AGWs Earning the Hate

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Here’s video out of Nashville, TN of a pair of very smug and Tacticooled AGWs on motorcycles making sure every jot and tittle of The Law is enforced upon a woman attempting to drop of her special needs child at school.

The woman has momentarily stopped and parked in a bike lane to let the child out; the steps to the school are immediately across the street. She is not blocking traffic; there are no bicycles on the path. It might have taken her 5 minutes to get her kid out and safely across the street.

The AGWs are merciless – taking obvious delight  in making the woman’s day just a little bit less pleasant than it already is.

She explains the situation – and that the school said she could drop her kid off her. Yes, it is technically still “illegal” to stop to let the kid off here. But if the object weren’t intimidation and revenue collection, these AGWs could have told the woman not to do it in the future and let her be.

Instead, they issue her the payin’ paper – for harms she hasn’t caused but statutes affronted.

But thats not the end of it.

The AGW does the Hut! Hut! Hut! routine on the woman – brutally throwing her to the ground and arresting her – for affronting his Authority.

It is difficult to watch. But it might result in something being done about it.

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  1. But discretion! The cops need these laws and powers to use on those bad people over there. So this one will be like the others where a sympathetic character was selectively enforced upon. Some people will want the cops not to do this to the good people while others will say she deserved it for arguing with the cop*. The laws will remain to be enforced with discretion.

    *It’s weird that people will say not to argue with cops yet at the same time want cops to have discretion. If cops have discretion then you get to argue your case with them because that’s how discretion needs to work to work at all. Otherwise it’s just the cops deciding who pick on. Then again maybe these are people who think cops will never choose them.

    I am going to guess there are other options besides being a ‘I’ll just be a minute’ type of Clover. Because while nobody was blocked in this moment the odds she circles around the block when someone would be blocked are slim and none.

  2. The people are experiencing what they allow. OTT cops are nothing new, just more common now.
    Why? Because when it happened to the other guy, they didn’t care.

    This is appalling, but when I see these situations, I always have to wonder whether this woman gave a crap about people being treated this way before it happened to her.

    People are selfish and couldn’t care less what happens to others. This is the result.

  3. Asshole AGWs have to run up their tally now! All AGWs keep a tally sheet of what they do on shift. They have fields for traffic stops, misdemeanor arrests, felony arrests, etc. At the local PD level, what they try to do is increase everything. That is to say if they pull you over for a traffic violation, they’ll try to find something for which they can arrest you. If they arrest you for a misdemeanor, they’ll try to make it a felony arrest. The more serious the violation, the more points they get; the more points they get, the happier their sergeant is.

    With higher level state and federal agencies, agents are rated based on the quality of the CONVICTIONS. At the local level, AGWs are rated on the quantity and quality of arrests they make. You can see this for yourself in Dale Carson’s book, Arrest Proof Yourself. He ought to know; he worked for both Miami PD and the FBI. Now, he’s a criminal defense attorney.

  4. Not even an arrestable crime but don’t let that get in the way. Way too much of this shit in every state. People are rotting in jail for not being able to pay a fine. But the Just Us system keeps rolling along, not near as placidly as old man Riber.


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