Insurance Fraud Hero

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Hero cop Lynn Harper of the Las Vegas Metro PD has been charged with several crimes related to burning a “four-wheeler” and trailer in an attempt to collect money from the insurance policies covering the vehicles.

Harper, who is described as a “decorated veteran” of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, had left the trailer, with the ATV inside, on a state highway outside of Pahrump, which is just outside of Las Vegas.

His lawyer maintains that he didn’t set the fire, but had gotten a flat on the trailer and went into Pahrump to get it repaired. According to the lawyer, he came back to find firefighters extinguishing the trailer.

However, investigators with the Clark County Fire Department determined that the LVMPD K-9 officer had actually set the fire himself.

Via the Las Vegas Review Journal:

A decorated veteran Metro officer is facing several felonies after authorities said he set fire to a trailer and four-wheeler in order to collect insurance money, according to the Nevada attorney general’s office.

Jeffrey Lynn Harper, 38, was charged with one count of theft, one count of burning of property with intent to defraud an insurer, one count of attempted theft, two counts of insurance fraud, and one count of third-degree arson.

Fire officials determined that Harper set fire to his $45,000 2014 Keystone Fuzion “toy hauler” in January while his $6,000 2015 Razor 90 four-wheeler was inside, according to prosecutors.

“My office is committed to safeguarding the integrity of the insurance system and protecting Nevada’s consumers from increased premiums,” Attorney General Adam Laxalt said in a news release. “This attempt to defraud an insurance company is particularly troubling because it was allegedly committed by a person tasked with enforcing laws and protecting the public.”



  1. My office is committed to safeguarding the integrity of the insurance system.

    Now that’s a hoot of a laugh!!! What integrity?

    “This attempt to defraud an insurance company” Isn’t that what the insurances do to us?

    • “My office is committed to safeguarding the integrity of the insurance system.”
      I was thinking the same thing, joeallen. I thought the purpose of the LEOs was to protect our saaaaaaafety, not our robbers.
      Of course, it’s not the insurance companies’ fault that the gunvermin mandates we purchase their product. Surely they did not lobby ‘our’ representatives for such a condition.

    • They police are very dedicated to the insurance industry. The insurance industry is why many of them have jobs. Cops are the ones who make it so the insurance industry can surcharge safe drivers. Cops enforce the requirement to purchase insurance products. One of the few ways a cop can actually get charged with something is when he does something that disturbs one of the long standing rackets.

  2. Remember when cops couldn’t afford toys like this?

    I truly hate it when I hear our public “servants” complaining about their pay. They have no clue.

    • “I truly hate it when I hear our public “servants” complaining about their pay.”
      I agree, especially when it involves the so-called teachers in the GICs. If they are so underpaid, why are there so many people that would be willing to take those positions? (I won’t call them jobs.)
      But, (I hear) it’s for the chiiiiiiiildren!

    • richb, this lament has been around for some time.

      “Starting from the sinister change in the racing-world … he launched forth into a jeremiad on the condition of things in general. Parliament, he thought, especially now that members were paid, had lost its self-respect; the towns had eaten up the country; hunting was threatened; the power and vulgarity of the press were appalling; women had lost their heads; and everybody seemed afraid of having any “breeding.”
      — John Galsworthy, Beyond, 1917 “

    • You should be in Illinois and listen to government employees of all stripes moan about their pay and pensions. They are so far ahead of the people paying taxes and they still moan in public that they are entitled to all this.


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