Reader Question: Classic Datsun?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Michael asks: Love your website and its great to hear your thoughts on Tom Woods podcast. An older family friend has a nice ’73 Datsun 240z that he might be willing to part with. Interested in your thoughts on that particular model and what the value might be. Cheers and keep up the great work.

My reply: Early Z cars are very desirable! Along with the Toyota 2000GT, the 240 (and 260) Zs are probably the most desirable early Japanese sports cars. The Z has a magnificent in-line six, like an early Jaguar E-Type, only more reliable. These cars can be driven every day; are very tractable and also get good gas mileage – even relative to what’s available today. 

The main weakness of all early Japanese cars is their greater susceptibility to rust. That is the main thing to check for – thoroughly – before you decide to buy. The rest of the car is easy and relatively inexpensive to maintain and repair. Mechanical parts are readily available and there is strong aftermarket support.

It is also an excellent investment as these early Zs are only going to go up in value.

I’d be on this like skis on fresh powder!

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  1. I’ve had several of these – well, 280Zs (not ZXs) anyway. I lost a couple to rust – it can be fixed but will be very expensive. As said, the engines are very durable and very easy to fix. And even though they rust, they handle quite well in the snow, much better than the rear-wheel drive cop cars of the same era.


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