“I Smell Marijuana”…

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Here’s a video taken by a couple of guys harassed by armed government workers in Arizona who pulled their car over for a non-crime (having tinted windows, which the cars of armed government workers always have) and then claimed they “smelled marijuana.”

This is one of those magic phrases that armed government workers use to get around whatever flimsy, threadbare constitutional protections remain to protect us from being abused by armed government workers.

Other such phrases include “Officer Safety” and “someone called.”

The beautiful thing – from the standpoint of the armed government worker – is that these terms are meaningless. Or rather, can mean anything. There is nothing objective – and so, no way to defend against depredations based upon such gauzy assertions of nothingness.

“I smelled marijuana.” Well, I smell shit. Is it in your pants or in your mouth?

“Officer Safety!” This is the best one, the absolute trump card – since anything the “officer” says construes some sort of “threat” to his “safety” becomes the basis for justifying – legalizing – anything he wants to do to you.

And of course, the idiocy of the thing itself – this business of gum-smacking, sunglass wearing government thugs rooting through people’s property, arresting them and so on because a plant has been decreed to be an illegal “drug.”

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  1. Part 2, though it cuts out when he gets a call:


    Also worth noting..this wasn’t even the first time the guy had to put up with this shit, there are a bunch of videos on his page from over the years… Including one set in Oklahoma in which he gets pulled over for doing “71 in a 65” wtf.

    The dude’s obviously not smoking weed in his car, he’s gotten stopped enough times to where he’s got the sense not to give them an excuse to inconvenience him. Unreal.

    One of the state pigs off 81 at exit 118 tried to give me shit one night asking why I seemed nervous, when the last time someone had pot in my car was, told him not for as long as I’ve owned it, tells me what if he wants to search it, told him no, asks me why, tell him I know my rights…and he dropped it. It was an absurd line of questioning, not to mention he was only after the car ahead of me that flew past going 90 something and just pulled me instead, ticket said he clocked me 3 miles before the stop..and I wasn’t being chased, so. They just make shit up as they see fit.


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