Armed Government Worker Gets DWI Discount

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Here’s a video from a local news feed of an armed government worker who got pulled over for drunk driving – but instead of being cuffed and stuffed (and charged) as most of us would have been, she was given a friendly ride home by her fellow armed government workers:

Aren’t “law enforcers” (as armed government workers style themselves) supposed to enforce the law? And when they don’t – when they clearly ignore/evade the law – why aren’t they prosecuted for doing so?

The drunk-driving armed government worker has been fired – but she won’t be precluded from “enforcing the law” she exempted herself from in some other area. And the armed government workers who kid-gloved her are still “enforcing the law,” too.

On us. But not upon one of their own.

The better question, perhaps, is: Why do we put up with this?

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  1. Police officers are notoriously poor shots, exercise poor impulse control, and can get away with murder due to statutory “protections” that (only) they possess. You see, police officers operate under NO “rules of engagement”, unlike the military and ordinary citizens. A shooting that would get a military person or ordinary citizen charged, tried, found guilty, and incarcerated quite often is treated as “operator error” or use of the famous “I feared for my life” excuse, when committed by a police officer.
    After a questionable police officer shoot, the individual officers are not handcuffed and arrested and are given 72 hours in which to “get their story straight”, unlike the treatment that an ordinary citizen receives for an identical shoot.
    Police-friendly prosecutors and “rubber-stamp” grand juries routinely “gloss over” and excuse behavior by police officers, that would land an ordinary citizen in serious trouble.
    This “double standard” needs to be scrapped. “Equal justice under law” is supposed to apply to everyone–even police officers.

    • Dear anarchyst,

      “Police officers are notoriously poor shots”

      i can personally testify to that from first hand experience. The gun club I belonged to in Houston had a downtown pistol range located under a freeway overpass.

      The city cops would show up once a year to “qualify”. I was astounded by the low standards they were required to meet in order to qualify. Angle of pie plate groups.

      Every one of the “civilian” shooters was waaay better than the best shot among them. Most shot cloverleafs, even me.

      It’s surprising, but clearly many if not most cops are not gun buffs, and are not target shooters committed to perfecting their shooting skills.


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