AGWs Refuse to Diaper!

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Here’s some good news- for a change –  about armed government workers in Oregon, who refused to Diaper up:

The AGWs were in a coffee shop where – as seemingly everywhere – there is a government decreed sign out front that everyone must Diaper up, to create the impression of universal fear of a virus that isn’t a mortal threat to practically everyone (99.5 percent of us). And so they didn’t Diaper up – even at the bleating, sheeplike-insistence of the useful idiot manager, who – like so many business owners – is accomplicing these Diapering decrees by demanding that everyone who enters put one on.

No to prevent anyone from “getting sick” – which is nonsense – but to keep the government off their backs by bending over as low as they can go.

The AGWs decided to not perform Sickness Kabuki, which is being criticized as an example of AGW Privilege. Who is going to tell them they must Diaper up? Who is going to try to deny entry to an armed government worker?

But they set an example of defiance that is vey laudable.

One of the AGWs does so using direct – and apropos – expletives.

“Fuck Kate Brown,” he says – referring to the Diaper-Decree’r in Chief of the state of Oregon. Later on, they doubled down:

“Governor Brown has no authority to take our civil liberties. We aren’t going to wear (Diapers)”

Indeed. And, bravo. The example these AGWs have set is magnificent, even more so because they are in a position to set it without risking the same repercussions that might fall upon the rest of us. It will be even more magnificent, however, if these AGWs take the next step and refuse to enforce Diaper decrees upon the rest of us.

If they did that, we might recover some respect for them and perhaps even consider them allies in a common fight rather than the Rottweilers of our oppressors, people like Gesundheitsfuhrer Brown, for one.

Addendum: The “heroes” aren’t. They caved in; diapered-up. To save their miserable jobs. Is there any principle people won’t sacrifice for the sake of mammon?  Or even just go-along/get along?

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  1. I agree “Fear Mask” is too mild a term for a
    OXYGEN REDUCER (smotherer)
    KILLER (by reducing oxygen, increasing CO2, and reducing vitamin D from sunshine)
    Those things plus antisocial distancing INCREASE deaths and will directly cause or greatly worsen the “second wave” in the Fall.

    But “Diaper” is not a term that will catch on, and isn’t really strong enough, either. I think “Gullibility Mask” is a good term, because it says mask wearers are fools–and nobody wants to be a fool. I think unforced mask wearing indicates a disrespect for TRUTH–and that is a very, very dangerous thing.

    • Hi Esther!

      I like both terms, though I prefer Diaper because of the contempt it conveys. The people who are wearing them now by choice are worse than fools. Michael Jackson was a fool. But not dangerous – except to young boys, of course. The Diaper’d on the other hand, are the very embodiment of Lenin’s Useful Idiots and as such extremely dangerous.

    • Esther,
      The term “face diaper” has been catching on! Google (or whatever is your favorite search thing) it, and it comes up popular.

      • Hi William!

        That – about Face Diapering catching on – made my morning (so far). I learned from Lenin – a political genius – the importance of ridicule. The left uses ridicule all the time. We on the other side had better use it, too.

        Diapering is as ridiculous – and pathetic – as it is dangerous.

  2. These were state troopers. When you work for the state , the governor is the CEO of your company . Most people aren’t willing to give up their paycheck. The thought police in a liberal college town like Corvallis will definitely try to get you trouble if you say or do anything against their liberal mindset.

  3. They’re right — it’s a civil rights / human rights violation, and illegal for governor to say this anyway.

    • “I invited three of them to sit down with me at Mahonia.” = “If the three of you want to keep your jobs, you will meet with me, wearing masks, and we will “talk”. You will admit I was right and you were wrong. Your submission will be posted to social media to show my superiority.”

    • Her information differs a great deal from many immunologists and virologists who rightly point out any mask air can flow through will not catch the nanoparticles that actually carry whatever it is that makes people sick.

      And since antibiotics have cured more people than any other means then how does that work? They can keep calling it a virus but no one knows it’s a virus. It will be like any other disease, herd immunity will stop it from affecting people that aren’t already sick.

      Pam Popper had a nurse write her and tell her her beautiful 16 boy who was perfectly healthy caught it and died in a little over 24 hours. The truth was the kid and his twin sister were born at 25 weeks and spent months of the first part of their lives on machines to keep them alive. The boy that died was obese and autistic and diabetic…….perfectly healthy according to his Nurse mother. I have know a lot of nurses and you would be better off to take my advice than theirs. Most know just enough to be dangerous.

  4. Happy Independence Day to everyone. Eric, I was curious if you are a fan of the late William Norman Grigg. He also used NAZI era titles to describe AGWs.

    • Hi Drunkard,

      The day I learned that he had died, I wept. It was a strange experience as I’d never met him and am not prone to weeping. He was a colossus, in a just world he would be ranked with Mencken.

      Kind Regards,

      • Absolutely, Jeremy. I had not heard of him until he had already passed. I’ve gone through every work of his that I can find two or three times. As you said, he was a colossus. Take care.


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