Armed Government Worker Abuses his Dog

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Here’s a video of an armed government worker yanking the chain of his “drug sniffing” dog, apparently because it failed to sniff any drugs:

Leaving aside the rough handling of the poor animal, one wonders why, in the first place, some “drugs” are arbitrarily legal to possess (alcohol, for example) while other “drugs” (such as pot) are not.

And, in the second place, how it is that we can be placed in jeopardy of our liberty and property because an animal extended its paw in a certain way or sat down or whined or some other behavior?

We are supposed to be able to confront the witnesses against us. How does one cross-examine an animal?

Animals are trained. This can include being trained to “alert” to the commands/signals of its handler, as much as to the presence of arbitrarily illegal “drugs.” Put another way, we are the mercy of the animal’s handler – who can claim the animal “alerted” him to the presence of arbitrarily illegal drugs.

It’s great to live in a free country, isn’t it?

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  1. Hmmm… so the dog fails to alert and gets ‘punished’… Wonder if these animal are ‘rewarded’ when they do alert?

    This is a rhetorical question.

    How often does an animal opt for punishment over award?

    And when the animal is ‘rewarded’, the pigs get to search your car.

    Yup, nothing amiss here.

  2. Hope like hell you never run over one of those “officers”.you’ll likely be charged with murder of an officer of the law, a much more valuable life than a mere mundane.


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