How Much Horsepower Do You Need?

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It’s always good to have more horsepower – but how much do you actually need to get a car moving and keep it moving?

Less than you might expect!

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  1. I read an article once in a motorcycle magazine talking about this. IIRC, the gist of it was that to go 50mph or so on a motorcycle, you only need about 20HP or so. At higher speeds, the wind resistance goes up and the horsepower need goes up exponentially. Again, going off memory, to go 100mph you needed (like) 60+HP. Since I have a Harley-Davidson Dyna (which makes about 55HP) my top speed is about 105mph or so. The stipulations of the article matched my real world experience. So, the video showing the big car only needing about 50some HP to go 45mph makes sense. Thanks for the info.

  2. I’m certainly not alone with my retort to the question asked: How Much Horsepower Do You Need?

    First off, how much I need is none of your freak’n business.

    And most important is, how much I need? As much as I freak’n want. Which again, we’re back to, none of your freak’n business.

    Perhaps a more fitting question might be: How much explosive fire and mayhem are you willing to put up with in your battery powered vehicle?


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