A Fraud Exposed

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Here’s an excellent video that was brought to my attention by several EPautos readers. It was made in Germany by DW, and is worth your time to watch. It details the outlawing of diesel-powered cars in several German cities, something likely to happen here as well – and on the basis of the same specious “computer models” that are being used to browbeat the public into accepting energy austerity on the basis of “climate change.”

My rant follows:

. . .

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  1. I think the bigger problem isn’t really going to be exposing the outright fraud perpetrated by Uncle, and other Govts. abroad. The real problem is that there already exists a VAST presence of Loyalists amongst us on the government dole. They will fight fiercely to defend Uncle’s deceit and treachery for fear of losing their govt. lifeline. This includes a LOT of military retirees and extended families who might otherwise agree with every single aspect of our dissent with Uncle. Likewise, they represent a LOT of peers who would just as soon we “disappear” and not spoil their life-long plans for themselves and their progeny. THAT is already the uphill climb in the landslide we are facing right now. Historically speaking, truth has always been a matter of convenience, and and robbing folks all at once of their “illusion of security” will piss them off far worse than the constant lying, cheating, and extortion that Uncle perpetrates every day. It’s just like the events of 9-11, regardless of whoever may have planned and/or committed the events of that day, it was all “permitted” by the PTB in order to frighten the sheeple EVERYWHERE, not just in the U.S., into hysteria and panic, and essentially begging for all the government infestations that have besieged our society since!

    • Incidentally, I don’t doubt for one second that the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was also “permitted”, and for exactly the very same reasons as I have cited above!

      • It followed the typical way to get americans to go war.
        1) create a series of policies and actions that goad, corner, and anger the target.
        2) allow the target to attack and make the US assets look like innocent victims.
        3) if the target will not 2) make something up or create a false flag or use something done by another group or government where a tangential relationship can be constructed.
        4) Never waste a crisis.

        And there you have it. Just about every war fedgov has ever undertaken.

        Remember the Maine!

        • Works almost every time. Nobody gets punished if it doesn’t work.

          No reason not to do it again.

          The masses have been modeled. The first world now has a bridle and reins.

    • VW’s 1.8L diesel was an incredible engine, but was never imported to the US. It wasn’t especially peppy, and only got going with a manual transmission. It also didn’t really fit with the automaker’s marketing of an affordable German performance automobile. And probably couldn’t pass the EPA emissions testing without a lot of extra performance-robbing junk in the exhaust line.


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