AGWs Choke and Punch Teen

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Here’s video captured by a cell phone of AGWs in Dover, New Jersey teaching a teenager to respect their Authority – via fists applied to his face.

Cyprian Luke, 19, is seen pinned to the ground – on his back – being ordered to “roll over” by several AGWs. But the kid can’t “roll over” – being pinned to the ground on his back by an AGW.

Another AGW has his hand around the kid’s throat.

Then an AGW can be seen punching the defenseless kid in the face several times.

This is a new take on the ‘ol “stop resisting” ballet. Pin them to the pavement, then order the to “roll over.”

When they don’t, Hut! Hut! Hut!

Reportedly, the kid had a warrant out for his arrest. Apparently, this entitles AGWs to impose summary “justice.”

The incident is apparently being investigated by higher-up-the-food-chain AGWs, which is kind of like the Pope investigating pederast bishops.

Weasels guarding henhouses.

A long-ago generation of Americans took umbrage at Authority without accountability. The current generation of Americans seems to be perfectly ok with it.

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