Armed Government Worker Delivers Sucker Punch

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This video just surfaced – of armed government workers practicing their street-fighting techniques on a “suspect.”

It’s unclear what the “suspect” did (if anything) to incite the armed government thug scrum. But it’s clear that he got a punch in the face from one while the other held his arms behind his back.

Is this the “training” we hear so much about?

PS: I will be on Bill Meyer’s radio program tomorrow; tune in! If you can’t make it, look here later in the day for the audio clip!

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  1. I’d seen that one and made no sense of it.

    You have to wonder about the rage seen in many of these things like the young cop who arrived when the 68 year old woman was requesting the supervisor. He walks up and begins screaming at her and she asks who is screaming, can’t even see the idiot.

    Cops make good salaries these days and you’d think so many psychopaths wouldn’t be hired but they evidently prefer that type.

    I predict a backlash to this type of thing eventually.


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