Animal Leads Animal

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Here’s a video taken by a man subjected to having his car scratched by a “drug sniffing” dog during a traffic stop:

The beast rounds the car, leaping up at times – and any damage done to the man’s car is of course his problem.

Also his problem is being indicted – and convicted – by an animal. One which is “trained,” supposedly but which cannot be cross-examined in court. Instead, its handlers interpretations of its whines and movements becomes legal testimony.

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  1. I had something similar happen to me in Arkansas travelling from Texas to Ohio about 15 years ago driving my pearlglow yellow Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo with my 62 year old mother in the passenger seat. After accidentally pulling into an abandoned lot rather than a gas station, a JBT (Arkansas police jack-booted thug) started questioning me. Not liking my answers (attitude, probably), he pulled out his drug dog because drug runners use bright yellow two-seater sports cars with their white-haired mother in the front seat.

    During the dog sniffing escapade, I was outside away from the car but my mother was still in the car. She distinctly heard the JBT tell the dog to jump up, which it did. After that the JBT unloaded my car in the rain in an unpaved parking lot, putting the dog in my car.

    I kept that car very clean – there was nothing in the car. And that’s exactly what they found – nothing, except a .32 I kept for travelling (which is legal in Arkansas). Of course, the JBT tried to make up a law saying it wasn’t legal, but I ended up getting my .32 back before leaving with dog prints inside and out.

    Next morning the rain had washed off most of the exterior dog mud print, exposing scratches. I was hot at that point, as I had the car repainted less than a year prior.

    Stopping at the Arkansas police HQ on my return journey, the Arkansas police admitted their dog scratched my car and offered to pay for repairs with an estimate from their body shop (a GM dealer). I agreed, but the Arkansas police assumed the repair would be a simple buff or a spot respray – wrong. Pearlglow is a beautiful three stage paint with metal flakes and impossible to touch up; the smallest scratch requires re-painting the entire side of the car. Estimates (even from their body shop) came in $600-$1000.

    The Arkansas police backpedalled, saying the scratch was already there and I would have to go to a hearing. At that point I was boiling and said yes, I would take a couple days vacation to attend the hearing. Their attorney called me just prior to the hearing and said that, per Arkansas law (which he quoted & I confirmed), they would only pay my insurance deductible. They ended up paying that without me going to the hearing, which of course was pittance to them and was paid by Arkansas taxpayers.

    Every time I think of that incident, I wish I was more religious and believed that an evil SOB like that would be tormented in hell for all eternity.

  2. “All animals are equal but, some are more equal than others.”

    Like that dog is more equal than a mundane. (We miss you Will Grigg. Eric’s doing a fine job in your stead but, the GovCo monster is still lashing out..until its final death throes which will eventually cause its welcome demise)


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