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I am a libertarian. I do not own a car. I am in perfect health. I do not have ANY kind of insurance. Recently, I have been occasionally renting a car for a week or less. The insurance at rental car companies is a rip off. What do you advise i do for LDW/CDW, personal liability and accident insurance. Can you suggest a product that I should buy.

Thanks a bunch, in advance.


  1. I am not sure why you think the insurance for rental cars is a ripoff when you do not carry any other insurance. Should anything happen to the car while you are driving it, you would be grateful for the insurance. Even though my insurance policy covered my rental car last time I needed one, I lost the keys and could have been billed hundreds of dollars to re-tune the locking mechanism etc — cost me $100 not having purchased their special insurance to supplement my own. Insurance is no more a ripoff to me than any other form of gambling…if everyone truly were an anarchist and took responsibility for themselves and their actions, maybe we wouldn’t need it, but they don’t and we do.

  2. Perhaps you could speak to a local ins. rep. They may have a policy that is appropriate to your needs.

    You can also do a search on the net. Here is one site I found.


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