Latest Radio/InfoWars (Dec. 8, 2017)

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Here’s the audio of this morning’s chat with David Knight at InfoWars (segment starts about 15 minutes in):

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  1. I began looking in earnest for another trucking job since nearly a year ago although I am employed doing such. I added a DOT physical card to assure prospective employers I was fit. I’m not opposed to an employer giving me a physical to ascertain my ability to do a job. Many trucking jobs where a DOT physical card isn’t required still have their own physical evaluation. That’s their right and should be. What I loathe is the all-encompassing DOT physical card for obvious reasons. Well, maybe those reasons aren’t obvious to non-truckers so I’ll explain. If you have a current prescription when you take that physical you must list it, even if it’s something for an acute situation you won’t have continually, like a badly pulled muscle you need a bit of muscle relaxant you can take when you’re not driving or some pain reliever….or even an antibiotic you might be taking so you can soon have a tooth removed. Many more scenarios than I could list or want to list.

    So now the ELD will effectively let someone(the feds, your employer to name just two)know via GPS just exactly where you are at any given moment. Maybe the entire reason you have decided to truck instead of something else you could do that might pay more is the freedom of being by yourself and no one monitoring you via camera or GPS.

    I’ve already known drivers who’ve gotten a mark against them via a nanny device that simply measures how fast you stop or how quickly you swerve. I know a guy who got nailed by the company for slamming on the brakes too hard and swerving. He was doing about 10 mph and saw a car being driven crazily about to cross his path from one lane across his. In order to avoid a collision he slammed on the brakes and stopped as he swerved to avoid contact with the car, both of which were successful so there was no collision, no wreck, no damage, no time down, just sensors freaking out. Think he wasn’t looking for another job 10 minutes later after he’d already had an ass-chewing my some fool at a monitor and had this go on his internal record?

    I’ve had some companies contact me and I simply tell them I won’t drive with a camera I don’t control running either on the roadway or pointed at me. But but but…no siree, no buts about it, call someone else.

    But the ELD almost upon us and Trump, who vowed to help “truckers”….his words, was only whistling past the political graveyard and speaking out the side of his mouth to the Teamsters, a bunch not popular with 99% of truckers….or more.

    The only person who realizes the total clusterfuck this is going to create economy-wise and trucking-wise(same thing)has gone unanswered by the Orange one. The more costs trucking has the fewer truckers there will be and the higher prices everyone will see on everything. Right now the trucking industries lists hundreds of thousands of job available. There’s an easy way to fill those jobs but it’s been anathema to people who send freight… increase in pay.

    Just wait to Eloi’s electric rigs are up and running in force and see what the cost of shipping is at that point. Of course, the cost of shipping won’t be reflected if he has your way, he’ll just get his money via other tax dollars. If you want to obfuscate, just use some musk.

    Trump asked to delay ELD mandate
    BY She Drives Trucks Staff
    November 14, 2017

    The Texas congressman who authored legislation to delay mandated installation of electronic logging devices last week asked President Trump to intercede directly to push back the deadline for the devices.
    Texas Congressman Brian Babin

    Rep. Brian Babin

    Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas) posted the letter to the president on his Facebook page. It asks Trump to issue an executive order to delay enforcement of the Dec. 18 mandate to at least until April 1 of next year. April 1 is the date federal and state law enforcement officials have said they will begin enforcing the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s out-of-service criteria around use of ELDs.

    In his letter, Babin said he consulted the Congressional Research Service to determine if such a delay would be within the purview of the executive branch. The service said it would be.

    “My preference,” Babin writes, “would be to delay the rule for as long as it takes, but at a bare minimum, I would encourage an initial waiver for all sectors until April 1, 2018.” The Congressman asked for a response from the [resident by Dec. 1.

    “A few powerful interests will tell you that this mandate is good for trucking, and our country, but millions of hardworking people across our country who came together exactly one year ago to elect you president profoundly disagree,” wrote Babin.

    He went on to cite concerns with the cybersecurity, cost and truck-safety implications of the mandate.

    Babin’s bill has 64 cosponsors.


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