“Dangerous and Derogatory”

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I am a bad man, apparently. A politically incorrect man, certainly. “Dangerous and derogatory,” specifically.

According to Goo-gul, the Internet panopticon that polices and punishes speech – especially speech critical of government fatwas, which are styled “dangerous and derogatory.” See the pic which accompanies this rant. It is a screen shot of my “violations” – the first a an article critical of Obamacare (Shared Responsibility Update) and another, which explains why almost every new car now sports a very small/highly turbocharged engine (The Turbo Tax).

There is plenty in both which is critical of government policy – which is now being characterized as “dangerous and derogatory.”

The Alien and Sedition Acts come to mind – only the modern version  is more sinister because instead of throwing you in jail or out of the country, the Internet (and social media) Panopticon – it’s all the same Panopticon – ostracizes the offender economically; destroys his ability to make a living – in order to get him to stop making waves.

The pressure brought to bear is – frankly – enormous.

It is also demonically clever. No overt force is used to enforce the New Orthodoxy. It is not necessary to send people to camps when you can consign them to living in a van down by the river.

It was not enough to shunt heterodoxy off the main vein conduits of popular news and entertainment; the last redoubts – podcasts and independent web sites such as the one you are reading now must also be given The Treatment.

If people insist on reading such dangerous and derogatory stuff – such as objecting to the insurance mafia using the government to forcibly extort premiums from people (“violation” number one) or to explain to them the reason why new cars are becoming so much more costly all of a sudden (“violation” number two) – the the spreaders of such heresies must be punished.

Even when the punishment – removal of ads, to strangle the heretic economically – costs the Panopticon money.

It is a development unique in the history of publishing.

Ordinarily, a publication that has readers gets advertisers – because the whole point of advertising is to get more people to see the ads and so (it is hoped) buy whatever is being advertised, or at least think about it.

But now, advertising is pulled precisely because the material is being read.

Because it offends the Panopticon, which characterizes  any divergent opinion – and not just that but fact-based analysis that is critical of government-corporate shibboleths, such as Obamacare for instance – as dangerous and derogatory.

The left has become jihadist in its frenzy against anything critical of its prescriptions – which it regards as dangerous and derogatory. Because they are criticisms, which cannot be tolerated.

This is why it is so important to support heterodox media, unless you prefer the orthodox – and what will inevitably follow once it is no longer possible to speak (or write) your mind without incurring punishment for being dangerous and derogatory.

It is not only a practical way to stymie the Panopticon’s economic attack on anything its zampolits take issue with, it is a practical way for you to tell the Panopticon to go to Hell – while you still can.

Until supporting heterodox opinion becomes a crime – which is already the case in the UK and so just a leap across the pond from becoming a crime here, too.

Probably, that is going to happen. Because facts – as John Adams once said – are stubborn things. And the Panopticon can’t allow them to stand in the way of its agenda.

As for myself, I embrace being dangerous and derogatory. In the current context of deceit, demagoguery and suppression, it is an honorable title.

I will do my best to continue earning it – with the help of readers such as yourself.

. . .

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  1. Google actually used to be libertarian in its early stages. whatever got the most clicks for a search result appeared at the top no matter what. now they’ve gone full search manipulation communist. horrible people. And they dont even hide it anymore.

    • Heh, Mark- same with Ebay; Youtube; pretty much everything these days. Back in ’99 when I got my first ‘puter, the internet was wonderful! True freedom of speech; everyone had freedom of the press, ’cause everyone now had a “press”. You could find what you were looking for, because they sdimply matched your keywords….rather than trying to figure out “what you’re really looking for” and then dictating what you should see vs what you want gto see.

      I knew it was too good to last! Why would they allow us this great opportunity of a truly free market; freedom of speech; the ability to expose the misdeeds of the state; the ability to associate with like minded people all over the world whom we would otherwise never know; etc? All that coming from something that was created by the military?! Ya just KNEW there had to be an ulterior motive- and my, how quickly those things morphed into a ‘web’ of surveillance and control!

  2. The Gulags are already here. . .
    Just ask Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, and Monika Schaefer-three elderly women who have been prosecuted and incarcerated for the “sin” of questioning the jewish “holocaust”.
    The “beginning of the end” for freedom of speech (and thought) came with the demonization of those who refuse to believe many claims about the artificially-contrived and promoted jewish “holocaust”. While there were wartime casualties among innocents (as there are in all wars and conflicts) the commonly-held idea that German and European jews were singled out for extermination is just plain false.
    In fact, “world jewry” declared “war” on Germany in 1933…look it up for yourselves. The German response to the social unrest perpetrated by jewish communist interests was a reaction to jewish behavior.
    Many European countries, and even Canada have laws that restrict true “free speech” when it comes to “all things (jewish) holocaust”.
    Holocaust historian Ernst Zundel was repeatedly prosecuted, (his home firebombed, and personally assaulted by jewish interests while the “authorities” looked the other way) for the “sin” of “holocaust denial” despite being able to provide evidence of the outlandish claims, fabrications, and outright lies about this “event”. The Canadian and German “kangaroo courts” used a defective “legal maneuver” to keep his evidence from being introduced–“judicial notice”, which disallows the introduction of evidence (the truth) if it runs counter to “commonly accepted beliefs: (even if these “beliefs” are lies and fabrications). You see, the jewish “holocaust” has been turned into a “religion” from which no deviation from the “commonly accepted beliefs” is permitted, even if these “beliefs” can be proven to be false. Holocaustianity is the new world “religion” that has provided the impetus for the criminalization of TRUTH.
    Fortunately, more and more people are seeing through this massive “money grab”–“the hoax of the twentieth century”.
    Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, Sylvia Stolz, all three elderly women, (and many others) are martyrs in the quest for TRUTH, being incarcerated in maximum-security prisons for refusing to believe the “official” holocaust tale. Just what does THAT tell you about “freedom of speech” and “freedom of thought”?

    • Anarc,
      My mother always says “Those poor Jews! Why are they always persecuted?!@”

      Ummm…maybe because they constantly do things wherever they go to warrant it? The history is there, for the last 2000+ years for anyone to see….but history and fact are no competition to some 23 year-old dingbat standing in front of a class of 10 year-olds and repeating some fairy tale; nor for some actor on a screen reading from a script, who’s being paid by an industry that is virtually 100% Jewish!

      Wanna see the future of America? Just look at Canada:
      Can’t criticize Jews, Muslims, or faggots.
      It’s a crime to refer to some mentally ill dipshit who can’t accept the gender with which he/she was born by the improper personal pronoun of current choice…
      No right to refuse medical treatment.
      Even higher taxes than here…
      You’re either inb the top 5% of producxtive people (the looted) or you live on government programs and subsidies, with no hope of independence, ever……
      Consume lkots of alcohol and *free* Rx drugs so as to not have to face reality or one’s future.

      Not so “O-K, eh?”, eh?

      • It’s not “smarts” or “IQ” that gives jews an advantage over gentile whites, but is their rabid insistence on cultural and social cohesiveness, insularity and nepotism (but only for themselves) that gives them an “advantage”. This same cultural and social cohesiveness that is prized so highly by jewish interests is denied to gentile whites. Jews, to a man will fight to deny this same cultural and social cohesiveness to gentile whites that they themselves enjoy as it is a major part of the jewish purpose–the destruction of gentile white culture, which IS superior to any jewish cultural or social society. If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more. As I have previously stated, jewish success is based on cultural and social cohesiveness and insularity–NOT “smarts” or “IQ”. Once enough jews get into a position of power in the work world or education systems, they will hire and promote their own, even bypassing more qualified gentile white candidates.
        Jews have latched on to cultural cohesiveness and nepotism, as it serves their purpose exceedingly well.
        At the same time, jews pushed the concept of racial “equality”, (but only for gentile whites), backing it up with “civil-rights” and “equal accommodation” laws which are enforced by governments–but only against whites. These “civil-rights” laws are used as a “battering ram” against gentile whites to diffuse and fragment any semblance of gentile white solidarity and cohesiveness that may arise.
        A great reckoning dealing with the jews is coming. As gentile whites become more marginalized, the accusation of being tagged as “racist” or a “holocaust denier” is rapidly losing its “sting”.
        Increasingly, jews are more wary of being “called out” and recognized as “jews”. One can call a jew a shyster, shylock, bankster, criminal or ne-er-do-well, and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, BUT call a jew a “jew”, and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”.

        • Exactly, Anarc. -That, and their utter ruthlessness.

          Definitely not their IQ nor abilities- as being a former NYer, I’ve been around a lot of ’em- and individually, they are weak and often stupid- but as you said, their proclivity for cultural cohesiveness; nepotism [not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, per se], desire for power and control, and that utter ruthlessness, combines to make them a tiny but powerful minority- Oh, and not to mention their view of themselves as being superior to everyone else, and their abhorrence of “the goyim”.

          There used to be many lower-class Jews in NY (Not they are rare. When I was young, there were still some; When my mother was young, there many)- and they were exactly as you mentioned- poverty-stricken peddlers and schlubs [But unlike the other kind, many of those kind were humble and nice people].

          Imagine what the negroids could have done if they had the same cohesiveness as the Jews, instead of savaging/killing their own kind?!

          • “There used to be many lower-class Jews in NY (Not they are rare. When I was young, there were still some; When my mother was young, there many)- and they were exactly as you mentioned- poverty-stricken peddlers and schlubs [But unlike the other kind, many of those kind were humble and nice people].”

            Jews in the rural South were very well assimilated into white society. They’re probably all dead by now.


            • Hi Handler,

              “You need to remind all those damn yankees, last time they came through this town, they burned it up”.

              Wow! thanks for posting.


        • Mornin’ Eric!

          I wonder, Eric. The Saxons have let it get this far already; they are virtually destroyed; their countries are in ruins; their once-great wealth has been spoiled…and THEY are still leading the charge of the opposition….

          Maybe the Saxons are too civilized. They’ve even virtually handed over England….

          • Hey there, my wop friend!

            I hear that. More, I begin to regret not having had kids, at least one. I hope there is still time. The future is not ours, but we can project ourselves – and sound ideas – forward, via children as much as by such things as the written word.

            My friend Pat Buchanan tells me to (Latin) sursum corda – lift your heart. I try. It is important to not give up before the fight is truly lost.

          • This was written by the poet Heinrich Heine, appx. 1823:

            Christianity has to a certain degree moderated that brutal lust of battle, such as we find it among the ancient Germanic races who fought, not to destroy, nor yet to conquer, but merely from a fierce demoniac love of battle itself; but it could not altogether eradicate it. And when once that restraining talisman, the cross, is broken, then the smouldering ferocity of those ancient warriors will again blaze up; then again will be heard the deadly clang of that frantic Berserker wrath, of which the Norse poets say and sing so much. That talisman is rotten with decay, and the day will surely come when it will crumble and fall. Then the ancient stone gods will arise from out the ashes of dismantled ruins, and rub the dust of a thousand years from their eyes; and finally Thor, with his colossal hammer, will leap up and with it shatter into fragments the Gothic cathedrals. … .

    • I rarely paid attention to those questioning the holocaust until governments started criminalizing it and marching folks off to jail. Knowing governments aversion to truth and honesty caused me to rethink the entire WWII scenario as rubbish. I’ll never know the truth but I know most of what their saying are lies.

      Americans can never seem to get enough lies. Our entry in both WWI and WWII are problematic at best. The Koren war was another war we had no business in and still don’t. NK is no threat to us. They lied about the Gulf of Tonkin to get us in Vietnam where I got my free tour. Then they lied about Yugoslavia and Serbia bombing them to smithereens. From killing babies in incubators to WMD BS got us into Iraq. 99% of Afghans didn’t even know what the WTC was. Considering the Taliban eliminated the poppy growing I personally believe that was the true reason when there are pictures of American troops guarding the fields. Reminds me of Cambodia during the Vietnam debacle where the CIA was heavily involved in drug trafficking. Libya was a total disaster, bombing them into the 18th century simply because we disliked their leader. Then overthrowing the government of Ukraine to establish a new government of Nazi’s. Syria, was for our beloved Israelis and still is. Same for Iran. Yemen….. Jeez, who knows. I am beginning to think they just love killing. Next up it seems is Venezuela. Yes socialism didn’t help them but it was US sanctions that has done them in. The US/UK has stolen their gold and froze bank accounts thus creating a fiscal emergency. I believe the US are also causing their all of a sudden electrical problems. No such thing as coincidence if the US is involved in any way.

      And now we are extraditing Assange for revealing the evil done by the US military,,, dragging him out of the Ecuadorian embassy like a dog. They presently are torturing Bradley Manning, who brought this all to light. Most ‘Americans’ have no problem with any of this. They believe a military is what makes this country great and they don’t like it when the truth bears out the opposite. When government uses secrecy and security to cover up crimes it deserves neither respect and has no honor. Any journalist that breaks the truth should be free to do so under the first amendment (foreign or domestic) and should be regarded with honors. Can anyone imaging if the Watergate story was broken today. The journalists would have been incarcerated and the story killed.

      IMHO,,, this country is going down for the count and it’s not going to be nice.

      • Watergate was a way to illegally take down a presidency-nothing more. You see, “deep throat” Mark Felt was next in line for FBI director and felt (no pun intended) that the job was his. When Nixon appointed L. Patrick Grey as FBI director, all bets were off. Felt made it his personal vendetta to “get” Nixon, which was successful. The rest is history.

        • Not to mention the fact that Nixon was one of the prosecutors who put Alger Hiss away; yes, yes, he put away one of the lefties patron saints! For that crime, the left/Democrats (is there a difference?) HATED & LOATHED Nixon, and they made it their raison d’etre to get him and make him pay for that sin.

    • I should think Pres. Trump would pardon the guy; without Wikileaks exposing the Hillary e-mails, he probably wouldn’t have BEEN POTUS…

        • I agree it’s unlikely; if Trump were going to do something, he’d have already DONE it. That said, morally, he still owes Assange one…

            • I knew what you meant. I’m listening to Infowars right now. David Knight is filling in, since Alex Jones is out of the office. Anyway, he pointed out that Wikileaks also spilled the beans on Syria a year ago. Paul Joseph Watson is on for this segment, and he’s saying that he’s being prosecuted for being a true journalist, i.e. spilling the beans on what the Deep State is REALLY doing…

              • Hi Mark and Nunzio,

                This is one of those bright line situations. Any journalist or proponent of free speech who supports the arrest of Julian Assange is a fraud and a hack who should never be taken seriously again.

                Who knows, this may be the case that leads the Supreme Court to formally declare free speech to be an act of terrorism.


                • Hi Jeremy,

                  Indeed. I regard the persecution of Assange as the equivalent of the book burnings orchestrated by the Little Docktor all those years ago.

                  If Assange isn’t safe, none of us are.

                • Alex Jones just said that Trump needs to pardon Julian Assange; he lawyers are sending mixed signals about Assange. In any case, Trump, morally speaking, should pardon the man. Shoot, he’s already spent more time in confinement than Manning did!

                  I was doing some reading, and Assange has to go to court in the UK first; they have first crack at him. Only then will our gov’t extradite him, and only then can he be pardoned.

                  • Hi Mark,

                    Manning is back in prison for refusing to collude with the government in their witch hunt of Assange. Even though she cut them off, she has way more balls than the average he-man.


                    • I didn’t know that. If Assange isn’t pardoned, then it’s the death of freedom of the press; it’s that simple. What happened with Julian Assange and Manning is no different than Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers 40 some years ago. Assange merely took the material and disseminated it, much like the Washington Post disseminated the info in the Pentagon Papers…

                  • Hi Mark,

                    “… is no different than Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers 40 some years ago.”

                    Yes, a sentiment expressed by none other than Daniel Ellsberg. Unfortunately, his counterpart, the Washington post, has not survived with integrity intact over those 40 years.

                    With rare exception, the presstitutes in the MSM have been peddling every ludicrous and baseless accusation in support of the obviously fraudulent Russia collusion narrative without adhering to even the lowest of standards: no fact checking, no investigation of source credibility, granting anonymity to self interested hacks, etc…

                    At the same time, they have the temerity to say that Wikileaks is not journalism. Assange and his organization are meticulous about fact checking, source credibility, etc… To my knowledge, not a single story published by Wikileaks has proven to be false.

                    The fact is that Assange and Wikileaks reveal them to be the unprincipled State propagandists that they are. He embarrasses them, that is why they hate him and will not defend him. They make me sick.

                    Really pissed off today,

              • Hi Mark,

                I’ll be talking with David Knight tomorrow at 10:15-ish east coast time; audio will be on site later in the day, if you can’t tune in….

                • Thanks! I’ll DEFINITELY listen. I’m studying stuff to keep busy, so I don’t know if I’ll listen live, but I’ll DEFINITELY listen to the replay some time tomorrow…

                  If you want to listen to today’s edition of the Alex Jones Show (i.e. listen to David Knight filling in today), you can go to the following site: http://www.bitchute.com/channel/rongibson. You’ll see a list of Infowars’ shows pop up; select the one you want to listen to, sit back, and relax!

    • Damn! Someone who did some good- forced to live in exile- and now they finally got him.

      I am so ashamed to be an American. 🙁

      REAL criminals occupying every federal, state and local government office and pig precinct and military base….but of course, they persecute those who dare to expose their corrupt deeds- and the Orange Idiot will probably sign the guy’s death warrant….. (As of late, I’ve really begun to think that the guy is mentally ill; that, or he is just a pathological liar to whom words have no meaning. Probably both.)

      • Nunz,

        The thing about Julian Assange was he was an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY truth teller! He shined the light of truth on everybody, regardless of political affiliation, party, etc.; right or left, Republican or Democrat, or liberal vs. conservative, he shined the light of truth on everybody. If someone did something wrong, he told the world about it.

        Well, along the way, I’m sure he’s pissed off more than a few of the wrong people along the way. Never mind that none of Wikileaks’ articles were ever proven wrong over 11-12 years; he upset the wrong people over the years, so now he’ll be made to pay for his crimes against the Deep State…

        • Hi Mark,

          Yep, Assange is biased and honest about it. His bias is against the lies of all those in power, regardless of party, ideology, etc… I think another reason they hate him is that he expose the fraud of “objective journalism” which was designed to place boundaries around the acceptable narrative, under the guise of “responsible journalism”. Absent direct information, we must evaluate news based on the credibility of the sources. One of my credibility tests is whether a journalist or source claims to be “objective”. If they do, they are either useful tools or deliberate liars.


  3. Can’t sell it on a roadside stand either. I never had a doubt, given the startup via govt. funds, what the gword would become. Well, not what it would become since it’s really been doing this all along. Try to search for certain things and you just don’t find anything.

    This is the reason I abandoned a couple anonymizer search engines back in ’08 and went with DDG. I try to not even utter the word. I have corrected a lot of people who tell someone to G—– it.

    I know it’s there and omnipotent but I don’t have to mention it. If Russia was all that free, they’d have an alternative. The Chinese get pissed because G hasn’t been strict enough on their search engine. We’re all going to end up with a VPN and rely on Bing, something DDG regularly uses. It didn’t used to be worth a damn. I haven’t used it specifically, i.e., by its lonesome in a long time. Sounds like it’s time to do so.

    • Morning, Eight!

      Decentralization would ease lots of our troubles, I think – and this includes the Internet. Which – somehow, I don’t know how – ought to be a kind of agora, or open space and free of any centralized oversight on the same principle (which people used to admire) that a man could speak his mind in public, offer pamphlets and so on.

      When ideas are under assault, people will be under assault inevitably.

      • eric, great idea…..but do you see things getting better or worse? I’ve already decided to sit out the next election and put my time to better use. Going to town, doing the preliminary bs and then returning home is enough time to reload a couple hundred rounds.

        If you don’t have gold or silver, you’re going to be SOL when the SHTF. Oh yeah? What will I do with precious metal? Give it to somebody who’ll trade me a piece of bread or a knuckle sandwich?

        You should see my pile of batteries. I bought a new one the other day and paid $12 to not return my old one. I have a 5 gallon bucket full of used AA, A, C, D and rechargeables, mostly 16850’s and A’s. I may change directions and make a cannon with exchangeable barrels for A, AA, etc. Imagine a 1500 fps D cell.

        • 8, gold’ll preserve wealth long-term- like if you have enough money and time and optimism to worry about a possible regrouping after SHTF.

          During and for quite some time after SHTF, gold will be worthless. Try trading a gold coin for a piece of bread or some gas in Venezuela or in past SHTF instances in Argentina, etc.

          SHTF, people want necessities- or fasmiliar cash which they can readily trade for such.

          All the small guys who were saving a little gold, will be trying to dump it fast, so they can live. It’ll be worthless. The big guys who can afford to hold it, will just snap iut up at ridiculously low prices. Same applies to just about any “investment”.

          A friend’s grandmother had some cash during the Great Depression- She bought up real estate in NYC for 10 cents on the dollar. Gold did nobody any good then, unless they could hold it till the 80’s….

          • Nun, the reason I say ammo is THE thing to have. Without it, you won’t have beans or beef or seed or fuel. You won’t have anything, most likely including your life. One still smoking piece of ejected brass will be your life-saver. Several rounds will be your cat lives.

            First thing when people get hungry, they get violent. I’m no exception. I worked for a major corp. at one time and did shift work. Getting off at 7am I was already loaded and dressed cause I was “hongry” and bambi was my protein of choice. Multiply that by hundreds of millions of hungry people who checked their morals about 5 days into nothing to eat.

            I’ve seen so many of those conversations of “how much ammo is enough?”. Eh, until the dust has settled and you’re not jumping at everything you see and hear, there won’t be “too much ammo”.

            What’s better to trade, hot bread…..or ammo? It might come to be a seed is worth one round. I’ve read a few of the ” A Few Days After” type books and they all make the same point. There will, at best, be a small percentage of predators with nothing to lose and at worst, a large percentage of predators and that first vehicle you see, esp. a helicopter, my be the worst thing you’ve ever faced.

            Excuse me, I hear the backhoe calling. Time to get to work on that bunker with the remote hidden escape door.

            I can hear “it”….more loudly than most. I know “it” is coming for me. I have gone back to keeping my gates locked at all times.

            I hadn’t locked the gate behind me a couple weeks ago because I had gone to the barn to get some barb wire for a fix for a project we were working on. I didn’t intend to be gone long but when I got home, the wife was pissed.

            A guy I went to high school with had shown up. How often was he going by the gate? Often, I’d say since I don’t believe in coincidence plus our road is a disaster area from a new well being drilled near us and huge trucks have been stuck and been pulled out with dozers. He came and told my wife 4 lies in a single statement that she knew were lies since she knew the truth of the situation. The wife told him he was barking up the wrong tree but told him where I was if he wanted to speak with me. I have no doubt he drove right by me as I worked on a fence. If he’s sleeping well, he’s an idiot. I haven’t found out what sort of shit he or his got into but he’s desperate since he’s never been to my house in the 37 years I’ve lived here.

            • Yeah, every time somebody says something about investing in gold and silver, I tell them I’m investing in copper and lead.

              • Hahaha, yeah! Don’t get me started on that, Dread!

                What? You’re not gonna take your Gold Eagle down to the gas station when TSHTF and trade it for a gallon of gas?! (Yeah, that’s about what the exchange rate would be on the street at that time!)

            • Oh, I’m with you, 8. You don’t have to convince me. Gotta protect the bow-wow too! (104 lb. wimp!)

              All the snowflakes always talking about “equality”- Well the only real equality that matters- and which would retrain most of the evils in the world today, and spread freedom like cooties at niglket birfsday party, is the equalization of power that comes from everyone being able to protect themselves by being well armed!

              THAT’s equality!

              And I agree….”it” is getting close. The line is finer and finer- and we are near the brink of it.

              It won’t take much to set it off. One day we’ll wake up, and everything’ll be different.,

              Heck, I went shopping today. With half the things IO buy, it’s hit or miss if they’ll even have any- and we’re talking just simple everyday things and staple items (If I wanted junk and convenience foods, that’d be no problem; they always have lots of that!). Much of what I buy, they’ll only have one of. Sometimes if I’m real lucky, maybe two.

              This is at a Walmart Supercenter- when things are normal.

              Imagine even a minor hiccup in the system!

              Those “preppers” who live in the cities and think they’ll “bug out” or hold down the fort….will be the very first ones to go.

              Place like this, we’re everyone’s well- armed, and everyone is a good deal self-sufficent, will be good in the short-term. Long-term, even that’ll go south. The further away your neighbors…the better.

              • Nun, got a call from Susan yesterday, WTF ever she is. She was calling about my home security. I was busy(trying to blade an evil road, had my hands full, quite literally, both of them)but I listened since I had my bluetooth headset on (Blue Tiger Elite, you won’t regret it). I said I had security with double locked gates and pit bull security plus a superman would be hard pressed to make it through my fire I could put down. She then wanted me to speak to “Jim” or somesuch to verify my name and get his opinion on “why I had called”. Man, that set me off. I told her “I didn’t call you. I have no idea who you are and if anyone comes to my place and get past my barrage of fire after CJ alerts me then I deserve what I get.”

                If anyone were foolish enough to cut a fence, go to a house and barn and try to rip you off, you can get it’s the badged thug crowd….cause we had same happen one 3 day weekend when we were gone, except they cut no wires. That’s a good way to get nailed, one way or the other in Texas. They even tried to rig the brakes on the wife’s car(we didn’t lock up the barn)to fail when driving. They did jack with all our windows of which you have to get into two sets at each opening. Well, they fucked up screens and left two doors to the breezeway open which the wind tore up, no big deal since they were only $300/each. I turned it in to the local gendarmes and they wrote it up like an arrest. I never went back but I haven’t forgot and I know the guy who did it and he was part of killing our beloved Buck, the greatest dog to ever live. I have some paybacks due one of these days.

                The worst things 3 people will ever hear is the docs have given me six months to live. Six months, six days, six hours, who gives a shit at that point?

                • Ha! 8, I’ve often said the same thing about being being given 6 months to live!

                  But I have no personal enemies.

                  I’ve seen enough injustices perpetrated by those who are supposedly tasked with the purpose of upholding justice….

                  Well, um…why go to a party alone?

                    • I know it, 8. And no matter how nice YOU are, someone may just decide to do you dirty for no reason- The luck of the draw.

                      I had this sort-of enemy in NY. This c. 60 year-old Mick who was the head maintenance guy in the apartments where I lived.

                      The prick would yell at my elderly neighbors (One of ’em was a nice quiet 88 year-old lady) which really steasmed me.

                      He was scared of me at first (When I first moved in, I chased him down when he was driving his truck, to ask him a question. He thought I was mad at him, so he barracaded himself in the truck and wouldn’t get out.

                      But when he saw that I was a nice, easy-going guy, he then would try and intimidate me- as if he could bully me into foregoing repairs!

                      Once I called him to fix something, and he hung up on me. Next day I see him sitting in his truck talking to this dingbat who seemed to have the hots for him. I make a bee-line to the truck- the dingbat moves aside; I plant my hands on the top of the door frame, and tell him “You ever hang up on me again, I’ll rip your dick off and shove it so far up your ass, you’ll think you’re back in jail!”.

                      My terlit always used to get clogged in that apartment. Next time it did, I just left it that way for 24 hours, adding to the contents as necessary. Next night, when I knew he was the only one on duty (or should I say ‘doody’?) I call him, and say “Kenny, my terlit’s clogged again, Bring your straw!”

                      The guy comes half an hour later- red-faced as usual- who knows what he’d been drinking- and goes in the bathroom with the terlit snake. I’m a few feet away in the living room, restraining Precious, my pitbull, who hated Kenny’s guys (My version of Buck)- and what do I hear from the bathroom?

                      A few grinds of the snake…then BLAHHhhh!!![dry hesaves]….grind…BLAHHhhh!@ Must’ve taken 15 minutes to clear the mess- and then he literally RUNS from the apartment, with snake in hand!

                      A few yuears after I moved here, he had retired. Had to live in one of those veryu apartments; never got to retire to his property in Honduras before he croaked!

      • Hi Ya, Eric!

        I agree with you in spirit about comparing the interwebz to speaking in public- but what we have to remember is that the internet is an artificial construct- constructed by government and corporations- and like everything that such cartels do, it is done to further their own purposes- not to further our liberties.

        A computer techie dude I occasionally watch on Jewtube [I mean Youtube- Needs to be said, because there really is a site called Jewtube!] brought up a very good point: Discussing the subject of why their has arisen no viable alternative to Youtube [and such other popular but oppressive sites], he mentioned how Youtube has 5 terrabytes (!) of his material on their servers- and his channel is not even monetized. He said “Would YOU offer someone 5 TB or free storage for free?”.

        Then times that by the millions of people who use Youtube.

        And to top it all off, most of the most popular sites are not even making money when all is said and done- so [these are my words now –>] the fact that they can go on practicing these unprofitable bidness models for many years…and somehow, the money still flows to keep them afloat…..

        But the 5 TB of storage thing really puts it in perspective (And the guy I’m referencing isn’t even a big popular Youtube “star”)- It’s like “free”
        healthcare. Something that requires the goods and services of others can not ultimately be free- someone has to pay; or, be enslaved.

        We may pay for access to the internet, but ultimately, most of what we do online is “free” because someone is making (or trying to make) a profit- by surveilling us; selling our data; manipulating our behavior; trying to sell us stuff, etc.

        And unlike just being in public, being online comes at an expense; an expense which we do not pay for in most cases. Much like listening to radio or watching TV- our best option if we don’;t like what those who control the infrastructure do, is to opt out.

        Of course, I am not defending the behavior of the unholy government-corporate cartels and the extorted money used to build the infrastructure, any more so than I would defend being on the dole. But I guess that’s the point: We don’t go on the dole because it compromise our privacy and freedom, while making us partakers in the crimes of the extortioners.

        Maybe we should look at the internet in a similar manner.

        All these mazes they’ve built; maybe it’s time to stop being their rats.

  4. Just in case anyone wants to “point out” that Google et al are corporations and can do whatever they like on their platforms, remember too that they are given a fair amount of protection by several laws in place that make it very difficult for new entrants to compete. The DMCA comes to mind, but there’s also a lot of stuff buried in the Patriot Act, the various drug laws, and child pornography laws that force private sites to police their systems. Add to that the complete lack of action taken against DDOS and other attackers by law enforcement means you have have big pipes to your servers, which means big bucks. Server hardware is cheap, Linux is free, but network connections at the scale needed to run an international search engine are still very expensive. Google says they built their own network. That’s not really the case. They lease fibers or wavelengths in someone else’s cable. They do this because it is the lowest cost way to “build a network,” as long as the (subsidized and long ago paid for) former RBOC charges a dollar less than building out your own they’re saving money. It also is much faster than trenching in your own glass. Downside is they have to build to where the access point is, which is dictated by where the fiber owner says it is, and might be miles away from anything. Or they have to lease space in a “co-location” center, AKA a data hotel. These are usually in cities, near the old Bell System central offices. Again, it ain’t cheap because there are only so many good locations, so if you do build you’ll want a lot of assurance that your investment won’t be undermined by a competitor. So you get the local yokel government to put up a bunch of roadblocks to keep competition out of the right-of-way. And the state governments to put up a few more. And require unbelievable amounts of insurance.

    • RK, that is a perfect illustration of why I tell others who are looking to expatriate, NOT to even bother wasting their time looking at places in the first or second world where they have all of this infrastructure and resultant convenience that we have become so used to- because such infrastructure only exists where you have a government, or more commonly, a government-corporate monopoly- replete with it’s coercion and extortions= and surveillance.

      In short, the existence of such is a big fluorescent sign that says “What you are seeking escape from is already firmly established here”.

        • MM,

          “Second-world” would be Mexico, and much of South America. Also, South Africa (Well, they’re reverting back to Third-world status, since the savages have taken over and no longer have their destructive tendencies restrained); Egypt, etc.

          • Peru is in transition; parts of it are approaching First World, while other parts are decidedly Third World. Therefore, calling them Second World would be, I think, accurate.

            There is a consolation in that the gov’t is corrupt and poor enough that they cannot spy on their citizens like ours does. You don’t get hut-hut-hutted by the cops down there; unless you do something MAJOR, they leave you alone. There is a lot more personal freedom down there; many medicines requiring a prescription here you can buy over the counter there. The food is better; it isn’t processed like it is here. The food is healthier and tastes better there.

            Unfortunately, you cannot just order whatever you want on Amazon-at least not yet. There isn’t the variety and selection of medicines or anything else down there. The quality of goods is inferior, while the prices are higher. For example, if you buy a pair of Nikes down there, you’ll pay more for a lower quality shoe.

            They are emulating us in certain, distressing ways. For example, they passing nuisance laws, such as you can’t feed the pigeons in the cities. The airport security has tightened up noticeably since I first went down there in 2014; when you board a flight down there now, you have to remove your shoes and stuff just like you do here. While you don’t get X-rayed or groped yet, that surely has to be next, given the trends in airport security down there. You hear domestic violence PSAs on radio and TV that would be reminiscent of our pre-VAWA days; a VAWA style law can’t be far away.

            For that reason, I’ve been debating whether or not to expat down there. I have a support system down there; in fact, I have more friends there than I do here. However, I’d have to speak Spanish; though I know the language, I prefer hearing English. Given the traffic in Lima, driving would be out of the question. I prefer the USA, but I HATE what it is becoming. It’s a conundrum…

            • Very true,m MM,

              I know someone in real-life who’s traveled extensively in S. America and Asia doing missionary work- and that’s exactly what he says too.

              You can still have a lot of personal freedom once your away from the big cities there- and as long as you’re not addicted to all the frills and conveniences that tend to keep most people corralled where they can be easily controlled, life can still be good. No one to stop you and ask for papers; you’re left alone; and in the boonies, you can pretty much live a lifetime without seeing a gov’t employee.

              The thing that worries me about S. America though, is that they are pursuing socialism- thanks to their involvement with the US and UN. -They even implemented property taxes in many SA countries (if not all)- which, up until c. 10 years ago they did not have.

              But one can still live quite freely there- ‘specially if you choose the locale wisely. It’s on my list as a “B” place, for being faster and easier to get to- but if possible, I’d like to try for a place where I won’t see socialism rearing it’s ugly head. But SA would definitely be a great short-term prospect.

          • Nunzio,

            Just got it in my hands. Thanks for the tip.

            Whenever Eric posts a pic of today’s AGWs, Boys From Brazil comes to mind.

            They may not have cloned Hitler, but it is becoming obvious that some of the Operation Paperclip progeny are serving our Homeland.

  5. The other “real question” is “dangerous and derogatory” to whom? Apparently to the PTB and their media cronies who wish to mind-fuck, and subsequently shill the public from within and without! I agree with Eric, PC has become a national cultist religion, and WE are all heretics, to be conveniently, publicly, burned at the stake!

  6. Isn’t it funny how the Google workforce stages walkouts because management wants to be a military contractor, or that management wants to do business in China. Yet they say nothing when Google does exactly what China (and the US would like to) does. And of course you can’t utter a disparaging word about human rights in sharia law countries either…

    • Morning, RK!

      Yup. I am thoroughly alarmed by the way things are headed. If the columns of mine being “flagged” are “dangerous and derogatory,” then so are the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, which I suspect will shortly be characterized as “hate speech” as well.

    • China is the model for the world.
      China is what we are progressing towards.
      Notice that the leftists don’t give a damn about real pollution in China. Or even CO2 from China. Obama made a ‘deal’ with China on CO2 where cuts in the west would be overwhelmed by increases in China and it was cheered by the left. China is the model and the idea is break the west.

    • RK, I love too, how people will protest something (read: ‘virtue signal’)- yet have no problem continuing to further the causes of the entity whom they are protesting by continuing to work for them.

      Same deal with schools…

      I came across this vid in which this “Christian” was ranting about how the college he was attending was promoting the LGBTQXYZ agenda, and falsely claiming that such was science; ridiculing the very notion of a Creator; etc.- and how the “teracher” could not effectively refute his rebuttals (and yet the whole class was groaning at him for daring to question “establiushed fact”)- but yet the guy pays his money, and keeps attending that school….because apparently acquiring some letters after one’s name, and working for some corp or gov’t agency where he will not even be allowed to openly question his ‘superiors’, much less dissent, is somehow better than retaining one’s integrity and practicing one’s beliefs and mowing lawns……

      This is why there will never be any semblance again in the First World- people will pay any price to ensure continued participation- rather than opt out and be self-sufficient. A good number of people have always been that way- but when it gets to the point where people who know better consciously transgress their own values and beliefs in order to assure continued participation, you know that all of humanity has been overcome, except for a few of us loose nuts.

      • Some of that is because the labor market is becoming a monopsony, where there is only one buyer of a service. My employer is pretty much a monopsony, which is why I’m always looking at my exist strategy. As we get more specialized it will become more and more difficult to make a transition away from an employer, because your training won’t be in basic work, it will be in how to navigate the company’s software “tools.” Go to another company, you’ll need to learn an entirely new tool set.

    • Hi Brandon,

      The left is actively working to make disagreement actionable – by characterizing it as “dangerous and derogatory.” This is a form of insanity as well as tyranny. It is pathological to regard disagreement as “dangerous and derogatory.” But the left has become so convinced of its moral superiority in all things that to disagree with it on any point is . . . “dangerous and derogatory.”

      Which is very dangerous, indeed, to human liberty as well as sanity.

      • You got it Eric. Labeling something “dangerous and derogatory” is just the next pretext for censorship. Another label, like their old triage “racist, sexist, homophobic”, used to divert attention from the fact that they don’t have an argument to whatever was stated. State a fact, get called dangerous. Make an argument, get called derogatory or a nazi or something. Because they don’t want debate because they don’t want or care for whatever the truth is. Whatever it is they do want, our liberties are in their way.

        • Hi Brandon,

          The Left has reached the Red Guards stage; if they could get away with it, they’d have people like me killed – or at least, put in prison, for re-education. That is coming, too.

          • In a way it’s nice of them to let you know where you stand….so to speak. Probably the posters on your site are in the same crosshairs. Talked to my best friend yesterday. He’d been “at the range”….out on the range the day before using his new Buffalo Bore Heavy 125gr. 357 Sig. He said it was double handed only and the first round set him back a bit.

          • First they start with Demonitizing…then Deplatforming…then DeHosting…then public Defamation.

            You don’t have to agree with Gavin McInnes to understand his current struggle…he’s been through all 4…

            Keep up the good work!

            I refer you at least 1 time per month and suggest they donate what they would for a subscription to Road and Track, at least $1 per month.

            • Thanks, SoCal!

              I am friends with Tom Woods and others who’ve gone off the reservation; we all agree that the only practical way to survive is to forget the Goo-guul panopticon and rely on our readers directly for support. Until they actually criminalize dissent, it should do the trick!

              • Eric, Muh Man!
                [Where’d that come from? Oh…my black cat just walked by!]

                You do the reader-supported model the RIGHT way! It is just another reflection of your character traits of humility; selflessness, and honesty.

                Please, don’t ever let your buddy, Tom Woods’ rub off on ya!

                I loathe the way he does it! Everything that guy writes contains shameless self-promotion; is trying to sell the reader something (Either a book he has cobbled together; or some hackneyed worn-out money-making scheme how-to) and reads like a commercial -and thus degrades the subjects he is writing about, and any ideas he is promoting.

                I come across his articles from time to time- but I’ve learned to not bother looking at them, for mosty are just advertisements- and while the ones I had read did promote some decent Libertarian content, they were nothing really unique nor thought-provoking- could’ve been written by anyone seeking to hawk their wares to a niche market which hasn’t been fully exploited yet.

                Sorry to criticize your friend; maybe he’s different in real life, and somehow doesn’t realize what he’s doing or how he appears to others- but the above is the impression that I and others get from reading his schpiels [<– My Jewish cat must've just walked by! Yiddish….one good thing the Jews actually gave us! They're probably gonna start wanting royalties on it soon!].

                tl;dr version: It's refreshing to see the way you do it, Eric. You're up-front about it, and not using your articles and Libertarianism to try and hawk a bunch of crap of dubious value.

                I'd gladly send a few bucks your way (and have) to support not only this site that I so value and enjoy; but to support you- a person of character and quality. By contrast, I don't even want to read Tom's stuff for free- not that there's anything wrong with it per se, but I get the feeling that everything is tinged by the grasping for a few cents, and get-rich-quick schemes- which is just such a turn-off, and reflects very poorly on those who use such tactics, even if they may be decent people in real life. (Hmmmm, looks like we need a tl;dr version of the tl;dr version… 🙂 )

                • Thanks, Nunz – and no offense taken, by any means!

                  I very deliberately run this site on a pay-if-you-like-it basis; I will occasionally make a pitch for people to pitch in, but I will never use the articles or the ideas to hawk stuff. No “sponsored” posts; no cheesy batch emails with “click” links. I’m doing this because (a) I love the work and (b) I like being able to do it cleanly, without being a shyster about it.

                  So, thanks… I appreciate the kind words!

                • Hey Nunzio,

                  Nunz, I get what you’re saying, but it’s really easy to avoid all the marketing stuff. Don’t subscribe and skip the “promo” talk. A lot of his guests are interesting and I value his application of libertarian ideas to history. I’m actually glad he’s successful using a sponsorship/commercial model because I feel no responsibility to kick in (for the same reason I would never send money to Fox even though I sometimes use their “product”).

                  Eric, I also greatly value what you do and I feel a responsibility to kick in (which I do when I can). Both approaches can work, but I prefer the intimacy of Eric’s site to Tom’s. Anyway, Woods is far less annoying than Zero Hedge, for instance, where ads are a constant presence that are hard to avoid.


                  P.S. you know I was mocking SJW’s with my quip, right?

                  • Nunz is actually Tom Woods’ biggest fan. He’s a Diamond Level supporter, and spends any time not spent at EPAutos in the Tom Woods Show Elite private Facebook group, debating with the other fans about who the best Libertarian besides Tom Woods is. He just tries to throw everyone off with comments like above.

                    • Brandon, for the low fee of only $1.99, I will send you my opinion of your post!

                      ACT RIGHT now, and I’ll also include a free e-book on how you could have become rich by buying real estate in the 1970’s (a $39.95 value!)

                      I will also include a lifetime subscription to the biggest spam email service in the world!

                      BUT WAIT! I will also include, at absolutely no charge, my report, entitled: “Rid Your Life Of Doubt, Or Should You?”.

                      And as a FREE GIFT, I will give you my wealth-producing miracle system, which will explain how to get others to pay YOU for SPAMMING them! (Or just skip it, and do what I’m doing here)

                      😀 😀 😀

                    • See? Nunz is an expert. In fact, I think he might be Tom Woods’ marketing guy. Just look at how he got us all talking about him? Well played Nunz. 😉

                    • Brandon, I cover thaty in my free ebook “How To Assume The Identity Of A Douchebag”!

                      Ah, but I’m being too hard on the guy- He’s a Calf-lick after all, who amazingly finds no contradiction in being a Libertarian, while supporting an organization which wants to rule the world, and uses whatever worldly poilitical power it can wrangle, and the subterfuge of infiltrating every institution of society with it’s Jesuits to do so….. Oh, and advocates that the rituals of his church be conducted in a dead language- and that the laity be prohibited from reading the Bible themselves, since onkly the “initiated” can “really understand” what it says…..

                      I’m sorry that I even got started on this- this guy really gives me the creeps! -And a Harvard and Columbia [it figures!] graduate, who has to use shady, undignified sleazy interweb spamming techniques to make a buck….

                      I strongly suspect that the guy will prove to be no friend to liberty. Keep an eye on where he goes in the future.

                  • Hi Jeremy!

                    Nah, I don’t subscribe to anything…… I just “get” the gist of what Woods does by having clicked on a few of his articles over the years; usually on sites like LRC (Now though, I’m familiar with his name- so when I see it, I don’t bother clicking).

                    What it is, is I instantly lose respect for people I see operating like that.

                    What really irks me, is not only how they try and make merchandise of their readers/fans; but even more so the fact that people like Woods are trying to make a buk by selling stuff of NO value.

                    They’re not even selling information- as their wares are just recycled old crap, cobbled together for the express intent of trying to get as many people as possible to part with a lousy dollar or two. (It’s also a terrible business model- thus illustrating the lack of intelligence on the part of those who practice it).

                    By contrast, if they were legitimately selling things of value- and not using their ideological writings as a constant vehicle for that purpose- I wouldn’t mind.

                    Like if Eric were to start parting out vintage motorcicles (Like I used to do with tractors) and ran ads for such on this site. Not a problem!

                    In fact, it would be great, as it would combine two things that he loves, while providing free advertising, AND having the benefit of drawing some parts seekers to this site.

                    I think what differentiates such business models and those who practice them, is their practitioner’s character.

                    I’d be ashamed to refer anyone to anything by Woods, as he immediately comes off as a cheap huckster- and wouild certainly devalue any Libertarian idas which he attempted to promote.

                    By contrast, I can refer people to Eric’s site in complete confidence, knowing that the character he exhibits is as integral as the ideas he promotes- and in fact, actually lend even more credibility to the ideas.

                    Hey…I spend enough time here….I don’t have time for any other sites/forums! (Sometimes, a lack of other good sites is a blessing!)

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      I don’t see what he does the way you do. He interviews mostly interesting people five days a week. I don’t have to buy anything, subscribe to anything, read any pitches or even hear any pitches to listen to those interviews.

                      He exposes people that he admires to his large audience, seemingly without any strings attached, one of them being Eric Peters. I’m sure that at least some people here learned of EP autos from the Tom Woods show.

                      It is true that he wants people to subscribe and get on his e-mail list and that he offers “free” stuff as an enticement. But, so what? You can ignore that stuff really easily if you don’t like it. He doesn’t sell any of the stuff you object to in your post.

                      As for what he actually sells, its’ value is demonstrated by the fact that people buy it. He sells books, all of which I found interesting. He sells access to a history series and he sells a comprehensive K-12 homeschooling curriculum. Some people obviously value this.

                      I’m not trying to promote Tom Woods here but I do want to defend him as your reaction to him seems to be more of an aesthetic revulsion than anything else. He doesn’t promote war and he’s not wishy-washy on the NAP which, to me, are more important than his style.

                      Kind Regards,

                    • Hey Nunzio,

                      One more thing, Eric has been on his show 15 times, which makes him one of his most frequent guests. He also exhorts his listeners to visit this site and to donate directly to Eric. I assume that has some value.


                    • I’m glad to hear that, Jeremy. Maybe he knows that having Eric will lend credibility to his show! 😉

                      You guys have got me curtious now- I may actually have to listen to Woods once- just to hear what he sounds like. Maybe when Eric is on his show…kill two birds with one stone! (Funny thing is, I had never even paid attention to Woods before- until another poster on this site mentioned him in reference to some internet marketing BS Woods was peddling. Every time I’d come across one of Woods’s articles after that, sure enough- I’d notice all of the tactics that the guy was trying to hawk to others, being used by himself.

                      Oh MAN! I’m so glad that Eric is above that!

                    • Thanks for the link, Jeremy.

                      Ow…my eyes!

                      Just looking at the comments on that page- it appears that most of Tom’s listeners are not Libertarians;l and or are very ignorant.

                      I had to LOL when I saw among the barrage of ads on the left, one for Tom’s “Happy Earner” ontramanureship program….

                      That was what someone had asked my opinion of, which prompted my scrutiny of Tom.

                      Just take a look…and Google it…. The guy is peddling long-obsolete garbage that is available to anyone who would deign to be an internet spammer, for free.

                      Well, at least he gets Eric some air time……

                    • Haha, yes, Jeremy- easy enough not to look- but the quality (or lack thereof) of the product and the way it is marketed does speak volumes.

                      I clicked on the “blog” heading- trying to be fair and thinking maybe there’d be some “meat” there- but alas- almost every article was an advertisement- sign up for this; buy that; go to this event(buy tickets here!)…..

                      If the guy is that desperate for money, he should get a freaking job, or start a legitimate business, instead of trying to scam a few bucks here and there by “selling” Libertarianism.

                      I’d almost be willing to bet that the guy was probably involved in AmWay or some other MLM-marketing scam in the past; same type of personality; same tactics.

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      “If the guy is that desperate for money, he should get a freaking job, or start a legitimate business, instead of trying to scam a few bucks here and there by “selling” Libertarianism.”

                      I say this with affection but, you seem to be getting a little Bernieish here. I enjoy and appreciate what he provides that I value and ignore the stuff that I do not. Pretty sure that he doesn’t “sell” the stuff you object to but uses it to entice people to subscribe to his e-mail list. If you don’t like that, you don’t have to do it.

                      What he does sell, books and access to history and education resources, clearly has value because people voluntarily choose to buy it. This is a legitimate business.

                      Look, I’m not a Tom Woods groupie. I don’t subscribe or belong to his Facebook group. I don’t like the petty squabbling that he seems to enjoy.

                      Your objections seem similar to the reflexive, emotional aversion of leftist types like Bernie and AOC to the “grubbiness” of making money. I find that kind of odd.


                    • Hi Jeremy,
                      Well, at least Woods is advertising one thing of value: The Ron Paul Curriculum!

                      Now C’mon- you know I of all people am not opposed to making money (I’ve been self-employed since teenagedom!)- and I think it’s awesome when someone can combine something which they have a passion for with making a living- It’s just that much of stuff Woods offers is just recycled or repackaged junk; and more importantly: the WAY he “markets” them; and the fact that his articles/blog posts are essentially just ads.

                      Our discussion has prompted me to do a little more research. I see that Woods is a Catholic convert; an advocate of traditional old-school Catholicism and the Latin Mass (Ay!) and has written a book entitled “How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” [He should’ve started with how the Catholic Church caused the Dark Ages)- This would be equivalent to onbe of us writing a book entitled How The Soviet Union Built The American West. 🙂

                      Now I am even MORE suspect of the guy.

                      But hey, if his conduct doesn’t bother you, I’m glad that you can enjoy him. Give him your email address, and I’d bet your opinion would change! 😀

                • Spot-on, Nunz!

                  I can’t stand listening to the libertarian eggheads debate each other anymore. It’s all for their own entertainment. As Orange Man likes to say, they’re all talk and no action.

                  • Handler, I haven’t listend to any Libertarian-type guys in so long….well….put it this way: With the exceoption of checking out Lew Rockwell’s podcast a few times (Meh…) I think the last guy I listened to was Harry Browne- and he’s been dead for how long now?

                    Sounds like I’m not missing anything.

                    (Oh…wait… I do watch Larken Rose’s videos…)

                    I would like to make it a point to catch Eric on a show one of these days- I KNOW he’ll be good!

                    Generally though- political commentators are just like preachers: It’s almost impossible to find one who gets more than 50% of it right, and who knows more than you do. Better to spend your timne going straight to the source and or thinking for yourself- ’cause if you don’t do those things anyway…you’ll get led astray easily.

                    (I was quite new to formal Libertarian thought when I used to listen to Harry Browne; I wonder how he’d sound to me today?)

                    • I get it that sometimes Tom does go over the top. He says he “destroys” certain people but that’s only if you believe him.

                      There will be plenty people who view him as a bully and he does have a way of promotion that’s very ingratiating to himself.

                      I’m not saying I don’t agree with him, he just comes off sometimes as an over the top sort of person….and he’s always selling himself. THE BEST THING you’ll do today is to pay him only $400 for a regular $500 value. When he does that, I think he’s not got it quite right. Ron Popeil would sell you that $400 thing for half that and show you how you have gotten 60% off.

                • Geez Nunz,

                  What’s with the Woods obsession?

                  “I’m sorry that I even got started on this…”

                  Then why do you continue to take jabs at someone you know nothing substantial about?

                  In an earlier post I said, mostly jokingly, that you seemed to be reacting like an AOC type virtue signaling lefty. Well now, you really are. You don’t read his books, articles or essays; you don’t listen to his show or his speeches. In short, you know precisely nothing of substance about the guy. But, because he uses a marketing gimmick that you don’t like, you make sweeping assertions about his character, beliefs and intentions. When it is lightly suggested that there might be more to the guy than you think, you double down and make even more entirely unfounded attacks on his character. That sounds exactly like the behavior of the SJW left.

                  Woods may be a prick; he may be exactly what you describe, I don’t know. Point is, you don’t either. Presuming to judge someones character without actually knowing anything of substance about that person, is as loathsome when we do it as when the left does it.

                  Finally, did it give you any pause that Eric considers Tom a friend; that his assessment of Tom’s character, having interacted with him multiple times, might be a teensy weensy bit more well informed than yours?


                  • Aww, Jeremy, you’re just a hater! 😀 (So that’s what it feels like to use that expression. Meh….)

                    But seriously, Jeremy, I’m rather surprised that you fail to see guy’s blatant lack of integrity.

                    And yes, I do give consideration to the fact that Eric, whom I infinitely respect and admire, refers to Woods as a friend (and therefore I am trying to restrain myself from commenting further on the subject)- but, I don’t really know by “friend” if Eric means a personal friend whom he hangs around with…or a professional friend, etc.- but either way, I agree that I should refrain from any further criticisms out of respect for Eric- so no argument there.

                    I also consider you to be some of good character and high intelligence- and I think that the reason I have continued to engage on this subject, is more so because i don’t really understand why someone such as yourself is so willing to marginalize a behavior which indicative a blatant and deep character flaw- as opposed to being about Woods himself- whom I really couldn’t care less about; and whom I never even bothered to look at until prompted by someone else in the recent past, and then now again by this discussion.

                    As Libertarians/Anarchists, we are essentially dealing with fundamentally moral issues in every aspect of our core philosophy. When I see someone who purports to be a Libertarian, but who transgresses one or more of the basics of elementary morality- for which the bar should be set much higher for those who proclaim themselves as teachers, and who accumulate a following, than for the average joe- I tend to think something is wrong.

                    It was the same when someone asked me about Adam Kokesh a while back. I had never even heard of the guy before. Took a quick look at him, and saw several glaring moral contradictions. Now it turns out, that Kokesh is indeed acting like a monster and becoming a typical politician, grasping for power, and engaging in underhanded practices against ‘his own’- even trying to destroy Larken Rose for not supporting him.

                    If you want a true indicator of someone’s character, look at how they treat the little things. If they’re not honest in the little things, they will not be honest in the bigger important things.

                    If you want to get a glimpse of someone’s true agenda, look at what they believe, follow, support and practice in their personal life- for that will be ultimately the cause they end up working towards.

                    It would surprise me if you have not thought about these things already- but, anywho, I’d be happy to drop the subject, as pertaining to TM, as it really doesn’;t concern me.

                    Hey, this is the most I’ve seen you participating here in a long time- maybe I should find some other Libertarians to criticize! 😀 (Hey, I hear that that Brandonjin once removed the tag from his mattress!)

                    • Hey Nunzio,

                      I think we’re getting somewhere that transcends discussions about TW’s character. I also believe that you are a man of good character and high intelligence which is why it surprises me that you are, at least to me, transforming an aesthetic reaction into a moral claim. You state that “When I see someone who purports to be a Libertarian, but who transgresses one or more of the basics of elementary morality… I tend to think something is wrong.” In the abstract, I completely agree, but I see no evidence for this claim as it regards to TW.

                      I have listened to the Tom Woods show for years, because it exposes me to interesting people, one of whom is Eric Peters. Until you pointed it out, I had barely noticed, and never clicked on the “marketing gimmicks” to which you object. You imply that the existence of such “gimmicks” is a transgression of libertarian morality, I disagree. How is asking someone to provide an email address in exchange for something, such a transgression? There is no force or fraud involved, if I do not value what is offered, I can ignore it.

                      You also state that, “it would surprise me if you have not thought about these things already”. I have, which is why I am engaging in this conversation; not because I am a TW fanboy, but because I think there is something deeper at stake. Namely, that the transformation of aesthetic values into moral claims is a huge problem.


                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      I know Tom, so I’ll amen all you’ve said and add that his situation is different than mine. He has a family, his operation is much larger than mine. I am lucky in that I can do my thing on a thin shoestring. I can’t hail my own virtues to highly; Elvis knows what I might have to do if I had a kid and wife to support..

                    • “(Hey, I hear that that Brandonjin once removed the tag from his mattress!)”

                      The warrant has been obtained and the SWAT team is putting on their gestinja gear.

                      Not so sure the address has been confirmed but that’s not important.

                      Whoever is on the receiving end of the raid must be guilty of something.

                    • Jeremy,

                      “the transformation of aesthetic values into moral claims is a huge problem.”

                      Good thing that the solution to any problem is government mandated violence.

                    • Evenin’ Jeremy,

                      Yes, it would have surprised me very much if you and I were not at least in philosophical agreement- and I do agree with everything that you said, with the except of what TW would DO with one’s email address if anyone were foolish enough to provide it.

                      I think the reason that we seem to be looking at this from two different vantage points and thus not necessarily observing the same things, is because I believe you are drawing your conclusions of TW mainly from hios show’s website- on which, as you say, the ads are easy enough ignore. True enough.

                      I, on the other hand, have mainly drawn my conclusions from his written articles- linked to on sites such as LRC- in which his “marketing” is much more blatant- with many of the articles essentially just being clickbait for advertisements for his products; even moist of the articles in his blog exhibit these characteristics.

                      And if you look at some of the forums regarding his “entrepreneurial”, you would see that he is not only teaching people to be spammers and recyclers of old, readily available information; but that he is also giving them very poor (and out-dated) advice- much like a “buy real estate with no money down” infomercial huckster.

                      Correct me if I am wrong, but I see that as being very dishonest- and it is that which I object to. I certainly have no problem whatsoever with someone advertising a legitimate product in an above-board and straight-forward manner (As opposed to email spamming and clickbaiting).


                    • Exactly, Tuan!

                      “Hey look! They’re eating Doritos! They must’ve been smoking the dried leaves of an ‘illegal’ plant, thus endangering ‘the CHILDREN’! Quick, get the automatic rifles and shoot the guard chihuahua!”

                    • Hey Nunz,

                      Thanks for the response. I’ve been posting quite a lot lately, most of it not about TW.

                      You say, “correct me if I am wrong, but I see that as being very dishonest- and it is that which I object to”.

                      Well, I do think you’re wrong. TW is very open about his marketing techniques and those who provide an e-mail must have, at least at the time, believed that the exchange was valuable. Again, no force and no fraud means that it does not transgress libertarian principle.

                      You also say, “I certainly have no problem whatsoever with someone advertising a legitimate product in an above-board and straight-forward manner.”

                      It seems to me this is exactly what he is doing. You, at least, recognize that there is value in the Ron Paul curriculum. TW, at the request of Ron Paul, produced the high school portion.


                    • Hey Tuan,

                      Well, those who believe that their aesthetic values are moral values often do seek government “solutions”. All laws against consensual activity (drugs, alcohol, sodomy, prostitution, etc…) derive from this mind-set.

                      Today, hate crime enhancement statutes, the ongoing war on free speech, the intentional creation of a mostly fake white supremacist movement, the obsession with “racism”, the twitter mob shamefests, etc… all seem to derive from this self righteous faux moral indulgence.


                    • Nah, Eric- even if you (or I, heaven forbid!) had a canklesaurus wrecks and some sprogs to support, we’d still do so honestly and above-board; do some actual work with our own hands if we have to, rather than indulge in the luxury of pushing a pencil (errr…keyboard?).

                      And especially so for the kids- whom we’d want to set an example for.

                      We all make choices as to what and how much we can have- and how we will dealk with our responsibilities- and ultimately, there are some endeavors which really aren’t that different from being on the dole and living off of extorted money. Not much difference between having others doing the extorting…or getting close to doing nearly the same thing ourselves to try and support an endeavor that maybe can’t quite support us as we’d like it to. (Just dealing with the concept here- the way I see it).

                    • Damn it, Nunz … we have to figure out how to shed this vexing conscience and self respect that rides us like a lamprey does a shark!

                    • I take TW’s email and read his missives that he has for free.

                      I like what he says and believe he’s the real deal libertarian-wise.

                      Tom is a teacher, plain and simple, and a well-informed one and intelligent. He seems to draw a good crowd who have no problem spending what he asks.

                      In this respect, what he’s doing is tantamount to turning those who only considered “some” libertarian ideas into real libertarians who have used his curriculum to turn things on their heads for them and probably the people they hang with….or should I say socialize with?

                      I say more power to him since every person who pays him for his thoughts are getting a good deal in my mind and we’re all getting a better deal the more TW’s we have who turn more statists into libertarians.

  7. It likely won’t be long before our acts of public defiance become targeted and labelled as “treason” against Uncle, and likewise, all of us who consider ourselves merely nonconformists shall be labelled as “traitors”.

    • Hi Graves,

      Yep. The left is far more ideologically virulent than the right. It has reached a crescendo of frothing madness, like that of a rabid animal which snaps its jaws at anything within reach. The attitude is that of a religious fanatic: conversion, acceptance – or else.

      • I heard an opinion the other day that there is no such thing as the right. What is called the right are simply all that don’t agree with the left.
        And that’s true to some degree. The right is nothing more than a collection of opposition to the left on one or more issues. The left then lumps them all together and uses the worst of their opposition to define all of their opposition.

        That’s why you find google leftists calling the president of the heritage foundation a racist and more. Except one problem…. by all appearance the president of the heritage foundation looks like a black woman. Of course being on ‘the right’ that’s left out out of the online bios and we have her photo and things she’s worked on to piece that together from.

        libertarianism opposes the left and the right but it put on the right because it opposes the left.

        • “Alt-right” started as a term for neo-Nazi weirdos but eventually came to mean literally anyone who isn’t a screeching frothing SJW lunatic. The problem is that people who use it to mean the former still apply it to the latter, and as with so many other things people just sort of believe unquestioningly.

            • Morning, Brent –

              I like Rogan. We disagree on many things, but he is what is styled a mensch in some quarters. He’s reasonable, has a sense of humor; seems like a human being.

          • Chuck, It seems every time they give something a label, or start an official group….the original idea of the original concept (for better or worse) is changed.

            100 years ago, a “liberal” was essentially a Libertarian. Look how THAT word has been corrupted into the very opposite of what it used to mean!

            Same deal with “humanist”- It used to refer to the development of human virtue. Today, it means ” a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good.”: (Hmmm…where have we heard that “greater good” before 😉 )

            This is why this politically-correct BS is so abhorrent and dangerous; change the meanings of words and concepts, you can change history and thoughts!

            • Morning, Nunz!

              The left excels at the manipulation of language; this may be its strongest card. The right has caught on, too – although clumsily. Examples include the “Patriot” act and references to Goodness and Motherhood in the title of almost every new law proposed.

              • The Patriot Act….what a mofo…..and I knew it would be by the name and the fact nobody could read it till it was passed.

                When I read it couldn’t be read till it was passed I knew we, the public, were going to lose big time. This was one of those times that I had that severe pain near my rear orifice. Time to lube up for the reading of the vote.

                And so, just like any politician who values as how he’s perceived more than what he does, almost everyone voted for it in lockstep.

                Only one senator, Russ Feingold, voted against it and look what he got.

                If you want to take a ride down memory lane, here’s the official vote.


              • Hey Eric!

                ….or their recent convention of naming every new law after some victim or ‘hero’- e.g. “Leandra’s Law”…..

                What really disgusts me, is in many places, like NY, they now rename streets and bridges (etc.) after politicians, activists, mercenary killers, etc. -or even sports figures who fit their PC agenda- e.g. the Interborough Parkway became The Jackie Robinson Pkwy; The Triboro Bridge is now the RFK bridge; some local streets are now Lt. Drunken S[tate] Enforcer Blvd”……

                All will pay homage!

                Imagine if you lived on such a street, and had to include some creepy pig’s name in your address?!

                • Indeed, Nunz… so far, the canker hasn’t spread to my neck. I like living on Hummingbird Lane. I hope it is never re-named AOC Avenue or some such!

                  • eric, this crap has gone on forever, nothing new to it.

                    Driving a truck you get to see a lot of people’s names on those routes you have to use.

                    I find it common enough I don’t always have to spit out the window after viewing one I’m very familiar with. “Oh, fuck me” is a common refrain when I see one. It just comes out, sorta like pus from a festering boil. Zat gross enough for you?

              • Eric,

                The left also excels at dogged COMMITMENT. Love ’em or hate ’em, they keep at it until they achieve their objective. Exhibit A is health care. They’d been trying since at least 1947 to get a national health care system in place; though they’re not there yet, Obamacare will get us there. How many years is that, 70? The left doesn’t know the meaning of giving up; they are the epitome and quintessence of tenacity. That’s why they will ultimately win; they NEVER give up.

                Speaking of Obamacare, it will NOT be repealed, because both ‘parties’ want to keep it for different reasons. The Dems want it for ideological reasons, while the GOP wants to please their insurance company donors. Anyway, Obamacare WILL collapse what’s left of our healthcare system; it simply isn’t SUSTAINABLE. When the remains of our healthcare system collapse, the gov’t will step in with their DESIRED solution: nationalized health care. It’s the old problem, reaction, solution trick yet again, and the sheeple will fall for it.

                Though I said it above, I’ll say it again: the left will ultimately win. One, they control the language; he who controls the language controls the debate. Two, they are DOGGEDLY PERSISTENT; they simply do NOT give up! It doesn’t matter if they have to work for decades to achieve their objectives; they’ll keep at it until they reach their goal. Exhibit A is health care, which will be nationalized in the foreseeable future. Exhibit B is guns, which they’ll ultimately get. Our side simply isn’t united enough, let alone COMMITTED enough. Ergo, the left will win in the end…

                • Hi Mark,

                  Yep, if the left wants to race at 100mph toward complete statism, the right responds with, let’s slow it down to 70mph, and they wonder why they lose.


                  • It’s because people are so used to statism that they can’t imagine doing it any other way. If someone comes along and recommends going the other way instead of slowing down the march, they’re dangerous or backward-thinking or an evil greedy capatilist or, or, or, or… I mean, not even 6 months ago, before I found this site, I thought requiring some factory-installed pollution controls was necessary to prevent a repeat of 1970s [insert big polluted metro area]. People’s minds immediately snap to the bad things that could happen instead of the good things that could happen.

                    Now, frankly, I’m not even sure if 1970s [insert big polluted metro area] could have happened without Big Government – starting after WWII there was a major collusive effort by the government and the real estate industry to stomp out the small-farm belts that surrounded cities in those days and replace them with rootless suburban commuters. The government wanted to break down resistance to school centralization, the real estate industry for its part just wanted to make money converting the farmlands into housing plots.

                    When you look at it, it becomes clear – so much of modern life is just a series of bandages over bandages and once you peel away the last layer you will find a place where the powers-that-be, whether academic, governmental, or corporate, have thrown life out of balance. The harder you try to control life, the more out-of-control it gets.

                    • GREAT points, Chuck!

                      And you’ve come a long way, quickly! [Such is not unusual when one discovers real truth- because we don’t need anyone to teach us some convoluted rhetoric in order to maintain our position; all we need do is look around and apply the truth to what we see. This is also why there is no “cure” for Libertarianism- because when you arrive at ultimate truth, you don’t toss it aside for something inferior)

                      I remember when I was a kid, living on Long Island 60 miles from NYC. We’d often go into the city to visit relatives, and you could tell by the smell when you arrived.

                      It would be easy enough to claim that the smokey smell and haze in the air was from ‘pollution’- but in actually, my relatives lived downwind from The Bronx….which was always on fire- as a certain group which has a propensity to riot, loot and destroy, was in the process of destroying the South Bronx- and ditto Brookly, if the wind was blowing the other way.

                      I figured this out early- as I’d watch the news at night (I loved the news when I was a kid!), and sure enough…every time “A massive fire in a 6-story building in the Bronx….”……

                      NYC had much less traffic, noise and crowding in the early 70’s…it was almost tolerable!

                      Today, it exists as a habitat for cars…

                      Less pollution my ass!

                    • Thanks, but I may not have come as far as you think… I still consider bicycles to be the ultimate enemy of car culture and really of anything bright and beautiful.*

                      Really, though, I feel like it was kind of an inevitability I would end up here. I was already raised in a hyperconservative home with minors in organic food and natural wellness, and was homeschooled so spent a lot of time reading about politics and history during my formative years. Add a rebellious streak about 10 miles wide, and an OCD brain that can’t let jags go once it gets on them and that brings us to right now. Before this I’d never thought to consider myself a libertarian because, after all, libertarians were those weird people who were into unlimited drugs for everyone, but I knew I wasn’t really in the mainstream and couldn’t really figure out what my positions would be called. “ConservaPunk” was the best I could come up with.

                      *I know Brent will probably not like me for saying this, but the vast majority of nonmotorized road use is probably TPTB’s fault one way or another, either by actively pushing it or by limiting opportunities until people can’t afford cars. I’ve been traveling to some off-the-highway-network towns around my state for work, and it always makes me kind of sad to think about what those places could have been if the government-environmental complex would just step back and let things happen for once. But even in those places, cars are extremely popular, and people will use ATVs or snowmachines as substitute cars pretty much wherever they can get away with it.

                    • Ah well, Chuck- we all have our blind spots!

                      Although are backgrounds are very different (I was raised by a divorced mother on welfare and went to pooblik skool), I was essentially in the same position as you describe- as I had Libertarian ideas from a very young age (As young as 6- reasoning “How can we be free, if we are forced to go to school; pay taxes, etc.?”)- but as I grew up and would hear little snippets of Libertarian thought, I thought much the same as you- “It’s just an excuse to enable drug addicts and faggots…” (Never occurred to me why people shouldn’t be able to engage in those pursuits in their own lives if they choose to- since the gopvernment is not God!)

                      Because of this, I was a real outsider from a very young age. I was appalled at how even other 13 year-olds were willing to throw liberty and justice under the bus, and just “go along to get along, because that’s the way the world is”. Whatever caused them to be like that at such a young age, apparently was passed-out on a day when I was absent- thankfully!)

                      The day I turned 16, I dropped out of school, and spent time studying things which genuinely interested me; exploring NYC (A REAL edumacation!) and operating little one-man micro-businesses.

                      But it wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I started discovering formal Libertarian/Anarchist thought. (And managing to escape NY 18 years ago has allowed me to live in a much freer manner!)

                  • Hi Jeremy,

                    In re: “Yep, if the left wants to race at 100mph toward complete statism, the right responds with, let’s slow it down to 70mph, and they wonder why they lose.”

                    I have come around to the view that the right views this as winning. “Conservatives” want money and power, too. They’re just more cognitively dissonant about their motives than the left.

          • Hi Chuck,

            Yup. Like “racist,” it has become a catcall to silence (via imputed guilt, if the victim accepts it) any disagreement with the SJW/liberal/postmodern hysterics. Thus, I have been called “racist” because I question policies based on race such as “diversity” hiring, which means hiring anyone who isn’t a straight white male, however qualified – and “celebrating” everything which is not straight, white and male.

            It used to appall me, until I realized the people hurling such abuse are either insane or egregiously disingenuous. The mentally ill can be forgiven; the others must be answered with everything we can throw at them; full salvos, until our barrels glow and the last shell is spent.

            Everything depends on it.

            • eric, it reminds me of the current blowout over paying to get your kid into college. Such a big deal is being made to charge the person spending the money but no word about those accepting same.

              Of course, the elephant in the room is how the universities actually change who can attend by dint of “diversity”.

              It’s a known fact that whites and especially Asians are kept out and those of color are put before them even though they don’t qualify on the merit of the very test they use for qualification, the SAT.

              This bs is more of the down is up, up is down crap happening in this country.

              • So true, 8. My [conservative, black, female] friend used to work for a university….you should here the stories she tells! She was appalled – as she was expected to not only go along with the BS, but to heartily support and defend it. She quit, for a much lower-paying blue-collar pursuit- 6-figures to the low 5’s! Now THAT is character!

                • Hi Myles,

                  College admission slots are finite, which means that some better qualified applicants will be rejected, and thus harmed. If universities have a stated admission policy and then ignore it due to bribes, they have committed fraud, which is a crime. Of course, nobody has a right to admission and if the colleges were honest about favoring those who pay more to get in, then there is no fraud.

                  But, in one way you’re right, the parents have not committed a crime, the institutions that facilitated the fraud have.


                  • One could argue that harm WAS done. How so? When a better qualified student is turned away from a prestigious college or university, he loses the opportunities and connections he would have made there. Why do you think everyone wants to attend Harvard or Yale? Because they’ll get better jobs and better opportunities if they have a degree from one of those ‘institutions of higher learning’…

                    • MM Said***”One could argue that harm WAS done. How so? When a better qualified student is turned away “****

                      True- but that is no different than what the colleges do when they admit “minorities” based on race or gender, whatever, whose performsance and record is substabtially inferior to non-minorities who are turned away.

                      If some metric other than academnic ability is considered for criteria for admission, what difference does it make if that attrribute is the color of one’s skin; their heritage; their gender; lack of prosperity; abundance of prosperity; etc.?

            • I, for one, am PROUD to be called “racist”. Any person who is not proud of his race’s accomplishments is mentally ill. Most whites have been “conditioned” to externalize their altruism-looking out for others outside their racial and cultural group while “selling out” and “selling short” their own race and culture. This is by design (by you know who) and is meant to weaken the white race and culture.
              This has to stop. Us whites need to internalize our own race and culture and look out for ourselves FIRST, not unlike what every other race and culture is expected to do.
              It is us whites who have done MORE to uplift the whole of humanity out of proportion to what any other racial or cultural group has done.
              The time for blaming the white race and culture is over. The self-flagellation and blame for the rest of the world’s dysfunctions does nothing to advance all of humanity. Face it–whites have advanced humanity to a much greater degree than any other race or culture.
              Whites comprise approximately 6% of the world population…
              On a worldwide basis it is whites who are a true “minority” and should be the most cherished and protected of races.

                • 8, whoever invented the red herring of “racism” was an evil genius!

                  I always imagined, if I were black, it would be very easy to assume that all of the injustices and indignities I’ve experienced, were a result of “racism”; and how much the more so, when the media constantly tells us that it is so; AND only shows indignities and injustices being perpetrated against “minorities”- while ignoring them when whites are the victims?

                  What a fiendishly clever, evil, and effective narrative to convince an entire group of people that they are victims!

                  • Hey Nunz,

                    “All the evil and death and tyranny that exists in this world because of that- at the hands of a few people who belong to a tiny minority of whom there are only a few million in the whole world…why would you be O-K with such and not think it a terrible evil? Instead you care that we criticize the people who are responsible for that?”

                    The problem that I, and I suspect Jason, have with this is that there are people from all races complicit in the “evil and death and tyranny that exists in this world”. Yet you ascribe the responsibility to a single tribe. “Libido dominandi” exists in some people of all tribes. They should be condemned, not because of their tribal affiliation, but because of their lust to dominate.


                    • Hi Jeremy,

                      Yes, I phrased that poorly- and realized it, but thought that yous[sic] would understand.

                      What I meant was the asmount of death and tyranny that has resulted as a result of Zionism- not that all the tyranny in the world exists because of it… 🙂

              • Amen, Anarc!

                I am technically not a racist- but they label me as one, and I gladly and proudly accept the label- even if not quite accurate!

                • Hey Nunzio,

                  “Then there are the other kind: The Advance-our-race-and-beat-all-the-gentile-dogs-into-submission kind”.

                  Funny, isn’t this precisely what Anarchyst wants white people to do when he claims that “white people should be advanced over others?” I suspect that many white nationalist types secretly believe that jews are superior and envy them for it.

                  “I mean, really- why did the Germans do what they did? Because the [latter variety] Jews were fomenting communism- …”

                  This would be more credible had they not created National SOCIALISM, communism’s kissing cousin.


                  • I want white people to be recognized for the advancements that benefit all of humanity. Us white people put men on the moon and launched spacecraft into deep space to explore the cosmos.
                    As it stands now, the only recognition white people get is to be blamed for all of the world’s ills. THAT has to stop.
                    On a worldwide basis, whites are approximately 12% of the world population. If that isn’t minority status, I don’t know what is.

                    • Anarchyst,

                      Once again, you fail to address anything I’ve written. I want the particular people, of any race, responsible “for the advancements that benefit all of humanity”, to be recognized. You, simply by virtue of being white, had nothing to do with it.

                      On one theme, you and I agree: the collective shaming of white people, the assertion of white privilege and the cultural requirement to accept guilt and apologize for being white is loathsome.

                      Ironically, your rhetoric supports this narrative. If you seek collective credit for the achievements of white people, you must accept collective guilt for the misdeeds of white people. This should be obvious.


                    • What’s a white person?

                      the definition seems inclusive or selective depending on what the “owners” want at any given time.

                    • You seem to be under the mistaken impression that there is something “special” about the “White Race”. Let me disabuse you of that notion – there is not.

                      The genetic differences between the “races” of man are miniscule. The differences are cultural, and those cultural differences are primarily driven by environment and the necessities of survival.

                      For example, Europeans (the “White Race”) developed a technological civilization and culture mainly in response to the challenges of living in a place with a hostile winter environment. Europeans are “White” simply because melatonin production in the skin is lower in northern climes than it is in, say, Africa.

                      Also as Jeremy correctly points out you personally had nothing to do with the accomplishments you enumerate, and if you insist on taking pride in the “accomplishments of the White Race” then logically speaking you must likewise bear the guilt of the many evils perpetrated by Whites. Feel like taking the blame for the Trail of Tears, Whitey? Or for that matter, taking into account the current season, some White Christians insist on blaming “the Joooos” for the crucifixion of Jesus. (Never mind that everyone involved is long dead and turned to dust and that nobody alive today is in any way conceivably responsible.) However, it was the Romans (Whites) who actually did the deed. Feel like taking the heat for the Crucifixion, Prince Myshkin?

                    • I find it ironic that people of darker color might label me a white racist….and I am white, very much so, but my DNA goes back to deepest darkest Africa, just like almost everyone on earth. Of course there were “white” indigenous tribes in Africa. I don’t think anyone has ever explained why there were/are native white and black in Africa.

                      I don’t really give a shit what color a person is. I seem to get along with everyone regardless of skin color.

                    • 8, no one cares about skin color (Well, except maybe for a few illiterate KKK types…).

                      But if a loved one of yours- an 18 year-old attractive female was driving her car at midnight, would you rather it break down in the all-white neighborhood with nicely mowed lawns, or the ‘hood where half the houses are boarded up and the lawns are dirt?

                      Certain groups have proven over time that the majority of their members tend to engage in certsain behaviors (Italians eat spaghetti; Polaks go bowling; Nigerians lie; Somalis crap on the street and have no sympathy…)- and it’s just that some of those groups are readily identifiable by certain physical trails.

                  • Hi, Jerr,
                    ***”isn’t this precisely what Anarchyst wants white people to do when he claims that “white people should be advanced over others?””****

                    I don’t think anyone’s advocating that whites be advanced above others- but rather, that they merely not be hindered from practicing their abilities. Just as with individuals- some will naturally have greater abilities and or practice superior habits which will result in their natural advancement; while others will practice traits which result in dysfunction. Some will be Wm. Shakespeares and Ron Pauls; some will be the guy who mops up the piss in the men’s room.

                    It would be hard to deny that there seem to be a much higher percentage of higher-functioning types among whites (and Jews) than, say among blacks.

                    ***”This would be more credible had they not created National SOCIALISM, communism’s kissing cousin.”***

                    Yes, that is very true- the difference between the two is splitting hairs- much like the Dems and Repubs here….but the thing is, to the people running the show, who want to elicit “patriotism” and obedience, it is necessary to paint the other party as the enemy, even if the only tangible difference is the color of the uniforms.

                    • “I don’t think anyone’s advocating that whites be advanced above others…”

                      Respectfully, Nunz, if you spent a little time looking into places like the Daily Stormer etc. you’ll find people openly calling for the enslavement and/or extermination of those they deem “undesirables”.

                      Fortunately those [insert bloodthirsty dictator of choice] wannabes are a small group of nutjobs who gravely overestimate their own numbers and importance.

                    • Hi Nunzio,

                      “I don’t think anyone’s advocating that whites be advanced above others”. Anarchyst said precisely that.

                      “What’s wrong with advancing one’s race over that of other races?”

                      He also said that white people “should be the most cherished and protected of races”.

                      I have repeatedly asked him to describe by what means “white people” will be advanced and protected. So far, he has failed to respond.


                    • Hey Nunzio,

                      “… but rather, that they merely not be hindered from practicing their abilities”.

                      I have repeatedly described the demonization of whites, as a group, the concept of “white privilege” and the cultural requirement that “whites” express guilt for the crime of being “white”, as loathsome.

                      What Anarchyst and others are doing is a reaction to, and a mirror image of, the identity politics of the left. As such, they function as useful idiots of the elite class.

                      Minor Threat nailed this years ago:



              • More collectivist bullshit from the Daily Stormer.

                “Races” do not have accomplishments. Only individuals have accomplishments.

              • Hi Anarchyst,

                One may admire and respect the achievements of others but, to be proud of them in the sense that they confer status to oneself, is deranged.


                • What’s wrong with advancing one’s race over that of other races? Not looking out for “one’s own kind” is psychotic…

                  • Anarchyst,

                    Your comment is not germane to what I wrote. So, I’ll try to be clearer. The idea that the achievements of other white people confers status or superiority to oneself, as a white person, is deranged.

                    “What’s wrong with advancing one’s race over that of other races?”

                    How do you propose to achieve advancement over others? Such sentiments are usually accompanied by advocating the use of illegitimate force. If you simply mean preferring “one’s own kind”, there is nothing wrong with it.


                    • Anarchyst,

                      “What is wrong with being proud of the accomplishments of the white race?” Because you had nothing to do with it. It’s like sports fans who puff themselves up when “their team” wins. And again, you seem incapable of grasping my point. The achievements of other white people confer no status or superiority to you. Perhaps you could address what I actually wrote.

                      “Any white person who puts down his own race because of misperceived “guilt” needs to have his head examined”.

                      Did you fail to notice that I addressed this issue specifically in my last post?

                      I wrote, “White privilege is a toxic narrative, designed to foment resentment and discord. Just as you deserve no credit for the accomplishments of white people, you deserve no blame for the misdeeds of white people”.

                      Finally, you have not answered my question about how you intend to advance the white race over others? You also claim that the white race should be “protected”. By what means? In my experience, people obsessed with race tend to end up advocating violence to get what they want.

                      The current hysteria about race is a manufactured narrative designed to create conflict. The stuff you, and others like you, say is a reaction to your counterparts on the left. It serves the interests of the elite class because it instills the ludicrous notion that America is on the verge of being taken over by white nationalists. This creates fear, which the elite class uses to manipulate the masses into ceding more power and control to them. You are playing the part brilliantly.

                      There are horrible people in every race, there are wonderful people in every race. Note, I am not saying that all races are the same. Those who describe any honest discussion about race as “racist” are despicable. Likewise, those who insist that disparate outcomes can only be explained by racism, and denounce anyone who suggests otherwise, are despicable. These books, by the brilliant black economist Thomas Sowell, are particularly relevant in todays age of racial hysteria.




                  • Anarchyst,

                    I am sympathetic to your revulsion at the self flagellation that is now expected of white people by mainstream culture. White privilege is a toxic narrative, designed to foment resentment and discord. Just as you deserve no credit for the accomplishments of white people, you deserve no blame for the misdeeds of white people.


                    • Your comment makes no sense. What is wrong with being proud of the accomplishments of the white race? Any white person who puts down his own race because of misperceived “guilt” needs to have his head examined. As much as “people of color” resent it, it is fact that whites HAVE done more to advance all of humanity than most “people of color” will admit. Being proud of ones’ races accomplishments is no vice. It seems that every race but whites trumpets its accomplishments. All whites get is derision and blame for all of the world’s ills. As it stands, whites are the true minority on a worldwide basis.

                  • More collectivism that is anathemic to libertarianism.

                    My “own kind” are those that share my values. Whether or not they happen to look something like me, or share some common ancestry, is irrelevant.

                    • Sad thing is, Jason, it’s “our own kind” (Other whites) who have created this “racism” narrative- using the schvatzes as a catalyst to destroy our culture.

                      One can only wonder what they will do with the schvatzes once their agenda is achieved.

                      Charles Manson predicted a race war, in which the darkies would be destroyed.

                    • Morning, Nunz!

                      The West – generally speaking – appears hell-bent on suicide. Not just cultural, literal. It – the elements which controls the narrative, at any rate – practically hairshirts itself at every opportunity and practices (and enforces) every imaginable destructive-to-itself policy. This ethno-cultural masochism was evident in Germany after the war – and to a degree, understandable given they lost the war and had to bear the guilt for the war and the pogroms, etc.

                      But it mystifies me how this self-loathing attitude transferred to the rest of the West.

                      I don’t feel it, myself. Quite the opposite, in fact. While I bear no ill will toward other people or cultures, I certainly don’t apologize for my own and am interested more in reading Locke or Newton or Mencken than Maya Angelou. I bear no malice toward Angelou; I’m just not interested – just as she, probably, isn’t interested in Locke – and I would never force her to read him.

                      But live – and let live – is not what’s being demanded. What’s being demanded is the submission of one to the other, if not its outright eradication.

                    • Jews have always driven the so-called racism narrative. A jew is someone who cries out in pain while they stab you in the back.

                    • Hi Handler,

                      If they can’t debate you on the merits, they call you names. Or, they punish you – as has happened to me and others who write/speak for a living and who’ve dared to write/speak about the topics which must not be mentioned – except to amen the orthodoxies, of course.

                      I mocked the “diversity” shibboleth practiced by GM – and it cost me access to GM’s press fleet. This was done to punish me, notwithstanding it also punishes GM, because I have a pretty large audience – many of whom buy cars. Same with Dagooog. They’d rather lose advertising eyes – costing them money – than tolerate my offering opinion (and facts) which they consider “dangerous and derogatory.”

                    • “A jew is someone who cries out in pain while they stab you in the back.”

                      More nonsensical drivel from the Stormfront/Daly Stormer hate-fest. I have known many Jews and not one has done this. (Of course some may have – and the same can be said of some gentiles as well.)

                      “If pointing out facts about race makes one a racist/collectivist, then so be it.”

                      Pointing out facts is one thing. Cherry-picking items out of context and/or simply making them up (see example above) simply makes one a jackass.

                    • “One can only wonder what they will do with the schvatzes once their agenda is achieved.”

                      They are being used by the power brokers, same as the useful idiots clamoring for the gunvermin gibs (“guaranteed basic income” and “Medicare for all”) and the morons screaming that we need to “fight climate change” (a natural process that has been going on for billions of years).

                      Once these poltroons have served their purpose it is unlikely the elites will have much further use for them.

                    • Exactly, Eric!

                      And the ironic thing is: The culture which has proven itself superior, in terms of imparting much higher standards of living, health, education, prosperity, etc. to many other cultures, is being shackled and destroyed, so that now the exchange is flowing in the opposite direction- in that the less advanced cultures are reverting back to their prior ways, and even being allowed to inflict those ways upon our now artificially gimped culture.

                      It’s a no win situation, which if allowed to continue, will negate all of the gains man has made since the Enlightenment. (And that likely is the purpose being pursued by those who are orchestrating this- to reduce all, except for the select few, to barely-human peasant-slave status)

                    • Jason,

                      There seems to be a big disconnect between the lower-rung work-a-day Jew, vs. the liberal manipulative “stereotypical” Jew.

                      The former generally tend to be the less Semitic, largely European types, who are no different than the average Italian, Polak, Hungarian (etc.( immigrant of the working class. I’ve known some like that; and my mother grew up with some- and they were genuinely nice people- kind and generous- and ironically, usually looked down on by the more Semitic Jews.

                      There are even a good number of Orthodox Jews who protest Zionism.

                      Then there are the other kind: The Advance-our-race-and-beat-all-the-gentile-dogs-into-submission kind.

                      The ones who make it their business to gain political control of the enclaves they settle in, so as to exclude all others (While demanding that WEW practice ‘diversity’); the kind who dominate academia and the professions and, again, act as gate-keepers to eliminate competition and maintain control.

                      The kind who will finance both sides of a war….

                      Other groups may be opportunistic- but these kinds of Jews take it one step further- Instead of just investing in real estate, and then waiting for it to appreciate, they will invest, and then have others of their ilk get on the “planning and zoning” commission; so that your property nextdoor to theirs will be worthless, while there’s appreciates 100x; and then they will use their political and financial connections to ensure that the taxes you pay are used to entice some huge project to their property….etc. etc.

                      Sounds like you have not had a lot of experience with Jews.

                      There is a reason they have been banned/thrown out of many nations for the last 2000 years- and paying attention to where they are mentioned in history will show that the same complaints are lodged against them time and time again.

                      I mean, really- why did the Germans do what they did? Because the [latter variety] Jews were fomenting communism- just as they are here.

                      Look at our Jewish-controlled institutions here- Hollywood; banking; the Deep State; Academia; Insurance; Healthcare-etc. They are ALL waging war against us and our culture- destroying our very country- just as they do everywhere where they gain control.

                      Just look at how they control our foreign policy and military for their own ends- and how they wage war against everyone around them in the Mid-East! That alone should be enough to tell the story!

                      The US supports a terrorist state, and then labels all who oppose it or who would defend themselves against it as ‘terrorists’.

                      All the evil and death and tyranny that exists in this world because of that- at the hands of a few people who belomng to a tiny minority of whom there are only a few million in the whole world. Have you ever asked yourself why? And why would you be O-K with such and not think it a terrible evil? Instead you care that we criticize the people who are responsible for that?

                    • Exactly, Jason.

                      Did you know that Bill Nye The Science Guy said that those who deny ‘climate change’ [meaning man-made climate change, of course] should be put in jail?!!!

                      These people are sick mofos…..

                    • Anarchyst,

                      “What is wrong with being proud of the accomplishments of the white race?”

                      Besides the fact that it inevitably leads to war?

                    • Nunz,

                      Having lived in New York City I have have been around Jews quite a bit. Of course these are working and middle-class Jews. I have no experience with Jewish elites such as the Rothschilds. However I also have been around Christians my entire life yet have never had experience with those elites; the Rockefellers, the Morgans, etc.

                      The same disconnect that exists between everyday, workaday Jews and Jewish elitists is the same that exists between everyday, workaday Gentiles and Gentile elites. There really is no difference. Greed and avarice are universal across all human races and creeds.

                      Note that there have been plenty of Gentiles leading us down the primrose path, such as the great “progressive” Woodrow Wilson (not Jewish) who gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax while giving the elites tax-free foundations to shelter their wealth. Furthermore, if he had kept us out of WWI there may well have never even been a WWII.

                      There is plenty of blame to go around for the events that have lead us to the situation we find ourselves in today.

                    • Hi Jason,

                      Indeed. Two of the most loathsome political cockroaches of our time – The Chimp and Mittens Romney – come to mind. Also, Clintigula. Along the same lines, I remind my friends that it’s pretty much white Christian men like The Chimp (and Cheney and Rummy) who have gang-raped “our freedoms.” Historically, we have Roosevelt, Wilson and Lincoln.

                    • Hi Ya, Eric,

                      At face value, what you say about our overlords is true- but in reality, it’s just a facade. Who are these “leaders” really serving? Whose country are they defending (while they let ours be overrun)? Who controls the Federal Reserve and the banks?

                      They operate through fronts. Would a Jew have gotten elected as president of this country in the past? But put a white “Christian” – “One of their own” in….and they can give our wealth to Is-ra-hell and spend half of GDP defending a foreign country, and nobody bats an eye.

                      No matter which party; what person espousing whatever philosophy, there has not been a one who has not been the hand-wash boy for Israel. Why?

                    • Nunz,

                      Presumably the political dirtbags see some kind of benefit to supporting Israel. What that is I don’t know. It’s hard to imagine what goes on inside the twisted minds of politicians.

                      However, if your notion that a tiny minority of a tiny minority is pulling all of the strings of all the decision makers behind the scenes, it frankly says more about those deciders than the alleged string pullers. It doesn’t really make sense and does not hold up at all on close examination, unless maybe there is some evidence that elitist Zionist Jews are paying them all off or threatening to kill their families. In the absence of such evidence it is just the same kind of “correlation equals causation” reasoning used by the Climate Change hucksters and their useful idiots.

                      If it were up to me that country (or any other for that matter) wouldn’t get a plugged nickel in aid stolen at gunpoint from working people in the U.S. (If someone wants to voluntarily donate to some overseas cause that is of course their own business.)

                      BTW, there are evangelical Christians are very supportive of Israel for whatever reason, sometimes even more so than Jews.

                    • Jaaaaaason?
                      Have we never heard of the Rothchilds, for just one example?

                      Ever notice how when there are big protests and riots, the Big-Jew owned buildings escape unscathed, even when right in the midst of the worst carnage? (Except of course, when it’s in their interest not to- like when Larry Silverstein bought the decrepit WTC and collected a nice double insurance payment on a building which had never been profitable- and as a bonus, his buddies got to make billions on the resultant military expenitures when the above was used as a pretext to fraudulently invade and destroy a nation that just happened to be Is-ra-hell’s enemy…-Funny how that worked out- and how they always do if you look into such events down through the last 100 years)

                      And you are correct- I think I even mentioned it elsewhere- there are more “Christian” Zionists in the world than there are Jewish ones; There are more “Christian” Zionists than there are Jews in the world. I wonder how THAt came about, since God removed the Jews from Palestine, and Jesus repeatedly condemned them- which is why they will NEVER have peace there)

                      A little enmtertainment:
                      Archie Bunker: “The only people who can afford live-in help today are rich people and Jews”.
                      Edith: “Not all Jewish people are rich.”
                      Archie:”Ohoho, I never knew one who wasn’t.”
                      Edith:”The Steiners from our old neighborhood didn’t have as much as we did”.
                      Archie”Yeah, and to hear them tell it!”

                    • Come on now, Nunz. Have you never heard of the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Carnegies, and the many other non-Jewish elites who have sought to crus their white brethren under their heels? The list of powerful non-Jews that have worked ceaselessly and tirelessly to steal our freedoms and our property?

                      Then there are people who argue just as passionately that the Masons are behind it all, or that the Earth is flat and all the propaganda saying otherwise is all a huge conspiracy.

                      It’s all a load of dingo’s kidneys as far as I’m concerned. There is plenty of evil in the hearts of men of ALL ethnic backgrounds, all angling for power and to gain more for themselves and less for everyone else.

                      The attitude of condemning Jews while ignoring the much larger number of good White Christians who do the same things the Jews are accused of is reminiscent of Luke 6:42:

                      “How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.”

                    • As Eric said, Jews are not the ones that stripped us of our liberties.

                      Just look at the atrocities the white elite have committed over the course of American history. The world would have been a much better place without Lincoln, the Roosevelts, Woodrow Wilson, the Rockefellers, the Kennedys, LBJ, the Bushes, and the Clintons.

                      The One Word Order/global prison masterminds like Zbigniew Brzezinski weren’t even Jewish.


  8. We here in the American samizdat are simply going to have to accept the fact that if we refuse to toe the Party Line, we’re going to become criminals. Period. We’re not living in Jefferson’s America any more, we’re living in the GloboHomo-GloboSchlomo communist empire of the Former USA. The Left fought a fifty-year Long March through the institutions of culture, and they have won on every front. Now they will proceed to exercise their power, ruthlessly, pervasively, and indefinitely.

    There is no way around this — only through. We must resolve to live as free men, and simply refuse to give a fuck any longer what they order us to do, and if — when — they come after us, we must resolve to die on our feet rather than live on our knees.


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