Hero Parks in Handicapped Spot

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A video of a Massachusetts cop emerging from McDonalds and being called out for parking in a handicap space has gone viral, as an example of what happens when citizens police the police.

The cop, carrying a sack of burgers and a tray of junk, walks (able bodied) to his cruiser but is interrupted by a man who asks him if he is aware of the parking infraction.

The officer responds by first claiming that the spot isn’t a disabled bay, a clear lie, as the video footage verifies, and then saying that he can do whatever he wants.

“So you get to park wherever you want?” the man asks.

“That’s right” replies the officer.

As the man pursues the matter, the cop busts out the age old line “Do you know who I am?”

The law-breaking cop then resorts to intimidation, asking the man for his name and pulling out a notepad, as if he’s about to issue a citation or report a crime.

The man stands his ground and tells the cop that he doesn’t have to tell him his name or show ID simply for pointing out police wrongdoing.

The video was posted to the Webster Police Facebook page, prompting several pointed responses.

Video: McCop Gets Pissy As Man Calls Him Out For Parking In Handicap Spot Capture copy

Coverage of the incident prompted the department to initially respond by defending the officer and claiming that the parking space was a regular spot. However, the Facebook post now seems to have disappeared, along with the entire Webster police Facebook page.

The posts were mirrored on Twitter however:

Video: McCop Gets Pissy As Man Calls Him Out For Parking In Handicap Spot capture11

These kinds of videos are increasingly popping up as more law abiding citizens stand up to law breaking cops. Recently, a video showing a cop being pulled over by a citizen for speeding received a huge amount of attention.


  1. Hopefully this douchers face is cemented into peoples minds in Webster. He deserves nothing but pure hell in that town. It’d be great if people he pulled over kept a snapshot of him in their cars. Then they could record the incident asking him about his “handicapped parking incident”.

    Hassling cops is pure joy. I highly recommend it to any extent you can getaway with, without them beating or killing you.

  2. Tom Harkin, inventor of the handicapped spot, visits the United Nations Accessibility Centre.

    Soon, even Ndugu will be forced to park his rickshaw properly and tie his donkey to a non-handicapped post in his village.
    – – –
    thus spoke Harkin Zarathustra:

    we now have a global effort to make things more accessible for everyone for all persons with disabilities in education, in transportation, communication, everything,” Mr. Harkin said.

    The CRPD means raising standards all globally for persons with disabilities and, if I might add, what we have found at least in the united states and I’m sure in other countries too, that when you make a system better for a person with a disability its makes it better for people without disabilities,” the Senator added.

    Senator Harkin pledged that he will work tirelessly to ensure Senate ratification of the CRPD.

    The Convention and its Optional Protocol, adopted by the UN General Assembly on 13 December 2006, aims to change attitudes and approaches to persons with disabilities.

    The United Nations Accessibility Centre, which opened in December 2013, is equipped with state-of-the-art assistive information and communication technology to support audio, visual as well as physical impairments.

    At the time, Secretary-General hailed the new facility as “a model of the digital United Nations we are trying to create.”
    – – –

    fabulous. it’s all so fabulous I’m going to go get me a free obamacare sex change and complimentary lower spine severing so I can squeal like a giddy paraplegic schoolgirl at just how absolutely wonderful this newly fully paved and totally handicapped accessible world really is

    • Thanks a lot! You made a perfectly good pale ale come out my nose with the giddy paraplegic schoolgirl bit. Wasting a good ale is a bona fide crime!

      • Ernie, a perfectly good ale? You did say pale ale didn’t you?….just kidding. Recently read about a batch of new Paleo ales, gluten free as it were. Fairly much identical descriptions for all gluten free brews, light and fruity. Maybe someone will figure out the gluten free black ale and “light and fruity” won’t be included….as I sip my Shiner Bohemian Black Lager.

        • Tor, I know you’re in dire straits….so to speak. I wouldn’t drop a dime on ya, especially not with a sammich like that and a brew to make it “right”. Now, while I work on getting my replicator fired up……Replicator…..make me a copy of this. Oh hell, just keep making them. Belly up to the bar boys….the drinks are on Scotty……I’m givin ‘er everything she’s got cap’n.

  3. Right, this is a clear example of how these douchebags are a protected class above us mundanes, the rules are for us, not these arrogant porkers.

  4. retarded policeman.
    shouldn’t there also be designated spots for wounded warriors, senior citizens, disadvantaged minorities, public servants, green vehicles, single mothers, oppressed transgenders, and underprivileged immigrants. There are so many other groups deserving designated parking allotments.
    By mandating hundreds of different complex parking restrictions that vary by municipality, everyone will be made to consider the law before so much as parking their vehicle. A small gesture of simple authoritarian engineering yields enormous results.

  5. I get the point here, but think about it. Cop . . . handicapped . . . see the connection?! These low-IQ, low-conscience, sociopathic, political-class predators ARE handicapped. That’s why they’re hired. They are certified by P.O.S.T.-handicappers instead of doctors, and hang their window placards on their shirt pockets and call them badges!

  6. Of course I hate the whole idea of gunvermin mandated ‘handicapped’ parking spots. Private businesses want to maximize their business and will provide what they deem appropriate. Do Lowes and Home Depot really need as many spots as Walmart?
    But then there is the arrogance of parking in a reserved spot to which you are not entitled. When I see someone w/o the appropriate ‘license’ getting out of a car parked in an H spot, I like to say “That means physically handicapped, not mental.”

    • Amen, Phillip.

      A private business has every right to set “terms and conditions.” To have – or not have – handicapped access. And so on.

      But the story/video is valuable because it shows the contempt of the enforcer class for the rules they enforce on others.

      • I went to a small college in Illinois, that had a gym built long before the days of Americans with Disabilities Act and well most building codes for that matter. Not one inch of that building was usable by someone in a wheelchair, and was not very friendly to those who couldn’t walk well, with lots of stairs and steps (it was built into a hillside to hide its bulk with most of it below the parking lot down the hill). I suppose the builders of that old gym figured disabled people would have little use for it.

        But the state of Illinois required we have 8 handicapped parking spots (in reality 16 spots since each spot required 2 regular spaces) for that building even though most handicapped would not get past the front step let alone get inside the lobby (they figured by the square footage). Keep in mind there isn’t one college on the planet that has enough parking. Those 16 spots ate up almost a quarter of that parking lot. So people would be circling that lot looking at 16 empty spaces they couldn’t park in.

        The building manager finally got sick of the complaints about the parking lot and put garbage bags over the all the signs but one to put 14 spots back into use. Had someone made a complaint, the college probably would have gotten fined. Mindless regulation like that needs to go bad. Its not like the people running a college have no brains right?


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