Anne Arundel AGWs

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A whole crew of Anne Arundel (MD) armed government workers commit assault and battery on video – and (naturally) suffer no repercussions. Once again, these “law enforcement officers” – as they like to style themselves – are ignorant of the law and proceed to make up laws – and enforce them.

A kid is video-recording a pair of AGW vehicles visible from a public sidewalk. A clearly legal activity.

But the AGWs have their own law: Respect My Authoritah.

The kid is very guilty of this “offense,” though there is no law requiring him to respect the Authoritah of AGWs.

There are, however, laws forbidding assault, battery, false imprisonment – etc.

The AGWs roll up and demand ID, one of them prattling on about it being illegal to “record a secure government facility.” Which is absolutely not the case – if the “secure facility” is viewable from a public area. If the AGWs don’t know this, they have an obligation to know it and so are derelict in their “duty,” another word they like to use but understanding of which they lack.

When the kid objects, he is roughly cuffed – a physical assault under any other circumstances.

Think about it. Any of us who confronted someone in public, began screeching delusional orders and then laid hands on the object of our harangue for not “complying” with our delusional orders would have been arrested and criminally prosecuted.

But “law enforcing” AGWs can do exactly the same thing – under color of law – and nothing is ever done about it.

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    • Henry Kissmyassinger once stated that soldiers are just stupid dumb animals to be used as pawns in foreign policies.
      So what does that make AGWs? Just stupid dumb animals to be used as pawns for the deep state.

      • No shitski. Can you imagine having a “job” that required you to look at everybody not in your “uniform” as criminals and treat them as such? Boggles my old mind…..and I should be used to it.

        • Don’t be too sure the military won’t be used against us. They did in the War Between the States, where war criminals like, Sherman, Grant and Sheridan were given license by Lincoln the tyrant to rob, rape, murder, burn and destroy private property.
          Even worse, is the fact that America’s military academies, West Point, Annapolis and the Air Force are now infiltrated by evangelical dispensationists, brainwashing young men and women about Armageddon, Israhell and such rubbish.
          Just remember how corrupt the Pentagram has become and the rest of the U.S. military, especially the officer corps, is filled with corrupted scumbags.
          Michael Acquino, an officer inside the Pentagram was caught performing satanic rituals in his office. He now heads up a satanic group called the Temple of Set.

            • Me too eric. The Southern Babdis Assc. has had the shrub speak to them for decades even though he’s not a Babdis.

              What they really need is assurance they’re producing soldiers for God And Country. They are end of days people, the one thing they and the shrub have in common plus ignorance.

              Sure, they’ll instill the desire into their kids to kill anyone their superiors tell them to kill. And this is what is so dangerous about religion, any religion.

              Who won’t kill for God? For God even if you call him Allah. After all, you wouldn’t exists if it weren’t for that almighty god and you could be taken just like that(fingers too slick to snap) so you’d better be in “his” good graces all the time.

              I have already seen plans for using strategic nukes domestically. We don’t need to worry about Russia, China or Korea(or Pakistan, Egypt, Israel or anyone else)taking us out. Our own govt. will be glad to and eager to show the bodies of the “enemies of the state”. They won’t be able to use the big boys since most places they’ll want to hit have too much to do with some commodity they need. Can’t do away with places like Houston or any of the much smaller places in the middle of the patch. They will be engaged in a troop war with the locals. San Antonio is too valuable a military site. All those commie cities all over this country will be immune for the most part. Just let them get wind of one of the bigger communities fending for themselves though and it’ll be annihilation big time.

              Then the tiny counties population-wise like mine will easily be defeated by huge ground forces, all dem babdis kids doing the work of the lord.

  1. The one thing that would put an instant end to it all is to eliminate “sovereign” immunity regulations at all levels. “Sovereign” immunity is true evil, pure Communism at its core. How can one man be liable for prosecution for a crime as a private citizen, but not when carrying out the orders of the State?

    Of course, since that is how the Uniparty organs maintain their grip on power, it will never happen. But, it is the only way the whole charade can be terminated. If the Geheime Staats Politzei at all levels of management and government had to answer for their crimes civilly and criminally, they would either become true Peace Officers, or be replaced by something private and consensual.

    • Hi Crusty,

      I agree! And I cannot fathom why people don’t get this; why they don’t demand it. If – as we are constantly told – the law is the law, it ought to be the law as much for those enforcing it as for everyone else.

      Particularly appalling is a law enforcer who makes up and enforces laws – and isn’t cashiered as a matter of course. This is beyond obnoxious.

      • Daddy, I can do whatever I want….can’t I? No? Really? REALLY? But I want to ID everybody. They need to be guilty of a crime? Ok, I’ll let him go……if I have to. Sargent, You have to.

      • Eric – “And I cannot fathom why people don’t get this; why they don’t demand it.”

        Easy. They don’t care because they don’t care if someone else gets screwed over. They only care about if THEY get screwed over. Seeing others getting abused gives them the warm fuzzies because they aren’t the ones getting abused and can then view themselves as superior to those who are harmed.

        • I don’t think everyone is getting their jollies when they see someone else get screwed over. There is the danger of saying something and getting yourself screwed over too. I fear those same things I see get done to others. I don’t know how to stop that. Regardless if I vote or don’t, things become worse every day.

          I have written letters to lawmakers and if enough people write similar letters, things may get changed….or not….but I ain’t holdin my breath for it to get better.


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