The Elon Mordita

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Extortion is illegal provided you call it that. If you call it something else – “emissions credits,” for instance – then it’s ok.

Tesla just extorted several hundred million dollars from FiatChrysler (FCA) via this legal means of extortion. FCA is forced to pay Elon for not building enough electric cars which people don’t want to buy – but which don’t produce that deadly inert gas, carbon dioxide. While the cars FCA sells – without subsidies – do.

These CO2 “emissions” – which every living soul on this Earth also “emits” with every respiration – have been hystericized into a Planetary Threat for political reasons. An inert gas – but one essential to life on this Earth – has been rebranded into an “emission,” a term which once meant harmful byproducts – things which had to be cleaned up for the sake of public health.

But carbon dioxide isn’t “dirty.”

It causes no smog, does not settle on the surfaces of things and turn them brown. It makes breathing easier  because it is vital to the respiration of plants, which produce the oxygen we require for our continued respiration.

It is, however, a handy bogeyman because it’s one that can’t be dissipated. Not without turning off almost everything that is powered by an engine – in favor of things which are powered by motors.

Even then, “emissions” of C02 would continue to be “emitted” – by us (via our mouths) and by by other natural things, such as volcanoes, which “emit” in one eruption more C02 than all the C02 “emitted” by FCA’s entire lineup of vehicles ever “emitted.”

The volume of C02 “emitted” by our machines is akin to coughing in the Superdome relative to the volume of C02 “emitted” by natural machinery; the atmospheric concentration of C02 today is hundreds of parts per million less than it was at the height of life’s greatest abundance on this Earth, which was many millions of years ago and so long before the first Model T came off the line.

How much has the “climate” actually “changed”? There has been a measured rise in average temperatures of around 1 degree over the past 100 years – and lately (since 1998) going back in the other direction. This “change” being well within the nimbus of the “climate’s” natural – factual, observed/historic – tendency to modulate over time, whether man is rubbing sticks together to make fire or driving Model Ts or not even in the picture yet.

See ice cores. See air bubble samples within, dating from long ago.

Or see Dr. John Bates’ public whisteblowing about “the blatant attempt to intensify the impact” of  supposed “global warming” – which had to become “climate change” precisely because the climate has been cooling once again.

Bates is no “science guy,” like Bill Nye – who has a mechanical engineering degree and asserts – based on his understanding of gears and such, one assumes – that the “climate” is “changing.”

Bates is a climate scientist, who worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Asheville, NC. He told the Daily Mail and anyone else who would listen that his objections to the political science being peddled by NOAA were ignored deliberately so that the direst predictions of imminent planetary catastrophe could be “maximized” in advance of the UN Climate Change Summit in Paris.

Anyone could look these and other relevant facts up, but few do.

There is something pathological about end-stage Western Civilization, which seems bent on a suicidal course because its population has been dumbed down into a state of gadget-addled stupefaction and virtue-signaling, the virtues being signaled telegraphed into brains which have been conditioned to regard conformity as the highest of all virtues.

It is become a religion – which of course is a matter of faith, not fact. One must believe. Preferably, ardently.

Also profitably.

Enter Elon.

He extorts “credits” from FCA – and others – who use these “credits” to tamp down the total volume of carbon dioxide “emissions” produced  by the vehicles they sell and thus achieve what is styled “regulatory compliance” with the C02 fatwas.

The money thus mulcted goes not just from FCA’s account into Elon’s, but also from the pockets of people buying FCA vehicles – which become progressively more expensive to buy in order to offset the cost of the Elon Mordita.

Tesla also gets subsidized once again – and can pretend to be a going concern as opposed to the parasitical entity it actually is. Grocery and meat are always the expertise area of their range.

Think of a tick growing fat on just that spot on your dog’s back he can’t quiet reach – and which has become a fatwa’d Safe Space the vet isn’t allowed to touch.

Worst of all, though, is the doggy reverence for the tick displayed by FCA:

The company is “committed to reducing the emissions of all our products,” a statement reads. “The purchase pool provides flexibility to deliver products our customers are willing to buy while managing compliance with the lowest cost approach.”

Everyone wants to be polite. No one wants to raise a stink. But a point comes when it is no longer tolerable to placate the bully. He must be stood up to.

Not Elon – he is just an opportunistic parasite and one can’t blame a tick for seeking a warm host, full of even warmer blood to suck. It is what ticks do.

But Uncle – and every accomplice peddling the lies about carbon dioxide “emissions” had better be stood up to and not just by FCA.

AOC is just around the corner – or someone like her and just as bad.

The emperor has no clothes. Who will be the first to say so?

. . .

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  1. Hey Eric,

    I found this on Reason today.

    From the article:

    “Almost 80 percent of those utilizing the EV tax credit have incomes over $100,000, making it not just a corporate handout but also a transfer from all workers to wealthier Americans. And despite its advocates’ claims, the EV tax credit fails to reduce the alleged threat of climate change”.


  2. Roughly thirty percent of the electricity produced in America comes from coal-burning generators. Another thirty comes from nuclear power. How are those sources safer and less environmentally damaging than fuel produced from oil?

  3. Affluent people buy new cars. In a few years they sell these still usable vehicles to less affluent or more thrifty people. When electric vehicles are a few years old they have virtually no resale value, due to the astronomical cost of replacement batteries. Eliminating the used car market is another way to reduce the annoying mobility of the proletariat.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Exactly. Well-said. I wish more people would think – and come to realize what this is going to mean, to them. Unless you are a very affluent person with the ability t trade-up to a new EV every four or five years, the EV Future is going to mean taking the bus for most people.

  4. “There has been a measured rise in average temperatures of around 1 degree over the past 100 years”

    During my long career working with computer equipment and writing programs, I had several tasks that involved data conversion and retention. From paper filled with pencil marks, to cards, to magnetic tapes, to CDs etc.

    In each case, the job was full of problems with reliability. So, I question the “100 years” of data. We’re talking the 20th century, which during the first half the state of the art was holes punched in paper. More likely, most records back then were simply hand-written. So, who exactly (and how) did the conversions to modern digital data occur, and when.

    And what form were they stored in even so. I once was tasked to convert old NASA magnetic tapes from the early space missions to “modern” CDs. The tapes were stored in special rooms with temperature and humidity controls and still they were nearly unreadable after 20 years. I had to write special tape copying software to read the tapes without the normal retries on errors, since the back and forth action scraped too much oxide off the tapes and made them even more error prone.

    Have you ever seen 50 year old punch cards? Even CDs don’t last as long as we thought they would.

    Consider that data in the field with people going around to read temperatures that didn’t have scanners or keypunches, so this data would have been handwritten at best. And how did they record temperature over the 3/5’s of the world covered by water a century ago. Did they really have buoys all over the oceans measuring temperature and transmitting wireless data somewhere? Or did they send boats out to collect that data? At the least there were years of warfare where it’s doubtful anyone was going around collecting data off buoys.

    Or did they just take some samples of data? So, the bottom line is where did all the data about the entire world’s temperature come from before say 1950? As we all know, garbage in garbage out.

    I also worked on simulation software. Just consider that these simulations don’t have a solid theory on cloud formation, and anyone with skin and eyes knows that cloudy days are much cooler than sunny ones. But that’s a whole other can of worms.

    • Recordkeeping hasn’t been changed much by methodology. The measurement of energy has increased in accuracy and repeatability in the period that recordkeeping has progressed from ink and quill to thumb drive.
      Vast quantities of heat wells have been built in the same places that used to be vast deserts with no sign of civilization in sight.
      One thing that hasn’t changed is human corruptibility and greed, without which there would never have been an IPCC or a global warming scam.

    • The ‘raw’ data, the measurements are pretty good. They show no warming. The ‘final’ or post adjustment and estimates set shows the warming.

    • ET -Way off topic, but regarding the transfer of data from magnetic tape to CD – it’s obviously too late now, but ‘baking’ the tapes in a food dehydrator restores the binder to a significant degree, enabling playback without loss of data.

  5. So will they be imposing these “carbon taxes” on EV owners for the CO2 which they require be created for the electricity they use to fuel their driving?

    • No the rulers want us out of our IC vehicles precisely bks they are free and very difficult to control. I can carry a couple of 5 galon cans of gas in my V6 pickup and go nearly anywhere I want, driving all day…try THAT in any EV…laugh out loud I can refuel in 5-7 minutes, including them 2 spare gas cans…while your EV is sitting at a charging stationfor a minimum of 45 minutes. I can start snd run and refuel my truck at zero degrees..the EV will not charge. I can run my AC if I want. I did not depend on a taxpayer “feel good” subsidy to buy my truck. If the EV is in a minor fender bender and gets a tiny crack in the battery case, the battery will burn up FAST. The EV cannot survive in a free market.

    • Only after we are all forced into EVs.
      They won’t even charge EV road taxes today. The home charger could be easily made to talk to the smart meter over the HAN and then the appropriate amount of taxes could be added to the bill. Even old chargers could be identified by the smart meter by their back EMF. It is possible to tax EVs like other motorists but they don’t and have no plans to unless it involves the expensive to collect by ANPR network tax by mile system. Government won’t even use its own mandated technology to simply tax the EVs, no we have to have a huge tracking grid installed.

      Of course the HAN and other smart meter capabilities that are widely published by manufacturers and in engineering papers are a “conspiracy theory”.

        • Hi Mark,

          Not enough juice. It takes a lot of juice to propel an EV; these beasts are heavy! It is one thing to run a lightbulb using solar panels; another to run a well pump/fridge and so on…

          • They advertise solar wells on the radio, but say they are a screw design (dating back thousands of years to Egyptian hand pumps).

            BUT – these are just for livestock wells: fill up a 1000 gallon stock tank during the day and the water is still there tomorrow. You would have to have a cistern up on a hill for this to work in a residence.

            • Hi Dread,

              Yup! I looked into solar – I like the idea of being independent of grid power very much – but the cost is still prohibitive relative to what I pay for grid power (about $60/month) and it’s not reliable. I live in an area that routinely gets heavy fog and overcast days, which would mean no juice for me on those days. Plus the hassle. For $60/month, I have power I don’t have to think about. No hassles; just write them a check.

              • A fellow in the neighborhood purpose built an off grid solar powered home with a roof water collection system. They can’t make him connect to the power grid because there are no power lines into his property.

                It’s not hardly worth it to convert if you already have rural electric service.

              • Same here, Eric! If I had gotten solar panels- even when I first moved here, when I was 39- I still would never have recapped the cost of the equipment within my lifetime- and that’s assuming that the original equipment would last my lifetime- which it surely wouldn’t. Heck, it’d be nearly 18 years old now…and probably already dead or laughably obsolete..

                I like independence too- but so far, the few bucks a month to the ‘lectric co-op has not resulted in any problems.

        • That would be very expensive or very very very very slow.

          Also residential solar installations are generally required to be connected to the grid, which means smart meters.

          An independent solar array to charge the car would be large enough that hiding it from government would be difficult.

        • Without some storage it wouldn’t work. Most people charge their vehicle overnight and drive it during the daytime. Storage is still very cost-prohibitive.

  6. In the long run, the best solution may be fuel cells.
    One way or another, it is necessary to transform CHEMICAL ENERGY into motive power.
    IC engines, batteries, and fuel cells are alternate ways of doing that.
    Toyota is already exploring FCs for automotive use:
    Refueling time is ~3 minutes, and the only “emission” is H2O.
    and not just Earth autos:

    • Anonymous,

      Solution to what?
      What is the problem?

      And even if there truly was a problem; all of these various different schemes- i.e. fuel cells; EVs, etc. are just alternate ways of storing and or transferring energy; a given amount of energy is still required to move a given mass at a given velocity for a given distance- end of story.

      The various and sundry storage and distribution schemes just essentially relocate the by-products of that energy production and consumption to a different location; they don’;t eliminate it.

      These are non-soluitions for non-problems.

    • Fuel cells are nice, providing that you can get the fuel! Pure hydrogen is incredibly difficult to obtain. Electrolysis from water is extremely energy intensive, so it’s stripped from methane, the result of which is CO2. Yup. Fuel cell cars are fossil fuel powered. Then, you have low pressure hydrogen which must be compressed for storage, something in the vicinity of 5,000 psi. It takes a LOT of energy to compress a gas like that.

      In my opinion, if you care about CO2 emissions, you have to minimize the total emissions of car ownership, which today means a small efficient car, potentially a plug in hybrid, with a gas engine for longer trips. If you can stay electric for local driving, and don’t have the environmental cost of a huge battery, that’s the biggest win. Car wise, the Chevy Volt was probably the most energy efficient car, all-in. A current runner up would be the BMW i3 with the range extender and smaller battery. Lithium Ion batteries take astounding amounts of energy to produce, so the smaller you can have that battery in an electric car, the smaller the net environmental footprint.

      Personally, I don’t give a shit, and I drive cars that are fun and affordable (meaning, not electric, yet).

      • Chrysler doesn’t get the recognition for the many automotive advances that it introduced to the marketplace first. From alternators to solid-state car radios to electronic ignition systems and (primitive) computer controls (Lean Burn), Chrysler has done much to advance the state of automotive technology.
        A number of years ago, Chrysler was working on a fuel cell vehicle that used gasoline as a fuel. The fuel cell “cracked” gasoline, using the hydrogen component for propulsion.
        Chrysler realized that using the existing infrastructure would be a good way to get these vehicles to market. I don’t know what happened to the efforts, but it would seem that it would be worth looking into…

        • Anarc,

          I think Chrysler would like to forget Lean Burn. I know their customers sure would!

          Chrysler vehicles always seemed to be about a decade behind the other American manufacturers (and about 15 years behind the Japs)- but not in a good way.

          • Lean burn was a total clusterfuck.

            On the other hand, although Chrysler was late to the automatic transmission party they did wind up building what was just about the best such transmission in the industry for decades: the 3-speed Torqueflite.

    • Fuel cells are similar to ethanol because the production and/or sequestration of the requisite hydrogen and oxygen consume more energy than the fuel cell produces from them. There were be no ethanol in our gasoline if it weren’t for the subsidies the federal government pays to ethanol producers.
      There is a second hand ethanol plant in Torrington, Wyoming that was dismantled in Louisiana and reassembled for the sole purpose of draining profits from the federal subsidy teat.

  7. I’m still waiting for a so-called climate “scientist” to explain why a .02 percent increase (from 200 ppm to 400 ppm today) in CO2 spells d-o-o-m.

    • At about 300ppm CO2 traps just about all the energy it is going to trap. Returns diminish greatly from there. So the alarmists theorize that this little tiny increase will create various amplifications from other sources. Methane releases, less ice cover, etc. But reality doesn’t obey theory, but the theory must be correct so they go looking for reasons why the measurements aren’t correct. They then go adjust the data for the reasons they have decided and there it is, the warming. Another trick is to simply push the published data to the extremes of the error bars when no reason to adjust can be found. They will also trim plots to show what they want to show. It’s all tricks of analysis and presentation.

    • Hi Steve,

      They do have a theory which does seem to have some surface plausibility, but collapses on closer inspection. Everything else equal in a closed, controlled environment, a doubling of CO2 will lead to about a 1 degree C temperature increase. This was established by John Tyndall in the mid 1800’s. If this is all that happens, everyone agrees that it is not a problem, as the radiative forcing potential of CO2 decreases exponentially as levels rise.

      The alarmists posit that a positive feedback mechanism will occur (warming the oceans will increase water vapor and release more CO2 which will warm the oceans, etc…) and that actual warming is likely to be at least 3 degrees C per doubling. Skeptics believe that positive and negative feedbacks will mostly cancel each other out. The observed evidence supports the skeptics. The alarmist case also makes no theoretical sense as systems subject to positive feedback mechanisms are inherently unstable. I have yet to hear a credible explanation as to why we are still here if the climate system is susceptible to “runaway global warming”. If it is, it would have happened before.


      • We live in an open system that is influenced greatly by matters outside our planet’s area of influence. Such as supernovas, the activity level of the sun’s corona, asteroids moving past the planet, and the number of sunspots on the sun. Our ecosystem is so large it can never reach a state of balance. For billions of years this balance has been wanting but can never be achieved. This is why we have “weather”.
        This total crap of using closed vessels to study the “CO2 effect” is pure lying, and the people doing this are frauds who need to go to prison, for just being so stupid, moronic, and dumb. They are worse than the mafia.

    • They are scientists because they have science degrees. They say whatever they are told to by the government agencies that provide their regular paychecks. The same thing has become routine in the scientific publishing world, with less than half of the current publications being replicable.

    • Hi Fred,

      In addition, he’s also an inarticulate stumblebum. I’ve listened to several interviews/press conferences and the guy seems… medicated. Or maybe just not very bright. I don’t get the adulation. He made a fortune on PayPal; kudos. But the rest? He’s merely a useful idiot (a well-paid useful idiot) whose role is to normalize EVs, so that – like the TSA – people come to accept them as the new normal.

    • Fred’s my man. I’ve met a few females that inspired those very same thoughts. And quite a few men, mostly politicians.

  8. You know, you look at the images of all these smug bastards in their suits and ties, and eventually you come to the conclusion that it would not be a bad thing to see them all strung up on yardarms by their “Windsors”.

    • I’d prefer burning at the stake by slow fire – it’s infinitely more agonizing, takes far longer, and the screams of the burnees would warn all those control-freak pecksniffs who lurk among us to lay low and quit bothering us.

  9. Eric, Travelling at the moment so not following the news much – but saw this story… made my blood boil….. came straight to this site…. glad to know there are others on the same page…. Thanks for creating a “safe space” for people like us….

  10. Just read your FrankenHarley from 2015… Laughed all the way through it. Reminded me of my GL650 SilverWing. It was under an Oak tree. Hadn’t run in years according to its owner. Brought it home. Cleaned it up to where I could work on it without the spiders biting me. Changed oil, filter. Gently broke the pistons loose with a concoction of WD40 and Marvel Mystery Oil. Fresh fuel and drained the CV carb bowls. Using an old car battery jumpered to the cables I hit the Starter. No fire to the plugs. Long story short,,, the Kill switch was on. Turned it on, now had fire but would not run. Poured a little fuel into cylinders and she fired off. She served me for 15 years. Sold her last year and got the Road King. Not so sure I made a good swap. The 650 was agile and weighed about 500lbs. The Road King, a albatross weighing over 800lbs is tiresome when operating in city traffic. Took me over a week of practicing and one drop before I was felt competent enough to go double up with the wife and I have rode bikes since I was 14.

    Anyways,,, did you ever get the AMF Harley running good enough to use it?

      • Better….It’s a Honda, which means it’s engineered better than any Moto-Guzzi. One primary distinction is that Honda twisted the cylinders, angling the carbs. inward, and the exhaust outward. Since this design negated the ability to run an overhead cam-chain to drive 4-valve heads, it was built as an 8-OHV 4-pushrod engine, one that still redlines at just a hair under 10,000 RPM. Try that with any other production pushrod V-twin, and you will get a face full of exploding valvetrain! The design was compact, lightweight, and virtually indestructible. Now Turbocharge it, like HONDA did for 2 years running, with sketchy early-80’s CPU Fuel Injection technology. What ended the Japanese commuter-bike reign in this country wasn’t quality competition, but rather US lobbyists who succeeded in tripling the import duties on Japanese bikes in 1984. What kept the Goldwing alive was the fact that it was manufactured in Ohio from 1985 to 2007, that’s right, American Made, same as the Honda Accord. Too bad they didn’t have the sales base to keep manufacturing the Silverwing here as well. The recent “silverwing” is an aberration of the original, as it it a step-through (albeit 650cc) scooter, for men who wear dresses. As ken mentioned, the 1980’s Silverwings were lightweight, nimble, reliable, AND carried the same full-sized Hondaline Fairing as the Goldwing, in addition to a 3-piece detachable Factory Luggage set, not even available on the Goldwing! I have owned several Silverwings, and Goldwings, and, as I am only 5’6″ & 130 lbs, the Silverwing is more than adequate for me AND a similar-sized riding partner going 2-Up.
        In short, no, it’s nothing like the Moto-Guzzi, it’s a Honda, lol!

      • I had a 1998 1100 EV Moto Guzzi with the Hot Dog and Mustard paint scheme. The engine is bullet proof. Clutch is it’s weak spot. Had problems electrically but was able to fix that with extra grounds. The cylinders were so large that in the winter it would barely warm up.

        The only troubles I had with the Honda was the mechanical seal and Electronic ignition. Replaced the seal three times and three times it seeped,,, not much mind you but just enough to let me know I was unsuccessful. Never did get it fixed but it was no trouble. Add about 3 oz water every 2-3 months. Replaced the igniters with a electronic unit from the Czech Republic. Also replaced the mono shock with a Hagon shock. A really good shock!

        Both are/were great bikes in their own way. Of the two I preferred the Honda.

        • I will admit, when the Honda stator goes, you have to pull the motor to remove it, and I have and the mechanical pump seals of the non-turbo require the same motor removal. I still have not found a more versatile Honda, even, than the GL500 & GL650 Interstates!

  11. On making a credential attack on Bill Nye, only do so to show the hypocrisy of alarmists and leftists. Many of those who see the fraud from many “climate scientists” are engineers. The one who has most exposed the fraud is Tony Heller who is an electrical engineer. I myself have degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In climate change “debates” the leftists like to bring up credentials to say ‘you’re not a climate scientist so what you say doesn’t count’. Thus I like it when they bring up Mr. Nye. See, I exceed him in degrees and career accomplishments in ME. That way whatever leftist has brought that attack upon then has failed the moment they bring Nye in as an ‘authority’.

    What Nye is, is a celebrity scientist. These are people that are a modern media face to the age old technique of the ruling class having an intellectual class to tell the people why the ruling class should be obeyed and why we should sacrifice for that ruling class. That’s what government funded science does. It produces reasons why we should have government running our lives and taxing the begeebus out of us. When it is not producing new ways to kill people that is.

    Any decent engineer who understands how get information from data, how to present it, how to handle it, once properly informed should see the fraud of “climate change”. That 1 degree C or whatever of warming is after adjustments. Without adjustments, estimates, and more it’s not there. It’s not measured. It’s created through a process of data analysis that assumes the theory. It’s circular reasoning. And by measured I mean not even including any correction for urban heat island effect. Start properly correcting for UHI and our concern would be global cooling.

    Nye is just another person who goes along to get along to have a paycheck.

    For those who believe the Earth is an organism, then consider the fact that CO2 was at critically low levels (280ish ppm when plants die at 150ppm) and then human beings started to utilize hydrocarbons to create it and water. Hydrocarbon combustion creates CO2 and water, exactly what life on this rock needs.

    • Hi Brent,

      “These are people that are a modern media face to the age old technique of the ruling class having an intellectual class to tell the people why the ruling class should be obeyed and why we should sacrifice for that ruling class.”

      Murray Rothbard referred to such people as “Court intellectuals”.


    • Truth. I’m a degreed Chemical Engineer, my ex girlfriend and her whole family were also. She has a PhD in ChemE. My Dad is a PhD Biomedical engineer. We all know that anthropogenic global warming is bunk.

  12. Eric… They’ve had three generations to work their magic. All the way from Day Care thru college. They come out degreed but in no way educated. Those like you, me and others that try to deprogram cannot get over the loudness they can muster. AOC is one of those misfortunate souls that will never be free… in the truest form, the mind.

    Anyone that has the ability to reach more than a few are demonized which is the reason for the scourge against the White males. When all else fails they can just say Capitalist, White Supremacy, Toxic Testosterone to quell any of the dust you may stir up. You, like the rest of us White males have become the reason things are soooo bad even though we have created the best civilization ever.Anything White is bad. Thus anything you say never gets a start.

    You are right about CO2,,, about Elon,,, about the entire subject but you are ignored because of your demographic. You have online proof? They just delete it. If it hurts someones feelings, they delete you! So much for the Internets claim to truth, justice and the American way. (lol) They turned it into mostly a cesspool of disinformation.

    They picked climate change because it cannot be refuted. The Climate is always in a flux. So a logical person cannot argue against it. What they HAVE done is conflate Global Warming with Climate Change. Every time someone mentions Climate Change the younger gens that have traversed the indoctrination centers we call schools think rising seas, 150 degree temperatures,,, and nothing will change the 20 plus years of indoctrination they received at our expense.

    The only recourse is home school but that is ILLEGAL in many countries, Germany comes to mind. Here in the land of the Fee they have reduced the buying power of the currency to a point where it takes a minimum of two to earn a livable wage. Those are indebted to their ears and are forced to send little Johnny and Julie to the propaganda camps. At 70 years old I am forced to fund this even though I have no child in their clutches. Don’t pay,,, lose your lease on the property you think you ‘own’.

    I’m not smart enough to know the answer. IMO the elimination of government schools, will help a lot. For sure that’s not going to happen so the answer is…. just keep pecking away at their shell. Who knows,,, maybe it’ll crack.

    Apologies for the longevity of this rant. I’ll just attribute it to senility of age.

    • Eliminating the gov’t schools would be a GREAT start! And no, revising the curriculum or returning it to the rigor of days gone by would not change things, either. If you ever read The Underground History of American Education by John Taylor Gatto, you’ll understand WHY. The regimentation and quashing of initiative is a feature, not a bug. What do you think the changing of classes is for? It’s to train us like dogs to automatically obey the bell or whistle when it sounds.

      If you don’t believe me on how public schools have dumbed us down, just take a gander at the Federalist or Anti-federalist Papers written by our Founding Fathers. I dare you! Here are men who, at best, had a year or two of ‘formal schooling’ as we understand it, yet they wrote works so deep that most Americans wouldn’t have a prayer of understanding them; even PhDs would have trouble!

      Other than home schooling, I don’t know what should replace public schools. That said, I do know this: the public schools are NOT working…

      • Private schools (more of them) would replace public schools. If we had a truly free market the costs would not be exorbitant. The parents, no one else, is responsible for their child’s education.

        “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” -Aristotle

      • Before Horace Mann brought over the Prussian system and it took over there were american public schools. These schools were cheap, very local in nature, and taught kids how to be independent.

        This sort of schooling survives in the private schools the so-called elite send their children to learn to be the managerial class. Of course the cost is high to keep the riff-raff out.

        Anyhow the methods of such an education are very inexpensive. It’s the conditioning, the breaking of children, that’s expensive. John Taylor Gatto proved this by doing it with some of the poorest kids in NYC on his own dime. Kids that were supposedly hopeless he was able to reach simply by using these old methods.

    • Ken, you are so right about being “degreed” and yet having no practical knowledge. I have an older brother with a PHD in God-Knows-What….and still follows the irrationality that correlation = causality. It serves him well as none of his arguments ever need evidence to support his accusations. He is so irrational in his “logic” that I believe he wishes he were a politician, instead.

  13. Well great! TSLA’s impending bankruptcy is averted! Party like it’s 1999! Elon doesn’t need to sell a product anymore.

  14. Hi Mark,

    The scariest thing to me about AOC and her ilk is the completely undeserved sense of moral certainty they possess. Absent power they are just unpleasant, self righteous scolds. With power they are terrifying, they cannot be reasoned with because their belief in their own moral superiority renders honest, good faith debate impossible.


    • Even without formal power (e.g. in elected office, a la AOC), these people can be more than unpleasant; they can be dangerous. For example, if they have the ears of the right people at work, they can get you fired for ‘wrongthink’. I know, because it happened to me. Granted, I was going to leave that job anyway because it wasn’t a good fit, but the fact that a couple of people would do that was sobering…

      I understand how their moral superiority makes them impossible to reason with, because they won’t want to be confused with the facts. But even in AOC’s case where she talks about us having only 12 years, the people who ORIGINALLY WROTE that said that she took their points out of context and that she didn’t accurately quote what they really said; their real points were quite different.

      I, OTOH, cannot fathom being that way. I haven’t learned much in my 57 years on this planet, but I have learned this: I am NOT the keeper of all knowledge and wisdom-far from it! How can someone AOC’s age be so dogmatic though? It took me till I was 25-30 years old before I realized I might NOT know everything, and that I could still stand to learn a thing or two. Yet here she is at 29 acting like she DOES know it all. I can only hope that the Democratic Party machine in NY eliminates her district in 2020…

      • Hi Mark,

        Yes, you’re correct. People who lack any humility about their beliefs are dangerous, whether they have official power or not. They wrap their desire to bully and punish in a cloak of moral certainty. I don’t believe most of these people are even conscious of this. They genuinely believe that they are doing good by ruining other peoples lives, which makes them even more dangerous. I find myself becoming less certain as I get older.

        Matt Taylor, shortly after helping to achieve one of the most remarkable technological events in modern history, was pilloried and reduced to prostrating himself before a gaggle of vastly inferior twits for the crime of wearing a shirt that honored a close female friend.

        Tim Hunt, a distinguished scientist and Nobel Laureate had his career destroyed and life turned upside down after making an ill-advised but obviously not malicious joke.

        Justine Sacco was transformed, while sleeping on a plane, from a nobody to the world’s greatest villain for tweeting something that, taken out of context, could be considered racist. This talk by Jon Ronson describes the Twitter mob mentality that leads to the social persecution so prevalent today.


      • Well, they have the Internet, so they don’t need to be smart. It’s all about the amygdala with these people. Cognition ends with the first three hits on the search results page. Then it’s just finding the best way to express your outrage.

        And of course they’re “overeducated” by a system designed to make college a happy place, not an institution of higher learning. Very few had jobs in high school (which really shows the prosperity in our country -or the long term impact of government handouts). AOC and her ilk never worked a day in their miserable little lives. Bartending? That’s what qualifies you to be a representative? Dad still talks about how John Murtha (who never met a military contract he didn’t like) washed cars before becoming a congressman, so obviously the qualifications are pretty low. But all the more reason for us to look at everything coming out of Washington with a skeptical eye.

  15. But Eric,

    Every time they adjust the temperature record they discover “it’s worse than we thought.”


  16. DW documentary about the vilification of Diesel automobiles in Germany.

    Amazing documentary you’ll never see on US television. Deutsche Welle interviews actual scientists who aren’t willing to just accept the epidemiological studies’ findings. Specifically they interview two doctors who specialize in respiratory problems who haven’t found ANY cases of NOx poisoning.

    • Hi RK,

      Yup; top shelf… too bad it will never be seen by 99 percent of the population. I can remember when mainstream journalists were interested in this sort of thing. Today, they are interested in suppressing such things, in order to further the Agenda – which is the transformation of this country into a Euro-style socialist hive – in which they see themselves as part of the new elite that’s arising.

      • I left you a link to the same video some weeks ago. It’s good, isn’t it? It was balanced and well done; it was how documentaries SHOULD be…

      • Hi Eric,

        Good documentary, I just watched it, so maybe it was a glitch. It’s interesting to see that the same fraudulent methodology to estimate deaths cause by ETS exposure is being used to estimate deaths cause by diesel exhaust (in both cases, the number is almost certainly zero).

        Near the end, a good scientist explains why extrapolating from a statistically insignificant correlation, as if it were causal, is dishonest and meaningless. Still he displays the frustrating naïveté of assuming that the intention of the NO2 limit is preserving public health. From this perspective, the level set is a mistake. When one understands that such Fatwas are about control, not health, the level set makes perfect sense.


      • I’m watching, well listening to it, the DW documentary, right now. So it’s not pulled.

        My reaction is, what isn’t rigged? Everything seems to be rigged these days to push a variety of agendas.

    • This is basically the same situation as Global Warming aka Climate Change. No real scientific proof,,, just ideological political scare mongering BS. The Video does ‘insinuate’ it could maybe sort of kind of be BS but tries to be impartial and so defeats its purpose. Notice government studies and videos never try to be ‘impartial’.

      Also,,, Notice the money flowing into this? The machinery and human resources? Notice almost all of the folks agreeing to the NOX agenda are government or government affiliated? Notice the taxes and other regulatory nonsense costing billions of fiat forced upon the people? Notice they did not/could not show one person that died of these particulates?

      Simply put,,, It’s a scam by parasites to part you from your money.

      When in doubt,,, follow the money!

  17. Good article eric. Trump was supposed to reverse this junk. But just like foreign wars and illegal immigration he has done nothing. What a loser ha. Just another new york shyster. Better get a plan b that doesnt involve the American government.

  18. “AOC is just around the corner…”

    You mean Speaker Cortez?

    Pelosi must have smoke rolling out of her ears. The press tramples right over her to get to Speaker Cortez.

    • Hi Aljer,

      AOC is young and “hip” and attractive (until she opens her mouth) and so Millenials like her; Pelosi is an old hag – their grandmother – and unrelatable. AOC is the future of the Democrat-Socialist Party and if not her specifically, someone like her.

  19. AOC is just around the corner – or someone like her and just as bad.

    Now THAT’s a scary thought! Makes me want to GTFO the USSA. When Trump got elected, I thought I might stay. Now that he backed off on closing the border, I’m not so sure. I know people in South America, and I’m tempted to pull the trigger and GO. One, I have more friends there vs. here; the USA has a cold culture. Secondly, I don’t recall seeing ANY DUI checkpoints down there…


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