the cash register whereupon she scurried to my left quicker than the O.J. did for USC on a student body left sweep.

    The diapered dingbat then complained to the manager that I wasn’t wearing a mask. She said, “ITS THE LAW.” The manager responded, “he’s just buying his seafood, leave him alone.”

    Do you think that satisified our diapered distaff?

    She doubled down. “ITS THE LAW! ITS THE LAW.”

    Finally, having satisfied myself that she had initiated the aggression, I turned to her and asked her to “show me the statute, cite the statute?”

    She shook her head and again asseverated, “ITS THE LAW!”

    I then admonished her for proclaiming that wearing a mask was the law without being able to cite the statute making it so.

    By now, she was furious. Her eyes were a cauldron of Karenic rage. So, I decided to pour a little gasoline on the fury and told her, “don’t be so selfish.” “How dare you think that you can impose the costs of your fear on me!”

    With that, she left in a huff.

    • After seeing the Don Donned, I’m not surprised. Those that actually DO have a problem with breathing are now marked for possible death. Of course that is what this entire exercise is all about. right? The Malthusians are winning hands down. Yep, they just closed the exit gates from hell.

      For those that think the Don or any other of the wannabee demented tyrants will be the savior of the USSA will be sorely mistaken.

    • The statement is not a declaration that the ADA does not apply to those whose respiratory health may be compromised by diapering; rather, the statement merely asserts that the use of the DOJ seal was not authorized.

    • Hi D,

      This is lawyer-ese; the statement disavows the seal. It does not not say the ADA and HIPPA don’t apply. They do. Proof? The evil bastards who issued the decrees regarding Diapers put the exemption on the Diaper mandates they publish. They would never do this otherwise. You cannot be forced to put on a Diaper – by the government or by an employer. They are relying on social pressure to coerce you.

  13. The Associated Press just ran a story saying that Walmart is requiring them everywhere in all stores. People called “health ambassadors” will be posted at the doors to “remind” those entering to put on their diapers.
    That bummed me out.
    What bummed me out more, however, were the comments on the facebook post where I read this story. No one had yet objected to this new rule via the facebook post I saw, but plenty of people posted their preemptive snarky comments and name-called for those who might be thinking about objecting: Trumpers, Kens and Karens, screaming entitled white people and many references to the red-neckiness and uneducation of walmart shoppers were in ample supply.
    I hate snobbiness, but I am also angered and saddened by the willingness to go along because the authorities say so. No one seems to ask any obvious questions anymore.

    • The boomers didn’t expect too much from their precious little ones. And looking around they succeeded far beyond their expectations. The schools created little Marxists out of them,,, instilled hatred for anything America, Studying hard, working hard created the capitalists they hated as that meant, God forgive, they would have to do the same. Boys turned into soy boys, girls turned into sex objects, motherhood and especially fatherhood totally banned. Marriage a joke. Religion a bigger joke. Entering college the academics went to work dividing the groups and pitting them against each other and society. Taught by PhD’s making hundreds of thousand dollars yearly that everything should be free paid by government failing to explain that government has no money of its own other than what it steals. The corrupt Cronyism today is taught as capitalism fomenting even more hatred.
      Facebook, Twitter, et all, gave all the demented, the deviant and the freaks, a forum. Any common sense or logic is immediately scrubbed. All affiliated with gov intelligence folks that want to end the republic.
      I wouldn’t be looking for too many objections to any of the virus dystopia. They see it as tearing down the old disorder while thinking they will be part of the new order,,, and they will. Trouble is their educators failed to inform them of Lennin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot Idi Amin, Mugabe, and Mao Zedong.
      Couldn’t happen to a more deserving group.

      • i’m a gen xer like eric and we are not marxists, we came up ahead of that, my millennial sons though are a different story.

        the rest i can agree with

        • Hi not you,

          Gen X was accused, back in the day, of being “slack” but never red. My recollection of high school/college/young adulthood in the ’80s and ’90s was that most of us were indifferent. There were some active conservatives but not many hardcore lefties and the few I knew of were generally not liked much by the rest.

          But that’s just my slice of the pie and anecdotal.

          What boggles me is the embrace of WuFlu hysteria by what appears to be large percentages of all the demographics. But I suspect they share a common demographic: They watch TV.

          The juggernaut of Fear there creates the perception that there is reason to fear. They have been PTSD’d into a state of absolute hysteria.

          • Yeah there are/were various disparages of generation X but the reality is that we are the screwed over generation. We pay for the boomers and older generations and get the shaft on the other end. Never mind the housing bubble and more to make sure things are extra difficult financially. Taxed to death, can’t earn interest, etc and so on.

            And now the younger generations want us to work to produce for them too.

            As far as the wuflu it is the TV. People who don’t watch TV seem the least affected. However those who’s politics were control freakish to begin with are all in on the wuflu regardless. The absolutists of the right and the communists of the left have embraced the wuflu because well they like top down power.

            • Hi Brent,

              At least we got to grow up before child “safety” seats, helmet and seatbelt laws! I think we were the last generation to grow up in a country that still had real freedom, in terms of everyday life – vs. everywhere else. Now America is less free than almost everywhere else. I think you’d have to move to China to be more under-the-thumb.

              PS: I just told a Kroger manager to go fuck himself after he tried to pressure me to Diaper up.

              • but it makes this environment all the more painful. I am almost entirely optimized for a world that no longer exists.

                Here telling some store manager at a chain like that to go f himself would simply get the cops called on me for defying Pritzker the Hutt’s orders. So I simply have to do business as much as I can with stores where everyone knows it’s a charade and it is treated that way.

                When I went food shopping this week some guy just pulled his t shirt up over his mouth. Nobody bothered him. subversion is the best we got.

  14. It’s funny one-state-south of you; in the major population centers, the herds wear their “mandated” diapers, yet as I was riding through ‘the countryside’, going through smaller towns, I saw less of it. Still saw it, but I’d say it was like it was before the “mandate”, about 1/4 of the people.
    What I continually see as an excuse is: “It’s to make others feel safe”, as they acknowledge that they’re not effective, they can cause problems, people re-wear the same filthy rag repeatedly, etc… Eat-my-ass with your feelings. My purpose in life isn’t to make others feel safe; it’s to live my life and not directly interfere with yours.

    I am equally adamant on not wearing the diaper, but for my mother (or other close family) in a serious medical emergency for them, my concession would be to a full-face respirator, which would be the only thing that has some level of effectiveness. Hospitals and nursing homes are biological cesspools as it is.

    As an aside: Being that hospitals are reporting “cases” without any tests (swab or blood) being done to confirm WuFlu; just going on symptoms, I’d love to know, or at least see a clinician in the respiratory medicine field speculate on, how much of this is ‘standard’ upper respiratory infections caused by wearing the bacterial sponge on your face. Is it possible that some of the false positives are from being triggered by changes in the person’s immune system responding to a standard respiratory infection and not just being a shitty test?

  15. Went to Chili’s yesterday. Got to the door… YUGE signs about whether or not you may have a temperature, and then on sign that stated it was mandatory to wear diapers per local ordinance. That was an outright lie. The county here has no “mandatory dictate” The place was dark and empty. I’ve seen brighter funerals. Inside was a masked humanoid staring at us, fear written all over its eyes. We left in disgust. Never again will Chili’s see our smiling faces. Masks or no masks. I will celebrate the day they go bankrupt.

      • eric, sounds like the perfect time for you and your mates who did their own gym thing and set up shop(should be cheap rent)for coffee and such. Black Rifle coffee is good and has several blends. It could turn into quite a bidness since BRC is well known and would draw a like-minded crowd.

        I quit coffee in an effort to control my headaches. But I’m not having them now and since nobody knows why, I’ll be returning to coffee when the weather softens a bit. It was 114 here yesterday and 117 10 miles away.

        We need another Mt. St. Helens to cool things down…..and bring back some rain.

  16. My mom lives in a small Minnesota town, with their own small police department, that declared they weren’t going to enforce any Covid rules.

    • Yea,,, and this outright lie was declared as well:

      “Globally, nations with a high percentage of mask wearing have seen lower rates of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths.”

      That is utter BS. It’s actually the reverse. Well what do you expect from a company receiving millions from Uncle and funneling it to BLM (100 million) which funds Antifa.

      • hear, hear Eric.

        Before all the buyouts we had probably 8-12 different food stores to choose from. Travel 20 miles further and you’d have more different stores.
        Today we are down to two,,, some places three,,, some places one. Walmart. Now they’re starting up small “Market Place” stores to run off any small businesses left. Who needs government mandates when a single monopoly like Walmart can dictate.
        Walmart, Sams, etc have been anti USA from the get go. They are the ones that helped eliminate US manufacturing by carrying all the cheap Chinese crap and forcing Americans to close their business or move production offshore.
        They presently handed BLM a cool 100 million. Those of you banking at BOA who gave BLM a billion buckeroos. BLM then funnels to antifa. WMT then will use that as a write off on taxes. BLM and Antifa riot, injure, kill, burn things down,,, afterwards we taxpayers get to pay for rebuilding and lost inventory. Sweet eh?

        Here’s where some of your tax bailout dollars went as the following companies pledged to give to BLM.

        BOA $1,000,000,000
        Nike $100,000,000 Michael Jordan brand
        Sony $100,000,000
        Walmart $100,000,000
        Nike $40,000,000
        Google $25,000,000
        Universal Magic Group $25,000,000
        Google $12,000,000
        Spotify $11,000,000
        Amazon $10,000,000
        Bad Robot Productions $10,000,000
        Farcebook $10,000,000
        GM $10,000,000
        Goldman Sacs $10,000,000
        Riot Games $10,000,000
        Target $10,000,000
        United Health $10,000,000
        Verizon $10,000,000

        Total 1.7 billion to riot kill, maim, and burn your cities down. Not a bad gig. And like everything else (Patriot Act, TSA, Wars, etc) Americans seem to care less.

        We have already reduced our buying at Walmart except for things we cannot find else where. Now we will reduce even more (to zero if possible) regardless of cost. I am asking everyone to avoid Walmart as best you can. The only way to battle these folks is your wallet. Put the traitorous bastards out of business if possible.

        • ken, it wouldn’t have been possible without NAFTA. If we still had Glass-Steagal we’d be in much better shape. And the new version of NAFTA makes it even worse. Instead of blaming those greedy fuckers, blame the greediest fuckers with the power, govt.. Congress bears the responsibility for all our woes and when you vote for Frick instead of Frack, you’re just part of that group that recognizes the right of congress to strip away your rights regardless of which subject you’re speaking of. We need a house cleaning. A tree of liberty watering. And, no matter how you feel about it, and I feel sad, mad and backed against the wall, we’re going to have a bloody war. If you ever want a bit of freedom back, people are going to have to die, the very ones who have stood on you and robbed you in every way they could conceive and we have voted for them and let them do it to us.

          • Hi Eight.
            I haven’t voted since the nine/eleven demolition derby. When I saw the buildings come down into their footprint, including a building that was never hit I knew gov was involved. I didn’t need the experts, Popular Mechanics or the Media to make that obvious decision.

            Same with this fake virus. When I see the experts. the entire worlds media all saying the same, censoring any dissenter, I KNOW gov is involved up to its ears. Which is why the Feds are not stopping the governors, mayors and BLM ( Burn, loot Mayhem ) from doing their little part to destroy America.

            It’s too bad Americans don’t have a little more backbone to stop this crap. I grew up in the 60s, raised a family in the 70s. It was a pretty decent country then. Now I’m an old man and with the Marxists running the joint, you know what they think of oldsters. We’re right up there wit lawyers!

            • ken, I recall when the FBI picked up the cheering “video crew”. Who is this? And then they said it was an Israeli film crew and they could have gone ahead and said “mossad” as far as I was concerned. That perfect Saudi ID falling from that wreck of a building that was nano-particles where nothing but that wasn’t burned and I knew everything I needed to know. So, we have the deep state and two supposed allies who were supposed enemies, made perfect sense.

              And the Brit woman standing there speaking of the second tower falling while it burned right behind her and didn’t fall for 20 minutes.

              It was like the Clintons banning guns. Hell, somebody was killing their close compadres left and right and it still didn’t stop. So much for banning “assault” rifles when nearly everyone of them was killed with a handgun round.

      • I have a Walmart prepaid debit card that I’ve been using, now I’m going to run out the balance and cut it up. They just lost this customer too.

        • Wally lost me when they did their gun thing and that was just on principle. I won’t want any decent gun store to have to compete with them.

          The wife was watching a video earlier of Pepe La Pew of the NRA bragging how the NRA wrote the NICS legislation. He was so proud, that commit mofo. I told the wife “Now you know why I threw the NRA to the weeds in 1980, 15 years before they wrote the NICS law. They were doing shit like that since I started paying attention.

          • The NRA is responsible for bringing in CCL laws during the first half of the 20th Century too. IOW, they turned a right in to a privilege-NICE! I wouldn’t look for them to work against them, either, since it’s NRA instructors who teach CCL classes. That won’t happen, because the NRA and its instructors make a lot of money from CCL classes. It would be like trying to get lawyers and accountants to help abolish the IRS and the income tax…

            • It’s more like the hangman pushing for no death sentences. I have considered the NRA the evil part of gun control and I kicked them to the curb in 1980. They wrote the most egregious parts of the 1994 crime bill and have caused 100’s of thousands of people to lose everything and be stuck in prison for outrageous amounts of time.

              They’ll pick out some group that is politically unpopular for whatever reason might be and throw them to the worst type of human predator that exists. I can’t think of the NRA without thinking of the Bush family.

              • 8,

                I like the hangman analogy-good one! I think I’ll steal that one…

                Getting back to the NRA, did they have a part in writing the GCA of 1968 also? In any case, the NRA has been said to be one of the biggest GUN CONTROL organizations out there! With the way that they’ve worked WITH the gov’t, I think it’s accurate…

    • Wal Mart has been put on my boycott list.

      Also, Menards has re-instituted their face diaper policy, so I will be going to Lowes or Home Depot.

  17. I recently took my 90 year old father to the grocery store, in a town that has a general mask “ordinance”, AKA dictate by the local war lord. Rather than get my father involved in a conflict, I abided by the dictate, for the first time. I had thought that restricting one’s breathing by wearing a mask was a good argument against them, but was probably of minor consequence. I was wrong. The entire time I was wearing the mask I was continuously out of breath, having to take deeper than normal breaths to maintain. I typically go to another smaller town that is actually closer to my residence, where the locals largely don’t acknowledge there is a problem. Rightly so. But Dad lives closer to the one that’s tyrant bound, and so is habituated to it.

    • Hi JWK,

      I have been debating with myself what I will do if I am ever allowed to see my mother again. As many here know, she was taken into state custody after a “call” by someone in her building to social services; my mom is 84 and has dementia. Since April, she has been imprisoned in a place called Catawba – and I am not allowed to visit Because Corona, despite my not having it.

      There is no date certain as to when I might be allowed to see her. If it ever does come, I am certain they will insist on the Diaper and I am leaning towards refusal even though I know it may mean I never see my mom again. This business is that serious to me.

      It is, as I see it, not much different than signing a piece of paper stating you surrender all rights and dignities as a human being and accept anything the powers that be require of you.

      I will not bend to this.

      • Wouldn’t it be fun to find out who called to inform on your mother? You could put up a sign expressing your appreciation and that you would like to speak with and thank the neighbor who cared so much about the welfare of your mother. Who knows, it might work. Play on their ego.

        Then show your true appreciation in any way you see fit.

        • Hi Philo,

          Yup; have considered that. But I blame myself for not having been proactive. She was noticeably flustered by things; confused, etc. I should have tried to get her into a decent place. I will regret this for the rest of my life.

          • My advice (and I realize I am just a faceless internet acquaintance), don’t focus on what should have been. It is counter-productive and even detrimental to your mental well-being.

            Ask yourself what can you do now, right this minute to make the situation better for both you and your mother. As mentioned by others, seek legal advice. Explore your options. Ask for help.

            You have access to a community of libertarians here, most of whom would probably help financially (or in other ways) if asked, above and beyond what’s already donated to keep the site up and running.

            They want you to feel like you are alone in your battles. You’re not.

      • eric, exhausted from all this bullshit and other things I went to bed last night but couldn’t sleep. One thing that kept coming back to me was if you would ever see your mother again. With a bit of help, I’d break her out of jail although it might be tough to get away with it without help. Of course I’d be masked or maybe have a full head mask on like they use in foreign countries where they kill and don’t want to be identified, sorta like antifa and BLM.

        But I kept thinking about it, almost texted you but realized I’d get the same update as usual. If you ever need any help to free your mother don’t hesitate to call me. I have no great resources except the ability to pull off something like that. Probably we could get her to Ca. very quickly. I don’t need to stop for anything but fuel since I’ve done it many times in a big rig working my ass off and simply drank a cup of coffee(hours of speed for me)and keep on.

        I have no qualms of breaking a prisoner out of jail who has done nothing wrong.

        Contact me. I can get her in an assisted living home that’s quite nice with another ID.

  18. Took my mom to get a medical procedure done yesterday. While I was waiting outside, I was talking with a guy who also detests the fear masks. He’s rather fortunate in that he lives in a smaller town outside Lexington that doesn’t enforce the mandates. But I haven’t found any place here yet that doesn’t. My solution, if I can’t challenge it directly, is to avoid places that enforce as much as possible. Buying more groceries at once to minimize trips to the store, using drive thru windows, going out of town when feasible, or ordering online.

    I wish we’d all get the bug so we can develop herd immunity and get it over with. The increase in case counts, if they’re even remotely accurate (and I doubt they are) is welcome news to me. The more people that get it and don’t die is the closer we are to the end.

    • Hi Jim,

      The intention is for this to never end. People have to got to understand. This is an excuse packaged as a religion that must be dealt with by giving no quarter to those pushing it.

      The Diaper is a symbol of imbecility – and obedience.

      PS: I suggest always referring to it as a Diaper. Not a “mask.” Give them nothing in the way of respect or – worse – legitimacy. Ridicule is a powerful weapon. Lenin knew this – and those of us who despise Lenin had better understand this.

      • It’s interesting to me how they’ve started calling them “face coverings” instead of “masks.” Is there some bad connotation with a mask that’s somehow un-PC? I can’t think of one except how they are sometimes associated with crime: “the masked bandit” although those, which make me think of Zorro or the Man in Black, usually cover the eyes, not the nose and mouth. Medical people who wear them for work call them masks.
        I have been using the terms “fear mask” and “face diaper,” thanks to you.

        • amy, when they mandated them at the clinics I have to go into if I want to say room temp, I was tempted to make a Lone Ranger mask. In defense I’d just say, you said I had to have a mask but didn’t give me any specs. GFYS, ok, I wouldn’t say that but I’d be tempted.

        • As you know,,, their supposed to control the output of a sneeze or cough…. Old school we used handkerchiefs. Doesn’t cover your face and used only when necessary but today practical doesn’t seem to matter.
          I was sure women that wear makeup everyday would complain but that never came about.

  19. “It’s like the general opprobrium heaped upon the “tax cheat.” Instead of cheering when someone manages to avoid being mulcted, they clamor for his crucifixion. Because they are nailed to the cross, everyone else must suffer the same fate”

    Fucking little people…Especially guilt/shame-ridden Whitey. It is hard to imagine the USA ever won WW2

    • The US did not win WWII. The Russians did. And paid dearly for the privilege. They took more casualties taking Berlin than the US did in the entire war, both theaters. The part the US played was a distraction from the Eastern front, not allowing Germany to divert troops there. I’m not praising the Russians, simply pointing out there were no moral honest players involved in the war, on either side.

      • Hi JWK,

        Indeed; more history that’s not taught. Also that Soviet Russia invaded Poland, too. Nor that one of the most egregious mass-murderers ever was Stalin, who orchestrated the annihilation of an entire class of people – the “kulaks,” or independent farmers. And then – at Nuremburg – Stalin sent his show trail judge, Vyshinsky … a man at least as loathsome as Roland Freisler but never mind…

        • Did you ever wonder why England declared war on Germany for invading Poland Sept 1 1939 but not a peep when USSR invaded Poland on Sept 17, 1939.
          Germany actually tried to negotiate with Poland concerning thousands of ethnic Germans being killed and losing their property in Poland to crazed Poles. This part of Poland was part of Germany until WWI. Poland refused any negotiation because it had a “Free go to War chit” from England guaranteeing Poland’s security.
          The Soviets on the other hand invaded just to invade. They had ambitions to take all of Europe and were staging an offensive army to do so. It needs mentioned that contrary to official wisdom the USSR was the best equipped and largest army in the world at that time.
          The Germans found out about the USSR’s plot and launched Operation Barbarossa running the Soviets back to Moscow. The reason for the large number of casualties in the Soviet army was they did not allow any surrender or retreat. If a Soviet soldier retreated he was shot. The same happened to Soviet soldiers that surrendered and were returned home after the war.
          There is more bullshit propaganda about that war than all the wars since. Just about everything the West claims and is taught in history…. is untrue,,, assuming you read banned true historians rather than government academics.

  20. I came back to Illinois from San Diego Monday after spending a few days with my daughter. Went through STL Lambert Airport to DFW then San Diego then reverse on return. I did not wear a mask anywhere in the airports or on the plane. In the airports I received a many dirty look from other passengers and airport employees. Upon boarding I was confronted by the flight crew that I needed to put on a mask, I would reply very kindly that I had asthma and was allowed to board. The only real resistance I did meet was at a convenience store in Sun City CA, they had one attendant behind a locked door and would not let you in without a mask. I pulled on the locked door and the attendant appeared in the window and pointed at his masked face, I asked loud enough for him to hear “Are you serious” he shook his head yes and I waived him off and went back to my car to leave. The attendant came out of the store and motioned me to come back saying just this time. I waived him off again and left.
    Hope I did not ramble on to long but, I wanted to share my expirience. This masking enforcement seems to a bluff. I did notice while in the airports that most people were masked up. I notice a few guys would start removing their masks when they saw me without one.

    • doug, sounds like me and the wife at the local grocery store. Everybody was face diapered when we arrived except for one sacker we know well who had to go out in the heat and his was around hisneck.

      By the time we left nobody in the store including the checkers even had a mask visible. When I was outside at the RO water machine I got through and a masked woman(who was that woman?)was waiting for me. I made sure to sneeze and spit getting my jug. Obviously, I had touched my face and all my dirty ass germs with the hands I’d had all over that machine. She didn’t even look at me. I almost asked her what she was doing later. Had I known she was going to use the machine I’d have stood there and scratched my ass, hand inside pants. I had on clean clothes. Damn, next time I need to remember to put on some old pants and shirt and roll around and get plenty of dirt and cowshit on me except I’d forget to put something on my pickup seat.

  21. In theory, the mask is to keep you from spreading germs as far – though in the popular psyche, it seems to change by the moment. In general, I was a lot more accepting of masks when it was purely a free-will choice to wear one, and not a visible symbol of alignment with an agenda.

    Oh, did you hear? Now it affects the gastrointestinal tract more, can cause permanent testicular, lung, and brain damage, and it can even cause deadly blood clots after apparent recovery or even in asymptomatic cases! Is any of it true? Don’t know, but the maskies are already acting like it’s gospel. As for me, this very strongly reminds me of the very beginning of the crisis when everyone was crediting this virus with abilities like asymptomatic spread and fully contagious 14-day incubation periods that it was not and could not have been capable of – but since most people aren’t really familiar with the mechanics of respiratory illnesses, no one was really aware of that fact until someone who WAS familiar realized something wasn’t right and called TPTB on their scaremongering. Any guesses how long it will take this time?

    The annoying thing is that even once people have been informed that contagion in the absence of symptoms is impossible, they will still defend orders to diaper up everywhere “just in case” someone somewhere thinks they just have a cold. At that point, it really is just “guilty until proven innocent” with a smiley face drawn on, but people refuse to see it and have actually had the gall to call me “short-sighted” for daring to look farther ahead than next week’s case counts. (Florida just got caught vastly inflating theirs, by the way.)

    A journalist who once resigned from the Wall Street Journal over her hatred for Trump, just resigned from the New York Times over a hostile, bullying work environment. I read her resignation announcement, and for the most part it was a fairly blase boo-hoo rant about, in so many words, getting turned on by the ultra-woke cancel culture she helped create. One thing stuck out to me, however – she very correctly (though perhaps not quite for the right reasons) identified a belief that truth is not a process of discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job it then is to inform everyone else. The problem is, it’s not just journalism. I call it “Sacred Cow Syndrome”, and it has poisoned our entire pubic discourse. It is the one thing, more than any other, that has made it borderline impossible to have a friendly, good-faith discussion on the internet – anything that’s worth debating (CAGW, The Virus, etc.) is also considered “too important” to allow any real debate on, other than of course, debates over what is the most effective way to fall into lockstep with the narrative handed down from on high.

    At this point, I fully believe that when the Mark of the Beast appears, it will be pitched as either a vaccine or a vaccination status tracker, and that mandatory compliance will use the same excuse as mandatory muzzling does now – “Someone might be sick and not know/care! You don’t want people to DIE do you? Think of the children!”

    • “she very correctly (though perhaps not quite for the right reasons) identified a belief that truth is not a process of discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job it then is to inform everyone else.” This is straight out of Plato. Anyone who wants to understand the arrogance of the left just has to read his Parable of the Cave. The self-styled Progressives consider themselves to be the people outside the cave who see things as they really are, while the rest of us are only able to see shadows. It’s up to those anointed ones to explain to us what is happening and what we should do.

    • It really is an amazing superhuman virus the likes of which the world has never seen, isn’t it? Remember that it also infects cats, infect dogs, can recur over five times in people, cause Kawasaki Disease in kids, survive on surfaces for over 72 hours, kill grandma, pass to a fetus, spread asymptotically, not spread asymptotically, avoid permanent immunity, circulate in the human population for eternity, arise from the ocean, and leap tall buildings in a single bound. But…. it can’t pass through a paper mask.

    • Is it true that the coof affects the GI tract more and causes permanent organ damage? You’re being told that by people with a proven track record of lying and an obvious agenda that’s inimical to your freedom. Why would you even ask whether it’s true in the absence of proof, which *they’re* responsible for providing? Hospitals can’t even be relied on to accurately determine actual infections and then report them honestly. The PCR tests are not intended for diagnostic purposes (it’s a manufacturing method for RNA) and produce false positives all the time—and that’s assuming that even that much is done to confirm infections. A lot of times they just write it down as a “presumed” infection. Treat the claim that the coof causes worse side effects than the flu as the bullshit it is until there’s proof. Right now it’s just wishful thinking on the part of your presumptive masters.

      • After thinking about it some, I’ve actually started to realize how they could make up such a threat too. My mother’s hairdresser apparently had a 50-something man in her family who caught the ‘rona, kicked it, and then had a blood clot and died later on.

        So he’s in his 50s, maybe he’s not in the best shape, maybe he smokes cigarettes or eats a lot of fast food. So he gets The Virus, isn’t doing quite bad enough to die from it, but it stresses the snot out of him. Then he gets a clot or a cardiac or something and dies. The narrative peddlers shout “Oh no, it’s the virus, it scarred his heart! It does permanent organ damage now!”

        Come to think of it now… heart, brain, reproductive equipment… aren’t those all things that are extremely sensitive to stress and your overall state of health?

        • Shotgun, I watched my entire family, the smokers, die off early. The ones that didn’t smoke lived very long lives. There was a huge increase in heart failure, as in none to common after 1900 due to processed food. You can research this and find it. Then cancer became common and after really bad food and common vaccinations all sorts of diseases(maladies)popped up and not autism is 1 in 30 children. There is no Autism bug. There is an environment and shit stuck in your body that causes it. I saw it with a friend’s kid. 18 months old and got 3 vaccinations. She went from being loving and outgoing to not looking you in the eye, inverted and just there, in her own world now. Pisses me off more than her mother who was well behind the curve her husband knew about. Too bad she didn’t drive a tractor and he didn’t take care of the kids.

  22. Changing the subject a bit, the automotive press is cock-a-hoop over Ford’s unveiling of the new Bronco.

    Like so many aftermarket trends that have been adopted by auto makers and gone mainstream, the “wide stance” look is now on offer factory-direct when you select the Sasquatch package with its 35-inch tires.

    No joke, the fat tires stick out a good 6 or 8 inches outside the fender flares. See for yourself:

    It’s the automotive equivalent of baggy pants hanging so low as to reveal three inches of underwear.

    Don’t follow too close on a rainy day — it’ll be slinging 100-foot rooster tails!

  23. Eric,

    Is there a better graphic of the ADA AK-47 you can post for download. I went to print it but it was a bit blurry. Or, is there a spot where you found it and we can just download it ourselves. As someone with a deviated septum, and a few times broken nose, I cannot breathe through my nose as its blocked off on one side and I fight constant sinus issues…so I am a mouthbreather (such an unflattering name). The mask is killing me…literally.

  24. The walls are closing in. ADA and HIPPA won’t realistically protect you, ultimately. Because the law is what they say it is – you already know this. And they will say face diaper > ADA, absent some card signed by some quack. I figure it’s all about how strong they want to enforce diapering, with many areas increasingly relying on threats of arrest or fines. Those cat calls will only get louder as the case count rises. Businesses will enforce by denying us service. So our diapers are coming. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated and vaccinated.

    • The problem with using government upon itself is that when it does work it is quickly changed not to. Otherwise they just use force. The written law does not matter.

      • Great point. Practically none of these mandates are enforceable by the letter of the actual law, anywhere. But it doesn’t matter. Also doesn’t matter that they are all grossly unconstitutional both on state and federal levels. The powers that be instead got The People to believe in and enforce their cause, thereby sidestepping any first amendment protections since it’s technically not the government doing the enforcing. It’s the perfect setup as we’re essentially all screwed with no recourse.

    • “The walls are closing in. ADA and HIPPA won’t realistically protect you, ultimately. Because the law is what they say it is – you already know this. And they will say face diaper > ADA, absent some card signed by some quack”

      Excellent point BAC! HIPPA especially, is just about obsolete. Gets in the way of contact tracing and targeting for mandatory quarantines and vaccinations, two subjects that Eric clearly does not want to discuss. Strange.

      • Hi Mike,

        I warn about mandatory vaccines regularly; I point out that acceptance of Diapering means acceptance of vaccinations. If you wear a Diaper for the next six months, how could you possibly – logically – refuse the vaccinations? Both are premised on the same nonsense.

        • Hi Eric,

          I understand how you perceive mask wearing to be the first step down the road to destruction. But here’s the part you just won’t recognize……

          Even if everyone suddenly and successfully refused to wear masks any longer. THEY WILL STILL be coming to your door with the needle! And compared to the stuff they’re going to pump into your body, wearing a mask will seem like a walk in the park.

          Get your eye on the ball!

          • Hi Mike,

            Yes, but what I submit you’re missing is that by Diapering you convey that WuFlu justifies Diapering… which leaves you no logical basis for objecting to vaccinations.

            By not Diapering you convey – visually – that you oppose the whole idiotic narrative and thus have standing to object to vaccination.

            • “Yes, but what I submit you’re missing is that by Diapering you convey that WuFlu justifies Diapering… which leaves you no logical basis for objecting to vaccinations.”

              Hi Eric,

              What you’re missing is that exactly like the Honey Badger, Gates et al “just don’t give a F**k” about your “logical basis for objecting.”

              • MP, Nobody with power knows who you are, what your values are nor anything else about you. The only way to wake them up is to stop them. If they have hired guards, even if they’re police, they have to be stopped. If it’s federal govt., it has to be stopped. We have our backs to the wall and now they’re trying to take encryption away from us. Isn’t that free speech?

                You know damned well they’re trying to kill the 2nd and it’s the only thing that keeps the 1st viable. But when you get right down to it, I see no way out of this mess without violence because the oligarchs are always prepared to use violence. You can lie down or die on your feet. I’m just damned disappointed I’m not 40 years younger and capable of much more physical feats.

              • Mike,

                Yes, but by acquiescing to the Diapering, the appearance of acquiescence has been achieved – and that will make it much easier to get the populace to acquiesce to vaccinations.

                  • Mike,

                    Diapering is operant conditioning. The whole point is to normalize hysteria – in order to create the necessary passivity for vaccination. If enough of us refuse to Diaper and Diapering falls apart because of that, it becomes much harder to impose mandatory vaccinations.

                    A leads to B.

                    • eric, it’s stress too. Pile enough of it on and people will die off like flies. I have no doubt it will kill me. I’m going to try to drink it to death though.

  25. My county is on a LEVEL 3 ALERT! Why you may ask? Because the number of positive tests rose from 4 to 9! Mandatory mask order by the good old Guv’ for that reason. On the bright side, sheriffs and cops won’t bother to enforce it.

  26. Have you heard of this:
    The 6 ft social distancing is required so that satellites and surveillance cameras can identify individuals with facial recognition.
    They are fine tuning the algorithms to ‘recognize’ masked individuals.
    Non-masked individuals are identified as dissenters.

    • Read somewhere recently that with the 5G signal saturation, it will be possible to locate things to within 10 centimeters. That’s some impressive resolution.

  27. I’m curious, Eric, did you stay or leave? Will you go back?

    Same thing happened to me on Saturday. Went by the Verizon store because my old phone crapped out on me. As soon as I walked in the NPC at the counter, with a look of fear in his eyes, told me I could not come in without a mask.

    Without saying a word, I turned around to leave. Before I could get out the door, the NPC said not to worry, they have masks to give out! I laughed at him and said no way and left.

    The interesting thing was I was there in the store a week earlier with my whole unmasked family. I guess their policy changed. All of a sudden I’m a threat to their well-being, when last week I was not.

    • Hi Philo,

      I recited the ADA Mantra – and got my coffee. I will continue to do the same. Using their own vile policies against them. We shall see. And I agree – there has been a major uptick in pressure to perform the Sickness Dance over the past couple of weeks.

      The cases! The cases!

      • If I had the capital, I would open up a coffee shop and put these a holes out of business. They are obviously scum in that they would treat a long term customer like you that way. Of course, most people who face diaper are pure scum anyway.

        • I have been bouncing around the idea of opening a gym. I would immediately put up a sign that says”Masks required by ordinance. However, if you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, we will not ask you to wear a mask, nor will we ask you about your medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.”

          • Hi Philo,

            My gym – Crunch in Roanoke – doesn’t demand Diapering; they only point an infrared thermometer at you on the way in. If they ever require a Diaper, I’ll get the greasiest shyster I can find and sue them under ADA and HIPPA.

            • Seems really dumb on the part of Wal-mart to require diapers nationwide. Many of it’s stores are in rural communities where “the virus” is a non-event. Most rural counties nationwide have cases in the single digits. Yes, you can count the cases on one hand!

              Wally world is quickly losing their rural roots, after going the wrong way on guns as well recently. They are unloved by the urban elite who block their expansion into cities at every turn, so they aren’t really gaining any fans.

              So glad we have Meijers here in the midwest (a much better regional big box, better than either Wal-mart AND Target). They don’t and never have carried guns though, which sucks.

              • Dang, Meijers folded and is going to require masks. Seems almost all major retailers are falling in line with this nonsense.


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