A Peck on the Neck

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A vampire’s continued existence depends on the continuous flow of the blood of the living. The same principle animates Tesla and other purveyors of electric cars – who are about to receive another $2 billion-plus from FiatChrysler (FCA) over the course of the next three years.

This ought to stave off bankruptcy long enough to bankrupt legitimate car companies like FCA (which choose not to purvey electric cars, because people aren’t buying them).

After which, the vampire will feast on the blood of us – directly, this time.

The cash infusion is performed via what is styled the “purchase” of carbon credits. These are purchases in the manner of our “contributions” to Social Security – i.e., they are extorted payments made under duress for something the victim would never freely pay for if he had the option to say no.

The “credits” being “purchased” are for electric cars not built by FCA. Instead, FCA pays Elon, et al, to build them and gets the “credit” for the supposed reduction in C02 “emissions” (it takes many italics and  air quotes to parse government-speak) achieved thereby.

Supposed “emissions” because the determination is based entirely on what comes out of a car’s exhaust pipe – and of course, electric cars haven’t got one at all and this is why they are regarded as “zero emissions” vehicles (ZEVs) from a regulatory standpoint. But from a factual standpoint – assuming the object of this exercise is a reduction in these C02 “emissions” – the logic is flawed because electric cars produce lots of C02 in the course of their manufacture.

Mining for materials and all the associated processes isn’t an “emissions” free endeavor; in fact, it has been calculated that the much-more-intensive mining/manufacturing involved in obtaining the materials needed for an EV and the actual building of the EV plus the generation of electricity to power the EV produce at least as much C02 as the typical IC car does, just not at the same time – and not at the same place.

This difference in source ought to be a regulatory irrelevance – if “climate change” is a real worry and the object of this exercise is really the reduction of “greenhouse” gasses such as C02.

Of course, it’s not because if it were, EVs would not be considered ZEVs – which they objectively aren’t.

Government regulators actually aren’t idiots, generally speaking. They are, however, despicably dishonest.

They know, among many other things, that “zero emissions” EVs is a fraud. But it’s one that serves a purpose and so the fraud is overlooked – for now.

Until the purpose has been realized.

They also probably know that catastrophic man-induced “climate change” is a fraud. They certainly know that the things which used to be obsessed about in terms of “emissions” – i.e., the uncontrolled byproducts of internal combustion –  are no longer an issue and accordingly, neither is smog – so they had to gin up a new “emission” in need of being controlled.

This time, one that could only be controlled via elimination. Of cars, you see. First, the non-electric ones. But there will be a next

Enter carbon dioxide.

And in place of smog, “climate change” – rebranded “global warming,” which didn’t sell well when it was noticed there was cooling going on.

Laws were passed stipulating that a certain number of vehicles sold in a given state – California, for example – had to be “zero” emissions electric cars. If you didn’t make electric cars, as most of the industry still doesn’t, you had to “purchase” credit for not building them – i.e., pass money over to Elon, the principal beneficiary of the blood-letting.

As he grows redder in the cheek, the victim turns ever whiter.

This is not accidental.

The choicest victims are those – like FCA – which have adamantly continued to build cars (and trucks) whose carbon “emissions” are not “zero” – because they are measured the tailpipe – but which are still nothing more than the equivalent of a parrot coughing in the Superdome as far as altering the atmospheric balance of C02 to any extent that might lead to a harmful result.

If you dinna believe that, first read up on just how much of the atmosphere actually is carbon dioxide – and then read more about the sum total added to that by cars.

It is a very small number made to seem very large – and  very scary – by the modern era’s equivalent of the old tribal witch doctor, who served the interests of the tribal chief by keeping the tribesmen in perpetual terror of the sun failing to rise and the rains never to return.

Unless, of course, they bowed their heads, asked no questions and did what they were told.  Then Crom would be appeased… .

This assertion can easily be proved by simply observing the fact that “zero” emissions electric cars are not. Since their “emissions” in the aggregate are in fact just as much as those of many current IC cars and therefore just as much a “threat” to the health and well-being of life on this Earth as those IC cars, why are their “emissions” being given a pass?

The only answer that makes sense is not the answer people want to hear – because hearing it might make them think about things which don’t bear thinking about, like the improbability of a steel-framed building with a dozen or more structural hard points collapsing symmetrically and at near free-fall straight down onto its own footprint.

EVs will be considered “zero” emissions for just as long as it takes to suck the life out of the IC car business. Once the corpse falls to the ground, the vampire will seek fresh blood.

Elon, you see, isn’t really Dracula at all. He is more like Mr. Renfield – the count’s stooge.

In time, Elon will discover this, too.

And then, so will we.

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  1. Musk gets almost nothing compared to the military-congressional-industrial complex contractors that he routinely blows out of the budget pool with his SpaceX accomplishments.
    None of the BIg 3 have produced anything as innovative, automotively.
    All of that said, we’d save more money by ending foreign aid than by cutting off Tesla, and have more to show for it.

  2. Building 7 had the same foot print fall from an office fire too. Surprisingly the pentagon did not collapse on itself despite being hit by an airplane which we have no footage of that happening either.

    • Actually “We” do, somewhere. As I believe the FBI confiscated all video tapes in the area that day. Maybe a FOI request would show something? No, we cannot be allowed to see the truth.

      • And wasn’t it a happy coincidence too, that the “plane” just happened to hit the Pentagon on the very day it was being audited for the disappearance of how many billions of dollars? -and makes a direct hit on the very office where the audit is taking place, so that all of the pertinent documents are destroyed!

        My, my……wasn’t that convenient. What were the odds!

        • Hi Nunz,

          I’ve mentioned this before, but once more – because it is important: I grew up in the Northern VA suburbs and so know the area around the Pentagon very well. Even back then – 2001 – there were cameras everywhere. Hundreds of them – if not thousands – in the hands of all the tourists who were out and about on that beautiful, warm fall day. In addition to the government and private security cameras.

          Yet not one video recording or still pic has emerged – that I am aware of – showing a 757 in flight, flying erratically and low toward the Pentagon.

          It defies credulity to believe no one – on that day, of all days – noticed the big, loud commercial jet coming in… and raised their camera/video rig to film it.

          That, alone, makes my bullshit detector go berserk.

          • Just think of what you could find if you had the appropriate security clearance to look through the FBI’s dead case evidence room, where they put all the videos they confiscated that day.
            Those taken on April 19, 1995 in OKC would be equally interesting.

            • Those videos are probably in the same place as Apollo Moon mission data…..next to the remains of the victims of Hitler.

          • Remember Ted Olson’s telephone tales?

            We still don’t know what exactly caused the small hole in the C Ring….

        • And in the same place all the records of the shortfalls were stored. And a 37 meter wingspan only making a hole 6 meters wide.

    • Nothing mentioned of the gold repository under the old WTC, or the multi-billion insurance policy taken out on WTC just weeks before the “attack”, or the billions of dollars in repairs necessary (asbestos removal) to bring the WTC up to code.

      Building 7… FBI and CIA had accounting offices in WTC 7. Conveniently destroyed with the Pentagon’s accounting files.

      What was going on at the time? Contra-gate? And the investigation into the CIA’s drug dealing.

      Nothing to see here… pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

      • I’m with you, JM- but just a few fact-checks:

        The WTC was not subject to building codes- having been built by the The Port Authority of New York (Codes, like most other laws, are only for us mundanes to be subject to!)- and they can’t retro-actively mandate them on a building that was built before the codes, or (in the case of the WTC was never subject to them- so even though Jew-bastard Silverstein became the owner…it really wasn’t an issue. (The fact that he even bought that stupid thing, is suspicious enough! Why would a shrewd businessman buy something that had never been a commercial success/had never been even close to fully rented; and that was built shabbily and falling apart, UNLESS he knew/had a hand in what was to come?)

        Gold repository? Never heard of that one. I believe that stuff is kept at the Federal Reserve Bank- a few blocks south of the WTC. (Unless that changed)

        • Unless there is evidence to the contrary, I would presume that Jewbastard Silverstein and his fellow investors such as GMAC Commercial Mortgage and Westfield America (don’t know if those were run by Jewbastards) thought they could turn it around and make a few shekels off the place. (Of course Jewbastards owning or leasing real estate in New York City is a rare and suspicious thing in and of itself, right? 🙂 ) Normal commercial insurance covered “terrorism” prior to the 9/11 attack, or rather, did not specifically exclude it.

          That’s not to say of course that the official gunvermin story isn’t a pantload. The Military-Industrial complex depends on constant war for its wealth and power. My own take on it is that, like Pearl Harbor, the gunvermin probably knew the attack was coming and did nothing in order to firmly involve us in the Forever War against “Terror”.

          • Thing is, Jason, I’ve seen how those Jews operate in real estate in NY all of my life. They don’t buy places that have been failures since day one and for 27 years of their existence. They speculate by buying land that isn’t hot yet, and then building on it; or by buying something that is old and decrepit, and tearing it down and redeveloping. They DON’T pay good money for something that has always been a failure and which has little prospects for commercial viability, and then hope to do a little better. Sorry- not their M.O. That would be the gentile way of doing it. The Jews aren’t stupid.

            WTC fits the latter scenario above- There was no way to really “tear it down”- it would have cost so much, that the money could never be earned back; plus anything that would replace it would be subject the decades of enviroinmental studies; planning discussions and all of the other graft processes inherent in NY (It literally took 30 years to start redevelopment of an old train yard and meat-packing plant on the edge oif the slums in Brooklyn, to construct an arena and some apartments!).

            Thanks to 911, the WTC was demolished in a day; They got double their money back; and had their Neocon buddies use our money to fight the enemy of Israel- Saddam Hussien- who had nothing to do with the WYC.

            If that wasn’t the perfect crime, by those who had the perfect motives…uh…sorry, but then I don’t know what is- because there is NO ONE else who conveniently had all of those motives (and more- those are just the biggies) and who got so many benefits from that event, while of course, escaping any remote implication in this politically-coirrect world where ya can’t call a spade a spade.

            Why do you keep defending these creeps? Is it “Flinderstein maybe? 😉 -Heck, that’d be like me defending The Crusades…..

            • I’m not defending anyone if there is actual evidence of wrongdoing. All I’m seeing though is speculation and assumption. (Jew creeps and Christian creeps have a lot in common – they are all creeps!)

              • I have to agree with ya there, Jason- The Jews couldn’t have done what they did without the Neocon so-called “Christians” [They’re as opposed to Christ as are the Jews!]- and the rabble of all sorts who sign up to fight Israel’s…err…I mean “our” wars, and kill and oppress those who have done them no harm.

                In this case, some Jews just happened to play a major role.

                Evidence? Now ya sound like one of those untruthers!

                Again, look at the motives; follow the money; and think: who got all of the benefit, including a war for no ostensible reason other than that the victim country was the avowed enemy of Israel.

                Isn’t that a little too much to be mere “coincidence”- knowing the way things work in this country, and the past history of the players involved?

                • I think it’s reasonable to want some kind of evidence for that kind of accusation. It’s obvious that the official narrative of what happened is bogus. (You can always tell when government is lying – whenever it says anything about anything.) Sussing out the details of what actually went down is another thing entirely.

                  It’s pretty much evident that what happened on 9/11 was orchestrated both to foment the Forever War and create a pervasive American Police Surveillance state. That part of it is not really open to question because we’ve seen it develop before our very eyes.

            • The Crusades get a bad rap because of modern political correctness and like all things modern political correctness touches there’s more to it.

              • What the PC Fascists leave out today is that The Crusades were a RESPONSE to the Muslim invasion of Europe! The Crusades were sent to put a STOP to the Muslim hordes invading Europe. Southern Spanish architecture is rife with Moorish influence; Exhibit A is the Alhambra in Granada.

                • MM, If that is your understanding, try watching ‘The Crusades’ by Terry Jones.

                  Or don’t if you are wed to your version.

                  • Yeah, the Calf-lick church was the de facto world superpower/empire of the time- using the various country/states of Europe as their matrix between themselves and the public and the world; They wielded a tyranny for hundreds of years which is rivaled only by the techno-military empires of today- like the US and Britain.

                    They effectively controlled speech and thought and affected a censorship and prisonm/execution complex again, rivaled only by the superpowers of today.

                    They were not “protecting” anyone or anything except their own power and empire; they were the aggressors; and it mattered not if their intended victims were Muslims, Jews or [what would later become] Protestants.

                    They were the continuation of the Roman Empire. The pope was effectively Caesar; and like all governments, it mattered not who or what you were, but rather whethewr or not you paid reverence to their authority and obeyed their dictates.

                    It was actually a CRIME not to attend “mass”- and the many who were imprisoned and executed for that “crime” were not foreign invaders, but merely residents who objected to the Roman religion or who merely wished to assert their own right to believe and do what they chose to.

                    Making the Catholic church out to be benign or even benevolent, just because they also rebuffed a few migrants, is like making the Soviets seem heroic for opposing Hitler.

                    It’s a false dichotomy- and I had no idea that such was being promoted; but I would bet cold hard cash that such a ploy originates from some implanted Jesuits.

                    FUCK the Catholic “church”, those murderous tyrants!

            • PS. Jason,

              Didn’t want to confuse the issue, so I’m posting this separately:

              Some of the reasons the WTC was never likely to become a commercial success (Apart from the fact that it was the work of government- which of course, guarantees that it will be a complete bumblefuck), are:

              It is in a bad location: For a building in which SO MANY people would work, if fully occupied, it is not located near a major express subway station. It is served primarily by 3 stations- one of them being a station that was built in 1917- a local station with narrow platforms (That was the one that was destroyed in the blast); the other being an inconveniently-located station from the 1930’s on a line that had poor service, and which was a big hassle to navigate (Lots of walking, long underground corridors with twists and turns) and the trains that serve it are inconvenient as far as transfering to the rest of the system).

              The third station, another local, narrow one from 1915……

              No matter how ya sliced it, the WTC was a pain to get to for daily commuters- and required a lot of walking- even if dropped at the curb outside of the building- between it’s plazas and the amount of walking one has to do inside to navigate the maze of elevators and get to an office….. Well, put it this way, when I worked as a messenger when I was a kid, I HATED having to go to the WTC, as it was a real time-killer!

              Bus and taxi service to it was horrible, also, since all of the streets around it are very narrow and always clooged with traffic, even by NYC standards.

              People hated working the building- as their were constant elevator issues. The ventilation was very poor; and above a certain floor, people could get spooked by the swaying of the building (Not to mention, those with weak stomachs had major issues with the express elevators- which accelerated and decelerated quickly. It was pretty cool actually- but some people don’t like having their stomach in their mouth)

              Maintenance was a huge problem- not necessarily because of the quality of construction or lack thereof- but because it was just so expensive in a buiilding of that size; maintenance mnen could spend large amounts of time just traveling around the buildings; and, of course, like everything else in NYC, maintenance was horribly neglected in the 70’s-and when you neglect maintence on something of that scale…it’s hard to ever catch up.

              What always struck me about it, was that for downtown NYC- a thriving, crowded place- inside the WTC it felt like Wyoming. It felt deserted. (In later years, I believe they actually closed off many floors and sections, to consolidate the space, to both save on maintenance, and to maker it feel more “used”…lived-in [i.e. so that people would not realize that it was half empty].

              I could go on…but you get the idea. There was not much anyone could do to mitigate the poor choices that the PANYNJ had made when they picked that location and built the place.

              A nice nukular demoliton sure fixed some of those problems though…..

            • Probably an example is in order: If you wanted to say that the Rosenbergs were stinking kikes who sold our atomic secrets to the Russians I would have no problem with that because there is specific evidence to support the accusation. Likewise if you wanted to call Joseph Stalin a filthy baptised Christian responsible for the death of millions, that would be OK as well since there is ample evidence of it.

              If you are going to accuse a person or group of people, regardless of ethnic background, of being complicit in the horrific murder of thousands of Americans as far as I’m concerned it’s going to take more than “I know how those guys operate.”

              • Again, Jason- it has nothing to do with “ethnic background”- There are plenty of Jews I have no problem with (One of my favorites was my friend’s late busioness partner- a Hungarian Jew, born in Transylvania- who evaded the Nazis by hiding in an out-house).

                When I say Stalin was a filthy “Christian” or Hitler was a scumbag Catholic, it has nothing to do with the their professed religion or ethnicity…it is just a fact.

                Of course we’ll never have real proof of what really happened, and of all those involved- but, just as any detective would do in a murder investigation, if you want to make a list of the most likely subjects, you see who has the greatest motive(s), and who benefited the most from the crime(s).

                Of course, the Shrub crime family is just as involved.

                • I think we are basically on the same page, Nunz. I just tend to be a bit more like the old saying about people from Missouri – “show me” (i.e., some kind of evidence). Things do have a way of coming out though it can take some time – for example there is evidence that we knew the Pearl Harbor attack was coming but FDR and crew did nothing.

                  I actually have no problem with politically-incorrect descriptions my wop friend. 🙂 I frequently use them myself but try to reserve the really nasty ones for the individuals who deserve it.

                  • Agreed, Jason!

                    Funny- I was actually thinking of the Pearl Harbor thing as I wrote that last post!

                    I don’t know sometimes if it’s so much that the info comes out…or that it was there all along, but just isn”t accepted by those who are close to the actual event. It’s more easily accepted by those who are a couple of generations removed from it.

                    So too with 911- I think we’ve all got a pretty good handle on it. We lack actual proof, and don’t ALL of the details…but just looking at the evidence we can see the obvious- and we choose to accept that evidence, whereas many who worship the state and or derive their own legitimacy from it, don’t WANT TO see the obvious truth.

                    Oh, and that Hungarian Jew I mentioned, who evaded the Nazis? He was “the other sort” of Jew- which I guess is why he was slated for extermination by the Nazis… He was a poor Jew, who wasn’t good at business.

                    I used to tease my friend: “Leave it to YOU to pick a Jew who ISN’T good at business, to go into business with!” 😀

                  • How would FDR be ignorant of the accommodation that he had negotiated with the Emperor?
                    The Honolulu paper had a front page article about the anticipated attack a week before.

          • They also allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur so they could pass the USAPATRIOT Act, which took our rights away and gave us the surveillance state…

            • Yeah, MM, funny how they just that Patriot Act sitting around just waiting for an excuse to be put into effect, eh?!

              WTC had been planned for a LONG time. I knew this minister- an old man- back in the 80’s, who actually was the one who got me into political conspiracies; the NWO, and such. He had stated in 1987 (Well, earlier, actually- but that’s when I heard it) that this was going to happen.

              I don’t mean the exact details…i.e. that it was going to be the WTC, etc. – but that there would be some major pre-planned “false-flag”
              type catstrophe right around the turn of the century, which would be used as an excuse for them to destroy what was left of our rights and erect a virtual police state, without so much as a whimper from John Q Public- as such would need to occur in order for them to hasdten the NWO and the shift of power and gutting of what remained of traditional American society.

              I remember the morning of 911 when I first saw what was happening, I said “This is ut!”

              I had previously mentioned this scenario to a few family members and friends- but of course, after 911, when I reminded them that this was exactly what we had discussed, and here it was, coming to pass before their eyes, they conveniently “forgot” our past conversations, as they were mesmerized by the TV and “the brave cops and soldiers”, as they predictably called for the blood of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussien and Casper The Friendly Ghost and nyone else the TV fingered as being “the bad guys”- except, of course, the real bad guys- one of who was off reading a story book some kids when the event occurred.

              • The USA PATRIOT Act is a sloppy acronym for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. It was on the shelf before Cheney was talking about needing a new Pearl Harbor.
                Hitler’s Enabling Act was waiting for the Reichstag Fire in similar fashion.
                Bush and Hitler were little more than spectators in their respective acts of treason.

                • Spectators? Hardly. They weren’t the masterminds…but they were certainly the willing servants of those who were; and faithfully did their bidding and played their respective parts.

              • The Patriot Act was cobbled together from failed Clinton era legislation.

                Remember when the Clinton administration was trying to bring about a police state and it was stopped in congress?

                Well they cut and pasted all that failed legislation and created the Patriot Act. Hence there’s a perfectly good explanation of why it seemed ready to go, it would take about ten minutes to compose. Even with a 2001 era computer.

                • And Brett Kavanaugh was responsible for a good deal of that legislation- hence the media circus surrounding his nomination to distract everyone from the fact that he is a deep-state power-player.

    • Since 911, several high rise hotels in the savage east have caught fire and burnt for over 20 hours and into several days, yet none collapsed. Same with those shitty Greenfell towers in UK. 4 days of intense fire and still standing.

      • Here’s something else to consider WRT steel and fire: the Junkers Jumo 004 turbojet engines (i.e. the engines that powered the Me 262 in WWII) was made of steel, as were the Tumansky R-15 engines powering the MiG-25 interceptor. Jet engines burn jet fuel! Jet engines have a fuel sustained fire. Well, if they’re made of steel, isn’t that proof positive that fire did NOT bring down WTC 1,2, and 7? How could jet fuel fires bring down WTC 1 and 2, which had steel girders? How could a jet fuel fire bring down WTC 7 when it wasn’t even HIT by an airplane? What about that Spanish skyscraper (the name escapes me) that burned for 20+ hours?

        • I’ve posted this before so this will be a very brief overview.

          The official NIST “explanation” is that the impact knocked the fire protection off the floor trusses and the fire then caused the thin small floor trusses to soften. The floor loads then made the trusses sag and the sagging pulled the damaged main structures down.

          It is of course nonsense. Examination of how the towers were constructed show that the floor trusses only held the floors up. They did not have the strength or the connections to the core or ‘tube’ (outer walls) to pull anything. If they pulled something it would members that were already swinging in the wind. If NIST were correct the interior floors would have failed but the core and tube would have remained standing. The floor trusses were not capable of rerouting building loads either. Looking at the drawings the math is clear.

          What NIST did was to keep changing their simulation until they got what was seen without using any other destructive inputs. I do simulations myself, it’s standard practice to change your boundary conditions and loads until you get the failure you had in reality. But you have to be aware not to cross the line into absurdity. Somewhere they set the conditions to an unrealistic state and got an absurd answer.

          • Brent, I think you’d agree buildings made of concrete and steel don’t vaporize and fall into their own footprint.

            The coup de grace was building 7 being “pulled over” as Silverstein corrected himself when someone pointed out he said to “pull it”. There is nothing, not in any amount that would/could have pulled over that building. But people believe what they want. It’s not nearly so easy to go to sleep at night knowing it was all a planned event and the explanation a complete sham. No, no, just don’t tell me, I don’t want to hear it.

        • The NIST report was put together by incompetents. Building 7 was heavily damaged by debris from the North Tower’s collapse, not office fires. There is an aerial picture showing the massive gash in the facade.

          • Hi Handler,

            I’ve seen the pics of the damage to 7 before it collapsed but remain baffled by the almost linear/almost perfectly vertical drop onto its own footprint. A partial collapse or a collapse in stages, ok. But how does the entire structure just go down – and at near freefall speed, indicating almost no resistance as the upper portions pancake downward? I’m not a structural engineer but I understand the basic concepts involved in erecting a steel-framed building and the way 7 fell just doesn’t make any sense to me – unless all the supporting columns were cut or destroyed (“pulled”) at just the same moment, as in a controlled demolition.

            I’m open to being educated, if I’ve bought into something untrue…

              • Avoiding the saying of the obvious, one thing that strikes me when I see something like that, is how short-lived these more modern skyscrapers are. They become economically and or structurally obsolete in 40 years, give or take a few.

                The OLD skuscrapers were not so; the ones built from c. 1910-1950. Seems like most of the demolitions ya see, are of buildings built after 1950- and often after 1960 or 70- outrageous, considering what it cost to errect them.

                No one named Silverstein would buy a first-of-it’s-kind skyscraper which tested the limits of the genre, which was built in 1974 by a dysfunctional government entity of a bankrupt city……

                By-the-way, I didn’t mean to convey the idea that ol’ Larry was the mastermind; surely, whoever was the ultimate architect [pun intended!] of that crime, had to be someone who had access to classified information, in order to time it just right (i.e. just when there were air maneuver exercises taking place at that exact location and time); and had the ability to set up the demo;ition infrastructure unhindered and under guard of government protection, etc.)

                I remember walking past the WTC late at night c. ’94(?) before the first “bombing” of the basement. There were strange things going on; the place was heavily guarded, to the point where they’d stare you down just for looking their way as you walked past.

                Then they try and tell us that some Moozlims just somehow wandered into the basement and planted some bombs? LOL…yeah…right! You couldn’t get near that building; and there was so much going on after hours in that cellar (You could tell by the coming and going of official vehicles on the ramps that led to it) that you wouldn’t be able to take a leak without being pinched.

                  • You could be right- Can one insure and be the payee for a piece of real estate that they do not own?

                    If I rent a house or commercial building, I can get renter’s insurance….but that doesn’t cover the structure itself- I believe I can only insure (and get paid for) a place that I own (Whether free and clear, or with a mortgage- which means that I own it unless the mortgage is defaulted on).

                    I don’t see how that would work with a lease. I’m not saying though…just asking.

                    • I had read Silverstein and the other investors he worked with leased the property for 99 years. Good question on the insurance. Might have to do with the lease contract – if you lease a car you don’t own it, yet part of the deal is to maintain full insurance on it.

                    • Anyone can buy any kind of insurance on anything they want. All they have to do is comply with the contractual agreement that they signed. Legality is separate from the contract, since it has always been illegal to contract to violate the law.
                      Silverstein’s insurance specifically covered replacement cost without requiring that the proceeds went to that, so he pocketed them.

                    • I was thinking that, Jason- but with the leased car, you pay for the insurance, but the payment goes to the lessor -not you.

                      Not true- You have to have an “equitable interest” to be able to be the payee of an insurance contract- I can’t take out policy on your van or on your life- no insurance company would write it, since i have no equitable interest in either.

            • Eric,
              If you’ve bought into something untrue, you should know that the 3000+ members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have done the same thing, and they are suing the FBI for its failure to properly investigate the “attack.” http://www.ae911truth.org

          • Both the NIST and IPCC reports were reverse written by scientists who depended on getting their paychecks from government agencies and/or grants.

          • The damage to WTC7 is nothing compared to that suffered by WTC3,4,5, and 6. Those four buildings were standing at the end of the day.

  3. I am much saddened by my favorite car company – VW going all-in on Ev’s no doubt due to extortion by the US Feral Government, however wouldn’t it hilarious if VW made back all those fines by selling Carbon Credits, since they will many more than Elon and Co. When VW does it they will flood the market with relatively inexpensive EV’s ( at least relative to Tesla).

    The EV juggernaut will crash into the immovable object one of these days, a simple analysis of the lithium, silver and cobalt markets, not to mention the power requirement of these fast chargers shows that wall may be coming a lot sooner than most realize.

    Meanwhile, my Cayenne TDI still gets north of 30 MPG and my nieces Jetta 58 verified MPG on the way to Atlanta last week.

    My friend in Bratislava has a Polo TDI, he gets 80 mpg, for a car that cost him all of $15k

  4. Great analysis. When Mr. ford started building model T’s, I don’t think he received subsidies up the wazoo to build or sell his cars. Without huge piles of government money and incentives, EV’s would have died out years ago. You know that these contraptions are useless when the consumer and taxpayer is forced to ante up to keep non-competitive and non-profitable companies alive. This is why government fails all the time. It simply has no conceptual sense of profit/capitalism beyond it’s political agendas.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the kind words! Of course, I’m in agreement with you about electric cars – and would add that if it weren’t for the distortions created by government “incentives,” a sensible EV might have been designed by now. One that emphasizes economy and simplicity rather than speed and glitz.

  5. I got a comment banned from electrek.co on an article talking about the FCA payout scam. I said, “It’s not fascism when we tell ourselves the ends are green!” A mod removed it within 5 minutes but one person atleast commented claiming I was stupid or ignorant.

  6. I’ve been reading your articles on Zero Hedge for years, Eric, but this is the first time I’ve ever visited your site. THANK YOU for this site, because this is what Zero Hedge used to be, a libertarian haven. I’m sick to death of the American-flag-waving blind patriots and the hammer-and-sickle-flag-waving raving socialists that invaded what used to be the only website on which I ever posted a word. I’ve been reading here for hours now, and I have found a new home. Only questions are, what’s a “clover”, and what’s an “AGW”? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Hi Cantankerous,

      Thanks for the kind words and – welcome! We are glad to have you with us.

      An AGW is an Armed Government Worker. A Clover is one who worships AGWs!

    • zerohedge quality at least in the comments has plummeted. Just a bunch of folks who dont critically think these days. this is a good site.

      • I found zerohedge years ago. The comments were much like those of something along the lines of Yahoo, a bunch of idiots.

          • The former owners were very libertarian. They sold the site and it took a major nosedive. I’ve been a member of ZH for eight years, and the run-up to the 2016 election murdered that site. I used to learn more from the comments than from the articles themselves. Now the comments are all along the lines of either A: Trump 2020 MAGA fuck you commie pinkos! or B: The US needs single-payer healthcare because it’s the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t have it, and climate change is going to kill us all in 12–no, 10 YEARS!!1! if you don’t all become vegans and drive EVs and stop having children!! And also you all have white privilege and you’re misogynistic homophobic racists!!

            Pardon me whilst I gag, but I have a very low tolerance for bullshit, so I have all but stopped posting there, and I have a feeling I will soon stop reading there.

              • Eric, while your articles are always excellent, I have to say that this site has the best comment section on the internet! The handful of regulars here are most real Libertarians/Anarchists I’ve ever seen in one place! I spend far too much time on here…but it’s well worth it, as it’s always thought-provoking and edumacational!

                And it’s your articles that draw ’em!

  7. ZEVs….because we all know that the generation of the electricity needed to power the vehicles produces no emissions, right? (C’mon, we’re supposed to believe that! You don’t see any tailpipe on the cars…therefore there can’t be any emissions. Out of sight…out of mind. Don’t ask; don’t tell. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even think!)

    T’was in the low 40’s last night here in southern KY- coldest May in the 18 years I’ve lived here; guess their emissions-reducing plan is working! It hasn’t even gotten started in earnest yet, but I guess Mother Nature got wind of it, and it scared her into cooling down! Yeah, yeah…that’s it!

    • Hey Nunzio,

      That’s why I call them REV’s. PZEV’s are even more ridiculous. Is partial zero less than zero or more than zero? Do you think Bret Easton Ellis drives a PZEV?


      • Hey Ya, Jer,

        Ya know, there’s something wrong with humankind these days [Too many generations in the indoctrination camp; too much bread and circuses and electronic gizmos to allow logical thought…] when they can pull this BS off, in the open, to the mainstream- and nobody says a word (except for us loose nuts), but rather, they rush to adopt the language and virtue-signals of the con; and gladly comply, even at great personal cost.

        100 years ago, they wouldn’t have been able to put this junk past a bunch of rubes in the Ozarks; today, they can foist it successfully upon everyone from the “sophisticated” big-city dweller, to the farmer and small-town hick.

        Really scary, how they can now steer the masses, without so much as an audible objection or whimper, eh?

        • The propaganda is pervasive and relentless. Recently the wife was watching some Brit show about Wales and out of the blue they start talking about “Toxic CO2” being released into the atmosphere and destroying the environment. Had nothing at all to do with the show’s subject matter.

          They pound it into kids in the gunvermin skrools and what passes today for kids’ entertainment. (No Bugs Bunny for you, Junior, watch Captain Planet instead!) Then they pound it into adults via every mainstream news and media outlet. Try to explain that temperatures and the atmospheric CO2 level were much higher in the past, and today CO2 concentration is only a few times higher than plant starvation levels, well you’re just a “denier” and a crackpot. After all, everyone knows the earth is baking and the sky is falling and it’s all our fault!

        • “Really scary, how they can now steer the masses, without so much as an audible objection or whimper, eh?”

          It all started with the destruction of free thought and critical thinking via public schooling/human resource factories.

          • If you read John Taylor Gatto’s Underground History of American Education, that’s EXACTLY the intent of schooling! Why do kids change classes all the time? It’s a mind control device…

            • He’s a true hero to actual human beings.

              That’s why I refuse to marry and reproduce with a woman that believes in such an evil system.

          • …..And those who can actually think, and who haven’t accepted as irrefutable truth what the clueless teacher has read to them from some book, are labeled as clueless and ignorant by the zombies who simply and uncritically believe whatever is preached to them.

            • People have been programmed to define intelligence and success by having a college degree. If you don’t have one, you’re automatically an ignoramus and a failure. They really don’t even care if you’re happy in life or not.

              I still get a lot of shit from people (including family) about me dropping out of college to pursue my dream in the dog business. I taught myself the basics of animal husbandry and show and pet grooming from old books. The learning is non-stop! Even the old-timers tell me something new they’ve discovered with their dogs or a new grooming trick. I always have something to wake up to. I know I’ll never be wealthy doing it, but it’s something that gives my life meaning and purpose. A lot of people simply do not have that.

              • Hi Handler (and Nunz)!

                At the undergrad level, college (I’ve been) is a lot like high school. A smattering of things, most of which one could easily learn about on one’s own. But for my generation (Gen X) a degree was a necessary evil to get through the door into most professions, including – absurdly – journalism. For which the criteria ought to be: Is this person bright enough to understand an event or issue, gather facts and then compose a readable, mostly grammatical summary? If so, that person has the necessary “stuff” – even if they stopped attending formal school after the 8th grade.

                The whole college thing amounts to another licensing scam. I figure either a person can do something – or knows something – or not. If the former, then it doesn’t matter whether he has a piece of paper stating he knows/can do. And if the latter, it doesn’t matter whether he has the piece of paper, either.

                • Eric,
                  I spent a bit of time doing news on KGNU after having helped build the station. The CETA news director felt that I’d come along too late to prevent him from being forced to accept a woman with a BS in biology. I never bothered to get a degree in anything, but she was absolutely clueless when we were doing investigative reporting on the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, whereas I’ve always been geeky about the physical sciences. NPR still owes me for several voicers they used on All Things Considered. I’m not holding my breath…

                • Hey Eric,

                  “The whole college thing amounts to another licensing scam.”

                  This is truer than most people realize. The Federal government essentially decrees which institutions are legitimate through the accreditation system. The do not do so directly, but through accreditation agencies that they determine to be “legitimate”.

                  The value of a degree to an employer is mostly symbolic, in economics it is viewed as a signal. Problem is, that as ever more people go to college, the value of the signal decreases, which leads to signal inflation (higher and higher levels of degree). At the same time that the value of the product is decreasing, the price is escalating. This inverse relationship between price and value can only exist in a distorted, regulated market.

                  Without the Federal stranglehold on “legitimacy”, it is likely that platforms like the Kahn Academy and Praxis University would quickly outcompete and render worthless most traditional brick and mortar schools. Praxis is already making significant inroads by working with innovative business owners to provide education combined with apprenticeship.

                  Those with college age kids might do well to look at the program.



                • “At the undergrad level, college (I’ve been) is a lot like high school. A smattering of things, most of which one could easily learn about on one’s own.”

                  That’s what lit the fuse. I was already robbed 13 years of my life. At that point, I had no patience for their bullshit. It certainly didn’t help that I had picked an incredibly boring major that I had no interest in (healthcare administration) only because the money was there (debatable). I was miserable at college, and I was even more miserable thinking about my future.

                  It all had to come to an end.

                  “The whole college thing amounts to another licensing scam. I figure either a person can do something – or knows something – or not. If the former, then it doesn’t matter whether he has a piece of paper stating he knows/can do. And if the latter, it doesn’t matter whether he has the piece of paper, either.”

                  You hit the nail on the head. It’s a very expensive and time-consuming license.

                  • I really believe, that now-a-days, “higher education” is just a way of delaying peoplke’s entry into “the workforce”- making it less obvious that the jobs aren’t there.

                    While “we’re” edumacating “our” kids to work in administration and professions for which there are far too many applicants for too few jobs, we are importing foreign labor to do the real work.

                    And of what advantage is a degree, when everyone and their brother has one? – In debt for the rest of their life, often having no real skill (and ability is another matter- something which can not be conveyed), while they wash dishes when they graduate, and can’t fix a simple terlit.

                    And funny- but even if one counts prosperity as the desired goal (as if that is what makes one happy), still, of the several people I know personally, who are worth millions- not a one of them has any more than a high-school diploma. They were all busy ‘doing’ while their peers were out acquiring a piece of paper which certified that they should be able to ‘do’.

                    Those young energetic years, from one’s teens and through their 20’s, is a unique time in life, when most have unbridled energy, enthusiasm, and ability to endure; a time when one can truly achieve a lot, and build a foundation for the rest of their life- but most today throw those years away, playing schoolboy well into adulthood.

                    • Yup!

                      My brother (a banker) told me how many dentists in the region are committing suicide because of all the loans they’re unable to repay. It’s an incredibly expensive career to get into. You pretty much need to come from wealth to afford it!

                  • Morning, Handler!

                    That – plus the expense – which has ballooned to such an obscene degree I cannot grok anyone signing up who hasn’t got the synaptic firepower and drive for a serious engineering/doctoring career. Otherwise? A six figure debt load for a liberal arts BA is economic madness and guarantee that the victim will either be living with his parents or with his friends until he is 40.

                    Even engineering/doctoring seems doubtful given the additional (grad level) debt one must assume.

                    To give you some idea of just how awful it has become, the degree that cost me about $4,500 per annum at George Mason University now costs close to $20,000 per annum. I did not graduate in 1950, either.

                    Late ’80s.

                    That’s how much has changed.

                    I could afford to finance my degree working part time (nights, unloading UPS trucks).

                    Try that today.

                    • Today you could get a degree on your laptop at night, sitting in your sleeper at a truckstop. That is where the money is in trucking today, especially if you can get on with someone like Walmart that pays well and provides tuition assistance.

                    • Eric, that option was gone by early 1990s. I graduated HS about when you finished college. The financial aid racket punished me for working in HS and saving money. State school or private school the cost was almost triple yours including dorm room living. The math they used made any school I chose the same net cost.

                      Thing is had I spent my savings on a car the financial aid racket would have allowed me more grant money.

                      It wasn’t until my senior year that I started getting extra grant and scholarship money. All based on my GPA. And maybe my depleted savings.

                      And to think what the cars I would have bought then are worth now….

                    • Amen, Brent – I feel terrible for the kids today, especially. No wonder so many are buried in their phones. I probably would have gone trenchcoat mafia, myself…

              • Hey Handler & Eric,

                Ha! Tell me about it! When I dropped out of high-school, everyone around me acted as if I had pissed on a statue of the pope!

                I only started my edumacation after dropping out, when I would frequent libraries (no internet then) and research things that I was actually interested in and which had relevance to my life; by exploring every nook and cranny of NYC and environs (Well, I would ditch school and do that even before dropping out); and by being a man (instead of a schoolboy) by having my own little bidness and earning a living.

                While my peers have all been mired in the rat race for decades now… -ask them if they’re happy, and you’ll get the stock response: [unenthusiastically] “Yeah…I guess so; I have a home and kids and a decent job…blah, blah, blah”- all the things which they’ve been told constitue success- but how many of them have truly lived?! How many have pursued their dreams? How many of them can live where they choose and live a lifestyle other than that of a 9-5 slave?

                Encounter someone you haven’t seen since high school, and the resume is always the same: “Well, after high school I wnt to [insert name] university, and got married, then became an [insert profession or title] at…blah blah blah”.

                It’s the story of hundreds of millions of people. They’re groomed to play a part.

                Me? My life has been so interesting and fulfilling that it’s hard to do it any justice if I have to break it down into a 30-second synopsis!

                I don’t know many other men my age who can look back and say they have been fulfilled, and are truly happy. For most, it’s just the “I have all the trappings of success/happiness; therefore I guess I am happy”- but the things they dreamed about as kids, or really wanted to do, will always be just daydreams; whereas I have actually lived those things!

                I’ve never had to do the 9-5; I’ve lived with a great deal of freedom and autonomy. I’ve had interesting and varied careers- from day-trading commodity futures to raising cattle! I’ve experienced so much, from, living in the ‘burbs, to the big city, to small towns, and the country.

                I’ve seen and experienced so much. That would not have been possible pursuing the typical HS->college->marriage/fambly/kids->9-5 routine.

                But people are told that that routine is the way…so they strive to buy into it from adolescence; and by the time they are in their 20’s they are mired in it; and before long, they are raising their kids to do the same. Clones making clones.

                That’s what that piece of paper earned them. A lifetime of debt, servitude and compromises.

                But as Frank Sinatra sang, “I did it MY way!”.

                Life has been a blast. If I were to croak today, I can say that I am fully satisfied and have NO regrets. And I have continued learning and growing throughout my life; Not having believed the nonsense taught in the comformity camps, I have been free to pursue thought and truth and real knowledge, without all of the hindrances of having accepted a bunch of contradictory mumbo-jumbo and theories and quasi-science which most accept just because they’ve never been exposed to an alternative, and because an authority figured spewed it, and everyone around them accepted it as though it were fact.

                • Very well said!!!

                  These droids will also tell you they took their family on an expensive family vacation to Disney World. Why would anyone want to visit a stupid theme park located in a hot and humid place like Orlando? Is that their idea of living a quality life?! The masses are truly conditioned to be connoisseurs of mediocrity.

                  • Right?!, Handler!

                    Spend thousands to go to a friggin paved-over swamp and stand in lines for hours on end while paying extortionist prices for simple everyday junk food, in an environment created by a corporation run and staffed by people who would make Hitler look friendly. INSANITY!!!

                    And most “vacations”- between all of the traveling; the hectic schedules; activities, etc. most people could truly use a vacation when they come home from such an endeavor.

                    And all for what? To go to some cliche place that we’ve all seen a million times in photos; to see an artificial reality- a show- put on for foreigners. They travel a few thousand miles to eat at an unfamiliar restaurant.

                    My mother said to me a few months ago: “You should take a vacation”. I said “My life is a vacation”, then, motioning toward my land, I said “I go to town for a few hours to shop and run errands, and I can’t wait to get back!”.

                    I can’t think of one place I’d like to go, unless it was someplace I was intending on not returning from. And since I don’t submit to the TSA thugs, it’d be a long drive, for something at the other end that isn’t as good as what I have here every day.

                    A relative sent me pics of their kid graduating from something- college, I think. I met the kid once when he was about 4. I don’t know him- and considering that he was dressed-up in gown and flat-top silly hat, like several thousand others around him, and that he was going to work for police department….I did not make one comment nor ask one question about the pics. It could have been anybody- what’s the difference? That’s supposed to be a “significant life event”? It’s the same as that of millions of others; everyone dressing the same; everyone playing a role; everyone has the same pics in their albums…..only the faces are different.

                    Ask me about the memorable moments of my life: They are not rehearsed events which everyone experiences- but rather the little snippets of real spontaneous life; the things which are uniquely mine. Or enjoying time with a loved one- not because it was expected of them to participate (and bring a gift! :D]- but because it’s what WE chose to do…..

                    I don’t know. This world baffles me. I’m glad that at least SOMEONE else “gets” it!

                    (Why do you get me started? You know I’m gonna rant! 😉 )

                    • They also like to spend most of their time taking pictures to show off on social media. Why not relax and enjoy the moment of your supposedly awesome vacation?

                      It’s like people are becoming less and less human.

                      Hey, your incredible rants are one of the reasons I love Eric’s Place!

                    • Awww, thanks, Handler!

                      Now don’t get me started on Las Vegas! (Everything in that place are the very things I have always sought to get as far away from as possible!)

                • I quit high school three weeks into the second semester of my senior year.
                  I left the school with a letter signed by the principal explaining that I had completed the requirements to graduate and would receive a diploma after they were printed in the spring. I started a job as a wireman in a Western Electric plant one week later, earning $800 a month, in 1972.
                  Knowing what I know now, I would have loaded up my senior year with every vocational elective they would let me take.
                  My peak earning year was my last year in longhaul, averaging 13K miles a month at 21 cents a mile, in 1994.

        • “Ya know, there’s something wrong with humankind these days”
          You mean mankind, right? Funny how that PC indoctrination slips into the vocabularies even of people who are aware of the indoctrination.

  8. Big CO2 polluters:
    World Lion Population: 20,000 est
    Estimate vol of adult lion lung: 8 L
    Times a day a human/lion inhales and exhales evil CO2: +/- 30,000
    Days in a year: 365
    8L of CO2 in pounds: 17lbs
    Over 1 year the worlds lion population generates 31.5 Trillion pounds of CO2.

    The worlds population of adult humans (we will just use 7.58 billion for clarity) exhales 1,187,000,000,000,000,000 pounds of CO2 per year on top of that.

    • Don’t ignore the daily emissions of highly flammable fart-gas. People may have to be fitted with catalytic converters on their anuses, each individually fitted at, collectively, colossal expense. No price is too high when it comes to saving the planet.

    • The average adult lion weighs 420 pounds. The comparison will be unfair until the average adult human weighs likewise. Give it a few more years.

      • That’d be about right for the typical American negress whose subsisted on welfare since she was born. Amazingly, some negro buck(s) will have mounted her several times and she’ll still have her own brood, also raised entirely at taxpayer expense.

  9. Hey Eric,

    I make a point of referring to ZEV’s as REV’s (remote emission vehicles). If I really want to annoy them, I point out that EV’s just concentrate most of the pollution in the poorer, often darker, areas of town.


    • Most modern power plants are in remote places to allow the higher priced real estate in the cities to take advantage. The best place to put a coal-fired power plant is next to a coal mine, but I only know of one where that was done, and Obama tried to shut down the mine.
      Your scenario sounds like London during the development of smog.

      • We have a series of power plants in Victoria, Australia, that are located on top of and next to coal mines. 700 year supply of coal. Supposedly dirty brown coal, yet the Latrobe Valley where both are located is one of the greenest places in Victoria. The “greens” want them shut down to be replaced by fickle renewables.

  10. Did my part to help FCA replace that forced transfer: just took delivery of a Charger Hellcat, ha! “Rage, rage, against the dying of the spark plug…”

    God bless FCA and its unwavering support of our right to commute in a family sedan-cum-dragster 🙂

  11. At some point the Global PTB will decide that there are too many people for the “limited resources”, and will start culling the human population. There are several movies about this, very recent ones, in fact. So who will it be that gets axed, dusted, toasted……..RECYCLED? Better have an answer you can live with in the next 25 years….because YOU may just be tagged IT!

    • What do you think abortion is all about? Do you know 1.5 BILLION babies were aborted over the last few decades? What about the destruction of marriage and the family? What about easy divorce discouraging men from marrying and having families? The white, European race is becoming a minority; the other races will follow. I submit that the population is ALREADY being culled…

      • “The white, European race is becoming a minority; the other races will follow.”

        Are you saying that each of the “other races” will become a minority? In which case no one race will be a majority?

        The stats I’ve read say otherwise. World population in 1999 reached 6 billion. Now it is roughly 7.5 billion. A 1.5 billion increase in 20 years.

        Africa’s current populaltion is 1.2 billion. Asia’s is 4.4 billion. They are both growing at annual rates well above 2%. Africa has the world’s higest rate at 2.55%. More than half of global population growth between now and 2050 will occur in Africa even if their fertility rates decrease, based on current UN projections.

        Meanwhile White fertility rates are far below replacement levels, all White peoples of European descent worldwide comprise less than 8% of global population, and that percentage is in continual decline.

        Nonetheless these numbers do not gainsay the rest of you comment. .

        “I submit that the population is ALREADY being culled…”

        I say that White genocide by means other than outright military warfare is the agenda,

        To wit: Forced massive NGO-funded immivasion of hostile POC’s into White countries, marxist feminism, rampant female hypergamy, gynochratic anti-male laws and regulations, pervasive exposure of children and teens to increasingly decadent pornography, pro-abortion propaganda, ubiquitous diversity and race-mixing images in commercial advertising, affirmative-action college admission and hiring polcies favoring Jews, Asians, and Blacks making it increasingly difficult for more and more young White men to find employment lucrative enough to attract women and support families, constant media promotion of Black athletes and movie stars, purposeful denigiration of the White European cultural heritage in public schools, obsessive focus on “critical race theory” in social studies curricula, etc etc.

        My 2 bits.

        • Tell me about the AA! I was denied CONSIDERATION for a college scholarship because I’m a member of the Caucasian persuasion…

      • Try GMO… lol gutted Copenhagen for 30 years, no problems.
        Eat wheat products as of 5 years ago, I now have intestinal lesions, thanks Monsanto. No more grains for me.

        Soy, Soy lectin, Soy oil – Every food product is now chock full of soy. Not too bad for you if you are female. If you are male, your body metabolizes non fermented soy into progesterone, any Idea why there are so many man boobs?

        High fructose corn syrup… don’t even get me started. ~ obesity epidemic anyone?

        Irradiating fruits and vegetables to purify them? lol whenever you nuke your food you lose about 1/3 the nutritional value.

        Did you know they have changed the recipe for bread and took out an ingredient that was added specifically because most people have deficiency in it, can’t remember the specific chemical, I think it was in the bromide family.

        They have also removed iodine from most table salts.

        Why do you think they want everyone in the cities? Why are they trying to start a race and class war. The Ruling Class (global) wants the West coast cities, and possibly Europe, to be nuked. Why else would they be prodding China, Russia, and N. Korea?

        So yeah, Agenda 21 in full affect.
        if you haven’t heard of United Nations agenda 21 it has now been replace by UN agenda 30, they should still be able to be found on the UN website.

        • Yeah, soy and corn these days are pretty much guaranteed to be GMO. I gave up eating soy products years ago.

          Between the pesticides and the GMO, this is probably why SO many people these days have “allergies to wheat and soy”- It’s not the wheat and the soy they’re allergic to; the so-called allergies are in reality reactions to the glyphosate and GMO nonsense.

          Give a person who is “allergic to wheat” some home-grown organic wheat…he’ll be fine and have no problem with it. A few people have experienced this and have written about it online.

          I suspect the same is true about corn syrup- It’s not the corn syrup itself which is causing the evils ascribed to it; it’s the fact that the corn it’s made from is loaded with pesticides, and perverted by genetic engineering.

          • I was reading the other day that these moron “scientists” use various food based compounds in the vaccines. With the adjuvents (sp?) that turbo charge the immune reaction. It doesn’t take a deep thinker to see what that will do in some people.

            • From what I understand there is legislation in place that forbids us from suing the pharma companies for defective vaccine products, and there are special “vaccine courts” to adjudicate injuries caused by vaccines. That alone should be a big red flag but most people ignore it.

          • Nunz, don’t speak of me that way. I am really allergic to these products. I was born with genetic immune system problems. It’s a big deal and I try to stay away from GMO. It’s difficult when the neighbor, 100 feet away, has his land sprayed with all sorts of shit that pollute not only the air, trees and crops on my land, but poisoning the water table as well.

            Like a country song I head this last week, let’s keep something for our kids, don’t poison everything including water you have to buy. Of course people don’t even understand what’s going on. Excuse me, I have to get my ladder to take stuff out of the bed of my pickup, a bunch of herbicide I’m obliged to apply. I have the sprayer in my truck because we were able to slide the tank from one Chevy to the other. The other guy was going to drain the stuff out on the ground. The other guy was going to drain it off into the ground. I’ll kill some vegetation around my metal scrap pile and other trailers. I will probably use Epsom salts and simply kill the ground or use Vapam.

            • 8, years ago I went to look at this 60-something Ford one-ton with a stake body, which was for sale at a very reasonable price. It was a nice old truck, and I would have loved to have had it- but when I met the owner where it was, couldn’t find the key or something, so I told him to give me a call when he did.

              I only ever sat in the truck for a minute, and looked around it. It had a sprayer tank mounted in the bed- I forget if it belonged to a landxcaper or what- but by the next day after just LOOKING at that truck, I had broken out in a nasty rash all over my body!

              The owner called back a few days later. I told him I wouldn’t be buying it! Damn shame- it was one of the cleanest old trucks I’d ever seen in NY- I wish I had it today- sans the chemical residues! That truck was “me”- It was even that nice dark green color! Not to mention, that a truck that mint and clean would be worth a fortune today. (Not to mention that it would’ve been perfect for use around the place here, now!)

              • It’s amazing what some people do and seemingly don’t get hurt. I used to install tanks on tractors and and clean the emitters and adjust them to a specific GPM. I realized one day I couldn’t get the color of one particular banding agent off of me. It wore off and I simply quit. I kept my license since I needed to sometimes spray my fenceline that gets ruined by trees growing in it. I need to do that right now but I hate to get out there and have that stuff all in the air and in weather like this, I can’t stand to wear my gas mask. I’m the only person I have known to wear long heavy rubber gloves and a gas mask to mix chemicals but I’ve seen what has happened to those who didn’t.

                • Yeah, 8- I don’t like chemicals. You can be exposed to a chemical one time, and it might not even bother you, consciously- but then down the road, BOOM! You have some weird disease or cancer.

                  I’ve known a lot of guys who worked in autobody (My friend used to own 3 body shops)- ‘most of them were around before it was common to have all of the respirators and paintbooths, etc or doing it in make-shift cvonditions. Most of them have come down with cancer and/or asre drug addicts. (My friend posited this theory that the acclimation to all the chemical fumes primed them for drugs. I’ve come to believe that he may have something there.)

                  I’ve known this housepainter for the last 40 years- He was always a healthy and fit guy. Now he’s got cancer in the lymph system and digestive system. He can’t go to the bathroom on his own. I always said I suspected he’d get cancer from all the fumes he was exposed to.

                  In my late 20’s/early 30’s I used to love to explore the old abandoned RCA WW2 secluded radio building in the woods in Rocky Point NY. Turns oiut, it was a contaminated site (including radioactivity)- Now long bulldozed and “cleaned up”. Now I have this big lump on one side of my back…. Who knows?

                    • Thanks, Von, But at this point, I think the guy is hopeless. He went for the chemo (I warned him!) and of course, now the effects of the chemo have done him more harm than the actual cancer.

                      Once the chemo destroys your immune system, you’re done.

                      The bodyshop guy listened to me- rejected the chemo for his prostate cancer (which resulted in tumors attaching to his bones)- and is eating bitter apricot seeds. His doctor is stymied as to why his tumors have shrunk!

                      Hooked him up with CHIPSA- a natural cancer treatment place in Mexico, that seems to get all the good user reviews on independent websites- He was interested in going…but now that the apricot seeds have kicked in, he’s postponing it.

                      I told him better to go now while it’s still not too bad- than waiting till it gets worse. Better outcome the earlier you treat it- but he feels good now, so says he won’t go unless it gets worse. (And he’s got the money)


            • Very few immune system problems are genetic in origin. The vast majority of them are attributable to malnutrition like most other problems. I have spend increasing amounts of time investigating nutritional resolutions to my multiple health problems since the Internet became available to the public, with full success in every case.
              I eat copious amounts of animal and plant lipids constantly, yet show no sign of “excessive” cholesterol or artiosclerotic plagues in any of my blood vessels, thanks to vitamins A, D, and K-2 (MK-7). I can attribute this to having read “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life” by Kate Rheaume-Bleue. She can attribute her knowledge to the writings of the late Dr. Weston Price.

          • I didn’t know that you were a farmer and rancher that grows and raises all of your own food and eats nothing other than that, whcih you’d have to be to totally avoid the many different varieties of soybean-based additives in the American food chain.
            I don’t worry about what I eat because my nutrition comes from supplementation rather than eating.

        • I think it’s now “Agenda 2030”, but yeah, the elites want to eliminate most of us useless eaters and confine the rest to cities where they can more easily be contained and controlled.

    • Most third world countries aren’t going to play along. TPTB are still amazed by the effectiveness of the China One Child policy and would love to see it replicated. Of course reality is there are plenty of Chinese families with more children, they just had to pay a tax on the siblings. Or they were deemed “worthy” of more children for various social engineering reasons.


      • Eastern Europe is a very nice exception to his whole mess. They may be the future, in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic I see a lot of sanity starting to take hold.

        I might relocate to Slovakia in the next 2 years and watch the show from a distance.

        • The efforts of countires like Slovakea, Hungary, and Poland to ban immigration and retain their ethnic and racial homogeneity is commendable.

          But they also want the economic benefits (for now) of remaining in the EU. So, rather than decrease the total of hostile Muslims and Africans invading Europe as a whole, they have as a conscious tactic merely re-routed them from their entry points to those of their Western European neighbors like Germany and France.

          Don’t know about Slovakia, but both Hungary and Poland have stated that they do not want American men seeking residency in their societies and competing for their women and resources. In Europe, it seems, ethnic identification is as strong as racial, unlike here in the US.

    • Hey gtc,

      If justice prevailed, it would be Paul Ehrlich, the Club of Rome, all the “sustainability” technocrats, etc… Funny that those who preach that humans are a blight upon the world, never offer themselves up for extinction.

      This musical interlude seems appropriate here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUxkFCBPgx4


        • Hi Graves,

          Metal has the virtue of being music; there are instruments being played (musicians) and singing. Perhaps not fine musicianship (or singing) but nonetheless. What is “rap”? A mumbling/shouting of unintelligible doggerel “poetry” – which is not singing – accompanied by noises produced electronically (no musicians).

          Ergo not music.

          • I suspect that rap, like many other forms of music, has fallen a long way from what it used to be. We are going through a cheapening of art and a lowering of standards. Rap even 15 years ago had a lot of the problems you mention, but it was nowhere near as awful as the talentless autotuned mumble rap garbage floating around right now. Even my black friend says he hates it, which would leave me wondering who actually enjoys it, if I didn’t already know. It’s white dudebros who want to think they are gangsta. I worked with a bunch of them at the last burger joint I worked for and they always had that trash blaring on a wireless speaker somewhere in the kitchen. Was a great place to work, but the music turned it into torture, at least until late at night when someone with actual taste got hold of the speaker and changed the channel.

            • I worked with several members of a rock band in a pizza place in the late 1980s. One of them was a ringer for George Harrison, who he had never heard of.
              All the band members lived in the same house. I went to a party there one night, and when the drummer decided to take a break he let me sit in with a couple of other band members. After I’d been jamming with them for awhile, the drummer’s girlfriend wandered in and was shocked to find me playing the drums.
              Live music is always better than recorded if the players are equally competent.

          • You got it all wrong, eric. Just because rap music doesn’t move you, it is still very much music. In my middle-aged white person opinion, (also classically trained musician opinion) it is the best and most innovative pop music being produced today. I recommend Kendrick Lamar, or j. Cole to cut your teeth. But I guess Van Hagar is music. I guess we can spin free bird some more. Gay ass hotel California. And all the other classic rawk. They didn’t play their instruments nearly as much as you think.

            • Hi Anonymous,

              Rap moves me, all right… right out of the room where it is being eructed! I understand taste varies; just expressing mine.

              • Eric,
                In my experience, rap is usually more extruded than eructed, as if coming from the other end of the torso.
                I’ve found that music is a lot like comedy. The worse the product, the more obscenity is used to make up for it.

                • Well-said, Vonu… .

                  I’m no prude but I dislike repetitive profanity as much as I dislike illiteracy and incivility. I fundamentally dislike rap because it is abrasive and unpleasant. Whether it is “music” can be debated, I suppose. But a cretin mumbling/shouting doggerel is not “singing.”

                    • The fact that something sells does not necessarily mean it is good or laudable.

                      Millions support Obamacare, for example.

                    • Considering the state of the masses today- especially here in America, where the average person is extremely ignorant and has become accustomed to things of the lowest quality (And the demographics of rap-type ‘music’ are at the bottom of the cultural and intellectual pile- being truly ignorant cretins,m most of whom can not even manage a functional life) I’d say that mass appeal would be indicative of the lowest quality.

                      We live in an inverted world. Bach and Mozart don’t sell as well as Barney The Dinosaur or some throw-away autotuned nauseating 3-chord annoying mantra performed by some harlot- but some single-digit IQ third-world ghetto-dweller has mass appeal.

                      I listened to a few seconds of the kid; it sounds like every other whining lament released in the last 25 years……

                    • Hey Anon,

                      You’re welcome. I’m continually surprised at what I find valuable; stuff that is, ostensibly, outside of my “sphere’. I hope this continues.

                      BTW, it would be great if you “anons” could figure out a way to differentiate yourselves. I understand the impulse to remain anonymous, but it would be great to know who I am talking to.


                  • Hey Eric, Vonu and Anon,

                    Aesthetic preferences are not subject to objective analysis. I usually find some artists in most popular genres to be very valuable. As a high school kid, I hated Country and could not understand how anyone could like it. Obviously, I feel differently now.

                    The first rap song I admired was “The Message”. I still think it’s a masterpiece after all these years. Again, weirdly, it was my involvement in the punk scene that exposed me to hip-hop and rap. I related to the radical anti-authoritarianism of bands like NWA and Public Enemy. Run DMC were just fun as hell, and struck me as a black reincarnation of the spirit of 50’s Rock and Roll. Listen to their duet with Aerosmith and tell me this is not a fun song.

                    Interestingly, the early pioneers, while profane, were mostly not crass materialists but angry kids channeling their legitimate frustration into music. These now older statesman mostly lament the direction of mainstream rap today.

                    I’m not criticizing anyone’s aesthetic tastes but, there’s a lot more to rap than is portrayed in the mainstream. Specifically, many rap artists, KRS-One is an example, have an inherently libertarian understanding of the State. In other words, their more like Malcolm than Martin.

                    “Sound of da Police” by KRS-One is amazing.


                    In it he explicitly links the “overseer” with modern police.
                    Check out this verse, is it not a trenchant critique?

                    “Take the word “overseer, ” like a sample
                    Repeat it very quickly in a crew for example
                    Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!
                    Yeah, officer from overseer
                    You need a little clarity?
                    Check the similarity!
                    The overseer rode around the plantation
                    The officer is off patrolling all the nation
                    The overseer could stop you what you’re doing
                    The officer will pull you over just when he’s pursuing
                    The overseer had the right to get ill
                    And if you fought back, the overseer had the right to kill
                    The officer has the right to arrest
                    And if you fight back they put a hole in your chest!”

                    As for melodically beautiful hip songs, they do exist. The Fugees cover of Robert Flack’s, “Killing me Softly” is stunning.


                    Of course, there’s no such thing as “objectively good” music, just music that reaches you for some reason or other.


                    • Jeremy, good one there. Roberta is great. Feel like Makin Love, another one done great by someone else too.

                      I didn’t care for the Bee Gees back in the day, had a Disco Sucks bumper sticker.

                      I’ve modified my evaluation of them since. One of the best songs ever, one they obviously wrote from the heart, a broken heart at that, “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?”. Al Green did a righteous version too.

                      I consider that and “He Stopped Loving Her Today” as being two of the best songs I can think of.

                      When the radio lost the station today I was knocking out a pretty hard He Stopped Loving Her Today with nothing but a big diesel keeping time.

                • Very little if any rap music has any artistic value. Most of it could be simulated by proving a cage full of chimpanzees with cattle prods in the genitals and rectae.

            • How can any music be innovative if it uses the same notes that all of the music that preceded it did?
              I have about 1600 mp3s in my collection and the most recent tracks were released in the mid 1980’s.
              Most of the people who are into current music don’t recognize that much of what they are listening to are lousy covers of what I have in my collection, especially if they hadn’t been born when it was originally released.

          • How is electronic music not music? Ever heard of Emerson Lake and Palmer? They were heavy into electronically produced noises. If it has a guitar plugged in, or a hot mic, or synthesizer, it’s electronically produced noise. Stay in your lane, bro.

            • Two of them are dead. Only the drummer is still alive, and he never used electronic drums.
              All music is electronically recorded and reproduced, and much of it is unintentionally distorted by low fidelity digital coding.
              Most recording studios use the CD standard, which could easily be separated from a good vinyl recording when it was introduced. When I listen to music, it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have a high fidelity memory of it in my brain to fill in what “modern” technology is screwing up.

              • I maybe didn’t state my point clearly..synthesizers are electronic music. If it’s digital or analogue, it doesn’t matter (it does but that’s another conversation). it doesn’t matter if I sit at a piano or a computer. If I am choosing notes and putting them in a rhythmic and tonal sequence, I am creating music. Wether it pleases is up to the individual. It is just insulting to call one form music, and not the other. Especially, if the listener has no musical background and understands nothing about production. And most of the 1980’s music we all know and love was recorded by the same handful of studio musicians. So these acts you think are this or that are actually the same dudes recycled over and over. It isn’t magic, it’s a product.

              • Not unlike how Tom Scholz of Boston fidgeted and fudged with recordings…his perfectionism and obstinacy eventually drove his band mates away. Being a fellow Mechanical Engineer, and doing considerable AV work with Polaroid in their MA labs (“Route 128”) in the late 60s and early 70s, Scholz was probably the best technical music producer of his era. He also invented the “Rockman” which likely made him more money that he even made from Boston, not to mention other patents he holds.


                • Brad Delp’s suicide did more to end the band than anything Tom Scholz, who used his profits to expand into other profitable musical businesses, did.
                  Wikipedia gets less factual the further into the weeds their anonymous authors go.

                  • The unfortunate self-induced demise of Bradley Delp (yes, he had an awesome voice!) cemented the fact that there’d never be another “Boston” album featuring the original lineup. After the Third Stage album, IMO their best, even better than the debut album, any submittals should have been “The Tom Scholz Project”, b/c it just wasn’t “Boston” anymore. However, Scholz was a smart businessman, since only Delp was a “partner”, the other band mates were hired/fired at will. This is not unlike “Kiss”, which in its classic era the “Kiss Army” considered a FOURsome, yet it was really the Duo of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, with hired help.

          • eric, listening to a country station today, the only thing that comes in, I heard an old Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen song done by some country artist. In the same vein, it was good as ever.

            Probably nobody here even knows of that group or NRBQ but hopefully, Asleep at the Wheel. But I got to hear a lot of good old country with lots of Waylon and Willie and all the old greats plus some new stuff I really liked.

            I get more entertainment from The Big Show with John Boy and Billy for the most part. Now I’m into TED talks, well, most of them. I’m sorry if you are LGBTQ and I don’t really care. Probably the LGBTQ crowd would label me a white racist. Well, I am white. I am racist if you see neocons as another race as I do. Probably my old girlfriend who would now be called and “African-American”, WETF that is….since lots of dark skinned negroid featured people are not from Africa. Damn, that girl was a looker and a good person. Wish I’d been old(Mature) enough to have appreciated her more.

            But lets never let simply looking at someone and putting them into a particular place get in our way. The young have been misled so badly it’s debilitating for the country. They have been LIED TO.

            • Everyone in the country has been lied to since the Civil War when we stopped being a constitutional republic.

              Even more so since the 1930’s when the US went bankrupt and was bailed out by England… so ya know who THEY are?

              • JM,

                You’re on the right track- we’ve certainly been lied to, for many generations- but the bit about the US going broke and being bailed out by England, is another lie.

                The US didn’t go broke; the citizens did- thanks to commie FDR’s confiscatory ridiculous tax rates (Top bracket was NINETY percent!!!) and confiscation of gold; and his destruction and what was essentially “nationaliziong” of many industries. The Feds sucked up all of the money to give to their buddies in the military-industrial complex via WW2- and then after the war, used the rest of that money to reshape America into the unrecognizable mess it is today, by essentially controlling everything through programs like the GI Bill and nationalizing edumacation; farm subsidies; welfare; corporate subsidies; etc.

                The US became the sum of litertally thousands of social-engineering programs enacted by the government.

            • “Son…you know you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop driving that…Hot! Rod! Lincoln!”

          • eric, you may have never been exposed to “some” music. Probably you have heard everything Pink Floyd has done but it was about more than simply metal or rock and roll or any other sort of music back then(and now). I was going to post a link for Ummagumma, but found this interview with Roger Waters fascinating.

            Well, after half of an 8 way Orange Barrel, probably the best and strongest and cleanest LSD i ever had, Ummagumma was, along with great LSD, a life-changer.

            I was grabbed by the nape of my mind and shaken into realizing there was an entirety to life, to mankind and really saw the evil that was politics.

            Floating in the ether and looking at my body was a thing that seemed natural at the time. Anyway, those who experienced the 60’s and 70’s as young adults had plenty of chance to not think of things as they are now foisted onto the younger generations. And yes, there were foisted off onto us but we rebelled in a way that the govt. has gone way out of its way to avoid a repeat.

            In that vein I think this next 12.5 minutes with John Waters will be a positive thing to watch/hear. Then you might want to sit down and listen to Ummagumma in its entirety. It was almost a necessity leading to Dark Side of the Moon.


            P.S. This may not make sense to a lot of people. May it start you on the path. I believe virtually everyone who is here often will agree with him.

              • I enjoy all music without drugs. Understanding of what some music is is more possible via the same thing that motivated its conception.

                But LSD is something you can’t understand unless you’ve experienced it. I wouldn’t hold anyone down to give them the experience. I believe in free will. One more reason to hate cops.

                Oh shit Jeremy, Roger…not John. Not on my best today. Had a health issue this morning. Headed to the doc Tues. Thanks for the correction.

                • Ditto, 8. I hate drugs- but I wouldn’t think of depriving anyone of the opportunity to use them if they so choose- much less advocate their “punishment” for doing so, as if anyone had the legitimate authority over others to do that.

                  That’s what\’s so evil about cops- they’ll enforce any law that elected or unelected fool dreams up- and even enjoy inflicting the resultant violence and destruction associated with such (while supposedly abhoring the same conduct when it practiced by “drug dealers” or others who do not poseess a state-issued badge)

                  • Amen, Nunz!

                    And: We all – or most of us – use “drugs.” Caffeine, for instance. Very potent as well as physically addictive (which pot is not). And, of course, alcohol – which by any metric is more “dangerous” than pot … assuming we accept the bizarre premise that it’s ok to harm someone because we worry they may harm themselves.

                    The whole thing is concatenation of cognitive dissonance and nihilism.

                    The same AGW who “busts” some guy for having a bag of pot no doubt has a chest full of liquor at home. Etc.

                    • Yesiree, Eric,

                      The pig going home and getting wasted after arresting somebody for smoking a doob, is one of the examples I use when trying to reason with authoritarians about the lunacy of drug prohibition.

                      Or: How someone can get blotto on a bottle of vodka every night of the week…no problemo; but let ’em grow or smoke the “wrong” plant, and suddenly they are “endangering” their kids, and committing a “crime” worthy of subjecting to them to violence; invasion of privacy; loss of liberty and property…???

                      Really, regardless of anyone’s persona feelings about drug use; anyone who’d advocate that, is a monster (And those who would enforce it are beyond monsters).

                      The real scary thing is, -and that everyone should be cognizant of, even if like myself they’ve never used prohibited drugs, is that when it comes to any form of prohibition, the same scenario can be used against anything which those in control seek to ban.

                      Today it’s drugs; In Europe a few hunnert years ago, it was copies of the Bible in the common tongue. Increasingly today, here, guns are being put in that same category.

                      And what REALLY kills me, is that they have learned NOTHING from alcohol prohibition of the 20’s!

                      We have such a perfect example in that. Hmmm…let’s see, when Prohibition ended, so did the crime and violence and gangster monopolies associated with liquor… HellooooOOO!!!

                      But this drug Prohibition has gone on for nearly 50 years now….and all it’s accomplished is the wasting of a lot of OUR money; the escalation of real crime; the escalation of violence by the state and it’s ruining of many people’s lives; and the furtherance of tyranny upon all [Ding!Ding!Ding!- Hence why it exists)

                • LSD has changed my life for the better. I try to do it once every year or few years.. I have an anxious personality and the stuff wipes all that out of my head for 6 months or more. For me, I lose all my ego, and become a very delightful and open hearted person. This was how I was able to walk directly up to my favorite (very famous) guitarist and touch his hands. He didn’t mind, because I was so joyful and open. Also, I’m kind of a cute girl, so that didn’t hurt matters. Point is, my ego would have stopped me from having that very rewarding experience. Yay drugs.

                  • But that wasn’t you, Anon; it was the drug artificially prodding you.

                    I remember years ago encountering this girl on the street one night as I walked my dog when I still lived on Long Island- She just started talking to me, and asking questions (and literally repeated every phrase at least two times!)…as she sat on the ground halfway out in the street…

                    Yeah, it was a fun interaction, and she would have never spoken to me had she not been high on something (I’d pass the location, and her and friends on a regular basis, and nothing was ever said)

                    And I remember thinking: “How sad. If she hadn’t been ‘on something’ I could have enjoyed that interaction, and maybe would’ve ended up counting her as a friend” (And she was young and pretty) “But who wants someone who has to be under the influence of a drug in order to exhibit the characteristics that make her personality appealing?; and who wants someone who uses drugs, with all that entails?!”.

                    But…I would certainly support your right to (or hers, or anyone else’s) to use that drug.

                    • Hi nunz,

                      I’m not a totally different person on LSD. All my good traits and bad traits are still in me, but for a few hours I get to feel like I belong on the planet. I’m a bit of a geek, and have never really fit in with my peers, so a dose of LSD every now and again eases that social anxiety that I’ve developed from being a dork. I enjoy a pharmaceutical free diet as a result. I promise you wouldn’t look at me and think junkie. You’d think cute dork, LSD or not. And as with all enjoyable things in life, moderation is key.

                      I would have walked up to that guitarist any way, but on LSD I wasn’t afraid of looking like a dork, which is how I wish I were all the time. Since I’ve had the the LSD experience, I know what it feels like now not to be nervous in certain situations. For me, it has been therapeutic more than recreational. Trouble is, I can’t go to my Dr. for this anxiety and depression miracle cure. They want to put me on anti depressants and nervous system depressants. HARD PASS! I’ll get with the kid down the street that sells LSD, and save a ton of money, because my dealer kid’s fees are way more reasonable than a doctor or pharmacy.

                    • Hey, Anon,

                      Well, you sound like an interesting person. I don’t belong in this world either- but I delight in that fact! As the Frogs say: “Viva la difference!”.

                      I’d say that you just need to “own” being yourself, and stop worrying about what other people, or how you act.

                      That famous guitarist may well have laughed at you 2 minutes later (“Hey Mick! This spaced-out chick came up to me after the show and touched my hands, like I was ET or something! Hahaha!!” 😀

                      There’;s somebody out there who’d love you for being that geeky restrained chick, with inhibitions (Such are rare, and sought-after by some!)

                      But hey, I’ll give ya props for avoiding the docs and their truly dangerous potions.

                      Me? I’m counting my blessings. I did business with a local almost-famous drummer….. Luckily, not being a drug user, I never felt compelled to touch any part of him! 🙂

                    • Hi nunz,

                      Thank you for saying kind things. Not to get too personal, but I’ve been having an unusually difficult time lately. And, well, it’s just nice to hear nice things. A little encouragement goes miles and miles for me.

                      As for the guitarist, (I’d say who, but I really don’t want to reveal how deeply a nerd I actually am) I heard in an interview that he’d been in a bus accident the previous tour and was taking prescription pain medicine, so he was probably just as high as I was. Lol. But trust me, he didn’t mind me touching him. I got a big hug and kiss on the cheek after the show. That NEVER would have happened had I not gone up to him before the show.

                      I absolutely own every aspect of my being. I’m confident and self assured. I can easily laugh at myself, and I am fully aware of my beauty and ugly. There are times I feel misunderstood, but then I remember that I understand. I’m young, but look much younger, so I don’t get taken seriously where it counts, even though I’m smart and capable. This creates anxiety and frustration for me. I know that’s life, but I welcome chemical help sometimes. Helps me to focus on life’s important things. Loving my family and friends, and staying out of the dark side of my mind. If I could do that naturally, I would.

                      Again, thanks for saying nice things. You made my evening.

                    • Anon, I’ve never known anyone who did acid that wasn’t changed to some degree by it….and I’ve known a lot of people.

                      Even the type of person you come to expect not to be honest in all their dealings is helped by it.

                      Ego, is the first thing to get an insight into and scale it back.

                      I went from being an introvert to not being one. I’m fairly much of an extrovert now although I listen a great deal and talk a great more too.
                      I just had a long conversation with my cousin about the storm last night. He had damage to his RV he lives in but he was near me, nearly 100 miles away when the storm passed over and he got to endure it later but not as bad.
                      We got a laugh out of bad luck when he asked me if we came through it ok and I said “Well, I stepped out on the breezeway to assess the size of the hail and all I could hear was the sound of a big natgas compressor running. He works in the patch too so we both got a big laugh from that. He knew I was telling the truth too.

                      But getting back to psychedelics, I feel they are a plus for almost everyone who tries them. Now we have research that shows they do what I always said, increase your intelligence.

                      They change you in a core way when it comes to having negative opinions of different people simply because of the difference.

                      A true story for you. I like to hunt but don’t especially like the killing part so I am a devout eye or earshot type of person. But the last time I had any acid, which was really good, clean powerful stuff, I ended up outside palling around with a herd of deer. A couple bucks seemed to be a tad upset but not enough to cause a ruckus or RUNNOFT. The herd was aware of me but allowed me to simply be there with them.

                      Try that after drinking a 6 pack. You’ll only see a bunch of deer hauling ass away from you or getting attacked by a buck in rut.

                      My first time I had never given it much thought but showed up at a party of a lot of people I knew well, good friends.

                      They were all so chilly I just took what I was given. It became a regular thing for a while. I didn’t take it every day or week or month but did it often enough for it to do, as eric said, chill me out. I learned a lot about myself and other people.

                      I would still be up for some ‘rooms if I had some.

                      I have found it brings about a common understanding between people.

                      Some good friends, a couple, used to raise them all the time and make tea with them and black orange peko and it was a great drink not to mention the afterwards.

                      We were fishing one day and this woman was sitting beside me in a folding chair(bank fishing). Fishing was slow so we just enjoyed the outdoors. It was a day with clouds coming over but sunny for the most part. I got to noticing these purple spots on the water moving across. I made mention of it and she said “Yeah, I was noticing those too, pretty neat eh?” The next time we spoke I mentioned the purple spots. We both got a good laugh. Fear wasn’t in our lexicon that day.

                      I no longer know anyone who takes psychedelics but I’d be proud to do some ‘rooms with you. peace.

                    • Heya 8,

                      Well, you know one now! It would be my honor to join you on a trip. You really seem switched on!

                    • Nunz, I had no idea I came off as that stupid. Just remember what Forrest’s mom said.

              • Regarding drug prohibition I tell folks if you want to end gang violence in Chicago we dont need more useless police. just legalize drugs. Cow stare back.

                • Brainwashed people can’t think. Use alcohol prohibition as an example of how the crime goes away when the prohibition ends; appeal to the God-given right on sentient beings to do as they please with what is their own; ask them what gives government the right to determine what one may ‘legally’ possess and or sell or ingest….it’s all for naught…

                  They just come back with some ridiculous retort, like “Well if you love drug dealers so much, why don’t you invite some over?”!

                  Totally ridiculous juvenile arguments made by otherwise articulate adults, because their senses have been assaulted since toddlerhood, by skools; the media; and politicians on an emotional level to think and believe certain things- and no amount of reason or logic will dislodge the massive amounts of propaganda which they have been fed on a daily basis- especially seeing that such beliefs have been implanted in emotion rather than logic.

                  This is why (as just example) there will be no revolution; no repealing of tyranny; no saving of America.

                  They can make the distinction when it comes to other things- like advocating the rights of others to be queer, even if they are not/are opposed to it; They can see that others should free to consume alcohol, even if they don’t care to (Because some guys got together and signed a piece of paper and made it legal!)….but for some reason, there is a disconnect of logic when it comes to other similar matters, like drugs.

            • Hey Eight,

              This is not the Waters you were looking for.

              But, I love the outrageous queer as well.


      • What an odd comment here today. Did you think you were on a different site?

        There is no reference here to the firm Thanos (in bankruptcy) or acclaimed promoter blonde “executive” mega star Elizabeth Holmes. Now barely out of the slam.

        Who are you referring do? What is the “right thing?” She scammed a bunch of rich investor-fools with the fake blood test pin prick idea that never worked. A classic Black Box ponzi scam. But because she fit the MSM ideal of a cute smart Girl Genius with a Great New Idea they ignored all the warnings. Finally the SEC and FDA pulled their plug (something good the State does every now and then).

        Better check your med dosage this morning Chuck. You may have missed a pill.

        • Hey Muggles.

          He’s referring to this:


          Specifically, the anti-human “environmentalist message” imbedded in his quest.

          “…Thanos believes he can ultimately save the universe by wiping out half of its population.”

          Remember, he’s much younger than most of us here.


          • This.

            Original comment I replied to mention overpopulators being “dusted” which I stupidly assumed was a reference to the movie. The point being, that s particular bill aimed to instakill half of Earth’s population for “balance”. People have written at length about why this was stupid, shortsighted, and unnecessary, and wouldn’t even work, but a lot of delusional environmentalists still somehow think he was the hero of the film.

        • Maybe you were thinking of Theranos? Theranos is the company that was doing fake micro-blood tests and Elizabeth Holmes was the CEO of said fake company.

          • I have a knock-off of the Rockman. I like it with my Mustang and Jaguar. I’ve considered putting a humbucker pickup on my newer(never the old one with a serial number starting with 0000) Palomino or the Gibson flattop, leaning toward the Gibson.

            The Mustang and Jaguar are ancient, esp the Mustang. Guess I’ll let the wife sell them(and get screwed no doubt) when i’m gone. She’s been schooled hard to not mention selling my Olds Recording Trombone. Them’s fightin words.


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