Armed Government Worker Shoots Little Girl

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Extremely disturbing video out of  Wichita, Kansas. 

Armed government workers enter a home in which several very young kids are seen standing around. A little girl is sitting on the couch. The girl’s dog appears and without a second’s hesitation, the armed government worker fires his gun at the dog, who is right next to the little girl. Because “officer safety” takes precedence over the life of a little girl.

One of the bullets struck the little girl, who can be heard screaming in terror and pain, both from the shock of being shot and from seeing her pet murdered in front of her.

The armed government worker is heard saying, “I’m good” after discharging his weapon.

If precedent follows, the armed government worker won’t be charged with anything or even disciplined. He “feared for his safety” – the Magic Words which permit armed government workers to get away with firing guns at family pets and small children.

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  1. The story behind it is even more upsetting in terms of people defending this pig. Stupid, stupid woman, calling 911 for help with her husband’s suicide threats. And stupid husband for voicing any suicidal thoughts.

    And then you’ve got pretentious oafs like these talking like it’s beyond a civilian’s analysis:

    “Justin Nix, assistant professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, said it’s difficult to “Monday-morning-quarterback” an officer’s decision and that “there’s a lot of moving parts” in this case with a reportedly suicidal person, a gun and what police described as a charging dog.”

    • Hi Moose,

      Yup. Whatever the problem is, calling armed government workers will invariably make it worse. I emphasize this for a reason. They are armed government workers. They are generally low-IQ people with low self-esteem who try to compensate by being controlling and bullying. At best, they are . . . armed government workers. Who trusts the government? Why then trust government workers who are armed?

      • Another “gem” attributed to one Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (best transliteration from Georgian)…”Ideas are MORE DANGEROUS than GUNS. WE don’t ALLOW the people to have guns. WHY should WE ALLOW THEM TO HAVE IDEAS?”

        That there’s some jerk-off trigger happy moron who managed to get hired is bad enough; speaks ill of that agency’s personnel practices, training, and supervision. It’s that between the employing municipality’s management (police chief, mayor, city manager, the city’s counsel, and so on…) and the ever-present police unions, immediately they “circle the wagons” and do everything to evade responsibility for this colossal fuck-up. They do so not necessarily for the sake of the idiot that shoots puppy dogs and little girls, but that their own interests are threatened. In all too many cases the victims are blamed, often hit with bogus charges in order to frighten them from pursuing legitimate legal action.

        A citizen’s best response is still what recent technological developments have afforded most of us: record, Record, RECORD ALL encounters with Law Enforcement, period! Yes, the donut scarfers will not like it, though most will meekly acknowledge that “it’s your right, go right ahead and film”. It’s not those types to be worried about. It’s those that will grab your cell phone and smash it and put you in a choke hold for not “respecting their authoritai”, THAT’S the REASON to record, AND ensure that it’s immediately uploaded to the “Cloud” so that not only can any illegal attempts by the costumed “heroes” be thwarted, IF indeed they try that, nothing like having that as the last thing that the video, where they can’t touch it, captures!

        I suspect that abusive cops have done stuff like this from the very beginning of the modern police as we know them (and l-u-u–v-v…). The modern smartphone and better performing cellular networks and evermore ubiquitous WiFi have enabled the capture of these sad anecdotes It started with the late Rodney King (how unfortunate that thug, now where his kind end up and not soon enough, is the poster child for police brutality in America) being fortunate enough that a nearby resident was curious as to the commotion from his “wood shampoo” and happened to have a brand new camcorder. If only “LA’s finest” hadn’t been brusque and rude with Mr. Holliday, this sordid tale may never have come to light, and there would have had to been another excuse for LA to burn a year later.

        Still, the trend is encouraging…we have the tools and the backing of the courts in using them to combat these bullies with badges.

  2. Wow – really is quite disturbing…. cant believe cops in the US have become like this. No wonder they are not too popular…. Not only is this one a trigger happy wuss…. but also a hopeless shot. Is it just me or did that girl seem completely at a different angle to where the dog approached from. Seems like the “hero” just wanted to shoot up the place like a cowboy or something…. maybe would increase his chance of getting a medal…Then they wonder why they are not really popular….

    Any word on the girl, is she ok? And was any action actually taken against the hero and the department?

  3. Why didn’t they turn on the lights inside the damn house? Then they wouldn’t have been startled. Dunno the circumstances of them coming into the house, but NEVER, EVER let the cops in your house! Meet them at the door, or better yet: open a 2nd story window and talk to them from there! Also, never step outside of your house when you answer the door. Finally, and I can’t emphasize this enough: NEVER EVER, let your kids step outside of your house if the cops/CPS are coming to talk to your kids.

    • Hi Eight,

      To say these “heroes” are trigger happy is like saying Heff was horny… it is very bad juju. In the space of about 30 years, the ethic has done what amounts to an emergency brake 180. In my youth, cops – and back then, they were still just cops, not “law enforcement,” much less “heroes” – would pride themselves on not ever having unholstered their gun (which was a 5-6 shot revolver, not a Glock with 17 rounds in it). Absent extreme provocation – a literal threat to their life (as opposed to their “safety”) cops just didn’t pull guns on people. Today, they are ready to do it on the slightest pretext, such as talking back. They approach with their hands on their guns and the least “threat” (which really means lack of immediate submission) is likely to result in a bead being drawn on your chest.

      It’s both disgusting and depressing.

      In re this: I have a couple of “conservative” friends who defend armed government workers, which is ironic given these armed government workers will be the ones who come to collect the arms my “conservative” friends esteem so highly. They actually believe these armed government workers will refuse to obey a confiscation law.

      It floors me.

      • Good morning eric, I’ve been trying to get it over to friends who buy new, registered guns, the blue crowd is not their friend in any respect.

        Not just the militarization of po leez has brought this on but the “elected” officials and unelected such as appointed judges are more to blame for increased aggression since there is no downside for the blue beasts.

        People with low or no morals only respect punishment and when there is none……

        BTW please drop me a line.

        My phone simply died a couple weeks ago and just got it replaced a few days after I toasted the remaining computer with a bottle of water. I’d have felt better if it had been beer.

        The gist of the situation is I can’t access archived mail with this not as smart as it thinks it is phone.

        And the Chinese woman in it isn’t any smarter than her predecessor screwing up her first phone call.

        Yes, I know there’s no Sweetie in my very much smaller contact list but how did she mistake two syllables for one
        Hell, I know I have an accent but please. ….peace b

      • Its like the conservatives screw you one way, the progressives screw you another…. the only choice left is which way you prefer to get screwed….

      • Workers assumes they ‘work’. I just call them employees. And as employees I agree they will just be doing their job when it comes time to take the guns or do some other horror.

  4. EXTREMELY disturbing! There was NO REASON to open fire with the little girl right in the LINE OF FIRE! A clearly incompetent move to put down a dog that hadn’t even attacked the officer(s), with callous disregard for both animal and HUMAN life. Had that been my granddaughter, I’d be heading straight for the Wichita KS PD and finding out which officer fired upon her…and dare the Sedgwick County to put together a jury that’d convict me for what I’d do to the gutless POS. I do read that Officer Betts was fired (he was on his probationary period, I don’t see anything about a lawsuit against the City that the family may have filed, though), no word on whether he’ll be prosecuted for this blatantly criminal act. Anyone want to take “Betts” that this incident will be quietly settled out of court, and even if the police union doesn’t overturn his dismissal, they’ll still get his personnel record amended so he can find employment elsewhere? How many of these incompetent jerk cops are running amok in America?


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