Reader Question: The New Camaro vs. Classic Mustang?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Mike writes: My new Camaro has really made me think of my first car; a 1971 Mustang “flatback.”

You couldn’t see a damn thing out the back of that one either and in a world without backup cameras, the guy at the bumper recycling place knew me on a first-name basis. The first time I walked in, he looked at what I was carrying, and said “Oh yeah, ’71 through 73 Mustang. Just drop it anywhere and go grab one off the rack over there.”

Anyway, the new car is so reminiscent of my first car, that I put the following graphic together, blending the two.

I was shocked to learn that they are within a half inch of the same length (I would have sworn the Mustang was longer) and the graphical comparison is just amazing. No wonder it takes me back. But wow, look at the change in wheels and tires!

Note: my first car was not a 429 Mach 1 – it was a 302 3-speed manual with power nothing; but it looked great, and boy did I have fun!

My reply: You should have taken a side-by-side of the new Camaro vs. a classic Camaro! I did that a few years back and was startled by how much larger – and wider – the new car is vs.the old one. It (the new one) is a huge car in comparison.

The new Mustang’s proportions are closer to those of the ’60s and ’70s-era cars. I actually prefer it to the new Camaro – and I’m a long-time GM F-car guy (I’ve owned five of them). But there’s no arguing with the new Camaro’s power/performance. The base car – with the turbo four – is quicker than a ’70s-era V8 Z28  . . .though I’d much rather have a ’71 Z28/RS with the LT-1 and a four-speed!

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  1. Pulling up behind a new Camaro I was struck by how the back being cut out and ramps installed, I could drive the wife’s 95 right into it. If one were up beside you, you had to look UP to see the whole car.


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