AGWs “Smell Marijuana” … and Pummel 16-Year-Old

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Here’s video of a couple of heroic Delaware armed government workers beating the crap out of a teenager – apparently because they “smelled marijuana.” This is a very dangerous “drug” . . . if an AGW smells it, that is.

The smell of marijuana triggers the Hut! Hut! Hut! reflex in AGWs, as here – as well as their choreographed bleats of “stop resisting,” as they continue the beatdown:

One AGW clutches his gun menacingly, almost draws it. Another AGW rushes up and orders the guy filming to “get in the house!”- and out of range, so he can’t document the beatdown, which continues as the video ends.

But what did get out is causing a stink – though it’s doubtful the AGWs will suffer meaningful consequences.

They are, after all, “just doing their job.”

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  1. I have another question: why do people acquiesce when the AGWs threaten them to stop them from recording? ACLU v. Alvarez says that it’s LEGAL to tape AGWs in public. In this case, the AGWs were not only in public; they were on the guy’s PROPERTY while beating down the poor kid! If he has the right to tape them in public, does he not ESPECIALLY have the right to tape them on his own property?

    • Marky,

      “I have another question: why do people acquiesce when the AGWs threaten them to stop them from recording?”

      It doesn’t matter how brainwashed or dumbed down, at some point self preservation kicks in.

      Live to record another day.

  2. Why do these clowns tell the non-resisting victim to ‘stop resisting’? All I could see him doing was protecting his face, nothing more.


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