“Chill Out” AGWs in Albany

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Here’s video of an ultraviolent Hut! Hut! Hutting! that occurred in Albany, NY last month.

A platoon of AGWs appears at a home – over a noise complaint. The people inside do not immediately Submit & Obey. This triggers the usual hyper-escalation and beatdown, which got so out of control that one of the AGWs can be heard pleading with the others to “chill” – i.e., to stop smashing in the face of the victim, who can be seen on the video very clearly not “resisting” and who never presented any sort of “threat” to the “safety” of the AGWs administering the beatdown.

Adding insult to actual injuries, the victims – who were dragged out of their own home into the street and publicly beaten to a pulp – were charged with “inciting a riot.”

When the video got out, all those charges were dropped.

One the AGWs was subsequently charged with felony assault, according to news reports – while two others were suspended without pay.

The Free Thought Project has a full write-up here.

Naturally, the tax-cattle of the city/county will end up paying millions to settle the inevitable civil suits brought by the victims.

And while it’s nice that one of the AGWs showed a degree of restraint – and tried, tepidly, to turn down the Hut! Hut! Hutting! – it is telling that nothing more than gentle injunctions were tendered toward AGW Luke Deer, the crazed AGW trying to beat one of the victims to death for the crime of offending his Authority. No Tazers were drawn on AGW Deer. No orders barked at him to “get on the ground, now!”

Until that changes, nothing else will.

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