Reader Question: About EVs?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Vanvonu writes: I’m truly ignorant about EVs and hoping that they will find similar demises to the pandemic. Do EVs have some kind of protection circuit or subroutines that prevents them from being marooned in the public right of way when their batteries are too depleted to go on?  Do they have carve outs for climate control or does it go down along with mobility? What does it take to load an EV onto a flatbed tow truck?

My reply: Not to my knowledge – not yet, at least. However, they are working on it. Buried in the Biden Thing’s “infrastructure” bill is a new mandate – for saaaaaaaaaaaaafety! – that new cars will be embedded with exactly that capability; i.e., they will simply pull over and go inert if the car “senses” that the driver is “drunk” or perhaps not wearing his Face Speedo.

In an EV, everything that is powered is electrically powered – including the heater and lights and stereo. You can increase the amount of time these remain powered by not driving the car. The problem, of course, is that limits your ability to drive. And it forces you to sacrifice comfort (possibly, your life) for the sake of being able to continue driving and stay warm at the same time.

As far as towing: No real differences there, other than the EV being heavier than an equivalent non-electric car. Well, with one exception. Towing a fire-totaled EV is much more dangerous…   because it could catch fire, again.

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